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Скачать с ютуб 吃法多样百变的食材—芋头,你们喜欢怎么吃?【滇西小哥】

Опубликовано: 4 окт. 2019 г. 4 195 316 просмотров

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Taro is a kind of food material which can be cooked in various ways. Today we are going to make several side dishes with taro that we often eat such as taro soup, taro and pickled bamboo shoots porridge, taro crispy chips, Stir-fried taro with ham and stir-fried taro stem with pickled papaya.
They are all made by taro, but each of them have their own taste. How do you cook the taro in daily life?

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    Philip 2 місяці тому living in province with farm is far better than living in the city with full of stress. your videos shows than you can still be happy even thu your life is simple..
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    Gyurme Sherpa 1 місяць тому @Ann Garcia a lot of factors should be right to live this kind of lifestyle: health, income, family support, land and climate and many other faxtors. So i agree with you. The rise of urbanization globally proves you are right.
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    Alan Tan 1 тиждень тому At least crops are not subject to inflation.
    BTS ARMY IS SHIT 1 місяць тому (змінено) You know her village is super clean when she can drink from the drain and even wash the vegetables there. Even the water look super clear!
    XIAOBIN MEI 1 місяць тому BTS IS SHIT because people protect the environment
  • 原味鸡块
    原味鸡块 1 місяць тому Yeah I think it mostly because there is no heavy industry in Yunnan (the province she lives
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    スージー。 1 місяць тому Wtf your name is offensive
    BTS ARMY IS SHIT 1 місяць тому @スージー。 Your face is offensive.
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    I know we can make it B eter 1 місяць тому xd continue the environment talk, let's not argue.
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    I know we can make it B eter 1 місяць тому (змінено) @Loino Yeptho it's just an username :l Or maybe an opinion but it doesn't mean it's a fact.
    BTS ARMY IS SHIT 1 місяць тому @Loino Yeptho Oh but I am getting joy from your face. :)
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    James Wang 1 місяць тому @Lovely Maids that's because these waters are from the water wells in the nearby mountain. They just built aqueducts to get those water from the mountains to the villages.
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    Sean Taylor 6 днів тому @Loino Yeptho anyway at least I saw a comment from nagaland
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    Tiberius 6 днів тому She made cooking so relaxing and a reflection of peaceful mind. I don’t know why the cost and spending time cooking in America is so stressing.
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    Ray Kenley 4 дні тому Did any one surprise like me that she actually drink water from a drain? How clean that the quality of drain water actually is? Oh my GOD! I want to move and live there.This village is so bless.
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    Heien Jie 1 місяць тому It's a very healthy doggo
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  • Marchel Steven
    Marchel Steven 2 місяці тому stay happy n blessed well it says so in Weibo (Chinese Twitter) with her iphone 6 in the early days and then SLR now still edited in her iphone. But its yours to believe or not
  • stay happy n blessed
    stay happy n blessed 2 місяці тому (змінено) @Marchel Steven i wonder how can she film the scenery n her style of cooking when both of her hand was busy cooking the dishes...
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    Cô Tấm ngày nay Country cuisine 2 місяці тому When she give the child two taro, she was really a wonderful girl. We should leran from her.
  • Yeng Sabio
    Yeng Sabio 2 місяці тому As an Asian, ASEAN, & a Filipino, taro is one of my staple foods! Great alternative to rice from time to time.
  • 김유신
    김유신 1 місяць тому 그동안 내가 한국에서 먹은 토란은 병아리콩 이었나.... 무슨 크키가 왕고구마여;;;;
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    dol kug 1 місяць тому (змінено) 정확히 말씀드리자면 토란과 타로는 비슷해보이지만 약간 다르다고하네요 토란이 타로의 변종이레요~😄 우리나라에서는 타로를 왕토란 이라고 부르는것같아요~
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    fufufuaru 2 місяці тому One of the things I like about her videos is the sense of community in her village. Reminds me so much of my grandparents’ hometown.
  • iam myowntrash
    iam myowntrash 1 місяць тому Im so jealous of u, beside the fresh ingredients, the clean water n the fresh air amazed me 🥺 n the surrounding of natural sources wow
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    Yanina Aulasevich 2 тижні тому Joe used to fight with a vampire and took his power away. So that way he can become stronger and more badass! 😎
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    Ẩm Thực Mẹ Làm 2 місяці тому She's like a Asian princess.. but better because she can do anything She inspired me to shoot a video of my mother Love From vietnamese...
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    Alex Vuong 2 місяці тому You could do the same vlogs. But, the problem is the way the Vietnamese cook always looks dirty, unsafe, and unsanitary. The way this girl cooks is clean and appealing. She doesn't even show plastic utensils or tools in her videos. Bạn có thể làm vlog tương tự. Nhưng, vấn đề là làm thế nào đầu bếp trông không bẩn, sạch sẽ và an toàn mới thu hút người xem. Cách cô gái này nấu ăn sạch sẽ thu hút nhiều người đến xem. Cô ấy thậm chí không hiển thị các công cụ bằng nhựa trong video của mình.
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    Nga Nga 2 місяці тому Lạc trôi à anh 🤣🤣🤣
  • Hoa Pham
    Hoa Pham 2 місяці тому @Alex Vuong "the problem is the way the Vietnamese cook always looks dirty, unsafe, and unsanitary"???!!! ALWAYS???!!! :V
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    Candra Meizin 2 місяці тому Rika ning kene yu?
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    vrom vrom 2 місяці тому I watch your videos too💕
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    Sage Artucilla 2 місяці тому Like mulan 😍
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    Sarah Jecka 2 місяці тому I also watch ur mother video its really good and inspiring😍😍
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    Ling 8ptk 2 місяці тому I also like your video 😆
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    Hằng Nguyễn 1 місяць тому Chào bà
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    Sarah's세라네 1 місяць тому OMG your video is nice too!
  • Sarah's세라네
    Sarah's세라네 1 місяць тому @Alex Vuong 정말 성급한 일반화의 오류다. 베트남 음식은 항상 더럽고 비위생적이라니 ㅡㅡ
  • Alex Vuong
    Alex Vuong 1 місяць тому @Hoa Pham Bộ đui không thấy à? Đa số ông bà ngồi chồm hổm ăn uống xả rác bừa bãi nhình rùng mình.
  • Griselda Moony
    Griselda Moony 1 місяць тому @Alex Vuong I just got back from the Vietnamese take out place. It was clean. It is a real actual Vietnamese grandma making real Vietnamese food, and she has never gotten me sick once. I eat her food often. Yes, it sits out at room temperature, but like I said, I've never gotten sick from her food.
  • 버나
    버나 2 місяці тому 우와 한국은 거의 토란국 밖에 안먹는데 저렇게 다양하다니..신기하네요. 아 그런데 모과절임을 자주 넣으시던데 그거 무슨맛이에요??