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Скачать с ютуб Jay Rock - OSOM ft. J. Cole

Опубликовано: 20 июн. 2018 г. 28 397 954 просмотра

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Directed by Dave Free (of The Little Homies) & Jack Begert
'REDEMPTION' out now:

Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Dave Free, Tay Hawes, Angel J Rosa

Production Company: TDE Films and AJR Films

Follow Jay Rock:

Music video by Jay Rock performing OSOM. © 2018 Top Dawg Ent., under exclusive license to Interscope Records

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    Learning How-To With KB 1 місяць тому I don't wanna be famous
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    TJ 1 місяць тому Nah I don't want either of that. "Its beauty in the struggle uglyness in the success"
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    Exclusivesounds Beatsinstrumentals 1 місяць тому @designn choice only if u say it is
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    Josh Jennings 4 тижні тому @TJ The good news is n*gga you came a long way The bad news is n*gga you went the wrong way
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    TJ 4 тижні тому @Josh Jennings you think being broke is better
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    HokiePitcher22 3 тижні тому Congrats on ur likes, we know thats really all u came for...
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    King Hokage 2 тижні тому "I'd rather be broke in jail than dead and rich" - 21.
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    booyucka 5 днів тому so corny everyone does this
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    far king 2 дні тому I'd like to stay poor and unknown
  • Adegboyega Thompson
    Adegboyega Thompson 2 місяці тому Somebody said the people who robbed them at the end was Cozz and Reason lmaoo
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    angelo millz 2 місяці тому Adegboyega Thompson ctfuuuu 😂that ain’t no robbery tho my guy that’s a walk down
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    sean brown 3 дні тому i got that reference lol
  • Saveon
    Saveon 8 місяців тому Bro idk wtf it is about this video but it gives ne chills and gives me an uneasy vibe. This video is definitely a masterpiece.
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    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele 5 місяців тому Saveon lmao I see what you did there... sad.
  • Aniq
    Aniq 3 місяці тому cole wearing an ol skool germany football jersey making it even weirder
  • Boy
    Boy 2 місяці тому Aniq and it was the World Cup time lol
  • Arnaldo Donado
    Arnaldo Donado 2 місяці тому Saveon yo I thought it was just me
  • Kid 4rom Africa
    Kid 4rom Africa 2 місяці тому Saveon look at the camera angles. Give the vibe that someone’s is watching and following them
  • Lashar Doe
    Lashar Doe 1 місяць тому It’s cause it’s thug music, to put it plain and simply. it’s portraying something dangerous and unsettling and you don’t understand it and why but you know it’s unsettling to you. (says a lot about your inner character) by admitting that your saying your afraid to find yourself in a situation similar to this and fear it. But believe it or not some people find that same uneasy feeling that you feel from this song to be a all too familiar and comforting feeling ( particularly ones who come from screwed up and uncertain backgrounds).
  • Ezra Ezra
    Ezra Ezra 4 тижні тому Saveon ye it makes me uncomfortable
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    Robbin Grafton 1 тиждень тому Saveon facts
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    Manny Quintanilla 4 дні тому Shit happens err day - karma a bitch
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    Caliber Pokwana 1 день тому Very true
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    thechangeprofitsee 8 місяців тому 21M.. nah should be 210M views Underrated
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    Blunt Smoker 4 місяці тому Jay rock wayyyyyy underrated
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    Taslim Oseni 3 місяці тому It's 300M now.
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    Alrighty Then! 3 місяці тому You AIN lyin!!
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    Tameitra Starks 3 місяці тому More like 210B views
  • DJ Henderson
    DJ Henderson 1 рік тому Shit this had me paranoid and I didn’t even do anything. 😳🤭🤫
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    ChipDeville02 1 рік тому No BS.
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    Cam Duffy 1 рік тому DJ Henderson this comment needs more likes
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    Arnold Shabangu 1 рік тому Beware of the Cadillac, watch ur back hommie...
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    Lil Thanos 1 рік тому Lmfao i thought it was just me
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    Kenny B 1 рік тому On God!!
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    Shaun Wells 3 місяці тому Shit same af
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    hella stoned 3 місяці тому I'm sleep
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    Swisher Locobar 3 місяці тому 😂
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    Zappss Entertainment 3 місяці тому hahahhahahahahahahhahhaha paranoid as fuck...............
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    Alpha Wolfy 3 місяці тому Same Dawg on my momma
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    Suf Daboi 3 місяці тому Now u see
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    Morgan Montee 2 місяці тому every time i listen to this song!
  • Morgan Montee
    Morgan Montee 2 місяці тому but i still be listening
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    Teine J 2 місяці тому I'm paranoid as heck now
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    Peter September 2 місяці тому You stole some candy from the jar😂😂
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    bigarj2 1 місяць тому LOL 😂...automatic comment of the thread WINNER!!!
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  • Marshall Perry
    Marshall Perry 1 місяць тому I swear to Gziz. I been trippin and I watch this video like 5 times a week.
  • Ohm Neh
    Ohm Neh 1 місяць тому Right? Whoever directed this needs to be making horror movies.
  • Valentine Kolpakov
    Valentine Kolpakov 1 місяць тому Yo same lmaooo
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    Cat Man 4 тижні тому Me too
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    NoOneGetzOutAlive 3 тижні тому Oh shit, here we go again.
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    Yendry Carrillo 5 місяців тому I'm here with my wife account so she can have more of this recommendations than those pice of shiet she watch, she needs to step he game up, Deuce
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    Al Sol 1 день тому We have too!!
  • BJ Jeffries
    BJ Jeffries 7 місяців тому The NEW “My mind is playing tricks on me”..... Amazing
  • Forza WPR
    Forza WPR 6 місяців тому BJ Jeffries was just thinking the same.
    WZROD 5 місяців тому WORDDDDD DAWGGG
  • Shawn Sanders
    Shawn Sanders 1 місяць тому Yes too true
  • Tyree Ward
    Tyree Ward 8 місяців тому need a short film on the events leading up to this video.
  • Vinnie vin
    Vinnie vin 7 місяців тому They robbed and shot a dope boy..thats why he said he wasnt suppose to be local
  • Ace Cool’n
    Ace Cool’n 3 тижні тому Tyree Ward i know im late and all but BRO I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING MY NIGGA THIS WOULD BE A GOOD VIBE TO GIVE PEOPLE IF THIS WAS A SHORT FILM.🔥🔥🔥💯
  • Justin Warren
    Justin Warren 6 місяців тому This song makes think about Nipsey Hussle R.I.P
  • mikey poser
    mikey poser 6 місяців тому shut yo bitch ass up with that rip nipsey hussle shit, you probably a fake fan
  • Review X Hunter
    Review X Hunter 6 місяців тому (змінено) Justin Warren boy when you got it you keep a close eye on the ones that’s befriending you Them’ll be the ones that will envy you Vividly dreaming bout ending you.... Talk about a premonition....
  • x Versatilez
    x Versatilez 6 місяців тому Pussies, nipsey hussle was nothing
  • 916OnMiNeZ
    916OnMiNeZ 5 місяців тому I know, no disrespect to Nipsey but everyone acting like he was big as 2pac now that he’s dead. He really wasn’t that big , but for some weird reason that happens with every celebrity that passes away. Even if they weren’t that famous everyone acts like like they were the greatest. 🙄
  • Andre Ilyas
    Andre Ilyas 1 місяць тому @x Versatilez This is why I hate you pussy white boys
  • far king
    far king 2 дні тому FAKE FANS
  • King_Bishop1011
    King_Bishop1011 1 рік тому Anyone else feeling uneasy asf watching the video. For some people they just feel the tension in the air, for other people, they been there before. Regardless, this song and video a masterpiece. Shoutout to Jay Rock and JCole
  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 bruh that's not the weed
  • The Big Kiwi - NBA Youtuber
    The Big Kiwi - NBA Youtuber 1 рік тому (змінено) They definitely got across what they intended, gives an insight into a paranoid mind. Song and video are both very well done
  • Silke Sto
    Silke Sto 1 рік тому It makes me think of the murder of xxxtentacion. So yea
  • Jamil Dotson
    Jamil Dotson 1 рік тому (змінено) Been there before...had me stuck
  • Doer
    Doer 1 рік тому GTFO here with that untalented fuck
  • Silke Sto
    Silke Sto 1 рік тому Doer your life sucks pretty bad huh? So much negative energy for no reason. I hope ya find some peace because being this angry for no reason must be a horrible state of being. Have an amazing day :)
  • gthhnmjmjmtyjjj
    gthhnmjmjmtyjjj 1 рік тому Xxx
  • Jerrod
    Jerrod 1 рік тому The first minute in the Hotel room had me like, "What is going on??? Is this a movie or a music video?" Eyes was WIDE OPEN
  • christopher williams
    christopher williams 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 💯💯💯
  • Andre Ramos
    Andre Ramos 1 рік тому Karmas a bitch that’s why you feel uneasy
  • tenwill90
    tenwill90 1 рік тому I did too... It was like omg what's gonna happen. Never felt like this watching a video
  • Daryle Ballard
    Daryle Ballard 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 😞"ugh now ive become worst. Praying more fo sho" #DaryleBallardMusic🏃
  • EKG2410
    EKG2410 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 facts
  • E Brown
    E Brown 1 рік тому Andre Ramos TRUTH
  • IamProfessorO
    IamProfessorO 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 I definitely felt the uneasiness. That’s a sign of great directing with a simple storyline, with a song that evokes emotions that match what we’re watching
  • Kash Rager
    Kash Rager 1 рік тому (змінено) Hell yea I’m still un easy fam, tryna figure out if I OSOM.
  • Oli O
    Oli O 1 рік тому You said it perfect
  • Danny L
    Danny L 1 рік тому 4reallllll...heart was beating outta control in certain scenes😥😥
  • Aristides Gonzalez
    Aristides Gonzalez 1 рік тому I didn't feel shit
  • Ivan Grado
    Ivan Grado 1 рік тому Hell yeah I felt their paranoia . It was an amazing video
  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 it was set up to make the viewer uncomfortable as well, mission accomplished
  • Wendy Gang
    Wendy Gang 1 рік тому K
  • Skinny Hendrix
    Skinny Hendrix 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 it all stems from the XXX Situation . It's so fresh on our mind I'm pretty sure everybody who watched this video thought of XXX . But this is just a common story in the hood . . . Paronia ... Guns
  • raphael wallace
    raphael wallace 1 рік тому no,it only made x fans think about x. when rock put the bag in the air no country for old men came to mind for me, the rest of the video jus reminds me of Getto Boyz mind playin tricks on me lol
  • Savage •
    Savage • 1 рік тому Reminds me of geto boys - mind playing tricks on me
  • yosimty bred
    yosimty bred 1 рік тому It really be like this an anyhood too raw some people feel it coming
  • yosimty bred
    yosimty bred 1 рік тому It really be like this an anyhood too raw some people feel it coming
  • Frank Villareal
    Frank Villareal 1 рік тому Man being paranoid ain’t no joke... Everybody becomes an enemy... Life of a real street G...
  • MoCsay
    MoCsay 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 i know a few personal friends who live this way. The video made me uneasy at the end caught me off guard. Something about the shopping cart hehe
  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 FUUUUCK!! Them goons pulled up in the end!!
  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 1 рік тому Doer WHO hurt you bro?!? WHERE THEY AT!!!
  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 1 рік тому Nitelynx96 Awww, look at you standing up for your man, Doer. A little projection, perhaps...!?
  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 1 рік тому Aristides Gonzalez Give it time. You'll get your feelings back, eventually! Just continue to work on it!
  • Nick
    Nick 1 рік тому Shit has me paranoid now man I’ve never been in situations like this but very similar
  • SoLo_Witit86
    SoLo_Witit86 1 рік тому Being paranoid is no joke.
  • kiprs
    kiprs 1 рік тому @TheBigKiwi if they actually out to get you, are you really paranoid? 😁
  • Ganx
    Ganx 1 рік тому Agree
  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez 1 рік тому Facts
  • DrAlchem01
    DrAlchem01 1 рік тому Yeah the director's shots helped give the feeling of paranoia
  • KpR333
    KpR333 1 рік тому Silke Sto, Gtfo another persons death you don't know shit about!
  • a username
    a username 1 рік тому whole time i thought they were about to set each other up! 🤦🏾‍♂️ #plottwistaf
  • Eddie
    Eddie 1 рік тому You said it ❤
  • jayzacewing jayzace
    jayzacewing jayzace 1 рік тому Makes me think of the murder of X and Tupac
  • Keith
    Keith 1 рік тому Yeah I got weird vibes off of it as well.
  • Sherm Ricks
    Sherm Ricks 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 Checkout Starter songs "Johnny Dang & I'm Balling" both songs are lit straight🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • AG Fernandez
    AG Fernandez 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 I feel where you coming from bro
  • AG Fernandez
    AG Fernandez 1 рік тому TheBigKiwi yeah the message is pure
  • AG Fernandez
    AG Fernandez 1 рік тому Silke Sto facts. You get murked over flexing
  • AG Fernandez
    AG Fernandez 1 рік тому Jamil Dotson you can always over come 🎖
  • Kurly Boy
    Kurly Boy 1 рік тому This comment gave me chills when i read it...
  • Taylor Pierce
    Taylor Pierce 1 рік тому When this dropped it had me uneasy for a week ,and time ran out for someone close to me ironically 2 days ago
  • Vindicated Weltanschauung
    Vindicated Weltanschauung 1 рік тому You're inadvertently being negative by being condescending. You're a walking contradiction. Evaluate yourself.
  • Jerome Brown
    Jerome Brown 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 I feel uneasy as hell right now smh
  • Dolan Dank The Cocaine Hank
    Dolan Dank The Cocaine Hank 1 рік тому Wheezy Rabbit can confirm this is how it is
  • Marc
    Marc 1 рік тому it had me so anxious bro fuck felt like i was really in the situation
  • No Body
    No Body 1 рік тому Simon Superb nerve racking
  • Malik Charles
    Malik Charles 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 I know it’s easy to just overlook unfamous artists. But I need a chance. Remember that your favorite artist was once unknown. Please support good music...
  • Ltown Dan
    Ltown Dan 1 рік тому Herbert Gonzalez the fuck you do, sign Jay Rock or something?
  • McChEeZeGrAdEr
    McChEeZeGrAdEr 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 bruh i got shot twice while i was high just weed but anytime i smoked after that i felt way to paranoid i aint never smoking again this video got me feelin some type of way
  • Anwar Kansil
    Anwar Kansil 1 рік тому Kids need to know this is what comes with that "fastlife".
  • Andrei Bogdan
    Andrei Bogdan 1 рік тому da nu vrei tu sa ne sugi cucu
  • Jeff Moss
    Jeff Moss 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 yeah totally, realest comment I read today
  • Alondra Garcia
    Alondra Garcia 1 рік тому Czech Kizzz care::tng_Bishop1011
  • Kenneth Knight
    Kenneth Knight 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 this song hits a cord
  • JayyArhh
    JayyArhh 1 рік тому Regardless...
  • Berenice Tapia
    Berenice Tapia 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 dumb shut up you snitchin
  • fundukyan
    fundukyan 1 рік тому Idk but i dont believe u
  • Mickey knockerz
    Mickey knockerz 1 рік тому Thats right haha
  • Mickey knockerz
    Mickey knockerz 1 рік тому Situations like this you can freeze
  • Ira Navarro Jr
    Ira Navarro Jr 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 Kemo.
  • TokiMcNoodle
    TokiMcNoodle 1 рік тому stresses me out for sure cuz ive been in situations that have tension like this
  • Anthony Cancio
    Anthony Cancio 1 рік тому Shit up mf you live in the suburbs ain't shit going on out there
  • cndyman225
    cndyman225 1 рік тому I dont like listening to this song without the video. Shit rides.
  • Piebeats
    Piebeats 1 рік тому dude yeah, and for $ome rea$on $till watch it
  • Bryce Craft
    Bryce Craft 1 рік тому King_Bishop1011 you put it very well... well said.
  • David Michael Harris jr
    David Michael Harris jr 1 рік тому Hell yea
  • Cylah SA
    Cylah SA 11 місяців тому check it
  • zakTDE
    zakTDE 11 місяців тому It provided perfect imagery to the song
  • dennis lingotti
    dennis lingotti 11 місяців тому Reminds me of the first times.... its all tension, couldnt even concentrate
  • motiv8_m3
    motiv8_m3 10 місяців тому forreal
  • dirkaveli
    dirkaveli 10 місяців тому everything is just fukin off!!
  • Aku TheAntagonist
    Aku TheAntagonist 10 місяців тому @Silke Sto X was just lackin. You dont go to south FL flexin cash when you solo and famous. Shit isnt uncommon to get merked
  • Real Conspiracy Wow!
    Real Conspiracy Wow! 10 місяців тому everyday
  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks 10 місяців тому (змінено) Growin up in the hood all your life is pretty much what you explained bruh. Always bein paranoid wondering if you gone be shot or not, weather its drivebys, one of your own fuckin you over etc. Bruh
  • Geno Ory
    Geno Ory 9 місяців тому Yup! The storyline is powerful and had me clinch up wondering what happened? Fiyah shit tho
  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks 8 місяців тому @Anwar Kansil my nigga this song ain't about the fastlife tf its about the hoodlife, iss about thuggin and being paranoid because you gonna get clapped at some point bruh.
  • **
    ** 8 місяців тому Bro what
  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks 8 місяців тому @** some nigga was sayin the music video was about "the fast life" 😂
  • Kiaf
    Kiaf 8 місяців тому I've been there bro.
  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee 8 місяців тому @Jerrod Would make for a dope movie doe
  • michael Garcia
    michael Garcia 8 місяців тому King_Bishop1011 hell yeah ! faxs
  • Kiki 2sweet
    Kiki 2sweet 8 місяців тому That Zoloft part tho 😫💯
  • Ernesto Robles
    Ernesto Robles 8 місяців тому me every time I hear my dog bark at night and I grip my 9 and go check lmao 😂
  • Texasborn
    Texasborn 8 місяців тому Only people that been in the streets n hit a lick n I'm not talking about a couple hundred dollars. I feel this deep man . I ain't going to lie my first lick I was feeling like j Cole but u grow out of it
  • CaliBakers
    CaliBakers 8 місяців тому lol
  • Mickey knockerz
    Mickey knockerz 8 місяців тому Correct choice of words
  • The Eminencee
    The Eminencee 8 місяців тому You guys need new music I like to color
  • Mathew Turley
    Mathew Turley 8 місяців тому check out my music bro
  • The Black Al Bundy
    The Black Al Bundy 8 місяців тому @Silke Sto fuck that nigga he wasn't anybody! These are real artist
  • J Medrano
    J Medrano 7 місяців тому @Doer who untalented?
  • TheHoodGirlGoneGood aka the_full_fruit
    TheHoodGirlGoneGood aka the_full_fruit 7 місяців тому @tenwill90 Ikr!! I started thinking about Rich and Alpo at the end, I thought one of them was bout to cross the other one!! My nerves was bad!!!
  • joshua minton
    joshua minton 7 місяців тому Tell me why the the on flame shopping cart scared me more than the shooters
  • reject family productions
    reject family productions 7 місяців тому perfectly crafted observation
  • Evol Music
    Evol Music 7 місяців тому def!!!!
  • Christopher Turner
    Christopher Turner 7 місяців тому I love the song and I do love that video I love the way j Cole Jay Rock came together on that one I just hope and pray to do more projects together this southwest connect people down south are really connected with people on the west coast because we go through similarities I'm a lot of different things so I can dig it you know what I'm talkin about
  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 7 місяців тому @Silke Sto shuddup this don't even relate to that nigga , let him rest fanboy
  • Dee B
    Dee B 7 місяців тому @Sherm Ricks 🤣🤣👀👀
  • StillFree
    StillFree 7 місяців тому @Silke Sto lol x wasnt no hood dude tho? chill
  • Isaac Samilpa
    Isaac Samilpa 6 місяців тому Stay woke niggas creepin
  • Adam Broomfield
    Adam Broomfield 6 місяців тому Its that street mentality, its the same shit that makes me look over my shoulder while walkin down the street at any moment, no matter how nice it is and no matter whats goin on.
  • llorTA toN
    llorTA toN 5 місяців тому That kid is an idiot comparing himself to this vid lmao
  • Sir Azhuer Wissink
    Sir Azhuer Wissink 5 місяців тому I feel both. This video hold tension.
  • Raymond Fleming
  • TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter
    TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter 4 місяці тому I honestly never felt "tension in the air". We'll... never tension directed toward me. Always be on your p's & q's...enemies or not. But usually when you feeling super tensed...or like some shit is about to happen (toward u)...its usually via your own mental disorders. Or just knowing that you fucked up- and karma is coming. ijs....
  • Beastmaster 64
    Beastmaster 64 4 місяці тому u're ugly
    JOEL KAHIGA 4 місяці тому Define uneasy....i'm feeling like walking with a gun to a bank and yell j cole needs his rocks in this bag. And wait to be famous
  • justin isdeadd
    justin isdeadd 4 місяці тому Real shit. Illuminati confirmed.
  • OH oke
    OH oke 4 місяці тому Really? I wouldn't have figured that one out on my own bro 😂😛
  • Driftkor
    Driftkor 4 місяці тому I literally got spooked when the cart passed by
  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
    Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section) 4 місяці тому Bro I literally just shared this to my cousin and said this song and video a masterpiece. Then I scrolled through the comments and saw you said the same exact thing. It really is
  • Edgardo Salazar
    Edgardo Salazar 4 місяці тому Dats a fact
  • CvP Rules
    CvP Rules 4 місяці тому CvPRules Born 1996 - Las Cruces, NM "Cant do 9-5 but im forced too" Mix & Mastered By :6lil6Howdy6 Beat by; Makaih Beats! . also Listen to It On . .
  • Ant Range
    Ant Range 4 місяці тому @Bryan Fuller IKR
  • P K
    P K 4 місяці тому couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Matrix Tools
    Matrix Tools 4 місяці тому it's the beat too. something sinister in it
  • Cole Van Landuyt
    Cole Van Landuyt 4 місяці тому My daily
  • Key West
    Key West 3 місяці тому Energy is everything trust it
  • moses Y
    moses Y 3 місяці тому I live in Da hood bruh and this the type of tension you feel when you walk by a gang or just go ousside
  • ok
    ok 3 місяці тому Yeah, I feel that tension
  • Karamel Kocaine
    Karamel Kocaine 3 місяці тому Facts 💯
  • Really Real
    Really Real 3 місяці тому @Silke Sto Well Said!!!
  • Lil J Zanchez
    Lil J Zanchez 3 місяці тому Yup you got that right
  • kJ da yungin
    kJ da yungin 2 місяці тому Nahh not really
  • jj farari
    jj farari 2 місяці тому still cover my back when someone gets too close from behind ,still turn to an alley when i see the red light at nights
  • Really Real
    Really Real 2 місяці тому @kJ da yungin Yeah Really...
  • Musicfull
    Musicfull 2 місяці тому @Silke Sto wtf where tf does ur dumbass see anger
  • Nikki Perez
    Nikki Perez 2 місяці тому @Andre Ramos Bruh straight GASSED with that shit you said. Realest shit eva... Karma's a bitch and that's why you uneasy.
  • Marshall B
    Marshall B 2 місяці тому Dont rob and kill
  • Thomas Carr
    Thomas Carr 2 місяці тому No words literally.......... The beat The video, The acting, J.cole and Jayrock's Rymes...........Sheeeeet No Doubt A Masterpiece 🐐🐐👏.
  • Ozzie 242Live
    Ozzie 242Live 2 місяці тому Lol nah i dont feel uneasy shit too easy yo😂🤣
  • Fredi Ortega
    Fredi Ortega 2 місяці тому Been there had to move from Cali for fear of my kid growing up without me
  • Ozzie 242Live
    Ozzie 242Live 1 місяць тому Imagine the caribbean vs 1st world problems who more likely to get in harmsway🙄🙄 oh just imahine surviving over here where i grew up listen to "Bounty killa" songs called "Ghetto boy"
  • Imfrombmf thomas
    Imfrombmf thomas 1 місяць тому I've felt like this before
  • TCOH Texas
    TCOH Texas 1 місяць тому (змінено) raphael wallace ik i’m a whole year late, but the camera angle for when jay rock is washing his hands is identical to that of the scene where the killer in no country for old men washes his hands after the first kill. i’m pretty sure it’s intentional.
  • Jovanny Alvarez
    Jovanny Alvarez 1 місяць тому Str8 facts
  • Anthony Lively
    Anthony Lively 2 тижні тому shut the fuck up posin ass
  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 2 тижні тому But you haven't ya heard me roun
  • Robbin Grafton
    Robbin Grafton 1 тиждень тому King_Bishop1011 u ain’t lying
  • Bronson Willner
    Bronson Willner 1 тиждень тому True shit my nigga
  • SayitAintSo Tv
    SayitAintSo Tv 7 місяців тому Why am I just hearing this smh ...internet flooded with mumble rap I needed this 💯
  • Jeremy Spencee
    Jeremy Spencee 6 місяців тому I said same shit bruh this and that kdot n rock wow ...
  • Shotgunster
    Shotgunster 4 місяці тому "why am I just hearing this".... maaaan Jay Rock has been on the map for a while, he is friend with Kendrick (this should be a strong link to his craft) and done a lot of great songs... where you livind under a rock, do you even have internet at home? Listen to the whole black hippy crew before you end un posting this comment again in their music.
  • A O
    A O 4 місяці тому @Shotgunster Exactly, these people are blaming mumble rappers when they are living under a rock lol. No wonder people say "rap these days are bad" when they dont even know about all the good rappers today
  • Omarr Burnett
    Omarr Burnett 3 місяці тому Thanks Nathan
  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive 3 місяці тому Straight fax
  • Kirk Arvin T.
    Kirk Arvin T. 3 місяці тому if you know you know my guy
  • cocksucker McFaggot
    cocksucker McFaggot 3 місяці тому @A O bruh a guy just found out some good music and you blame him because he didnt find it sooner. Y'all some dumb mother fuckers
  • Sh3rwood
    Sh3rwood 3 місяці тому U was sleep sleep
  • Sh3rwood
    Sh3rwood 3 місяці тому cocksucker McFaggot pretty tough to agree with a mothafucka with a name like that but for real
  • cocksucker McFaggot
    cocksucker McFaggot 3 місяці тому @Sh3rwood 😂😂
  • Marshall B
    Marshall B 2 місяці тому Cause you ain't with the shit boy
  • Reginal Antoine
    Reginal Antoine 2 місяці тому Man I'm even later
  • Nigel Uno
    Nigel Uno 2 місяці тому cus you're a fucking fetus
  • T S
    T S 2 місяці тому (змінено) ​@Nigel Uno I honestly miss the days before mumble rap existed, back when I could actually go on the radio and relieve the stress of my life by listening to a perspective different than my own. Mumble Rap has no meaning and only adds to my dissatisfaction with the modern world and makes me yearn for my childhood, when I actually had something. Sadly, good R&B is also dead. Once Usher stopped making music, things got terrible.
  • Da Beast!
    Da Beast! 1 місяць тому cause we're outnumbered homie
  • T S
    T S 1 місяць тому @Da Beast! Basically yes
  • Kishan Vaja
    Kishan Vaja 6 місяців тому R.I.P Nipsey Hussle . J Cole said it.
  • xectrip
    xectrip 6 місяців тому Envy
  • Review X Hunter
    Review X Hunter 6 місяців тому Kishan Vaja my thoughts exactly.
  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez 4 місяці тому Damn
  • JimmyThompsonShoota XD
    JimmyThompsonShoota XD 3 місяці тому Shut tf up
  • Profitus Maximus
    Profitus Maximus 3 місяці тому @Review X Hunter yo review me!!
  • Annette Garcia
    Annette Garcia 1 місяць тому No he didn't
  • Contreras Thomas
    Contreras Thomas 2 дні тому Very underrated song. Intro catchy, beat smooth, lyrical,... J cole is J cole of course🤷🏾‍♂️, I dont expect everybody to get it or vibe with this.
  • Skate Head
    Skate Head 3 місяці тому Anyone still bumping this heat in 2019 ?🔥
  • Cynical Gaming
    Cynical Gaming 2 місяці тому Skate Head yep
  • Alexandrew Gabe
    Alexandrew Gabe 2 місяці тому Wtf mas was release a few months ago, are u serious
  • PDElite Games
    PDElite Games 3 тижні тому I was bumping this in 1992
  • Dhk4
    Dhk4 1 рік тому I love all the J Cole albums but I always feel like he has a different type of energy when he's featured on other people's music. Here, American Dream, Bablo Boat, Star is Born, Jodeci Back, etc. He kills it regardless of what he's on but he seems more aggressive when he's rapping on someone else's track
  • OsKarMike1306
    OsKarMike1306 1 рік тому Same with Kendrick honestly. His albums are deep and complex, but his features are classic braggodocio, while still being dope. I think the issue is that these rappers have a message that they don't want to impose on other rappers and their fans, so they adapt to the message they're being featured on.
  • Yoset Huerta
    Yoset Huerta 1 рік тому I get what you’re saying, I feel like Cole is more concentrated on giving out a message when it comes down to his albums that’s why it may seem like he’s not aggressive & on a feature he can pretty much fuck around with it. If you get what I’m saying
  • ArtofTagi
    ArtofTagi 1 рік тому I feel that. I was thinking the same thing honestly
  • Larry Lovestein
    Larry Lovestein 1 рік тому Dhk4 don't forget about zendaya🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • avonbarksdale91
    avonbarksdale91 1 рік тому Dhk4 purposefully done.
  • rickbadboy
    rickbadboy 1 рік тому I feel same way love hearing him on others people beats...cole and Kendrick need release some joints and stop playing
  • Seri0us Sh1t
    Seri0us Sh1t 1 рік тому it's a feature, gotto lock in on your mans vibe
  • N-I-N-E
    N-I-N-E 1 рік тому Beautiful Bliss, looking for trouble are my fav Cole Features. You right he does go harder on other people shit.
  • Lil SpiderNuts
    Lil SpiderNuts 1 рік тому Cole has already done the aggressive songs in the past (Back to the Topic, Dead Presidents II, Fire Squad, etc.) So I think the main thing he’s starting to focus on is the music. His last album went pretty hard though. It had aggressive Cole on it. I can’t say he goes harder on features cause he does the same shit most the time on his records.
  • Qualls
    Qualls 1 рік тому OsKarMike1306 facts you only get true aggression on features (Holy Key, Control, They Ready, Power)
  • ChrisBTrappiN
    ChrisBTrappiN 1 рік тому i think its the competition
  • carbon273
    carbon273 1 рік тому Dhk4 I honestly think it’s partly due to the production. This sounds so different and better from any of his original tracks.
  • Shavon Soto
    Shavon Soto 1 рік тому Competitive nature ✊🗣
  • Matthew Grieco
    Matthew Grieco 1 рік тому You're a fucking idiot lmao.
  • Jr Santiago
    Jr Santiago 1 рік тому He gotta make sure no one tops him 😂
  • Zuri
    Zuri 1 рік тому I felt like Cole captured some of that energy on KOD. His features are top notch though. My favorite is probably Jermaine's interlude.
  • Tommmyyy
    Tommmyyy 1 рік тому Dhk4 don’t for get Night Job
  • CoachWhaman
    CoachWhaman 1 рік тому Dhk4 you’re always supposed to have the mindset of killing someone on their own track
  • Dailen Sampson
    Dailen Sampson 1 рік тому Thats how you let the new people know whats up
  • TheFnames
    TheFnames 1 рік тому Dhk4 it’s crazy to think he doesn’t feature artists on his own music
  • ilofton92
    ilofton92 1 рік тому He also snapped on Joey Badass - Legendary
  • ScrewTapeCity-SouthPark
    ScrewTapeCity-SouthPark 1 рік тому Dhk4 shut up talking about J Cole this Jay Rock
  • Bred For The Game
    Bred For The Game 1 рік тому It's called kilking shows respect to the artist you're featuring with that I respect you enough to go hard if not harder on your track to make sure you got heat.
  • Suave The Performer
    Suave The Performer 1 рік тому If even one person sees this and is impacted by what I say, I will have done my job. Drake has changed my life completely. I am so grateful for this talented individual. I am so proud of how far he's come. He has helped me through some really difficult times in the past few months I've known about him, and if anyone wanted to witness a product of his success it would mean the world to me if you took a second to check out one of my tunes and tell me what you think. I promise you won't be disappointed. Stay blessed y'all 🙏🏾
  • James Drainer
    James Drainer 1 рік тому Dhk4 if you watch his older interviews he always says when he is on a track he wants to kill everyone else on it lyrically
  • KidMadness
    KidMadness 1 рік тому Cozz knock tha hustle was one of his best ft
  • Bred For The Game
    Bred For The Game 1 рік тому Suave The Performer Nah, you dickeating Drake on a Jay Rock and Cole song. That nigga irrelevant right now so fuck your link my nigga. Spamming ass nigga.
  • Darrell Dee
    Darrell Dee 1 рік тому Dhk4 deadass when he's featured he snaps....I think my fav feature is on night job by Bas
  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 1 рік тому Dhk4 a lot of people do...I think it's because they feel the competition when they rhyming with someone else
  • Deathpool
    Deathpool 1 рік тому I honestly think it might be that other people’s production is more creative. Ever since FHD Coles taken the “double platinum with no features” thing seriously and basically does the whole thing himself. Which is commendable but comes at the cost that his production has been sorta lacking.
  • Qhaleez Ilhami
    Qhaleez Ilhami 1 рік тому Pray with The Game is very J Cole-esque
  • Mehdy Akl
    Mehdy Akl 1 рік тому Bablo Boat is pure 🔥🔥🔥
  • lonnie jones
    lonnie jones 1 рік тому Dhk4 this so much facts
  • Alex Vergara
    Alex Vergara 1 рік тому OsKarMike1306 I totally agree with your point. 👌
  • GreenHypnotic
    GreenHypnotic 1 рік тому Yo that’s so true man
  • Jeffrey Richards
    Jeffrey Richards 1 рік тому Don't forget "Looking for trouble" He bodied the whole G.O.O.D MUSIC ☇☇☇
  • Keyonta Lee
    Keyonta Lee 1 рік тому It's competitive nature that takes over when you feature on someone else's song. Your goal is to try and kill them on their own song, you get more fans that way.
  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 1 рік тому Dhk4 the song is called Jodeci's Freestyle... not Jocedi Back😂
  • boygkay
    boygkay 1 рік тому Dhk4 word for reals
  • kiddflo5
    kiddflo5 1 рік тому I mean, when you get featured you're not gonna drop jello on another dudes track... Of course you're gonna want to go in hard as possible.
  • Juwan Anderson
    Juwan Anderson 1 рік тому Dhk4 Wow bro I thought the same thing..
  • Witty WitWit
    Witty WitWit 1 рік тому ChrisBTrappiN yeah it’s definitely competition
  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 1 рік тому Dhk4 exactly. I noticed the same.
  • Sherm Ricks
    Sherm Ricks 1 рік тому Dhk4 Checkout Starter songs "Johnny Dang & I'm Balling" both songs are lit straight🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    EMPEROR EMMANUEL 1 рік тому You forgot cozz & effective 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • IWishICould StartLifeOver
    IWishICould StartLifeOver 1 рік тому carbon273 naah they all have their own sounds. when you are an ARTIST you adapt Especially when theirs another Lyricist .... It's easier to relay another person's message from your point of view especially if the flow is already given it's less thinking and more feeling and fun ... When it's your own it's like a battle within yourself trying to get others to understand
  • dammy adegoke
    dammy adegoke 1 рік тому It’s because those are the only times you hear him on someone else’s beat
  • Random Hairline
    Random Hairline 1 рік тому That’s that competitive nature in him wanting to out do anyone who’s on a track
  • Damirex Dammy
    Damirex Dammy 1 рік тому no truer words has ever been said
  • r
    r 1 рік тому on his own shit hes gotta dumb it down for the now mainstream audience
    UNCLEBILLYTEE 1 рік тому Black Grammys gets over looked, cole goes hard
  • Malik Charles
    Malik Charles 1 рік тому Dhk4 I know it’s easy to just overlook unfamous artists. But I need a chance. Remember that your favorite artist was once unknown. Please support good music...
  • Skyedogg
    Skyedogg 1 рік тому If you're on Jay Rock's record you have to keep it G
  • Ernie Luna
    Ernie Luna 1 рік тому Dhk4 well he just trys to put in his part of being featured plus he does not get featured as much rather he makes his own good music
  • locOGC
    locOGC 1 рік тому Dhk4 lmao hip hop is a competitive sport
  • Zayy of the DMV
    Zayy of the DMV 1 рік тому That’s the case with plenty of rappers
  • G3ILX S
    G3ILX S 1 рік тому Dhk4 hard to say. Easy to confuse true aggression. I wrap myself up in confusion on accident sometimes.
  • Saul Cabrera
    Saul Cabrera 1 рік тому Dhk4 its because he has multiple roles to play
  • Valarie Bailey
    Valarie Bailey 1 рік тому anybody know the name of the shoes coles rocking?
  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez 1 рік тому Dhk4 how it should be, killer feature
  • Jaycee Lamb
    Jaycee Lamb 1 рік тому Because of competition.. He wants to outshine everyone, ESPECIALLY on their own tracks.. Trust me.
  • king george
    king george 1 рік тому Come thru & chill is insane ... cole & kdot both go crazy on features
  • Luis Paredes
    Luis Paredes 1 рік тому He has to outshine someone on there record to remind em who's the big dig
  • Erick
    Erick 1 рік тому yessir
  • Derek infinite
    Derek infinite 1 рік тому this is a fantastic response and i think that is definitely a key factor
  • WEDA
    WEDA 1 рік тому its what you have to do I mean historically look at Eminem who never gets on a track he doesn't kill, even tho it's not a battle to the rapper as fans we perceive it that way so they bring their best when featured, also nowadays features are mostly done remotely and artist are inspired when they hear what another rapper has done and say i can do better its kind of the natural competitiveness that makes rap good
  • Nick Reza
    Nick Reza 10 місяців тому J.cole just doesnt try on his albums, thats why they're all lack luster imo. When hes on features he absolutely pops off, i wish he carried that same energy to his solo projects because he CAN be a MONSTER if he really wants to be. Take JIDS "Offdeez" for example, thats some of the best rapping i've heard from J.cole ever.
  • Osi Mac
    Osi Mac 10 місяців тому OsKarMike1306 100% correct as an artist I’m the same way. It’s more comfortable to be a feature you don’t control the message and you use it more as a way to display your artistry
  • ReinBringr
    ReinBringr 10 місяців тому No doubt! He never lacks, Jcole is straight up the truth!
  • NicNacAttack
    NicNacAttack 10 місяців тому Eminem gets them everytime
  • Teflon4k Media
    Teflon4k Media 9 місяців тому I SAID THE SAME THING
  • sarah potier
    sarah potier 9 місяців тому I definetly understand what your saying but he when he does features he wants to enter their world of music instead of his hopefully that helped 😊
  • teekidd
    teekidd 9 місяців тому Im pretty sure its cause when he features he wants to basically make his verse so good that the song is his
  • darmor85
    darmor85 9 місяців тому Being around artists alot I can say you right..example j.cole. gonna think sit down and write a whole rap song..that alone tales energy focus and mental power👌..when you do features you basically just writing a 12-16 bars bout whatever the person who made the song topic is about literally doesn't burn you out nor use alot of energy.
  • Alejandro Galvan
    Alejandro Galvan 9 місяців тому agree 100%
  • Jay Klopfenstein
    Jay Klopfenstein 9 місяців тому I think that's on purpose
  • Jackson Muralt
    Jackson Muralt 7 місяців тому Dhk4 Bablo Boat was something special. Same with A Lot. J Cole is a special artist man
  • Sabelo Mbatha
    Sabelo Mbatha 7 місяців тому Remember his verse on Night Job?
  • Ro Fall
    Ro Fall 7 місяців тому Absolutely 1000% I'm glad it hasn't been just me saying this. I love the extra aggression it gives it more emotion and power
  • Smileyy Løcc
    Smileyy Løcc 7 місяців тому Bro you said it best
  • Mrvvolf
    Mrvvolf 3 тижні тому They want that artists fans.
  • Orange Sunshine
    Orange Sunshine 2 тижні тому I feel the same way about ScHoolboy Q.
  • stratos tz.
    stratos tz. 4 дні тому +1 όποιος το ακούει και διαβάζει τα σχόλια χαχα τελειο
  • Bee Kenkō
    Bee Kenkō 6 місяців тому It was eerie how life imitates art. RIP Nipsey
  • African Herbsman
    African Herbsman 6 місяців тому You mean art imitates life?
  • D J B
    D J B 5 місяців тому @African Herbsman the video and song happened first then Nipseys death. Life imitated art
  • Blunt Smoker
    Blunt Smoker 4 місяці тому Art definitely imitates life....
  • far king
  • no rage
    no rage 1 день тому @far king lol? you gotta be a fucking idiot to believe that
  • Izzy Rubio
    Izzy Rubio 3 місяці тому Yo I remember they dropped this a day or two after X got shot. Talk about timing this video hits 📹
  • Fabiel Struiken
    Fabiel Struiken 3 тижні тому But for some reason this song matches X life and his death
  • Al Sol
    Al Sol 1 день тому Waiting for the 🔌, like an outlet!!
  • Rey Miles
    Rey Miles 1 рік тому Tde and Dreamville is only ones we got left that is real.
  • Jovan Gonzalez-Gomez
    Jovan Gonzalez-Gomez 1 рік тому and pro era bwoy beast coast!
  • New World Order
    New World Order 1 рік тому pro era is not a record label
  • DavidinAwe
    DavidinAwe 1 рік тому so?
  • Latrone Humphrey
    Latrone Humphrey 1 рік тому Add Multi(Big K.R.I.T)
  • Kaden Lindskog
    Kaden Lindskog 1 рік тому New World Order yes it is, it’s called PRO ERA / EMPIRE
  • Da Niyel
    Da Niyel 6 днів тому OVO
  • Da Niyel
    Da Niyel 6 днів тому Roc Nation