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Скачать с ютуб FORT TUNDRA WORLD RECORD DAY 1 ESCAPE (Rock-Hammer Hard Place) | The Escapists 2 [Xbox One]

Опубликовано: 10 окт. 2017 г. 40 976 просмотров

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A WORLD RECORD SPEEDRUN - For this escape you will need to complete a set of missions for prisoner #9, as well as craft some light cutters (3 files, 2 duct tapes). Once you complete the last mission you will get the ROCK HAMMER. Go to the tunnel entrance left of the statue (middle of prison, below exercise yard), chip through, cut through the fences, and ESCAPE! This escape ended up being #1 on Xbox One leaderboards!

PRISON: Fort Tundra
ESCAPE: Rock-Hammer Hard Place



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‘The Escapists 2’ is a top-down prison break strategy game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital Limited.

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  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill 7 months ago So I was at the very last part, had all the gear, and missed roll call, so I got shot down, lost all my loot.
  • Television That doesnt work
    Television That doesnt work 2 weeks ago I lost the whip at the last part and i just started a new save
  • Television That doesnt work
    Television That doesnt work 2 weeks ago its when I turned to manual save
  • Norberto Vergara
    Norberto Vergara 2 years ago You are the only speedrunner i watch alot of because you dont shout at the screen and your just good.
  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox 2 years ago Thanks! Yea I'm not a high energy person. In fact if you ask some people that know me they'd say I am shouting at the screen LOL
  • George Jg2
    George Jg2 1 year ago Norberto Vergara Yggyghyh
  • Tobex Dock
    Tobex Dock 2 years ago best speedrunner ever i love your escapist vids bro
  • Chillwave6
    Chillwave6 2 years ago I always fear the Lights Out escapes. Also, if I lose the Rockhammer due to guards confiscating it, does the favour start again?
  • IHitTheDweller
    IHitTheDweller 1 year ago It goes to the contraband desk
  • Zuzanna Mlodzianowska
    Zuzanna Mlodzianowska 2 years ago You help me soooo much on these levels XD Thank you soooo much!
  • An0nyMusic
    An0nyMusic 2 years ago 1st for the 5th or 6th time fox
  • Doorstep Treefire
    Doorstep Treefire 1 year ago Best speed run person
  • Robinson's Tips
    Robinson's Tips 1 week ago 8:01 Oh, there goes SMARTY. Yes, I am Robinson. What? No!
  • Just Games
    Just Games 1 year ago That's sad :( at the end, idk why, game said "quest failed" :((
  • El Tonhon
    El Tonhon 2 years ago Hey mate, how're you doing? I missed you videos, but they are back :D, they are awesome, keep it up mate!
  • Danny Rowntree
    Danny Rowntree 2 years ago Your record has been beat by someone who did it in 3 minutes
  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox 2 years ago I saw this. Wondering if it's a bug or if he discovered another way into the tunnel.
  • ChuglyDugly
    ChuglyDugly 2 years ago Get me book, now.
  • JayManThaKilla
    JayManThaKilla 5 months ago I keep getting one of the control room guards I can’t get to him and even if I do I won’t knock him out
  • Jake Lord
    Jake Lord 1 year ago who else was going crazy over the fact he didn't place a bed dummy in his bed?
  • Jacob Jensen
    Jacob Jensen 4 months ago i knew it was possible to do on day 1. i was always so close but missed it. i am Ninjagaming01. now i am placed 32
  • Chief H4
    Chief H4 1 year ago One guy beats you up he only needs 3:27:20 min day 1
  • Vortex and Strayaball
    Vortex and Strayaball 1 year ago A guy glitched escape and escape in three in game hours
  • PlayStarDE
    PlayStarDE 1 year ago VINCENT. WANG who
  • Some Random
    Some Random 2 years ago I Always watch you because i Always escape with your instructions, and same as the comment below.
  • WilliamPatriot
    WilliamPatriot 1 year ago I got caught because there was no bed dummy but you didnt use one....
  • Some Random
    Some Random 2 years ago But there's something that is stopping me from escape, how to craft a super whip? I can't create it, it's just a red interrogation(whatever how i spell it) mark, can you help me?
  • datboi7727
    datboi7727 1 year ago manually place the items on the crafting slots maybe?
  • PlayStarDE
    PlayStarDE 1 year ago DeadScope İşsizi thank you
  • Biswajit Bora
    Biswajit Bora 6 months ago U need a whip a razorblade a roll of duct tape and 70 intelligence