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Spring is a wonderful time to visit Ireland. The flowers are blooming, the earth is fresh, and baby animals abound in the countryside. Join Giselle as she recounts her trip to Ireland. Smell the sea air, walk along the beach, enjoy traditional music, and taste the cuisine during your travels right from your home. You will feel the hospitality that the country and its residents offer to visitors time and time again.

About The Presenter:

Giselle was a travel consultant for 25 years prior to joining Mesa County Libraries. She has traveled extensively to many wonderful places including Australia, several European countries, Costa Rica, Alaska and Hawaii.

Giselle's love of travel began when she was a child learning about the world in elementary school. She was fortunate enough to have a student teacher in 1st grade who was from Japan and she learned about Japanese culture from her including some basic Japanese words that she still remembers. After traveling to Europe with her college professors she decided to pursue the travel industry to make other’s dreams come true.

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