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Скачать с ютуб Chris Brown - Fine China (Official Music Video)

Опубликовано: 1 апр. 2013 г. 83 821 518 просмотров

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Chris Brown’s ‘X’ available now!

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Music video by Chris Brown performing Fine China. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  • Danielle Villar
    Danielle Villar 5 years ago If a guy came to my doorstep with that car, my dad would push me out of the house instead.
  • Fellen Denegerous
    Fellen Denegerous 5 years ago Ill be there in 10 minutes.
  • Lara V
    Lara V 5 years ago I told myself the same thing
  • Rosa Mystica
    Rosa Mystica 5 years ago lmfaoooo
  • Just Rosie
    Just Rosie 5 years ago ikr
  • Kmomyle Smith
    Kmomyle Smith 5 years ago @Danielle Villar Goodone!!!!....loool...
  • Kmomyle Smith
    Kmomyle Smith 5 years ago @Cscottrun53 Stop playin Im howling right now!!!....okay....
  • Sara Sh
    Sara Sh 5 years ago OMG SAME LMFAOO. My dad would be like: Dont you dare return home if you're not dating him.
  • Jennifer Reyes
    Jennifer Reyes 5 years ago Lmfao 😂😂😂
  • Oreoslayer Xo
    Oreoslayer Xo 4 years ago My dad would be running and push me out of the way haha
  • Stacey Grace
    Stacey Grace 3 years ago But he didn't come to the door which is disrespectful!
  • L Lee
    L Lee 3 years ago Danielle Villar with a lamborghini aventador
  • Latessa H.
    Latessa H. 3 years ago Stacey Grace Why would You go to the door if her father doesn't like you
  • ScreamingOverTheSounds Xx
    ScreamingOverTheSounds Xx 3 years ago Danielle Villar Same
  • Ak Miller
    Ak Miller 3 years ago lol same
  • sophie Moneyxo
    sophie Moneyxo 2 years ago Danielle Villar My dad would be proud that I even got a guy!!😂
  • Marius Popescu
    Marius Popescu 2 years ago =)))) thats true :))) i came wheet you in that car :))
  • Cardi Fan
    Cardi Fan 2 years ago Danielle Villar frfr
  • Damarion Harris
    Damarion Harris 2 years ago Danielle Villar lol ikr
  • Steve Solo
    Steve Solo 2 years ago Danielle Villar 😂😂😂 Hilarious
  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 2 years ago Without even knowing what he do for living just because of a car. I can't think far
  • my name is jeff yuh batch
    my name is jeff yuh batch 2 years ago Kay Kay lol
  • Sharnay
    Sharnay 2 years ago (edited) Danielle Villar forget me he'd be the quickest to get into that car
  • tiana sash
    tiana sash 2 years ago Lol
  • Yasmine Fodil
    Yasmine Fodil 2 years ago 😌 the girl is rich so they don't give a damn fuck bt it
  • Lil BusDiver
    Lil BusDiver 2 years ago Danielle Villar that's a gold digger and most girls are anyways all they care about is the money they don't care about you
  • Curtis Ross Jr
    Curtis Ross Jr 2 years ago sharks kid mostly true sadly
  • Hanna Fletcher
    Hanna Fletcher 2 years ago Danielle Villar omg same
  • Kewpie Kerr
    Kewpie Kerr 2 years ago Danielle Villar dad pimp 4 life
  • A F
    A F 2 years ago Lol when your the only one that doesn't have a dad hahaha.... ):
  • Omar Andrés Espino Borda
    Omar Andrés Espino Borda 2 years ago Danielle Villar 😱😱😱😱
  • Solara Q
    Solara Q 2 years ago Danielle Villar I'm in stitches right now 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭🤣🤣
  • EdvardBasketball Way
    EdvardBasketball Way 2 years ago Danielle Villar bruh my whole family would come out haha
  • Sanae Sanae
    Sanae Sanae 2 years ago Danielle Villar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Seasonal Changes
    Seasonal Changes 2 years ago Danielle Villar 😅😅😅😅
  • Addison McKinney
    Addison McKinney 2 years ago Stupid
  • Aliah Fenty
    Aliah Fenty 2 years ago Danielle Villar thats fucking true
  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu 2 years ago Hahahahahah
  • tinamarie2484
    tinamarie2484 2 years ago 😂😂
  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu 2 years ago I don’t like her dad
  • Fariel Gazelle
    Fariel Gazelle 2 years ago Danielle Villar this made me lol
  • Kimley Floyd
    Kimley Floyd 2 years ago Danielle Villar 😂
  • Delta_ Logan
    Delta_ Logan 2 years ago Danielle Villar everybody has 2.5k likes how?????
  • Firehorse
    Firehorse 1 year ago Lol
  • Lyrsky Wade
    Lyrsky Wade 1 year ago (edited) Stacey Grace I maen his dad did not like him or what her around her so I if I was Chris I would have just waited at the car 😂😁😀😀😁😂 problem avoided
  • Devina Clemence
    Devina Clemence 1 year ago This is so true!!!
  • Dark_002_Killer
    Dark_002_Killer 1 year ago Danielle Villar he go think u are gold digger.
  • Cherno Jallow
    Cherno Jallow 1 year ago Lmaooo
  • sofie andersen
    sofie andersen 1 year ago same
  • Melaine Naiker
    Melaine Naiker 1 year ago Danielle Villa
  • Devontae Robinson
    Devontae Robinson 1 year ago 😂💯
  • hamisi sheby
    hamisi sheby 1 year ago @Sara Sh hahahaa....
  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 1 year ago Will a 2018 Honda Civic work I can always upgrade later Koo I'll pick you up at 8
  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 1 year ago @Latessa H. Chris gonna give that old man them hands
  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 1 year ago @Sharnay and I'd walk right outta the car into the house and into the refrigerator
  • Ultimate Shining
    Ultimate Shining 11 months ago Danielle Villar 🤣🤣🤣
  • Ella Clarke
    Ella Clarke 11 months ago My dad would be like okay bye
  • Rozerin Deniz
    Rozerin Deniz 11 months ago Thats good
  • Leah Martinez
    Leah Martinez 11 months ago @Ella Clarke my mom would be like go please ive been waiting my life for this.
  • Leah Martinez
    Leah Martinez 11 months ago @Stacey Grace is it? Didn't notice that until now?
  • Helen Taylor
    Helen Taylor 11 months ago At Lanta Georgia baby
  • Plat NRG
    Plat NRG 10 months ago Danielle Villar lol I was thinking that I’d push my daughter out the way to see the car
  • David Rock
    David Rock 10 months ago is your dad a multi-millionaire gangster? ha ha
  • Dosomething Goodtoday
    Dosomething Goodtoday 10 months ago Danielle Villar forealllll
  • Ajib sa ladka
    Ajib sa ladka 9 months ago Shut up idiot.
  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar 9 months ago Noches de sábado en la ciudad
  • boxbraidsbaby13
    boxbraidsbaby13 9 months ago Danielle Villar 😂
  • Lenell Allen
    Lenell Allen 9 months ago Right 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂
  • Christina Modern
    Christina Modern 8 months ago looool
  • sweetheart ‘`
    sweetheart ‘` 7 months ago Danielle Villar bruh same my dad is like overprotective but if he saw a dude as fine as Chris brown with that car he’d literally probably force me into marriage and we ain’t even about that culture lmfao
  • hijassyy jas
    hijassyy jas 7 months ago Danielle Villar 😂😂
  • hijassyy jas
    hijassyy jas 7 months ago Danielle Villar he would of told me to go make some rich babies with him yall getting married tomorrow
  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 6 months ago Hilarious
  • edil ali
    edil ali 6 months ago my parents will be soo nice to him till he put a ring on my finger 😭
  • coffee Muya
    coffee Muya 6 months ago @Sara Sh 😀😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • coffee Muya
    coffee Muya 6 months ago 😁😁😂😂😊😂🤣🤣🤣
  • LeLe Dan
    LeLe Dan 6 months ago IKR, lolll he would be like what you waiting for.
  • Ama Jr
    Ama Jr 6 months ago 😂
  • Gerald Kiganda
    Gerald Kiganda 5 months ago Let me contact my car rental as fast as possible
  • Hsh Nrje
    Hsh Nrje 5 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    BADAZZTHANG 4 months ago without knowing the guy your dad would do that😂 damn he hates you
  • Yeet Foundation
    Yeet Foundation 4 months ago @Fellen Denegerous So yall married?
  • Jayda Belle
    Jayda Belle 3 months ago My dad will just glare
  • airdem brown
    airdem brown 3 months ago lol
  • Blank Space
    Blank Space 2 months ago 🤣🤣🤣no lie
  • Britney Spears
    Britney Spears 2 months ago 5 years ago
  • Professor X
    Professor X 2 months ago Too funny 🤣🤣😂
  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan 2 months ago mine too and I'm a 45 year old married man with my own house.
  • Abbie x_o_l
    Abbie x_o_l 1 month ago 😂😂😂
  • Pastel Cutie
    Pastel Cutie 1 month ago 🤣🤣
  • Dar John
    Dar John 1 month ago But what if it was R. Kelly?
  • Sir Henry Funches
    Sir Henry Funches 1 month ago Danielle Villar really morning
  • kyokodeoma
    kyokodeoma 1 month ago My dad would do 😂😂😂
  • sidney clarke
    sidney clarke 3 weeks ago Jcumcucnhodnjnuc
  • Arael4
    Arael4 2 weeks ago hahahaha
  • ziah lane
    ziah lane 2 weeks ago No comment
  • Stafock Hyde
    Stafock Hyde 1 month ago Who came here after Coronavirus and china aint fine anymore 😔
  • leebron jamlee
    leebron jamlee 1 month ago Stafock Hyde boa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Abner Orta
    Abner Orta 1 week ago This comment made me laugh
  • Mellione owens
    Mellione owens 1 week ago I laughed so hard...made my day
  • kevin antonio
    kevin antonio 1 week ago 😂😭
  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 1 week ago This is not why I came here. I actually came from dancing with the stars with zendaya
  • Nicole Janae
    Nicole Janae 1 week ago LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22
    KonsciousKoonKiller 22 1 week ago Damn lol
  • Denver Perlman
    Denver Perlman 1 week ago Lol
  • Jayson Contereas
    Jayson Contereas 1 week ago Me
  • Ё Надя
    Ё Надя 1 week ago Me too @nadyavardoeva
  • Majin Black
    Majin Black 1 week ago 💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • fine china
    fine china 6 days ago (edited) OOF I'll have to change my profile name ._. Idk why that's my profile name
  • Naija Janae
    Naija Janae 2 days ago LMFAOOO
  • Kymala Scarlett
    Kymala Scarlett 10 hours ago Lmao
  • harlene jean
    harlene jean 9 months ago Where the hell is FINE CHINA PART 2?😫😭
  • Israel Molina
    Israel Molina 9 months ago IKR
  • Lalalalal W
    Lalalalal W 9 months ago Tell me about it
  • O K
    O K 8 months ago Future and juice world
  • rhat roach
    rhat roach 8 months ago @O K noooo
  • Luz Esperanza Harris
    Luz Esperanza Harris 8 months ago Check juice wrld
  • Uplightered
    Uplightered 7 months ago Gone down the hill :-/ :-(
  • Controversial Viral
    Controversial Viral 7 months ago Just one part ??
  • Daishanae Johnson
    Daishanae Johnson 7 months ago Fr🤣🙄😂
  • emoji
    emoji 6 months ago @O K lmao
  • Deatra Smith
    Deatra Smith 6 months ago Mine too
  • Sanjog
    Sanjog 6 months ago Still in China.
  • VeeKay Gang
    VeeKay Gang 5 months ago make this public
  • Nish Millington
    Nish Millington 5 months ago Broken
  • Nish Millington
    Nish Millington 5 months ago Lost in Micheal jacksons album
  • Emily Garza
    Emily Garza 5 months ago chris brown what's up
  • Devontae Bacon
    Devontae Bacon 5 months ago They just left us on a cliffhanger
  • Chino Ezumah
    Chino Ezumah 4 months ago harlene jean Closet thing was Zero
  • gacha cutie.101 cutie 101
    gacha cutie.101 cutie 101 4 months ago IKR LIKE I WANT A PART 2 SO BAD
  • XxYunGb1aZeDxX-_-
    XxYunGb1aZeDxX-_- 4 months ago 700th like
  • Marquez Bishop
    Marquez Bishop 3 months ago @Luz Esperanza Harris he's gone now😭🙏🏽
  • Behappy
    Behappy 3 months ago @O K about that....
  • Zechariah L
    Zechariah L 3 months ago Listen to Back to Love
  • jellosmello bottle cracked
    jellosmello bottle cracked 2 months ago @O K I agree It sucks that juice wrld died rip I wonder what It would be like
  • O K
    O K 2 months ago @jellosmello bottle cracked already a thing lol
  • Adriana Gruber
    Adriana Gruber 2 months ago harlene jean I second that!!
  • Lyisla Woods
    Lyisla Woods 2 months ago Riight 😩
  • old BETTI
    old BETTI 1 month ago I dont think he did because a lot of rappers made a lot of songs called fine China
  • Lyisla Woods
    Lyisla Woods 1 month ago (edited) @old BETTI Chris Brown has his extrodinary ways off turning things into his own thing 🤗😩💙
  • Theo Queiroz Queiroz
    Theo Queiroz Queiroz 1 month ago 1 ABRIL
  • Kamerican
  • darkrainne 679
    darkrainne 679 4 weeks ago Nahh corona virus so not so fine china
  • Kamerican
    Kamerican 4 weeks ago @darkrainne 679 that was good
  • Corleone Beats
    Corleone Beats 3 weeks ago harlene jean
  • Khari6k
    Khari6k 1 week ago O K 😂😂
  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan 1 week ago @Sanjog lmmfao
  • TJ Awesome
    TJ Awesome 21 hours ago It would be epic if Chris made a part 2
  • Banele Msweli
    Banele Msweli 3 months ago Anyone is listening to this now in 2020? Let get likes here👇
  • Brooklyn Kawenga
    Brooklyn Kawenga 3 months ago Yea
  • Bene
    Bene 3 months ago I recheck every now and then
  • The absent soul -music
    The absent soul -music 3 months ago Banele Msweli
  • JLonte Cooper
    JLonte Cooper 2 months ago o yea
  • blue wolf
    blue wolf 2 months ago Totally
  • The absent soul -music
    The absent soul -music 2 months ago blue wolf
  • The absent soul -music
    The absent soul -music 2 months ago JLonte Cooper
  • Prince McClary
    Prince McClary 2 months ago Banele Msweli hell yeh
  • Emperor Arkunus
    Emperor Arkunus 2 months ago I am
  • Kearia Campbell
    Kearia Campbell 2 months ago Yes
  • Patricia Brooks
    Patricia Brooks 2 months ago Yea
  • MrLoyalty3
    MrLoyalty3 2 months ago (edited) NEVER get's old...Imagine MJ on this track with Chris Brown and the video. He definitely channeled Mike on this track. This beat is infectious.
  • Gia Love
    Gia Love 1 month ago Yeah...this used to be all I listened to
  • Victoria Vlogs
    Victoria Vlogs 1 month ago Yes
  • Vinny Vinn
    Vinny Vinn 1 month ago Yes
  • Caylee Patton
    Caylee Patton 1 month ago Banele Msweli mehh😆😆😆
  • T3mpest 99
    T3mpest 99 1 month ago Oh yeah
  • Wil Holloway
    Wil Holloway 1 month ago I am🖐️
  • Aretha White
    Aretha White 1 month ago I am!!! This is my favorite 😍 song ❤️!!! And I will always be here listening to"Fine China" I love Chris Brown!!!!😊👍💝💖. Much love from Bunn NC 💝💖😊👋👋👋👋. Peace out for now y'all 👋.
  • Vitor Santos
    Vitor Santos 1 month ago I
  • Kamerican
    Kamerican 1 month ago MEE FIRST TIME
  • terahji smith
    terahji smith 1 month ago WE NEVA LEAVIN!!!!!!!❤️♥️❤️
  • Kamerican
    Kamerican 1 month ago @terahji smith PERIODTTT
  • Sentai
    Sentai 2 weeks ago Same
  • Maèva Yoka
    Maèva Yoka 3 months ago I just realized how this mv is a tribute to Micheal Jackson and no one is talking about it😭
  • Brice Hudson
    Brice Hudson 3 months ago Listen to the lyrics too
  • Maèva Yoka
    Maèva Yoka 3 months ago Brice Hudson yeah and the dancing and costumes aaargh. A real tribute to the King Of Pop
  • Dr. Robert Neville
    Dr. Robert Neville 2 months ago @Jessica Johnson thats the point sis
  • Professor X
    Professor X 2 months ago Everything about this song screams of The King of Pop. That's why I like it so much. 😍
  • Trey Pannell
    Trey Pannell 2 months ago Yeah alot of his older videos are Tributes, Gommie That is Smooth Criminal, Wall to Wall is Thriller. And I forgot the name of the other but it was billie jean
  • alexis f
    alexis f 2 months ago you late
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 2 months ago Jessica Johnson they were good friends
  • A l e y n a
    A l e y n a 1 month ago Truee RIP MJ ❤
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 1 month ago A L E Y N A he was an amazing entertainer
  • idiotbox41580
    idiotbox41580 3 days ago This one and Back To Love
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 3 days ago idiotbox41580 good
  • Iron Prophet
    Iron Prophet 1 day ago I finally came from under my rock and saw the same thing. Chris B. is a talented and professional soul for doing that. Michael Jackson is STILL missed and loved and we are still 💔😢.
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 1 day ago Iron Prophet it's ok
  • TJ Awesome
    TJ Awesome 22 hours ago She ain't you
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 22 hours ago TJ Awesome uh
  • Tristan Avery
    Tristan Avery 1 year ago This beat is harder than my dad's belt
  • Pee Afedzie
    Pee Afedzie 1 year ago Lol
  • Christian Minecraft Server
    Christian Minecraft Server 1 year ago This beat is smoother than my grandpa’s bald head 👴🏽
  • Vince Staples
    Vince Staples 1 year ago This song is worse than my aunt's meatloaf
  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 1 year ago @Vince Staples your aunt must make a pretty good meat loaf btw i hate meat loaf
  • Justkeys.28
    Justkeys.28 11 months ago 🤣
  • Aretha White
    Aretha White 10 months ago @Danny Jones Good one for that silly comment!!!👍👍👍 That proves he has no taste in music, if that meatloaf is that bad!!! Damn 😁!!!! This is my favorite video of his 💓!! Chris Brown has those awesome MJ moves 👌!!!! Trust me!!! I love good meatloaf, especially when my mom makes it!!! And she can throw down in the kitchen 😂!!!! No doubt about that!!!! From Aretha White from Bunn NC Peace out!!!✌✌✌
  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy 10 months ago Lmfao
  • Treasher Perryman
    Treasher Perryman 9 months ago Fr fr😂😂
  • Wesley Willian
    Wesley Willian 9 months ago spanky daddy
  • account
    account 9 months ago wow so original
  • boxbraidsbaby13
    boxbraidsbaby13 9 months ago Tristan Avery 😂🔥💯
  • Journey_ Capalot
    Journey_ Capalot 8 months ago Tristan Avery lol fr
  • Dejan Ogando
    Dejan Ogando 8 months ago This beat is harder than the right hook he gave Rhianna
  • Ryan santiago
    Ryan santiago 8 months ago Bruhhhhh lmao
  • Christina Modern
    Christina Modern 8 months ago loooolll then your father should use a harder belt
  • Christian Saunders
    Christian Saunders 7 months ago Tristan Avery 🤣🤣
  • mrsyellowhawk5
    mrsyellowhawk5 7 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Finn Wolfhard
    Finn Wolfhard 7 months ago I felt that
  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 6 months ago @Aretha White mom must make a fire meat loaf unlike his aunt who can't cook microwave macaroni and cheese for shit Chris Brown is the greatest artist of this generation people are just stupid these days
  • MidnightEnding
    MidnightEnding 6 months ago Omm
  • Aniyah Harris
    Aniyah Harris 6 months ago That is deeeeeep
  • dennis nyamadi
    dennis nyamadi 6 months ago On God
  • Javier Castaneda
    Javier Castaneda 5 months ago Tristan Avery lol me tooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • nathhekzz
    nathhekzz 5 months ago The belt must not be hard enough
  • Luke Heitman
    Luke Heitman 5 months ago Beat harder than Chris on Rihanna
  • Laura
    Laura 5 months ago Tristan Avery eh
  • Pvris
    Pvris 5 months ago Tristan Avery 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯
  • Mrz Sanders
    Mrz Sanders 5 months ago Lmbo 🤣🤣🤣
  • Brittnay Nichole
    Brittnay Nichole 5 months ago Lmaoooo
  • Laquita Gilmer
    Laquita Gilmer 5 months ago Tristan Avery 🤣🤣🤣
  • Aaron Daniels
    Aaron Daniels 4 months ago Who's ya Daddy Naaaaah😂😂😂😂
  • t.jplYer kid
    t.jplYer kid 4 months ago @Vince Staples funny commet... but that was mean.
  • Shanel S TV
    Shanel S TV 4 months ago Then I guess the belt is not doing it’s job.😂
  • Aspect Andwele
    Aspect Andwele 4 months ago know right
  • Sobia Ahmed
    Sobia Ahmed 4 months ago Your dads belt must be like a meteorite then 😂
  • Luis Carrillo :D
    Luis Carrillo :D 4 months ago Lmaooo
  • Luis Carrillo :D
    Luis Carrillo :D 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Former good guy 27
    Former good guy 27 3 months ago I hate this comment! I don't think it is funny!
  • Ricardo Alexander Killens
    Ricardo Alexander Killens 3 months ago 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂
  • Aretha White
    Aretha White 2 weeks ago @Danny Jones No Danny Jones, my mom doesn't burn anything when she is cooking!!! If you are trying to be funny, then don't!!!!😠 It's an insult about my mom ok!!! She is a breast cancer survivor and a licensed hair cosmetologist 👍👍😒. Peace out for now!!!
  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan 1 week ago 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this comment had m e dead lmmfao 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
  • Fabian duran
    Fabian duran 5 days ago STFU stolen comment like everyone
  • SunnyXDay Day
    SunnyXDay Day 4 days ago Tristan Avery it hits harder than mj s coc
  • Tamara Bryson
    Tamara Bryson 5 months ago This song is pure R & B at his finest. I'm bumping to it like it just came out.
  • Keenan Afrikaner
    Keenan Afrikaner 3 months ago Hud
  • The absent soul -music
    The absent soul -music 3 months ago Jayana’s Life
  • Vipu88
    Vipu88 2 months ago (edited) yeah loved this in 2013 and still Amazing in 2020
  • Lovable Princess
    Lovable Princess 1 week ago Facts.....
  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford 7 months ago “He’s an outsider, thug” pulls up in a lambo
  • Zora Thomas
    Zora Thomas 2 months ago Ben Crawford don’t forget the bow tie too😂💀
  • William Topps
    William Topps 2 months ago ikr... me, pooky, and lil ray ray got ours at carfax...😎
  • Mack Bridwell
    Mack Bridwell 3 weeks ago My exact words that came out of my mouth . Like how can be a thug then pulls up in a Lambo.😂😂😂
    SONIC ART 1 week ago Ben Crawford some thugs are rich players
  • Terrell Anderson
    Terrell Anderson 6 months ago (edited) If Michael Jackson was still alive do you know how many hits Chris brown and Michael Jackson would get if they did Songs together Edit:R.I.P The King of POP Michael Jackson 🙏🏽♥️♥️♥️
  • Jean - Kristoff Burgess
    Jean - Kristoff Burgess 1 week ago Chris brown record sales wouldnt be high as it is people go keep wanting mj music .. And mj was gonna put out hits if he never died
  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz 1 week ago Maybe not. Bruno mars , he is the Man.
  • Razorblade Apple
    Razorblade Apple 6 months ago (edited) Chris Brown: “It’s alright I’m not dangerous” Rhianna: Nani
  • Mari
    Mari 5 months ago LMFAOOO
  • Rohit Guleria
    Rohit Guleria 5 months ago Dead 😂😂😂
  • Pvris
    Pvris 5 months ago Razorblade Apple 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • ReaperTv
    ReaperTv 5 months ago Lol that's fucked up!!!!
  • Natsha Rethabile Thololwane
    Natsha Rethabile Thololwane 4 months ago nani is what ;)
  • Zion Lawrence
    Zion Lawrence 4 months ago Bruhhh👏🏾👏🏾
  • XxYunGb1aZeDxX-_-
    XxYunGb1aZeDxX-_- 4 months ago Dead💀😂😂😂
  • sxweatyyy 3x
    sxweatyyy 3x 4 months ago I felt that
  • Nothing suspicious here.
    Nothing suspicious here. 4 months ago The only reason I searched for this song was to go to the comment section to find comments like these XD.
  • Brian Goro
    Brian Goro 4 months ago @Nothing suspicious here. I know😂
  • quincy simmons
    quincy simmons 4 months ago Natsha Rethabile Thololwane it's also huh ;)
  • Nathalie Zirpolo
    Nathalie Zirpolo 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Precieux Kalemba
    Precieux Kalemba 3 months ago (edited) 😂😂Lmao
  • Brynden Rivers' Sunset Sea
    Brynden Rivers' Sunset Sea 3 months ago They made up in 2011 so these jokes are very tired 😴
  • Argument Invalid
    Argument Invalid 3 months ago @Brynden Rivers' Sunset Sea it's only tired to you because youre a Chris Brown fan who gets butthurt when we remind y'all he's abusive 😭
  • Crysanna Gilbert
    Crysanna Gilbert 3 months ago 🤣😂😅😐😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Jasin Hassan
    Jasin Hassan 3 months ago @Argument Invalid bro he dated rihanna after that fight again this guy doesnt sweat bitches he a legend dough youn king of r&b past decade now consistent so jokes are jokes hahhaha but reality he a legend
  • Argument Invalid
    Argument Invalid 3 months ago @Jasin Hassan Huh? 😭😭 Are all Chris Brown fans this uneducated?
  • Jasin Hassan
    Jasin Hassan 3 months ago @Argument Invalid he just makes great music simple and people like you mixed it up with being a women rights activist 😂🤣🤣😂
  • Issa dancer
    Issa dancer 3 months ago Razorblade Apple at first I was like 😯🤨then I was like OHHH💀💀😭😭😂😂
  • Molly Nolin
    Molly Nolin 3 months ago *Rihanna, get it right❗️
  • Molly Nolin
    Molly Nolin 3 months ago Jasin Hassan just because they were on and off after he beat the living shit out of her and nearly killed her doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. Is he talented? Yes. Has he committed serious acts of violence even after the Rihanna incident that we should all just ignore? No.
  • Jasin Hassan
    Jasin Hassan 3 months ago @Molly Nolin if she forgave him who are you sweetheart? rihannas cousin 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • PJ Moneybags
    PJ Moneybags 2 months ago Molly Nolin Sometimes when you are young you make terrible mistakes that hopefully you learn from and change or don't repeat. Most people have made some mistakes or have done terrible things at one point and time in their lives. Even devout Christians believe you can be forgiven. Hopefully he has changed, doesn't mean he's perfect, none of us are.
  • Britney Spears
    Britney Spears 2 months ago rihanna* 😂
  • Ahmed Almeleh
    Ahmed Almeleh 2 months ago In Questions Chris Brown says "She only love me cause I'm dangerous" Like Chris make your mind up!
  • Good looking man
    Good looking man 2 months ago Ok you're dumb little kid,that lives with the past in the present
  • Zo Bell
    Zo Bell 1 month ago Good looking man why you gotta be so mean
  • Bow Rio
    Bow Rio 1 month ago Razorblade Apple technically he defended himself so..
  • Amber Valentine
    Amber Valentine 1 week ago 😂😂😂
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    David Lee 1 week ago I came here to look for these comments 😂
  • Luna Chan
    Luna Chan 1 week ago Bruh what , 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I hated him for that moment
  • Azelea Jay
    Azelea Jay 5 days ago That's kinda funny cuz I get it but it would be even more funnier if it was the word what was in mandarin rather then japanese
  • Jeffery Weng
    Jeffery Weng 1 year ago This song is waayyy too underrated
  • Z-TeamProject
    Z-TeamProject 1 year ago Rainy it is tho, most of his other popular songs have over 100mil, this shojld be up there
  • ChEaH
    ChEaH 9 months ago It was underrated around the time it was released
  • wacko king
    wacko king 9 months ago Qq××+2--
  • Left coast Livin
    Left coast Livin 8 months ago Jeffery Weng 79m ain’t underrated
  • ??
    ?? 6 months ago Most of Chris Browns songs r underrated 🤧
    VIBES 6 months ago Z-TeamProject should* sorry I had to be one of those people :(
  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 6 months ago Left coast Livin yes the fuck it is. Most popular songs reach 300+ million views. This song should have wayyy more than 80m views
  • trealsteve
    trealsteve 6 months ago Jeffery Weng Agreed. Probably because it was clearly a tribute to MJ. David Geffen probably had something to do with it...
  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman 5 months ago @Jeffrey Poor wittle wife beater 😥
  • Exciting Cub
    Exciting Cub 2 months ago @?? yesss
  • Alyssa Brhyte
    Alyssa Brhyte 1 month ago I know it's a Chris Brown song but I can't think of MJ.
  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 1 week ago Not really
    NEXTBIGTEEN INNOVATIONS 2 months ago corona virus breaks out Chris:yeah you should really listen to your dad.. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
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    Jacob 1 month ago Come on man
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    voltronGG 1 month ago bru LMAO
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    Vic2trill 1 month ago 💀💀💀💀💀
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    Duarte Nicholas 2 weeks ago Chris be like, we should stop seeing each other
  • BotsonFN
    BotsonFN 2 weeks ago 😂
  • Amber Valentine
    Amber Valentine 1 week ago 😑
  • Noel Montañez
    Noel Montañez 4 months ago Basically Chris Brown is a modern day version of Michael Jackson.
  • Broderick Greenwood
    Broderick Greenwood 4 months ago Noel Montañez yeah if he stays out of trouble but no doubt
  • PJ Moneybags
    PJ Moneybags 2 months ago Broderick Greenwood Michael was in more drama/ trouble than Chris!
  • PJ Moneybags
    PJ Moneybags 2 months ago Chris can dance better than Michael. JMO.
  • Eclectic Productionz
    Eclectic Productionz 2 months ago @PJ Moneybags Lol go watch MJ videos, he's untouchable . CB is a good dancer tho obviously
  • PJ Moneybags
    PJ Moneybags 2 months ago Eclectic Productionz I have watched a lot of Michael's videos and yes he was a great dancer. When I saw the "Moonwalk " done in a 1940's movie called "Cabin in the Sky" it kind of took some points away from Michaels dancing for me. I love Michael though. I just think Chris has more moves and is more agile and sort of has a better swag to his moves.
  • Eclectic Productionz
    Eclectic Productionz 2 months ago @PJ Moneybags I see what u mean about swag but i hinestly thibk thats just down to the fact chris is more or less just a street dancer MJ really took stuff from different walls of life and blended them together to make them signature. Whereas chris browns dancing is more of just a modern day MJ inspired/street style if u get what i mean. Chris doesnt have a signature move whereas MJ has so many
  • Makayla O’nae
    Makayla O’nae 2 months ago PJ Moneybags I mean you are entitled to your own option but I think micheal was and always be untouchable. And nobody will be on his level of dancing Chris is still good tho.
  • Brandon Lyttleton
    Brandon Lyttleton 2 months ago Makayla O’nae Chris pays tribute to his friend sometimes
  • Travis Augustine
    Travis Augustine 1 month ago @PJ Moneybags shit you crazy you lost ur mind. Nobody moves like Michael jackson
  • Nate T
    Nate T 1 month ago PJ Moneybags Michael had way more of a swag than Chris but I do see what u mean abouy the swag Chris has
  • My penis is unbelievably small but
    My penis is unbelievably small but 3 weeks ago Imo Bruno Mars and the Weeknd are more similar but thats just my opinion. Chris Brown has more of a hip hop sound now and even a trap sound now
  • johnny Macon
    johnny Macon 2 weeks ago Noel Montañez except Michael wasn’t going to jail and beating up women and shit !!!🤔🤣🤣🤣
  • johnny Macon
    johnny Macon 2 weeks ago PJ Moneybags he was influenced by Michael moron so was usher
  • SupaBoi_ Xs
    SupaBoi_ Xs 1 week ago With a better style and songs
  • Dulce Parra
    Dulce Parra 1 week ago @SupaBoi_ Xs Hahaha No way.
  • Gipsy Wells
    Gipsy Wells 5 days ago To me not really because Chris Brown is abusive and Michael never even killed a bug and that's a big difference between the 2 of them but the dancing is good tho
  • Joanne Esther
    Joanne Esther 4 months ago Came here after Baekhyun mentioned it
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    ͙ ̊ Rich & Smart · Baekhyunee ̊ ͙ 4 months ago me!!!!!!!!!
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    fdoctor 4 months ago Girl, same! 😆 And going to check out Turn Up the Music, next. 🤗
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    Marissa Valdez 3 months ago ME TOO
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    Shela Mae lalala 3 months ago Ohh exo-l's way of thinking 💕 loving it!
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    Shadowfury 3 months ago Where? Source? someone link
  • Marissa Valdez
    Marissa Valdez 3 months ago @Shadowfury the question starts at 2:10 :)
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    Maggie Moonlight 3 months ago HAHAHAHAH SAME
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    Min Yoongi 2 weeks ago Same yo
    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 7 months ago (edited) Is anyone listening to this in December 2019???🎧🎧🎧
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    Liya Ncokazi 6 months ago yesssir
    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 6 months ago I LOVE this song!!!
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    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 6 months ago I used to blast this in my moms car.🤣😂
    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 6 months ago (edited) @Jara Hi
    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 6 months ago @Jara En una escala del 1-10 cuánto te gusta la canción
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    trealsteve 6 months ago Yup...stealing all of those moves ASAP.
    LEMMESEETHATKRUSSY 6 months ago @trealsteve lol😂
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    Gee Babayo 3 months ago Chris brown old songs will be my christmas jam 2019
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    I FAMILYIH 3 months ago china doll my man
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  • Allistar Archer
    Allistar Archer 2 months ago This reminds me of Michael Jackson “You Rock My World”
  • Balii Zo
    Balii Zo 3 months ago I didn’t understand the part “when he’s finished does he step back to adore” until I was older
  • Sierra Clark
    Sierra Clark 3 months ago dontknow dk.either tell me plz...
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago @Sierra Clark when they done having sex does he step back and look at her
  • California1998
    California1998 7 months ago Chris did an outstanding job on this song! Outright funky, groovy, and smooth! Can you imagine a Chris Brown remix featuring Michael Jackson on the background vocals? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    life ain't cookies and cream 3 months ago He will never be MJ
  • The King
    The King 16 hours ago life ain't cookies and cream he better
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    Colton Hunter 1 day ago Can’t wait for the phrase “fine China” to be taken out of context.
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    Rocky V1 3 years ago it's like Billie jean,You rock my world,thriller and smooth criminal put together..
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  • isky 315
    isky 315 3 years ago Cynnei Goodlett he is the younger Micheal Jackson
  • Amg Rs
    Amg Rs 3 years ago it is but factual that personal bias influences opinion and decision so i have to accept the fact that you being delusional is only natural
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    Bi Cycle 3 years ago Cynnei Goodlett I like you now
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    Brianna Pena 3 years ago Cynnei Goodlett my brother likes Michael Jackson
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    ShonyBeatz Productions 3 years ago Exactly! lol
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    Creative Sparks 3 years ago (edited) Cynnei Goodlett No it Speed Demon, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and You Rock My World
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    kb22 swag 3 years ago Cynnei Goodlett your a Guinness
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    None Ya 3 years ago Yeah mike was his idol.
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    Shan Hughes 3 years ago hi Chris
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    Royal George 3 years ago yep thank God Michael Jackson existed..he inspired the world of Dance immensly..Chris Brown understands the language of dance. Its called communication without words..
  • Soul
    Soul 2 years ago mainly smooth criminal
  • The Tiger Power
    The Tiger Power 2 years ago Justin Purnell I wish I could be great as Michael Jackson but it's impossible for me to sing like him because my voice cracks sometimes but I'm a good dancer because I copy what I see and do those dances
  • The Tiger Power
    The Tiger Power 2 years ago (edited) CalplexIsBest mostly rock my world and smooth criminal and one part of the video looks like thriller
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    Tia Johnson 2 years ago Cynnei Goodlett and I absolutely love it!!! Michael Jackson lives in this guy and The Weeknd 💕
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    Psycho Babes 2 years ago Cynnei Goodlett exactly what I was gonna say
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    Muthoni Grace 2 years ago This is all so true!!
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    Lord Vader 2 years ago Mostly rock my world, not billie jean really, and Gimmie That the music video (Remix with Lil Wayne) was more like Smooth Criminal, and Wall to wall was more like thriller.
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    The Ad Archive 1 year ago except michael jackson doesn’t beat women
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    Sxvage15k Gaming 1 year ago Rocky V1 all of the above yes but thriller?? hell no
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    Bubba Johnson 1 year ago thats what I was thinking a micheal jackson song
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    Danny Jones 1 year ago If Michael Jackson knew martial arts Bruce Lee eat your heart out
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    Connie Hollins 1 year ago Rocky V1 I also hear elements of Heartbreak Hotel
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    Zak Ali 10 months ago @zakariya ali agreed 😂
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    Isaiah IDK 10 months ago I could acually see it the first time I saw when he put his gay down and flicked his leg
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    richmaster guy 10 months ago Exactly
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    Michael Jackson Lover 4 months ago Moonwalker🤪🤪🤪😍
    LESLAMINO 4 months ago But Micheal Jackson is always ganna top this generation of music but music is music everyone has talent people use in good ways
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    life ain't cookies and cream 3 months ago @isky 315 he will never be mj
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    Walter Alfaro 2 months ago Not really
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    Brandon Lyttleton 2 months ago Elizer 27 Chris and Michael were friends
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