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Скачать с ютуб Erik Morales - Zahir Raheem

Опубликовано: 26 сент. 2013 г. 131 454 просмотра

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Érik Isaac Morales Elvira (born September 1, 1976), best known as Érik Morales, is a retired Mexican professional boxer. He is the first Mexican-born boxer in history to win world titles in four different weight classes, having held the WBC and WBO super bantamweight, WBC featherweight (twice), WBC and IBF super featherweight, and WBC light welterweight titles.

Morales defeated fifteen world champions during the course of his career, and is famous for his trilogies with fellow Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera, as well as Manny Pacquiao. He is ranked #49 on ESPN's "50 Greatest Boxers of All Time".

Real name Érik Isaac Morales Elvira
Nickname(s) El Terrible ("The Terrible")
Rated at Super bantamweight
Super featherweight
Light welterweight
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Reach 72 in (183 cm)
Nationality Mexican
Born September 1, 1976 (age 39)
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 61
Wins 52
Wins by KO 36
Losses 9

  • Odracir Zeravla
    Odracir Zeravla 6 months ago (edited) 5 months later, Erik Morales went on to fight Pacquiao in the rematch anyway. Morales was throwing his career away at this point. He barely performed here, then went straight for the Pac rematch and lost, then rematch again to Pac for a third time and lost. He was throwing his career away. He just didnt care at that point, barely training.
  • joshua martinez
    joshua martinez 3 months ago Hes a fucking pig when hes not fight.Eating anything he sees on the table
  • nibaldo antonio singler lopez
    nibaldo antonio singler lopez 1 year ago estos si eran gallos mexicanos no como los que corren como gallinas y se creen los mejores
  • Andres Figueroa
    Andres Figueroa 1 year ago Morales said never im not goin back to 130 then u could hear devil uncle bob in the background of course u r i dont care if u dont make 130 anymore ill give u millions pac is my nxt star uve srarted to fade everyones disposable dear erik.
  • Juan Carrillo
    Juan Carrillo 10 months ago Andres Figueroa So instead of fighting the winner Manny the PakBITCH chose the looser in Morales. A 2 million dollar fine was put on the weight drained Morales. That’s how brave Manny the PakBITCH is. Record doesn’t lie.
  • loveboxing lucky17
    loveboxing lucky17 8 months ago Good observation!! I heard it to🖒
  • J. Rayna216
    J. Rayna216 2 years ago 23:45 morales trainer talking about the referee and Steward laughing was great.
  • Rai Monta
    Rai Monta 5 months ago (edited) Many thought Morales showing decline in this fight... but nope..zahir Raheem is one of the best boxers in this division he is just un heard of. ... He knocked out Louisito Espinosa ...He packs a punch and he is a very skilled fighter too. Morales was just surprised facing a very tough and skilled unkmown opponent.
  • Mossimo Tiberi
    Mossimo Tiberi 8 months ago Morales was weight drained
  • Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins 4 months ago Lmao...he had moved up in weight! How was he weight-drained?
  • Real Nigga
    Real Nigga 2 months ago @Chris Hawkins He knows nothing. He saw one of his favorite fighters lose and had to make up an excuse 😂
  • Hard Work everyday Talk
    Hard Work everyday Talk 1 year ago "He ant got nothing baby"😀😀😀
  • word of the day:
    word of the day: 2 weeks ago Zahir was frozen out. He could have beat a lot of fighters. He had the skills. Lost motivation.
  • loveboxing lucky17
    loveboxing lucky17 8 months ago (edited) Listen to manny Stewart in the middle of the second round!! He talks about the opposition of manny pacquiao and Erik morales of the last years!!
  • Lance Watson
    Lance Watson 2 years ago Great performance by Zahir Raheem! Classy guy too! Thanks for the upload!
  • Don’t watch
    Don’t watch 7 months ago (edited) Raheem is so unknown even after beating morales he should’ve fought bigger names to build up his legacy
  • Paulo Austria
    Paulo Austria 7 months ago (edited) Rk same with Jeff Horn after he loss to Crawford he keeps on fighting bums in Australia. That’s what you get if you don’t deserve to beat a champion in a fair way. At least when Raheem did it, it was clean boxing and when Buster Douglas did it he knocks Mike Tyson out. Jeff Horn never bounce back cause his unskilled dirty boxer however Pacquiao is on the top 10 best pound for pound and the WBA(super) champ is more bad ass than having the WBO belt.
  • Rai Monta
    Rai Monta 5 months ago He is unknown to manny but he is in fact the most underated boxer at that time... this guy is really skilled and powerful. He dismantled one of our boxing great Louisito Espinosa ..knocking him out with a flush punch to the chin. This guy is pretty solid...he just aint lucky getting good offers.
  • richard V.
    richard V. 8 months ago Hard to find any info. On Raheem.
  • adamrushd8096
    adamrushd8096 3 months ago He was on the 96 Olympic Boxing team, he is from Philly I believe he is from North Philly I also believe he grew up in the same gym as 96 Boxing Gold medalist David Reid. I'm from Philly & we don't have a lot of info about him either
  • Interested Party
    Interested Party 1 month ago They cheated Raheem out of a title shot because he could have outpointed Pacquiao at this point in time.
  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos 8 months ago Congratulations, he beat Morales and this victory catapulted him to absolutely nowhere.
    FEAR KCP 7 months ago You mad because a low level Black American whooped another one of your mexican legends?
  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos 7 months ago @FEAR KCP no i just think its funny
  • Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins 4 months ago Not true...he went on to fight for a title 2x!
  • Felipe Zamora
    Felipe Zamora 1 year ago Esta fue una pelea comprada. Deberían tener más respeto con el público.
    TRAP SOUL 1 year ago 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
    LEE GALAN 1 year ago Reason Larry Lederman is no longer a judge nobody agreed with him on his scoring and you can see he's blind as a bat when you're as good as Morales Chavez Marquez anello if the opponent survives they win the match Hahaha
  • Paulos Kidane
    Paulos Kidane 1 year ago LEE GALAN lmfao u gotta be a Mexican/troll to make a comment like that
  • Jd Vlanka
    Jd Vlanka 5 months ago Agreed, they were hardly giving morales credit when he was landing more punches
  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 5 months ago Morales peleo deshidratado para dar el peso son tácticas y condiciones que uso paquiado a su ventaja pactan pesaje difícil para el oponente
  • hollow points bullets
    hollow points bullets 4 weeks ago Deja Las excusas.
  • Conocimiento Disciplina
    Conocimiento Disciplina 5 months ago Y como va a ganar Morales,si el otro se la pasa corriendo?
  • jesus the gamer
    jesus the gamer 1 year ago Raheem, another chiken runner.
  • Hard Work everyday Talk
    Hard Work everyday Talk 1 year ago 😫😫😫👌👌
  • Mind Mind
    Mind Mind 1 year ago What? The chicken was Pacquiao for ducking Zhair raheen
  • Tevin Howell
    Tevin Howell 3 months ago Hit n not get hit that's why alot of brawlers lose to boxers
  • Zulu Fight Channel
    Zulu Fight Channel 2 months ago 25:00 like here?
  • Frank Farfan
    Frank Farfan 1 year ago Telling your figther that your opponent got nothing when he knows is one of the best. Big mistake
  • Carmen Arechiga
    Carmen Arechiga 1 year ago Apparently not