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Опубликовано: 17 мар. 2019 г. 672 309 просмотров

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5 Steps To A Stylish Outfit (works every time) All items shown are linked…just click ‘SHOW MORE’ below! I hope you enjoy this video :)





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  • Kelly Kirstein
    Kelly Kirstein 3 months ago Imagine having this kind of money 😂
  • Gen Z Vlogs
    Gen Z Vlogs 1 year ago For those of us who can’t afford to have a ton of shoes, handbags, etc... could you do a video about maybe 5 staple shoes, handbags, purses, belts and jewelry pieces we should own?
  • Mariah F.
    Mariah F. 11 months ago Yeah, for those of us who don't own a personalised bespoke wardrobe
  • J B
    J B 1 year ago 1. Foundation Piece (item outfit is based around) 2. Colour Palette (black, brown, navy, monochrome, neutrals, pop of colour) 3. Unnecessary Item (hat, blazer, belt) 4. Jewelry (mix real and fashion) 5. Bag & Shoes (should match what you’re doing that day)
  • FemmeFan
    FemmeFan 11 months ago I tried this today for work. Got compliments everywhere (office, Metro train and
  • Ashley David
    Ashley David 8 months ago TheNaturaleBeauty werkkkk it girl!
  • Christa 1228
    Christa 1228 11 months ago “Wear a completely unnecessary item like blazers or jackets!” Haha I’d love problem..the temperature’s around 30*C all year round😭😭
  • Sara Valencia
    Sara Valencia 10 months ago I know the feeling.... you should yry the hat instead!
  • Megha Sheikh
    Megha Sheikh 9 months ago ARMY!!!!
  • Deborah O
    Deborah O 1 month ago (edited) - Add a hat or silk like scarf. Or do the chic combo of layering a lightweight silky like scarf under a lightweight hat (protect from the sun and portable shade) -Flattering sunglasses, or sunglasses matching your outfit can tie together. (Can combine this with the first one) -Wearing very light thin or lace shirts with camisole under. Can belt it too, or add a belt to a longer cardigan that's thin or lace to add definition. Or use a belt with high waist shorts that's the same color. -Thin denim vest instead of denim jacket (If you can in country, go thrift shopping for jacket then cut off the sleeves) -Ribbons as a belt. Can match the color of a dress/shirt or match with bag/shoes. -Thin button up rolled up at 3/4 sleeve with ends tied with buttons undone with a cami under for layered look, can make this monochrome.
  • EntertainmentByLaura
    EntertainmentByLaura 1 year ago (edited) Liked it. Would’ve loved it if you did an example of each type. I.e., Black/Brown/POP of Color/Neutrals once you pick your first item. So if you picked white jeans to start, like you did, how would you do pop of color? How would you do black? And so forth. It may seem easy for others but I’m seriously lacking in how to put an outfit together. Thanks Shea. You make it look so easy to look put together like you do! 👖👚👜👡
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney 1 year ago That would have been a good idea!
  • Aimee Ray
    Aimee Ray 1 year ago Shea Whitney I would love to see that type of video too!
  • Robin Luettke
    Robin Luettke 1 year ago How comfortable are you with color? It can be a bigger piece such as your top or something simple like a pair of earrings. I love colors and mixing prints. Start experimenting and have fun. Honestly I used to copy a mannequin from the clothes to the accessories. I started playing and mixing and matching. Good luck
  • Kera707
    Kera707 1 year ago I have the same issue and love instructions that breaks things down.  Thanks Shea for the 5 steps, they make sense.  But step 2 could be a full video on its own.  As I listened to you, I looked down at my outfit now & realize I have brown shoe with black purse & black scarf.  When you said "people either choose black or brown & neutral or color", I was bit embarrassed at my choose today
  • Browngirl
    Browngirl 1 year ago Great vlog!
  • aga niko
    aga niko 1 year ago EntertainmentByLaura me too!
  • Alicia Elnagger
    Alicia Elnagger 1 year ago yes this!
  • Kimberley Schendel
    Kimberley Schendel 9 months ago I loved this video! You made it so simple. I would love to see an example of each type as well. Great channel. Keep it up!
  • Athira G.Menon
    Athira G.Menon 1 year ago Thank you for not dressing up IN FRONT of the camera. Alot of pple do that for some reason 😂 I find that hilarious.
  • Katy Benjamin
    Katy Benjamin 10 months ago What I never thought
  • Katy Benjamin
    Katy Benjamin 10 months ago I've never seen that
  • Athira G.Menon
    Athira G.Menon 10 months ago @Katy Benjamin u know those umm "fashion gurus" they do that. It weird af.
  • Katy Benjamin
    Katy Benjamin 10 months ago @Athira G.Menon what the heck I didn't know that we trying to keep it pg up in here lol
  • Bennu AYMAN
    Bennu AYMAN 5 months ago i dont get it... she did
  • Phoebe
    Phoebe 4 months ago @Katy Benjamin they don't actually "strip down " u might see a under shirt or underwear all still pg and its usually sped up with like background music nothing sexy 😂
  • BostonBarbieDoll
    BostonBarbieDoll 1 year ago Would Like 2 See This For A Really Hot And Humid Climate. Really Changes Things... xx
  • Xotchilt Diaz
    Xotchilt Diaz 1 year ago Love your personality. Thank you for your tips. 🌸
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney 1 year ago Thank you...that makes me happy!!!
  • Anam Abdul Gafoor
    Anam Abdul Gafoor 1 year ago Love how dedicated and original you are in your videos....... A new subbie right here
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney 1 year ago Wow..thank you!! This makes me smile!!!
  • SueMae Everyday
    SueMae Everyday 1 year ago When you watch YouTube too much: watching this in the kitchen and the husband is in there with you cooking (he’s cooking, I’m watching). Video ends and husband says: “who would wear a Neverfull to a wedding?” I don’t know what to do with that. Great video as always ❤️
  • Nana Hey
    Nana Hey 1 year ago He’s clearly learning! My bf wouldn’t know what a neverfull is, but we are getting there haha
  • SueMae Everyday
    SueMae Everyday 1 year ago Nana Hey lol! 😂❤️
  • Amber Wise
    Amber Wise 1 year ago 😂🤣🤣
  • blueshoes915
    blueshoes915 11 months ago I always throw something on in a hurry and people tell me how stylish I am. Happens every time. Then some days when I plan an outfit beforehand it’s bleh. So that’s my styling tip, hurried fashion. Love that necklace. So dainty and versatile yet statement. Just beautiful. Great collab!
  • M Powered
    M Powered 6 months ago Lol, same
  • Bitcoin Kitten
    Bitcoin Kitten 10 months ago Step 3 got me subscribed. LOL Add something you don't need.
  • Trish Pipkins
    Trish Pipkins 1 year ago This reminded me of Ferris Bueller. That's how he talked to the audience. Haha. Great tips too!
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney 1 year ago hahaha you're right! lol!
  • Melissa Dacosta
    Melissa Dacosta 1 year ago Trish Pipkins Yes! It also reminded me of the movie Mannequin with Kim Cattral with the hat part and the 80s music!
  • Trish Pipkins
    Trish Pipkins 1 year ago Melissa Dacosta Omg!!! Yeeees!
  • Delia Santos
    Delia Santos 1 year ago Love this video so much and watching your personally grow! Your videos really make me feel like I’m just hanging out with my funny, fashion forward friend!
  • Surferess
    Surferess 1 year ago I think you are just delightful. Hey, I feel like that necklace is way too delicate for that length.
  • cmgal86
    cmgal86 1 year ago Very helpful steps to planning an outfit! I really liked the one to add something you don't need and will be keeping that one in mind from now on!! Great content as always : )
  • Jia Pia
    Jia Pia 4 months ago She's, you are so pretty and Hilarious. I always love the videos on your channel.
    BLAIR 6 months ago (edited) I knew it. That unnecessary piece is the key. I noticed all my Instagram friends who dress well have an extra piece that takes the outfit to the next level. It must be nice being rich 😩😍😍😍
  • Lea-Sophie Ernst
    Lea-Sophie Ernst 1 year ago Shea❤️ I definitely need to leave you a comment! I still remember your first video when you had 200 subscribers. Maybe you still remember me, you were so cute when I posted a shoutout of your channel, man that’s a long time ago. Now it‘s over 600k :O You deserve that so much. The quality of your videos is insane, so good. Please keep going, Lea
  • Shea Whitney
    Shea Whitney 1 year ago Awe yes, I totally remember that!!! You were so nice and supportive from the very beginning...I always appreciated that!! Thank you sooooooo much!!! Mwah!
  • ohsobo
    ohsobo 1 year ago Lea-Sophie Ernst yes I agree!! And she’s the only one I feel that creates new content with same genre or topic. She makes it interesting and fun. She could talk about the same thing over and over but I love the way she does it. It’s always new. Yay Shea!
  • Lea-Sophie Ernst
    Lea-Sophie Ernst 1 year ago ❤️