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Скачать с ютуб Would the Death Star Need Artificial Gravity? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 3 нояб. 2016 г. 655 674 просмотра

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The Death Star is no moon, but it’s close to the size of one, so does this mean it needs its own gravity? Is it even possible? Kyle stays on target on this week’s Because Science!

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  • Nerdist
    Nerdist 3 years ago (edited) Hey so I think I screwed this up a bit not being clear on my design. Many of you are right: the gravities that I calculated really only work at a right angle to the axis of rotation, so most of the workable gravity in my design would be at and around the equator -- imagine large, concentric "ring worlds" on the interior -- with gravity getting smaller and weirder (not pointing to your "down") as you move towards the top and bottom. I know there wouldn't be gravity at the center axis, and I think that's fine overall. My design also doesn't work great with windows and shafts and docking bays as shown in the canon, unless you shift those around to face "upwards." I really hate when I don't think of stuff that you all do: I'm just one guy writing these by myself, so that's on me as an educator, and I apologize if my theory doesn't check out with y'all. Thanks for keeping me honest. -- KH
  • Fluffy Candy
    Fluffy Candy 3 years ago Im imagining the death-star spinning around while trying to shoot at a planet, and the laser hitting everything but its target.
  • abby chavarria
    abby chavarria 3 years ago It's all good dude, we just have fun theorizing with you. I think it's so awesome you own up when you find something is off with your theories. Keep up the awesome work. Much love from a random person on the internet. :)
  • Dump Chump
    Dump Chump 3 years ago Zorua Adventures it would work if the laser was at one of the poles.
  • Lazergurka - Smerlin
    Lazergurka - Smerlin 3 years ago It's ok, because without anything to test on (else than your own mind) it is hard to know exactly what would happen. And that's why i started a kickstarter to fund a deathstar (not really).
  • NinjaBearFilms
    NinjaBearFilms 3 years ago I had always assumed it was levels curving around the center in increasingly tight rings. But what if the energy core of the death star had a proto-type of the energy core for Star Killer Base? Where in it could harvest energy/mass from a star and condense it into a super dense form. How much of a star's mass would it need to suck in for the power core to give it the artificial gravity of a planet and how much usable space do you get from that? Or to put it another way... How much would the gravity of Star Killer Base planet increase after absorbing the entire mass of a sun into it's core? Are we looking at miniblack hole creation?
  • Dump Chump
    Dump Chump 3 years ago Smerlin I'll chip in $10 if I can be the first to fire it.
  • Mathieu Couture
    Mathieu Couture 3 years ago That, I got from the start, but there's a critical flaw with relying on rotational gravity: how do you aim and fire a weapon several dozen kilometers long with a rpm of 0.1 ? Even such a slow rpm would mean catastrophic accuracy at interplanetary ranges as it would slice planets in half rather than overcharge the core and blow it up. Also, with artificial gravity being so common that seemingly every starship and even life pods seem to have it, it would be ridiculous to design such a massive battle-station with rotational gravity in mind when ships as big as super star destroyers and even the Eclipse had horizontal floors. Reality is often stranger than fiction :P.
  • Bryan Hill
    Bryan Hill 3 years ago But could it not rotate on multiple axis at the same time. You showed the death star like a ball rolling along the floor, but the axis it is rotating on, could also rotate as well. Yes. this would make targeting the main laser a pain to do, but that could also be why they have a delay before they can fire it. Also with scenes where they are looking out windows, the object they are looking at would move, as you said if they could look out windows. In the scene where Luke meets the emperor the attacking fleet does not move relative to the window they are looking out of. I am sure they were there long enough. (10 minutes per revolution). Maybe the windows are actually video screens, then they could show a more static image. But the more likely cause to explain it would be like the other show that shall not be named that treks through the stars. I believe they explain it with uni-directional graviton generators in the floor plates. (future magic science stuff)
  • Lazergurka - Smerlin
    Lazergurka - Smerlin 3 years ago @stuart cole make that 1000000 dollars.
  • Lazergurka - Smerlin
    Lazergurka - Smerlin 3 years ago @Mathieu Couture you could make the laser the rotational pole of the star so that you can still have it rotate and aim at the same time.
  • Mr. Kyle
    Mr. Kyle 3 years ago Nerdist What about the Death Star II? Roughly 10 times bigger, would the math check out? How could gravity be generated in the landing bay (equator)? Could magnetic force be manipulated enough to where it feels like natural gravity in magnetic shoes (like in Star Trek 6, but better and more natural feeling)?
  • Mathieu Couture
    Mathieu Couture 3 years ago @stuart cole But then the trench isn't the equator anymore and that makes the whole thing designed in a really akward way.
  • Lazergurka - Smerlin
    Lazergurka - Smerlin 3 years ago @Mr Kyle 1 a bigger death star helps, but is not enough as 10 times more mass gives 10 times gravity. and you could have a magnetic suit to make the force of the magner distribute all over the body. allthough it isn't 100% natural it's still a good start.
  • Bennett Sanderson
    Bennett Sanderson 3 years ago Instead of concentric spheres, I pictured your design as concentric cylinders inside a sphere. Of course, then they should have designed it to be a giant cylinder rather than a sphere, but maybe the sphere is easier to pressurize. As to the weapon problem, they would just need to position the weapon at the "pole." Problem solved. That would mess up the symmetry of the current design, but one could argue that function is more important than form. The bigger problem with the theory is the views we get out of the windows and loading bays. All windows would need to be on the floor... ACTUALLY, not. There would be a ring where each cylinder/floor meets the sphere/surface that would be close to 90 degrees, especially in the habitable close-to-1-g zone. One other thought. If they designed the cylinders independently then they could spin at different velocities within the sphere. This would lead to all kinds of cool physics and would require some complex elevators. Maybe someone with a show like MythBusters could build a model??? It would have to be in space.
  • Cliff Smith
    Cliff Smith 3 years ago That would work, but a better solution would be something like the eponymous station in Babylon 5, a rotating cylinder for the living quarters, with a stationary superstructure carrying weapons, docking bays etc. It's known as an O'Neill Cylinder, after the physicist and space colonization advocate Gerard K. O'Neill. Look him up some time, he was an amazing guy.
  • dsmiley53
    dsmiley53 3 years ago It's all good. I mean it's kind of ridiculous for us to be friendly-arguing about this whole thing. But then again, that's what makes the Internet great. Thanks for the wonderful series!
  • Oskar Pilkington
    Oskar Pilkington 3 years ago Nerdist we all make mistakes here and there :-) great video though, definitely my favourite video series on YouTube! :-)
  • monkey111871
    monkey111871 3 years ago Nerdist Beach Good video, but I have question. Does gravity on death star have to be gravity same as Earth everywhere? For example could it have gravity of earth closer to center but gravity of Mars(or any smaller planet) further ?
  • MrLaxinator
    MrLaxinator 3 years ago Yeah but not all floors would be occupied by people. You can have crew on normal floors and engines, warehouses and etc. closer to the center. People who work there might use some suits, jetpacks or so.
  • Marshall Law
    Marshall Law 3 years ago Another thing, the gravity equation within itself is flawed due to the fact that it doesnt take into account the way mass cause the universe to bend. So its almost impossible to make realistic assumptions when it comes to gravity. Then again, we dont even know if the bending of the universe is negligible with objects the size of the deathstar. So yay for science and being on the edge of it
  • Matt Fraser
    Matt Fraser 3 years ago Nerdist would it be possible that each section (say 20km thick) be spun at different speeds? That would mean each floor could have very close to 1g, varying by roughly 0.2g (judging by your concentric ring diagram) at the furthest point (where gravity is perfectly vertical). and like others said, having storage closer to the axis of rotation where one would have sideways gravity. That would also allow for some division in space, one section for officers, one for barracks etc. Transferring between them would have to be done via a central silo (the axis of rotation) where there would be next to no gravity anyways (so might as well use it for something). But floors within the sections could have normal elevators
  • Alessandro Buffa
    Alessandro Buffa 3 years ago Nerdist still mind blown by the science!
    IAN COOK 3 years ago +monkey111871 it would be the opposite actually, the gravity would be stronger on the outside than the inside, because it is spinning faster!
  • James Ibram
    James Ibram 3 years ago @Nerdist wouldn't tractor beam technology be an effective way to create an artificial gravity? And considering that the weapon requires such a massive power source surely the energy required for that would be near negligible?
  • big stace
    big stace 3 years ago Nerdist just do another video
  • captaindan37
    captaindan37 3 years ago There is one other problem with your theory. In RotJ we can clearly see some of the internal design a floor layout through the unfinished hull of the second Death Star and it definitely has a horizontal floor arrangement. If we assume the second Death Star was designed similarly to the first but much larger, then it is only logical that both stations shared a similar layout, therefore negating any possibility of generating gravity through spinning the station.
  • The GamingRaptor
    The GamingRaptor 3 years ago Nerdist hey it doesn't matter I think you're great. Just from now on get bounty hunters instead of stormtroopers. They might actually hit their targets
  • DarkSamus918
    DarkSamus918 3 years ago (edited) Your math only working at the equator checks out, however if you flip the shells inside out (so feet are pointed towards the core again) there may be a way to salvage this. There are lots of calculations online about how much energy is in the Death Star laser in order to blow up a planet. That gives you a super low estimate for the amount of energy generated in the core power reactor (seen in the famous battle in Star Wars VI). What amount of energy must be present in that core (powered by "hyper matter" iirc) in order for E = m * c^2 to generate enough mass to create a gravitational field that gives a similar gradient of g-forces as you demonstrate in the video?
  • Trippie Twig
    Trippie Twig 3 years ago Nerdist I just noticed your left handed
    IAN COOK 3 years ago +Gael Franco I think the stuff is mirrored, he is right handed
  • Joshua dietrich
    Joshua dietrich 3 years ago right but if it was circuler floors and not horizontle the time (just like earth) would be diffrent
  • Miganarchine
    Miganarchine 3 years ago How would the vacuum of space and the extreme heat or cold affect the death star, astronauts use kevlar blankets to hold metal when space walking with temps +250 degrees in the sun and -250 when out of the sun, and we all see those mysterious light barriers the ships fly through into space stations that seal out the vacuum of space, how would they work?
  • Viking Robot
    Viking Robot 3 years ago You should check out the Death Star debate in Clerks. It should give you something to think about in regards to your closing statement.
  • John Foley
    John Foley 3 years ago A large spinning cylinder would be a better design then, although it wouldn't look as cool.
  • David Lowery
    David Lowery 3 years ago I mean, they could do it however, being particularly efficient with space doesn't seem really necessary with such a thing, one assumes some basic components require it to be that size, that is, the main gun decided the size. Then you can just add spinning ring floors to get enough floors for operation and the rest of the space is just whatever. The elevators would be pretty complicated, though, because you'd have to accelerate everything to the right speed for where ever they were going, assuming you kept things a cool 1G everywhere, except where for some reason you wanted it to be different... I think, anyway... elevators are always a bit complex regardless. Then you just need some sort of tractor beam or magnetism to do the rest docking bays, lol, just a little bit of magic in there then.
  • autobot1979
    autobot1979 3 years ago maybe the outside doesn't rotate but the inside does(like an stationary outer shell and a rotating inner core)
  • David Lowery
    David Lowery 3 years ago @autobot1979 Yeah, there's no need to rotate the outside, and certainly it seems to have drawbacks for aiming the primary weapons and moving the station.
  • Weltall
    Weltall 3 years ago Nerdist Dope sweater fam
  • ScientistMan96
    ScientistMan96 3 years ago also, you can lower the g limits of each floor as well, and the rotational speed, as the core is where the giant, empty, 0g power core is, as is shown in the diagrams, and in the GameCube era game who's name I forget, where you fly the Falcon into said core. (Game was made by Lucas Arts, so I would consider that cannon, as it is his company) So the entire core of the "moon" doesn't need to have workable gravity, as it's all empty space anyway.
  • Grayson Phillips
    Grayson Phillips 3 years ago Nerdist to be fair a majority of the "people" on the death star were more than likley stormtroopers or variants of. which are just clone troopers. and clone troopers are just clones who's sole purpose in life from birth to death is to be a solider and follow orders. so although there were many individuals who still died, I don't think it is as bad as Alderaan where each life was an actual person.
  • maar13
    maar13 3 years ago You watched the "Best of Gary The Storm trooper" from Adult swim, didn't you? When you think about it, all he did was to provide for his wife and daughter, that was a sad story.
  • Micah Estlin
    Micah Estlin 3 years ago Storm Troopers aren't clones
  • MetaMeat
    MetaMeat 3 years ago well, the video was fun and interesting nonetheless, and seeing you so humble is truly the rarest stuff^^, much respect to you and your attitude, you just earned a die-hard fan :D