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Скачать с ютуб 1950's Amersham Cooker Vintage Toy Restoration

Опубликовано: 15 мая 2019 г. 123 902 просмотра

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I found this vintage toy cooker at a junk sale and thought it would be great to try out my new Powder coating Kit.
I made my own Home Made Powder coating Oven on my Retrorestore Channel at

The Powder Coating gun is from Electrostatic Magic and they have kindly supplied me with a discount code for anyone wanting to buy a system from them. Just visit their website and when you purchase, Just include the discount code - RetroRestore1 and you will get a 5% discount for all their products.

When customers enter the code when buying a system, they also get free shipping by entering the additional code FREESYSTEMSHIPPING Thus you need to enter both codes separately before making payment.
Hope you enjoy this restoration.
#restoration #restore #retrohax
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  • Bob Chatfield
    Bob Chatfield 10 months ago I could watch sand blasting all day!
  • e1woqf
    e1woqf 10 months ago Me too! 😀
  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing 10 months ago Do you know how slow it is?
  • Nelson Ocasio
    Nelson Ocasio 9 months ago I'm with you, my father in-law has one and i always tell him to call me before any sandblasting takes place at his garage.
  • Kirs Tron
    Kirs Tron 9 months ago @Forever Computing oh I can imagine its quite tedious, but I'm patient and I love the immediate satisfaction of it. 😀 id love to try it though!
  • Kirs Tron
    Kirs Tron 9 months ago @Nelson Ocasio that's so awesome! Have you ever used it yourself? Id love to try it
  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer 9 months ago I couldn't agree more. Whomever invented the sandblaster, I'd buy them a drink and shake their hand!
  • Janine Lew
    Janine Lew 9 months ago Satisfying like popping bubble wrap!😁
  • Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva
    Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva 10 months ago I really wanted to see you recreating the stickers and placing them
  • Nocturnal Beast
    Nocturnal Beast 9 months ago Please use gloves.
  • batterymaker
    batterymaker 10 months ago Yeah, baby!! I would say that first venture into powder coating is a raging success!,
  • RetroHax
    RetroHax 10 months ago Thanks bud.
  • awesomefacepalm
    awesomefacepalm 10 months ago The sound of bird song is better than any music
  • Douglas Talbot
    Douglas Talbot 10 months ago Outstanding job Martin, you are right up there with TysyTube, Handtool rescue and all the other great restorers.
  • rose gionomo
    rose gionomo 9 months ago Absolutely agree, love watching your Channel
  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 9 months ago Not even in the same league!
  • Valyn McNeil
    Valyn McNeil 10 months ago Ahhhh, yes. When toys were made for quality and could hurt now just made of disposable platics. Good job.
  • This Girl Rocks
    This Girl Rocks 10 months ago I was just thinking the same thing. Now everything is just a waste of hard earned money.
  • Louise Robinson
    Louise Robinson 9 months ago I had one of these in my youth, this one is missing the cradle for the paraffin tablet that sat in the hole on the top. My cooker was pale green. Nice restoration.
  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia 9 months ago Does this guy know there's people that are trying to get some sleep or are just high are watching this?
  • Sam Williamson
    Sam Williamson 10 months ago Another great job Martin. The powder coating makes a real professional look to it. I can tell that you’re going to enjoy your homemade powder coating oven. Brilliant work mate.
  • RetroHax
    RetroHax 10 months ago Thanks Sam
  • Cory Jeffreys
    Cory Jeffreys 8 months ago Well, I think for being you first time Powder Coating you did a fine job.
  • B. D.
    B. D. 6 months ago I would have to agree with Cory
  • This Girl Rocks
    This Girl Rocks 10 months ago Wow... they must of had well put together toys back then.
  • antony wilde
    antony wilde 10 months ago Excellent job mate. I've got a feeling you'll be using it a lot lol lawnmower engine powder coated would be good or a few cars. Can't wait to see some more.
  • RetroHax
    RetroHax 10 months ago Yes, its going to come in very handy.
  • OIFEagle
    OIFEagle 9 months ago You make powder coating look easy, I might have to invest in one.
  • Philipp Berry
    Philipp Berry 10 months ago I came here for the sandblasting.
  • gxbouncer1
    gxbouncer1 9 months ago For a first attempt at powder coating you did a great job!! Awesome restoration!!!
  • Spirit of the wolf Bush Wiccan
    Spirit of the wolf Bush Wiccan 10 months ago Love vintage toys especially like this. Great find
  • Janine Lew
    Janine Lew 9 months ago I love watching you restore!🤗 Are you up to date on your tetanus shot? 😉
  • tom moston
    tom moston 10 months ago The results of the powder coating are amazing. Well done.
  • Ufuk Can
    Ufuk Can 10 months ago You must gift a present your grandchild this toy. :)