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Скачать с ютуб AUDI A8 (2018) The Most High-Tech Car Ever? – DEMONSTRATION

Опубликовано: 2 нояб. 2017 г. 17 566 043 просмотра

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With more than 40 driver assistance systems, the new 2018 Audi A8 becomes the new gold standard among the competition.

The video shows the Audi AI remote parking pilot, Audi AI remote garage pilot, manoeuvre assist, pre sense side, cross traffic assist, active suspension, elevated entry and exit and rim protection.

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  • DynastySheep
    DynastySheep 1 year ago Mechanic's nightmare.
  • Craig Hay
    Craig Hay 1 year ago NO WAY DYNASTYSHEEP
  • anony
    anony 1 year ago i have 2008 mercedes and noone in my country could fix it, cant imagine with this car..
  • Pac Man
    Pac Man 1 year ago More sensors to fix and malfunction
  • Ryan Forget
    Ryan Forget 1 year ago Klemen they must be dumb then.
  • anony
    anony 1 year ago (edited) well it was like that. car started throttling when it was full on gas and when gas was low it worked normal. if it was opposite it would make sense. so car on the end it didnt even go over 130kmh. so i drove it to my mechanic he plug it on pc didnt show a thing. then i drove to 2 more, then on original service when it stood for 3days, they even make calls to germany, all said it was the first case. all of them said about 5most expensive things that could be wrong. then i drove it to a friend, who fixes luxury cars from all around europe he drove he didnt have a clue. then he recomemnded me a guy who only work on marcedes. i drove to him he had it for 2 weeks. it finally showed for less then 1sec error on one of the *nnozzles not sure if it is the word*.then i said ok lets try even tho its the most expensive thing. he change all of them and he said it was weird the car was even still driving couze they were completly burn. so y i spend about 1500€ for all, was actually was very cheap. i should pay aldredy 1000€ on original service but everybody went on my hand..:)
  • FBG FlashBattleGaming
    FBG FlashBattleGaming 1 year ago @anony Then you have to fix it in germany
  • SbesialObera
    SbesialObera 1 year ago More like mechanic's heaven. No risk of getting unemployed.
  • Suzumebachi
    Suzumebachi 1 year ago @anony Luftmassenmesser. In German. Change that.
  • 3dmixer
    3dmixer 1 year ago and the local dealers dream
  • Derf565
    Derf565 1 year ago a slight fender bender would probably total that car.
  • Toninho Soldier Helmet
    Toninho Soldier Helmet 1 year ago so true
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 1 year ago owners nightmare
  • GAURON123
    GAURON123 1 year ago Hur durrr muh honda civic is cheaper and easer to fiixxxx said the ricer
  • Star Pillars
    Star Pillars 1 year ago Ryan Forget You wouldn’t be able to do it either, all the extra parameters, hardware and components means that they are outside the norm of vehicle mechanics, you will need to get somebody who understands certain specific systems
  • 이광민
    이광민 1 year ago @Pac Man yeah bro
  • Maytricks
    Maytricks 1 year ago "mechanic" more like computer engineer. Quite fitting for a computer on wheels.
  • A
    A 1 year ago (edited) @FBG FlashBattleGaming Im from Germany Mechanic's are stupid here my bmw had no power the could fix it was only maf senzor the idiots bmw dealership
  • Fiddlesticks WT
    Fiddlesticks WT 1 year ago You'd have to be mentally ill to keep the car after warranty expires
  • legionary anti-illuminati
    legionary anti-illuminati 1 year ago True, but you dont take an Audi to a mechanic; you take it to the Audi dealer for service.
  • alexis casanova
    alexis casanova 1 year ago DynastySheep its obviously a car for the super rich. Lol
  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral 1 year ago Nightmare. because you're a fake mechanic. Evolution is future, like it or not. Stay at your house's garage and learn how to replace a tyre.
  • neil pearson
    neil pearson 1 year ago Yep I agree. You simply have to have manufacturers warranty on this. I have had RR's for many years now and always get out of them after warranty period is out. Nobody other main dealers can navigate around these ultra complicated vehicles anymore.
    DANIEL LI 1 year ago Yeah you said it all
  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral 1 year ago Because you are a fake mechanic...
  • Selim Aydoğan
    Selim Aydoğan 1 year ago spesificly gearbox
  • J Medrano
    J Medrano 1 year ago @anony bad gasoline?
  • Tyler Morgan from East Enders
    Tyler Morgan from East Enders 1 year ago FACTS.
    TACOS 1 year ago True
  • QuadHawk8
    QuadHawk8 11 months ago Or a mechanics payday
  • generalpistaker
    generalpistaker 11 months ago Mechanical nightmare, customers hell.. Imagine when all this fancy stuff breaks and you stuck somewhere with no possibility to get it fixed easily.. And not to mention how expensive it is to fix all those things when they go wrong. Sure, someone who can afford this car can afford to fix it, but question is - do they want to? I certainly don't.
  • Antonio Wakardo
    Antonio Wakardo 10 months ago @Arthur Morgan *second owner's nightmare
  • Partheev aka _GODMODE_
    Partheev aka _GODMODE_ 10 months ago Irrelevant point. This isn't a car you take to your local indy. If you're baller enough to purchase this motor you'd also be smart enough to get it with warranty, or extend it to ensure everything is done via audi directly
  • Dick Turnip
    Dick Turnip 9 months ago @Derf565 Indeed----my A8 was hit by a van which didn't stop exiting a road on my left and ran into the side of my car----little apparent damage, but the car was declared a "total loss" by the insurers!!!
  • GodplaysDice
    GodplaysDice 8 months ago Only unskilled failed mechanics
  • Kevin William
    Kevin William 7 months ago This car was not made for a mechanic, this is for a hacker, NASA computer scientist.
  • Nam Nam
    Nam Nam 1 month ago @anony Si tudi šel pooblaščenemu serviserju?
  • M4rC1nL 7331
    M4rC1nL 7331 3 weeks ago Hahaha
  • Gm Rivera
    Gm Rivera 3 weeks ago Stupid comment. Only a person with limited perception would say something like that. There are more high tech mechanics than you know. You take this to the dealer, not to some Hunts Point garage smh
  • Ramanjit Singh
    Ramanjit Singh 2 weeks ago @Ryan Forget even vw doesn't want to fix their cars
  • Abu khalid
    Abu khalid 9 months ago I'll buy this car in about 30 years when the value has dropped .Can't wait,so excited💃
  • Gerard
    Gerard 8 months ago Abu khalid 30 years? Try 10
  • Hiro
    Hiro 8 months ago Just one is enough, just as this car breaks down just in time
  • Your Typical Average Asian Guy
    Your Typical Average Asian Guy 6 months ago In The uk depreciation is massive for this car I saw a good example for like 20k
  • Oscar Castro
    Oscar Castro 6 months ago 30 years lol hell you could buy one a year from now and itll be cheaper
  • 97336cf
    97336cf 6 months ago 30 years? I'm looking at used loaded 2015s that were 90k new and they're going for literally 30-40k now. 30 years from now not a single one of these gadget will still function lol.
  • HQ
    HQ 5 months ago Just imagine prices for parts! It's not like Audi 80 or 100, it would be Maybach equal...
  • 97336cf
    97336cf 5 months ago @HQ funny you should mention that, I just picked up a 2007 maybach 62 and MAN is that thing a nightmare for parts
  • HQ
    HQ 5 months ago @97336cf lol Hope it will not brake down for a long time. But it's nice car!
  • 97336cf
    97336cf 5 months ago @HQ lol you and me both! But yeah it's a nice car, picked it up for an absolute steal. 49k miles, mint condition and clean carfax, fully loaded for only $55,000
  • andres seoane
    andres seoane 1 month ago Dont worry we can get a chinese copy
  • Avdurraman Ibraimi
    Avdurraman Ibraimi 1 month ago in 30 years this car has fallen apart already.
  • X 6
    X 6 10 months ago How modern should the car be? Audi:Yes
  • Robert B
    Robert B 10 months ago Beharrte Gießkanne it was outdated before it even was made
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein 10 months ago @Robert B IT IS the modernst car tecnology ever build in a car,so what are you talking for a shit?
  • Flinty94
    Flinty94 10 months ago @Calvin Klein 2020 Mercedes S Class wins that though
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein 10 months ago @Flinty94 Definitly not
  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein 10 months ago @Robert B If thats outdated what is Dacia then?
  • Robert B
    Robert B 10 months ago Calvin Klein ok then little fanboy. But fr most of the technology in this car already was avaiable in 1790 steam cars
  • RR
    RR 10 months ago Robert Bruhns dont talk shit if you can’t afford one..
  • Le Chat Noir
    Le Chat Noir 9 months ago Ok
  • Obsidian Fury
    Obsidian Fury 9 months ago @Calvin Klein wrong
  • Obsidian Fury
    Obsidian Fury 9 months ago @Calvin Klein modern and high-tech are different things,the interior for example is shit and the exterior never even changes.its less modern than Mercedes,maybe more than BMW but still ranks lower than both
  • meamZ
    meamZ 8 months ago An internal combustion engine car can't be modern...
  • TDG
    TDG 8 months ago Calvin Klein a Tesla surpass it largely
  • Kolikoasdpvp
    Kolikoasdpvp 7 months ago @Calvin Klein you are talking shit model x is much more modern and better than a8
  • Aiden Pierce
    Aiden Pierce 7 months ago @Obsidian Fury i dont get how rolls royces which are so fking good and how a bmw 7 series (that is supposed to be the same car) are nowhere near close to one another in terms of a luxury car. Bmw makes great sports cars tho. But for a luxury car audi or mercedes would be way to optimal
  • Gasem
    Gasem 7 months ago @Obsidian Fury so alright lad first of all you wouldn't even afford a Lada so why you talking shit and yeah I agree audi never changes designs like all of the other German manufacturers bmw doesn't change the design except in one the car the i8 and so does Mercedes hardly changes any shit so stop shit talking.
  • PulsingBlueOrb
    PulsingBlueOrb 4 months ago please
  • MrAzweya
    MrAzweya 4 months ago Tesla Truck That can raid Area 51 has left the chat
  • Duck King
    Duck King 2 months ago Where does this joke come from?
  • Funny Rat
    Funny Rat 10 months ago Tesla:We have the smartest cars ever Audi:hold my gas
  • Ramzi AJEM
    Ramzi AJEM 9 months ago Hold my diesel*
  • jim01
    jim01 9 months ago Still Tesla way better
  • Vincentas
    Vincentas 8 months ago Which way Tesla is better? When she explodes? :D
  • Kevin TheGamer162015
    Kevin TheGamer162015 8 months ago @Vincentas or drive to a wall
  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 7 months ago @jim01 Noq
  • Norbert
    Norbert 6 months ago Vincentas you act like gas cars don’t explode every day. Only like 4 teslas exploded till now.
  • Shaq Sheq
    Shaq Sheq 5 months ago Autopilot by itself is way more advanced than this entire audi
  • HQ
    HQ 5 months ago @Vincentas Yes, and when she runs out of juice. You can't pour some gallons of electricity in a tank. So you have to have a portable solar panels to charge it in about a year so you get older and older and find out that you can't go anywhere in real world. At north you will find that heater eats pretty much like a half of energy so you have to froze if you want to go anywhere. That's ridiculous. It's "smart" only because of giant smartphone and useless sensors.
  • Messerschmitt Bölkow
    Messerschmitt Bölkow 4 months ago @Shaq Sheq You mean the one who couldnt differ a truck from a cloud right?
  • Shaq Sheq
    Shaq Sheq 4 months ago @Messerschmitt Bölkow you can not deny that tesla has revolutionized self driving with their autopilot feature. Of course it is not perfect yet but it is getting better and better. And no other car company has gotten close to Tesla in that regard. You gotta admit it, what Tesla has done in the last 10 years is incredible and I do not understand why anyone would want to hate on them.
  • Kristjan687
    Kristjan687 4 months ago or: hold my technology
  • Charls S
    Charls S 4 months ago Mobile Gaming Doggo almost every company has autopilot as good as tesla, some are even better. They just don’t release it because it’s unsafe and not ready. Tesla however does release it, but when something goes wrong ‘’it’s just a beta version dude’’ ‘’you still need to keep hands on the steeringwheel’’. Do you think it’s normal for a car to have a system that might suddenly drive you into a wall? Every big car company has developed autopilots, but they care about safety more than marketing.
  • Arjuna Delhy
    Arjuna Delhy 3 months ago People forgotten American First Electric Saturn born in unhealthy Times.Long before to Tesla...
  • starforce224
    starforce224 2 months ago @jim01 tesla are shit
  • WolfyGamerRO 10
    WolfyGamerRO 10 1 week ago @starforce224 HOW CAN YOU INSULT TESLA LIKE THAT. ARE YOU STUPID?
  • Victor Ā
    Victor Ā 8 months ago FINALLY we can let woman drive these
  • AmanVEVO
    AmanVEVO 4 months ago (edited) But you have to sell 4 women to buy this 😂
  • danny mix
    danny mix 1 month ago @AmanVEVO goddamn dude how much women do u sell for replying.... If that's how it work for u
  • Roop Ahoot
    Roop Ahoot 1 month ago Oh?
  • Pete is a Shit
    Pete is a Shit 3 weeks ago @AmanVEVO bruh
  • Maveric White
    Maveric White 1 week ago silly wamen
  • Jianwei Zhang
    Jianwei Zhang 5 days ago @AmanVEVO lmao, a good reply.
  • polarweiß
    polarweiß 2 years ago Imagine driving on the road and suddenly you been overtaken by a giant yellow gift box
  • Magg93
    Magg93 2 years ago not very funny, man..
  • Tony Nieto
    Tony Nieto 2 years ago magg93 hey it is funny 😐
  • Harry
    Harry 2 years ago epic
  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 2 years ago lack of humor, go out more often,
  • polarweiß
    polarweiß 2 years ago Jesus Martinez i would like to go out more often but my yellow giftbox got a flat tire.
  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 2 years ago polarweis i think i wantes to respond magg93, not you hahahahah You are funny😂
  • Inspectah Depressed
    Inspectah Depressed 2 years ago magg93 it is funny
  • alvoryx
    alvoryx 2 years ago please explain what is funny I don't understand
  • rscosworthfan
    rscosworthfan 2 years ago that did happen to me once...true story
  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman 2 years ago polarweis hahahhaha
  • Damian Madziąg
    Damian Madziąg 2 years ago Dude, you made my day. Greets from Poland.
  • TrektNation
    TrektNation 2 years ago It might not be very funny to you because you actually commute with a giant yellow gift box
  • TheE4IRISH
    TheE4IRISH 2 years ago 😂
  • Jarvarus James
    Jarvarus James 2 years ago polarweis exactly
  • eagle
    eagle 2 years ago It's ok, he's with the Audi A8!
  • Oosterhout’s Finest
    Oosterhout’s Finest 2 years ago Lol
  • Nizar zki
    Nizar zki 2 years ago lmaoo
  • Cole Murdoch
    Cole Murdoch 2 years ago polarweis love when I’m driving and a yellow gift box plows me from the side
  • Red Orange
    Red Orange 2 years ago TESLA is better.
  • ewaki mhmmm
    ewaki mhmmm 2 years ago polarweis HAHAHAHHAAH
  • MehNamesKing
    MehNamesKing 1 year ago Happens all the time! :D
  • Ayse Erdem
    Ayse Erdem 1 year ago polarweiß cann
  • nathan k
    nathan k 1 year ago Likebot hey :)
  • Renaldas A
    Renaldas A 1 year ago Hate when that happens...
  • Karima Zouiti
    Karima Zouiti 1 year ago polarweiß hukh
  • mike jones
    mike jones 1 year ago The car will lift up and the yellow box will go under it
  • LEGEND 27
    LEGEND 27 1 year ago (edited) polarweiß The yellow gift box runs on railroad tracks.
  • hollandkemence14
    hollandkemence14 1 year ago Yes, they made some yellow Multiplas
  • Erne
    Erne 1 year ago magg93 You probably lack love and attention
  • Erne
    Erne 1 year ago alvoryx it's just stupidly funny to think a box could overtake you
  • art
    art 1 year ago Well dumbass that’s exactly why this Audi never hits those yellow boxes that come out of no where on the road
  • dxutube
    dxutube 1 year ago lmao
  • dxutube
    dxutube 1 year ago @mike jones Next A8 will raise the car high enougn for a vehicle to go under it.
  • Daithi Mac gowan
    Daithi Mac gowan 1 year ago Kick down??
  • black PewDiePie
    black PewDiePie 1 year ago @art what yellow boxes is he talking about
  • art
    art 1 year ago black PewDiePie the yellow boxes that usually go over speed limit and make you almost crash
  • Stefan Balint
    Stefan Balint 1 year ago Wtf do you refere to as a "giant yellow gift box"?!
  • black PewDiePie
    black PewDiePie 1 year ago @art idk I live in the USA
  • Prasad Sawant
    Prasad Sawant 10 months ago Lmao 😂😂
  • Aristos Player 1
    Aristos Player 1 9 months ago @polarweiß nice unintentional burn
  • Amar Al-Rubaie
    Amar Al-Rubaie 7 months ago Lol
  • ThexDGuy FTW
    ThexDGuy FTW 6 months ago @Magg93 Okay well sorry ancient ass nazi
  • Yacine ALG
    Yacine ALG 6 months ago i dont get it + not funny :/
  • swifty ,
    swifty , 4 months ago 😂😂
  • Sasha Bernaz
    Sasha Bernaz 9 months ago Imagine being handicapped, you open the door and the car raises
  • Garcia Btz
    Garcia Btz 8 months ago Sasha Bernaz UNDERRATED
  • Maho mi
    Maho mi 8 months ago PARKING SKILLS: 0 MONEY: 100
  • babatunde
    babatunde 21 hours ago Are you blind?
  • Kasper Cludts
    Kasper Cludts 1 year ago (edited) 0:04 looks like me when a girl passes by
    MANIYA SURVE 9 months ago epic bro🤣🤣🤣
  • Nima Rezaee
    Nima Rezaee 8 months ago Kasper Cludts the car?
  • a
    a 1 year ago 5:14 Everybody gangsta until the car starts driving by itself.
  • Aanish Ashfaq
    Aanish Ashfaq 9 months ago Jahudi
  • Petr Záruba
    Petr Záruba 9 months ago 21 years after Tomorrow never dies. Cant forget Bond driving his 750IL by Motorola 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Boyd Mulders
    Boyd Mulders 8 months ago Older Mercedes B class has this aswell, nothing special.
  • freen3x3r
    freen3x3r 8 months ago Everybody gangsta until the ghost starts driving by itself
    CORENS 8 months ago yea just wait until someone hacks it and makes you hit a truck just like jeep Cherokee
  • Delta Ruin
    Delta Ruin 6 months ago @Boyd Mulders congrats there's the stupid Mercedes fan hating on everything from audi. I know someone like you bought B class with panoramic roof. It broke after like two month and the chassis corrosion was like eating it self alive.
  • NiggaWizard
    NiggaWizard 1 year ago prices starting at one human soul and a vial of virgin blood
  • Orlando Reveron
    Orlando Reveron 1 year ago And with you, it is a one shop stop.
  • Arav Great
    Arav Great 1 year ago XD
  • Akbar Cute
    Akbar Cute 10 months ago NiggaWizard is cute af I’ll suck it....
  • Tamalli Mahan
    Tamalli Mahan 10 months ago I got the soul but all out of virgin blood
  • mathew safri
    mathew safri 10 months ago Thats cheap
  • Chick Hicks
    Chick Hicks 9 months ago Hah I bet my dad is a virgin, now I can have this car for myself
  • Evolution
    Evolution 9 months ago What virgin???
  • Tim H
    Tim H 9 months ago In Germany it’s even Not that expensive.
  • eduardo_n.85
    eduardo_n.85 9 months ago And the S8?
  • YTvCraiigzzY
    YTvCraiigzzY 9 months ago @Tim H howmuch
  • Tiaggus
    Tiaggus 8 months ago And the blood of two unicorns
  • Don Lino Samuel
  • Ouma Shu
    Ouma Shu 7 months ago Of course🤣😂
  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh 5 months ago What's the price for this
  • Paul Hunter
    Paul Hunter 1 year ago Meanwhile I can afford the yellow box..!!
  • ThatGuy Mar
    ThatGuy Mar 7 months ago Paul Hunter 😂😂
  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia 10 months ago Now we can run over humans and won't even notice it with that suspension
  • Jon B.
    Jon B. 10 months ago Someone please add a screaming effect when the car tilts to the side lmao
  • jorge calzada
    jorge calzada 9 months ago (edited) Man when i read rim protection i thought some kind of shield going to came out and protect them 🤣🤣🤣
  • ツツツツツツ
    ツツツツツツ 1 week ago Parking skills: Pay to win
  • E. Simon
    E. Simon 10 months ago Active suspension, that’s a good feature for drive-bys.
  • Lobstep Gaming
    Lobstep Gaming 10 months ago Tesla: We make car drive itself Audi: Hold my beer
  • Shadow
    Shadow 10 months ago Why do I think this with a Russian accent 😂
  • Lance Sanchez
    Lance Sanchez 10 months ago Audi has left the group.
  • هاني رمزي
    هاني رمزي 10 months ago AUDI HOLD MY OIL
  • TDG
    TDG 10 months ago The Audi can’t drive itself and nearly all all the Audi feature are on the Tesla, and better For example, in parking mode, the Tesla can come to your location in a parking. The Tesla does it better and there is more technology in it than the Audi
  • FutureChaosTV
    FutureChaosTV 10 months ago And Audi still holding the beer to this day without anything happening.
  • DieMaus
    DieMaus 1 week ago No I think the Tesla is better in terms of price and usability.
  • BS Korche
    BS Korche 10 months ago (edited) 0:47 AUDI: its called active suspension technology BOSCH: Hold my beer
  • AirportHobo
    AirportHobo 10 months ago Electromagnetic suspension all day err day
  • Garage K’s
    Garage K’s 1 year ago just imagine in 20 years trying to drive one of these with the suspension having a fit shaking the car and all the electronics having a mental breakdown in the car when it all goes wrong.
  • A Bc
    A Bc 9 months ago A Kendo The electronics won’t be the only thing that would be having a mental breakdown then..
  • Im Rosin
    Im Rosin 9 months ago A Kendo They don’t care, that’s what I hate about German manufacturers. Love bmw but they all think short term profits. They don’t give a fuck ab someone buying this thing used out of warranty 10 years later lol.
  • CatchinXBodiezz
    CatchinXBodiezz 8 months ago @Im Rosin THATS BECAUSE GERMANS ARE RICH IDIOTS GODDAM
  • Vaves
    Vaves 8 months ago @CatchinXBodiezz thats rude :c
  • Delta Ruin
    Delta Ruin 6 months ago @CatchinXBodiezz in which way rich?
  • CatchinXBodiezz
    CatchinXBodiezz 6 months ago @Delta Ruin every type of way rich
  • Delta Ruin
    Delta Ruin 6 months ago @CatchinXBodiezz no you misunderstood something very wrong. Germans are wealthy but never rich. Swiss people are rich.
  • CatchinXBodiezz
    CatchinXBodiezz 6 months ago @Delta Ruin i dont care whos rich germanys are rich i lived there
  • Off The Pill
    Off The Pill 1 week ago @CatchinXBodiezz in Europe and Asia most German cars cost WAY less there compared to let's say North America. Ridiculous price jump for American markets.
  • CatchinXBodiezz
    CatchinXBodiezz 1 week ago @Off The Pill i mean thats logical since they are german cars