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Скачать с ютуб MUST WATCH: A Lioness Adopts a baby antelope. A short documentary that will open your eyes.

Опубликовано: 2 мар. 2010 г. 7 862 193 просмотра

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A lioness in Kenya has adopted a baby antelope- and later other cubs from a different animal species. This short touching documentary will open your eyes and rethink about how humane animals can be. A must watch.

  • Ryuu Tanaka
    Ryuu Tanaka 8 months ago Plot twist: Lioness got tired of hunting, She's gonna grow her own food.
  • Tyler JTI
    Tyler JTI 8 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jovany Marquez
    Jovany Marquez 8 months ago Ryuu Tanaka 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Nubian Queen
    Nubian Queen 8 months ago Is it wrong of me that I thought that too🤔😂
    RAHUL RAMAN 8 months ago ,,😂🤣🤣🤣 exactly
  • Dra Cola
    Dra Cola 8 months ago lol
  • Mandisa Mthembu
    Mandisa Mthembu 8 months ago Exactly what I was thinking 😂😂😂
  • 1977Playmate
    1977Playmate 8 months ago lol! she could fertilize her crop with her poop! Humans use horse poop to fertilize their crop.
  • Darina Angelova
    Darina Angelova 8 months ago LOL
  • Name Goes Here
    Name Goes Here 7 months ago Yeah i totally agree, i think it was just thinking that the baby wanted love and wouldn't run away like her other meals would if she tried to keep them around
  • S.T.A.
    S.T.A. 7 months ago Plot twist, the lioness is actually retarded
  • koo koo
    koo koo 7 months ago XDDD
  • tattoo cover
    tattoo cover 7 months ago lol
  • Rack’em Will
    Rack’em Will 7 months ago Hahahahahahaha you got me brooo 😂😂
  • 2dasimmons
    2dasimmons 7 months ago Nonsense! Motherly instincts triggered by baby's smell. Hopefully baby finds MOM.
  • JupiterLove87 X
    JupiterLove87 X 6 months ago Lol
  • padussia
    padussia 6 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Costi xD
    Costi xD 6 months ago She will make her own farm😂😂
  • becky enjema
    becky enjema 6 months ago 😂😂😂 ohhh yeah
  • Ian Malinis
    Ian Malinis 5 months ago Hahaha
  • PM Zeenath
    PM Zeenath 5 months ago 🤣🤣
  • TerminalBoneCancer
    TerminalBoneCancer 5 months ago Agriculture 100
  • Gallardo YT
    Gallardo YT 5 months ago 😂
  • Deztube
    Deztube 5 months ago hahahaha
  • arun veera
    arun veera 5 months ago LMAO
  • Sergio Dalla Tor
    Sergio Dalla Tor 4 months ago @2dasimmons Do you want to see your mommy, get in my belly!
  • Sarang mp Kudekar
    Sarang mp Kudekar 4 months ago Only human can think that inhumanly
  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America
    Taste like china had a baby and named it America 4 months ago maybe she cant have kids
  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 4 months ago XD
  • Cathy Williamson
    Cathy Williamson 4 months ago LMFAO 😂😂 That was so funny. Growing her own 😜
  • Kris Austin
    Kris Austin 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Matthew Tilley
    Matthew Tilley 4 months ago Here we see evolution at work 😂
  • el loco coco
    el loco coco 4 months ago @Costi xD yup gonna have a whole herd
  • kris pirtsios
    kris pirtsios 4 months ago @2dasimmons How come hyenas and wild dogs don't have this so called ' motherly smell'?
  • Ausländer40
    Ausländer40 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
  • Balkee Balakrishnan
    Balkee Balakrishnan 4 months ago I wish most of the people that commented here get adopted by lionesses some day.
  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn 4 months ago Omg they're learning from humans 😳
  • frenchpoodle
    frenchpoodle 3 months ago @Balkee Balakrishnan hope so too!
  • reka fani
    reka fani 3 months ago Damn 😭
  • kitty mom
    kitty mom 3 months ago So apparently she adopted a few.. and one died of starvation while a tour guide and his tour were watching.. she ate it after it died!!!!
  • Nikki 2017
    Nikki 2017 2 months ago Yep just like the snake who stopped eating, it’s owner got worried and took him to the veterinarian only to be told that the snake was fasting to make room to feast on her dumb behind
  • Frank Burdo Drums
    Frank Burdo Drums 2 months ago @Jovany Marquez Right
  • Sojourner-wondering
    Sojourner-wondering 2 months ago the beginning of lion civilization
  • Moxxie
    Moxxie 2 months ago i like that plot
  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida 2 months ago 🤣
  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 2 months ago 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
  • skinny slim
    skinny slim 2 months ago Damn!!
  • J. Anthony
    J. Anthony 2 months ago 2dasimmons i doubt that. Lioness have eaten cubs from other prides.
  • Shakam RaishLahab
    Shakam RaishLahab 2 months ago I like that
  • Afro Afro
    Afro Afro 2 months ago Coming out from being cave men to agriculture
  • Black Republican
    Black Republican 2 months ago Ryuu Tanaka lmaoooo
  • Cant_Touch_This
    Cant_Touch_This 2 months ago Funny how all the “experts” are white Europeans while the African natives who probably have better understanding of this situation are dismissed as if their experience are worthless. Go [email protected]&k yourself National Geographic!
  • Your Loneliness
    Your Loneliness 2 months ago @S.T.A. Also my thought
  • Anime Lovers
    Anime Lovers 1 month ago LOL hahahaha
    【DrZOZODITY R O S E】 1 month ago Thats what I was thinking actaully
  • John Richardson
    John Richardson 1 month ago like we did a long time ago, soon enough she'll start trading goods and then they'll start using cash
  • Ahmed Sarkar
    Ahmed Sarkar 1 month ago lol 😂😂😂
  • Annalisa Savedra
    Annalisa Savedra 1 month ago Lmao
  • Jay Kang
    Jay Kang 1 month ago She is evolving just as humans did some years ago 👌🏼
  • David B
    David B 1 month ago Prepper lioness
  • Marcos Chavero
    Marcos Chavero 1 month ago 😂😂😂
  • Chichi Stevenson
    Chichi Stevenson 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Stefan Leo
    Stefan Leo 2 weeks ago 😢
  • Mystic flame
    Mystic flame 2 weeks ago 😂😂
  • Chandan Sharma
    Chandan Sharma 1 week ago @kitty mom how do u know this much?
  • Talksense
    Talksense 18 hours ago @Cant_Touch_This I don't understand why the Africans aren't running the whites out?!
  • Cornwallis Lobster and Savior of Men
    Cornwallis Lobster and Savior of Men 10 months ago The rest of the animals: "There goes the crazy old lion lady"
  • Andrew Gunner
    Andrew Gunner 3 months ago antelope lady*
  • You Know
    You Know 3 months ago @Andrew Gunner *Antelope lioness
  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 2 months ago * cat lady...
  • Black Republican
    Black Republican 2 months ago Cornwallis Lobster and Savior of Men lmaoooo
  • Cant_Touch_This
    Cant_Touch_This 2 months ago Funny how all the “experts” are white Europeans while the African natives who probably have better understanding of this situation are dismissed as if their experience are worthless. Go [email protected]&k yourself National Geographic!
  • Your Loneliness
    Your Loneliness 2 months ago lol
  • Demontize Industry
    Demontize Industry 1 month ago @Cant_Touch_This Facts
  • Ahmed Sarkar
    Ahmed Sarkar 1 month ago lol
  • Serge 1944
    Serge 1944 1 month ago @Cant_Touch_This most of us African live in places where we don't have to deal with wild animals cause we don't want to get eaten, Africa is a big place with many countries and diverse climate, we don't live in huts we live in cities. In evry single African country we have the joke that only a white man is foolish enough to approach a wild animal.
  • Cant_Touch_This
    Cant_Touch_This 1 month ago Serge 1944 So are you saying, Africans in every country don’t have their own experts who’ve a better understanding on their wild life species? You can live in cities and still be able to go study animals in the wild.
  • Andrei K
    Andrei K 1 month ago @Cant_Touch_This natives don't study or document these wild animals. Those that live in the bushes have livestock which they protect against these predators.
  • The Real Deal
    The Real Deal 1 month ago Cant_Touch_This Got kind of a big chip on your shoulder eh?
  • Cant_Touch_This
    Cant_Touch_This 1 month ago Andrei K Haha So you really think those African people don’t have people amongst them who know how native animals behave? Even protecting their life stock requires how to method when it comes to safe guarding their property. This is too funny.
  • Cant_Touch_This
    Cant_Touch_This 1 month ago The Real Deal Haha I’m actually laughing cause I’ve studied sociology and psychology. In order words, I’m studying you imbeciles in your natural habitat (internet) on how little you know the evolution of human beings. Here’s a fun fact, pharmaceutical companies get their info from people in remote places from all over the world who are expert in medicine but weren’t able to “publish” their ancient (knowledge) findings ;)
  • Lore Master
    Lore Master 1 month ago @Cant_Touch_This shut the fuck up
  • Hot Brando
    Hot Brando 1 month ago Cant_Touch_This You're cringy.
  • Alformo Doritos
    Alformo Doritos 1 month ago (edited) @Cant_Touch_This  stfu. Why do you people make color skin a big deal? It doesn't matter because we're all humans in the end. And your cringy complains matters little in a video unrelated to race! It's an animal video. Just watch the video for what it is or do you have a stick so far up your ass all you think about is skin Color and race? Oh he/she's white. Seriously, who the fuck cares if she's white, black, and etc. Experts are experts no matter the color. The video is about examining the behavior of the female lion. Nothing to do with race. And you're pharmaceutical "tidbit"? What does that have to do with sociology and psychology you arrogant crap. Also, before you go calling me, "white supremacist", racist, and you're other fad terms, I'm southeast Asian. We've been colonized but the Spaniards that we nearly lost our ancient cultural identity. Do I hate the Spanish and American? No. It happened. We can't do anything about it and we cannot not blame the "white" people of today for what the people of the past did.
  • Kadence McCaa
    Kadence McCaa 1 month ago Every body tell Can't_ Touch _this to shut up in 3 2 1
  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 1 month ago @Cant_Touch_ThisThat might be the stupidest thing I've heard in 2020. These people are experts because they're scientists who have studied animals for years, their race is irrelevant. You think that just because they're not of African descent, they can't be qualified to speak on these animals which they've devoted their lives to studying? Get the fuck out of here. That's like if I went up to my Jamaican biology professor and said "Excuse me but how can you be qualified to teach me about the native plants of (region where I live) when you're not even from this country?" I would surely be more qualified than he is to lecture a class on the reproductive structures of pine trees, right? After all, I've lived here my whole life, despite the fact that I didn't really care about this subject for most of it. The only difference here is that the natives are African and the scientists white, so you're just looking for a reason to be offended.
  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 1 month ago @Serge 1944 Also, I love how you as an African yourself told that dude how he was making a big deal out of nothing and then he was basically like, "No, I'm still going to find a reason to be upset!"
  • LifeEntity
    LifeEntity 1 month ago You he'll
  • gapple *
    gapple * 3 weeks ago @Cant_Touch_This Ugh. Ugly racist ass human. Well all rot when we die it doesnt matter what color we are
  • Renah Truaent
    Renah Truaent 2 weeks ago @Thomas King yeah.. You can. I don't believe any expert can understand Silverback gorilla's more than my grandfather does. Studying vs actually living with these things for almost a century are two different things. That's why your scientists die here all the time. Guesswork
  • Renah Truaent
    Renah Truaent 2 weeks ago @Thomas King and this is not reproduction of plants. This is animal psychology. Some Leopards display this type of behavior too. So do dogs with puppies or those that have lost them
  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 2 weeks ago @Renah Truaent Yeah, dude, I bet your grandfather has a greater understanding of gorillas (btw, "silverback" is not a species of gorilla; rather, it simply means an adult male gorilla) than even Francine Patterson, the scientist who taught Koko the gorilla sign language and lived with her for like 40 years. That's totally credible and I definitely don't think you're full of shit. (Also, the point I made about the reproductive biology of pine trees was just an example illustrating how a person who's lived in some specific area their whole life can clearly be less knowledgeable on a native species than a scientist from a different country. I'm unsure of how you didn't already get that; maybe you didn't fully read the comment or maybe you just don't understand English very well.)
  • Sam of Aviation
    Sam of Aviation 3 months ago Just imagine the antelope being trained to hunt its own kind.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 2 months ago It became the very thing it swore to destroy.
  • NotNero
    NotNero 2 months ago @Obi Wan Kenobi lol
  • Sam of Aviation
    Sam of Aviation 2 months ago Woah I never thought Obi wan would comment on one of my comments, thanks for the childhood 🙏
  • Liz Sky
    Liz Sky 2 months ago Lmaaaooo
  • A Berryman
    A Berryman 2 months ago That yikes, man!
  • tre trill
    tre trill 2 months ago Have you watched ringing bell
  • Devin 15
    Devin 15 2 months ago Lol
  • Ghost Girl
    Ghost Girl 1 month ago Ringing Bell?
  • ShinachiHChan
    ShinachiHChan 1 month ago @Obi Wan Kenobi You must still be distraught by Anakin's betrayal. It was tragic.
  • Rey Menders
    Rey Menders 1 month ago @Obi Wan Kenobi 💀
  • Sheridan Isashitstain
    Sheridan Isashitstain 1 month ago Sam of Aviation like humans do...
  • Jasmine Alexander
    Jasmine Alexander 1 month ago Sam of Aviation lmaooooo 💀💀
  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson 1 month ago Lmaoooo
  • Lisa Sweet
    Lisa Sweet 1 month ago 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  • Alformo Doritos
    Alformo Doritos 1 month ago @Obi Wan Kenobi you are supposed to escape the Predator not join them!
  • abdi mojo
    abdi mojo 2 weeks ago @Obi Wan Kenobi didn't look the user and read it in obi wan kenobi voice
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 2 weeks ago ShinachiHChan My force PTSD is acting up.
  • Icey Washington
    Icey Washington 2 weeks ago (edited) Like the movie about the sheep that was raised by a wolf. By the end of the move the sheep looked nothing like a sheep. Yeah the movie was called the Ringing Bell very good movie and kinda creepy
  • ToxicScorp1on28 GG
    ToxicScorp1on28 GG 4 days ago @Obi Wan Kenobi Don’t lecture it obi wan, it sees through the lies of the antelopes. It does not fear the lions like you do.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 4 days ago ToxicScorp1on28 GG my allegiance is to the Antelopes... to HERBIVORES!
  • Talksense
    Talksense 19 hours ago With what? Lol, it has no teeth nor claws
  • Budfé
    Budfé 8 months ago I think the saddest thing is that the antelope was starving and it didn’t know what to do
  • J Read
    J Read 7 months ago That was the saddest thing and there wasn't one good thing in the whole story other than it got put out its misery
  • *fishsticks-RND*
    *fishsticks-RND* 7 months ago @J Read Saturday COYI
  • 2dasimmons
    2dasimmons 7 months ago @J Read How did that happen?
  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 7 months ago @2dasimmons in the video it says it was killed by a male lion at a water source
  • khana ristobal
    khana ristobal 4 months ago Looks to me here that liberalism had spread to lions and does resemble human liberalism. Same good intentions out of emotion .......with horrible results.
  • kitty mom
    kitty mom 3 months ago (edited) Ya and apparently the tour guides out there even tried to block her from the oryx when it's mom was trying to get back to it. They tried to let the baby get to mom and nurse. But she would not allow it. She would go around them and get the baby at all costs
  • kitty mom
    kitty mom 3 months ago @Mike Smith and apparently she adopted several. The one in the video lasted the longest though. Another one died while a tour was actually watching. And she ate it after it died
  • Emmanuel Morales
    Emmanuel Morales 3 months ago The lioness wanted it to starve to death instead of her doing the work
  • Asher
    Asher 2 months ago @khana ristobal damn, you're ignorant....
  • TheLAKERSareGodsTeam
    TheLAKERSareGodsTeam 2 months ago @Asher OMG butthurt
  • Asher
    Asher 2 months ago @TheLAKERSareGodsTeam damn... youre ignorant, too
  • Freudian Slippers
    Freudian Slippers 2 months ago @khana ristobal Why are North Americans so one track minded?
  • khana ristobal
    khana ristobal 2 months ago @Freudian Slippers Cause we are focused on the pray.
  • Morgan Turner
    Morgan Turner 2 months ago @khana ristobal It's prey dumb ass
  • Honey Testa
    Honey Testa 2 months ago That is absolutely not true, did you watch this or are you spinning something up. Carmangac was being fiercely maternal and cared for the infant while placing her own life in jeopardy . She was not keeping the Oryx from her own kind out of cruelty, in her mind she was it's mother. Oryx = cub Not Prey in this extremely unique situation. Extremely heartbreaking all around, however it makes you push the boundaries of what we know to be set animal behavior.
  • gpipeline
    gpipeline 2 months ago @khana ristobal political troll
  • The sneaky Socialist
    The sneaky Socialist 1 month ago khana ristobal trying to sound badass and doesnt even know how to spell prey. That’s some next level dumb shit
  • Sherry Miller
    Sherry Miller 1 month ago Well, the lioness doesn't look too well fed, either....
  • y tho
    y tho 1 month ago im your 1000th like, thank me later
  • John Long
    John Long 1 month ago @khana ristobal Trumpster nonsense infecting animal videos now too.... sad.
  • khana ristobal
    khana ristobal 1 month ago @John Long The infection is you ,Trump is the medicine .
  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 1 month ago @Freudian Slippers Yes, indeed, every single person living on the continent of North American is overly focused on politics just like @khana ristobal
  • Rebecca Gregg
    Rebecca Gregg 1 month ago @Honey Testa Thank you!! I heard that she was also traumatized from other lions killing her Cubs. So the maternal instincts came before her carnivorous instincts. But idk if that's what actually happened.
  • hauha
    hauha 1 month ago @khana ristobal 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ oh god that comment was embarrassing
  • khana ristobal
    khana ristobal 1 month ago @hauha save your tears for November.
  • hauha
    hauha 1 month ago @khana ristobal honey if I lived in america I'd move out of that capitalist shithole that mugs you off every day of your pathetic brainwashed life lmao. Trump doesnt stand for patriotism he plays on shitty nationalism that solves nothing so mugs like you make him more money and power. And if trump wins, it's only because like everywhere else the establishment controls your mind. It's called dialectics. Stupid people aka you exist, so if sanders loses I wont care. I want your country to burn lmao. Mug.
  • ice the irken
    ice the irken 2 months ago When I clicked on this video, I expected to see something sweet, but what I got was a heartbreaking story where both the lioness and the calf were suffering and everyone was talking baout it like it was beautiful.
  • Andreah DeKraker
    Andreah DeKraker 2 months ago I know! I could not stand by for weeks to see the calf starved. I don't think we should disrupt nature, but this was an anomaly. Both animals were confused. The "experts" could have done something to get them back in track.
  • Chris Jerome
    Chris Jerome 2 months ago No let nature run its course we humans love to intervene In everything I’m happy they didn’t
  • Ana R
    Ana R 1 month ago Lo que encontramos bueno (aunque doloroso en esta situación), es que se reconoce que los animales aunque sea salvajes tienen sentimientos
  • Raven Godwin
    Raven Godwin 1 month ago (edited) We're human beings! We create the world we live in! The researchers saw something that touched them as a "miracle", and yet, stood by to watch the miracle slowly die. If this is where science alone leads us, then we are doomed to go the same way as this "miracle". IT'S OKAY TO HAVE A HEART AND SAY "FUCK YOU" TO NATURE!
  • Latha Falls
    Latha Falls 1 month ago Raven Godwin God made the world not people
  • Double Thomas
    Double Thomas 1 month ago (edited) ... And humans made god.
  • Amras Culnamo
    Amras Culnamo 1 month ago @Chris Jerome If you have the ability to help someone suffering...why not?
  • Amber Feliciano
    Amber Feliciano 1 month ago Double Thomas ummm no
  • Double Thomas
    Double Thomas 1 month ago Evidence to the contrary?
  • Amber Feliciano
    Amber Feliciano 1 month ago Double Thomas curious of your evidence? More evidence out there of God and Jesus existing than “humans creating God”
  • ice the irken
    ice the irken 1 month ago @Double Thomas Aber Feliciano, Please, I did not create this comment to start a religious debate.
  • Double Thomas
    Double Thomas 1 month ago (edited) @Amber Feliciano Russel's Teapot; the burden of proof lies upon the one making an unfalsifiable claim. There is a teapot that orbits the sun, prove me wrong!
  • Double Thomas
    Double Thomas 1 month ago (edited) @ice the irken It's cute you think you can control the internets.
  • Xander Felargo
    Xander Felargo 1 month ago (edited) @Amber Feliciano LOL more evidence of god existing? Where?!
  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray 1 month ago !!
  • Amber Feliciano
    Amber Feliciano 1 month ago ice the irken it’s not a religious debate I promise you it’s trying to prove people who think they are always right wrong
  • Amber Feliciano
    Amber Feliciano 1 month ago Double Thomas question out of curiosity if man created God who created man?
  • Amber Feliciano
    Amber Feliciano 1 month ago Xander Felargo who said anything about God existing in my original comment I said “ummmmm no” 🤔
  • Susan Salley
    Susan Salley 1 month ago @Double Thomas you are miss informed. Humans are created in God's image. Even though you don't believe in God he believes in you.
  • Susan Salley
    Susan Salley 1 month ago @Xander Felargo look in the mirror. You are the first example of evidence. The second is the world you live in. Man didn't create the world or the universe. God did.
  • gapple *
    gapple * 3 weeks ago Interfering would make it worse. You people have no idea what you are talking about; there is a reason why we don't free goldfish onde we buy them, they are already domesticated therefore would become an invasive species. The same thing is for trying to change nature. Sometimes bad things have to happen in order for other things to happen. Every action has a consequence, be it bad or good.
  • Rose Girard
    Rose Girard 2 months ago See Mental illness is real because the lion has been through some traumatizing situation she might’ve lost her baby
  • Kaylin M.
    Kaylin M. 1 month ago Rose Girard I agree or she wanted a baby on our own ❤️
  • lol
    lol 1 month ago Wow genius how long did it take you to discover thus
  • Cooked Comedy Channel
    Cooked Comedy Channel 1 month ago Good point rose, very likely.
  • Justin time
    Justin time 1 month ago You had to go there huh?
  • Lil Ness
    Lil Ness 3 weeks ago Idk about mental illness but it was a odd reaction to her wanting a another baby lion...
  • Basil Kurikov
    Basil Kurikov 5 days ago If I remember correctly she did lose her baby which is what makes this so heartbreaking
  • Theodoric
    Theodoric 4 days ago Who the hell said mental illness isn't real?
  • Lance Cormier
    Lance Cormier 2 days ago In the original 42:00 minute heart of a lioness video it was mentioned that Kamunyak was far to young to have had cubs and lost them
  • mochi morina
    mochi morina 8 months ago i read a story about a female dog that was pregnant and so excited to be a mother, but unfortunately the babies didn’t make it. she became very depressed, but the family that owned her adopted a small puppy that she immediately took in as her own. maybe this is a similar story, maybe she was desperate to care for something and chose this little deer.
  • SmexiiTutorials
    SmexiiTutorials 7 months ago mochi morina deer? 💀
  • tess castro
    tess castro 7 months ago it happens to my dog, and she adopted my kitten...
  • gypsy 1999
    gypsy 1999 6 months ago SmexiiTutorials lol
  • Tomas Matiev
    Tomas Matiev 6 months ago Pretty much exactly what happened here
  • kitty mom
    kitty mom 3 months ago Yep. I really do believe that. And so do these ppl judging by the story.
  • Michael P
    Michael P 2 months ago (edited) I've seen a full doco on this lioness and honestly it's fucking depressing. She was infertile and kept doing this to other baby animals and they'd either starve to death or get eaten by other lions. Only lion doco that made me feel worse was Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand, it was absolutely brutal.
  • KeyboardWarrior
    KeyboardWarrior 2 months ago @Michael P yeah I saw the lions are sabi sands, I went to that game reserve afterwards and got to see part of the pride
  • Afro Afro
    Afro Afro 2 months ago @tess castro kitten 😺 😁
  • Latha Falls
    Latha Falls 1 month ago mochi morina yes she did she lost her cubs
  • Jazzy
    Jazzy 8 months ago This reminds me of stories of a mother losing her child and so she goes out and steals someone elses.
  • gypsy 1999
    gypsy 1999 6 months ago Omg yeah. U just gave me an idea, I’m gonna go watch a Lifetime movie now
  • MoKush Da Poor Gamer
    MoKush Da Poor Gamer 3 months ago Oyeku Ika Bruh for some reason this reminded me of tangled lmao
  • Jackson Miles Davis
    Jackson Miles Davis 2 months ago I think horses do that
  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago @Jackson Miles Davis yea I know what video your talking about.
  • NightTime Mime-3113
    NightTime Mime-3113 2 months ago Actually, There's a French Horror movie with that exact story called Inside. It's, well, an interesting movie.
  • Nicholas William
    Nicholas William 2 months ago Soooooooo.... Solomon's case?
  • mj XOXO
    mj XOXO 2 months ago MoKush Da Poor Gamer but the little calf didn’t have magical hair tho😂😂
  • Devin 15
    Devin 15 2 months ago Or just adopt one like normal stories
  • Addventuretastic #
    Addventuretastic # 1 month ago Like American horror story series
  • Ana R
    Ana R 1 month ago Solo que los animales no entienden el termino robar
  • Darius Ross
    Darius Ross 1 month ago There’s a Hannibal episode about this
  • KittyWolfx22
    KittyWolfx22 1 month ago Adopts someone else's the antelope was lost an scared and this miraculous Beast did something most human beings won't she did it out of own Nature's courtesy and if you do not believe that maybe you should learn some courtesy about certain actions that most animals make that humans just won't most animals are more loyal than any other thing on this planet but look at us today we're probably one of the least loyal animals on this planet but this lion is unique
  • chantal
    chantal 1 month ago What!
  • Official Chels
    Official Chels 2 weeks ago Except she didn't steal this baby she found it
  • Velyx Yuu
    Velyx Yuu 1 week ago penguins
  • Lance Cormier
    Lance Cormier 2 days ago In the original 42:00 minute heart of a lioness video it was mentioned that Kamunyak was far to young to have had cubs and lost them
  • Shendue
    Shendue 1 month ago Lion expert: "I think she's more like a jailer, she's just controlling this animal" Elephants conservationist: "In her mind this was her baby, it was like a miracle". O_o
    BLUE SEE 1 month ago They are both right, this is the same plot as in "Misery."
  • Flemish Nationalist
    Flemish Nationalist 1 month ago Exactly! The lion expert also said that she wasn't taking on the role of the mother and the next scene the woman says the opposite.
  • Gergely Guruz
    Gergely Guruz 1 month ago One may experience the miracle of being a mother herself, while the other may not. His mind relates to offsprings as being in jail.
  • touv
    touv 1 month ago Gergely Guruz she literally won’t allow the baby to go back to their family or something
  • Talksense
    Talksense 18 hours ago That so-called 'Lion expert' is no EXPERT at all, since he can't even recognize basic MOTHERLY behavior. He called the lioness's caring, watching and protecting "controlling like a jailer", which is absolutely crazy to say about animal kingdom. Seems like he was Jealous because the lioness showed more morals than he has Lol.
  • Talksense
    Talksense 18 hours ago @touv She wants to keep the baby for herself, which includes protection, but the poor lioness being a lion, doesn't know how to properly care for one. :(
  • *TheWallBehindYou*
    *TheWallBehindYou* 3 months ago (edited) Maybe the Lionness killed the Antelope's parents and then felt overwhelming regret. Sounds like a movie plot
  • Sub you won’t
    Sub you won’t 2 months ago Animals can’t feel guilt
  • Whisper
    Whisper 2 months ago @Sub you won’t a lot of them most likely don't, but I think the few really intelligent ones can.
  • Sufyan
    Sufyan 2 months ago @Whisper Im pretty sure the lion is lonely
  • ErinOcelotl :3
    ErinOcelotl :3 1 month ago @Sub you won’t humans are animals.. besides, you can't know that for absolute certainty. At least not for all of them.
  • Dopias Fake
    Dopias Fake 1 month ago @ErinOcelotl :3 Im a giraffe
  • ErinOcelotl :3
    ErinOcelotl :3 1 month ago @Dopias Fake lol I heard that vine when I read that
  • EclipseIsBøømYT
    EclipseIsBøømYT 1 month ago Sub you won’t Yeah they can, my dog fricking took the the trash out of the trash can and looked so guilty when I told her “what did you do D:<“
  • Ritesh
    Ritesh 1 month ago @Sub you won’t Overconfident fools are detrimental to society.
  • Water Strider
    Water Strider 1 week ago They guilt based on their guilt. They need to eat or they die. Name of the game all animals know this.
    OH YEH YEH 8 months ago Baby - hey mum what's for food today? Lion- your real mum... Baby- ummm what? Lion- what I didn't say anything
  • Chummy Chimchim
    Chummy Chimchim 8 months ago Lol
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    Sibusiso Twala 7 months ago 😂😂😂
  • 2dasimmons
    2dasimmons 7 months ago Horrible thought😞
  • SmexiiTutorials
    SmexiiTutorials 7 months ago 2dasimmons it’s nature. get over it
  • 2dasimmons
    2dasimmons 7 months ago @SmexiiTutorials You get over it! Behave😔
  • Charline Thom
    Charline Thom 7 months ago @2dasimmons He 's right thought lions first and foremost are wild animals hunting is in their very nature.
  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow 7 months ago @Charline Thom There's nothing wrong with not liking a joke though.
  • Charline Thom
    Charline Thom 7 months ago (edited) @Marshmallow Sure, but this is reality if someone likes it or not.
  • Marshmallow
    Marshmallow 7 months ago @Charline Thom The way Oh yey yey put it was clearly a joke. A lion can't speak to an ampala and neither can the ampala ask the lion a question.
  • Charline Thom
    Charline Thom 7 months ago @Marshmallow Yeah, but you get the meaning behind it.
  • Rajshree Khara
    Rajshree Khara 3 months ago (edited) oo that dark mysterios funny dark I don't know what I'm saying 😅😕
  • hollow points bullets
    hollow points bullets 3 months ago @2dasimmons stop being a pussy.
    BIG SWAN 3 months ago mum? like the flower?
  • Annalisa Savedra
    Annalisa Savedra 1 month ago Lmao
  • Annalisa Savedra
    Annalisa Savedra 1 month ago That's too good! I needed the laugh
  • Annalisa Savedra
    Annalisa Savedra 1 month ago @Charline Thom yeah,until it's ur ass they are hunting,lol
  • Itz Queen_gacha
    Itz Queen_gacha 1 month ago OH YEH YEH 😂😂😂😂
  • Mel Zenora
    Mel Zenora 9 months ago Antelope: I'm baby Lioness: yes u r baby
  • Yoanita Anisa
    Yoanita Anisa 2 months ago Lioness: M.I.N.E
  • ZaVe Ares
    ZaVe Ares 1 month ago Lion: MINE NOW BITCH
  • Karthika AS
    Karthika AS 1 month ago @ZaVe Ares yeah she was a bitch so that she cared for a young by suppressing her temptation. Dont forget to call your mother that word because you are excelling so much in your way of rudeness and blindness.
  • ZaVe Ares
    ZaVe Ares 1 month ago @Karthika AS I'm just gonna let others who happen to scroll onto this thread read what dumbass comment you put I can't even make this shit up 😂😂
  • Japanimated
    Japanimated 2 months ago Maybe the lioness lost her own cubs and this was the only way she could cope.
  • Lance Cormier
    Lance Cormier 2 days ago In the original 42:00 minute heart of a lioness video it was mentioned that Kamunyak was far to young to have had cubs and lost them
  • Juan Carlos Davila
    Juan Carlos Davila 2 months ago This is so sad on so many levels. 🙁
  • Lisa Sweet
    Lisa Sweet 1 month ago Rt
  • Lisa Donahue
    Lisa Donahue 1 month ago AGREED!! It made me utterly ill!! 😭💔
  • jokerjay
    jokerjay 4 months ago It always ends in tears when a stroppy teenage oryx finds out they're adopted. Anger, denial and before you know it they start listening to goth music and dressing like an emo! Lioness better have "the talk" sooner than later!
  • Self Made
    Self Made 2 months ago jokerjay 🤣
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    chuka ofiaeli 2 months ago lmaooooo.. smhhhh
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    Myra Juarez 1 month ago 😂🤣😂😂
  • Lily Pepper
    Lily Pepper 4 weeks ago Shoulda said emu
  • Karen W
    Karen W 1 week ago Wtf 😅
  • DrawingManiacSterben
    DrawingManiacSterben 2 months ago woman: "she obviously felt very strongly for her - it her mind this was her baby" man: "she is a jailor, she is controlling the animal" :D
  • Lecherous Lizard
    Lecherous Lizard 2 months ago Man: Thinking logically about it. Woman: iT MuSt b3 m4sSag3 frum Gud.
  • Kar Tibir
    Kar Tibir 1 month ago Yall really gonna make it about gender again
  • Lecherous Lizard
    Lecherous Lizard 1 month ago @Kar Tibir It's always about sex, because of fundamental differences which govern higher functions.
  • Kar Tibir
    Kar Tibir 1 month ago (edited) @Lecherous Lizard yeah I'm aware hormones make women more emotional than men in general but I don't think it has anything to do with gender right now because a male could easily say the same thing about this lion upon first look without much of an extensive knowledge about the feline species. Women are capable of thinking logically as well and tbh men think illogically too some times but I don't see people pinning it on the entire gender to ridicule them.
  • Seita Tsutsumi
    Seita Tsutsumi 1 month ago Lecherous Lizard Have you heard of the word “average” or “generalization”? Yeah I didn’t think so
  • Lecherous Lizard
    Lecherous Lizard 1 month ago @Seita Tsutsumi No, I haven't. I've been living under a rock my entire life, you prick.
  • Albert Nedi
    Albert Nedi 1 year ago Lion: Don't worry I'm V E G A N"
  • Bonnie Moon
    Bonnie Moon 10 months ago Lol, yup. And the orox (spelling?) Didnt even ask.
  • Switch ARC
    Switch ARC 10 months ago You uhhhh watch prince vegeta to ? 😂 im vegan LUL
  • Johnny Lachente
    Johnny Lachente 10 months ago ?
  • Switch ARC
    Switch ARC 10 months ago Looknup prince vegeta im vegan
  • Albert Nedi
    Albert Nedi 10 months ago @Switch ARC huh? Ok..
  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara 10 months ago @Switch ARC It was clearly a joke. 😳
  • Switch ARC
    Switch ARC 10 months ago Never mind 😂
  • Albert Nedi
    Albert Nedi 10 months ago Look can" EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP I hate clicking on this videos every hour just for this comment.
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    Sun Jara 10 months ago @Albert Nedi No. :P
  • Albert Nedi
    Albert Nedi 10 months ago @Sun Jara fuck it I'll just delete this comment. To end my suffering
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    Debts Without Regret 10 months ago hahahahah uuu stupidddddd foooooo
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    Ben Franklin 9 months ago @Debts Without Regret you* fool*
  • that one cringy meme
    that one cringy meme 9 months ago @Albert Nedi the suffering will continue
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    Flame Werewolf 9 months ago Albert Nedi im a vegetarian~
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    Motlagomang Makoe 9 months ago (edited) @Albert Nedi please don't remove it, I think it's hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Lobos222
    Lobos222 9 months ago Antipole: But I need dairy products to survive. Vegan Lion: No, you do NOT! Just like human vegans outlook on human dietary needs then. LoL
  • Shane Canlas
    Shane Canlas 9 months ago Nah she's not she's just waiting till the calf gain enough weight 😂😂😂😂
  • Precious M
    Precious M 9 months ago Hahahaha
  • Precious M
    Precious M 9 months ago Lol
  • Precious M
    Precious M 9 months ago No
  • Blankman J5
    Blankman J5 9 months ago Until a big ass male run up on them
  • chris chan :flushed:
    chris chan :flushed: 9 months ago bruh moment
  • Oscar McCallister
    Oscar McCallister 8 months ago He's been infected by today's social media.
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    Gael Escamilla 8 months ago Albert Nedi no
    GAF LAWAL 8 months ago 😂😂😂
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    KittyKat 8 months ago LMAOOOO
  • Bambi Palmer
    Bambi Palmer 8 months ago Your comment was funny, the real situation,WAS NOT ! BUT EVERY BODY PICKING ON YOU ! ( REALLY BAD )👎 BULLIES 🐂!!!!!
  • jason macdonald
    jason macdonald 8 months ago WHAT IS VEGAN????
  • Bambi Palmer
    Bambi Palmer 8 months ago @jason macdonald Hope you're not serious ? But if so , someone who eats only veggies, no meat. & It's OK 2 ASK IF YOU DON'T KNOW ! GOD BLESS !👍😇
  • jason macdonald
    jason macdonald 8 months ago @Bambi Palmer haha!!~ thanks, i thought vegan was like an amish person, hahaha!!~thanks for the infor, bambi,
  • Ilya
    Ilya 8 months ago and im .. whats her breast size
  • Beaniebooo
    Beaniebooo 7 months ago Don’t think lions support zoos, leather, or drink milk anyways but okay
  • J S
    J S 7 months ago Baby- don't worry i m non vegan
  • Smokey Le Bear
    Smokey Le Bear 4 months ago Welp .. she does have a vagina 🤷🏿‍♂️
  • Goat_ cat
    Goat_ cat 4 months ago @Cooter Pud and that's where you're wrong
  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 3 months ago And gluten free and paleo.... and blah blah blah
  • Aniq
    Aniq 2 months ago What human and lion vegans got in common? Both of them starve their children
  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti 2 months ago Albert Nedi 🤣🤣
  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man 2 months ago The oryx rolled it’s eyes and sighed
  • MrMeddyman
    MrMeddyman 1 month ago Baby Orox: Ugh just eat me please, I don't need you to flex on your dietary habits
  • Faith Love
    Faith Love 1 month ago lol
  • Can we get 10k subs with no video?
    Can we get 10k subs with no video? 9 months ago Lioness is like: I can't hunt so I'll farm
  • Amir Edwards
    Amir Edwards 3 months ago Dang i didn't even think about it like that
  • Amritha Anna Abraham
    Amritha Anna Abraham 2 months ago (edited) Humm....🤔 I think so Be like farming the Prey.... 🤨
  • Clarence and squirrel
    Clarence and squirrel 2 months ago Why did you steal someone's elses comment?
  • Sonoro
    Sonoro 9 months ago I'm just gonna address the elephant in the room here 7:42
  • Emily Sullivan
    Emily Sullivan 9 months ago This comment made me laugh after a few hours of reading probably hundreds of random comments on this vid and others with no reaction other than "why?". Thanks for that. Underrated comment award goes to you.
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    Kri MD 8 months ago Arsoli hahahaha
  • Kri MD
    Kri MD 8 months ago Arsoli that was funny as crap !
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  • L K
    L K 1 day ago "Message from God" Me: pfft............ Also Me: Sees this for the first time in 2020, exactly Ten years later, in the same exact month. Yep😐 COVID and now this