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Скачать с ютуб Gang Starr - Family and Loyalty (feat. J.Cole) [Official Video]

Дата премьеры: 2 окт. 2019 г. 3 921 648 просмотров

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Gang Starr is very proud to announce 'One Of The Best Yet', their album of brand new Gang Starr material. Available everywhere NOW -
Official video for “Family and Loyalty” by Gang Starr feat. J.Cole

#GangStarrForever #OOTBY #RIPGURU

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Official video by Gang Starr feat. J.Cole performing ‘Family and Loyalty’. (C) 2019.

  • Gang Starr
    Gang Starr 2 months ago What does #FamilyAndLoyalty mean to you?
  • A tribe Called film
    A tribe Called film 2 months ago Prez time zones
  • Undead_Beatz
    Undead_Beatz 2 months ago Life
  • Bea Suarez
    Bea Suarez 2 months ago Loyaltyyyyyy fo life!! Family will always be there for you when u need it 🙏❤️
  • MrPink
    MrPink 2 months ago Fam is nothing' but LOVE!! As I and my family grow older, I realize just how much I will miss them all when that time comes. See ya on the other side 🖤
  • Oli LaVerite305
    Oli LaVerite305 2 months ago Love
  • M. Kübra Kılınç
    M. Kübra Kılınç 2 months ago Everything.
    TINNY 2 months ago I’ll go with an unpopular perspective hehe.. Though synonymous with one another. It can also place ppl in ethical dilemmas when their loyalty maybe be tested. eg is “Blood is thicker than water” sometimes loyalty to blood is the only law that governs our life decisions, whether ppl like it or not. It clouds judgements and basic principles of good/bad when loyalty means unconditional love and acceptance.
  • R.A.P resent
    R.A.P resent 2 months ago your music :-)
  • C R
    C R 2 months ago Gang Starr that adoptive sons and daughters deserve the same love. Blood doesn’t mean shit in a broken home
  • lit ääs
    lit ääs 2 months ago So are we getting a new gang starr album?
  • chinsei
    chinsei 2 months ago it's mean LIFE, it's mean EVERYTHING 🙏
  • K-Qilla Official
    K-Qilla Official 2 months ago It means everything💙 The only 2 irreplacable things to exist. Love your family. Be loyal and respect loyalty👌
  • Sander Chanet
    Sander Chanet 2 months ago The only thing that matters
    WISDOM BEATS 2 months ago (edited) Family can be blood or otherwise. If you truly have family then loyalty should come with the territory. They should go hand in hand. Guru and Preemo are the epitome of #FamilyAndLoyalty when it is all said and done! Kudos to J. Cole for blessing this joint. #DiamondsAreForeverLikeFamilyAndLoyalty
  • Big Pat
    Big Pat 2 months ago Everything
  • Shon Benjamin
    Shon Benjamin 2 months ago It means Nation (so called Negros Latinos and Native Americans)Building of Our true Nationality. Wake Up ISRAEL! The Kingdom is Ours Revelation 21:12-
  • Fran Promo
    Fran Promo 2 months ago It means 4ever in any situation, at any time! Just like beloved Gang Starr!!
  • Andy Ramos
    Andy Ramos 2 months ago Gang Starr everything.
  • aguilar gabriel
    aguilar gabriel 2 months ago Gang Starr Strength, motivation, love,
  • Reisender Spaziergänger
    Reisender Spaziergänger 2 months ago Alpha and Omega
  • Conroy Jointer
    Conroy Jointer 2 months ago Two of the Highest states you can be in. If your not born into a family, loyalty makes you fam and being loyal to someone in your family that don't deserve it is what FAMILY do... all of this is a direct result of LOVE.
  • Kemuel Enders
    Kemuel Enders 2 months ago Gangsters and real shit
  • djrakman
    djrakman 2 months ago the gods
  • Vargasgirl82
    Vargasgirl82 2 months ago Foundation and strength
    TINNY 2 months ago Also, our image/idea of family is limited. If blood defines family, and family members can have diff blood types? N isn’t always a match for u? but strangers can be your savior in time of need? Then?? Lol In comparison to other living things, we’d be one family, and animals another family. Family reminds us of our origin, where we came from, where we’ve been, not necessarily where we’re going or our potential. As time pass and things/environment changes, we all grow and branch out into individuals, while still related to the family. Hopefully becoming the best version of ourselves.
  • Brian Kissinger
    Brian Kissinger 2 months ago Gang Starr doin whats right by my people no matter the cost. Keep ya head up. And play the real shit.....Peace to Gang Starr foundation. ✌✌
  • TheM3RKCR3W
    TheM3RKCR3W 2 months ago Stay true!
  • Maxwell Mayette
    Maxwell Mayette 2 months ago It Means Staying true to yourself
  • Nijah Fowlkes
    Nijah Fowlkes 2 months ago @Gang Starr True Brotherhood and Sisterhood in which men and women are loyal to each other. That's what #FamilyAndLoyalty means to me.
  • Aldo Rey
    Aldo Rey 2 months ago Means a lot especially when you grew up listening to GangStar it hits way dofferent
  • Jabbaweezy
    Jabbaweezy 2 months ago everything
  • Chadwick gnarly
    Chadwick gnarly 2 months ago everything
  • Big Smokey
    Big Smokey 2 months ago Love , Respect , Loyalty 💪🏿
  • Marcus Garrison
    Marcus Garrison 2 months ago Respect .Trust. Love Loyalty.Never Change....R.I.P Keith Elam.....
  • Tech G
    Tech G 2 months ago Defend and grow.
  • George Whitehead
    George Whitehead 2 months ago @S-K-NS / Music facts
    REUANBLIGBLING 2 months ago Family and love none of that fake materialistic thing
    AIRTIME 2 months ago Gang Starr it means everything to me
  • George Whitehead
    George Whitehead 2 months ago Charisma, Integrity , character , hard work,... Piece of mind
  • Mitch Mahoney
    Mitch Mahoney 2 months ago Family and loyalty means everything, it's absolutely priceless; infinite.
  • Daboogie MAN JO
    Daboogie MAN JO 2 months ago Guru the Golden voice of gangstarr 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤜🏾
  • Novina Wright
    Novina Wright 2 months ago FAMILY IS LOVE AND EVERYTHING AND LOYALTY IS LIKE THE BLOOD THAT FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS LIKE TRUTH. I'm a empath and old soul so i see what everyone problem is ppl traded love for lies and truth for green and well family dont nobody know what that really means. Everyone should wake up and disown the devil and understand Jehovah who showed all of us the way through his holy word. And leave church the whole tree keeps bearing the wrong fruit. Y'all laugh at J.W. cause they knock on your door nx time listen to them they are truly only living how Jesus taught them. Fyi Jehovah's witnesses are in the bible lol Jesus Christ is a J.W. too. Sip on that. Much love my human family.
  • Novina Wright
    Novina Wright 2 months ago We are missing coalesce and a human family
    JIMMY HIMALAYA 2 months ago Everything.
  • marudaone
    marudaone 2 months ago Blood makes you related , loyalty makes you family
  • FreestyleUrbanWear
    FreestyleUrbanWear 2 months ago Everything !!!
  • Sylvanius Ross
    Sylvanius Ross 2 months ago Gang Starr unconditional love
  • Cosa Ovidiu
    Cosa Ovidiu 2 months ago <3
  • Prophet
    Prophet 2 months ago the sense of being
  • Ilyes Brahimi
    Ilyes Brahimi 2 months ago Loyalty comes from family n it means love n legacy bro these words are priceless money can't buy u happiness n can't give u real love like this word! Money ain't a thing to all those who got family please spend every single minute with them life is short clock is ticking n u can't go back make peace n live ur life today like there is no tomorrow u don't know what's gon happen .... at the end shout out to da best duo in the whole world best dj/producer premier n the the best MC that Hip hop ever knew GURU most influential he may rest in peace ❤🙏
  • Edgar Carrillo
    Edgar Carrillo 2 months ago Trust
  • Mr Comer
    Mr Comer 2 months ago Love & Trust
  • super nova
    super nova 2 months ago Package
  • Paul P
    Paul P 2 months ago vtecsux__ no loyalty is family family still turn against you
  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez 2 months ago Always being there for your family members, unconditionally. Through thick & thin, through good & bad. 'Til the end. Period. Peace.
  • Talon x Williams
    Talon x Williams 2 months ago That blood isn't always thicker than water, but the bond that binds true relationship's are thicker than concrete.
  • Krystal LaPlante
    Krystal LaPlante 2 months ago I Look at the youth like a precious pebble meant to be protected... it's crazy to me addiction having beautiful souls, neglect it Suffering from traumas Only to project it On to they kids Who they suppose to be protecting Playing with excuses so they can keep injecting... It's okay girls, auntie's gonna step in And we gon live a beautiful life Even tho I'm stressing And I'm not going to lie Sometimes I be second guessing But then I look in your eyes And there is no other question If I can change your life then to me that is a blessing A gift sent to me straight from heaven I tried to help my brother but he ain't even listen something in his heart seems to be missing I can only do so much for you Before I, myself start slippin. So I go on ... I got a different mission. Love you brother but I gotta show these girls a better way.
  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams 2 months ago Love, buildin, understanding, and being able to be by you side in the good and bad times.
  • Hunta MILLION
    Hunta MILLION 2 months ago Love, respect and meaning what you say
  • bzrk_vertex _
    bzrk_vertex _ 2 months ago Means alot
  • Gary Roberts
    Gary Roberts 2 months ago It's means everything ! Thank you for this preemo #salute
  • Breonn Burgin
    Breonn Burgin 2 months ago Never turn your back on your family they got you where you at today 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Damon Wilson
    Damon Wilson 2 months ago Family and loyalty means everything
  • Eat Cheap Perth
    Eat Cheap Perth 2 months ago Fuck Yeah Boiiii!!! Gangstar has joined the room in 2019. Old ass #OGs rejoice as the #hiphop underground is graced with another #lyrical GIANT rising to drown out the sound of the scourge of #whack #mummblerap. #streetsoldiersstandup #loyalty Good Fortune and #respect to all here.
  • Brandon G
    Brandon G 2 months ago Heart & A Blessing
  • Simon 233
    Simon 233 2 months ago Family 💎
  • Jon Non
    Jon Non 2 months ago Everything
  • Robin Morino
    Robin Morino 2 months ago To me loyalty becomes family cuz sometimes family can be disloyal. LOYALTY means respect everything of eachother, $money$, women, a bond if not broken is 100% loyalty like 💎 DIAMONDS!
  • Robin Morino
    Robin Morino 2 months ago "LOYALTY IS LIKE A 💎 IN A ROUGH"!
  • Devan Hogsten
    Devan Hogsten 2 months ago This.
  • Brian Reid
    Brian Reid 2 months ago EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaime Pinon
    Jaime Pinon 2 months ago Forgiveness.
  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams 2 months ago Real love. #RIPGuru #RIPBigL #GangstarrForever
  • Marques Tuala
    Marques Tuala 2 months ago It means the world to me. Family, Loyalty And God are all I Need.
    PROPHET 2 months ago Blood makes you related but loyalty makes a family I guess this is enough to reference this💎
  • William Walker
    William Walker 2 months ago Gang Starr family and loyalty is EVERYTHING to me
  • munthe prahara
    munthe prahara 2 months ago Like Home
  • Multi-Man Tha Skipso
    Multi-Man Tha Skipso 2 months ago Love and Respect, Thanks Preme you did Guru and the fans of Gang Starr proud
  • Marco Ortiz
  • Nubi Sen Nefer Re
    Nubi Sen Nefer Re 2 months ago Family are those that do as you do and roll with you through the good and bad, seeking for your growth. Loyalty are those that keep things true, don't alter things when you aren't around or violate your status, those who don't sell you up the river for a nickel !
  • skellysharpz55
    skellysharpz55 2 months ago It means divine intervention to help me keep my path narrow! Peace to the gods!
  • TheTIMDOGG2003
    TheTIMDOGG2003 2 months ago Loyalty is Royalty!
  • ato mato
  • Timmer Shrimmer
    Timmer Shrimmer 2 months ago Gang Starr only the real thing is the energy we put into what we are loyal to. Like Diamonds, family, or friends who will kill for you.
  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 months ago #familyandloyalty to me means the beginning and the end
  • Chill Mate
    Chill Mate 2 months ago It means the world to me 👊
  • xnavix 01
    xnavix 01 2 months ago Family and loyalty has to be the backbone of any human being, Too much jealousy, too many negative feeling in this world rn, people shooting people, people are confused with what's happening in our country. This song literally made me shed a tear. Reminded me of some childhood vibes. Maybe I'm just overreacting 😂 love family and loyalty Needs to be pure like a diamond
  • xnavix 01
    xnavix 01 2 months ago H
  • Darien Paige
    Darien Paige 2 months ago building with real ones
  • Landry Patin
    Landry Patin 2 months ago EVERYTHING
  • Hermentotip
    Hermentotip 2 months ago The return from beyond of my favorite MC and band!!! Nuff said!
  • bigbro Yearseen
    bigbro Yearseen 2 months ago Everything B. Eyes are teary just from watching this. Thanks Preem 4 this classic Rip Guru👑 #Gangstarr_4_lyf
  • Mok ThreeOneThree
    Mok ThreeOneThree 2 months ago EVERYTHANG
  • Zac Vibert
    Zac Vibert 2 months ago True story. Me and some friends used to dj in this bar in London in early 2000s. Guru came in and liked the music. I was such a Gangstarr fan I could not believe it. He said you guys should come to the show tomorrow at the Jazz Café I put you on the guest list. We turned up next day thinking we probably won’t get in. Turns up we were the 5 of us all on Guru list for real and he was there smiling thanking us for turning up. RIP you legend
  • Tyrone Cox
    Tyrone Cox 2 months ago Means everything
  • Viani Fuamba
    Viani Fuamba 2 months ago It means take care and respect
  • Broke Bummy
    Broke Bummy 2 months ago Unconditional love & trustworthiness💯%
  • Frank White
    Frank White 2 months ago 💙🧡
  • Carl Robinson
    Carl Robinson 2 months ago My older brother has Schizophrenia and is severely withdrawn, this songs inspires me to never give-up on caring for him.
  • praise both
    praise both 2 months ago family's what you make it dawg it's never what you're given.
  • Davis LeriJones
    Davis LeriJones 2 months ago pure love
  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma 2 months ago Precious as the legacy, guru left behind 🙏💚
  • Oleksandr Krichkovskiy
    Oleksandr Krichkovskiy 2 months ago Everything
  • superduper silex
    superduper silex 2 months ago Thz for putting out new stuff This song is one of my fav songs of 2019
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist
    Sacrawfishall The Soulutionist 2 months ago This video made me teary eyed and felt like a family connection
  • Dynamic Range
    Dynamic Range 2 months ago everything!
  • Finally Pau
    Finally Pau 2 months ago Everything🤞🏽❤️
  • Luciano Martilotti
    Luciano Martilotti 2 months ago It means putting yourself in a state of mental and spiritual peace, strong emotions that make your heart beat faster and move your feelings, making you understand another life lesson.
  • Brent T 1TwoOne2
    Brent T 1TwoOne2 2 months ago Gang Starr everything. Growing up without a father figure around , hip hop records taught me about the harsh world To come , and gurus voice has been in my eardrums and soul since the first compact disc I ever owned “daily operation” in 1992. I’ve played this tune @ least 50 times since it came out and was so excited to see the video today . #gangstarrForever
  • IVERSON Emanuel
  • Tyrone Riley
    Tyrone Riley 2 months ago Everything from the heart!
  • n1KE
    n1KE 2 months ago It means liking this comment and video as soon as I saw gangsters name ... Rest In Peace my brother
  • llafandesir x
    llafandesir x 2 months ago Everything
  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 2 months ago (edited) Family means everything. Even tho I haven't treated my parents the best with my actions. I want them to know I appreciate them very much for putting in hours to pay the bills, pay for food, pay for the house that I'm living in. I love my mom, dad, and my older brother. ❤
  • Courtney A
    Courtney A 2 months ago Family & Loyalty means EVERYTHING 💎
  • Nino Romello
    Nino Romello 2 months ago Priceless!
  • Translucent Beats
    Translucent Beats 2 months ago Family doesn't even necessarily have to mean blood relatives, just those that have a mutual love and understanding.
  • jason miles
    jason miles 2 months ago Everything 💯
  • David Fontenot
    David Fontenot 2 months ago Alotta your blood ain't family n only use that as an excuse to use you. Real family are the ones that are always there for you no matter what, the ones that show unwavering loyaly.
  • M Ony
    M Ony 2 months ago It means everything
  • Brandon Bosch
    Brandon Bosch 2 months ago Means, dying for those around you And having their back
  • Esjae Arrison
    Esjae Arrison 2 months ago Loyalty tiez Family not blood!
  • ZO WO
    ZO WO 2 months ago Loving my wife 1st and together we love our children. A Worthy family!!!
  • madininian
    madininian 2 months ago What comes 1st 2nd and 3rd !
  • MrShaneGreat
    MrShaneGreat 2 months ago LOVE
    LYRIC JONES 2 months ago Loyalty is unquestionable commitment to those that you love & respect. Family is who you show that loyalty to. XX©
  • AGuySo
    AGuySo 2 months ago Bass Boosted
  • Mic Trillmatic
    Mic Trillmatic 2 months ago INFINITE LOVE. All our respect From MONTRÉAL 💪🔥🔥🔥
  • Y S
    Y S 2 months ago Take bullet for yo loved1s Give bullet back 2dos who give a bad look on your loved1s
  • Anthony Karl
    Anthony Karl 2 months ago Gang Starr realove
  • laou- laou
    laou- laou 2 months ago loyalty is taking a hit for your fam (friends that became brothers/sisters and family by blood) it's staying with them after fights and mistakes cause BUT DONT BE LOYAL TO THE WRONG PEOPLE
  • Tybo Audio
    Tybo Audio 2 months ago It's all we really have at the end of the day ❤💯
  • Brotha Ashyknees
    Brotha Ashyknees 2 months ago (edited) AMAZING FOOD! Respect, knowledge, overstanding, community, authenticity, spirituality #WORDLIFE #LOVEANDFAMILY
  • A Rey
    A Rey 2 months ago Family means no matter what, I can always come back to you. Loyalty means you have to earn that family privilege..
  • Rico Risken
    Rico Risken 2 months ago Fuck Solar
  • mc365mc
    mc365mc 2 months ago Right now it means I miss my dad. And it also means I can hear Guru over a Primo beat once again. Jeru colabo next?
  • asthmaticmonkey1
    asthmaticmonkey1 2 months ago (edited) Love, support, trust, respect - In it's purest form is all unspoken. It just is, and those that matter feel it and know it. RIP Guru. We love you Primo.
  • Lil M1k1
    Lil M1k1 2 months ago Family And Loyalty
  • Da Scrab
    Da Scrab 2 months ago To be alive and beloved! ❤🎶🎤🎧👊
  • Marcus Gonzalez
    Marcus Gonzalez 2 months ago Jay Cole went in!
  • Madd Texas
    Madd Texas 2 months ago It means everything... At the end of the day, it's the only thing worth anything to me.
  • logicfreedomz
    logicfreedomz 2 months ago Everything!
  • Darvis Gray
    Darvis Gray 2 months ago EVERYTHING
  • DirectedByDonricky
    DirectedByDonricky 2 months ago Everything
  • Almighty Malicious
    Almighty Malicious 2 months ago Gang Starr means everything
  • Almighty Malicious
    Almighty Malicious 2 months ago Even got it tatted
  • Luca Lovrić
    Luca Lovrić 2 months ago love and debt
  • Rani Salman
    Rani Salman 2 months ago It means being loyal to the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal that we love infinitely like family
  • _ T
    _ T 2 months ago 💨💀👽🎩🤘🤙🥋🖤
  • m3kbeatz
    m3kbeatz 2 months ago 🌍
  • Kevin Adoyi
    Kevin Adoyi 2 months ago #FamilyAndLoyalty means keeping the legacy alive 9 years after.
  • Insight Artist
    Insight Artist 2 months ago EVERYTHING
  • Mac Xavier
    Mac Xavier 2 months ago Family means everything. I'm a lot more selective about my loyalty. I don't subscribe to the notion that you should be loyal to people just because of their relation to you or what they do for you. I'm loyal to people that have my best interest at heart. That's one reason I don't have a lot of people in my life that I would truly call friends.
  • Pedro Santana
    Pedro Santana 2 months ago Everything
  • John Sulli
    John Sulli 2 months ago Gang Starr I hope I get to meet his son an premo one day before they to are gone with the wind. Loyalty is something you can only express with actions not words.
  • Jordyn J
    Jordyn J 2 months ago Knowledge 💡🎛
  • J. Wellington
    J. Wellington 2 months ago Honor, Integrity, love, and forgiveness.
  • Teeki Toney
    Teeki Toney 2 months ago Gang Starr the world
  • Teeki Toney
    Teeki Toney 2 months ago Life
  • Icouldnotgetausername
    Icouldnotgetausername 2 months ago No matter what you go through and where you are in life if you have those two things then you still have something to hold onto. Just like others said when it comes down to it, that's all you got.
  • Sparta Lee
    Sparta Lee 2 months ago @Gang Starr Means Everything 🙌
  • Johnathan Ostermein
    Johnathan Ostermein 2 months ago Not enough words to describe the impact and the meaning of Gang Starr... from mostly the voice showing how important how you sound on the mic is... to the myriad of beats that have gotten me charged to build my craft regardless of recognition... to moment of truths vulnerability... to the continued essence of you guys remaining true to that raw hip hop sound... promise I spent a year listening to moment of truth daily... to dywek being easily one of the livest posse joint EVER... to blessing us with Jeru... Grouphome and Bug Suge... I mean the whole catalogue is impactful fr... thanks for blessing us one more time with the Gods voice... #ripguru know your #abovetheclouds
  • Makdam
    Makdam 2 months ago everything... RIP King
  • Valen Flaherty
    Valen Flaherty 2 months ago Family and loyalty is kin; (same blood or close friends) carrying on their family’s or friends legacy till the end of themselves; as their fallen friends did. That’s what it means to me.
  • Bacari Ruff
    Bacari Ruff 2 months ago Bonds that are unbreakable or unshakeable forever unity
  • Lamar Williams
    Lamar Williams 2 months ago There for each other thru Thick and Thin!
  • Petty Hardaway
    Petty Hardaway 2 months ago EVERYTHING ❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️
  • Arnaud K.
    Arnaud K. 2 months ago Not all my siblings will always be LOYAL to me, but whoever is loyal to me is family. And it works the other way around.💎#FamilyAndLoyalty #RipGURU
  • radomirpaunovski
    radomirpaunovski 2 months ago Means world to real men and women
  • Dw1 Esa
    Dw1 Esa 2 months ago Everything.
  • Ed Glue
    Ed Glue 2 months ago Everything
  • Sunny D
    Sunny D 2 months ago EVERYTHING!!!😌🙏🏽
  • AntiVape
    AntiVape 2 months ago Diamonds, valuable
  • xan
    xan 2 months ago Courage, hope and positive mindset to make the world a better place - and fond memories of younger days, listening to Guru and DJ Premier with friends
  • Dean Jacobsen
    Dean Jacobsen 2 months ago Contentment.
  • DeAngelo J.
    DeAngelo J. 2 months ago EVERYTHING!
  • Kobe’s Left shoe
    Kobe’s Left shoe 2 months ago It means my life
  • SolenYa62 Haaan
    SolenYa62 Haaan 2 months ago Gang Starr everything. You don’t realize how much both mean to someone until you lose both .
    SUPER SHAWN DIVINE 2 months ago Everything!
    SUPER SHAWN DIVINE 2 months ago Copped the first gangstarr 12in ... I was a DJ back then and premiere z cuts were so clean and unique... Best dj / rapper rap group of all time rest in power SLICK💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva 2 months ago Everything
  • Jerry Amick
    Jerry Amick 2 months ago All that matters
  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin 2 months ago Everything. A lot of ppl & fake friends have left, once I stopped allowing them to use me. But my family has always been loyal, and never left, when times have gotten rough.
  • Castlevaniac
    Castlevaniac 2 months ago I'm grateful for my family and small circle of friends
  • Nathan Surprenant
    Nathan Surprenant 2 months ago You just know...there’s no doubt, through growing up, gains, losses, problems, glories, heartfelt moments, backstabs, crazy, stable, whatever...sometimes it takes years, sometimes you know the first time you make eye contact...yes it’s love, yes it’s true, undying, it is blood shared, earned, and hopefully deserved, but not goes beyond time and space, life or death, it’s history in your shared soul and physical experience, family stays with you, even if they don’t, forever...thank you guys so much for doing this track, I know that EVERYONE needs this right now...and you asking a real question, not just dropping for likes is a testament to a good spirit, whatever that might mean, says a lot...again, thank you guys for taking the time to put this together, peace and much love always
  • norakat
    norakat 2 months ago Well you can have f’ed up family too.
  • Remorseless Red-
    Remorseless Red- 2 months ago Conscious energy and nothing but love for my conscious family!
  • Lourdes Mejia
    Lourdes Mejia 2 months ago Gang Starr everything; in a relationship, yourself, your dreams... those two words are sacred
  • Tim Gustave
    Tim Gustave 2 months ago It means making the dead live, living for our loved ones who are watching from above
  • iF
    iF 2 months ago Classics only
  • deemoney2k12
    deemoney2k12 2 months ago Family means everything. Regardless of what goes on, life is empty without family
  • Pablo C.
    Pablo C. 2 months ago (edited) RIP G.U.R.U the great. I forever will be in debt to gangstarr putting me on to hip hop when i first heard step into my arena back in the day as a kid. When i fist heard guru had passed i got emotional like he was my fams. Good Music is powerful like that to leave a forever lasting Impression on me. Peace and much respect to primo for doing this and blessing the world one last time with a new gangstarr track. Blessing 👊🏾 ..... We needed this.
  • Pablo C.
    Pablo C. 2 months ago Guru's voice will forever be in grained in my head... RIP G.U.R.U my extended family....
  • GodSentBeast
    GodSentBeast 2 months ago Everything
  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick Nichols 2 months ago Song of 2019 regardless of genre
  • Sean B
    Sean B 2 months ago (edited) Means love and happiness R.I.P GURU
  • TheLU83
    TheLU83 2 months ago Everything
  • Lisandro Perez
    Lisandro Perez 2 months ago Means everything
  • DollaSign Napo
    DollaSign Napo 2 months ago Beauty in the eye of the beholder👍💯💯💎
  • Anfmethodjor
    Anfmethodjor 2 months ago Gang Starr Nothing more than Everything!
  • DJ Showbot
    DJ Showbot 2 months ago This song is so damn good. Guru’s voice is the most memorable of any musician for me. Premier makes the best combo. I can’t turn it up loud enough🍻
  • P R O D B Y E S S E N C E O F K
    P R O D B Y E S S E N C E O F K 2 months ago progression along with meaning...
  • Ivan Cruz
    Ivan Cruz 2 months ago Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal 4EVER
  • rizednb
    rizednb 2 months ago Means everything!!
  • Manuel Kahana
    Manuel Kahana 2 months ago Everything.
  • UTILIZE 3 EYES .•.
    UTILIZE 3 EYES .•. 2 months ago Everything
    BIGG BORICUA 2 months ago R.I.P GURU
  • nedmano
    nedmano 2 months ago the only motivation that i need
  • Lana Chalifoux
    Lana Chalifoux 2 months ago That's the meaning
  • C Bruh
    C Bruh 2 months ago Everything.
  • D0P3 F13ND
    D0P3 F13ND 2 months ago Everything and that's why I treat them like diamonds they are my biggest treasure.
  • Mehdi Harfaoui
    Mehdi Harfaoui 2 months ago It's just the best things god gave us
  • Solid Roc Entertainment SRE
    Solid Roc Entertainment SRE 2 months ago Diamonds
  • C. Wvyne
    C. Wvyne 2 months ago Gang Starr means whether yuh blood or not we gonna get this together, I got yuh and yuh got me, yuh will not be left behind, yuh will be pushed past your limits to reach your full potential, yuh gonna be by my side when this paper come in, we might be struggling financially but mentally we gonna be good, as long as yuh keep a hunnit with me then ima keep it a hunnit with yuh.
  • Vincent Washington
    Vincent Washington 2 months ago Gang Starr...those that know who U really are and still give U unconditional love
  • DJ Musashi
    DJ Musashi 2 months ago Being true and real to your people.
  • God`s_Holy_Biscuit
    God`s_Holy_Biscuit 2 months ago The Only real love you get in this world
  • Siyabonga Cebekhulu
    Siyabonga Cebekhulu 2 months ago Everything
  • logan sneed
    logan sneed 2 months ago Rather Have Loyalty over Everything. Thing is this Life and People the World Offer Are Disloyal. #Dolo #Indpendent
  • Beatfanatic1983
    Beatfanatic1983 2 months ago @Gangstarr @DJPremier @GURU thanks so much for this Song and for all the other Songs 💕💕💕 Goosebumps to the fullest a lovely Song. It's a Song that can help you when you are sad. R.i.P G.U.R.U
  • sub angelico
    sub angelico 2 months ago R.I.P. Guru.... Boston's finest. Great dude from a great family. hip-hop legend.
  • Ben R.
    Ben R. 2 months ago Goosebumps and teary eyes as soon as the beat started and then his voice and his words 🙏💚
    MKY MKS 2 months ago Family means EVERYTHING......all I think about!
  • Maurice Hightower
    Maurice Hightower 2 months ago (edited) Money Gold & My Kid Son
  • Wonky Nowikk
    Wonky Nowikk 2 months ago It always means CLASSIC to me 4EVER From South Korea
  • Walter Kovacs
    Walter Kovacs 2 months ago Diamonds!!
  • A J
    A J 2 months ago It means keep pushing no matter what life throws ride it out and hold your head up high
  • Server Tavares
    Server Tavares 2 months ago #FamilyAndLoyalty means being love, respect, support and encouragement to each other and family in ALL situations, WORD!!
  • Jhepenouz G-cian
    Jhepenouz G-cian 2 months ago LIFE
  • The Illustrator
    The Illustrator 2 months ago It means love
  • pilingo salamanca
    pilingo salamanca 2 months ago damn i dont believe song of gang starr in this time im from argentina
  • Pedro Simões
    Pedro Simões 2 months ago home...home sweet home
  • Pedro Simões
    Pedro Simões 2 months ago home...home sweet home
  • Peter B
    Peter B 2 months ago Real vs Fake.
  • ChannelTV
    ChannelTV 2 months ago Gang Starr means a lot to me but my family ain’t loyal to me so....
  • Aver
    Aver 2 months ago It means somthing, out of this world,incredible, amazing, it’s like a star, a special star, gang Starr living on
  • Dejuan Talley
    Dejuan Talley 2 months ago @Jacob M. P love 💯
  • God
    God 2 months ago When you got a family that is loyal you're royal.
  • Malcom Carter
    Malcom Carter 2 months ago Rock that the wise builder built his house on in the parable
  • David Walker
    David Walker 2 months ago Warmth and security
  • 6'1 Dane
    6'1 Dane 2 months ago Common good
  • Elvis Santos
    Elvis Santos 2 months ago PEACE ✌🏾
  • Dylan Marsh
    Dylan Marsh 2 months ago It means I would do anything for my family and friends. They are worth more than diamonds and this song is your diamond gift to me. Love and happiness, I bless you all.
  • Nelkon Nsamba
    Nelkon Nsamba 2 months ago EVERYTHING 💯
  • cowabungah GEOFF
    cowabungah GEOFF 2 months ago It means Victory by way of Love and Respect. Respect to GURU and Hip-Hop.
  • Tyler Carlin
    Tyler Carlin 2 months ago Everything. Love this track
  • brandon sproul
    brandon sproul 2 months ago Family and loyality mean the world to me. Too bad all family members won't be loyal to you in this life...
  • Ric ardo A S A
    Ric ardo A S A 2 months ago Brasil São Paulo 2019
  • Moorish Science Temple of America
    Moorish Science Temple of America 2 months ago Timeless classic with the ever so smooth jazz flavor of G.U.R.U. along with priceless blends next level production from Premo & fresh of breath air emceeing by J. Cole #TrueHipHop #NeverDie #GangStarr #BaldHeadSlick #J.Cole #Dreamville
  • Mr. Universal Justice
    Mr. Universal Justice 2 months ago I haven't liked a Hip Hop song this much in a while. Thanks for the motivation.
  • T!M
    T!M 2 months ago U can be u whoever u are
  • Danny Leong
    Danny Leong 2 months ago EVERYTHING
  • Pharoe King
    Pharoe King 2 months ago A bunch Diamonds that surrounds me, with a vision that's crystal clear 😉
    MASH PRINT 2 months ago Holy shit, this is the best thing that could ever happen
  • Fiazco
    Fiazco 2 months ago Being honest!
  • Ben Lovell
    Ben Lovell 2 months ago track of 2019
  • StAyX1
    StAyX1 2 months ago Everything!
  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes 2 months ago Gang Starr I cried listening to this. 💯
  • Ric ardo A S A
    Ric ardo A S A 2 months ago @Moorish Science Temple of America ok... Brasil São Paulo 2019 !! G.u.r.u forever ...R.I.P !!
  • Pap Smear
    Pap Smear 2 months ago Gang Starr Still heartbroken over Guru. Gangstarr is forever.
  • davor obradovic
    davor obradovic 2 months ago Life Love Home
  • adsmooove 21
    adsmooove 21 2 months ago It means whenever something bad happens turn it into positivity and spread that positivity to the world.
  • Andy Sutton
    Andy Sutton 2 months ago What you can't buy
  • Konrad Suszczynski
    Konrad Suszczynski 2 months ago Be as one with those that share the respect with u 🤐
  • Cesar Cesar
    Cesar Cesar 2 months ago Diamonds
  • Coach Reed
    Coach Reed 2 months ago Gang Starr means everything to me! Over everything else!
  • Mohanad Najeeb
    Mohanad Najeeb 2 months ago everything
  • Koz Renaissance
    Koz Renaissance 2 months ago These are the only moments I live for if I were to be. Rapper in the game
  • chathushkalakshan
    chathushkalakshan 2 months ago if you loyal to someone they are your family. family doest come with the blood comes with the Loyality and respect ! RIP GURU !! may Ur Soul Rest in Peace
  • eric zamora
    eric zamora 2 months ago Everything it's the only thing that matters
  • Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres 2 months ago Is that Gurus son ?
  • DayVid.BenAir
    DayVid.BenAir 2 months ago To me,...some people never die❤ Thank you Guru...and thank you cole❤
  • Sander Anderson
    Sander Anderson 2 months ago The most important things in life
  • Marco Mendoza
    Marco Mendoza 2 months ago To me, it means being present, there when you can be and are needed, but most importantly, supporting and uplifting when you see fam who need it!
  • Drew Green
    Drew Green 2 months ago I'm an aspiring hip hop/pop artist from Detroit, Michigan one day I'll collab with j.cole ! I gotta long way to go tho but I can make it happen, we all can reach our goals we just gotta stay inspired an work hard
  • Mahmoud Muneer
    Mahmoud Muneer 2 months ago Gang Starr. I started listening to Guru in 1988 and I did everyday till now 2019. Now that's Family and Loyalty. RIP Sarge.
  • Grezzer
    Grezzer 2 months ago Realness and Loyalty, RIP Guru, one of the best bet yet.
  • Tayo Ramirez
    Tayo Ramirez 2 months ago Everything
  • Tane Thomas
    Tane Thomas 2 months ago To me it means "watching your it be a must"
  • kingJr Lomelino
    kingJr Lomelino 2 months ago classic too see this masterpiece .thank you
  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 months ago Love
  • paul reboca
    paul reboca 2 months ago Are Gifts Are Our Diamonds that we share with one another. Like Guru,Premier,And J.Cole handed Us this diamond. Thank You Gentleman I'll listen to it often ✊✊
  • Yzaiah Jordan
    Yzaiah Jordan 2 months ago Love
  • darealsteelcityb
    darealsteelcityb 2 months ago trust
  • GOD loves You
    GOD loves You 2 months ago Love
  • Lex li
    Lex li 2 months ago Everything
  • Yousri Majdoub
    Yousri Majdoub 2 months ago I think you choose people you're loyal with, if they react as same as you, so you can consider they are a part of your family. Don't care about blood links, family have sense when your soul's agree with it.
  • Trae Tripp
    Trae Tripp 2 months ago Everything good. Loyalty is one the highest qualities indeed.
  • Saurav SJB Rana
    Saurav SJB Rana 2 months ago It’s for life
  • R C
    R C 2 months ago This song reminds us that we're still capable of positively shaping and influencing the world even after we're dead and gone.. #leaveapositivelegacy
  • Christopher Harris II
    Christopher Harris II 2 months ago Word.
  • Anybody Killer
    Anybody Killer 2 months ago And it dont stop. Family and loyalty you said it best Gang.. Some things shouldnt be said differently. Perfect.
  • GhosTown Music
    GhosTown Music 2 months ago Everything! #PEACE #GANGSTARR4EVA #GANGSTARR4LIFE
  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary 2 months ago Listening to Hard to Earn... leather cracked on moms record player.. bussed my Head! The scratch solo at the end of HOLD THE WEIGHT. “Ex to the next girl”....Forever like a diamond 💎!
  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary 2 months ago Listening to Hard to Earn... leather cracked on moms record player.. bussed my Head! The scratch solo at the end of HOLD THE WEIGHT. “Ex to the next girl”....Forever like a diamond 💎!
  • Samuraigarage23
    Samuraigarage23 2 months ago Everything.
  • Cheline Byrd
    Cheline Byrd 2 months ago #FamilyAndLoyalty is all we need.... If most peolple understood its Value , The world would be a better place
  • Esther Ruby
    Esther Ruby 2 months ago U will do anything for the ones u care for. I.e a kidney, ur time, ur listening ear
  • Kolin Gill
    Kolin Gill 2 months ago Ultimate respect
  • paul reboca
    paul reboca 2 months ago @Shon Benjamin Andale Carnal.Eso lo que estas hablando es puro pedo..mierda
  • Ruetrip1
    Ruetrip1 2 months ago Family is all you got!
  • brooklynnetsonline Brooklyn24
    brooklynnetsonline Brooklyn24 2 months ago Love ❤
  • Shon Benjamin
    Shon Benjamin 2 months ago @paul reboca I'd love to know what you said Brutha. My espenol is not so good. Hopefully your not cursing me out lol as some do when they hear they are the greatest thing walking the planet. One of the greatest delusions was making the so called Negros Latinos and Native believe that we are 3 different races of people. When we are "Family" by bloodline. God chosen Deuteronomy 7:6 and Deuteronomy 28:1 Say this because I Love you Brutha besides it being my duty to help wake up my Bruthas and Sistas. IsraelUnite org
  • Piebeats
    Piebeats 2 months ago @Jacob M. P yes
  • paul reboca
    paul reboca 2 months ago @Shon Benjamin why wouldn't you want me to curse You? Isn't that how You guys talk?You Guys curse everyone out. Talk to old people like shit because they're not your color. Fuck That Bro You guys are Bullshit. You called Me Latino? Your a negro then. I'm Mexican not Latino and if You weren't so into division you would know that Mexicans, Puerto Ricans,Cubans, Salvadoreans and all the other Loved ones from Anahuac are of European decent and no I'm not better than all the other Creations of ALLAH and I'll stay that way. A Humble Slave. That's all I Am and I don't have a need to be better than anybody else like you do.
  • HiDE TV
    HiDE TV 2 months ago DBD
  • Googlenn - Music & Gaming Channel
    Googlenn - Music & Gaming Channel 2 months ago Respect, Strength and Loyalty
  • Power Gear
    Power Gear 2 months ago The beat, the melody. The mixdown .the one only Primo.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Osiris Osiris
    Osiris Osiris 2 months ago Love! Guru the father I never had.
  • Dogen70
    Dogen70 2 months ago (edited) First of all. Thank You. Y'all been apart of my life for so long its inexplicable. I seen gangstarr perform down here in ATL on Arnell Starr show live. With MOP. Yall are a cornerstone in the tories in the Bible of MY Hip Hop. I assume Premier will be at A3C DJ'ing like usual...Please???
  • gets187
    gets187 2 months ago Family and loyalty is NOT CALLING THIS GANGSTARR WITHOUT GURU !
    ROBERTO JUAREZ 2 months ago Future, visions, confidence, motivation, thanks for the song!!! Saludos desde Tijuana
  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 2 months ago It can’t be brought. That’s fs.
  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 2 months ago Everything.
  • joemama'sdada
    joemama'sdada 2 months ago DIAMONDS
  • Dre L
    Dre L 2 months ago Blood and beyond blood. ONE LOVE: A PEOPLE
  • Issachar Te Pairi
    Issachar Te Pairi 2 months ago Everything.
  • Alex Morales
    Alex Morales 2 months ago For Me It Mean My Family Is My 🌎 & There's NOTHING More Important Then Family To Me 🙏
    H2OMAZE 2 months ago It means Everything to me
  • Adrian Jacobs
    Adrian Jacobs 2 months ago Its everything!
  • Saul T.
    Saul T. 2 months ago Love No Matter What. Through it All The UPS but Especially The DOWNS.. ❤️💎
  • Saul T.
    Saul T. 2 months ago You got to Water your Thoughts for them To Grow. When you stop watering like a Tree it dries out and dies. It’s like when you when you driving a car and let what you see out your windows Distract you if you don’t manage the wheel and let go you’ll lose control and crash. It’s the same Concept Manage your Thoughts Realize your Triggers and you’ll always shine like a 💎
  • Tone Futrell
    Tone Futrell 2 months ago If you fw real music check me out ! If you don’t im still wishing you the best ya dig
  • Thembelihle Sigweje
    Thembelihle Sigweje 2 months ago Not saying I love you but showing true love to your brother,your sister❤
  • Moe Apu jabajaw2018
    Moe Apu jabajaw2018 2 months ago We are family. Everybody.
  • General Jemz
    General Jemz 2 months ago One word everything
  • Spiritual_ Ciilo
    Spiritual_ Ciilo 2 months ago Everything bro
  • S S
    S S 2 months ago Love,trust, understanding, connection
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Gang Starr I don't know you but.... I know something and I'm training myself.....not strapping cause my brain can't be brought and I'm on one.....
  • Jason Sanchez
    Jason Sanchez 2 months ago My family is my everything... My family is my 🌎
  • r f
    r f 2 months ago Something that's is gained over years of pain, struggle and hunger , the one's that experience that with you and are still around
  • allen saunders
    allen saunders 2 months ago DIAMONDS💯💯 PRECIOUS JEWELS, NOT EVERYONE IS BLESSED WITH #FamilyAndLoyalty
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Gang Starr it means the world....
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Miguel Weaver they were not your friends.... Separate friends from acquaintances
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Mario G Punkt Aus der Richter Familie Germany...what's up
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Bea Suarez sometimes...but family is what you make it
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago MrPink be are still here
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago TINNYZ You talking truth....but keep your immediate family close and count your blessings...... Momma won't tell you nothing wrong....unless she's fucked up
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago C R I've never adopted a child...because I have five..... But bottom lines are bottom lines...beware of bottom feeder and stay positive....🙄
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago K-Qilla Official all day
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Shon Benjamin yes and bless....but play nice..... Family's come in all shapes and colors...all types of religions..... We have to take it easy and process family is just as important to me as yours us to you....make good choices.... My brother..who know you and I could be Family!
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago Conroy Jointer when thinking about family....always and I could be family play nice.... My family means just as much to me as yours do to you and karma is a bitch
  • Winston Ndiema
    Winston Ndiema 2 months ago Is that gurus son
  • SickHop Studios
    SickHop Studios 2 months ago It means respecting the gifts we all share and recognizing that we are all family on this planet. My loyalty lies with all my fellow inhabitants of this planet, and our greater family. Amazing work guys, truly amazing.
  • Creative Alliance
    Creative Alliance 2 months ago Love on the surface and sacrifice within. An unbreakable bond guarded by the virtues of character.
  • Harold Dixon Jr
    Harold Dixon Jr 2 months ago It means everything...
  • joel hopkins
    joel hopkins 2 months ago (edited) The breathe in my lungs, the blood in my veins and the love I recieve from my seeds and the Queen God had made.. R.I.P Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal!
  • Dylan Gambles
    Dylan Gambles 2 months ago My children, I work for them, I'll always work for them. They are the reason I live. They have my loyalty
  • Diego Arechar
    Diego Arechar 2 months ago Never take sides against the family
  • Peyton Bell
    Peyton Bell 2 months ago Everything💯🌷
  • John Howe
    John Howe 2 months ago I might have you on some rocks
  • Artem Arutiunian
    Artem Arutiunian 2 months ago This guy is the son of a guru? Song is DOPEEEE!!!!!!! BILLION LIKE
  • Claycut 863
    Claycut 863 2 months ago #Israelite #chosenones
  • aleon25060
    aleon25060 2 months ago it means everything...
  • Ficus Elastica
    Ficus Elastica 2 months ago The truth will set you free. Family can be thicker than blood is to water so as long as the truth is within others that surround it and what's relatable and therefore that's family.
  • Tericko
    Tericko 2 months ago Family aint tied to just blood
  • Yana Guidances
    Yana Guidances 2 months ago It means everything🙏🏼♥️💫✨🙌🏽
  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell 2 months ago Everything
  • ThePresley1989
    ThePresley1989 2 months ago Rip Guru. You was a good rapper!
  • Troy Mosley
    Troy Mosley 2 months ago (edited) Stay true, stay loyal. Love and respect to all the Gangstarr faithful and much respect to J Cole on this instant classic! GURU & PREMIER 4EVA🙏👑
  • ricardo jeldrez
    ricardo jeldrez 2 months ago Life 👏🏻
  • Frank White
    Frank White 2 months ago People you would kill for or give yo last for 💯💪♥️
  • Magik
    Magik 2 months ago ✌️FAMILY 😎
  • Greg Puryear
    Greg Puryear 2 months ago Respect
  • richard sugg
    richard sugg 2 months ago It means buy fake beats and babble along giving respect to wannabe gangsters killing your brothers.
  • E Dub
    E Dub 2 months ago keeping in real and never turning your back on your people
  • richard sugg
    richard sugg 2 months ago @E Dub keep it real and learn how to play a musical instrument. Bros selling you fake beats are disrespecting you with stuff that ain't real. Get Woke or choke.
  • B Jones
    B Jones 2 months ago What cant B Sold Can't B told.. Lifes Unreplaceable Fortunes
  • Troy Waldron
    Troy Waldron 2 months ago ride or die 💯
  • InTotalKaos
    InTotalKaos 2 months ago Two things I hold dearly. They work best when they work hand in hand. Unfortunately, they don't always feed each other. That perfect synergy creates a BOND.
  • Ryan Kenny
    Ryan Kenny 2 months ago An easy smile
  • Jay Gause
    Jay Gause 2 months ago @vtecsux__ Yes it is
  • RealRapz Media
    RealRapz Media 2 months ago Family over everything no matter the circumstances 💯
  • Harold Grand-Jacquot
    Harold Grand-Jacquot 2 months ago Love, compassion & gratitude. No lies !!!
  • Jorge Brown
    Jorge Brown 2 months ago Very Important for My Life and Family
  • Paul Santibanez
    Paul Santibanez 2 months ago #Everything
    LEELONGNO1 2 months ago Gang Starr 🙌🏽💎it means timeless love multiplied by loyalty 👊🏼
  • B Kardinale
    B Kardinale 2 months ago Everything!💯
  • Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers 2 months ago Just do it, like Nike said.
  • David Mboweni
    David Mboweni 2 months ago You need the real ones around you!
  • lorraine ramos
    lorraine ramos 2 months ago Make it bigger then you, and you'll get far! #FamilyandLoyalty
  • Rod.Mora.G.
    Rod.Mora.G. 2 months ago Gangstarr foundation
  • Iron Eyes
    Iron Eyes 2 months ago its all i got. This song is amazing i love yall for this.
  • shadow moses
    shadow moses 2 months ago Faith trust honor upholding realness to hold down your day ones
  • Melanin Warrior
    Melanin Warrior 2 months ago Unconditional compassion
  • Rich Okonkwo
    Rich Okonkwo 2 months ago The only things that truly remain behind the flashy façade and stuff
  • Dommer Dome
    Dommer Dome 2 months ago MY FAMILY.....
  • JackFly Studios
    JackFly Studios 2 months ago something 6ix9ine didnt have
  • Dommer Dome
    Dommer Dome 2 months ago (edited) @JackFly Studios ..He had a mother...and this video is about a Legendary group....Period..... let's be respectful
  • JackFly Studios
    JackFly Studios 2 months ago Dommer Dome I respect your opinion, I don’t share it though
  • Dommer Dome
    Dommer Dome 2 months ago @JackFly Studios I am hip my age..I was there in the beginning.. . So when it comes to rap 69 has a long,long way to go
  • Kigh Universal
    Kigh Universal 2 months ago everything
  • T
    T 2 months ago Every fucking thing
  • Linus edlund
    Linus edlund 1 month ago Your Family are the ones who CARE, LOVE and REAPECT you. Loyalty comes from that.
  • Tuxedo Mechanic
    Tuxedo Mechanic 1 month ago Jewels that I have to pass down to my children and everyone around me to ensure my legacy is not tarnished.
  • ncs649
    ncs649 1 month ago illuminati
  • H.N.I.C
    H.N.I.C 1 month ago Finally goosebumps Guru r.i.p i Think he will forgive u for this beautiful piece of art!!!!❤❤❤ one love
  • MrInfluenceOne
    MrInfluenceOne 1 month ago Everything. Gotta be true to the ones who brought you here and those that have known you since day 1.
  • M0lecular Ep1phany
    M0lecular Ep1phany 1 month ago Ten Toes.
  • Fuzion Ghost
    Fuzion Ghost 1 month ago Gang Starr everything
    NEGRO JAZZ MUSICIAN 1 month ago For me it's just the love I have for my fam. I don't have friends just fam and their loyalty and love 4 me is why they are fam.
  • John Manuel
    John Manuel 1 month ago Gang Starr Everything.
  • LatinaChef1986
    LatinaChef1986 1 month ago Love and bond that can not be broken. 💗
  • The Encouragement Kid
    The Encouragement Kid 1 month ago this song my dude
  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips 1 month ago It means everything to me
  • Jabulani Shaw
    Jabulani Shaw 1 month ago Everything.
  • P Hawk
    P Hawk 1 month ago When your relationship with the girl and her son who you love is ruined by your own birth-family, then family eventually means nothing
  • Mladen Djuric
    Mladen Djuric 1 month ago I'm cryin'. R.I.P. G
  • Vetti
    Vetti 1 month ago Everything...
  • Brobama
    Brobama 1 month ago everything
  • Brandon Manuel
    Brandon Manuel 1 month ago I know its great yo
  • The Life Of Androo Joseff
    The Life Of Androo Joseff 1 month ago everything
  • Edwin Vargas
    Edwin Vargas 1 month ago Everything. And this is currently my fav song.
  • zer0c00l
    zer0c00l 1 month ago whats family, when you aint got no loyalty
  • Raul Lopez
    Raul Lopez 1 month ago My grandma meant the world to me she put others before her she cared and nurtured me as a child watch out for us she had the biggest heart showed everyone so much love kindest person u can ever think of she was like a mom a love like that has no words loyalty is what I always stood for what I believe in
  • Bammy TV
    Bammy TV 1 month ago Purpose
  • Mani Matharu
    Mani Matharu 1 month ago Life, Love and Loyalty.
  • DaRendogxtreme
    DaRendogxtreme 1 month ago People Who stick with you and show strong support and help in real need and act like betrayal never exist
  • Ljupka Obradovic
    Ljupka Obradovic 1 month ago Pure love 😍
  • Boris the Blade
    Boris the Blade 1 month ago Everything.
  • Rodney
    Rodney 1 month ago Everything
  • Edgar Phillips
    Edgar Phillips 1 month ago Wow this is a banger !!!! You know it's a good song when it makes you wanna buy your baby mom some diamonds
  • jamie shannon
    jamie shannon 1 month ago Guru said like your rhyming a world of crap lol 👍
  • Dadi Ofong
    Dadi Ofong 1 month ago It means shit if is not in return too
  • Dropsy
    Dropsy 1 month ago <3 <3 <3 Kia Kaha
  • beatzNrhymez
    beatzNrhymez 1 month ago Everything.
  • Daniel Lucas
    Daniel Lucas 1 month ago Family & Loyalty means family, and love to me! I'm a product of loyalty because from day 1 I've listened to GangStarr, in which your music has touched me in ways that invigorate the best that I can envision of real hip-hop!
  • Mehdi
    Mehdi 1 month ago Light side of life
  • MrMLD1972
    MrMLD1972 1 month ago
  • Erick Mandujano
    Erick Mandujano 1 month ago (edited) Jacob M. P it’s “fake” people say who are “fake” who are fake it’s real world with fake people real people don’t claim it
  • TerenceTriple81
    TerenceTriple81 1 month ago Loved ones..
  • Beeblebrox One
    Beeblebrox One 1 month ago So many people claim to be loyal but hurt us, steal from us, say they are Brothers but it's a con, an act til they take or harm us.... Even in family True Loyalty is rare. And I've yet to meet a woman who is loyal even through the tough days, they want the treasure but not the hard days when I'm trying to (re)build. To be honest diamonds mean nothing to me, they are hard rocks that some pay money for, but they can't hug me at night or buy REAL love or REAL loyalty.
  • Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#
    Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004# 1 month ago God * family * love
  • Aliyah Dayz
    Aliyah Dayz 1 month ago Gang Starr I think it means to me respect 😔
  • WallyW Walvis
    WallyW Walvis 1 month ago Everything...real love, real meaning and real music. Thank you Premo for this. Made my day
  • Visual Jazz
    Visual Jazz 1 month ago Family is foundation
  • Terrell James
    Terrell James 1 month ago A blessing.
  • Bartek 23
    Bartek 23 1 month ago Everything
  • wormmeade
    wormmeade 1 month ago I am Loyal to others until they give me a reason. My family can shit on me and I’m still loyal. When worse goes to worst family is there.
  • El Autentico
    El Autentico 1 month ago I get goosebumps
  • C. X0-1
    C. X0-1 1 month ago It's means Meaning. Can't live without them otherwise, what kind of a person are you without them?
  • Dominik Fischer
    Dominik Fischer 1 month ago Endless love
  • Hope
    Hope 1 month ago Blood and trust! R.I.P NIPSSEY!
  • Hope
    Hope 1 month ago Diamond...
  • dickbowlmidz
    dickbowlmidz 1 month ago My realest and dearest. It can be fam from blood but it can be that fam you get from my group who alway have me through everything i been in and through. always ther to have beers with me no matter what
  • God
    God 1 month ago Everything
  • chris trett
    chris trett 1 month ago Just herd this on the radio man!!! Emotional.. Rip. Guru forever and always
  • Daquan Johnson
    Daquan Johnson 1 month ago GRIND
  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 1 month ago Being there even when they are not there, unconditionally
  • Trae Austin
    Trae Austin 1 month ago Everything 👌
  • The AJ harris
    The AJ harris 1 month ago Family and Loyalty means realizing that the people around you, that are descended from the same people as you , no matter how they look, or no matter their relation need love.
  • T Wilson
    T Wilson 1 month ago Boston in the blg... peace to the fam
  • twista101287
    twista101287 1 month ago It means EVERYTHING!!! 💎🤜🔥
  • Steve Hilliard
    Steve Hilliard 1 month ago What #FamilyAndLoyalty means to me? UBUNTU!!!!!!!!! And if you don't know NOW you know...
  • I don't Know
    I don't Know 1 month ago ACCEPTANCE!!
  • Safe TM
    Safe TM 1 month ago Nothing else than everything Love ❤️ Respect 🤜🤛 Power 💪😎 4ever
  • Mathieu Queugniet
    Mathieu Queugniet 1 month ago Jacob M. P Even if i have a really Nice family, There is a lot of fake family, fucking parent’s who were selfish and just want to have their own little thing (child...) without doing everything for their happyness, without protecting them from this fake world.... That’s all 😂😪
  • K.I.D. Beats
    K.I.D. Beats 1 month ago Im not stuck in the past or anything, all i was saying he is random here. His music isnt for me but i havent nothing against him. He's just kinda boring to listen to and his beats don't move me.
  • BlackKING Solo
    BlackKING Solo 1 month ago BLACK LOVE TO THE FULLEST IN ALL ASPECTS AND CIRCUMFERENCES OF LIFE. Like a mother/father to a child or realizing your Black Skin is a GIFT.
  • NeverGiveUp
    NeverGiveUp 1 month ago Your production and movement. Never will be stopped, never will be forgotten! True hip-hop lives on!
  • Justin Jr Branch
    Justin Jr Branch 1 month ago Rip guru
  • Daniel Dennehy
    Daniel Dennehy 1 month ago Gang Starr Family is Loyalty, and Loyalty is Family.
  • Nelson Lau
    Nelson Lau 1 month ago Family to me means more than anything else in the world that can truly make you happy, just like diamonds that don't lost their shine. Loyalty is the step to showing some respect, and I know that it's something that we all have and need which can change our ways.✌️😁
  • Dana Guy
    Dana Guy 1 month ago Remember where GANGSTARR started and Always Show Respect for it's ( GANGSTARR'S) Original members. I spent lots of Blood, Sweat and Tears as GANGSTARR'S Original D.J. when We were Underground, but I never get credit. I've never been invited to perform on stage with you guys. Back in 97 when you all were on tour I told GURU we need to make an Original GANGSTARR Album. He said, You're Right! We Do. I'm D.J. SUAVE G. I'm Big Shug's Youngest Brother. I Love You All, but Hear Me! Get At Me!
  • Endivija E
    Endivija E 1 month ago Home and love🙏🙏
  • 60 rp Em's
    60 rp Em's 1 month ago So sorry to add salt, but Family is just a word, family. It means nothing. It only means something to a single individual.
  • 60 rp Em's
    60 rp Em's 1 month ago oh he got family huh ? Well family will blow your head off for a life insurance policy.
  • Bernard Taylor
    Bernard Taylor 1 month ago Family + Loyalty = The foundation of a true Nation. Peace and Love💯
  • Robin Lewis
    Robin Lewis 1 month ago Family and Loyalty over everything. RIP Guru
  • Dan Ben
    Dan Ben 1 month ago 💎🙌💎
  • Jorge Barragan
    Jorge Barragan 1 month ago If your love belongs to someone’s well being , never give up . Love is relived through generations. The love I have for my grandma and she has for me, should be felt by my son n daughter to know how valuable they are to this world.
  • Da God 720 G
    Da God 720 G 1 month ago Errthang💯💯
  • David Galaviz
    David Galaviz 1 month ago Its means that I have a duty to my dad, to show my 4 boys how to be men. RIP R.G. RIP GURU
  • Kawon Music
    Kawon Music 1 month ago Gang Starr Foundation of love
  • Kurtis Buckle
    Kurtis Buckle 1 month ago Everything
  • Aa Northern Cali Farmero
    Aa Northern Cali Farmero 1 month ago Family is knowing peace and love , unity as a whole self , an enlightenment of your soul/phsyci,people that bring a liberation of ones true self
  • Tesfa Samuel
    Tesfa Samuel 1 month ago Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is understanding.
  • Lars Gammius
    Lars Gammius 1 month ago The Question of the Year
  • Martian
    Martian 1 month ago Everything
  • Fisherman, Boos
    Fisherman, Boos 1 month ago means RAP, rap teach me everything, my family and love , rap&reggae
  • Yemalia Tafari
    Yemalia Tafari 1 month ago #FamilyAndLoyalty means discipline.
  • Young King
    Young King 1 month ago It means EVERYTHING for me
  • Desmond Vidal
    Desmond Vidal 1 month ago Unity, trust, love, progress. Guru you never forgotten. Serious track.
  • Mental Astronaut
    Mental Astronaut 1 month ago A conviction to do right by those loved ones who lift you up and have your back every day!✊🏿❤🖤💚
  • Z3r0 Hammerlock
    Z3r0 Hammerlock 1 month ago I'm ouchea walkin round wit diamonds
  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark 1 month ago In a dysfunctional home..... Who knows
  • st3chilly maccabee
    st3chilly maccabee 1 month ago Sacrifice=Love
  • st3chilly maccabee
    st3chilly maccabee 1 month ago @Shon Benjamin shalom....we got the Brews in the building lol
  • st3chilly maccabee
    st3chilly maccabee 1 month ago @djrakman psalms 82
  • Omni Smiley
    Omni Smiley 2 months ago This song makes me want to open a barber shop, get a masters in finance, open a community center, build a school, fix the hood, cry and pray to God.
  • Ish E
    Ish E 2 months ago Do it! It's time to enrich the hood... Everyone visits different areas except the hood... I'm waiting the day for the"hood" to be a place that's the hot spot.
  • Jay Xav
    Jay Xav 2 months ago That stampede coming to the us too..
  • Traplover
    Traplover 2 months ago No need for a Masters in Finanace when the Internet is a wasteland of knowledge.
  • JJC
    JJC 2 months ago Thats some deep stuff Strawhat.
  • DynamoDeniro
    DynamoDeniro 2 months ago Take care of the little ones in your community and they will see your vision(s) and carry out your dreams for you. Let them know there's people like you who balance out the negativity in the world. Keep on pushin!
  • Michael Osamor
    Michael Osamor 2 months ago Omni Smiley Good
  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 months ago Whaaat
  • Lindo Marcelo
    Lindo Marcelo 2 months ago May your wishes come true. And success comes your way✌🏾
  • Demario4
    Demario4 2 months ago Omni Smiley After you become pirate king you should do that.
  • Jordan Bryant
    Jordan Bryant 2 months ago Wack ass nigga
  • Luis X. Rivas
    Luis X. Rivas 2 months ago Luffy!
  • oh senpai
    oh senpai 2 months ago Omni Smiley god bless you son
  • Daaniyaal Mirza
    Daaniyaal Mirza 2 months ago Kaizoku Oni orewa Naru
  • swa. de
    swa. de 2 months ago Vertical Integration all the way!! For Black and Brown Worldwide!!
  • Twisted Gambit
    Twisted Gambit 2 months ago Hood Luffy
    LORD MAV B.M.P 2 months ago Omni Smiley real nigga shit
  • micman1m
    micman1m 2 months ago Do it!!
  • Core Creations
    Core Creations 2 months ago This.
  • Lola Alejandra
    Lola Alejandra 2 months ago with God, there´s nothing you can´t do. Remember we are here to serve, not to be served.
  • sickassjon
    sickassjon 2 months ago So in other words tryna be like nispey hussle
  • Dogen70
    Dogen70 2 months ago OOOh that was a good statement from you bruh. I couldn't have even framed it better.
  • Teareal Davis
    Teareal Davis 2 months ago Well I wish we had more music like this
  • Emari Carter
    Emari Carter 2 months ago I support u
  • StrangerMusiq
    StrangerMusiq 2 months ago Yo fella's i got some hiphop stuff , would u mind to check out my last drop if u got a sec ofc !
  • Wounded Taino
    Wounded Taino 2 months ago Do it! Let no one nor anything stand in your way!
  • liam shelnutt
    liam shelnutt 2 months ago LMAOOO OK
  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 2 months ago Omni Smiley what’s stoping you bro?
  • Dogen70
    Dogen70 2 months ago @Jordan BryantYou mad at bacon nigga?
  • Dogen70
    Dogen70 2 months ago @Jordan Bryant made it bacon, nigga. Go live a little
  • David Medina
    David Medina 2 months ago ❤❤❤💪🏽
  • OzerDoIt K
    OzerDoIt K 2 months ago Omni Smiley only problem is u ain’t from da hood
  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago do it, no time like the present
  • Eduardo Quintana
    Eduardo Quintana 2 months ago Amen
  • OYDK Art
    OYDK Art 2 months ago OMM
  • Titan Mellor
    Titan Mellor 2 months ago Yeah man I gotta make it big to fix my community Im trynna be a local legend not a famous sell out.
  • Walt B Council
    Walt B Council 2 months ago Inspiring music. Agreed.
  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 2 months ago One of the best common I've seen so far👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽
  • Kenneth Chandler
    Kenneth Chandler 2 months ago So so true Visions ........ Of buying big property with acreage so all this PPL addicted to drugs can drop they babies instead of the counties getting them an adopting them out breakingfamilies up letting them run their messes when they done come get ur kid maybe them finding themselves but just having a home for the children's parents who are addicted to the street. Life of drugs
  • meamverysmart
    meamverysmart 2 months ago Lets see if u do any of those things
  • meamverysmart
    meamverysmart 2 months ago I hope u do
  • Jude Clownworld
    Jude Clownworld 1 month ago why not build africa?
  • TJ G
    TJ G 1 month ago Hope u achieve your goals
  • Jude Clownworld
    Jude Clownworld 1 month ago @TJ G i hope all your dreams come true
  • TJ G
    TJ G 1 month ago @Jude Clownworld thx u too
  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 1 month ago Says the white weeb lol
  • TJ G
    TJ G 1 month ago @Platoon Goon nigga u play Minecraft so shut up
  • J Liqs 808
    J Liqs 808 1 month ago You better!!💯
  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez 1 month ago Are you gonna do it though?!?!
  • Im ILLmatic
    Im ILLmatic 1 month ago Ish E it’s called gentrification when it becomes the hot spot!
  • SiemprePalante77
    SiemprePalante77 1 month ago I read no lies. Let's make it happen.
  • Uzias Perez
    Uzias Perez 1 month ago Pussy
  • Stone Spiral
    Stone Spiral 1 month ago Do it.
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 1 month ago If you miss that old school sound then ✔ out my tracks...I specialize in making 90s-style rap/hip hop...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧📀🎶🔥
  • Cesar Alejandro
    Cesar Alejandro 1 month ago im cry bruH}
  • Adan Garcia
    Adan Garcia 1 month ago @DynamoDeniro efyoo evet zo rin
  • Prod. by MiB.
    Prod. by MiB. 1 month ago and sit there as an old man looking back on what you did.
  • Swiss Money
    Swiss Money 1 month ago alhamdulillah bro
  • Moblife Since 1997
  • Cj Treasure
    Cj Treasure 1 month ago Omni Smiley LMAO
  • Cj Treasure
    Cj Treasure 1 month ago I feel you tho
  • Charly Veille
    Charly Veille 1 month ago come on bro ! gogogo ✊
  • Willie D
    Willie D 1 month ago Hey bro.. you can do this! Follow your dreams! Believe! no one can stop you but you..
  • Brandon Banks
    Brandon Banks 1 month ago 5 primary institutions you need to successfully pull that off. 1. A Bank 2. Grocery Store 3. School & Trade School 4. Hospital 5. Media outlet (Radio/Tv)
    AWAWA BO 1 month ago It does it's job, you must do it
  • default color
    default color 1 month ago Lol
    MADMANB68 1 month ago DO IT 🙌🏽❤️
  • BenseBuilt
    BenseBuilt 1 month ago That sounds like a heck of a Saturday
  • CLOUDS 592
    CLOUDS 592 4 weeks ago 🙌🏿🙏🏿✊🏿🎯💯
  • Scott
    Scott 3 weeks ago For real, I'm white and I have been afforded certain priviliges in my life. Due to shitty racist systems these do not extend to "minorities" (let's be real, we all the same peoples anyway) like black and latino's. Over the years I've become aware of this fact, and I will contribute to change this and help everyone get equal oppertunities and treatment
  • theothertoday
    theothertoday 2 weeks ago Amen to that
  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 2 weeks ago @Demario4 why you gotta be such a dick bruh?!? Just kidding. Crab Rangoon Ha
  • KH4444444444N
    KH4444444444N 2 weeks ago Thats cool. It makes me want to Quantum Compute, Build an interstellar engine and grow the dominion of man.
  • Ronnie Etheridge
    Ronnie Etheridge 1 week ago Make it happen bro pray🙏💯 we have to be the change ✊🏽respect
  • GroWiTheFlow
    GroWiTheFlow 1 week ago This may be the greatest YouTube comment... ever. Damn man. Good shit.
  • jose ramirez
    jose ramirez 1 week ago One of the best statements I’ve heard all year !!!
  • Bigtimboe Sirjames
    Bigtimboe Sirjames 1 week ago
  • Kayode Chi
    Kayode Chi 1 week ago The vision is the nucleus of the act. I manifest!💯🙏🏽
  • Bo Matthews
    Bo Matthews 1 day ago do it. it can be done. just go do it. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  • Moon Rise
    Moon Rise 20 hours ago @DynamoDeniro yup. It's the YOUTH that's really important. They imitate what they see and all they see is rappers talk about doing drugs and killing ppl thsts what they gonna do
  • Old Bull Lee
    Old Bull Lee 1 month ago In my book, J. Cole has transitioned to an OG after this verse. He's a legend.
  • Yaad Rana
    Yaad Rana 1 month ago he has been chosen
  • hiiipower iii
    hiiipower iii 1 month ago Along with Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Joey badass, Rapsody & a few more
  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 1 month ago @hiiipower iii Kendrick is the only other one on that list currently
  • Nate Schaefer
    Nate Schaefer 1 month ago (edited) @Anthony Hernandez and rapsody
  • Ben G
    Ben G 1 month ago hiiipower iii Kendrick no doubt....but let the rest live a little and grow...undeniable that they’re all incredible...but they’re all still coming into their peak I feel.
  • Peter Mentis
    Peter Mentis 1 month ago J. Cole been a legend since Forrest Hill Drive in my opinion that album really hit different
  • HydraZP
    HydraZP 1 month ago J cole is no OG. Let him put out at least 2 classics, and then we can negotiate
  • Pat Patterson
    Pat Patterson 1 month ago Y'all know Joey good on that list. Dude is a beast.
  • DarkSamuraiHD
    DarkSamuraiHD 1 month ago @hiiipower iii Kendrick is fucking trash can't even listen to a whole song of his
  • Frank Jackson
    Frank Jackson 1 month ago @Old Bull Lee Yes!
  • Bigpond Pond
    Bigpond Pond 1 month ago @Anthony Hernandez You must've never listens to 1999 by Joey then
  • joel ortiz
    joel ortiz 1 month ago Been an OG
  • Happyguy 2
    Happyguy 2 1 month ago Been since Cole world
  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez 1 month ago hiiipower iii Just Kendrick. The others are behind them tho
  • k2datrack
    k2datrack 1 month ago @Old Bull Lee Real shit
  • Judahs Hero
    Judahs Hero 1 month ago Just because a mediocre at best rapper spits a good verse on a legendary record, all of a sudden he’s an “og”, j cole always been trash. Glad he went in on this, but I would’ve picked another underground emcee for this joint.
  • k2datrack
    k2datrack 1 month ago @Judahs Hero J cole mediocre!!?? Ok my g, who would you have put on this?
  • Judahs Hero
    Judahs Hero 1 month ago k2datrack underground I would’ve went with terminology or j hood “commercial underground” I would’ve went with Gza or Inspectah deck
  • k2datrack
    k2datrack 1 month ago (edited) @Judahs Hero Ok but I'm talking about new school. And I'll put Jcole over J hood any day. I dont think you know Cole very well. You need to get on his mixtapes (The come up, Friday light nights and the Warm up) before you say he's trash cos you clearly dont know his music well
  • Judahs Hero
    Judahs Hero 1 month ago k2datrack this is a gangstarr record...LEGENDS!!!!!!! J cole will never have legendary status like that...he’s slowly fading away...
  • PrimeraEspadaStark
    PrimeraEspadaStark 1 month ago @Judahs Hero Fading away? Cole just had his biggest year ever, you have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Judahs Hero
    Judahs Hero 1 month ago PrimeraEspadaStark yo son nobody cares about how many “hits” a pop artist has, this is hip hop. that’s the problem you dummy’s have no idea what hip hop is, just because some hippie rapper” makes a pop hit, he’s an og, he has hits blah blah blah, fk j cole don’t care about how many commercial records you hear him on your top 40 station, trust me he’s fading. Sit down, get out of my comment section nobody talking to you.
  • Asher Sage
    Asher Sage 1 month ago Exactly
  • Lee SOG
    Lee SOG 1 month ago J.Cole has always been a solid rapper but these new cats have been so hip hop deprived they think he’s the modern day Pac 😄 At the start of this verse I can hear a bit of Kendrick.. and I can hear more rappers than ever seemingly biting his style.. but Kendrick for me hasn’t done shit since Section.80! 😝
    KSWEET 4 weeks ago @Anthony Hernandez Only person soldified with J.Cole And K.Dot is Freddie gibbs..
  • PHILosophy 1990
    PHILosophy 1990 4 weeks ago (edited) @Anthony Hernandez..Rapsody too. She dam near certified.
  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 3 weeks ago @PHILosophy 1990 There's plenty of dope rappers nowadays. But I feel like rapsody or freddie gibs or whoever they still have a long way in the game. Kendrick amd Cole have influenced and changed the culture like it or not.. Idk if I'm willing to say the rest did yet.
  • PHILosophy 1990
    PHILosophy 1990 3 weeks ago (edited) @Anthony Hernandez...I DEFINITELY feel you with that. There are levels, to impacting the culture 👌🏽. That's kinda why I threw in the "dam near certified", instead of somethin defining.
  • ADHG
    ADHG 3 weeks ago Drake, Kendrick and Cole are the Biggie, Pac and Nas of the 2010s
  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 3 weeks ago @ADHG Who tf are you comparing Drake too 😂
  • James Fowler
    James Fowler 3 weeks ago @Justin Jones I was thinking the same
  • Shanga Johnson
    Shanga Johnson 3 weeks ago Old Bull Lee I agree. North Carolina representing.
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 3 weeks ago Just dropped a new track using a classic Preemo beat for my latest mixtape that's complete with my own custom vocal samples and scratching. See whatcha think...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧📀🎶🔥
  • Jermaine Harrison
    Jermaine Harrison 3 weeks ago @HydraZP Born Sinner, Cole World and Forest Hills Drive. That's 3!!
  • Scott Sparrell
    Scott Sparrell 2 weeks ago Part of the team now
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago That Verse was Pretty weak...
  • johnny jungle
    johnny jungle 2 weeks ago OG stands for Original Gangstar, which means you had to kill a person to be an OG (if im right) Killing people has nothing to do which the real hip hop philosophy. Once ago people start rappin to inspire others, which did crime, to give them a goal/sense in live.
  • mach a
    mach a 2 weeks ago ​@Anthony Hernandez I see Kendrick's influence no doubt, but how did Cole influence the culture? I like a lot of his music, but it doesn't seem particularly new or unique.
  • Tyrone Daniels
    Tyrone Daniels 2 weeks ago Damb y'all sleeping on Meechy Darko outta Flatbush Zombies. He's definitely one of the illest of this generation along with Eric and Juice. Need to go check them out if you haven't heard of them. Non of the artists mentioned even deserve to be in the same category as Gangstarr tho they are above the clouds whilst the rest can only look on up..
  • Ivywood Records
    Ivywood Records 2 weeks ago He didn't need Illmatic. He did this.
  • Dylan Gruenwald
    Dylan Gruenwald 2 weeks ago @HydraZP Forest Hills Drive and 4 Your Eyez Only are both classic albums and then Cole has a classic mixtape with Friday Night Lights.
  • JLN
    JLN 1 week ago mach a Yea people hate to hear “platinum with no features” but no matter how many people could have potentially done that, they always ran to a Rihanna for a hook, or Drake for a feature. Cole said fuck it and did FHD on his own. He was confident that by himself, he would be supported and successful. Now there’s a whole lot of people going platinum with no features. That’s no fluke. 25+ years before Cole and now you see it all the time? That’s influence beyond the sound.
  • Kodi Goodman
    Kodi Goodman 1 week ago Kia ora to that
  • Hector Santos
    Hector Santos 1 week ago @Judahs Hero who's your top 5? What do you consider to be qualities of a good hip hop artist?
  • BlackSketchyThing
    BlackSketchyThing 1 week ago sure,everyone's a fucking legend these days
  • Judahs Hero
    Judahs Hero 1 week ago Hector Santos top 5 dead or alive? Ok 1 prodigy (rip bandana p) 2 Raekwon the Chef 3 Big Pun 4 NaS (last couple albums trash though) 5 GZA From today’s class I’m feelin Westside Gunn, Conway and Dave East
  • dannyU2g
    dannyU2g 1 week ago he's a hypocrit, till 17 he was like nikkas dont have shit to say so they talk about money... now he only raps about money....
  • Atom
    Atom 1 week ago @HydraZP he got classics. It depend on what you like, but 2014 Forest Hills drive and KOD are classics. They might not be perfect, but they are really good.
  • Raheemz
    Raheemz 1 week ago Lol, he doesn't even have one classic album
  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 5 days ago @Raheemz Stfu dumbass lol
  • J. Cole ツ
    J. Cole ツ 2 days ago @HydraZP he did
  • J. Cole ツ
    J. Cole ツ 2 days ago @HydraZP (:
    VORTEX 1 day ago Old Bull Lee oh well we’d better listen to you because you’re important....
    TJisBORED 1 month ago Its official boys. J. Cole is officially a great
  • Ben G
    Ben G 1 month ago TJisBORED I think his verse should be looked back on one of the ones that solidified his place in hip-hop. It’s an art to blend lyricism and messaging.
  • Leticia Raya
    Leticia Raya 1 month ago Done been better than great.
    MR. SMALLS 1 month ago (edited) Never cole has that potential but cant help but make ok albums
  • Declipse
    Declipse 1 month ago Hi, you must be new here.
  • coates27
    coates27 1 month ago He been great man
  • turbobro 69
    turbobro 69 1 month ago We must protect jcole at all cost!
    TJisBORED 1 month ago MR. SMALLS his albums are nice af. If u dislike his albums, you probably listen to mumble rap
  • J.R. Spliff 212
    J.R. Spliff 212 1 month ago TJisBORED the standards y’all got for music are low lol. Just because one isn’t THAT impressed by Cole doesn’t mean they prefer mumble rap. None of his joints match up with the greatest albums of all time IMO.
  • Caleb Murrell
    Caleb Murrell 1 month ago @TJisBORED facts
  • Caleb Murrell
    Caleb Murrell 1 month ago @MR. SMALLS lay off the drugs kid
  • Ahmad Robertson
    Ahmad Robertson 1 month ago (edited) @MR. SMALLS have to agree with Mr. Smalls....his albums are just ok. I look at J Cole like I would Adele....Adele is sucked on as this otherworldly vocalist, truth be told if she came in when there were real singers in the 80s, 90s she would be average. Same as JCole....lyrics are not at a premium, just like true vocalists. They're just not around anymore so when some hears decent bars or someone actually singing nowadays. It's like being a prisoner of the moment type deal. Yes J Cole is the 20 teens. If he came out back when true Gangstarr music was the standard....he wouldn't even be noticed like that....he's good for his era considering the bar isnt too high anymore. Not bashing him, but he's Lebron or Tom Brady...put him back 20-25 years we're having a different conversation....Adele is good because there is no vocalists anymore, JCole is good for the same reason. Aa far as the album one cares about the album anymore. Fucking streaming has killed buying sitting and listening. Just have 3-4 songs and it's good now bullshit. I'm 42 so I remember the real shit. Cole is nice....nice for 2019...when lyrics arent at a premium.
    MR. SMALLS 1 month ago @J.R. Spliff 212 thank u
  • onetimepeace
    onetimepeace 1 month ago @MR. SMALLS radio hip hop has corrupted true hip hop,
    MR. SMALLS 1 month ago @onetimepeace i wouldnt say that but mainstream hip hop is definitely of lower quality than the golden age or underground hip hop and this is comin from a 16 y o so some 32 year old guy who thinks he know everything dont try to tell me im too young to know what "REAL HIP HOP" is
  • GBRL
    GBRL 1 month ago compared to the nowadays mc's ... maybe.
  • Value ___?
    Value ___? 1 month ago his part is wack :(
  • tochiRTA
    tochiRTA 1 month ago @Value ___? the most boring
  • Griffo417
    Griffo417 1 month ago Yep much respect to j.cole for this one
  • Nien Bloon
    Nien Bloon 1 month ago TJisBORED This make me wanna start listening to him, I already listen to older rap but he a good newer rapper
  • Abmis
    Abmis 1 month ago Did Kendrick die?
  • C whippz
    C whippz 4 weeks ago lol whoa whoa slow down homie....he ain't no "great" he's aight but that's about it. Jeru the Damaja would dropped a doper verse!!!
  • Joey_Handsome
    Joey_Handsome 3 weeks ago @Leticia Raya For real! it was clear since "Light's Please"! Not even sure if that was his first shit, but it was the first shit I heard of his. Even his "radio friendly" joints, are on point. Especially the one they been playing the last few months or whatever. He never spittin' nonsense.
  • Joey_Handsome
    Joey_Handsome 3 weeks ago @Ahmad Robertson I hear you, but everything is relevant. If Biggie and Pac didn't die, would Jay be at the place of success he's at? You right, the bar is definitely not set very high now, but as far as main stream Hip Hop, this dude saved it.
  • yvng_snoop
    yvng_snoop 3 weeks ago MR. SMALLS you must be a lil pump fan
  • Mtb Ridingog
    Mtb Ridingog 3 weeks ago He's been officially a goat you all are just slow to get that no disrespect 😂
  • Ronaldo Gutierrez
    Ronaldo Gutierrez 2 weeks ago eh not really. dope verse but still got more dues to pay to be a goat.
  • goodforce
    goodforce 2 weeks ago Yeah
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago His verse was kinda weak... and I love J cole since his mixtape days.
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago People's standards are way too low nowadays. I love cole but there are many less known guys who would eat him for breakfast.
    UNCLEBILLYTEE 2 weeks ago @MR. SMALLS you one of those, grown up lil pump fans, now all about the lyrics bah lol
  • Most Vile
    Most Vile 1 week ago @MR. SMALLS true that bruh
  • Sohail Akmal
    Sohail Akmal 1 week ago @J.R. Spliff 212 Pay no mind to these little ones new to the rap game. Cole is ok, just like Kendrick is ok. They sound great in this sea of really sh*tty rappers, so it is easy to call them GOATs. They would be nobodies in the 90s. Not saying we shouldnt evolve our musical standards, but mine are too high to get on bored with these new cats. They just aaight. You want great, listen to Royce Da 5'9" from the mid-90s onward.
  • J.R. Spliff 212
    J.R. Spliff 212 1 week ago Sohail Akmal Kendrick is much greater tho and is great.
  • Joey_Handsome
    Joey_Handsome 1 week ago @TJisBORED people talk shit about his albums because they aren't filled with trap beats. The man's a great lyricist, and most of all, a sick story teller, which is missing in mainstream rap today. People say the same shit about Nas' albums because of his beat selection. Meanwhile all his albums went platinum except a couple, out of what? 13 - 14 albums. I blame peoples ignorance and the radio. Sad world we live in today.
  • Brain Donor
    Brain Donor 5 days ago All the talk is J Cole. He is an amateur compared to the legends Gangstarr. Love the dude, but Gu and Preemo are what it's about...
  • RobbieSupreme
    RobbieSupreme 5 days ago TJisBORED you feel me
  • RobbieSupreme
    RobbieSupreme 5 days ago turbobro 69 by all means!!!!!!!!
  • Moon Rise
    Moon Rise 20 hours ago @Ahmad Robertson Unlike Whitney, Adele was TRAINED for YEARS by a black vocal coach. Whitney naturally could sing...she has singers all up in her family
  • Smith Joe
    Smith Joe 1 month ago I'm a 40 year old dad..who watched guru on the BOX...back in the day... now I have a 20 year old son...and I'm blessed to be able to pass the God Guru music on to a new generation.... I watched this video with my son...and could not hold back the tears 😢...(pause)... good to see guru son in video...salute to the young boy Jay Cole....great way to connect the generations....salute to premiere...continue the good work my brother... another CLASSIC on deck... RIP Guru
  • Rodney Roberts
    Rodney Roberts 1 month ago About to be 40 myself bro, God willing. We definitely grew up during the best era of Hip hop & R&B. It ain't the same no more but at least we lived through it. 💯
  • PlayerMaDe patna
    PlayerMaDe patna 1 month ago Smith Joe your comment is a tear jerker bro. I can dig it
  • karim biggs
    karim biggs 1 month ago Really talk
  • Thaddeus Godwin
    Thaddeus Godwin 1 month ago "79... rub your ass in the moonshine" We the same age fam and my oldest is 19, but I feel the same way. Respect.
  • Nien Bloon
    Nien Bloon 1 month ago Smith Joe I’m 14, this music and older like Wu-tang and Rakim are bomb
  • J
    J 3 weeks ago I felt this hard. Same age, same era. I got choked up too in power guru
  • Андрей Березин
    Андрей Березин 3 weeks ago I feel you man... I'm 41 and my son is 12, and we live on the opposite side of Earth and we look nothing like blacks of America, but let me tell you this... That music connection is just the same... I loved original Gang Starr music since 1998, and I put this record on for my son... He cant relate to it fully, cuz we speak another language and he's just learning English, but he got the same taste in music, no bullshit, just pure wisdom and mic skills. I'm sure he grows up and will catch on. Hip hop is universal, and we Russians are the neglected people in our own country, so we feel yall... Peace.
  • josh crawford
    josh crawford 3 weeks ago (edited) Respect fam. I feel you on that, need to show more love n respect .. 🐾💯
  • Wojtek Kraskowski
    Wojtek Kraskowski 3 weeks ago @Андрей Березин Same in is our mentor..peace love respect to all Gangstarr
  • LEER G
    LEER G 3 weeks ago I'm that 20 year old son who is the first generation to listen to hiphop and this is exactly what I needed to bring hiphop back
  • Smith Joe
    Smith Joe 3 weeks ago Андрей Березин. hip hop is universal my brother... deeper then that....#OPPRESSION is universal...that's the soul of hip hop...."So much pain" 2pac voice...
  • Eric Morris
    Eric Morris 3 weeks ago I feel the same way bruh its a bitter sweet moment just to hear his voice again
  • Cody Whiteman
    Cody Whiteman 1 week ago (edited) Smith Joe I feel you man I’m 34 and my 13 y/o daughter listens to “moment of truth” on the way to school many days. She’s gonna be just fine in life. Bless.
  • Avi
    Avi 1 week ago You're the type of boomer all gen Z and Millennials can respect
  • MICc
    MICc 1 week ago ok boomer
  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot 5 days ago word brother...
  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 5 days ago bless you and your son, brother!
  • Steve R. Neill
    Steve R. Neill 5 days ago We need more lyrical genius overlaid on clean beats like this instead of that mumble/trap crap. This is true Hip-Hop. Way to bring it back.
  • Johnny
    Johnny 1 month ago listening to a new GANGSTARR track in 2019 Is like finding a raw uncut diamond in the ruff. #RIPGURU
  • slink434
    slink434 1 month ago 📠
  • A Houed
    A Houed 1 month ago I swear!!
  • SudacaBeatz
    SudacaBeatz 1 month ago Word
  • robert bailey
    robert bailey 1 month ago Tearing up bad...RIP GURU...N we lost a good friend. ..CAPONE from LU3
  • PlayerMaDe patna
    PlayerMaDe patna 1 month ago Yup
  • Kutlwano serapelo
    Kutlwano serapelo 2 weeks ago @slink434 #facts Respect
  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 2 weeks ago Amen 2 that 🛐
  • Hussein Ibraheem
    Hussein Ibraheem 1 month ago People be like ”I wish Hip Hop was like the 90s” but they just say that to sound cool or someth.. guess what, THIS IS IT, this is what you call ”Real Hip Hop”, if you dig deep enough you will find it
    TJisBORED 1 month ago Hussein Ibraheem u don’t need to dig that deep
  • Wlf_Hly
    Wlf_Hly 1 month ago Ok boomer
  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks 1 month ago Not everyone saying that is fronting
  • Hussein Ibraheem
    Hussein Ibraheem 1 month ago Rob Banks I agree with you, but my comment had more to do with people who claim they want ”real hip hop” but they don’t want to listen to it or show it love. They just chat shit. Reminds me of Kendricks verse where he said ”Critics want to mention that they miss when hip-hop was rappin' Motherfucker, if you did, then Killer Mike'd be platinum”
  • CLOUDS 592
    CLOUDS 592 4 weeks ago Absolutely 💯🎯🎯
  • Tobi Van
    Tobi Van 3 weeks ago @Hussein Ibraheem honestly, it's just easier to keep listening to the same old artists. i'm too lazy to sift trough 10 trash rappers to find 1 good raper, when i can just listen to someone i already know is good
  • Sipho Msy
    Sipho Msy 3 weeks ago Real hip hop still does exist you just gotta dig really deep to find it
  • West Side
    West Side 3 weeks ago (edited) @Tobi van not everyone is a crate digger.! leave it to the heads to find what’s hot , for you!
  • Olyver Gs
    Olyver Gs 2 weeks ago If you look to your 6ix to the 9ine you gonna find a lot of these Millennials still dickridin them mumble faggots like this little princess ​@Wlf_Hly over here. But soon this plagued era of hip hop will be outdated with the emergence of new lyrical rappers in the industry and dudes like Logic, Kendrick, Cole are already working on it with other OGs backing them up. We'll see who are boomers then. Ok Millennial
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 2 weeks ago I stopped complaining about how I missed 90s hip hop years ago. I'm an artist, a writer and a semi-producer/DJ so I just started making my own 90s-style hip hop and I'm pretty good at it...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧📀🎶🔥
  • NotAverageAfro
    NotAverageAfro 2 weeks ago I think it needs to be rephrased as people want 90's hiphop to be mainstream again, instread of what we have now
  • Mary Ellen Leach
    Mary Ellen Leach 5 days ago Yeah Talib still doin it, Mobb Deep, Mos D, Jeru...still puttin it out. You just gotta kno where 2 👀
  • brandonbaer4
    brandonbaer4 4 days ago 50 cent said once "people listen to a track for 10 seconds before they skip, I have to lay something slick to grab them" once the beat hit on this one, ya knew.
  • Moon Rise
    Moon Rise 20 hours ago @Hussein Ibraheem FACTS
    LIVEFRMNYC 3 weeks ago Premier needs to produce an entire J Cole album.
  • Shanga Johnson
    Shanga Johnson 3 weeks ago LIVEFRMNYC I said the same thing. The new generation rap game is not ready for that.
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago Hell no!!!!!! that's not his sound. Just listen to his verse in this song. It doesn't even flow well. He is flowing like he does nowadays in his albums.
  • Expensive Talk
    Expensive Talk 2 weeks ago Fink Ployd It’s a perfect flow wys?
  • ZmanGaming 10
    ZmanGaming 10 2 weeks ago Expensive Talk that’s what I’m saying it does flow
    LIVEFRMNYC 2 weeks ago Fink Ployd You need your ears checked if you think Cole's verse didn't flow.
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago @Expensive Talk You've never listened to Gangstarr. That new flow from Jcole is trash and generic.
  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 2 weeks ago @LIVEFRMNYC It didn't match the beat. Listen to Gangstarr in comparison to Jcole it's not even close.
  • Expensive Talk
    Expensive Talk 1 week ago Fink Ployd nah it’s a breath of fresh air
  • Dumisani The Artist
    Dumisani The Artist 6 days ago LIVEFRMNYC that’s real talk right there , you damn right
  • Peto G
    Peto G 1 month ago When I listening to this song I almost cry... I miss Gang Starr so much... peace from Slovakia
  • Lukas Zabojnik
    Lukas Zabojnik 1 month ago respekt bracho
  • Niall Bellido
    Niall Bellido 1 month ago Same here!!! RIP Guru!!!
  • Bill Vuki
    Bill Vuki 1 month ago I feel u man 😣🙌🏾
  • Brandon Sterlingon
    Brandon Sterlingon 1 month ago Y'all listen to Hip Hop out there?
  • Adam Jelinek
    Adam Jelinek 3 weeks ago @Brandon Sterlingon yeah we do 😂 probably the most popular music genre actually.. Within the younger Generation ofc. But not oldschool hip hop like this tho 😪
  • jjdraven
    jjdraven 2 weeks ago Peto you got great taste in music. Prodigy avatar and great comment about Gangstarr. RESPECT
  • Peto G
    Peto G 2 weeks ago @jjdraven thanks
  • 9470ahalb
    9470ahalb 2 weeks ago @Brandon Sterlingon All Day Everyday Brother
  • Hot Hot Burma
    Hot Hot Burma 2 weeks ago Almost? It's alright to let some drop because it feels good.
  • Jamil Fox
    Jamil Fox 2 weeks ago @Brandon Sterlingon yo the whole European area is poppin with hip hop. American here been in Europe for 15 years now and probably for life lol.
  • Давид Ристић
    Давид Ристић 1 week ago @Brandon Sterlingon no your mother does pussy ass nigga
  • Давид Ристић
    Давид Ристић 1 week ago @Brandon Sterlingon in eastern europe we listen to real hip hop not like u americans u listen to mumble rappers
  • Kamil Matthes
    Kamil Matthes 1 week ago Nice. Your country has hella babes and you like real hip hop 👍🏾
  • 4040chocolate
    4040chocolate 3 days ago me to hip hop won't be the same without him.
  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 1 month ago I dont think we understand how lucky we are to still be able to listen to Gangstarr
  • theGREAT120892
    theGREAT120892 1 month ago forreal man . gangstarrs music taught me so much growing up
  • Johnathan Pride
    Johnathan Pride 1 month ago FACTS FAM GURU IS MY GUY FOR LIFE
  • The Dark Shinobi
    The Dark Shinobi 1 month ago thank god other people feel the same way !!!
  • Faithful
    Faithful 1 month ago Hh
  • Ricardo Anguiano
    Ricardo Anguiano 1 month ago Ya Boi YES!!
  • CAblacksheep013
    CAblacksheep013 1 month ago Gangstarr's music is timeless
  • CAblacksheep013
    CAblacksheep013 1 month ago @Johnathan Pride goddam rite... Nuff said
  • Lisa Kireiev
    Lisa Kireiev 1 month ago YESS
  • chloem7667
    chloem7667 1 month ago Couldn't agree with you more.
  • Jake N Bake
    Jake N Bake 1 month ago I listen to Gangstarr everyday of my life. It's my ride to work or from work. Sometimes it's both. If im in a shitty mood, Guru and Premier are the recipe to lift your chin up.
  • Mathieu Queugniet
    Mathieu Queugniet 1 month ago chloem7667 Just have a look around you with the largest way you can and you’ll understand that he’s true 😪 True musical sensibility is going to be lost by a vast majority of people
  • Cory Burkholder
    Cory Burkholder 1 month ago He’s talking about legally. Solar has tried desperately to keep Gurus family and Premier away from everything. Dude a snake for real
  • Hotshothogger
    Hotshothogger 1 month ago Exactly.
  • Tray Day
    Tray Day 1 month ago straight fire almost cried!!
  • Harveen Banga
    Harveen Banga 1 month ago Honestly, i didnt know who yhey were but just listening to this tells me they OJ ! No way ylu compare this to the lame music of todat
    CHIZZO P 1 month ago One of the few groups I purchased EVERY album of... Jazzmatazz included!!!
  • Tyler Sprouse
    Tyler Sprouse 1 month ago Ya Boi If only Guru was still around 😢🙏😭
  • Anthony Policastro
    Anthony Policastro 1 month ago Ya Boi broo preach. I missed him so much
    MrFUCKdaNWO 1 month ago That part check of Griselda Records for some real hip hop coming out 2019
  • Chris Hubbell
    Chris Hubbell 1 month ago @Ya Boi , same thought came to me and I had to pinch myself to check I´m not dreamin!!!! What were the odd´s of this being gifted to the world, right on time for the new decade?!!! This will be on repeat bangin´and pissin off neighbours for the next couple days, believe me, peace
  • S.A Misfit
    S.A Misfit 4 weeks ago @Tray Day it's definitely fire 🔥 son... But to cry ❓😒.... C'mon son you frontin..... Na mean
  • Tray Day
    Tray Day 4 weeks ago @S.A Misfit I know fam but it hit me that hard!! Almost like Guru in the same room cuz!
  • spinach
    spinach 3 weeks ago Chills man
  • Dorian Levi [RAP/MASHUP]
    Dorian Levi [RAP/MASHUP] 3 weeks ago To to to
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 3 weeks ago We're actually extremely lucky. It's also very inspirational. Makes me wanna make a whole 'nother mixtape...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧📀🎶🔥
    PHAR CYDE 2 weeks ago YES YES!
    PHAR CYDE 2 weeks ago @Tyler Sprouse he is!👌
  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub 1 month ago I'm emotional listening to this. This took me back to a time when I felt like Hip Hop was flooded with an extreme level of genius, collaboration and competitiveness that made the genre perfect. Artists were hungry to be legendary. There was a supreme pride in lyrics, delivery and production to deliver a product that was sonically unique. Meanwhile it connected with everyone on every block. Folks today who don't know Hip Hop don't understand what it was like to have about 2 dozen artists that would give you Hall of Fame type material and performances within a single year. Though they were competitive, they were intelligent, genuine and humble enough to marvel in each other's success. That is how we got incredible collaborations like this one here. J. Cole had to deliver a legendary verse spitting amongst one of the Gods of the game! #RIPGURU I still love Hip Hop. It continues to feed me and heal me. Thanks DJ Premier for bringing us another masterpiece!
    BRANDON BUYS 1 month ago 💯
  • StayGold PonyBoy
    StayGold PonyBoy 1 week ago Amen 100% on everything you said ... real hip hop is our language ... From its rap roots.. To break dancing.. To bombin... To MCing ... (If hip hop ever went by another name it would be called "PREEMO") one love an respect my Brother in Hip Hop ... May We always be connected together all of us of all shades an colors an creeds from every corner of the world
  • Wouter Janse
    Wouter Janse 1 week ago Wow man you couldn't have said it any better! Respect!💯💯
  • Ammer Reduron
    Ammer Reduron 2 days ago I feel you bro, so we are a hip hop family <3
  • HipHoP-ears ClassOf88
    HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 1 month ago (edited) I know Nas is kicking himself for not working with Premo on that album..
  • Myname Is
    Myname Is 1 month ago Nas is weird
  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 1 month ago @Myname Is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃
  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 1 month ago HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 nah nas is the G.O.A.T.
  • Sly Blu
    Sly Blu 1 month ago Nas my favorite but yea do be doing dumb shit....just like he said he pick those dumb ass beats he use because it’s a challenge. That’s why I’ll only put PAC in front of him
  • stephanie perkins
    stephanie perkins 1 month ago @Sly Blu I would put kendrick over him
  • stephanie perkins
    stephanie perkins 1 month ago Kendrick is the goat
  • Bob Zhup
    Bob Zhup 1 month ago I didn’t even know that nas was gonna be in dis album if he was I would have been happy as fuck
  • Sly Blu
    Sly Blu 1 month ago stephanie perkins 😑😑 Kendrick jus babbles like Eminem
  • gottabump
    gottabump 1 month ago @stephanie perkins lol Na kendrick is nowhere near Nas' level.. we'll see where hes at in 20yrs...
  • HipHoP-ears ClassOf88
    HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 1 month ago Bob Zhup Nas and Premo was gonna make an album and Nas changed his mind..
  • gottabump
    gottabump 1 month ago @HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 of course he did, hes gonna stick with all the dogshit beats he chooses
  • m3kbeatz
    m3kbeatz 1 month ago @Myname Is 😂
  • bookieplow
    bookieplow 1 month ago Nas, Kendrick and Drake all missed an opportunity to be on this album. They're gonna regret it!
  • blaqvenus
    blaqvenus 1 month ago HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 yes indeed, especially now that he made that flop album with the new mad Kanye..😆💯
  • Hijack Recordings
    Hijack Recordings 1 month ago nas album with ye is greatly underrated tho
  • Sly Blu
    Sly Blu 1 month ago HipHoP-ears ClassOf88 it’s a shame my 2nd favorite rapper of all time is a scary bitch!!!!
  • Sly Blu
    Sly Blu 1 month ago Hijack Recordings it was traaassssh
  • Smoove Dave
    Smoove Dave 1 month ago Actually DJ Premier sequenced Nas’s Illmatic album. Here is the article if you want to read it:
  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music 1 month ago he didn't!?
  • CLOUDS 592
    CLOUDS 592 4 weeks ago @Hijack Recordings tht album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Tobi Van
    Tobi Van 3 weeks ago @stephanie perkins is kendrick even good?
  • Ronaldo Gutierrez
    Ronaldo Gutierrez 2 weeks ago Nas been a lame
  • myncraft1
    myncraft1 2 weeks ago (edited) Everyone here disrespecting Kendrick hasn't listened to him. Keeping Concious Albums alive.
  • getstrongby40
    getstrongby40 2 weeks ago @stephanie perkins 😂😂🤣🤣you must be young,,,, real young
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 2 weeks ago If Nas really cared he would've gave us that long rumored duo album with him & Premier. But I just dropped a new mixtape track using a Primo beat, complete with my own custom vocal samples & scratches...see whatcha think...!👍🏾🎤🎧💿🎶🔥
  • MrMuis06
    MrMuis06 2 weeks ago An album with AZ would be great as well.....dam near anybody with Premier will be a dope album .
  • that dude
    that dude 2 weeks ago Nobody cares you dosser
  • MrMuis06
    MrMuis06 1 week ago I would like to see Eminem dropping some heat on a premier track...
  • Yeahnah
    Yeahnah 1 week ago People callin Kendrick trash are the kinda people who make playlists and never listen to an album from start to finish. Thats how you gotta listen to Kendricks music, each songs a segment in a story that's portrayed over the entire album. Critical thinking of bars is lost in todays mumble addicted world
  • Big D
    Big D 4 days ago Forget nas. I wish Sean price,big pun,big L and Prodigy was on the album for one track. Called The Fallen Gods! R.I.P to the greats! SALUTE!!!!
  • Sly Blu
    Sly Blu 4 days ago myncraft1 Cole is keeping it alive.... Kendrick jus babbles with his nappy ass braids lmao
  • Junior
    Junior 4 weeks ago Logic : Wu Tang forever is the colab of the century J Cole : hold this 808
  • Syed Isamuddin
    Syed Isamuddin 1 month ago For those that don't know, C.R.E.A.M. is a classic song by Wu-Tang Clan. My Melody is a classic track by Eric B and Rakim.
  • Issac Hawthorne
    Issac Hawthorne 1 month ago Syed Isamuddin the true G’s know what’s up
  • Akill Allah
    Akill Allah 1 month ago Indeed. For the mellinials.
  • Les Diquens
    Les Diquens 1 month ago Thanks I knew CREAM but never head the other one.
  • Akill Allah
    Akill Allah 1 month ago @Les Diquens you should listen to Rakim or Eric B and Rakim. Rakim is one of the best emcees in hip hop history.
  • Les Diquens
    Les Diquens 1 month ago @Akill Allah I need to get on it. I've listened to tons of old school hip hop but never rakim for some reason
  • Akill Allah
    Akill Allah 1 month ago @Les Diquens trust me. He's a blessing to the game. He was stated in the 100th issue of the Source hip hop magazine as the greatest emcee of all time.
  • Fu Levels
    Fu Levels 1 month ago @Les Diquens hes The God MC, he did his thing with Eric B, then released 2 solo albums in the late 90s. Pretty dope too.
  • mistahmst
    mistahmst 1 month ago I'm sure that was obvious to most hip-hop fans
  • Syed Isamuddin
    Syed Isamuddin 1 month ago mistahmst anyone who listens to gang Starr knows it, but most of coles fans don't know.
  • mistahmst
    mistahmst 1 month ago @Syed Isamuddin that's why when a lot of Cole fans call him the GOAT, I can't take it seriously. Their frame of reference for hip-hop is so small that they don't know even know arguably two of hip-hop's most essential songs. Of course not all Cole fans are like this (I'm a Cole fan), but a song like "C.R.E.A.M" has transcended beyond hip-hop to the point where I feel you would have to live under a rock to not at least know about it.
  • LastSushi
    LastSushi 1 month ago C.R.E.A.M = Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  • Indigo//compression.
    Indigo//compression. 1 month ago @Fu Levels I mean, rakim inspired the man Eminem, so he is a blessing to the game dude.
  • Griffo417
    Griffo417 1 month ago And for those that do know, you know.
  • getstrongby40
    getstrongby40 2 weeks ago If you didn't know that, wtf are you doing here?
  • getstrongby40
    getstrongby40 2 weeks ago @Indigo//compression. LOL probably the worst example you could have thought of
  • victor norman
    victor norman 2 weeks ago If you dont this your music game needs some work
  • Ashlea Bal
    Ashlea Bal 1 week ago @LastSushi wu tang aint nuthin to fuk wit
  • Aye
    Aye 1 week ago Akill Allah, perhaps more people would return to Hip Hop if you didn’t scare them all away.
  • Nils Axel Ragnwaldh
    Nils Axel Ragnwaldh 4 days ago real hip hop fans know that
  • nabilster
    nabilster 2 months ago Hearing GURU’s voice on a PREEMO’s beat in 2019... Can’t describe this feeling ! #RIPGuru
  • Gio Incredible
    Gio Incredible 2 months ago You're absolutely right!!!! Indescribable feeling
  • Whole Lottanope
    Whole Lottanope 2 months ago I'm sayin. This got me feeling some type of way. Never thought I'd hear a new Guru verse.
  • SamSam
    SamSam 2 months ago This song makes me sad and fuckin happy at the same time
  • Lamont Turner
    Lamont Turner 2 months ago He still here
  • Cheezzey
    Cheezzey 2 months ago sheevers all over my DAMN SKIN
  • Andy Brar
    Andy Brar 2 months ago Yeah for real 😁💯
  • flippin_son
    flippin_son 2 months ago Feels :)
  • Igor Amokian
    Igor Amokian 2 months ago (edited) Incredible!!!! Thanks Preemo and Fab 5 (TheGeneration Man!!!) Blondie - Rapture video ....until today... I know Fab was around before that video...but it was the 1st time I saw him...late 70s...amazing!!
  • Diego
    Diego 2 months ago Bro that's crazy..
  • Angel D
    Angel D 2 months ago Facts man, this got me in my reeiings, not gon lie...
  • Nick Nice21
    Nick Nice21 2 months ago DAMN ....... brought a tear to my eye at 6:40 in the morning just getting off work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • m3kbeatz
    m3kbeatz 2 months ago 💯
  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music 2 months ago #RipGuru
  • stealthiscool
    stealthiscool 2 months ago It’s unreal, we don’t deserve this
  • IVERSON Emanuel
  • Igor Amokian
    Igor Amokian 2 months ago @Andy Brar Amazing...uncanny and incredible work...sounds like he just laid those verses on that beat... Preemo is a genius for real.
  • Doug Leader
    Doug Leader 2 months ago Check me out!
  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith 2 months ago Goosebumps💪💪💪💪💪
  • TeamTOS
    TeamTOS 2 months ago Real talk ,this made a grow man cry 👊🏽
  • crazyalcayne
    crazyalcayne 2 months ago FACTS!!
  • Michael Gass
    Michael Gass 2 months ago The sound of his voice combined with the family & loyalty theme caught me off guard. I'm not surprised I like the song, just surprised how emotional it made me.
  • TeamTOS
    TeamTOS 2 months ago Michael Gass agreed
  • jon
    jon 2 months ago (edited) nabilster had no idea how much I missed guru and wanted him back til this
  • The Music Theory 001
    The Music Theory 001 2 months ago I do videos on artists and their music... Please visit and subscribe to my channel to motivate me to continue 😞
  • theherbpuffer
    theherbpuffer 2 months ago Hands down best hip hop song of 2019!
  • theherbpuffer
    theherbpuffer 2 months ago @Angel D No cap
  • koen Armstrong
    koen Armstrong 2 months ago This is one of the most beautiful things I love about music and it’s influence
  • Drew Green
    Drew Green 2 months ago I'm an aspiring hip hop/pop artist from Detroit, Michigan one day I'll collab with j.cole ! I gotta long way to go tho but I can make it happen, we all can reach our goals we just gotta stay inspired an work hard
  • Paweł Jóźwiak
    Paweł Jóźwiak 2 months ago yeah. Huge respect for Preemo
  • Nas Escobar
    Nas Escobar 2 months ago Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is 🍋❤️
  • Joe General
    Joe General 2 months ago im straight up crying right now dude...
  • Igwe Luthuli
    Igwe Luthuli 2 months ago Couldn't have said it better myself...
  • Gorilla Warrior
    Gorilla Warrior 2 months ago I know right? Thank God for Real Rap.
  • Danilo Simari
    Danilo Simari 2 months ago So true man!!
  • StrangerMusiq
    StrangerMusiq 2 months ago Yo men's i got some hiphop stuff , would u mind to check out my last drop if u got a sec ofc
  • Monique Robinson
    Monique Robinson 2 months ago nabilster yes you can respect yourself and others....but if the devil shows his head....cut it OFF....
  • allen saunders
    allen saunders 2 months ago Its a breathe of fresh air
  • SIPeublo
    SIPeublo 2 months ago Hell yeah
  • Elson Patacas
    Elson Patacas 2 months ago (edited) @Angel D man amazing! This sound touch my soul. Now I can die... Rest in peace K.E Forgive my english, I am from Angola-portuguese
  • Elvin Mandujano
    Elvin Mandujano 2 months ago We're all saying the same thing. Brings goosebumps. We need more of this.
  • Joshua Arroyos
    Joshua Arroyos 2 months ago Very indescribable! It felt like when I first hear GURU but with so much various emotions. Felt like this maybe be the rebirth of Hip Hop..
  • Alonzo Moses jr
    Alonzo Moses jr 2 months ago DJ just stylee guru from gangster and Pete rock they like dr dray in they own way they Ben producing like longer then 25 years going strong rest in peace guru God bless u keep the faith salute
  • Swagger-meister
    Swagger-meister 2 months ago @Cheezzey Same here m'boy, just great.
  • Beck
    Beck 1 month ago who is cutting onions here?!!?!
  • Micah De Luca
    Micah De Luca 1 month ago nabilster people dont get how fuckin insane this shit is in 2019
  • Tyrrone Hinton
    Tyrrone Hinton 1 month ago @SamSam Exactly fam. I just listened to this, and and had to keep from getting emotional. Guru was that dude
  • Darrin JD
    Darrin JD 1 month ago All hip hop heads stand up!!
  • henry rivera
    henry rivera 1 month ago Word
  • Gretta Garboux
    Gretta Garboux 1 month ago Ikr!!! I was so confused the first time I heard this beat. I'm like.. Is that?? Did they?? Wait, what is happening in 2019 DAMNIT???🔥🔥
  • P.R. JAB73
    P.R. JAB73 1 month ago PRICELESS! Even better cause I preordered!!!
  • Matthew Hoey
    Matthew Hoey 1 month ago As soon as I heard his voice on this new track my eyes started tingling, then I was just struck silent. Like seriously, they welled up. #GangStarrForever RIP Guru
  • Instrumentals Premium 2
    Instrumentals Premium 2 1 month ago (edited) Its So Genial Listen Guru's Name Again
  • Keith Wright
    Keith Wright 1 month ago Actually gives me chills
  • Derek Talley
    Derek Talley 1 month ago Love it
  • Frank Lawrence
    Frank Lawrence 1 month ago Word
  • Mr.SoloLocRager
    Mr.SoloLocRager 1 month ago Makes you want to tear up a little
  • Cosmic Thanos
    Cosmic Thanos 1 month ago yes indeed
  • Aduke Akinola
    Aduke Akinola 1 month ago nabilster I almost cried.
  • Andre Butler
    Andre Butler 1 month ago Exactly, damn that cut goes hard!!! Made this 53 year old hip hop head smile.
    MIC KNIGHT 1 month ago Dres reppin'; can't beat that with a bat!
  • robert bailey
    robert bailey 1 month ago My heart is heavy but my ears r joyful
  • simone rose
    simone rose 1 month ago Goosebumps!
  • BrosepherStoned
    BrosepherStoned 1 month ago I know brother it just feels right
  • m3kbeatz
    m3kbeatz 1 month ago @Drew Green good luck
  • Budda Bless
    Budda Bless 1 month ago I teared. Guru = my childhood. Bless I grew along side hip hop and GANGSTARR, daddy k, Krs one, LL, shout out to the ONLY queen of hip hop MC LYTE.
  • MLT Gaming-San
    MLT Gaming-San 1 month ago ..Well said...check out my book and see why they chemtrail all night and Day.. "NIBIRU" 2019 THE WORLD'S BIGGEST SECRET -
  • King Ramesez
    King Ramesez 3 weeks ago Just dropped a new track using a classic Preemo beat for my latest mixtape that's complete with my own custom scratching & vocal samples. See whatcha think...!!!👍🏾🎤🎧💿🎶🔥
  • Tecpaocelotl Castillo
    Tecpaocelotl Castillo 1 month ago I like how Keith (guru's son) is banging his head the hardest.
  • Joseph Blanchard
    Joseph Blanchard 1 month ago He actually just got a haircut and got all his dreds cut off to look more like his dad and also rapped all his dad's lyrics and verses in that same video too. It's on this same channel/page, if you haven't already checked it out yet tho.
  • Etcher
    Etcher 1 month ago Love that Big Shug is at the table too. Primo always gives Shug the props, proper friends.
  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago Whoever disliked this isnt getting into Heaven.
  • The 6unsl1n63r
    The 6unsl1n63r 1 month ago I'm crying guys!!!! "Gang starr has gots to be the sure shot"
  • vmm12
    vmm12 1 month ago “And it’s like that”
  • Vinny Berry
    Vinny Berry 1 month ago Hearing new Guru is like opening a time capsule from when you’re a kid. Damn I miss this dude. RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal