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Скачать с ютуб Samurai ☯ Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix

Опубликовано: 20 мая 2018 г. 22 703 759 просмотров

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Samurai ☯ Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix
Lofi hip hop / Chill beats mix
Japanese Mix

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Part 2 -

0:00 RŮDE - Eternal Youth

3:23 wünsche - sunday vibes

5:19 SPEECHLESS😶 - Shangri-La

7:38 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Song of the Samurai. 侍

11:02 Doze☯ - drunk off the liquor

14:13 Kerusu - First Snow

17:20 Elektro Bin - Little cloud

19:45 Redrose - tragic hero

23:05 FTHRS - Don't Lie And Say You Love Me

25:54 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Ohayō Gozaimasu おはようございます。// Good morning.

29:43 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Konnichiwa. こんにちは / Good Afternoon

33:39 RŮDE - for my friends

36:24 oatmello - down in the shade

38:37 toj - fuji

Artwork by Eren Arik

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  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy 1 year ago (edited) One of my favourites mixes on this channel ☯ Listen to my new Japanese mix 'Shinobi' here - Listen to Ninja here -
    UNKNOWN KILLAH 909 1 year ago the bootleg boy NO WHY U CHANGE YOUR U TUBE EMBLEME
  • Eli
    Eli 1 year ago Beautiful way to start my day, thanks lots of love to you 😘
  • Melvin Rivera
    Melvin Rivera 1 year ago the bootleg boy 💯
  • Cunkyss
    Cunkyss 1 year ago (edited) the bootleg boy its my favorite mixtape
  • Forgotten Moon
    Forgotten Moon 1 year ago the bootleg boy where did u get background I want it for laptop
  • Lee Majorest
    Lee Majorest 1 year ago the bootleg boy did u make all the beats for this video
  • PerfectChaosdoesntEx
    PerfectChaosdoesntEx 1 year ago Love the Mugen background....
  • Felipe leão
    Felipe leão 1 year ago Martin Delaluz k Al G
  • nwazan
    nwazan 1 year ago OH WOW! 😍👂🏼🧠✨
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    Victor Amato 1 year ago the bootleg boy what is the name of the first music?
  • asmxdeus
    asmxdeus 1 year ago look at the description
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    Sebastian Mila 1 year ago me too
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    Mustika Dahlan 1 year ago sex hd arab
  • Lambor
    Lambor 1 year ago good content
  • Jayne Tan
    Jayne Tan 1 year ago i was here mostly for the Chinese song, and was here around 3000000+ views. thank you bootleg boy for providing a suitable environment in studying.
  • Josh Stick
    Josh Stick 1 year ago nice mix
  • RomanEmpire TheGamingEmpire
    RomanEmpire TheGamingEmpire 1 year ago Genuinely has helped me so mutch thank you i have serious insomnia and anexiety but the moment i play your music i can sleep easy
  • M K
    M K 1 year ago I admire your work. Can you do for "SAPE" traditional Sarawak sound? it would be great
  • Merve Karabağ
    Merve Karabağ 1 year ago the bootleg boy hgg
  • Merve Karabağ
    Merve Karabağ 1 year ago the bootleg boy 66946869
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    Merve Karabağ 1 year ago Hhrhdnje
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    C41 OSIRIS 1 year ago
  • Concohbar
    Concohbar 1 year ago do you know what instrument that is on the first song?
  • 21VIDEOZ
    21VIDEOZ 1 year ago Agreed 👌🔥
    SPEED WEED 1 year ago on this channel? you mean your channel?
  • Daniel :
    Daniel : 1 year ago tysm! love these
  • Stressless factors
    Stressless factors 1 year ago Is that Lofi from One piece? (The anime)
  • Hugo Coget
    Hugo Coget 1 year ago Victor Amato its rude eternal youth
  • Podcast Potcast
    Podcast Potcast 1 year ago I change the playback speed in the settings to 75%
  • DrekStar
    DrekStar 1 year ago Can you please charge the SAME playlist on spotify? I really love it...
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    Afrocano 1 year ago we need part 3!
  • beefy gains
    beefy gains 1 year ago hip hop remains as hip hop ! this is only lofi! get some knowledge
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    Sierra Snider 1 year ago the bootleg boy Your my fav YouTube, straight up 💯
  • Stressless factors
    Stressless factors 1 year ago Love your taste in music 👌
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    Norukoo Saan 1 year ago My brother's name is Ronin
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    TMY OnThaTrack 1 year ago BRO CAN I PLEASE USE THE SOUND THATS 0:01 FROM 0:05!
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    Jonathan Desulme 1 year ago I like the music and I think I heard the lo-fi boy talking about you in an interview
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    Diamond_ProGamer 1 year ago GG
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    Lidma Lopez 1 year ago @21VIDEOZ Bonita musica🌹👍👍👍👍👍
  • 21VIDEOZ
    21VIDEOZ 1 year ago @Lidma Lopez si me encanta 🌹
  • J vv
    J vv 1 year ago the bootleg boy are these songs copyright free? Could I use as background music in some of my future videos?
  • George Gavutis
    George Gavutis 11 months ago Me too ;)
  • Cameron Moon
    Cameron Moon 9 months ago Man that guy's eyes in this video must be burnt out by now xD
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    Amy Guinevere 9 months ago Ã
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    Pass My Controller 9 months ago are these copyrighted?
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    Azazel Judar 9 months ago @UNKNOWN KILLAH 909 ..
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    Chris Schnebbelie 8 months ago The best
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    Margaret R. Winn 8 months ago @the bootleg boy My first time here, I will be back, & I'm digging these beats 😘😊
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    Justin Ramos 8 months ago the bootleg boy 🔥
  • Nakoshi Niyander
    Nakoshi Niyander 8 months ago do u make original lofi hip hop?
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    Peror Igna 3 months ago Hello How can i have a copy of the first beat in the mix. Is it given out already?
  • mr _ws8teen193
    mr _ws8teen193 2 months ago @the bootleg boy is this ncs cause I would love to use this as background music in a video
  • Shino Twenty Four
    Shino Twenty Four 2 months ago I am gonna forward you and every producer this mix + Shinobi Mix to a Personal friend who will help change your ,life
  • Shino Twenty Four
    Shino Twenty Four 2 months ago The world needs to know yall all 8 billion +
  • Louise Santos
    Louise Santos 2 months ago Do you have Instagram? or how I find you on Spotify
  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 2 weeks ago It’s actually a Chinese song (Jackie chan sang it)
  • Rares
    Rares 1 week ago > *~~*||`Hey go check my new lo-fi hip hop song, i just posted it`||*~~*
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    Fabian H 6 days ago best mix in the Lofi playlist
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    Blue Bone 5 months ago cuz studying too much is depressing :│
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    Marcos Padilla 5 months ago its fake depression
  • fortnite 37459
    fortnite 37459 5 months ago It remains me of Naruto music
  • Hunter Graham
    Hunter Graham 5 months ago I think lofi references a lot of geek culture, video games, anime etc. And unfortunate as it Is many who are a part of that culture suffer.from anxiety or depression which is why they gravitate to the fantasy sub cultures to begin with. That's my theory.
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    Nayezdnik • 5 months ago Ikr every single fucking lofi vid
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    Reletro productions 4 months ago Do you think depressed people will beg for attention from stangers in the comment section?
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  • iAmgnst
    iAmgnst 4 months ago @Reletro productions yes
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    The singing Pig 2 months ago Lol same
  • LeM
    LeM 2 months ago @_ Hooznhien Sorry for the late comment xD the song is callled "Eternal Youth" I know you didnt ask xD
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    Reaper of Souls 2 months ago lmaoo
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    Elim Garak 2 months ago I am depressed and have to study!
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    _O11_ oNe_ oUt_ 9876 2 months ago Это 80 десятый еоммент
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    Mateusz Musiał 2 months ago imagine watching anime, I would also hate myself
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    K Sky 2 months ago i came to work to lol... everyone be OK!
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    Penguin_ SCARS 2 months ago There is literally no deppreserd comments
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    XxItsKimmyxX 2 months ago I did my homework too XD
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    COCA COLAS 2 months ago Ain't nobody depressed here ...only you
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    corn owl 2 months ago @_ Hooznhien yeah exams suck . but the music is good though
  • Eva Friedberg
    Eva Friedberg 2 months ago what?
  • Alex-Chan Nguyen
    Alex-Chan Nguyen 1 month ago I cry and study the teacher ask why is your paper wet I’m like umm it just I spilled water then she proceed to ask where the water bottle lol
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    LittleFrostyyy 1 month ago me too
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    Santi 1 month ago dont worry the depression will hit eventually
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    IEnjoyBasketBall 3 weeks ago same here
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    Duck Duck 3 weeks ago @Nate D moowanedcares
  • jimmy
    jimmy 3 weeks ago other people use it to make tik toks.
  • Jay Onorato
    Jay Onorato 3 weeks ago Hooznhien _ just remind me of my cousin. Long story and short story but I music is life. Life is.. can’t even describe it beautiful and hate
  • oP Breach
    oP Breach 2 weeks ago @_ Hooznhien the first sone is actually eternal youth by rude
  • _ Hooznhien
    _ Hooznhien 2 weeks ago =))))))))))))))))))))))) i just want to laugh. Have a good day guys
  • I have The lyric
    I have The lyric 2 weeks ago same
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    sunjileonardo363 2 weeks ago @Nate D in Xbox or PS4
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    Sebastian 77 1 week ago Oh I just came here Bc it’s the only Unblocked lofi music on yt wit the schools blocked lol
  • mxrpen
    mxrpen 1 week ago nat t I came to sleep 😂
  • Lluís ML
    Lluís ML 1 week ago If you rrly came to study i think you'd not read the commments man xD That's a fact btw if you dont wanna waste time
  • Jared Hicks
    Jared Hicks 1 week ago lmao i used this as tripping music, definetly wasnt depressed
  • Shoto Mishco
    Shoto Mishco 1 week ago damn why is everyone so depressed l just came to study
  • Kyle Holland
    Kyle Holland 5 days ago thats the same phenomenon u get from vaporwave, i recommend u listen too it
  • YosePH
    YosePH 4 days ago me too haha
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    Dylan Sorto ramirez 4 days ago Same
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    Devin Devin 4 days ago Same
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    ayse arslan 21 hours ago Sameeeeee
  • DaPlayWithGrof 008
    DaPlayWithGrof 008 6 minutes ago me too mate me too....
  • Big smoke
    Big smoke 1 month ago When you watch an anime and understand a word without reading the subtitle
  • Joao 054
    Joao 054 1 month ago NAAAAAANIIIIIII!!!!!!!!
  • nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli
    nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli 1 month ago Wheres the subtitle..
  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 4 weeks ago I sometimes understand entire lines or conversation (complicated ones) and I've never studied Japanese. Something's wrong with me.
  • nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli
    nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli 4 weeks ago @Ali Hassan nah, maybe you watch too many anime. Thats why
  • xShinDrippi
    xShinDrippi 4 weeks ago Thats probably english dub
  • Ivy Lynn Wynter
    Ivy Lynn Wynter 3 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • ロレンソかいる
    ロレンソかいる 3 weeks ago lol. why does most everyone learn Japanese because of cartoons? XD. I don't get it. I study Chinese now not Japanese, and that's real fun reading the characters with no hiragana.
  • Nert MaGert
    Nert MaGert 3 weeks ago That how I feel when a Japanese tourist says "Konichiwa" to me at work
  • AyongGaming
    AyongGaming 3 weeks ago (edited) 7:46 Shinsengumi from Gintama
  • InsanoOrange
    InsanoOrange 3 weeks ago Nani and baka! Onaji :)
  • chill egg
    chill egg 3 weeks ago Nani
  • Annabelle K
    Annabelle K 2 weeks ago ahaha
  • STE3ZO神
    STE3ZO神 2 weeks ago BAKA!
  • Sujal Gurung
    Sujal Gurung 2 weeks ago I'm trying to study at 1 AM and your profile picture is creepy as hell man!
  • Yatogami
    Yatogami 2 weeks ago Only one word? Hah amateur
  • Skkrt Boi
    Skkrt Boi 2 weeks ago @Yatogami shiza mamu soko kara matsama usumo haitiatachi, tokino kore, shimi kuno, jinshi moga, hachii no garuu ukima, kiki no haseruu, i only didnt put it in japanese symbols and only the pronounciation so you couldnt translate, now tell me, how many words do you understand from that sentence?
  • Yatogami
    Yatogami 2 weeks ago (edited) @Skkrt Boi only 2 lmao i didnt hear they in animes xD (i found 2 more)
  • Don Ramon
    Don Ramon 1 week ago oraoraoraoraora, mudamudamuda, masaka, and ksa
  • Shaivaj Hasan
    Shaivaj Hasan 1 week ago @Ali Hassan that same thing happens with me ;lel
  • Sngyaki死
    Sngyaki死 1 week ago @nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli and? Whats so wrong with that? I watch like 60 episodes a day.
  • T H I C C B O Y E
    T H I C C B O Y E 1 week ago ayeeee 1000th like lmao
  • ᅵtaya
    ᅵtaya 1 week ago holy shit your pfp scared me🤣
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    Loogwai Kotchamon 6 days ago I know whatchu thinkin' KIMETSU NO YAIBA
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    mustafa al falahi 6 days ago Nani
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    Fenddy Tsen 5 days ago @Joao 054 soka
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    Tommy Shelby61 4 days ago ITADAKIMASUUUUU
  • DB
    DB 3 days ago Yo or arigato.
  • Klaw
    Klaw 2 days ago @ロレンソかいる cartoon? you sir will go to hell
  • Mithrandir
    Mithrandir 1 day ago BAKA!
  • Mithrandir
    Mithrandir 1 day ago imagine japan just pulled a huge prank and the word konochiwa mean idiot or something.
  • Faze Toad
    Faze Toad 11 hours ago
  • Belmont Kraft
    Belmont Kraft 9 hours ago Big smoke no
  • MrDavi2751
    MrDavi2751 1 month ago I'm feeling nostalgia for something that I've never lived
  • Andrew Aaron
    Andrew Aaron 1 month ago same
  • Ahmed HA
    Ahmed HA 3 weeks ago same
  • zentar
    zentar 2 weeks ago nostalgia is often mistook for the emotion melancholy. what you’re experience now is melancholy.
  • do you really really really want to go hard
    do you really really really want to go hard 2 weeks ago Yall were in Japan in a past life then
  • do you really really really want to go hard
    do you really really really want to go hard 2 weeks ago Like me
  • Israel Alexandre
    Israel Alexandre 2 weeks ago Same
  • Carry
    Carry 2 weeks ago Same
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    Absolute Meme 2 weeks ago Ikr
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    Laila Olivia 2 weeks ago Smae
  • Laila Olivia
    Laila Olivia 2 weeks ago Same
  • Psycheagle
    Psycheagle 2 weeks ago its called Hiraeth, look it up its really interesting :)
  • Raijin Gaming
    Raijin Gaming 2 weeks ago Same when i listen to this music for some reason i think i'am a Samurai
  • Ivo Gabriel
    Ivo Gabriel 2 weeks ago Saas
  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis 1 week ago Music taps into the most primitive and emotional part of your brain. That is why it's Haram in Saudi Arabia. It can especially trigger mental illness.
  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 1 week ago Same... oh wait-
  • Claudio C
    Claudio C 1 week ago MrDavi2751 that’s a feeling I get so often you don’t even imagine
  • Palichoe
    Palichoe 1 week ago im 14 and this is deep
  • Fishy nippy
    Fishy nippy 1 week ago I just came to take a peaceful shit
  • Symbolz
    Symbolz 1 week ago I know what it is !
  • Yasuke Edits
    Yasuke Edits 1 week ago same
  • Ayame's WTF studio's
    Ayame's WTF studio's 1 week ago Thats because you did in a past life and your remembering it
  • Flancken
    Flancken 1 week ago Truly reincarnation
  • gabe
    gabe 1 week ago That's one of the deepest comments I've ever read bro...
  • BRKs Muleke
    BRKs Muleke 1 week ago A 1 me lembra naruto por algum motivo,e também da nostalgia
  • Andrea Perez
    Andrea Perez 1 week ago MrDavi2751 🎍🎍🎍
  • VAPM Panna
    VAPM Panna 1 week ago Same
  • VAPM Panna
    VAPM Panna 1 week ago @Ronin lol
  • Jong Ray Holk
    Jong Ray Holk 1 week ago @do you really really really want to go hard im in Japan now sooo
  • eusunttu50
    eusunttu50 1 week ago Maybe you already did, maybe its too far to remember it, maybe it's about feeling free and in peace with everything. Good luck :)
  • Nudaza Cleaner
    Nudaza Cleaner 6 days ago 😂😂❤️
  • Turtle slayer The Aquarius
    Turtle slayer The Aquarius 6 days ago That’s the effect of lofi
  • Gabriel Meireles
    Gabriel Meireles 6 days ago Ok
  • S_.
    S_. 5 days ago @zentar melancholy means sad
  • Tadayoshi Mori
    Tadayoshi Mori 2 days ago @do you really really really want to go hard Im sure these are chinese tunes... No they are mostly Chinese but theres some japanese tunes here as well... idrk
    ILYES BOUKEFFOUS 2 days ago [email protected]'jpt
  • Myth Wasteman
    Myth Wasteman 2 days ago I’m feeling adrenaline 😂
  • —Mao
    —Mao 1 day ago Same haha
  • Belmont Kraft
    Belmont Kraft 9 hours ago MrDavi2751 no
  • a Bored Otaku
    a Bored Otaku 1 month ago 50% comments talking about depressed comments talking about depressed comments 20% comments talking about depressed comments 1% depressed comments 9% aM i ThE onLy OnE wHo CaMe hErE tO sTuDY?? 20% statistic comments
  • /NotHackingLOL\
    /NotHackingLOL\ 1 month ago im studyi ng lol
  • YaGirl Kayy
    YaGirl Kayy 1 month ago Dead af 😹
  • アニエ愛する
    アニエ愛する 1 month ago Yeesh same,I came here to study 👽
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    Ihsaan Abdullah 1 month ago Same
  • sen
    sen 1 month ago i came here because im bored :(
  • Vianey Verde
    Vianey Verde 1 month ago I'm the 9% and I just wanted to listen to this
  • Paulo Alves
    Paulo Alves 1 month ago 0.5% coments with %
  • Loomy
    Loomy 3 weeks ago am i the only one who came here to play games yikes.
  • Dark Zelda
    Dark Zelda 3 weeks ago came to study too but in my mind to come up with stuff for my book
  • Baptism Is too sexual Boi
    Baptism Is too sexual Boi 2 weeks ago Because it's 2020, DUH. lol
  • Dinnin Freeman
    Dinnin Freeman 2 weeks ago I'm actually a little impressed that it all comes out to 100%
  • David Fitzgibbons
    David Fitzgibbons 1 week ago Sheeple
  • Lluís ML
    Lluís ML 1 week ago STFP :)
  • Felix Meyer
    Felix Meyer 1 week ago n% other comments: am I a joke to you?
  • otaku
    otaku 1 week ago and I came here because I have nothing to do in quarantine
  • ElGaldor
    ElGaldor 1 week ago 0.1% with all of these at once
  • YosePH
    YosePH 4 days ago bruh, i just came here to study too that's so weird haha
  • Mithrandir
    Mithrandir 8 hours ago study
  • Jumaro
    Jumaro 6 days ago This is soo nice for doing homework during quarantine.
  • Marlon Meyer
    Marlon Meyer 2 days ago Jumaro That‘s it😅
  • Carlos Turcios
    Carlos Turcios 1 day ago tell me about it bruh! final year of biomedical science BSc!!
  • LO L
    LO L 5 months ago When you're black and you find out that you're 1% Japanese.
  • Kajus Bilius
    Kajus Bilius 5 months ago (edited) a niggayaroo
    CHRISTIO 5 months ago hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha this fucked my life hahahahahhahahaha
  • Altin Redzepii
    Altin Redzepii 5 months ago Kajus Bilius 😂😂😂😂
  • Lutholwethu Tembile
    Lutholwethu Tembile 4 months ago 😂😂 tf?
  • Mi_ sh
    Mi_ sh 4 months ago tbh stolen comment
  • wendo123
    wendo123 4 months ago @Kajus Bilius wtf is that, no googlehits.
  • Jenya March
    Jenya March 4 months ago This needs to be the top comment.
  • Hatoba Hashimoto
    Hatoba Hashimoto 4 months ago at first I was like wtf does that mean? then I was like O.O. I understand.
  • anna 08
    anna 08 4 months ago CoryXkenshin?
  • Joxak 1
    Joxak 1 3 months ago When you realize you are the literal afro samurai.
  • Алексей Мусатов
    Алексей Мусатов 3 months ago When you're Japanese and you find out that you're 100% Japanese 0_o
  • Jefferson O
    Jefferson O 3 months ago 666th like
  • Junkookie UwU
    Junkookie UwU 3 months ago Lol
  • Timothy Roberts
    Timothy Roberts 3 months ago Did you know that could mean one of your ancestors may have been full Japanese? Look into the 1450s or 1500s Japanese history I won't spoil it for you. I love genetics I myself am 1% asian as well
  • Timothy Roberts
    Timothy Roberts 3 months ago ^ for LO L
  • pu pu
    pu pu 3 months ago @Kajus Bilius BRUHH😭😭☠☠
  • Just an Ótãkü
    Just an Ótãkü 3 months ago @Kajus Bilius LMAO 😂😂 😂
  • Sumayya
    Sumayya 3 months ago Lmaoooooo (can’t relate but haha)
  • Castle
    Castle 3 months ago I wasn't on an account and I just logged on to like this comment
  • Magda Supranowicz
    Magda Supranowicz 3 months ago Niggato
  • Dabi Ogunjimi
    Dabi Ogunjimi 2 months ago @Kajus Bilius ROLMAO
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    Rioby 2 months ago XDDDDDDDD
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    Aintgot Noway 2 months ago Lmao yeah
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    mingax 2 months ago NANI!?!?!?!??!?!?
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    Benedict XVI 2 months ago bruh
  • Spring Charm
    Spring Charm 2 months ago @Kajus Bilius LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Sun
    Sun 2 months ago Always give your other Blackanese friends a Yooooouuuuhuuuuuuu when you see them ;)
  • K Sky
    K Sky 2 months ago omg lol
  • 猫大好き
    猫大好き 2 months ago Hello( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • Sushi
    Sushi 2 months ago Nigga-san
  • Games4Gamers
    Games4Gamers 2 months ago (edited) Fuck you
  • real nugget
    real nugget 2 months ago @anna 08 lol cory has to see this
  • Lihorn
    Lihorn 2 months ago @Kajus Bilius broooooo😂😂😂😂
  • Jermaine cloetejki
    Jermaine cloetejki 2 months ago Afro samurai
  • K3ksS1k !
    K3ksS1k ! 2 months ago hahahahah
  • red light green light swag 리아
    red light green light swag 리아 2 months ago Still a lot; 1/100 100 isn’t as big as you think
  • Doritos and Mountain dew
    Doritos and Mountain dew 2 months ago Blackanese
  • Cyrus
  • kelendria
    kelendria 2 months ago @Kajus Bilius I choked
  • shopping cart
    shopping cart 2 months ago @Mi_ sh true
  • metallicweeb
    metallicweeb 2 months ago @Kajus Bilius lmaoooo
  • ÆstheticallyAri
    ÆstheticallyAri 1 month ago Lmao when I saw this comment I thought of, this girl who is, always cosplaying as anime characters lmfao.
  • Daegu_Devil
    Daegu_Devil 1 month ago Well I'm half black half Japanese so 😂
  • rozu
    rozu 1 month ago AHAHAHHA OMGG LMAOOO
  • Sisters for Life
    Sisters for Life 1 month ago Is it corykenshin?
  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl 3 weeks ago Me frl 😂
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    Rowler 1 week ago lol
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    Fecchi the illustrator 1 day ago Ahahaha