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Опубликовано: 28 сент. 2013 г. 12 311 204 просмотра

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  • Leonardo De Rosa
    Leonardo De Rosa 4 months ago (edited) When your DNA tests say you are 1% scottish:
  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 3 months ago Leonardo De Rosa haha 😂
  • Deborah Durkee
    Deborah Durkee 3 months ago 😂🤣😂
  • Zac Hall
    Zac Hall 3 months ago Leonardo De Rosa I’m 36% Scandinavian.....26% English and the rest is a mix of European.....😋😋
  • Krystyna Oldakovska
    Krystyna Oldakovska 3 months ago (edited) Unfortunately I don't know nothing about my DNA but I'm sure I'm Scottish at at least 1 percent too.
  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 3 months ago Krystyna Oldakovska That’ll do, now grab a drum 🥁 🥁 🥁
  • Miko R
    Miko R 3 months ago @Wendy Bendy I don’t have a drum, so I immediately grabbed a glass of whiskey.
  • JJS
    JJS 3 months ago That's me baby! I'm a mixed Chicano, mostly Mexican, french-indian and then I'm Scottish
  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 3 months ago Miko R OMG a wee single malt? We ROCK!!
  • Lisa Nichol
    Lisa Nichol 3 months ago 47% Scot and Irish
  • MC1R Mutant Faerie
    MC1R Mutant Faerie 3 months ago I'm something like 86% Celtic regions (a mix of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh basically; don't remember the exact numbers), 6% Italian and the rest English and German
  • David G Scott
    David G Scott 3 months ago and 99% Jewish
  • Pol Fartin
    Pol Fartin 3 months ago black,brown, yellow or stark pink. yer only Scottish in how ye fuckin THINK!
  • mistyrat
    mistyrat 3 months ago im like 88% scottish 8% german and the rest i have nea fucking clue
  • Austin Smythe
    Austin Smythe 3 months ago Full Irish and Half Scottish but Irish accent mixed Irish and Gaelic
  • Austin Smythe
    Austin Smythe 3 months ago @Pol Fartin Haha!! Nice one😂😂
  • Cruiser John
    Cruiser John 3 months ago I am 34,2% Irsk, skotsk og walisisk Oh Yes :-)
  • Nicholas Waldrop
    Nicholas Waldrop 3 months ago All Uk. Irish, Scottish, And British. IM A DAMN CELT LADS
  • Tierra Lloyd
    Tierra Lloyd 3 months ago Leonardo De Rosa exactly
  • Daunsparceman dauns
    Daunsparceman dauns 3 months ago I'm half Scottish bro
  • magimak cheoreom
    magimak cheoreom 3 months ago i so much hope that i had 1% scottish dna only
  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 3 months ago Just because you mentioned it I have to say it... I always thought I was mostly Irish until I used Not only did I find that Im mostly Scottish, I also found out that Robert the Bruce is my 21st great grandfather.
  • Marius Periwinkle
    Marius Periwinkle 3 months ago Sounds about right, this is the least Scottish thing on the planet.
  • Caitlin Stebbins
    Caitlin Stebbins 3 months ago Literally me
  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago 12.5% here buts it's the proudest dna in me the other 87.5% dutch can fuck off
  • Yes indeed
    Yes indeed 2 months ago guy on the far left looks like generic white guy #2 from the South East USA XD
  • slippingsnake
    slippingsnake 2 months ago ...17% sheep, wtf...
  • Quizox Marx
    Quizox Marx 2 months ago Lol. Dont have to take a DNA test. The beard tells all..... and has power of attorney.
  • Luv Autumn Blaze Pony
    Luv Autumn Blaze Pony 2 months ago Not Scottish, but part Irish and loving this beat.
  • Amedhi Ualah
    Amedhi Ualah 2 months ago I'm 70% scewtlaaaaaaaaand
  • Amedhi Ualah
    Amedhi Ualah 2 months ago @Zac Hall u french
  • Zac Hall
    Zac Hall 2 months ago Monsieur Geek no I’m English
  • Janna Parks
    Janna Parks 2 months ago slippingsnake 🤣
  • cotton candy
    cotton candy 2 months ago I am not even western and i found this joke to be very funny
  • Austin Smythe
    Austin Smythe 2 months ago Ah Scotland mate!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💂‍♂️
  • Hidden Spirit
    Hidden Spirit 2 months ago Aye!!! Right HERE! 💪
  • PaganPrincess
    PaganPrincess 2 months ago Lol. I'm 1/4 Scottish. My mums side are all Scottish born and bred.
  • Youssef nasf
    Youssef nasf 2 months ago Die Irren stammen aus dem Naheosten
  • moirhann
    moirhann 2 months ago Lol...i get what you mean.... but you know 1% can be a lot. it can actually be you great grandfather that was scottish if you have 1%.. . fex. my brother and i share only 36% even though we have the same parents.. .. but no scottish here though.. Lol.... Not even 0,001 %
  • moirhann
    moirhann 2 months ago @David G Scott HA HA HA!!!! that is a good one..
  • moirhann
    moirhann 2 months ago @Cruiser John i am scandinavian, Nordic and native american.. No scotland or Ireland here..
  • Mountainlove
    Mountainlove 2 months ago I am 82 % Eastern European (Czech and polish). 13 % German, 5 % English
  • Alana Learmonth
    Alana Learmonth 2 months ago Miko R that would be whisky if you’re Scottish 😉
  • Nodrog Mulac
    Nodrog Mulac 2 months ago mistyrat nea? If your trying to speak slang it’s nae.
  • Natalie McCabe
    Natalie McCabe 2 months ago Im 100% 😁❤
  • James Wright II
    James Wright II 2 months ago I'm 34% irish and 33.4% english and part of the english part is parts of scotland so yeah i love bagpipes lol
  • James Pendall
    James Pendall 2 months ago Quizox Marx laughed so hard at this
  • Little Shit
    Little Shit 2 months ago (edited) I’m Cree, I just like Scottish music lol
  • RudeSwine
    RudeSwine 2 months ago @Natalie McCabe we certainly would never know from your name ;)
  • Bill Christian
    Bill Christian 2 months ago I am sure I am 1% Scottish and the rest badass Viking blood or just bad blood, same difference.
  • Filipe Jose
    Filipe Jose 2 months ago Kkk um brazukovisky aki kkk salve
  • Nephz_ Perspective
    Nephz_ Perspective 2 months ago Leonardo De Rosa I laughed way too hard omg
  • little white dog
    little white dog 2 months ago I was so happy when I found out I'm 25% Scots/Irish
  • Narrowboat Punk
    Narrowboat Punk 2 months ago I have a deep fried Mars bar in my pocket, does that count?
  • Traci Scheelk
    Traci Scheelk 2 months ago @JJS He just stated a PURE EUROPEAN ancestry, NOT mutt. Anglo Saxons are Blood Israel. You have nothing in common with him. Muti Tribes of the same race are still ONE RACE - PURE.
  • Traci Scheelk
    Traci Scheelk 2 months ago @MC1R Mutant Faerie ANGLO SAXONS ARE BLOOD ISRAEL. Germans, Scot and Irish are Judah. . Learn your real history and heritage and your Covenant Inheritance in Christ Yahshua. ONLY ISRAEL, ANGLO SAXON BLOOD ISRAEL, IS IN COVENANT WITH YAHWEH.
  • Traci Scheelk
    Traci Scheelk 2 months ago @Austin Smythe You are a pure Judahite. Germans, Scots and Irish are Judah. Anglo Saxons are Blood Israel. .
  • azwansyah zulkifle
    azwansyah zulkifle 1 month ago Leonardo De Rosa hahhahahahaha
  • Mojopin 70
    Mojopin 70 1 month ago I am 50% Scots/Irish/Welsh grandparents came from Cork and Limerick. The rest is a mix of English/French and Jew.
  • Dominic Abbott
    Dominic Abbott 1 month ago @Pol Fartin Ok Rabbi
  • Wahyu Sutisna
    Wahyu Sutisna 1 month ago Hahaha lol
  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski 1 month ago I’m Scottish, German, Dutch, Canadian, American, British, and French. This makes me proud of my Scottish side
  • Notice me not
    Notice me not 1 month ago 100%*
  • Juan Cortez
    Juan Cortez 1 month ago I KNEW IT!!!! hahahaha!!! FREEDOM!!!!
  • Xp_generic
    Xp_generic 1 month ago FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM
  • Aidan Bozzoli
    Aidan Bozzoli 1 month ago Wendy Bendy and some whiskey
  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue 3 weeks ago im 53% on my dna test
  • kagsgirl
    kagsgirl 3 weeks ago 🤣😂😂😫🤣😂😫😫🤣🤣🤣
  • Jules Corné
    Jules Corné 3 weeks ago Your white be proud.. no apologies. Embrace your bio spirit for westernkind.
  • Nicholas Shilzony
    Nicholas Shilzony 1 week ago I'm proudly 68 percent Scottish!
  • The Guy
    The Guy 1 week ago Are you looking up my kilt?
  • Nicholas Shilzony
    Nicholas Shilzony 1 week ago @The Guy big quads and hairy balls
  • Emilia70
    Emilia70 1 week ago @Pol Fartin, If so, then I'm 50% Scottish and 50% Jewish. I don’t know why, but I love Scotland very much. I think the Scots have the genes of King David, his Spirit. 70 years ago, I was also born red. Gaelic language and culture must be revived. Shalom from israel!
  • Tiny mod
    Tiny mod 5 days ago And you've smelt a pint of heavy
  • Kyle Waller
    Kyle Waller 3 months ago (edited) Ok but you know Grandpa is kind of a freak lol. I feel like it took a collective effort by the entire group to convince him to wear something other than just the Hat.
  • Aiden Guex
    Aiden Guex 2 months ago They found him in the woods lmao
  • Kyle Waller
    Kyle Waller 2 months ago (edited) @Aiden Guex That was assumed. Ok? We all knew that. Lol
  • Fanny Annie
    Fanny Annie 2 months ago 😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣
  • Natalie McCabe
    Natalie McCabe 2 months ago 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  • wolfstarchaser
    wolfstarchaser 2 months ago I'd wager it took the RL equivalent of a Nat 20 on a Persuade check just to get him into the flipflops.
  • 【N R D Y】
    【N R D Y】 2 months ago how dare you insult the wise
  • wolfstarchaser
    wolfstarchaser 2 months ago @【N R D Y】 "Wise" and "eccentric" are never mutually exclusive. :)
  • gxtmfa
    gxtmfa 2 months ago He’s in great shape for a man sporting a beard that white
  • Dad 76
    Dad 76 2 months ago I believe it
  • Ä. Sverige förlåtit rå
    Ä. Sverige förlåtit rå 1 month ago funny but respect the words or they will come after you
  • Dodadeus
    Dodadeus 1 month ago It was already proven as a fact. Both science and religion agree on this.
  • Tid Bit O Words
    Tid Bit O Words 1 month ago He could also kick the shit out of anybody that messes with him.
  • Imlaor25
    Imlaor25 1 month ago That is one ripped druid.
  • Your Average Imperial Guard
    Your Average Imperial Guard 3 weeks ago A true celt would go completely naked to establish dominance.
  • _Lamb_Of_God_ -JST-
    _Lamb_Of_God_ -JST- 1 day ago grandpa looks crazy
  • Ovulating Grashopper
    Ovulating Grashopper 3 months ago That front guy tho... everyone needs a front guy like him. Hes the drum wizard.
  • Sherry Byrd
    Sherry Byrd 3 months ago That's the legendary Tubardh.. love him.
  • Reuben Thomas
    Reuben Thomas 3 months ago Gives them stat boosts, he’s like the support player
  • Ovulating Grashopper
    Ovulating Grashopper 3 months ago Hes scottish merlin ya noobs.
  • Ghost Echo
    Ghost Echo 2 months ago More like drum druid I think
  • NorthShoreBuilt
    NorthShoreBuilt 2 months ago Drum wizard is fucking ripped
  • Karol Jarnuszkiewicz
    Karol Jarnuszkiewicz 2 months ago High as a kite
  • Le EpIc ToAd BoI
    Le EpIc ToAd BoI 2 months ago (edited) Volsüng: viking warlock of the beat
  • James Wright II
    James Wright II 2 months ago The old guy? He doesn't do much at all. The one on the left with the hat, the bald drummer and the bagpipes are the only one's that really do alot. The rest aren't needed.
  • Temmie
    Temmie 2 months ago I believe they're called bards
  • Ben nnee
    Ben nnee 2 months ago @James Wright II you must be fun at parties
  • James Wright II
    James Wright II 2 months ago @Ben nnee i don't have friends tho
  • Lex Vanguard
    Lex Vanguard 2 months ago Pretty sure that's just called a bard.
  • Jamile baxter Enalanga
    Jamile baxter Enalanga 1 month ago Your a wizard lead drummer (lead drummer) im a what 🤣
  • Ombric Shalazar
    Ombric Shalazar 1 month ago mage bard dual class
  • voidremoved
    voidremoved 1 month ago @James Wright II don't worry I love you even though you are a stupid idiot with no clue. you still aint invited to the party tho. fuck off
  • fizik
    fizik 3 months ago These guys should be careful they might accidentally start a revolution
  • Vi LideO
    Vi LideO 3 months ago No, William Wallace is not there, maybe
  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 3 months ago Vi LideO , perhaps not... But... He is there in Spirit in Everyone of their songs! Lead on William! F R E E D O M !!!!!!!!🇺🇸👍👍!!!!!
  • Sir Knight Errant
    Sir Knight Errant 2 months ago Lmao the Scottish care more about getting freedom from england than resisting another invasion that’s going on right now...
  • Nancy Morrin
    Nancy Morrin 2 months ago 💗
  • Guy Pseudonym
    Guy Pseudonym 2 months ago @14 Reasons Uh oh stinky
  • Adamo Conscientia
    Adamo Conscientia 2 months ago @14 Reasons there is no genocide in europe are you stupid?
  • BraSS
    BraSS 2 months ago @14 Reasons shut up dweeb
  • Jorge Canas-Martinez
    Jorge Canas-Martinez 2 months ago This guy has an 60% probability of being auth right and a 40% probability of being lib right.... Anybody wanna bet?
  • Epic Nigger Lyncher Gamer
    Epic Nigger Lyncher Gamer 2 months ago (edited) @Jorge Canas-Martinez Just google 'UN Replacement Migration', you will find it right on UN's OFFICIAL SITE, you dumb fucks.
  • Frater H
    Frater H 2 months ago @14 Reasons multiculturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide by breeding out / replacement. preach
  • Trunk McEight
    Trunk McEight 2 months ago Hahahaha!! I see I've come to the right party then!
  • posteador
    posteador 2 months ago Stop throwing the word genocide around like you know what it means.
  • Lonewolf Gaming
    Lonewolf Gaming 2 months ago The whole Scotland would join them! And who knows, maybe even people who aren't scottish...
  • Miss Kim
    Miss Kim 2 months ago I’m ready. I’ll go with them.
  • George L Rockwell
    George L Rockwell 1 month ago posteador you probably don’t even know what the word genocide means.
  • Jared Agos
    Jared Agos 1 month ago @Epic Nigger Lyncher Gamer Lets check shall we? "Replacement migration refers to the international migration that would be needed to offset declines in the size of population and declines in the population of working age, as well as to offset the overall ageing of a population. " Oh wow I really see the anti-white genocide you guys are talking about. I'm absolutely terrified of people moving into my country to prevent economic collapse and pay my pension. You know what I might as well go kill myself eh?
  • A Hope For The Last
    A Hope For The Last 1 month ago @Epic Nigger Lyncher Gamer Oh you mean allowing immigrants into countries with declining population. Yeah the only nation with an actual declining birthrate in Europe is Germany so it's not really a genocide now is it?
  • A Hope For The Last
    A Hope For The Last 1 month ago @Frater H Why are you fixated on someone's pigment anyway, all it means is that they're climatised to the weather conditions of another region. And believe it or not but all of us were black at one stage as are roots as a species trace back to Africa. So if anything most Europeans should be concerned with the preservation of culture rather then fear mongering over foreigners who don't share the same pigment. As for the UN replacement migration which you didn't refer to but others had, if they had actually read what it saids they would know that it's in reference to internal migration not external migration. And also you didn't hear people scapegoating in the 90's about Kosovo muslims coming to Germany because everyone knew that they were only there until the conflict had been concluded.
  • A Hope For The Last
    A Hope For The Last 1 month ago @George L Rockwell It means the mass killing of a group of people based on ethnical lines, ie the Gulags in Russia where political dissidents were sent to and died or the Holocaust or the Rwandan Genocide of the Tutsis
  • A Hope For The Last
    A Hope For The Last 1 month ago @Jared Agos And for example a lot of people from Eastern Europe immigrate to places with a declining birthrate so it's not even as all the migrants are non European.
  • Hammurabi I.
    Hammurabi I. 1 month ago @A Hope For The Last Save your breath. There is literally no point in debating people with the reading comprehension of a 5th grader. Apparently it is hard to distinguish between a scientific paper researching solutions for a projected fertility decline and actual legally binding formal documents.
  • Fin Norvell
    Fin Norvell 1 month ago @Vi LideO nah shit hes dead you mong
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
    Flying Spaghetti Monster 1 month ago Well now's the perfect time to take back the south
  • Lars Van Den Broek
    Lars Van Den Broek 1 month ago @14 Reasons mongoloid
  • Lars Van Den Broek
    Lars Van Den Broek 1 month ago @Jorge Canas-Martinez I bet authoritarian right
  • 14 Reasons
    14 Reasons 1 month ago @Lars Van Den Broek if you are calling me mongloid that's cringe
  • Finska
    Finska 1 month ago @14 Reasons brother!
  • 14 Reasons
    14 Reasons 1 month ago @Finska :)
  • Notice me not
    Notice me not 1 month ago You misspelled greatly there
  • Jaxon Berg
    Jaxon Berg 1 month ago 14reasons is definitely a nazi sympathizer or a right wing troll. The 14 is probably a reference to David Lane 14 words. The people that backed him up either had racist names or swastikas as profile pics. And above all the "genocide" he was talking about is just non-white people existing.
  • 14 Reasons
    14 Reasons 1 month ago (edited) @Jaxon Berg shut the fuck up, sadistic, Genocidal, anti white
  • Anglus Patria
    Anglus Patria 1 month ago @A Hope For The Last Blatant lies, Germany is not the on my country with a declining birthrate.
  • Anglus Patria
    Anglus Patria 1 month ago @Jaxon Berg A lot of tears coming from you. There is no good reason why should apologise for defending ourselves from ethnic cleansing
  • MidnightWolfRain
    MidnightWolfRain 3 weeks ago I am not the kind of girl to revolt but um... If they are leading I may follow
  • TwizzElishus
    TwizzElishus 1 week ago You say that like it would be a bad thing.
  • Fraser McIntyre
    Fraser McIntyre 2 days ago @Sir Knight Errant Probably because the people who are coming over here now are welcome.
  • Sir Knight Errant
    Sir Knight Errant 2 days ago Fraser McIntyre That’s my point, they shouldn’t be welcome
  • Melee Stormbringer
    Melee Stormbringer 1 hour ago "accidentally"
  • marucio Kevin
    marucio Kevin 3 months ago Scots: Romans: guess i’ll die
  • Darkavatar
    Darkavatar 3 months ago Picts* The region wasn't of the Scots until around the 10th century.
  • Nicholas Waldrop
    Nicholas Waldrop 3 months ago Darkavatar learn your fookin’ history. Picts are scot
  • Darkavatar
    Darkavatar 3 months ago @Nicholas Waldrop I do know my history. Partially they are. Scots are the result of the Picts mixing with various Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon settlers. Saying the Scots are the same as the Picts is the same as saying the French are the same as the Franks (both wrong).
  • Nicholas Waldrop
    Nicholas Waldrop 3 months ago (edited) Darkavatar still they had Gaelic in them practically. You can say what you want but idc lad
  • iamurdad77
    iamurdad77 2 months ago @Darkavatar You are English aren't you!
  • iamurdad77
    iamurdad77 2 months ago @Nicholas Waldrop Fuck Him! He is more than likely an English prick! who should stick to Morris Dancing.
  • Darkavatar
    Darkavatar 2 months ago @iamurdad77 Not quite. I am an American but my Great Grandparents were Orcadians.
  • sxpernova
    sxpernova 2 months ago Nicholas Waldrop Romans never fought scots, that’s why the comment is wrong, of course scots today are part pict, but the actual scots didn’t come until after imperial Rome fell
  • clod8
    clod8 2 months ago Darkavatar Orcadians, you say?🐬🐬🐬
  • cunny funt
    cunny funt 2 months ago (edited) @iamurdad77 calm down sweaty sock. It must be awful to be so insecure.
  • Nicholas Waldrop
    Nicholas Waldrop 2 months ago iamurdad77 you said it lad Scotland forever
  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe 2 months ago @Nicholas Waldrop That is not true. What we know was Scottish culture today comes from the Irish settlers. Scots Gaelic is called Gaelic for a reason. It refers to where it originated from. In the Lowlands they used to speak Brythonic languages which died out and got replaced by Anglosaxon that later developed into Scots. At the same time, the Brythonic peoples more north where replaced by the Irish settlers that landed first in the outer Hebrides. The Picts got assimilated into their culture. It is foolish to think that the Pics and the Scots are one and the same, because they are not.
  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe 2 months ago @Nicholas Waldrop The Pics did not speak Gaelic. They spoke Pictish and the origin of this language is highly disputed.
  • Joey Brose
    Joey Brose 2 months ago Darkavatar Scotti pict tribe dip shit
  • Landsman Admiral Ravioli
    Landsman Admiral Ravioli 2 months ago @Darkavatar hush
  • iamurdad77
    iamurdad77 2 months ago @Darkavatar Funnily enough my Great Grandfather on my mother's side 'who was a merchant seaman' was from Orkney! "Stromness" to be precise, my Great grandmother was from Stavanger in Norway, I visited Orkney when I was about 13, Beautiful island (Very Windy) with amazing history! I will never forget our visit to the neolithic site of Scara Brae,I still have the old Polaroid photos I took on the trip(my mother was less that pleased because I used up the full spool on my camera of the site and when we had the photos developed and she seen them her words were "You took a load of photies of Fuckin auld stones" 🙂 On my father's side my Great Grandparents were both from the Isle of Skye, Both from from Portree, i have been lucky enough to visit the island on quite a few occasions! And plan to do so many more times,Again it is a stunningly beautiful island, I myself am from Glasgow and very proud of it, A great bonus is that Glasgow provides a great base to visit all over my beautiful country of birth. Have a lovely day.
  • iamurdad77
    iamurdad77 2 months ago @cunny funt Insecure about what? Nigel
  • cunny funt
    cunny funt 2 months ago @iamurdad77 you're just a Scottish prick who should stick to eating fried mars bars.
  • Ralph Ironfist
    Ralph Ironfist 2 months ago Romans would still kick yo naked ass under the kilt.
  • The Sher
    The Sher 2 months ago Picts.
  • Cenk Tüneygök
    Cenk Tüneygök 1 month ago Picts are direct acestors of Scots. It is nothing like French and Franks. French are heavily Latinized and lost their Germanic heritage. Scots still retain their Celtic roots from Picts.
  • Mystic_King12TV 123
    Mystic_King12TV 123 1 month ago Nicholas Waldrop Picts were closest relation to vikings,fearless warriors who fight for their families,riches, and fertile land,Picts were very much different from Scots,