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Скачать с ютуб Sir Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman Discuss Acting Techniques | The Graham Norton Show

Опубликовано: 17 окт. 2018 г. 1 367 465 просмотров

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Sir Michael Caine will be back this week!

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  • Mik Oliveira
    Mik Oliveira 1 year ago (edited) Almost 3 minutes of video and Graham speaks for less than 12 seconds. Imagine if it was an american talk show? How many times the annoying host and the irritating clapping audience would have interrupted them? I guess we wouldn't even know that Michael Caine met Marlene Dietrich.
  • Scully
    Scully 1 year ago Oh yeah, every eight words host inserts a joke about how witty the host is, who cares about the guests in a hosting show anyway. They're more like, "Look at me I'm funny, right" -shows. Norton's the only one I've stuck with.
  • Tony England
    Tony England 1 year ago I just watched the British boxer Anthony Joshua being interviewed on Conan here on YouTube and I swear, Conan spoke more than Joshua did.
  • James G
    James G 1 year ago Yup Jimmy Fallon does that
  • Zarabada
    Zarabada 1 year ago We do have that type of show in the UK. Jonathan Ross can't listen for a minute without saying something.
  • Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.
    Eyton Shalom, L.Ac. 1 year ago so right. amerikkkan talk shows are pretty moronic...
  • Awesomiito
    Awesomiito 1 year ago Its an american talk show
  • Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.
    Eyton Shalom, L.Ac. 1 year ago @Awesomiito not its very much not. it british.
  • Chris Verrill
    Chris Verrill 1 year ago There's an interview with Graham Norton on the Late Show where he schools Stephen Colbert on how to host. Even when Grahams guests seems a little uptight, by the end of the show most seem quite relaxed and some of the little stories and anecdotes they spill are great, and it's all because he gives them room and doesn't hog the limelight!
  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson 11 months ago Are American talk shows really that bad? I always read comments that talk about how bad American talk shows are.
  • Brand New Bike
    Brand New Bike 10 months ago @Higgs Boson Not anymore than anywhere else, I dont believe. In my opinion I think it comes down to one's dislike of the other. I see a lot of people from the UK bashing the US and also people from the US bashing the UK.
  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 10 months ago One does not interrupt Sir Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman; just sit back and enjoy
  • Native Engine
    Native Engine 10 months ago Uh. There's multiple guests first of all. But...yeah.
  • Native Engine
    Native Engine 10 months ago (edited) We don't have Graham Norton's setup with multiple guests. I wonder if that influenced him into letting the guests have the run of things?
  • Shawna Graham
    Shawna Graham 9 months ago Or that stupid fake laugh
  • janet Trent
    janet Trent 9 months ago @Awesomiito definitely bbc british
  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed 8 months ago Very well said.
  • Scotty 2 Hotty
    Scotty 2 Hotty 8 months ago agreed
  • thejakeakar
    thejakeakar 8 months ago ohhh come on raciest dude come onnn you ruined it
  • EmpressLishy
    EmpressLishy 8 months ago @Chris Verrill Stephen Colbert is the WORST at this! He needs a lesson!
  • xandercorp
    xandercorp 7 months ago This is rather different, as there are a number of guests that are having a moment with each other. It's not the same level of non-interference you can expect from a 1-on-1 interview looking for the same level of discourse, American or otherwise.
  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen 7 months ago Too much credit. The producer would before the show would be like "What's an interesting story you have?" Then the host would be like "So I heard you had a bit of a thing happen to you at a Chili's recently?" and then stretch that out for 7 minutes.
  • woutkoopman
    woutkoopman 7 months ago I guess that's what the American audience want.
  • Tan ia
    Tan ia 7 months ago Cough Fallon and his gigantic ego
  • John DiMaggio
    John DiMaggio 6 months ago You have a point, but this is more of a discussion-themed show than a simple promotional interview show. Graham is a mediator who occasionally chips in with a question or comment to keep the conversation going. Michael has a host of people to talk to, Graham doesn't need to do that much to be honest.
  • John DiMaggio
    John DiMaggio 6 months ago @Tony England Meh, Conan is still a funny guy and someone who t deserves his role. Now as for Fallon and Meyers...
  • Tony England
    Tony England 6 months ago @John DiMaggio I do like Conan but he needs to let the guest speak more. I know a lot of Americans weren't keen on Letterman but I thought he was a superb host, funny and let the guest do the work.
  • John DiMaggio
    John DiMaggio 6 months ago @Tony England I think Conan is far better at doing that than any other American talk show host.
  • Tony England
    Tony England 6 months ago (edited) @John DiMaggio Watch his interview with Anthony Joshua, see if you still think so.
  • timberhoff
    timberhoff 6 months ago If you really like to know about the guests and who they really are then listen to joe rogan podcasts. For example hetfield said it himself that he dislikes the usual interviews and this is the preferred one. Graham disrupts quite often tbh.
  • J.A. M.F
    J.A. M.F 4 months ago Jimmy Kimmel: "orange man bad" Audience: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
  • John Province
    John Province 3 months ago In Britain the chat shows are actually about the guests.
  • A A
    A A 3 months ago @J.A. M.F Lol.
  • Who Dat Ninja
    Who Dat Ninja 2 months ago Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel Garbage hosts.
  • Sean Finn
    Sean Finn 2 months ago I know that these guys are probably not what you mean by talk show, but Joe Rogan and Howard Stern will actually let their guests speak.
  • rainbow
    rainbow 2 months ago Mik Oliveira when u have multiple guests thats how it ends up, one question sparkling a thought of other guests and creates a chain of realistic, genuine conversations
  • Naim Ibrahimi
    Naim Ibrahimi 2 months ago Apparently correct 🙌
  • Turk58
    Turk58 1 month ago @Higgs Boson yeah, they're pretty bad. They don't know how to listen. Colbert is an exception. He's an intellect. God I wish Norton were on a major US network! I think the network execs are afraid he would suck all the oxygen out of the room!
  • BecentiComposer
    BecentiComposer 1 month ago Chut up you know you watch American talk shows and love it
  • alma terzic
    alma terzic 2 weeks ago Actually his Alma mater is Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Just focus on that School of Speech!
  • Anthony Shostal
    Anthony Shostal 2 weeks ago Clearly none of you have seen a Kevin Smith interview. This would deem this statement moot. 😂😂😂😂
  • Ryann iV
    Ryann iV 1 year ago Graham Norton on his own is better than every host in the US
  • michael goode
    michael goode 1 year ago I agree and I live in the U.S. Love you tube.
  • OG L
    OG L 1 year ago Conan's better imo
  • Tich Chigorimbo
    Tich Chigorimbo 1 year ago Trevor's Noah good
  • Dread Pirate Roberts
    Dread Pirate Roberts 1 year ago legit
  • Padraig
    Padraig 1 year ago He parks any ego and makes it about the 'guest'and 'fun'. He's the best there is or was.
  • Martin Racza
    Martin Racza 1 year ago Conan in the US, Graham in the UK. Cmon now
  • Apollogamer
    Apollogamer 1 year ago Conan is watchable but not even close, these sofas with more than 1 star in it makes them share stories much more easily that you wouldnt hear anywhere. Also more relaxed setting with drink and where you can curse helps alot too. NOT even comparable
  • Ryann iV
    Ryann iV 1 year ago To all the people saying Conan is better. More than 1 guest is always better
  • miguel vidal
    miguel vidal 1 year ago Eric andre is the beast
  • M.R.A Ang
    M.R.A Ang 1 year ago miguel vidal I’m still trying to understand how people get the appeal lol. I like awkward humour but his hosting is just so painful and boring to watch (in my opinion)😭😭😭
  • Josh Weaver
    Josh Weaver 1 year ago James Cordon is also awesome. Of course, he's not American either.
  • Pranav
    Pranav 1 year ago @Tich Chigorimbo You mean that liberal propaganda? He lacks original content
  • JuicyTaz201
    JuicyTaz201 1 year ago I've been saying that for years!
  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 1 year ago Ryann iV That's not saying a lot.
  • ORagnar
    ORagnar 10 months ago Norton is very good, but I think Conan and Craig Ferguson are better. Of course Craig Ferguson is from Scotland, and no longer has a show, alas.
  • Frank M
    Frank M 9 months ago (edited) I say it all the TIME . Late nite TV in North America just SUCKS Balls !!! 👎👎🤪 Except Conan of course 😁👍
  • Python
    Python 9 months ago Conan is ok, but yes between the fake over the top laughing of Fallon, the liberal quacks bowing to their liberal Hollywood masters Kimmel, Noah, and Cobert, there's not much too choose from
  • Geli Geleman
    Geli Geleman 9 months ago He's great but Craig Ferguson anyday anytime for me... The magic of unrehearsed and impromptu show...
  • Zel
    Zel 7 months ago @Tich Chigorimbo lol I hope you are kidding
  • Tich Chigorimbo
    Tich Chigorimbo 7 months ago Zel i've always found him funny and very skilled. he's very good with the guests and everything else except for the politics subject; i feel like he's a little biased there.
  • Zel
    Zel 7 months ago @Tich Chigorimbo well that's what i was referring too. He's basically unwatchable for any conservative with a high blood pressure condition
  • Courtney Littles
    Courtney Littles 6 months ago Facts
  • Ann Marie Rose
    Ann Marie Rose 5 months ago I agree - I'm American and I love this show - we have not had a funny or witty late night host since Johnny Carson.
  • Jt parker
    Jt parker 5 months ago Think Conan’s pretty good
  • Jonathan Poon
    Jonathan Poon 3 months ago Other than Conan, Graham is the most experienced. He’s works at being an interviewer and not the star. Also, having multiple guests at once is genius. Can almost just let them talk amongst themselves
  • Turk58
    Turk58 1 month ago Agreed....hands down!
  • Turk58
    Turk58 1 month ago I'm a Yank and I agree. You guys across the pond better watch out. We might dump a pile of cash on his lap and steal him away from you!
  • Lord Fabulous
    Lord Fabulous 1 month ago Conan is funnier, and not as much of a nuisance in the wrong ways, but you're right to an extent.
  • petnzme01
    petnzme01 1 month ago @Geli Geleman Nah Ferguson was sleazy. If it didn't have a miniskirt his shows were dull.
  • Rensune
    Rensune 1 month ago Craig Ferguson was a challenger to that crown, but he retired.
  • Ruby Dey
    Ruby Dey 1 year ago When two great men talk you listen don't interrupt them.
  • evo tme
    evo tme 1 year ago I'll do what I want mate.
    LORD KEN OH 1 year ago @evo tme soz ard
  • ben b
    ben b 1 year ago damn straight
  • DCW 87
    DCW 87 1 year ago Especially when they are two of the world's gentlemen in every sense of the word.
  • Cold Hearted
    Cold Hearted 1 year ago Sheila......Sheila ki Jawani
  • Weatherbee
    Weatherbee 9 months ago Absolute class gentlemen
  • India Moore
    India Moore 9 months ago Yes
  • Puro
    Puro 9 months ago When two great men talk, you listen, don't interrupt.
  • Gencturk92
    Gencturk92 4 months ago @Puro nobody mentions tom hanks in forrest gump
    NIK HILL 3 months ago I agree
  • Callum Brunton
    Callum Brunton 2 months ago Jack looks so nervous
  • Hadi Yazid
    Hadi Yazid 2 months ago Agreed
  • Bill
    Bill 1 week ago @DCW 87 I used to admire Freeman until he tweeted Trump is a raysist 125 times. Phuck him if he can't keep his liberal politics out of our entertainment.
  • Peter Phillips
    Peter Phillips 4 days ago @Bill raysist....
  • Zailey Sabastian
    Zailey Sabastian 1 year ago Fox and Alfred after Bruce leaves Gotham
  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Rupesh Patel
    Rupesh Patel 1 year ago 😂😂👍😍😍😍
  • Pin-Wu Yu
    Pin-Wu Yu 1 year ago well said!!!
  • Kevin Kowsky
    Kevin Kowsky 1 year ago Hahaha
  • Sa JID
    Sa JID 3 months ago 😂😂
  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 2 months ago 😄😄😄 THAT'S RIGHT!! they're Alfred & Lucius..!! 😆😆😆
  • ATM - Abu Taqi Mayestino
    ATM - Abu Taqi Mayestino 2 months ago (edited) CORECTION: FOX and PENNYWORTH. Or: Lucius (Fox) and Alfred (Pennyworth). 😊
  • David Marks
    David Marks 1 month ago I wish they had more scenes together in the Batman movies.
  • jimmy2k4o
    jimmy2k4o 1 month ago They star in a comedy called “Going in Style”
  • Ronin Socrates
    Ronin Socrates 10 months ago Michael Caine and his stories. Name-dropping legends like their pennies.
  • Marty Procter
    Marty Procter 7 months ago they're* otherwise it sounds like legends are fond of low denomination currency
  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda 2 months ago They're a dime a dozen for him
  • Maroki R6
    Maroki R6 2 months ago Ronin Socrates I take this as a Alfred pennywerth reference
  • frances quinn-escott
    frances quinn-escott 2 months ago Yes
  • David Marks
    David Marks 1 month ago I thought this was the same episode in which he told his John Wayne story but no, he was just wearing the same outfit in both.
  • Phillipe Cook
    Phillipe Cook 1 week ago I heard him talking about meeting John Wayne on another video.
  • The Burger King
    The Burger King 1 year ago 1:24 R.I.P Jack Whitehall’s joke.
  • PEZ999
    PEZ999 1 year ago he ended up saving the joke and using it at the end haha, not bad
  • Quark Vid
    Quark Vid 1 year ago The Burger King Why do we have to let the old guys talk first?
  • Neeken
    Neeken 1 year ago 'cause they wont hear you anyway so might as well let 'em finish. XD
  • Ω
    Ω 1 year ago PEZ999 And it ended up being much funnier than if he’d said it the first time IMO!
  • Julien Prévost
    Julien Prévost 1 year ago Lol
  • Jim bob
    Jim bob 1 year ago @Quark Vid honest answer, when you have a story to tell about Marlene Dietrich and Liza Minelli, you go first...
  • Kundan Gurjar
    Kundan Gurjar 1 year ago Give me free burgers
  • Chris Channing
    Chris Channing 1 year ago you don't just let them finish ... you should contain yourself. you shut up and squash the desire to put a punch line on the end of someone else's story. It's bad manners, their stuff is probably more interesting than yours and you just come across as the bore who always has to have the last word.
  • Marty G
    Marty G 1 year ago 😢
  • ben b
    ben b 1 year ago @Chris Channing well said
  • Ro Pi
    Ro Pi 11 months ago Well, he didn't learn his lesson and threw in his moronish dumb line @2:40 instead of just stfu and trying to grasp the lesson a majestic actor was gracing him with. Dah. What a perfected moron that is.
  • Ro Pi
    Ro Pi 11 months ago @Chris Channing Exactly! Except, if you're a moron like that Jack WHO?
  • ribendende
    ribendende 8 months ago @Chris Channing Calm down. Jack never interrupted as a sign of respect. And its still a comedy talk show. Even Mr Freeman thought it was funny.
  • Chris Channing
    Chris Channing 8 months ago @ribendende I'm quite calm, Thank you xx :- ))
  • anamitra das
    anamitra das 7 months ago (edited) @Ro Pi calm down buddy, it's really not the end of the world, no need to "rebuke" someone who's earning hundred times more than you do now hahaha.
  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE 3 months ago 😁😀😂 shut ya mouth boy.. the man is still talking
  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp 1 month ago Quark Vid Probably because these two “old guys” have shitloads of acting experience, are funny, and wise and entertaining. Michael has a tendency to ramble, though, so it can get old after a while.
  • julio rocatagliatta
    julio rocatagliatta 1 year ago Telling "I was at a birthday party for Liza Minnelli, and Marlene Dietrich...." They are on another level.... There are no one on theirs league now... And sadly they're not going to live forever
  • Locktwiste72
    Locktwiste72 10 months ago I always feel sad when I see my movie idols aging because it reminds me they're not immortal as I thought they were, and one day they'll be gone. So while they're here, enjoy them. Celebrate them. Cherish them. There is no-one from the generations after theirs who can touch their league. No-one. At all.
  • Jiraiya the gallant
    Jiraiya the gallant 7 months ago Locktwiste72 their movies are immortal
  • Shay Luan
    Shay Luan 1 year ago I just realized, is that Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones?
  • MrDrElectricon
    MrDrElectricon 1 year ago Yes. Yes it is.
  • Jeff Sargent
    Jeff Sargent 1 year ago (edited) Thank you - I was certain I recognized her, but couldn't for the life of me remember from where
  • Amelia
    Amelia 1 year ago Also I think ‘ the end of the f***ing world ‘ on Netflix and maybe an episode of black mirror? Can’t remember
  • mittens the house cat
    mittens the house cat 1 year ago Shay Luan yeah she’s trying not to lost in Morgan Freeman’s voice
  • Low XF
    Low XF 1 year ago I thought it was Amy Farrah Fowler lololol
  • tincho
    tincho 9 months ago @Low XF whaaat? Lol
  • Puro
    Puro 9 months ago Yabanawho?
  • Mau ro
    Mau ro 8 months ago @Low XF me too !!!
  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin 8 months ago She’s ready lol
  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 months ago Game of Thrones? Never heard of that. Is it a board game or something? Like Monopoly?
    BAALSLEGION 07 7 months ago @John Doe Well... if it was, it probably would have had a better ending
  • Bruno Escoto
    Bruno Escoto 6 months ago Not for me. For Yara! :P
  • Amol Lokare
    Amol Lokare 3 months ago Now I know..
  • aquablushgirl
    aquablushgirl 1 year ago (edited) The fact that he met Dietrich at all is amazing. He has stories to tell...
  • Shan Wickremesinghe
    Shan Wickremesinghe 1 year ago His John Wayne story is also very good (Alfie seems to have introduced him to a lot of famous people). His best story is possibly about Jaws IV and his house, though.
  • ffmfg
    ffmfg 1 year ago I think this might be the biggest actor name drop I've ever heard... (at least on the tv talk shows)
  • Chris WG
    Chris WG 1 year ago (edited) I love the detail in his story as well. It's like it happened to him yesterday. I love that! EDIT: I meant to add, that you can actually get a feel from the situation as he describes it , letting us come along to relive it. It's beautiful really. <3
  • Ro Pi
    Ro Pi 11 months ago @Chris WG I feel the same. I wish he'd never stop and, most importantly, no attention seeker would interrupt him with some dumb line.
  • Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico
    Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico 1 year ago Two masters
  • India Moore
    India Moore 9 months ago OKAY 😊
  • H23
    H23 1 year ago 0:01 turn on the captions lmao "my cocaine"
  • Luca P
    Luca P 1 year ago YESS!!!
  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman 1 year ago lmao
  • Colin Poole
    Colin Poole 1 year ago If you look up and watch the full episode Michael actually talks about saying "my cocaine" as the best way to say his name so it's even funnier!
  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins 1 year ago He told a story one time, I think it was on the Graham Norton Show, about when he was at a party or something and everybody was saying "Where's Michael Caine" and somebody approached him and asked if he was a drug dealer, because people were saying "where's my cocaine"
  • Colin Poole
    Colin Poole 1 year ago Ricky Collins - yeah - it was this episode. This is a clip from a previous season - they reposted to hype up the new episode with Michael that is airing.
  • Malik
    Malik 1 year ago Always expected
  • Terence Hikawai
    Terence Hikawai 1 year ago Oh my god!
  • No One
    No One 1 year ago 'Day Trick' told me
  • Andrea Roll
    Andrea Roll 3 months ago (edited) 2:34 "i talked to you without blinking the entire time" - blinks three times in the time he delivers that line.
  • oydaladno
    oydaladno 1 month ago But Marlene Dietrich!
  • Ahsan Zaman
    Ahsan Zaman 1 year ago I thought they're going to do something silly and call it a master technique. Did NOT expect them to be so... master-classy.
  • DiZzie Shockwave
    DiZzie Shockwave 1 year ago (edited) These two legends One was a magician, one played god, one played the old guy, and then there is Michael Caine
  • JohnBillings
    JohnBillings 1 year ago No, My Cocaine!
  • Zailey Sabastian
    Zailey Sabastian 1 year ago They both were employed by Batman 😂
  • Bethany Plunkett
    Bethany Plunkett 1 year ago Michael played a magician in a movie with Hugh Jackman as well! It’s such an underrated movie
  • gupsnot
    gupsnot 1 year ago @Bethany Plunkett "The Prestige"
  • tedjo muljono
    tedjo muljono 1 year ago the movie had Christian Bale and you chose to mention Jacked Man instead.....
  • DiZzie Shockwave
    DiZzie Shockwave 1 year ago @Zailey Sabastian I just realized that 😁😁😂
  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee 8 months ago Michael Caine is God
  • Barca 1999
    Barca 1999 4 months ago One fought the zulu
  • Flo
    Flo 1 year ago You can tell Jack Whitehall was sort of nervous. Bless is soul haha.
  • Ro Pi
    Ro Pi 11 months ago And a moron
  • bmarkyt132
    bmarkyt132 11 months ago And talentless.
  • Warren Hertfelder
    Warren Hertfelder 10 months ago I would be too,
  • The smiling Dog
    The smiling Dog 1 year ago I swear when Morgan o.g Freeman and sir Micheal the man caine are together their stoned af lol.
  • Ocean Forest
    Ocean Forest 1 year ago They're
  • Bill Harding
    Bill Harding 1 year ago Could we have that in English, please?
  • dddux
    dddux 1 year ago It's not true but it made me LOL. Thank you. d= ;)
  • Sirius Rehkind
    Sirius Rehkind 9 months ago How casually he says that he met and talked to Marlene Dietrich... that’s just amazing!
  • Zamin Zahoor
    Zamin Zahoor 1 year ago Michael Caine is a LEGEND!
  • Lester Cervantes
    Lester Cervantes 1 year ago Zamin Zaoor s%
  • Jude Lau
    Jude Lau 1 year ago My heroin too
  • MassiveConspiracy AgainstHumanLife
    MassiveConspiracy AgainstHumanLife 8 months ago The subtitles say "my cocaine" instead of Michael Caine... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Intactisin
    Intactisin 1 year ago Graham Norton is the best talk show ever!