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Опубликовано: 28 июл. 2017 г. 2 492 275 просмотров

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Spy Camera Clock (USA Link) -
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This clock packs some secret functionality... It's got a hidden camera with night vision. It works with an app available on Android or iPhone and can begin recording when triggered by motion.

*Sponsored by Oreo.

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  • Engels
    Engels 2 years ago When you realize your mom just bought you one of those.
  • Jacoub
    Jacoub 2 years ago Sasha Engels holy shit.
  • wo a
    wo a 2 years ago LeagueOfJacoub 嗨喽
  • Raff
    Raff 2 years ago jerk off right in front of it. Now you know why you and your mom have a close relationship
  • Vic Rizzo
    Vic Rizzo 2 years ago Raff LMFAO
  • Alan Wright
    Alan Wright 2 years ago Sasha Engels good luck
  • Edgar Acevedo
    Edgar Acevedo 2 years ago Raff 😩💦🍆😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Sn4p
    Sn4p 1 year ago Put it in your cupboard
  • Carrie Dodd
    Carrie Dodd 1 year ago Sasha Engels is the day you get your car俄美关系中所属行业
  • Sh4rks Tooth
    Sh4rks Tooth 1 year ago STOP, You have violated the law
  • gagan raj
    gagan raj 1 year ago Naughty America 😂😂
  • ///AMG Lu
    ///AMG Lu 1 year ago My mom already install a WIFI night vision 360° Camara in my house(in China) :)
  • gagan raj
    gagan raj 1 year ago @///AMG Lu wtf is happening
  • Jiusonium
    Jiusonium 1 year ago Damn she's freaky
  • Oumshka
    Oumshka 1 year ago jacking off time gonna be a public thing now
  • Why Don't We - Florida
    Why Don't We - Florida 1 year ago Oh shit.
    RED REBEL 1 year ago 😷😷😷
  • Lisa W
    Lisa W 11 months ago Wow! Very sneaky!
    ELISHA 7 months ago YEET
  • Omolola Shittu
    Omolola Shittu 7 months ago @Oumshka something the family can enjoy
  • Sanjay Sohal
    Sanjay Sohal 5 months ago What ya doin honey 🍯
  • Xamentle
    Xamentle 2 months ago Engels my mom is the person that buy that to spy on me in the whole house she buy’s like 24 of them and set them in the hole entire house😅😅😤😤😤😩😩😩😢😢😢😢😱😱😱😰😰😰
  • Intmaster69
    Intmaster69 2 years ago I feel like he was drunk filming this.
  • Quentin Gilanian
    Quentin Gilanian 1 year ago He's always drunk when he makes videos
  • Mason Ford
    Mason Ford 4 months ago Yes
  • Hugo Ordoñez
    Hugo Ordoñez 2 months ago i would put my money on weed, dude was talking about how nice the texture of the box felt..
  • Mr punk
    Mr punk 2 years ago 0:07 when ur in the back seat with ur brother and ur mom randomly pulls into the McDonald's drive thru
  • Jay 'BuGG3r'
    Jay 'BuGG3r' 1 year ago Mida punk heh
  • TheReal_ABI516
    TheReal_ABI516 1 year ago Mida punk a
  • Rick the Firefighter
    Rick the Firefighter 1 year ago But then she only gets a coffee and leaves.
  • Zach Schumann
    Zach Schumann 1 year ago Lol
  • BasketballDude360
    BasketballDude360 1 year ago Mida punk lol
  • ChronoPierce
    ChronoPierce 5 months ago Man we don't even have a car
  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh 2 years ago JACK = Just A Camera Kid
  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 2 years ago Manmeet Singh Just A Clock Kid
  • Stefan Mirkovic
    Stefan Mirkovic 1 year ago Just a curry kids?
  • sid
    sid 1 year ago Just a camera kidS
  • Robert Shuki
    Robert Shuki 1 year ago Just a cameraman kids
  • Dewa Kawauchi
    Dewa Kawauchi 3 months ago Ahh i remembered the good ol days when Jack was still a mystery Good Times
  • MrG0CE
  • TheBeastWithin
    TheBeastWithin 2 years ago MrG0CE Then the recording is on the cloud.
  • JRod
    JRod 2 years ago You have the recording on your phone
  • Eliisorp Eliisorp
    Eliisorp Eliisorp 2 years ago what if i make clouds with my weed and cant find the right cloud with the videos??? :(
  • Aryan
    Aryan 2 years ago TheBeastWithin it wouldnt be connected to a wifi so the cloud would be useless
  • Ny'alotha
    Ny'alotha 2 years ago Someone found a phone once and started taking pictures with it, but it had the DropBox account connected and it automatically uploads them to the cloud and so the person who originally had the phone found those guys :D
  • 69 Guccigang Tripy 420
    69 Guccigang Tripy 420 2 years ago Ny'alotha They are sure stupid
  • wilson tanu
    wilson tanu 2 years ago There is motion detection and auto recording if there is a thief
  • Joshskulls
    Joshskulls 2 years ago MrG0CE man I was gonna say that
  • Ishan Jasuja
    Ishan Jasuja 2 years ago I the thief would have limited time I guess so he would concentrate more on stealing valuables
    OR_AMRAM 2 years ago !What is this question?! it is recording
  • TakeOffOnuPeons
    TakeOffOnuPeons 2 years ago (edited) JRod what if the thief steals your phone?
  • JRod
    JRod 2 years ago BillyTheBaller fuck 😂
  • Paulo Oliveira
    Paulo Oliveira 2 years ago Don't Worry. The SD card is a "SANDISC"! That suffer Alzheimer!
  • Anthologic
    Anthologic 2 years ago Right? and or.... cut's your house's/apartment's power (ergo: wifi) before entering    ...defeated
  • Logan Stockton
    Logan Stockton 1 year ago @Anthologic mobile data my dude ik this is old but still lol
  • Blastmattspast247
    Blastmattspast247 1 year ago That's funny, the robber is like, I'm taking this man's alarm clock
  • Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong
    Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong 1 year ago MrG0CE that's just so stupid. If I were a thief, I would concentrate only for valuable items like jewelries and money.
  • Xu Gao
    Xu Gao 1 year ago damn, guess i got steal the cloud now
  • EddieWGE
    EddieWGE 2 years ago (edited) Am I the only one who thought: sex tape?
  • The sky is the limit
    The sky is the limit 2 years ago Dude. This is YouTube. What do you expect.
  • TheRanblingjohnny
    TheRanblingjohnny 2 years ago First thing that came to mind this is a creep cam. It not made to look like something you put anywhere but by a bed.
  • Robert Mackie
    Robert Mackie 2 years ago Eddie Samura i
  • King Jahi
    King Jahi 6 months ago 🤦🏿‍♂️
  • Parzival
    Parzival 2 years ago who else is sad because Amazon never ships anything to your country 😭
  • Starlight Shimmer
    Starlight Shimmer 2 years ago Parzival I once asked my mom to buy me something from amazon and it came broken even though it wasn't used once. ..I had to wait for the other one that hopefully wasn't broken but it was broken too so I had to wait again that one was broken too... my mom just asked for her money back and never bought it again from the same person....
  • M Usaim
    M Usaim 2 years ago Starlight Shimmer did you get refunds?
  • Starlight Shimmer
    Starlight Shimmer 2 years ago Fire Chron yes
  • Hidden Life
    Hidden Life 1 year ago Starlight Shimmer what was it
  • NicosoftNT
    NicosoftNT 1 year ago A piece of rope
  • Mr Papagiorgio
    Mr Papagiorgio 1 year ago Starlight Shimmer its because you dont deserve nice things, fuck your country
  • lukasaey
    lukasaey 1 year ago Bullies hate him...
  • D.J.R. tvHD
    D.J.R. tvHD 1 year ago yes
  • Johan Puerta Santos
    Johan Puerta Santos 1 year ago Starlight Shimmer Usually its because of the mail men
  • sam sam
    sam sam 1 year ago Parzival ok welcome to syria🌚
  • Leslie D.
    Leslie D. 1 year ago fcuk amazon!
  • Bri Laloca
    Bri Laloca 1 year ago Parzival nope thank god for being in new york
  • Furret God
    Furret God 1 year ago Eat u mean ya it does
  • Falk M
    Falk M 5 months ago Where do you live? In Gabon?
  • Mason Ford
    Mason Ford 4 months ago Not me! Murica all the way!
  • Mohamed Maheel
    Mohamed Maheel 3 months ago me 🇲🇻 ;-;
  • Fast Films
    Fast Films 3 months ago Parzival not me
  • atiya sayeed
    atiya sayeed 2 years ago "Hidden" makes a vid about it for 8 million people
  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 2 years ago atiya sayeed actually 1.4mil rn and some people watched it twice so less than 1.4 mil
  • Γιώργος Δημητριάδης
    Γιώργος Δημητριάδης 1 year ago hahahaahahahaha thats exactly what i was thinking
  • Rob
    Rob 1 year ago Hey! That's not fair! Only 2 million people have watched this video.
  • Lisa W
    Lisa W 11 months ago LOL!! Not so “hidden” anymore, huh?!?
  • shopnilxpro
    shopnilxpro 6 months ago ?
  • Potatoe Salech
    Potatoe Salech 2 years ago I wonder if he's sponsored by Oreo
  • Raihan Hafizh
    Raihan Hafizh 2 years ago Potatoe Salech read the caption
  • Potatoe Salech
    Potatoe Salech 2 years ago Raihan Hafizh I know but everytime he's sponsored he subtly just shows it and I think it's just funny
  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 2 years ago thats how all sponsorship ads should be (not the way linus does it by ruining the video with obnoxious plugs)
  • fueled by
    fueled by 2 years ago MWB Gaming it's hard to do that when it's important to share promo codes and hardware specs Everyone knows an Oreo is an Oreo, you probably don't know about tunnelbear
  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 1 year ago Potatoe Salech yes I guess he is
  • MJ
    MJ 1 year ago Raihan Hafizh - you mean DESCRIPTION. 😂
  • Jayla Lopez
    Jayla Lopez 1 year ago no fricken duh it says it in the description
  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter 11 months ago Prob. Plus, heck, they’re yummy. People buy em. People know they’re yummy. Don’t have to work so hard to sell em.
  • Manan Jain
    Manan Jain 2 years ago I have this clock and now it's on unbox therapy and now everyone knows it's a camera!☺️
  • Patrick Owen
    Patrick Owen 2 years ago Nahhhhh you don't
  • justus van eijk
    justus van eijk 2 years ago Manan Jain i
  • Frederik N
    Frederik N 2 years ago Manan Jain I'm sure your sister was wondering why it was on her night table, until now.
  • Tweedy Tacos
    Tweedy Tacos 2 years ago Frederik N LMAO😂
  • Jake Hartman
    Jake Hartman 2 years ago its a good deterrent meow
  • fang yu
    fang yu 2 years ago opps
  • Rozh A
    Rozh A 2 years ago Manan Jain now k know what the first thing imma do when imma ... Muahahhaha in your house .... Bitch
  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 2 years ago Busted
  • Wiradi Martin
    Wiradi Martin 2 years ago and now the girl that you spy on know that it's a camera. you're in big trouble
  • Alejandro Sudiro
    Alejandro Sudiro 4 months ago It’s just us, no one else. No worry.
  • Big Val
    Big Val 2 years ago Now I will know if my girlfriend is cheating on me.
  • a tribute to Yeah, Sure
    a tribute to Yeah, Sure 1 year ago Save your money... she is.
  • Adrian Cojocariu
    Adrian Cojocariu 1 year ago If you're seeing this it's probably too late :)))
  • Kaleb Nolan
    Kaleb Nolan 1 year ago Not if she goes to his house...
  • Rafsan Mahmud
    Rafsan Mahmud 1 year ago U should send an email to a channel called tocatchacheater to see if ur gf is cheating on u.
  • helper dude
    helper dude 1 year ago First PFF if she cheating like you not doing something right or she like more than one person and if that not OK with you tell her Good bye
  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 1 year ago helper dude you probably know all that cos your bitch cheated on you with someone who can actually make sense
  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 1 year ago @helper dude Not surprised
  • Shashwat  shagun
    Shashwat shagun 10 months ago You don't have a girlfriend
  • Edward Booker
    Edward Booker 1 month ago ... and be able to push it to porn hub in minutes.
  • Swift
    Swift 2 months ago The titel is right. Im 2 years late... YT recommendations for ya
  • beerpowered
    beerpowered 2 years ago Spy Camera clock that spies on you and sends the data back to the company that made it.
  • Baileynd Mami
    Baileynd Mami 2 years ago beerpowered Ur comment goes perfectly with the face you'rw making on ur picture lol
  • Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong
    Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong 1 year ago (edited) beerpowered your face would be "famous". XD
  • slowpoke96z28
    slowpoke96z28 9 months ago Yea, this thing ain’t that good. At all. It does what it says, and not much more. And it has a big honking emblem saying when it’s connected to WiFi. If it could set its own time via WiFi, that would be cool, but it doesn’t. So it’s kind of obvious why it’s using WiFi.
  • Radu Popa
    Radu Popa 3 months ago This is perfect for those who want the sneak a video whilst f***ing. This thing is dangerous!
  • abody379
    abody379 2 years ago its 90 dollars just saved u 10 mins :)
  • Schmaoer
    Schmaoer 2 years ago abody379 I always look for a comment like this
  • Mehdi Rachak
    Mehdi Rachak 2 years ago abody379 you actually just saved me 12 seconds
  • IvanE _14
    IvanE _14 2 years ago abody379 10:01 minutes to be exact
  • FoxyThePirateFox
    FoxyThePirateFox 2 years ago abody379 I just oredered it
  • SneakyLeaky
    SneakyLeaky 2 years ago What if idc about price?
  • Abe
    Abe 2 years ago For the poor people
  • RavFrom Yetti
    RavFrom Yetti 2 years ago for smart people*
  • Abe
    Abe 2 years ago RavFrom Yetti nah, for the poor people. I'd rather have quality over price.
  • Awesome Herring
    Awesome Herring 2 years ago Abe You can get a quality clock for less than 90 dollars some people just would rather know the price to see if its worth it
  • Awesome Herring
    Awesome Herring 2 years ago High Price=/=Good Quality
  • Abe
    Abe 2 years ago Awesom Herring obviously this isn't just a ordinary clock.
  • K1NG X0
    K1NG X0 2 years ago abody379 kinda weird when you are beating your meat and you look at your clock and feel a little guilty. Then you go back to beating your meat to brittanya Razavi.
  • Hukus
    Hukus 2 years ago I do not watch to buy, i watch to see cool tech.
  • 3sixty bubba
    3sixty bubba 2 years ago J-Nasty LMAO
  • Bob&Semaja
    Bob&Semaja 2 years ago JayceOnMyFeet me too
  • David Navarrete
    David Navarrete 2 years ago Ender King19 Well, it actually shows as 10:00 to me. I'm on desktop, btw
  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 2 years ago why doesnt he ever tell us how much things cost? (its kinda important)
  • 3sixty bubba
    3sixty bubba 2 years ago MWB Gaming he doesn't want u too see the price because if u see it you will stop watching the video or not at all
  • ComfortMsfit
    ComfortMsfit 1 year ago (edited) Stories of a lifetime always begin: "When I was a youngster.." 2:24
  • The Brown Girls
    The Brown Girls 2 years ago Oreo!! 😂
  • shanu pochampally
    shanu pochampally 1 year ago just a random person i
  • The Rough Rider
    The Rough Rider 1 week ago (edited) 5:58 "hello" Clock with camera: "Hablo Hablo" I know it's because he's close to it but it still sounds funny😂😂
  • Joe Lorentz
    Joe Lorentz 1 year ago It looks like the cubes from the really slow invasion from Doctor Who
  • this boi.
    this boi. 5 months ago I’m 1 year late, how did you do?