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Скачать с ютуб Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

Опубликовано: 10 мар. 2019 г. 6 084 784 просмотра

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After many years using MacBook variants I've made the switch to Windows. I've used every version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have been released. My current laptop of choice is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon / Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.Turns out switching from Mac to Windows isn't as painful as I expected.

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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy Год назад Are you using Mac or Windows?
  • Neguelvis
    Neguelvis Год назад Unbox Therapy windows Windows 7
  • Apurv Patani
    Apurv Patani Год назад Windows
  • Stepan Usatyuk
    Stepan Usatyuk Год назад linux bruh
  • Alex Pro
    Alex Pro Год назад Windows
  • Bhupendra Rawat
    Bhupendra Rawat Год назад (изменено) Windows
  • GoProYolo
    GoProYolo Год назад Windows for the win
  • TheUseless lad
    TheUseless lad Год назад WINDOWS 😎😎😎
  • flyhigh
    flyhigh Год назад Windows 10 Home
    ALLEN THE MEMELORD Год назад Windows
  • verphixelt
    verphixelt Год назад Ubuntu /w Gnome
  • Mugesh
    Mugesh Год назад Windows
  • Trend Savage
    Trend Savage Год назад Windows 7
  • Ha
    Ha Год назад I use mac but it runs Windows
  • Ian Contreras León
    Ian Contreras León Год назад Windows ... You cant do a shit in osx
  • Kaustubh Kejriwal
    Kaustubh Kejriwal Год назад Windows- Spectre x360
  • Dominic Kreiser
    Dominic Kreiser Год назад Unbox Therapy nothing I need one bad
  • Pranav
    Pranav Год назад Windows
  • Nahrain
    Nahrain Год назад Windows 10
  • kishore swaminathan
    kishore swaminathan Год назад I only use windows..... I'm used to using it from my childhood. And I don't think I'll be able go on the other side.
  • Rusl
    Rusl Год назад Both, mac for surfing and light use, windows for work and productivity
  • Milan
    Milan Год назад Linux, mainly. I have set up a hackintosh install too.
  • Tankers 365
    Tankers 365 Год назад Switched to macbook air 2018. Feeling great
  • Karlos
    Karlos Год назад Windows 10
  • QB Chris
    QB Chris Год назад Unbox Therapy MacBook Pro
  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez Год назад Raspberry Pi
  • For the Win
    For the Win Год назад Windows
  • Nabzo
    Nabzo Год назад windows
  • Rebbecah Israel
    Rebbecah Israel Год назад Acer laptop windows
  • amir aydi
    amir aydi Год назад Mac
  • Intel Graphics 4000
    Intel Graphics 4000 Год назад Macbook - I am the first in the replies with Mac! Sad to cya go Lou! Good bye and good luck! :(
  • Mr Remaroll
    Mr Remaroll Год назад Windows ofc.
  • jason gurung
    jason gurung Год назад Mac for coffee 😁 tour , windows for work
  • TheUseless lad
    TheUseless lad Год назад WINDOWS BRAH.....😎😎
  • PopcorN!
    PopcorN! Год назад Hello yeah!! Windows 🤘🤘
  • Bartłomiej Kulik
    Bartłomiej Kulik Год назад Mac mini - no problems with keyboard 😅
  • GLN TV
    GLN TV Год назад Win10
  • Ashutosh Jha
    Ashutosh Jha Год назад Ubuntu
  • isuru vishvajith
    isuru vishvajith Год назад Windows 10
  • thorn
    thorn Год назад Unbox Therapy windows, but on desktop
  • anandsvarup bhatia
    anandsvarup bhatia Год назад Windows 10
  • MaRsHaL DX
    MaRsHaL DX Год назад Windows
  • Try Peak
    Try Peak Год назад Switched 2018 to Mac.
  • Joselito Bual Amora
    Joselito Bual Amora Год назад (изменено) I dont have laptop, I can't afford it 😩 i hope you give it away, i always wanted to have laptop
  • Muhammed Sathar
    Muhammed Sathar Год назад Macindows!
  • QB Chris
    QB Chris Год назад Unbox Therapy How can you use the uglier looking keyboard for emails? Lol.
  • Tony's Pizzeria
    Tony's Pizzeria Год назад I've used Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10 as daily drivers. I also used Windows Vista on a friend's PC for a couple of hours.
  • SOHAL AshmeeT
    SOHAL AshmeeT Год назад i use nokia 3310
  • Flaccid Pancake
    Flaccid Pancake Год назад Windows 98
  • RK Deviancy
    RK Deviancy Год назад Unbox Therapy out here not even using laptops anymore
  • I am Chris
    I am Chris Год назад Both so I can have best of both worlds
  • Pacific Ranger
    Pacific Ranger Год назад None. Android. Sad life.
  • AaditGamer
    AaditGamer Год назад Windows
  • ashish rana
    ashish rana Год назад Windows
  • definitely not clickbait
    definitely not clickbait Год назад Windows because I cant afford apple and I dont have iPhone.
  • Rupak Maharjan
    Rupak Maharjan Год назад Windows
  • rastawet
    rastawet Год назад Both
  • Matthew
    Matthew Год назад Windows and Mac
  • HeyItsHeat
    HeyItsHeat Год назад windows
  • J J
    J J Год назад Linux 😉
  • Castor Chua
    Castor Chua Год назад older macbook air
  • Orhan Et'hemi
    Orhan Et'hemi Год назад Windows bro... I can't afford Mac😑😑😑
  • Abed El Mouti Khdeir
    Abed El Mouti Khdeir Год назад I gotta say, Lew has chosen the right path: Windows
  • ŚWI3TY
    ŚWI3TY Год назад only windows
  • AssidOnAir
    AssidOnAir Год назад Windows, since birth
  • Thorben Nielsen
    Thorben Nielsen Год назад Windows
  • Gandalfwiz2007
    Gandalfwiz2007 Год назад I am a GAMER, that should give you an idea what i use
  • Aaron Okon
    Aaron Okon Год назад Mac
  • Prakhar Shrivastava
    Prakhar Shrivastava Год назад Windows always ❤️
  • Ajay Fatania
    Ajay Fatania Год назад Window
  • Albert Gelilov
    Albert Gelilov Год назад Unbox Therapy mac at home windows at work
  • Snehal U Nadh
    Snehal U Nadh Год назад Both are good
  • Daniel Mulilo
    Daniel Mulilo Год назад windows
  • John Brooks
    John Brooks Год назад Your mom...
  • Adityapal Waraich
    Adityapal Waraich Год назад windows
  • Isaac Castillo
    Isaac Castillo Год назад Linux
  • Rajesh 24
    Rajesh 24 Год назад MAC
  • Death Vander
    Death Vander Год назад iOS
  • Gheryl Mahardika
    Gheryl Mahardika Год назад Windows, duh...
  • darkeagle320
    darkeagle320 Год назад windows 10
  • john cetera
    john cetera Год назад windows. hp x360 spectre
  • Taha Silat
    Taha Silat Год назад Windows 10
  • HardDecoder
    HardDecoder Год назад At lenovo marketing team meeting: Sir we have a shit ton of money for publicity.Maybe we can print flyers and huge hoardings. That one procastinator who dont get invited to WWDC period: Why dont we give youtube a chance to shine in all of its glory.Also,i know a man exactly capable of this so called job...
  • Editor
    Editor Год назад Android
  • Ashry Zulkiflee
    Ashry Zulkiflee Год назад Windows. And it's good to hear that you enjoy your new laptop.
  • Mike Derricks
    Mike Derricks Год назад Windows!
  • Rahbar Ali
    Rahbar Ali Год назад Both 😂
  • harsh gulzar
    harsh gulzar Год назад Never used a Mac
  • Taha Silat
    Taha Silat Год назад Dj H What? How is that possible?
  • A YouTube Channel with no name
    A YouTube Channel with no name Год назад Windows
  • /dev/null
    /dev/null Год назад linux
  • Mauricio Sánchez
    Mauricio Sánchez Год назад Windows always.. Apple is a kind of closed system. It's like a disgusting stuff.
  • Devansh Chauhan2
    Devansh Chauhan2 Год назад Nothing Using mobile
  • Gustavo Brenes
    Gustavo Brenes Год назад Windows 10
  • Puneeth Chandran
    Puneeth Chandran Год назад Window
  • Hemanth
    Hemanth Год назад Windows
  • Qued
    Qued Год назад Windows boii
  • Sathvik Buddhavarapu
    Sathvik Buddhavarapu Год назад Windows
  • Kuba Pyclik
    Kuba Pyclik Год назад Windows
  • StangPhenom
    StangPhenom Год назад windows 10 is the way to go honestly.
  • Stephen Vishagan
    Stephen Vishagan Год назад Windows
  • bobby red
    bobby red Год назад Windows
  • Ajay Fatania
    Ajay Fatania Год назад This the moment to which he realised that Apple is not major laptop today . (=_=) I am soory the unbox therapy is being aleph
  • HK Felimban
    HK Felimban Год назад Chrome OS
  • surugiu rares
    surugiu rares Год назад Windows (Gaming laptop) but I use Ios ( iPhone x and Ipad pro 12.9 3rd gen)
  • Tech Bros
    Tech Bros Год назад Definitely Windows. I stopped using Mac after Steve Jobs died because I knew that Apple is now dead and they will not make innovative and value for money laptops
  • BEASTERN 180
    BEASTERN 180 Год назад Windows 10
  • Valgek sa
    Valgek sa Год назад MacBook air
  • Anas Harkati
    Anas Harkati Год назад Mac!
  • titus robinson
    titus robinson Год назад Good old windows
  • Ioana Stefania Cantor
    Ioana Stefania Cantor Год назад Windows
  • Mr Tech
    Mr Tech Год назад I never used a Mac
  • Ryu Mishra
    Ryu Mishra Год назад Window
  • Tabaizz
    Tabaizz Год назад I use iMac lol
  • Franscois Prinsloo
    Franscois Prinsloo Год назад Mac is a brand of personal computer, Windows is an operating system.
  • Prasun Tiwari
    Prasun Tiwari Год назад UBUNTU
  • Blixpoew
    Blixpoew Год назад Windows
  • Seko Us
    Seko Us Год назад Windows as most of professional modeling/rendering software work flawlessly and are cheaper to buy on windows. I also game a lot ;)
  • Matheus Lasserre
    Matheus Lasserre Год назад Linux
  • Johny Jiran
    Johny Jiran Год назад Mac, but all I want is nice looking linux UI..
  • A Molson
    A Molson Год назад I switched to a PC last year from an older iMac and when its time to upgrade my older MacBook Pro I'll switch to windows as well. I also jumped to Android last year after using iPhones forever. If I can find a decent Android tablet I'll switch that when its time to upgrade from my current iPad. The apple tax is just getting too high. Great for shareholders and the CEO's salary but poor value for consumers.
  • En Sabah Nur
    En Sabah Nur Год назад Windows, I don't like being trapped in one ecosystem. Apple is a trap.
    MANISH KULDEEP Год назад I don't have both.. I have only my cheapest smartphone 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tech Land
    Tech Land Год назад (изменено) I use linux, MacOS, windows and android 😂 Edit: I just can't use iOS (all the apps on the homescreen OMG ->one of the reasons)
  • Kaushik Kashyap
    Kaushik Kashyap Год назад windows
  • Ruemon Bhattacharyya
    Ruemon Bhattacharyya Год назад Using Mac cause my other windows computer is slow.
  • Mr L
    Mr L Год назад Windows, with a Thinkpad for years now!
  • Ryan
    Ryan Год назад Windows 10! On Dell XPS 13 9370!
  • General Step
    General Step Год назад WINDOWS
  • Smiles J
  • Geoffrey Verlinden
    Geoffrey Verlinden Год назад Linux 😁😁😁
  • Oliver Hoekstra
    Oliver Hoekstra Год назад A Lenovo b575e worse than my acer travelmate spin b118 with a celeron inside from school...(only in preformance)
  • Alchemy Freak
    Alchemy Freak Год назад Linux
  • Evan Kohi
    Evan Kohi Год назад why not both?
  • CJC0510
    CJC0510 Год назад windows~ mac for loser..
  • SleePiggy
    SleePiggy Год назад Unbox Therapy both
  • Mohammad Al Moslim
    Mohammad Al Moslim Год назад Mac :)
  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen Год назад Windows
  • L.G. Corpuz
    L.G. Corpuz Год назад Neither. Using a Chromebook.
  • Dirk Bremer
    Dirk Bremer Год назад I don't do Windoze.
  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen Год назад Tech Gappe Sappe Same
  • Thomas Bryant
    Thomas Bryant Год назад Both.... but I too am moving away from Apple... specifically due to the keyboard issue
  • AhmΔd
    AhmΔd Год назад hey lew i switched to hp envy 15t and have to say it has the best keyboard & desplay even as touch loved it give it a go
  • Khashayar Motarjemi
    Khashayar Motarjemi Год назад for me it would be dell xps 13 (with a nice clean fresh Arch Linux) and I've used both of those laptops, although older Thinkpad.
  • ducklordd
    ducklordd Год назад none
  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry Год назад Mac! 🍎
  • HmK
    HmK Год назад Mac
  • andjelko007 novo
    andjelko007 novo Год назад @Taha Silat You can run any OS on any pc
  • Srinivasan R
    Srinivasan R Год назад Windows
  • faraz_ 224
    faraz_ 224 Год назад WINDOWS
  • nixon
    nixon Год назад Windows 10
  • Tanay Kothiala
    Tanay Kothiala Год назад Windows forever
  • yashaswi shrestha
    yashaswi shrestha Год назад windows
  • Mel O'Dauz
    Mel O'Dauz Год назад Linux
  • Mrinmay Medhi
    Mrinmay Medhi Год назад Ubuntu
  • Tech Stuff
    Tech Stuff Год назад Windows
  • SA Fatwa
    SA Fatwa Год назад Windows 7
  • Baron Zaraguin
    Baron Zaraguin Год назад Windows ... Windows 10 was an awesome advance in Pc world and I’m pretty happy with Acer Switch 12 hybrid note ; after MacBook Pro 2009 Aluminum Apple simple sit and did not innovate anymore and worse the last 3 lines of MacBooks were expensive and lacking technological advances compared to similar Windows releases
  • Mel O'Dauz
    Mel O'Dauz Год назад Windows Vista
  • Noel Cletus
    Noel Cletus Год назад Windows
  • abhijit gojara
    abhijit gojara Год назад Windows 10 lenovo x1 carbon
  • Shiv Sai
    Shiv Sai Год назад Windows 10
  • Free time songs
    Free time songs Год назад Mac Book
  • Rudranil Ghosh
    Rudranil Ghosh Год назад Windows 10 ♥️
  • Aadarsh S
    Aadarsh S Год назад Windows
  • STEALTHY_armo
    STEALTHY_armo Год назад Windows is better
  • Vara Lawraga
    Vara Lawraga Год назад Honestly? ChromeOS. It’s gotten really good over the past few months, especially with Crostini which allows you to use Linux apps and steam; and it has a lot of what you generally use for laptops - the web browser and android apps ( unless you’re doing more creative work, but you can do that with RDC ). They also have some great keyboards, and I just love the keyboard ( though thinkpad and Lenovo do have some amazing keyboard designs )
  • abhijit gojara
    abhijit gojara Год назад @Ha 😂can we do that on Mac ?
  • somebody ugly
    somebody ugly Год назад Windows
  • Azuriumalex
    Azuriumalex Год назад I am using Windows 10 i5 and 1050 ti
  • Kaitlyn Argyle
    Kaitlyn Argyle Год назад Windows
  • Mike V Vugt
    Mike V Vugt Год назад Macbook Air 2018
  • Alex Hardenberg
    Alex Hardenberg Год назад Windows man
  • Fun tv
    Fun tv Год назад Mac
  • Vladimir Mandic
    Vladimir Mandic Год назад Windows of course
  • Ray of light
    Ray of light Год назад Neither
  • Prajal Badjatya
    Prajal Badjatya Год назад Windows
    ĐØMINØ Год назад WINDOWS!
  • Joshua J
    Joshua J Год назад Windows Microsoft Surface Book
  • Tuc
    Tuc Год назад Unbox Therapy Mac
  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin Год назад Mac mini for production and mixing, PC for mastering and notation software, chrome book flip for everything else.
  • Gusteau Little chef
    Gusteau Little chef Год назад About apple iMac pro
  • Lahiru Oshara
    Lahiru Oshara Год назад Ubuntu
  • Kalle
    Kalle Год назад None
  • Ritikesh Panda
    Ritikesh Panda Год назад Linu
  • Goutham B
    Goutham B Год назад Windows
  • tobias guillermo
    tobias guillermo Год назад Android
  • Andrew Cowie
    Andrew Cowie Год назад 2015 15" retina Macbook Pro all the way! I jumped ship from Dell/Windows to Apple when the whole Windows 8 fiasco kicked in, I am avoiding the newer crap keyboard/colossal touchpad MacBooks so I might swap back at some point.
  • bjarke holm olsen
    bjarke holm olsen Год назад Windows. The only right thing bruh
  • French Frys
    French Frys Год назад windows
  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer Год назад Neguelvis u need to update
    LIL LIL Год назад windows 10
  • Hans Markus
    Hans Markus Год назад windows
  • Gamer 101147
    Gamer 101147 Год назад Windows
  • Commandant Cousteau
    Commandant Cousteau Год назад Windows XP because I respect myself
  • Gamer 101147
    Gamer 101147 Год назад Windows 10
  • Brandon Maruszczak
    Brandon Maruszczak Год назад I use Windows all the way bro!!!
  • Dalton P
    Dalton P Год назад Windows
  • gordfacekiller
    gordfacekiller Год назад Windows and linux
  • Balaji ILangovan
    Balaji ILangovan Год назад Macbook pro 13""
  • CLR Photography
    CLR Photography Год назад Windows. Definitely the best
  • Lord Darth Vader
    Lord Darth Vader Год назад always Windows never apple
  • Crusherbad64
    Crusherbad64 Год назад Windows 10. I'm using a Surface Laptop. I love the keyboard Surface and how I type on that laptop. Really hard to top this one. One major con, not repairable.
  • Naider Bejtja
    Naider Bejtja Год назад windows 7 pro everybody likes window for computers and laptops
  • Vinay Varma
    Vinay Varma Год назад Windows obviously legit I hate Apple to the core
  • Canadian Tech Reviewer
    Canadian Tech Reviewer Год назад Apple products are overpriced... I regret buying an iphone 6s. I am very happy with my windows laptop, and I have no reason to switch to mac
  • OCT Benchmarks
    OCT Benchmarks Год назад Win 10. But i use mac on my aspire by hackintosh :3
  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma Год назад Mac
  • Lord Darth Vader
    Lord Darth Vader Год назад @Stepan Usatyuk how can I ascend to your level
  • Shlok Shah
    Shlok Shah Год назад Windows
  • Ankolsis
    Ankolsis Год назад windows xp
  • Andlarse
    Andlarse Год назад I use Mac
  • Rui Pedro
    Rui Pedro Год назад Hello, I have a chronic disability, and as such, I move in a wheelchair. I'm 21, I go to college and I love your videos .......! I can only work from a computer, but what I had broke down .... I asked you as soon as you provided me with a computer, I'm waiting for your response with mt! Rui Ribeiro
  • magotalica
    magotalica Год назад Windows 7
  • Joshua Barendse
    Joshua Barendse Год назад Definately windows. Windows is more functional, more customizable, and the looks are just beautifull. Macos is also beautifull but windows 10 still has the good old windows feel while looking super slick!
  • Bas Peters
    Bas Peters Год назад iOS
  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies Год назад Linux
  • Akhilesh Negi
    Akhilesh Negi Год назад I don't own a pc🤤
  • Suhas Palve
    Suhas Palve Год назад Windows
  • Brian Fetz
    Brian Fetz Год назад Unbox Therapy I use both !!
  • Ha
    Ha Год назад @Taha Silat last year I purchased mac and gave the store window 10 CD to load it up for me. I prefer windows
  • sandmanoseven
    sandmanoseven Год назад LINUX LINUX LINUX
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад Dual boot Ubuntu and Mint
  • Akhil Sharma
    Akhil Sharma Год назад Macbook Pro 15 2017
  • MA 94
    MA 94 Год назад Windows
  • Raga Subekti
    Raga Subekti Год назад mac and linux
  • Astrrg10
    Astrrg10 Год назад Windows
  • Alfaro Mahardika
    Alfaro Mahardika Год назад can u give me ur macbook please?
  • Jim Mellon
    Jim Mellon Год назад Mac user here. Made the switch to Mac -- to include iPhone and iPad -- several years ago, and I cannot stand it when I have to do something in a Windows environment. @Unbox Therapy -- Do you think the switch is easer, as you stated, because you aren't fully immersed in the Mac eco-system? You don't generally use iPhones, etc., except when testing, do you? Thanks!
  • Rafee
    Rafee Год назад Linux
  • D H
    D H Год назад Just switched to Windows as of a day ago. Mac works nicely for basic work for school and other low processing. But I’m starting to use more demanding software which has made it almost a handy cap to use Mac. That’s why I switched, I could definitely see why people buy certain laptops on either side of the spectrum.
  • MinMax
    MinMax Год назад Both, and Linux at work
  • Sohail Siddiqui
    Sohail Siddiqui Год назад Windows
  • Abhiram Akula
    Abhiram Akula Год назад Window!!
  • Ha
    Ha Год назад @abhijit gojara yep. It's simple. Apple laptops can boot windows. I'm surprised you don't know about it...
  • Emitter Base Collector
    Emitter Base Collector Год назад windows 9
  • Astrrg10
    Astrrg10 Год назад I used windows10 pro and linux . Linux is the best
  • Progamer 280
    Progamer 280 Год назад Unbox Therapy I’m both but if I had to pick a side windows
  • Benjamin Barr
    Benjamin Barr Год назад Window 10 is by far the best. They recently upgraded us at work too and there are some people (slightly older) that admit their computer (same one) run way faster now and is easier to use once they got into it a little.
  • Cristian Izquierdo
    Cristian Izquierdo Год назад Bruh, if the question about the OS includes windows and you miss Ubuntu, you clearly have no fucking idea about computers...
  • Captain Draeger
    Captain Draeger Год назад Windows 10 v.1803 x64 on a Dell Inspiron Gaming 7567
  • John Nyingi
    John Nyingi Год назад @Unbox Therapy LINUX BABY
  • The Peacekeeper
    The Peacekeeper Год назад Mac and Windows
  • Jason Quintana
    Jason Quintana Год назад Are you quitting because Apple SUCKS
  • heck
    heck Год назад Windows
  • Progamer 280
    Progamer 280 Год назад Dj H soo you have a hackentosh
  • TheRealFortran Bootleg
    TheRealFortran Bootleg Год назад Windows but i gonna to buy Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Model.
  • Gtech 1246
    Gtech 1246 Год назад Mac. Runs better with my iPhone. But still occasionally use Windows for some aspects
  • Atul Nepal
    Atul Nepal Год назад Linux bro
  • Mahesh Mohanarajah
    Mahesh Mohanarajah Год назад Windows
  • justsendit
    justsendit Год назад I only used Windows whenever it became a job requirement — really dislike it!🤮 Now, I only use Windows when I need to print-out a mailing label from a library computer. Otherwise, it’s all Mac, all the time!🍎
  • Hussain Sh
    Hussain Sh Год назад Windows desktop foreverything and an iPad for University
  • Blake Bowman
    Blake Bowman Год назад Mac
  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff Год назад I've used Windows on all of my laptops and my current desktop is Windows 10.
  • AngryButters
    AngryButters Год назад (изменено) Imac 2009 27inch & mid 2014 macbook pro BUT I'm in the process of building my new PC moving away from Apple which I've been with them since 2008.....
  • Cameron Beyer
    Cameron Beyer Год назад I use windows unless I'm doing audio production. Unfortunately I can't seem to shake Logic Pro, no matter what I try I keep going back to it.
  • Nayaaz
    Nayaaz Год назад windows 4 life
  • Its Zain
    Its Zain Год назад Android
  • Chuba Ozukum
    Chuba Ozukum Год назад Non
  • Gary Matthews
    Gary Matthews Год назад Windows - left Macbook Pro for about a year now cant go back
  • Ektarv
    Ektarv Год назад Windows 10
  • Steve
    Steve Год назад Windows 7
  • Jonan
    Jonan Год назад windows, the Acer spin 5
  • Regis Martin
    Regis Martin Год назад Mac (but it is probably my last apple PC)
  • Sanjeev Vidadala
    Sanjeev Vidadala Год назад Windows
  • dat one boi
    dat one boi Год назад Good ol Windows 10
  • One More Life To Live
    One More Life To Live Год назад Windows....hp omen
  • Evergreen
    Evergreen Год назад We're poor, of course we use windows
  • Mohamad Skh
    Mohamad Skh Год назад Windows always
  • Alex Crews
    Alex Crews Год назад Unbox Therapy i’m using a Apple iPad
  • Gianni Néro-Rémy-Zéphir
    Gianni Néro-Rémy-Zéphir Год назад Windows
  • arnav gupta
    arnav gupta Год назад Windows
  • Kartik Deshmukh
    Kartik Deshmukh Год назад Windows 10
  • Jeff boi
    Jeff boi Год назад Windows 10 Home
  • Rayed Jualidan
    Rayed Jualidan Год назад Windows
  • Duda
    Duda Год назад Win 10 Pro!
  • Speedy YT
    Speedy YT Год назад Windows
  • Parambrata Dey
    Parambrata Dey Год назад Windows
  • infinite loop
    infinite loop Год назад Windows worth $200 😥😥
  • BodziuM
    BodziuM Год назад (изменено) 1994-2019 Windows
  • Unnikrishna B Nambiar
    Unnikrishna B Nambiar Год назад Mac
  • Omniboo
    Omniboo Год назад Windows
  • Draktbagit
    Draktbagit Год назад Windows
  • DualX
    DualX Год назад It's always windows. Apple sucks
  • Svetozar Lutzkanov
    Svetozar Lutzkanov Год назад Linux Mint you got dislike from me.
  • Rajdeep Kundu
    Rajdeep Kundu Год назад Windows ♥️
  • Mark Davenport Jr
    Mark Davenport Jr Год назад Windows been using it since I was kid when 95 launched. :)
  • Harsh Londhekar
    Harsh Londhekar Год назад (изменено) Windows anyday
  • TTimeCraze
    TTimeCraze Год назад Mac
  • Douwe de Vries
    Douwe de Vries Год назад (изменено) I've been using OSX for a long time with my 2013 Macbook Pro. With that laptop I've been having the Staingate issue like 5 times with the screen (coating coming off). The last time just a few days after the four year warrenty program so Apple wouldn't help me. Reading up on the number of issues with the keyboard I've decided to switch as well. I've recently bought the Matebook X Pro with dedicated graphics and I'm loving the experience so far too. I've setup Windows 10 the way I like it and am loving it.
  • FalconWingz88
    FalconWingz88 Год назад Windowsss
  • Trumpalumpa
    Trumpalumpa Год назад After a decade of using windows I can finally say.. it sucks. I just hate it. I paid 4k for a macbook pro 15" with vega 20 and it still was the best decision I ever made, even if I can get the same specs for a lot less. Fuck microsoft.
  • Austin Allman
    Austin Allman Год назад Linux Mint 19.1. Its like windows but way cleaner. Miss out on windows specific programs but my system almost never has to shut down to perform an update, it doesn't force updates, mint's equivalent to the start menu is WAY more organized and is actually usable (I.e. each program doesn't make its own freaking folder), and most of what I do is browser based anyway so its not like I miss out much! Considering how much you like to make videos where you switch over to things and dig into the experience of it to try to understand it I would be interested in seeing you pick some distribution of linux (my vote is Linux Mint) and switch to it for a week to see how it compares to Windows and Mac
  • James Bourne
    James Bourne Год назад windows honestly I wish I had a mac because of my iphone it is a pain when tranfering photos but yeah I have windows and its nott hat bad
  • T is for Tech
    T is for Tech Год назад I have been using both really... However Windows 10 is closing the gap. Apple has been going backwards the last few years.
  • Ibrahim Hafeez
    Ibrahim Hafeez Год назад Mac
  • wolf297
    wolf297 Год назад Windows
  • AtmoStorm Fr
    AtmoStorm Fr Год назад Linux
  • Mister Fields
    Mister Fields Год назад I have an iPhone with windows pc, I’m a coder so windows or Linux for the win
  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Год назад Windows
  • hasnat rbm
    hasnat rbm Год назад Win10. Um using Asus 14 inch display vivobook with aluminum finish 512 ssd.... It really great.
  • Dzintars Magons
    Dzintars Magons Год назад I would go with Windows because I would want to play games on it.
  • Cata Bojici
    Cata Bojici Год назад Lop
  • Pascal Leinert
    Pascal Leinert Год назад Manjaro Linux and Windows 10 Pro. Why do people always forget Linux?
  • Brent Pfeifer
    Brent Pfeifer Год назад windows, you should check out the HP spectre folio. much less industrial look made out of leather.
  • Jimmie
    Jimmie Год назад (изменено) I was in the MacOS and IOS and while I do like the seamless interaction between Apple devices, I still hate the limitations and how most things are built within the OS. I am using a Huawei X pro now, one of the best ultrabooks on the market imo. I now only have my Ipad pro left from Apple, back to Galaxy Watch (looks so much better on the wrist compared to the calculator aka apple watch, and love the rotating function), back to android phone, back to windows. Giving up the ipad pro will be harder because 120hz screen is noiseeeee, but yeah. Bye Apple :D
  • TheEverythingMan
    TheEverythingMan Год назад Mac all the way
  • James cooper
    James cooper Год назад Yep specially in India windows
  • Signhard Hammer
    Signhard Hammer Год назад Windows
  • Ethan Tew
    Ethan Tew Год назад what about people like me who have already invested so much into the apple ecosystem (macbook air 2015, apple watch series 4, iphone xs, airpods). Will I lose alot if I switch to windows?
  • Massimiliano La Rocca
    Massimiliano La Rocca Год назад Windows
  • Amrit Sabat
    Amrit Sabat Год назад Windows...
  • Parvez ALEKAR
    Parvez ALEKAR Год назад Windows
  • Yeswin
    Yeswin Год назад Windows
  • Rahul Bhardwaj
    Rahul Bhardwaj Год назад Linux man!!
  • Yeon Zhen Wei
    Yeon Zhen Wei Год назад Mac. FINAL CUT PRO got me tied
  • Samuel Morris
    Samuel Morris Год назад windows
    CR7MAGIC Год назад Windows
  • D. Brandtair
    D. Brandtair Год назад Both
  • Mongezi Mabena
    Mongezi Mabena Год назад Windows
  • Delis007
    Delis007 Год назад Windows 10 Pro
  • Tianey
    Tianey Год назад Now i use android for my everday activities😁
  • TheEverythingMan
    TheEverythingMan Год назад Apple fixes keyboard for 2017 for 4 years after purchase. 2017 had a few keyboard problems which were fixed in 2018.
  • Appəl
    Appəl Год назад Windows
  • Manula Jayawardana
    Manula Jayawardana Год назад Both and I prefer MacOS High Sierra!
  • Roberto Tirelli
    Roberto Tirelli Год назад Of course Windows
  • Hugo Dias
    Hugo Dias Год назад Try Linux!
  • SnowWhalez
    SnowWhalez Год назад Win 10. I play games. Im a serious gamer. Macs cannot run the games I like to play. Gaming on an hp laptop that costs $300 feels good. Gaming on a Mac that starts at over $1000 feels like hot garbage. Mac OS is a bad os for gamers or for that matter people who want to get stuff done.
  • amirbahalegharn365
    amirbahalegharn365 Год назад win 7 & win10
  • Olumide Omotoye
    Olumide Omotoye Год назад Mac. but now my full-stop key is hard to press all of a sudden
  • gthspr
    gthspr Год назад Windows, currently on Thinkpad T480s
  • Muhammed Khan
    Muhammed Khan Год назад Windows
  • Iván Reimer
    Iván Reimer Год назад I've used both and i gotta say i like Windows more
  • MepMep
    MepMep Год назад Windows and Linux combo master race
  • Brenno Feitosa
    Brenno Feitosa Год назад Windows, in brazil a Mac laptop is literally the price of a car, and a good car.
  • crotte56
    crotte56 Год назад With all this apple and windows talk, I am surprised that I haven't heard you talk about the huawei matebook
  • Harshdeep Dwivedi
    Harshdeep Dwivedi Год назад Ur mum
  • Ayesha Ahmed
    Ayesha Ahmed Год назад Unbox Therapy Microsoft surface pro all day everyday
  • Hasnain Ali
    Hasnain Ali Год назад I'm using a Mac mainly because my line of work requires it. I require a Unix based machine and for work and personal work, I use a MacBook because it best for development. I dual boot between Linux and macOS. I have both Unix based operating systems. Also, for iOS development, it's either a Mac, or nothing. As for my personal life, mainly gaming, I still use Windows. On Windows, I just did not feel like it was optimized for my developer needs. The tools I used were laggy and working on a Desktop was not enjoyable. Using a Mac feels more professional and I like the keyboard. I can see why you switched, but I cannot see myself using Windows for my work.
  • HIKARII Music
    HIKARII Music Год назад Linus ⁷_⁷
  • DanceGageDance
    DanceGageDance Год назад Windows unfortunately even though it’s trash and always have problems with it at some point
  • - Voxet -
    - Voxet - Год назад windows
  • PizzaAteMyCat
    PizzaAteMyCat Год назад Window's
  • Gerard's Life?
    Gerard's Life? Год назад Windows forever
  • Styxie
    Styxie Год назад @Stepan Usatyuk lol
  • Zokersghost
    Zokersghost Год назад Unbox Therapy Mac> windows and I’ve used windows all my life, windows shits to bad after 3 months
  • Avery
    Avery Год назад Windows 10
  • L M100
    L M100 Год назад I swapped my Mac for the same thinkpad in the office, that keyboard is fantastic.
  • SnowWhalez
    SnowWhalez Год назад Oh crap my $1000+ mac can’t run games. Il just switch to the $5000+ one so I can get some actual performance. 😀 yea now we’re talking.
  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan Год назад Linux
  • PapaHoss爱
    PapaHoss爱 Год назад Chrome
  • Hakan_K7991
    Hakan_K7991 Год назад Windows forever
  • Baha Helan
    Baha Helan Год назад Unbox Therapy man you do love keyboards 😂😂😂
  • Marcin J
    Marcin J Год назад Windows!
  • Aviation, Tech, and More
    Aviation, Tech, and More Год назад Mac. Just bought a new 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch with the 2.6Ghz i7 CPU and Radeon Pro 560x graphics. It works flawlessly for what I use it for on a daily basis, video editing and typing long documents.
  • Tatara Ratliff
    Tatara Ratliff Год назад Mac and Windows
  • Runeism
    Runeism Год назад W I N D O W S 10!!!
  • Douglas Campell
    Douglas Campell Год назад Windows
  • Nabarup Ghosh
    Nabarup Ghosh Год назад Windows .... Man can i get an android from you , i have been trying to try getting phone from your channel for 1 1/2 years!. Please man, i need One!??🙏
  • CedBan
    CedBan Год назад Windows 10 started with XP
  • James cooper
    James cooper Год назад @Ethan Tew well donate to needy it will help you to come out apple's ecosystem 😂😂😂
  • Moses Jonson
    Moses Jonson Год назад windows for me, i can't stand MacOS
  • Jason Catlyn
    Jason Catlyn Год назад Both but more windows from January this year!
  • Cw A
    Cw A Год назад Windows 10
  • Thanos 69
    Thanos 69 Год назад Windows foreva!
  • Mohd Sarfaraz
    Mohd Sarfaraz Год назад Why you hate of apple products?
  • Himanshu Taneja
    Himanshu Taneja Год назад windows
  • clover boss
    clover boss Год назад Windows
  • Raghav kumar
    Raghav kumar Год назад Windows
  • Sysco Avendaño
    Sysco Avendaño Год назад Macbook pro 2017
  • Erosion139
    Erosion139 Год назад Windows
  • Garvin putra
    Garvin putra Год назад Windows
  • Calosis
    Calosis Год назад Ubuntu
  • NubFisher2210
    NubFisher2210 Год назад I phone 1 meme
  • Evil Knight
    Evil Knight Год назад Definitely windows 🧐🧐🧐🧐
  • LordTechPro
    LordTechPro Год назад Mac
  • declan boyle
    declan boyle Год назад @UNBOX THERAPY!!!!What watch have you in in this video??
  • or gez
    or gez Год назад win
  • Edward Brown
    Edward Brown Год назад Windows the Huawei laptops are amazing
  • Kratos GOW
    Kratos GOW Год назад Arch Linux and Windows
  • Kaloyan Blajev
    Kaloyan Blajev Год назад Windows! Gaming on Mac? Hahahaha, Never! :)
  • Pedro Moreira
    Pedro Moreira Год назад windows
  • Keanu Calister
    Keanu Calister Год назад Windows 11
  • Jay Chotaliya
    Jay Chotaliya Год назад Microsoft...♥️ mediocre background...mac is to expensive...but now even if it does slide down to budget i won't get that slick piece of aluminium coz i really gonna miss out the flexibility ...that is what also found to be missing on IOS and Android is so cool ♥️ i want you all to jump out of the ecosystem apple serves ... No offence but just take a shot like video says..
  • KoaIa200
    KoaIa200 Год назад Linux (Debian on laptop arch on desktop)
  • Kareena Singla
    Kareena Singla Год назад Unbox Therapy a Mac 💻
  • Benjamin Hernandez Viana
    Benjamin Hernandez Viana Год назад Windows
  • Dan The Guy
    Dan The Guy Год назад Winwin Tin
  • Robert M
    Robert M Год назад Both, but I can't afford a new Mac Book Pro
  • microRiZu
    microRiZu Год назад (изменено) windows 10 pro 64bit
  • Hannes Welander
    Hannes Welander Год назад @Neguelvis win
  • Robert Leal
    Robert Leal Год назад Unbox Therapy windows
  • bimsara weerakoon
    bimsara weerakoon Год назад Im using windows since i was 4
  • Space_Ship
    Space_Ship Год назад Windows
  • That Guy is ok
    That Guy is ok Год назад Surface laptop
  • Ahmed Shams
    Ahmed Shams Год назад Windows 10
  • Ryan films
    Ryan films Год назад mac
  • Steven Hershberger
    Steven Hershberger Год назад Mac. Life must be rough when you can’t get a constant stream of “eeeeeeeeee.” Don’t let the door hit you.
  • Bowie Ziehm
    Bowie Ziehm Год назад Unbox Therapy Mac
  • Fibre Hacker
    Fibre Hacker Год назад Windows 10 Pro
  • Lord Flacko
    Lord Flacko Год назад Chromebook
  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh Год назад Windows
  • Emilian Epure
    Emilian Epure Год назад Windows 10. On all my 5 computers :)
  • Arrio Gonsalves
    Arrio Gonsalves Год назад Windows! Mac is too restricted and expensive!
  • A New Shoe Wall
    A New Shoe Wall Год назад windows
  • Kaheel GYM
    Kaheel GYM Год назад Windows
  • Noelle butcher
    Noelle butcher Год назад windows 10
  • BrickUniverse_Jappcat
    BrickUniverse_Jappcat Год назад MacBook Air
  • hair on screen
    hair on screen Год назад Ligma
  • FBI
    FBI Год назад windows
  • Astério Heidemann
    Astério Heidemann Год назад Windows 10.
  • Vyshnav Anil
    Vyshnav Anil Год назад Window
  • Appalling68
    Appalling68 Год назад Linux Mint desktop. Ubuntu on my Thinkpad. F-off, Windows.
  • summera ahmad
    summera ahmad Год назад Mac
  • jonathon rosalia
    jonathon rosalia Год назад Buy a 2015 13” MacBook Pro and be done with windows again since that was the peak laptop with Mac OS,fantastic keyboard and trackpad, all of your ports and that retina screen. I built myself a mid 2012 MacBook Pro for $600 all in and it’s going to be my daily for the foreseeable future I switched to Mac with it and if I switch again I’m looking to Ubuntu on a new dell xps because windows 10 isn’t a option now that I see how bad it really is comparatively to other operating systems.
  • Gounike Jindal
    Gounike Jindal Год назад Windows and sir i request you to make a video of HP Spectre also it is epic i7 13 inch
  • Mitsos
    Mitsos Год назад I live in the freedom of Windows
  • Marc Fuschino
    Marc Fuschino Год назад (изменено) Pop!_OS
  • ixaau
    ixaau Год назад Windows 10
  • Amal Vishnu
    Amal Vishnu Год назад What about the new huawei matebook x pro 2019?
  • Rey_David_G
    Rey_David_G Год назад Windows
  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown Год назад Both
  • Austin Aaron
    Austin Aaron Год назад MacBook Air 2018
  • Pankaj Sharma
    Pankaj Sharma Год назад Windows 10
  • Itay Lankri
    Itay Lankri Год назад Windows and Mac. Mac are Better
  • Vicko Augustian Pratama Putra
    Vicko Augustian Pratama Putra Год назад Windows10 of course!
  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim Год назад macbook
  • msanto
    msanto Год назад I remember going to school with you. We all had macbooks. Oh how times have changed. Good on your for calling out Apple on this one.
  • Animator
    Animator Год назад Windows bro! Always Windows
    KURAMA FOX Год назад Windows
  • Roshik George
    Roshik George Год назад Windows
  • Braden Dvorak
    Braden Dvorak Год назад Windows 10 pro
  • George wood
    George wood Год назад Windows 8
  • Sam Mohammed
    Sam Mohammed Год назад Unbox Therapy mac ofc
  • Niels S
    Niels S Год назад Linux :)
  • Kitheka David
    Kitheka David Год назад Am using none but i would wish to use the Mac
  • Emil Lystimäki
    Emil Lystimäki Год назад If logic pro x was on windows I'd switch:(
  • Krafting
    Krafting Год назад Linux Mint, I wish people would switch to linux 👀
  • Aleen Baruah
    Aleen Baruah Год назад Unbox Therapy Mac ofc
  • Cantripping _
    Cantripping _ Год назад Windows. Apple is overpriced.
  • Miguel VM
    Miguel VM Год назад Windows
  • Younes
    Younes Год назад windows for ever
  • SyazTYT
    SyazTYT Год назад Windows 7 Professional
  • Roshan gaming
    Roshan gaming Год назад Windows
  • Vsevolod Nedora
    Vsevolod Nedora Год назад Ubuntu... I am a Physicist. But Windows is my solid second choice.
  • Evan Washkow
    Evan Washkow Год назад Manjaro Linux with Gnome.
  • mz tech
    mz tech Год назад Linux😂
  • Niazi Malik
    Niazi Malik Год назад Windows 10 - hp spectre x360 13t. 8th gen core i7
  • Bianca N
    Bianca N Год назад @QB Chris at least the keyboard works lol
  • Cubeart
    Cubeart Год назад iPad Pro Oh wait wrong vid
  • Houtbewerker
    Houtbewerker Год назад windows mobile
  • Peter
    Peter Год назад Windows
  • Itz Tristan
    Itz Tristan Год назад Windows all the way fam
  • Jerome
    Jerome Год назад Windows 10 pro
  • JBL Bass Tester
    JBL Bass Tester Год назад Windows-Mac-Linux-Android
  • Ahmed Gelemli
    Ahmed Gelemli Год назад Mac
  • PromotingTheBeat
    PromotingTheBeat Год назад Mac, an iMac 27inch. I never liked Laptops, could never make myself downsize to such a small area to work on. I use an iPad for anything I need to do on the go. I can't bring myself to go back to Windows, even when I have to fix some of them, I find myself cringing to do anything with it.
  • Abhi Poojary
    Abhi Poojary Год назад Window 10
  • Weinhart Kaiser
    Weinhart Kaiser Год назад Windows
  • Sabin Maharjan
    Sabin Maharjan Год назад Linux ubuntu.. 😀😀😀
  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel Год назад Windows 10
  • Aakash Pise
    Aakash Pise Год назад Windows 10
  • Matt
    Matt Год назад Xp
  • sad
    sad Год назад 2 windows machines one is Linux mint
  • Kanjook Productions
    Kanjook Productions Год назад Windows
  • Qinghua Diep
    Qinghua Diep Год назад Mac fn
  • Vitor
    Vitor Год назад Linux!
  • Lika Sigua
    Lika Sigua Год назад mac. since 2005
  • Beni
    Beni Год назад Both
    KEVIN LI Год назад im using thinkpad x1 carbon to watch this video
  • Nate 026
    Nate 026 Год назад Linux Ubuntu
  • David Chow
    David Chow Год назад I always have and always will loathe Microsoft OS be it MS-DOS to Windows 10
  • kaniblurous
    kaniblurous 11 месяцев назад I used to use windows. I just switched to Mac because local portable non-gimmicky unix-like environment is a godsend. Wish me luck.
  • DestroTheOverlord
    DestroTheOverlord 10 месяцев назад WINDOWS
  • Eric Cui
    Eric Cui 10 месяцев назад Windows 10 ,but win 10 1903 very bad, many Bugs
  • Dave Vaidya
    Dave Vaidya 10 месяцев назад Windows.
  • Dodo Raslan
    Dodo Raslan 10 месяцев назад Windows 10
  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 10 месяцев назад I like Mac but I have windows😣
  • Jackie Khoa Pham
    Jackie Khoa Pham 9 месяцев назад Windows since 1997
  • Jakkilinki Srujan
    Jakkilinki Srujan 9 месяцев назад Mac
  • Utsav Poudyal
    Utsav Poudyal 9 месяцев назад I use ArchLinux
  • Tumelo Manamela
    Tumelo Manamela 7 месяцев назад Windows
  • Baais Baais
    Baais Baais 7 месяцев назад Windows
  • Stephen7ylore
    Stephen7ylore 6 месяцев назад Windows
  • asthma
    asthma 6 месяцев назад I used windows but then my mom broke my laptop 😂
  • Casey Boyce
    Casey Boyce 6 месяцев назад windows
  • Shanice Grande
    Shanice Grande 6 месяцев назад mac
  • Ecorigon IV
    Ecorigon IV 6 месяцев назад Windows 10 on desktop PC
  • EnderCrypt
    EnderCrypt 5 месяцев назад (изменено) that is not a very inclusive comment Unbox Therapy, i think its only fair to include one of the most widespread operating systems on the world: GNU/Linux (yes, technically the kernel, i guess i should say Linux based OS)
  • KSB-Pr0fit _
    KSB-Pr0fit _ 5 месяцев назад Wait, you guys arent using your microwave?!?!?
  • Locallyx
    Locallyx 5 месяцев назад Mac.
  • Roxel Barroso Ramos
    Roxel Barroso Ramos 3 месяца назад windows on Dellxps13 1st gen!!!!!
  • jcarey568
    jcarey568 1 месяц назад Windows
  • Igna Ramos
    Igna Ramos 1 месяц назад Mac!!! Catalina
  • Lagxl
    Lagxl 1 месяц назад Pc windows 10 it's awesome
  • Thanks Guys
    Thanks Guys Неделю назад Windows
  • Dimitris Moustakas
    Dimitris Moustakas 7 месяцев назад Dear Apple, My "E" button doesn't work. Apple: Dar customr, Aftr xamining your claim, w concludd that thr is absolutly no issu with th " " button on our nw Macbook Pro's. Kind rgards, Appl
  • King Gurry
    King Gurry 7 месяцев назад Lmao! 😂
  • Muhammad Taha
    Muhammad Taha 7 месяцев назад nailed it !!!
  • Outtheredude
    Outtheredude 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Appl just thought diffrntly about doing nglish.
  • Dimitris Moustakas
    Dimitris Moustakas 7 месяцев назад @Outtheredude It was Apple India. o.O
  • mohit baweja
    mohit baweja 7 месяцев назад Undrratd commnt !!
  • krzysiek zmora
    krzysiek zmora 7 месяцев назад Hahaha 😂
  • SynXxシ
    SynXxシ 7 месяцев назад Lol 😂 Wll don
  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 7 месяцев назад E = Evil Corp.
  • Daniel Cleve
    Daniel Cleve 7 месяцев назад Imma give it to you. That was f***king funny!
  • 배고픈디우 '
    배고픈디우 ' 7 месяцев назад haha got m right thr !!
  • Leslie Bonner
    Leslie Bonner 7 месяцев назад Dimitris Moustakas Right! I love your response.
  • Yellowspace
    Yellowspace 7 месяцев назад Haha
  • N R
    N R 7 месяцев назад Getting rid of the headphone jack. Apple pushes the envelope by getting rid of the E key
  • benamici studio
    benamici studio 7 месяцев назад Dimitris Moustakas 🤣🤣🤣
  • Kyle Sumple
    Kyle Sumple 6 месяцев назад Dar Appl, my " " dosn't work.
  • Grumptr0nix
    Grumptr0nix 6 месяцев назад mbarrassingly, it took m a minut to gt th jok
  • Taylor Coomer
    Taylor Coomer 6 месяцев назад OR if they decide to hide this issue: Dear Apple, My "E" button doesn't work. Apple: Dear customer, After examining your claim, we concluded that there is absolutely no issue with the "E " button on our new Macbook Pro's. Kind regards, Apple Sent From Windows 10
  • Nishchay N Beharam
    Nishchay N Beharam 6 месяцев назад DAMN TRUE
  • Jiahao Zhang
    Jiahao Zhang 6 месяцев назад 我tm笑出猪叫😂🤣
  • Leo956
    Leo956 6 месяцев назад Zats jru
  • cosminogloo cosy
    cosminogloo cosy 6 месяцев назад XD
  • Cxar71
    Cxar71 6 месяцев назад 🤣🤣🤣 🥇👏
  • Hullgatt
    Hullgatt 6 месяцев назад You are a great comedian. Hilarous!
  • iMomoSadonne
    iMomoSadonne 6 месяцев назад LOL YO.
  • Pedro Takahashi Gunderson
    Pedro Takahashi Gunderson 6 месяцев назад brilliant
  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 6 месяцев назад MacBook keyboard is fragile so becareful!
  • II II
    II II 6 месяцев назад Dimitris Moustakas lmfao!! Best comment I’ve read in ages! xD
  • Raheem Whymns
    Raheem Whymns 6 месяцев назад Lol
  • Janelle Scott
    Janelle Scott 5 месяцев назад 😆
  • Fergie Jnx
    Fergie Jnx 5 месяцев назад me too!
  • Radjah
    Radjah 5 месяцев назад totaly tru, fuck th macs
  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael 5 месяцев назад I got no problem on the 2015 Pro ...sometimes newer isn’t better 😉
  • Andrea Vitiani
    Andrea Vitiani 5 месяцев назад Ahahhahahhahhahahhah I love you
  • Andrea Vitiani
    Andrea Vitiani 5 месяцев назад You ar a gnious my frind. Snt from my nw mac book pro
  • Mathieu Lachance
    Mathieu Lachance 4 месяца назад Nxt LVL commnts !
  • Edwin VP
    Edwin VP 4 месяца назад "Dar Appl,"
  • icinema gr
    icinema gr 4 месяца назад Poly kalo!
    RAMPYARI TALES 4 месяца назад hahahahhahaha
  • BigVah!
    BigVah! 4 месяца назад 🤣🤣
  • FrischeCoconut Lavare
    FrischeCoconut Lavare 4 месяца назад Genius 😄
  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 4 месяца назад I’m dad lol I’m laughing so hard right now that was an cellent joke
  • Shady Beibs
    Shady Beibs 4 месяца назад (изменено)'s mbarrasing that it took ma tim to gt the jok But i lov it...Nic Can wii gt this without " " that lttr Btw jinius ..
  • Shivesh Kumar
    Shivesh Kumar 4 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂
  • HeadSh0t
    HeadSh0t 4 месяца назад Hat aa dunny rit ter
  • ᎠᎯᏁᏦ ❽
    ᎠᎯᏁᏦ ❽ 4 месяца назад Wow that’s genius
  • Isaac Gonzales
    Isaac Gonzales 4 месяца назад Dimitris Moustakas nic commnt
  • debi winkering
    debi winkering 3 месяца назад x1 carbon and awesome
  • Steve G
    Steve G 3 месяца назад I wondr if appl will say th sam thing to m if I put in a claim? I'v bn living without th " " ky for yars now.
  • puchu
    puchu 3 месяца назад Is it really true ? They disregard a problem's existence?
  • Treeoez
    Treeoez 3 месяца назад Commnt of th yar!!
  • James Bartik
    James Bartik 3 месяца назад Ha, I see what you did there.
  • Shiny Amy
    Shiny Amy 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • gaavelar
    gaavelar 3 месяца назад Lol
  • Thewise indian
    Thewise indian 3 месяца назад 🤩
  • Daughter of Zion
    Daughter of Zion 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Daniel1427
    Daniel1427 2 месяца назад Finest one
  • LAVA
    LAVA 2 месяца назад Ohh shiit ... thats so accurate
  • Samarjyoti Ray
    Samarjyoti Ray 2 месяца назад 😂😂
  • Samarjyoti Ray
    Samarjyoti Ray 2 месяца назад Why did it work when you said that that 'E' doesn't work? 😂😂
  • Anon A
    Anon A 2 месяца назад Dear Apple, Of course I didn't sent the email from the junk MacBook. Don't try to be oversmart. Thanks
  • It’s Just Lemón Juice
    It’s Just Lemón Juice 2 месяца назад Dimitris Moustakas Comedy gold right here🤣
  • Kenneth Tan
    Kenneth Tan 2 месяца назад Is it a coincidence that their NASDAQ symbol is AAPL? hmm
  • Elytra Pug
  • It’s Just Lemón Juice
    It’s Just Lemón Juice 2 месяца назад Elytra Pug You Fucking Killed Him Bro!
  • david pufnić
    david pufnić 2 месяца назад Thats true
  • johnson limerstine
    johnson limerstine 1 месяц назад Lol
  • Jacob Leonard
    Jacob Leonard 1 месяц назад He halarious absolutly halarious
  • James Whitehead
    James Whitehead 1 месяц назад Genius!
  • Cepheus76 Schl
    Cepheus76 Schl 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂
  • Aora
    Aora 1 месяц назад wht wrng y u bully me Appl
  • Aqua Ayush plays
    Aqua Ayush plays 1 месяц назад @Dimitris Moustakas 🤣The ceo is from india so........
  • Rooochaaah
    Rooochaaah 1 месяц назад @Dimitris Moustakas wdym
  • Something for You
    Something for You 1 месяц назад Im dying
  • Mustmer
    Mustmer 1 месяц назад shut up ur life sucks so much LOL
  • Ashutosh Srivastava
    Ashutosh Srivastava 1 месяц назад F
  • alsphat 8 airborne
    alsphat 8 airborne 1 месяц назад Appl wnts to noww yur lokatin
  • C. Hibbert
    C. Hibbert 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Rio Fox
    Rio Fox 4 недели назад 😂
  • Davinator
    Davinator 3 недели назад Dimitris Moustakas Genius 😂
  • Allah is gay - Stop buying Chinese products
    Allah is gay - Stop buying Chinese products 3 недели назад @Dimitris Moustakas haha shut up.
  • Mohammed Sami
    Mohammed Sami 3 недели назад How would you write the letter telling Apple the E key doesn’t work if your E key doesn’t work
  • Shirayuki
    Shirayuki 2 недели назад Ha! appl gotta fix the " " button
  • Shirayuki
    Shirayuki 2 недели назад Taylor Coomer BAHAHAHA
  • Rafael Bitencourt
    Rafael Bitencourt 2 недели назад @Outtheredude And thy say w'r no longr innovativ...
  • FoxGaming76 YT
    FoxGaming76 YT 2 недели назад Dimitris Moustakas took me awhile to get it.
  • Alle Vram
    Alle Vram 2 недели назад Ur a genius
  • burger patty
    burger patty 2 недели назад LMFAO THIS IS GOLD OMFGGG 😭😭
  • Arpit Singh
    Arpit Singh 2 недели назад 😂😂👍🏻
  • Pieter Anderson
    Pieter Anderson 2 недели назад Cause e is evil You know why? Because f*ck you that's why Sincerely Apple
  • Tyler Moore
    Tyler Moore 2 недели назад This is the funiest comment I have ever seen
  • Actxve _Camryn
    Actxve _Camryn 2 недели назад XD
  • Shangwe Kibona
    Shangwe Kibona Неделю назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • SpaceMuffin
    SpaceMuffin Неделю назад lmfao 🙏
  • AzeRTy Block
    AzeRTy Block 3 дня назад print(i for i in text if i != 'e' else '') It took me 10 seconds to do what you did for 10 minutes. Learn programming
  • sharkymark506
    sharkymark506 1 день назад That's R÷volutionary 😎
  • vic __
    vic __ 3 месяца назад (изменено) Apple's Next Innovation: We are bringing an "E" key that works. Apple fanboys: 😱🤯🤯
  • Sohaib Sohaib
    Sohaib Sohaib 2 месяца назад FinTheHuman ha ha so funny🤦‍♂️
  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 2 месяца назад @Sohaib Sohaib u were more funny than original comment
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад Na they would sell it as a dongle an E key dongle.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Imagine being to broke to buy Apple so u make fun of it
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад @Saje Its not about the cost it's about how controling Apple is we are the consumer not the other way around.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Chase Thomas nah, the cost separates the broke from the rich. I support the expensive nature of the brand
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад @Saje Well your view seems warped I'm not going that deep about separation of who is rich or not I go by what does the product offer to me is it good or is it bad. I wont just buy the most expensive thing because it has a huge price tag. I compare products by specs etc not by hey this is $999 most be good and blindly buy it without knowing what it offers to me.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Chase Thomas so your broke.... got it
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад @SajeI can also tell you can't read anything I just commented on. Have fun with your blinders on. I guess there is no reasoning with you. I bet people love to sell you stuff you will just buy it without knowing about the product.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Chase Thomas broke....
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад @Saje Troll go back to playing your lame games.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Chase Thomas troll lmao, ok broke boy. Go eat ur ramen
  • Jay Tang
    Jay Tang 1 месяц назад @Saje You are representing apple fan boy exceptionally well.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Jay Tang at least I’m not broke hello....
  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas 1 месяц назад @Saje Hey if your so rich how about you buy the Mac Pro and the $999 stand and put it on your channel.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Chase Thomas my parents have it, I just use there’s. I have the 16 inch MacBook which serves me well
  • Jay Tang
    Jay Tang 1 месяц назад @Saje Ouch your parents are one of those people who paid $999 for an aluminum stand? It's not something to be proud of.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Jay Tang I mean... $10... $1000... same shit bro....
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Jay Tang And there isn’t another stand just like the Apple so it didn’t make sense to buy any other one
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Saje look, idc if you can afford it, but your personality is shit. You can afford, okay, good for you. But Apple isn't even good, what good is it if it's not even as capable as the Windows? Price is nothing you can't accomplish anything with it. Wow, you have rich parents, how old are you? Unless you worked your way up, don't even say you are rich if your using your parents money. I can afford all the Apple products if I wanted to, but I don't because it's not worth it. Sure you can flex how much you have, but there's no point if it's shit.
  • RpM_Evan
    RpM_Evan 1 месяц назад Star Night lol it’s a personal preference. Why do crappy windows and android fanboys rage and act stupid as soon as someone buys Apple. Like bruh it doesn’t matter
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад (изменено) @RpM_Evan Sigh, didn't you watch the video. First, Apple is based off that it's a luxury brand, and it was one of the best brand until Steve Jobs died. Second I'm a girl. Third, yes you are not entitled to agree with my opinion, but for me it's technology over luxury brands.
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад (изменено) @RpM_Evan and please read the one I responded as well, if you said "I prefer Apple over Android" cool, but the way he was behaving was uncalled for.
  • busybody1
    busybody1 1 месяц назад @Saje stupid comment, anyone can afford defective broken merchandise which is Apple 🍎
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад @busybody1 lmao whatever you say chief. I've seen tons of videos where people can't afford a 4k laptop. like that's how much a ton of people make in a few days lmao.
  • busybody1
    busybody1 1 месяц назад @Saje I noticed you like to make fun of poor folks , that could be you and your mommy next week And everyone here knows it chief
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад busybody1 lmao how? My parents have enough saved and are essential workers lmao. Good joke
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад @busybody1 and I don't care if you are poor or rich, I just hate that less fortunate people hate the rich and criticize us for buying expensive shit.
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад @Saje But you're not rich, your parents are....
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад @Star Night nah, after they give me my allowance that money is now mine. aka im rich, and plus who cares, their money is my money
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад @Saje I mean yes, but you didn't earn it. They made it, they just gave it to you. It's still their money until you make your own money doing something to make it. How old are you? Maybe you can't get a job yet?
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад @Star Night im 16 lol and I just don't want a job yet until after university. And yeah I guess I didn't technically earn it, besides when I get paid for grades then technically I did. but you are mainly right
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад @Saje Sigh, in life you are going to deal with people like you and you going about it the wrong way. Grades are suppose to me the achievements in it self. I'm a straight 100% or over A+ student and a perfect 4.0, as well being in all honor classes since I'm still in middle school. I make my own money as well, I have $10,000 saved up all by myself, which I'm proud of. I don't have rich parents like you, and I'm not bashing that you do but don't claim their money as your own. Good you are planning to go to a university, at least you will make your own money by then, but as I said don't flex money that isn't yours.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад Star Night I get what your saying but how do I not flex when my parents buy me expensive shit. There’s no way to not flex. When I’m at school I just get called a spoilt brat but I didn’t choose to buy a Range Rover or Gucci. Not my choice really
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад @Saje I feel like laughing but there is a way to avoid it and you're not. You were saying things like "hahaha your broke ass could never" (not direct words and they were not said to me) No, no buddy. Just don't point it out. You can show and if others decide to call you a spoiled brat that's on them, okay? I wear expensive clothing but I never point it out, and so people don't notice. Well maybe because they don't know the brands but still. Okay it's not your choice then good, just don't show and you're good.
  • Star Night
    Star Night 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Saje I don't know how it is to deal with being call a spoiled brat because people know I earn it, unfortunately for you, your parents buy it for you. I have to deal with other things, I don't know if you have deal with them, so I won't say you have not gone what I have gone through.
  • Syed Fatim Bilal
    Syed Fatim Bilal 3 недели назад @Saje you do understand non apple products can be more expensive right. I have an s20 ultra pretty sure that's just as expensive If not more than your iPhone. People hate apple because it's shit for value now because it's expensive. If a thing has value for justify the price like my phone, then it won't be hated. Anyways have fun being a dork, kiddo
  • Arpit Singh
    Arpit Singh 2 недели назад 😂😂👍🏻
  • Chiki Tori
    Chiki Tori Неделю назад @Saje gl with your life with that attitude kid.
  • Saje
    Saje Неделю назад @Chiki Tori bitch I can buy luck
  • Fresh Niplet's
    Fresh Niplet's Неделю назад Saje Damn, youre a special spoiled fuckboy arent ya?
  • Saje
    Saje Неделю назад @Fresh Niplet's don't call me out like that im tryna keep it low-key
  • Fresh Niplet's
    Fresh Niplet's Неделю назад Saje Lowkey my ass, youre acting as if other peoples opinion is invalid just because youre rich. Apple products are shit after Steve Jobs died, 700$ Wheels, 999$ for a computer stand. Amazing right? No.
  • Euro Lee
    Euro Lee 22 часа назад eeee
  • Zapy
    Zapy 7 месяцев назад Open your Windows, feel the breeze
  • 3DFX
    3DFX 6 месяцев назад Your gf'd be like: Dont do it Zapy, your willy l'l get Micro Soft... 👍
  • Arlo
    Arlo 5 месяцев назад that was refreshing
  • Quinn of Queens
    Quinn of Queens 3 месяца назад @Star 737 that's the best comment I've ever seen in this comment section...
  • Ехидный Сыр
    Ехидный Сыр 1 месяц назад I felt dog shit whiff
  • Lore P
    Lore P 1 месяц назад I love Windows
  • AR
    AR 3 недели назад Linux sucks
  • RpM_Evan
    RpM_Evan 3 недели назад I’m a Apple fan but this is really funny
  • Arpit Singh
    Arpit Singh 2 недели назад 👍🏻👍🏻😇
  • TheCoffeeAddict
    TheCoffeeAddict Неделю назад Magical. Made my night so chill, but not cheeky.
  • Ahsoka
    Ahsoka 2 дня назад Nice stolen comment
  • Udoye Chioma
    Udoye Chioma 4 месяца назад MacBook pro users : Hello apple, our E button doesn't work Apple : We will be launching our "i-Ebutton", just plug in via USB and everything would be perfect .
  • That guy
    That guy 3 месяца назад Udoye Chioma Dont forget the brand new slick i-Ebutton adapter for only $299.
  • Pratik kadam
    Pratik kadam 3 месяца назад Sold separately
  • moontree
    moontree 1 месяц назад (изменено) dont forget : adapter not included*
  • John Foltz
    John Foltz 1 месяц назад You need a $999 monitor stand to make this work.
  • Jayisokateverything
    Jayisokateverything 1 месяц назад Also w mad sur th nw macbook do not com with usb port
  • C. Hibbert
    C. Hibbert 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂😂 sounds about right! LoL
  • John Foltz
    John Foltz 4 недели назад Or a headphone jack
  • trufiend138
    trufiend138 2 недели назад That guy don’t forget the dongle. It will prob be some new version of lightening.
  • Arpit Singh
    Arpit Singh 2 недели назад 😂😂👍🏻
  • coconut1984 coconut
    coconut1984 coconut Год назад Next video, Lue discovers Starbucks coffee is overpriced.
  • ElectricalAstronaut
    ElectricalAstronaut Год назад its Lew
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад Compared to what? The shite at McDonalds? Most coffee places are about that expensive
  • Tomek
    Tomek Год назад @Zach Arbogast Learn to take a joke, man.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Tomek I can if they're good.
  • Ty
    Ty Год назад @Zach Arbogast Lmao McDonald's coffee is better than Starbucks
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад Zach Try an independent coffee place sometime.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Scriptosaurus rex have tried several.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Ty only their black coffee
  • Ty
    Ty Год назад @Zach Arbogast You must be smoking some dank butthash
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast black is the best way to drink coffee imo. But here's the thing, if you don't like any coffee except starbucks (syrop bombs especially...) then that's fine. There's a chance you just don't like coffee all that much. Not a problem. Starbucks in general is very poor coffee. At least where I live. I gather starbucks in the states at least has a decent caffeine content (among the highest in the us high street chains, where it is among the lowest in my country). People who have lived in both places - whom I trust with regard to coffee - tell me that on terms of flavour and overall quality US starbucks is just as poor as the starbucks here.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Scriptosaurus rex People mainly go there for their sugar syrups they put in their coffee, and for that they're not overpriced.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast Are they not overpriced? Or are they overpriced exploiting the very small niche of people who like their 'coffee' like that and it incidentally has become a trendy product with a bit of marketing? You don't like coffee, here's something for you! You don't like computers? Here's a mac, it just works (at one time this was true, although even then they were extremely limited in their capabilities). So yeah. Definitely overpriced garbage, masquerading as something it is not.
  • Light Morningstar
    Light Morningstar Год назад 2 dollars from a cup of coffee is overpriced...make a cup at home and it will cost less than a dollar
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Scriptosaurus rex it's a coffee based product by a coffee shop company, it is coffee. Just because you don't like their coffee doesn't mean it's overpriced garbage. Just being expensive on doesn't mean something is overpriced. Nothing at all like a piece of hardware that never changes or innovates and has mediocre specs. That's objective, not subjective.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Light Morningstar something being expensive doesn't make it overpriced. I can make cheap wine at home, doesn't make 20 dollar bottle at the market overpriced.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast or the oppsite. You know. Just because you like a bad product (which I repeat, is still fine) doesn't mean it is good value. It's like the kids with their riced cars. It's ok. They like it, they spend a lot of money on making it look snazzy and fast. But inside they are still slow PoS cars that they spend money to no tangible benefit on. A waste of money. Just like starbucks.
  • Light Morningstar
    Light Morningstar Год назад (изменено) @Zach Arbogast I mean value for money and that is all we need. I say all chained shops are overpriced just from nothing. Do they used expensive coffee beans? So, why so expensive. The money you spend on regular decaf, you can buy a thali in India with it.thali includes ( rice, bread, lentil soup, chicken curry, yogurt, salad, chutney,fried veggies etc) now that is value for money
  • Light Morningstar
    Light Morningstar Год назад @Scriptosaurus rex you killed it with the riced car example..😂😂😂
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Scriptosaurus rex food taste is subjective, hardware quality is not. I understand this doesn't fit your narrative, that's fine, but its fact. My OP was a legit question, you brought apple into it. You may have inferred it was about apple, I never implied it.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Light Morningstar AGAIN food is not a computer. You guys keep forcing this narrative, not me. I was asking a legitimate question in my OP, and YOU made it about apple computers. Taste in food quality is subjective, the quality of hardware is not. People know what they're paying for and it's not quality. Quantity of food =/= quality either, dont know why you're implying that.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Light Morningstar food and cars, great comparison.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Moyzes Braz not my comparison. Someone else made it.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад (изменено) @Zach Arbogast quality of food is objective and can be measured and reproduced consistently. But you can indeed subjectively like something that is objectively bad - as has been acknowledged more often than I care to count. My 'narrative' is utterly irrelevant, incidentally. Also. The video is literally about apple. The comment likening starbucks was literally in reference to apple. The OP made it about apple.
  • Lenny Blade
    Lenny Blade Год назад Zach Arbogast pathetic why argue about coffee? Bruh
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Scriptosaurus rex the op referenced starbucks, I was clearly addressing that. Unless you want to tell me you've been assessing the consistency of flavor in starbucks coffee across their thousands of restaurants, you're using a shitty semantic argument.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Lenny Blade Someone else chose to compare the quality of food to the quality of hardware. Which is extremely hard to do and is asinine. Then they wanted to play a semantic argument. Maggot fucking cheese is a delicacy in some parts of the world.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast and yet again, you failed to acknowledge that your 'argument' works in reverse, you tried every starbucks chain ever? Doubt it. But it is moot for two reasons. A) the point of starbucks is consistency, if one differa it is the outlier. Not the inverse. B) If I were the one sampling them all and presenting that as my point it would be moot and subjective. That's why it is not and was never the base of my argument. The funniest thing however, is your claim the comparison is asinine and semantic (ergo effectively pointless), yet you continue and continue and continue and continue. PS: pretty sure the OP was making a joke. The fact that it was apt was ultimately why it was funny.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Scriptosaurus rex I know it was a joke. The "fact" that it was apt was what I was questioning. "Ego effectively pointless" If it walks and talks like a duck... My argument was never that their food is objectively better. My opinion is that they're of higher quality, which can be subjective. That was clearly my argument. "Different strokes for different folks". You were arguing from the point of subjectivity and trying to mask it as objectivity with your "mass produced quality" argument. Which was clearly not how I was using the term. You clearly subjectively don't like starbucks, apple is objectively bad. Apples and oranges.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast and you are still partaking, and struggling to form a convincing argument. Near the beginning of this thread you, yourself, already acknowledged that the quality of starbucks coffee is bad, when you suggested that macdonalds is better when drinking black. Can't comment on that, never had mcdonalds coffee, and still not prone to making subjective arguments. Apple and Starbucks I suppose. Quack.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Scriptosaurus rex" My argument is better than yours" No you. That was productive. Instead of making an actual defense, I just win by stroking my dick, I mean ego, too. I never said it was objectively true though. You did. Often and with great confidence. Comparing it to the objectively bad hardware of a sports car or an apple (which by itself is a great analogy). You made the objective argument, not me. I think their quality is less than other places, but their only overpriced product is the plain coffee. Most people don't go there for plain black. They go for lattes and such, which is better than most places in my opinion.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Scriptosaurus rex I'm partaking, by the way, because you're using shit tactics instead of real arguments.
  • Scriptosaurus rex
    Scriptosaurus rex Год назад @Zach Arbogast funny thing is, that's what I thought you were doing (again....). That's why I am having so much fun.
  • Gal
    Gal Год назад And tastes like sh1t ..
  • Industry Studies
    Industry Studies Год назад Zach Arbogast - funny cause most people tell me that StarBucks coffee sucks.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Industry Studies anecdotal, subjective
  • Vasil Nikolaenko
    Vasil Nikolaenko Год назад @Ty MCD coffee is shit in the UK while being good in Ukraine
  • Link Freeman
    Link Freeman Год назад $6 for a beverage is too much
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Link Freeman it's 5 where I live, and that's only if you get the one made for fat people.
  • turnip
    turnip Год назад I have a Starbucks gift card but I won’t even think about using it if there is a Wawa nearby.
  • homes24
    homes24 Год назад Actually most mac users sit at starbucks idiot...... It would make sense he would be at a dunkin with a window pc
  • Light Morningstar
    Light Morningstar Год назад @Zach Arbogast dude, we get it, you are a fanboy so, we can't win against you...
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад (изменено) @Light Morningstar dude, read the end of my conversation with the other guy before saying shit. It was a misunderstanding. I'm not a fanboy of either of them. I don't get hard for a cup of coffee, wasn't what this was about. It's just coffee.
  • Karan Joshi
    Karan Joshi Год назад That lew, like Lewd
  • Edd Grs
    Edd Grs Год назад ​@Zach Arbogast triggered hipster alert !
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Edd Grs how dare you, I fucking hate hipsters.
  • Fogol
    Fogol Год назад @Zach Arbogast I feel the need to point out the maggots actually eat the cheese, rather than fuck it. But hey, I dont wanna kill your fantasy.
  • Krzysztof Scibiorek
    Krzysztof Scibiorek Год назад @Zach Arbogast You racist!
  • Krzysztof Scibiorek
    Krzysztof Scibiorek Год назад @Zach Arbogast you racist
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @Fogol don't know what you're talking about. They leave the cheese out for flies to lay eggs, then they eat the maggot cheese.
    ARKHAM KNIGHT OP Год назад coconut1984 coconut when Starbucks donates to shitty planned parent hood
  • D. D.
    D. D. Год назад @Zach Arbogast 😅🤢 omg ... you 2 guys are calling "COFFEE" to the shit served by McDo & SB ?? really ?? 😂 Sorry but YOU ARE NOT COFFEE LOVERS guys... drink some coke and forget about coffee please ...👍
  • Wei Hong Lim
    Wei Hong Lim Год назад @Zach Arbogast Or you can compare to buying your own instant coffee and make them. Pretty sure they don't taste that far apart.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast Год назад @D. D. Take a fucking English class before you graduate from the short bus. christ that comment gave me aids.
  • Garmen Gifaen
    Garmen Gifaen Год назад idle in film
  • Kurama
    Kurama Год назад McCafe is superior
  • Mona Lisa on Weed
    Mona Lisa on Weed Год назад @ElectricalAstronaut so what?
  • Mona Lisa on Weed
    Mona Lisa on Weed Год назад Starbucks is overpriced, watery, burnt, shit coffee. I guess all people want these days is to satisfy their caffeine addictions instead of actually understanding and appreciating what good coffee tastes like.
  • ziblot123
    ziblot123 Год назад Yeah but you pay for what you get. Its like Haagen Dasz. ONce you try it, you cant eat SEaltest garbage anymore. I worked in an icecream warehouse. At the end of the night we threw awaay the damages. Needless to say we took a bite out of anything that intrigued us. I have tried them ALL. I mean ALL. Every Sorbet, Ben And Gerrys, Haagen DAsz,, Breyers, you name it....THe only icecream worth the name is HD. I hate B&J because of their gay concept of liberal naming the flavors. It turned me off. I never did like those flaors like that anyway, with everything but the kitchen sink. They suck. I like CookAnd Crm, Vanilla, Choc, etc. If I want to jazz it up, ILL DO IT. Without all the marshmellows, and nuts and pnut butter, cookie dough....gross.
  • Xavier E
    Xavier E Год назад I don't understand why this channel is so popular. I see it regular on YouTube trending but as a technology reviewer, for you to only NOW be giving up on Apple Laptop, it seems more like you're a sucker for popular trends. Reminds me of the videos I keep seeing of people crapping on the Samsung Fold (which certainly has problems) but ignoring that it's easily the most revolutionary smartphone in years. I've been waiting for fold-able screen technology to hit the market for almost a decade. The Samsung Fold is the first major version of that. We'll see more of it in the coming decade. That's a great thing.
  • Utku
  • Xandro Lombardi
    Xandro Lombardi Год назад 5:07 Cup of coffee...
  • J J
    J J Год назад LMAO 😂😂😂
  • Omega Vladosovich
    Omega Vladosovich Год назад At 1:38. He sounds like Oprah and former MJ fans quitting MJ, but I do commend Apple for removing his music!
  • Luke Pruscino
    Luke Pruscino Год назад lol
  • Amy Zhao
    Amy Zhao Год назад My business professor said “the coffee in Starbucks and Dunkin Donut are the same. They just have different market promotion, different market place...Basically!They are the same!” Oh. Yeah! I thought the professor was so smart and God Damn right. After class, I went to Dunkin! Order a hot coffee, had a sip... Don’t ask me what I think at the moment! I just don’t go Dunkin for coffee any more. Maybe to my professor, they are no different. But for me...Sorry Dunkin.
  • Dark Future Left
    Dark Future Left Год назад Ahhh lolz
  • George Jackson
    George Jackson Год назад coconut1984 coconut facts! Dunking Donuts coffee is life!
  • Gregory Dale Mostella
    Gregory Dale Mostella Год назад coconut1984 coconut Those danged thin cups!
  • Alexander Zamani
    Alexander Zamani 11 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast no kidding McDonald's uses better quality beans and has better quality than starbucks
  • Sixpounder Bo
    Sixpounder Bo 11 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast Compared to regular priced wall-mart coffee.
  • Edgar Miranda
    Edgar Miranda 11 месяцев назад That's a good one.
  • the guy
    the guy 11 месяцев назад Thank God we have Tim Hortons
  • CruZer0
    CruZer0 11 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast The reason why starbucks coffee is overpriced because this is its main product. Everything in starbucks is based around coffee. McDonalds is focused on Burgers and Fries. This is why McDonalds can sell their coffee cheaper than starbucks. But more expensive dosent mean better. tbh i drink coffee every day so i know how coffee tastes, and the small improvement over mcdonalds dont justify that their product costs 5x more than the mcdonalds coffee.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 11 месяцев назад @CruZer0 The value of something is what someone is willing to pay for it. You can't convince anyone in the world that they don't like the taste of something they like the taste of. Everyone in this thread trying to "convince me" that McDonald's has better coffee is wasting their fucking time and is a mororn for even trying.
  • MJ Mail
    MJ Mail 11 месяцев назад Zach Arbogast it’s shit compared to coffee at real cafes.
  • Mastet XeLoX 2
    Mastet XeLoX 2 10 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast ur have to much money
  • Sumerta Om
    Sumerta Om 10 месяцев назад You make may day :D :D :D
  • ayporos
    ayporos 10 месяцев назад I know right... I'm proud to say I've never: - owned a single Apple product - bought a single product at Starbucks - self-identified as a 'cool' 'hip' 'artistic' person
  • Anshuman Tiwari
    Anshuman Tiwari 10 месяцев назад Windows are the best
  • brian aguilar
    brian aguilar 10 месяцев назад XD
  • Ranajoy Shil
    Ranajoy Shil 9 месяцев назад Well that's true tbh
  • J374338
    J374338 9 месяцев назад coconut1984 coconut and stick to instant coffee like Nescafe? Or just swapping to another competitor that is on-par, CBTL
  • 70mjc
    70mjc 9 месяцев назад coconut1984 coconut who is Lue?
  • 70mjc
    70mjc 9 месяцев назад Zach Arbogast You couldn’t get a joke as a gift
  • 70mjc
    70mjc 9 месяцев назад Starbucks tastes like burnt ass. Dutch Brothers coffee > all other ‘fast food’ coffee
  • Scott Harry
    Scott Harry 9 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast except they're not
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 9 месяцев назад @70mjc That sentence made no fucking sense. The pretense of a joke is that it will be humorous. His was clearly not. It was lazy and unoriginal. Sorry you have low standards.
  • Oliver Clennan
    Oliver Clennan 9 месяцев назад Ty no it’s not even close fuck you
  • ItsDalora✨
    ItsDalora✨ 8 месяцев назад Starbucks is not even expensive 😂😂
  • Happy Hands
    Happy Hands 8 месяцев назад ....goes back to starbucks
  • Adreancali
    Adreancali 8 месяцев назад You’re obviously an Apple user😂😂😂
  • budi santoso
    budi santoso 8 месяцев назад It is, we have soooo many coffee shop way cheaper than starbucks in indonesia..
  • X9IKY2X
    X9IKY2X 8 месяцев назад Costa coffee is king
  • 100k subs with no videos challenge!
    100k subs with no videos challenge! 8 месяцев назад Apple coffee???
  • 정막심
    정막심 7 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast you are that dude just to say anything against just anything . stupid dickhead
  • bernadette malinda
    bernadette malinda 7 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Evelina Miguel
    Evelina Miguel 7 месяцев назад Lol we use to talk about the laptop but now were talking about starbucks XD
  • Riccardo Alicino
    Riccardo Alicino 7 месяцев назад Lol
  • College Student Reviews
    College Student Reviews 7 месяцев назад Who buys Starbucks just because they need coffee? Apple, Starbucks, Supreme are products people buy for the social status. That what justifies the price.
  • Google User
    Google User 7 месяцев назад What about his cap
  • Carlos Chinesta Sevilla
    Carlos Chinesta Sevilla 7 месяцев назад Whenever places in Spain, coffe shops are better than that shit called Starbucks
  • John Chaparro
    John Chaparro 7 месяцев назад ​@Scriptosaurus rex usually more expensive and shittier coffee
  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 6 месяцев назад Starbucks coffee by itself is pretty competitively priced. When you start getting into the super sugary drinks it adds up quickly. But, you really should only be drinking stuff with that much sugar occasionally so splurging isn't that bad of a deal sometimes.
  • kathleensi
    kathleensi 6 месяцев назад hahahahaha
  • SickDuck69
    SickDuck69 6 месяцев назад The 8.1k like
  • Ana Monjaras
    Ana Monjaras 6 месяцев назад coconut1984 coconut 😂
  • Tech Factz
    Tech Factz 5 месяцев назад coconut1984 coconut bruh
  • Edward Kaylov
    Edward Kaylov 5 месяцев назад @Zach Arbogast Starbucks not about coffee
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 5 месяцев назад @정막심 You're that dude who thinks he's saying something smart but is too fucking stupid to say something even remotely comprehensible. What the fuck are you even saying?
  • Jet LaDaDaDa Life
    Jet LaDaDaDa Life 4 месяца назад ​@Zach Arbogast 8.5K likes means it clearly was humorous to some people...... Chill bro
  • epiccollision
    epiccollision 4 месяца назад Scriptosaurus rex yeah the dirty bean water does taste a little less insipid at this’s still bitter nasty bean no matter how much you pay for it, you could instead drink something nice and tasty. I get it people like gross shit, keep it to yourself weirdos...
  • Generic Pro Gamer 765
    Generic Pro Gamer 765 4 месяца назад It’s not just a drink it’s a life style
  • n
    n 4 месяца назад @Zach Arbogast Not in Australia. And not in Melbourne, where Starbucks had to close virtually all of its stores because we have great REAL coffee and they were going out of business. Thanks to millions of Italo-Aussies, we don't need corporatised washing-up water as a substitute for coffee.
  • BestDeveloper
    BestDeveloper 3 месяца назад I
  • Colin Weerd van de
    Colin Weerd van de 3 месяца назад @Zach Arbogast fuck off coffee at my local shop is 1,50 for the same you get at starbuck for 4 bucks.
  • Vik Hdez
    Vik Hdez 2 месяца назад @Zach Arbogast Fanboy detected
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 2 месяца назад @n That could be said about any franchised "restaurants", locally run businesses will always be better. I've had better coffee at a locally run business before, it's on the other side of my country. So, Starbucks it is.
  • Zach Arbogast
    Zach Arbogast 2 месяца назад @Colin Weerd van de I smell bullshit.
    MISTER TWISTER 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • zeus1117
    zeus1117 2 месяца назад X1 Carbon is way more expensive than any Macbook Air, you know that right?
  • TheEwanMC
    TheEwanMC 1 месяц назад Coffee in America sucks ... there I said it. *Disclaimer: the last time I was in The States was fifteen years ago.
  • Saje
    Saje 1 месяц назад It’s not, ur just sooo poor lmao. I pity u
  • Big Werm
    Big Werm 1 месяц назад Zach Arbogast its been a year drop it pussy
  • Keylup Veintisiete
    Keylup Veintisiete 3 недели назад Dude, you killed him.
  • Saje
    Saje 3 недели назад Keylup Veintisiete lmao
  • Sam Chen
    Sam Chen 2 недели назад Windows is like that nerdy girl you dumped in high school but is now a cute fresher in uni who gets top grades in class and is out of your league
  • keully Holanda
    keully Holanda 5 дней назад I couldn't describe it better!
  • DrumtotheBass Woop
    DrumtotheBass Woop 2 дня назад Their computers, yes, the OS, no.
  • Milton Lopez
    Milton Lopez 2 месяца назад after my MacBook takes a shit, I'm switching over to windows. after Steve Jobs died, the integrity of the company did too.
  • sevilayagci
    sevilayagci 1 месяц назад back in the day they could be the prestige brand that they wanted to be, but at this point just for the sake of being "apple" they are missing a lot of compatibility points. good brand for very simple tasks and for people who aren't as involved in tech, user friendly but lacks a lot in features :/ highly recommend dell xps 13 9380(2019 model) or 9300(2020 model) if you are planning on switching to windows, honestly any ultrabook from xps series both 13" and 15" are amazing :)
  • Thomas J
    Thomas J 1 месяц назад (изменено) I felt the same way so bought a 2 grand Thinkpad and now a year later it only got half the battery power and tons of bugs even I rebooted it several times. Macs got its problems, but they run forever with no bugs in all the programs. I value that now more than ever, I’m switching back to the devil
  • Mular
    Mular 1 месяц назад Thomas J you mean your switching back to reliability your comment it the reason why I’m switching to Mac. I’m looking to spend 2000. I need something that doesn’t slow down and by the sound of things Mac doesnt
  • Thomas J
    Thomas J 1 месяц назад @Mular Yeah you can easily use a 2013 mac book still, same with old iphones they just run as fast as the day they were new. Try using an old Windows or Android phone its impossible after a few years. My Thinkpad the battery is down to 2/3 already, it would never happen in a mac that fast, its all the mallware and so on it picks up over time
  • Byteable
    Byteable 3 недели назад I just bought a windows ultrabook and it aint smooth like macos. Like wdf you can’t even pinch to zoom in photoshop.. Going back to mac 😩
  • Mannie Illescas
    Mannie Illescas 2 недели назад fr did you here that they are selling wheels for $700.00
  • Thomas J
    Thomas J 2 недели назад Mannie Illescas y If I was not buying a laptop I would do a hackintosh desktop, that Mac Pro is ridiculous 😅
  • Hoi Kay Li
    Hoi Kay Li 17 часов назад @Thomas J I would beg to differ, my current laptop is a 2011 ThinkPad X220, with a minor upgrade to an SSD and a new battery (which is easily replaceable) it's perfectly usable today. I did everything from editing Photos on Affinity Photo to coding in Visual Studio 2019 on it.
  • Thomas J
    Thomas J 15 часов назад Hoi Kay Li I agree with you, mine also still works and run most stuff. It’s just you need to reboot them sometimes and Windows’s programs have a lot of bugs that gets annoying over time and can eat your battery life fast
  • Aora
    Aora 1 месяц назад Steve jobs: Dies Apple: Well I guess I should mess everything up!
  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan Reyes 1 месяц назад How did you write “dies” in black?
  • Aora
    Aora 1 месяц назад @Jonathan Reyes * dies * (No spaces)
  • Carl Badilles
    Carl Badilles 1 месяц назад lemme try
  • Carl Badilles
    Carl Badilles 1 месяц назад oh it worked
  • itsadamsan
    itsadamsan 1 месяц назад wow
  • TsukiJams
    TsukiJams 3 недели назад Lol nice job xD👏🏼
  • Pieter Anderson
    Pieter Anderson 2 недели назад wow
  • hope good
    hope good 2 недели назад Hello
  • Sophie Lin
    Sophie Lin Неделю назад hi
  • peppa’s crocs
    peppa’s crocs Неделю назад TsukiJams how did you slant your words.
  • Brandon Andrade
    Brandon Andrade Неделю назад Carl Badilles lemme blow your mind
  • peppa’s crocs
    peppa’s crocs Неделю назад Brandon Andrade woah this is cool
  • hope good
    hope good Неделю назад THIS IS AWESOME DO THIS AND THIS THIS OR TRY THIS OR even try THIS
  • Sophie Lin
    Sophie Lin 6 дней назад hope good HOW?!?
  • peppa’s crocs
    peppa’s crocs 6 дней назад Sophie Lin * bold * - strike through - _ slant _ do all of these just with no spaces
  • Sophie Lin
    Sophie Lin 6 дней назад hi
  • Sophie Lin
    Sophie Lin 6 дней назад hope good thank you
  • Sophie Lin
    Sophie Lin 6 дней назад peppa’s crocs thanks
  • Micaleigh Aquino
    Micaleigh Aquino 6 дней назад hello
  • Micaleigh Aquino
    Micaleigh Aquino 6 дней назад strikethrough
  • Micaleigh Aquino
    Micaleigh Aquino 6 дней назад loveit
  • Steven John
    Steven John 1 день назад Wait. What?
  • The Old Fashioned
    The Old Fashioned 6 месяцев назад Dear Apple, Congratulation, you are just one step closer each year to be the Next BlackBerry and Nokia.
  • daniel defaa
    daniel defaa 6 месяцев назад Don't bash nokia.
  • Tyrion CSGO
    Tyrion CSGO 6 месяцев назад Blackberry and Nokia still have a niche but apple is just hype if that hype is finally over noone will use their product anymore
  • The Old Fashioned
    The Old Fashioned 6 месяцев назад @Tyrion CSGO wow, very nice point there.
  • Ahmed AlOtaibi
    Ahmed AlOtaibi 4 месяца назад But they just replaced the keyboards in all their latest models back to the scissor keys didn’t they?
  • eduardopy
    eduardopy 4 месяца назад @Ahmed AlOtaibi this is a scissor key keyboard bro
  • peanut gallery
    peanut gallery 4 месяца назад Tyrion CSGO To me, Apple isn’t hype. A Macbook just feels so much better to hold; like actual quality, not the bendy plastic of a Dell laptop of the same price. iOS is better for me (studying to become a software engineer/data scientist), as well as my mother (who is not computer savvy at all). Apple is about user experience.
  • Ahmed AlOtaibi
    Ahmed AlOtaibi 4 месяца назад eduardopy yeah that is what I mean lol
  • Esra Gökkaya
    Esra Gökkaya 4 месяца назад Cool, we can buy the iPad Pro for 200 Dollars 😍😍🔥
  • M Q
    M Q 3 месяца назад The Old Fashioned - Steve Jobs would be disappointed
  • Clownface
    Clownface 3 месяца назад Tf how can be apple be good as nokia
  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 2 месяца назад (изменено) Laughs in $1.3 trillion net worth
  • Bazooka
    Bazooka 1 месяц назад Tyrion CSGO the hype would never be over😂
  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies 1 месяц назад Nokia worked in winter temperatures, had usually a superlong batterylife, and of course, worked as a hammer, if you ever needed one.
  • Ruven Wegner
    Ruven Wegner 3 недели назад Man, this comment will not age well.
  • Byteable
    Byteable 3 недели назад Tyrion CSGO I just spent a lot on iPad Pro for a laptop replacement 😂
  • helloguys
    helloguys Неделю назад (изменено) Appl dosnt suck you ar just a hatr
  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans Год назад "Windows 10 is better than ever" *Windows update team - hold my beer.
  • John H Baumgaertner
    John H Baumgaertner Год назад +1
  • Iridium
    Iridium Год назад @John H Baumgaertner +1
  • 30m3
    30m3 Год назад Here is the thing, Apple have the better OS, but I'm tired of paying 3x just for hardware because it runs OSX. If more software venders ported to Ubuntu then that would be the perfect solution.
  • Daiken
    Daiken Год назад @30m3 easy solution: go for a Hackintosh
  • Sunny Ahuja
    Sunny Ahuja Год назад Windows updates come from hell. Ruining a perfectly proper running OS.
  • khatib muhammad
    khatib muhammad Год назад Dang
  • Suparno Banerjee
    Suparno Banerjee Год назад Epic!
  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson Год назад Savage how you gonna No no my frame rate NOOOOOOO!
  • Tekk Luthor
    Tekk Luthor Год назад (изменено) @30m3 Apple does not have the better OS. I find only women and liberals who like pretty things buy Apple. Windows passed Apple when they released Windows 7
  • 30m3
    30m3 Год назад @Daiken Been there. Too many issues for my liking. Grand if you never plan to update the OS or hardware though.
  • TheMowgus
    TheMowgus Год назад LMAO.... and yet, so true. I was going to say "wait until you enter update hell Lew...." but Sam's comment says it perfectly.
  • Andry Tafa
    Andry Tafa Год назад @Sunny Ahuja that is why I have windows 8
  • GingerSupremacist
    GingerSupremacist Год назад xD
  • LordX
    LordX Год назад @30m3 what is a problem to install OSX on PC ? hackintosh works not bad at all .
  • Keepos
    Keepos Год назад *Windows laptops and computers are better than macs'' Windows updates- Nevermind then
  • mrowczak
    mrowczak Год назад I don't know why there is so much btching about windows update. I am using Linux and Widows for years ( from time to time I am using MacOs, but I freaking hate it ) and I must admit, Windows update are almost as good as Linux updates.
  • Alberto Gandica
    Alberto Gandica Год назад LordX exactly,I have a MacBook Pro but I’m going to build a hackingtosh for my studio
  • douchbagat
    douchbagat Год назад Tekk Luthor +2
  • Shogun J
    Shogun J Год назад I can’t recall how many times windows update has ruined my project delivery,they deserve slap in the face
  • douchbagat
    douchbagat Год назад LordX the Mac OS is very picky with hardware
  • None17555
    None17555 Год назад Windows updates only seem bad because of large numbers. You get a few billion varieties of hardware running the same software and try to tweak it without any issues. Apple has constrained hardware and not even 1/10th the market share on macOS and STILL makes catastrophic errors. ...remember when you could unlock EVERY MACOS MACHINE WITH THE SAME PASSWORD? It was only like two years ago!
  • Shogun J
    Shogun J Год назад mrowczak because they tryna trick you to click update and processing time can take forever and sometimes they make you update inevitably.
  • Holly Hsieh
    Holly Hsieh Год назад (изменено) if you using window 10 home...yea...window 10 pro isn't a problem
  • Mohammed Hossain
    Mohammed Hossain Год назад Everyone shall use windows
  • 30m3
    30m3 Год назад @Tekk Luthor Unix based operating systems have always been superior and that's why they are popular amongst professionals such as developers and system adminisitrators. OSX and Linux aren't so different.
  • Akanome
    Akanome Год назад @TheMowgus the last update destroy my game!!!!!!!!!
  • Lee Vardy
    Lee Vardy Год назад Sam Evans 30mins later hold my beer.... 1 day later no no hold my beer.... 3 days later hold my beer again.... 6 days later hold my beer again please.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke Год назад Sam Evans lol
  • Alexander Buki
    Alexander Buki Год назад Sunny Ahuja lool you guys do know you can disable automatic windows updates or even set them to go off at night fucking idiots
  • Boi
    Boi Год назад Just wait for the next feature update.
  • Kiseki Necro
    Kiseki Necro Год назад @None17555 people tend to selectively ignore that only because it's apple that they love
  • Hamza Sultan
    Hamza Sultan Год назад @30m3 Are you seriously implying OSX has more SW options?? Final cut pro is the ONLY reason to get a mac, and that's if you value render times, if you don't mind waiting, Macs are basically over priced hunks of aluminium.
  • Azraei Halim
    Azraei Halim Год назад Lol. Just turn it off the update. It's not that hard noob.
  • Vipul Jain
    Vipul Jain Год назад Hahahaha
  • Brazord
    Brazord Год назад Shogun J windows 10 is a freaking awful experience!
  • Nimit Vaishnav
    Nimit Vaishnav Год назад W10 updates are the worst ever. It hurts more because I actually BOUGHT a home edition.
  • scientia est potestas
    scientia est potestas Год назад @Sunny Ahuja yep, that's why I recommend to switch to Windows 10 Pro and switch your update release channel to semi-annual channel (NOT the targeted one) that way you only receive more stable builds that have been tested by the less fortunate, unwitting non-Pro users (sad reality but ah well, such is life). And if you hit a bad build, just use a system restore image, block the specific update and choose to postpone any new build update for up to a year if you want until Microsoft fixes their crap. Been doing that since the early days of Windows 10 and haven't had too many issues
  • scientia est potestas
    scientia est potestas Год назад @LordX yep but sadly hackintosh doesn't work too well in laptops, and even less so in ultrabooks like the Thinkpad X1 series; gotta do tons of kernel patching and kext installations and you'll always terrible performance. But other than that for desktops, you can put together specific rigs (tonymacx86 guides are the best) where installing hackintosh MacOS is actually easier than installing Windows 🤣
  • Sunny Ahuja
    Sunny Ahuja Год назад @scientia est potestas I am on pro already, will look into your other part of the suggestion.
  • Yxnder ツ
    Yxnder ツ Год назад @30m3 very easy solutuion: Hackintosh. You get both the OSX and you dont pay premium. Plus, you have more money to spend on better hardware.
  • TigerTT
    TigerTT Год назад (изменено) TBH I'd rather use Android as a daily desktop OS than W10 lmfao. Once you install W10 then you're signing up to become Microsoft's labrat and W10 is always in beta and always will be,which means every update is gonna fuck up something which is why most businesses still use W7 and XP.
  • Juliusz Posmyk
    Juliusz Posmyk Год назад +1 :)
  • Dmitry Achkasov
    Dmitry Achkasov Год назад Download LTSC edition
  • N Solano
    N Solano Год назад Sam Evans lmaoooo
  • Dmitry Achkasov
    Dmitry Achkasov Год назад @scientia est potestas Switch to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. Only security updates, only stable features.
  • dilblo fagbins
    dilblo fagbins Год назад @30m3 apple does not have a better os.
  • dawe82
    dawe82 Год назад just turn off upúdates and its solved ... i do it on every of my post xp pc and it just works ok ..
  • My name is Juan
    My name is Juan Год назад Easy. Stop updating.
  • Ihsan Nurhidayat
    Ihsan Nurhidayat Год назад I don't understand why a lot of people are complaining about windows update in the middle of something. I just update when I want...
  • dilblo fagbins
    dilblo fagbins Год назад (изменено) y in the fuck wouldn't you update? i swear this comment sections retarded.
  • Hartbreak1
    Hartbreak1 Год назад So much this. I had to set my PC as having a metered connection so it doesn't force the updates immediately. It still forces the updates eventually but at least by that time there's enough time got get a polished update instead of a buggy day 1 update. I started doing that after I had to roll back on one of the notorious last year feature updates. I used to have a mackbook long ago and I still think Snow Leopard was the best version of OSX until my macbook bit the dust. Lion was acceptable and Mavericks was as far as I was willing to update OSX, it was just getting more and more bloat from trying to mix iOS features into OSX and a lot of apps were more happy on the older OSX versions. I decided to return to Windows after my macbook went dead because I didn't want to pay the ever increasing premium of being able to use OSX and building a hackintosh just to use OSX is a pain as I wanted a no compromises build for gaming.
  • Tahmid Rafi
    Tahmid Rafi Год назад only if you have shit net.nowadays you don't even notice a thing about the update
  • WeiQiang Tong
    WeiQiang Tong Год назад Try Chrome OS.
  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans Год назад @WeiQiang Tong Might as well try cyanide while I'm at it...
  • WeiQiang Tong
    WeiQiang Tong Год назад @Sam Evans It's rather ok.
  • Maximus Gigantos
    Maximus Gigantos Год назад windows is still windows!
  • Squirrel_McNuts
    Squirrel_McNuts Год назад Windows Updates have well-earned their reputation. BUT in the past year Microsoft has improved them tenfold. It's still irritating that you can't choose to manually install them any more, but there's good reason for that. Updates used to take hours, now they're usually reduced to 10 minutes between reboots (from my experience at least). So bandwagon aside, it's really not as terrible as people make it seem (any more)
  • Varus J
    Varus J Год назад I cannot STAND the constant updates screwing up with my laptop which is a razer blade. More and more bloatware and unwanted changes. If I’m sick of the OS, I’ll buy a new laptop and get used to it from that point, not a constant surprise every damn week
  • Industry Studies
    Industry Studies Год назад He went down the Thinkpad path.
  • Industry Studies
    Industry Studies Год назад Daiken - but good luck hackin iOS.
  • Marvie Ogbeide
    Marvie Ogbeide Год назад On my window computer my updates are set to occur at night when i'm sleeping. I'm not bothered by the update
  • Sam N
    Sam N Год назад what did you do after the windows update team held your beer?
  • dio durant
    dio durant Год назад I read windows 10 updates at inconvenient ti
  • mehmet erguven
    mehmet erguven Год назад Those bastards ruined my drivers
  • Industry Studies
    Industry Studies Год назад Daiken - only thing is Apple usually installs updates to kill hackintosh.
  • okleydokley
    okleydokley Год назад Yeahhh...I really like those pushed updates that brick my Windows computers.
  • WeiQiang Tong
    WeiQiang Tong Год назад @Sam Evans Why do you hate Chrome OS?
  • Industry Studies
    Industry Studies Год назад WeiQiang Tong - did you even look at the specs. It’s nothing more than a Android on a laptop with less hardware.
  • arno nabuurs
    arno nabuurs Год назад Apple updates, "go get wasted" as the damn OS crashed and needs to be reinstalled (upgrades from old to new APFS files system, we get them in every few days)! )
  • Mike Kollin Conscious Power
    Mike Kollin Conscious Power Год назад Hahahahaha... 🤣
  • Varun Baliga
    Varun Baliga Год назад @30m3 watch snazzy labs for his hackintosh vids, hackintosh are the best if you want both windows and Macos on the same pc
  • 30m3
    30m3 Год назад @Varun Baliga Read replies. I've had one in the past. Too many issues with it for my liking. I require a reliable workhorse not a hobby project.
  • Clement Osei Tano
    Clement Osei Tano Год назад @douchbagat Exactly what makes MacOS great. If you are writing software for a specific set of hardware configuration, it's easier than a software designed to run on anything that can run an OS.
  • Fish Lover
    Fish Lover Год назад Easy ! Turn off auto update .... in 2 weeks your laptop will now turn on :))) (blue screen )
  • Lars Vegas
    Lars Vegas Год назад @30m3 nah apple just has better looking os.. when it comes to funtion customisation and support windows is far superior.
  • Varun Baliga
    Varun Baliga Год назад @30m3 yeah sorry, I didn't read them all
    WILNEL Год назад I like LTSC , they should make that available for users at a cheap price
  • drake6143
    drake6143 Год назад Just don't use the home version, windows 10 pro has never let me down.
  • Varun Baliga
    Varun Baliga Год назад @drake6143 yeah I agree with you, I have used both for a brief amount of time, and I have learnt that pro is faster than home, idk how
  • harry christie
    harry christie Год назад hello I'm neither a liberal nor a woman and I bought an apple because after years of windows failing me at crucial moments I moved to apple and it is excellent @Tekk Luthor
  • KoltTv
    KoltTv Год назад @Daiken Hackintosh is a temporary solution. They will drop Intel soon.
  • Andreas Lassak
    Andreas Lassak Год назад shame that this is not top comment :D
  • Abir Chaudhuri
    Abir Chaudhuri Год назад @Tekk Luthor what's being a woman or a liberal got to do with this jackass?
  • whiterottenrabbit
    whiterottenrabbit Год назад All this trashtalk about Windows, all the while Apple keeps charging the fanboys for horse manure.
  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans Год назад @whiterottenrabbit that doesn't justify the reason why microsoft should be offering a semi competent product... People like you are the real problem, The reason why massive corporations get to compromise the quality of their products. Cause there'll always be a dimwit saying "bUt lOoK aT aPpLe" If I pay $200 for an OS I expect it to run well. Yes, there are mishaps but doing it over and over is not acceptable.
  • Wes
    Wes Год назад @30m3 Why would you say OSX is better than a Windows OS? Please don't say because OSX can't get viruses.
  • Wes
    Wes Год назад @mrowczak I've hardly ever had a problem, and I have/work on Windows OS's for a couple decades now.
  • 30m3
    30m3 Год назад @Wes because OSX can't get viruses. ;)
  • Billy North
    Billy North Год назад lolololol
  • K
    K Год назад Windows updates have gone so bad they even give you the option to omit lol
  • Raymond Chan
    Raymond Chan Год назад (изменено) @30m3 Did you compare the 3d performance with top GPUs from Windows 10 x64 vs Mac OS ? Windows beat it down the street.
  • Raymond Chan
    Raymond Chan Год назад @Alberto Gandica Yeah, why not? You could easily get stronger hardware with much lower price.
  • Raymond Chan
    Raymond Chan Год назад (изменено) @mrowczak The people don't know how to properly use a PC usually loves Mac.
  • CrazyJim
    CrazyJim Год назад "Mom, i found a good hold my beer joke!!"
  • James McDonald
    James McDonald Год назад *shutdown computer “Windows is insallling 195 updates” Piece of shit.
  • Texoma Theatre Review
    Texoma Theatre Review Год назад I guess this is sarcasm since every update has been bricking systems like crazy.
  • --
    -- Год назад @30m3 Except they don't. OS X doesn't even have an acceptable file manager (Finder is a complete joke compared to Explorer on Windows) unless you install a 3rd-party one.
  • ドイティンガークリスティアン
    ドイティンガークリスティアン Год назад its because windows is imitating Linux...
  • Mind Freshener
    Mind Freshener Год назад @30m3 At uni we had Windows10, RedHat and macOS. Right off the bat the Mac sucked the most. Windows is a bit complex when installing developer software but all the complexity is offset by the streamlined user interface which increases productivity. Even developers do not install things every day but they have to be productive. RedHat is a Mac killer if you want a UNIX-like environment. It is ugly and horrible interface but can be lipsticked enough to make the Mac pointless, plus its user interface is closer to Windows and we actually ran the Windows in virtual machine, so you can dual boot.
  • Sidhu Superman
    Sidhu Superman 8 месяцев назад 🤣😂🙏🙏
  • oschiri66
    oschiri66 7 месяцев назад @Sunny Ahuja January 2020: Consider that problem solved for Windows 7. ;)
  • finelinehaven
    finelinehaven 7 месяцев назад So you’re saying Windows fanatics are generally hypersensitive, Trump-voting, misogynist men
  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 6 месяцев назад What's so bad about windows update? I get it it's annoying to reboot your computer once every couple weeks but, I have an ssd like everyone should nowadays and it's like 30 extra seconds occasionally
  • Varus J
    Varus J 6 месяцев назад @Peter Van Remmen will try that on a backup laptop. thanks for the tip
  • Mathisbuilder
    Mathisbuilder 6 месяцев назад 30m3 Windows 10 is superior
  • Ricardo Mestre
    Ricardo Mestre 5 месяцев назад @30m3 exactly the what I feel
    BTSARMYFOREVER 4 месяца назад I was a religious user of Windows 7. I bought it when it first came out with Dell laptops. Lasted me 6yrs. So I bought a second Dell laptop and inserted the Windows 7 key into it. Absolute trash. Hardware just BROKE into pieces within 2yrs. I decided to go with Dell again cause they made Aluminium hardware again after the epic ceramic disaster cause a lot of dell customers complained abt it. The second one was ceramic so it broke over time (Never hit it or dropped just broke out of nowhere) so I went with Windows and dell again. Windows 10...Updates every single week...without my approval. It's like I HAVE to do it and cannot stop it. I am not sure if me stopping them in the control panel might make the software useless in some areas... :( it was like this a decade ago...
  • jannan peterson
    jannan peterson 4 месяца назад why is this so accurate 😂😂, the updates are why I switched to apple...
  • Bravepills
    Bravepills 4 месяца назад @Tekk Luthor Ahmen
  • evie
    evie 12 часов назад HP computer: *hold my beer*=
  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma 7 месяцев назад I think apple is not paying to advertisers these days lol
  • FreaK
    FreaK 6 месяцев назад Imagine realising that apple is trash after these many years for the first time lmao
  • Deep Toot
    Deep Toot 6 месяцев назад Ikr😂
  • internallogic
    internallogic 5 месяцев назад For me, apple became trash after steve jobs died.
  • Nico D
    Nico D 4 месяца назад Imagine realising that you should get a life and not care about two major companies that makes millions every hour
  • FrischeCoconut Lavare
    FrischeCoconut Lavare 4 месяца назад Y’all can say what you want but I have never had lag on an apple product. Don’t care how old it is. Ultimate gaming machines, even on my phone.
  • Aamil Abdul
    Aamil Abdul 4 месяца назад @FrischeCoconut Lavare did you.just call apple a gaming machine??
  • Travis Edwards
    Travis Edwards 4 месяца назад @FrischeCoconut Lavare Um.. apple being a gaming machine is a pretty funny joke.
  • Vilatic
    Vilatic 4 месяца назад Nico D triggered much?
  • Mystiq
    Mystiq 3 месяца назад @FrischeCoconut Lavare bruh a brand is a brand and a device is a device, they are all man-made. Don't try and make something sound superior just because its the only damn thing you had.
  • FrischeCoconut Lavare
    FrischeCoconut Lavare 3 месяца назад @Mystiq Yeah I know smh, I was trying to get excited about Apple, but it really is not better than Samsung. After three days, I was bored lol. I'm ready for a Samsung again but of course I had to try it to see what the hype is around it. Not doing that again.
  • Vishwa Au
    Vishwa Au 3 месяца назад @internallogic so true.
  • Lewa365
    Lewa365 3 месяца назад It’s really not trash, you just a classic shitty brand snob.
  • Prea Nankieshore
    Prea Nankieshore 3 месяца назад FreaK the tablets and smartphones are good
  • Medium
    Medium 3 месяца назад FrischeCoconut Lavare funny 😆
  • 00f
    00f 3 месяца назад @FrischeCoconut Lavare LMAOOOOOO ALRIGHT WHEN I ORDER MY ALIENWARE AREA 51M THAT HAS AN I9 9900K AND RTX 2080 144HZ WITH A 240HZ DISPLAY sorry under 60hz display macbook user WE WILL BENCHMARK IT
  • 00f
  • J. Johnson
    J. Johnson 2 месяца назад @internallogic yes.. since his death they managed to keep selling the same recycled aluminum year after year
  • Brian Anshen
    Brian Anshen 2 месяца назад Their iPads are really good though.
  • Kira haruoko
    Kira haruoko 2 месяца назад @FrischeCoconut Lavare Hahaha gaming machine Oof i guess you're a gAmErRrR
  • Haiquan Ning
    Haiquan Ning 1 месяц назад FrischeCoconut Lavare ?gaming machine?trying playing triple a games on Mac
  • FoxGaming76 YT
    FoxGaming76 YT 2 недели назад FrischeCoconut Lavare Asus: Are you sure about that?
  • FoxGaming76 YT
    FoxGaming76 YT 2 недели назад 00f damn, you rich. Too bad I can only afford a decent laptop, but no RTX.
  • Ikmel A.A.A.
    Ikmel A.A.A. 2 недели назад (изменено) PC users that need to reinstall Windows every 6 months on laptops that are made of plastic and that keep overheating have no place calling Apple trash.
  • Alowin
    Alowin 4 дня назад For me apple was trash in the PC department since birth
  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh 5 месяцев назад Customer: There is a smudge on my screen.... Apple: rePlAcE tHe lOgic bOaRd
  • Connor Bailey
    Connor Bailey 3 месяца назад This is gold
  • a b
    a b 3 месяца назад @Connor Bailey this is bullshit
  • Ra_The_RECKER
    Ra_The_RECKER 3 недели назад a b, Apple fanboy.
  • Sanat K
    Sanat K 7 месяцев назад Customer : my Macbook Pro's 'E' Key dosen't work Genius : yOu ShOulD BuY a NeW MaCbOOk PrO.
  • The Adventures of The Brave
    The Adventures of The Brave 6 месяцев назад that 's exactly what I was told when I asked why my new laptop is already full. I only had a few pics and videos and they told that if I had to use it, I had to buy a new one. I cried because I paid 2 thousand dollars for this laptop. I hate it.
  • Mathisbuilder
    Mathisbuilder 6 месяцев назад You should buy a Windows
  • Boris Heisn
    Boris Heisn 4 месяца назад My Tablet is full with just 6 apps and a couple of photos. I can't figure out how? I am so upset.
  • Rishad Islam
    Rishad Islam 4 месяца назад Windows is better than mac
  • Zero
    Zero 3 месяца назад WhAt is tHis writiNg sTyle? I don't get it
  • JUVEY 702
    JUVEY 702 3 месяца назад Zero look up spongebob meme
  • JUVEY 702
    JUVEY 702 3 месяца назад Zero nOrMiE , uR oN ThE iNtErNeT
  • 00f
    00f 3 месяца назад @The Adventures of The Brave my alienware area 51m that I ordered costs the same lmfao
  • Omegalul
    Omegalul Год назад (изменено) Dude open the Windows, let some fresh air in Edit: Wow 900 likes. Thank you guys so much <3
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад Right! Let in the stink of data mining, forced updates, broken updates and deleting your apps without the users permission 🤣
  • Andy Park
    Andy Park Год назад dude, linux sucks, you cant do anything on it
  • Electric Shadow ツ
    Electric Shadow ツ Год назад @Andy Park true
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад (изменено) @Andy Park YOU can't do anything with it. I do 99% of everything with it. The only thing I use Winblows for is gaming. Been using Linux for 99% of everything I do for 9 years. You don't have to use one OS, you can Dual boot.
  • DragoFX_
    DragoFX_ Год назад @Graham Linux I would love to give a try to Linux one day. Peoples say you have a better understanding of how your computer works on Linux than on Windows.
  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll Год назад Tried to use Linux for decades, I always get crashes within 30 minutes. It's cool to mess with but compared to Windows it's a pain in the ass to keep stable. Obviously Windows runs rock solid on the same computers, otherwise it wouldn't be an honest comparison. And they're not even shitty machines either, all business class latops and PC's built out of proper hardware. I would love for Linux to be great, but it just isn't. It's buggy and half-baked.
  • DragoFX_
    DragoFX_ Год назад @Graham Linux at least you're not wasting time and money on a broken keyboard and a burning aluminium plate.
  • Andy Park
    Andy Park Год назад @Graham Linux jesus
  • Andy Park
    Andy Park Год назад @Graham Linux win blows...
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад (изменено) @DragoFX_ Nothing to stop you, install it in a virtual machine and check it out. In fact as a safety measure use Linux in a virtual machine for web browsing within Windows and protect yourself by being sandboxed from clicking in bad links and malware.
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад @The Rolling Troll I guess there is always an exception to the rule but that is not my personal experience and it's not the experience of the people I talk to in the Linux community. Sorry it didn't work out for you.
  • DragoFX_
    DragoFX_ Год назад @Graham Linux I thought Linux was safe tho?
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад @DragoFX_ It is very safe compared to Windows, I think you misunderstood me so let me explain. You can protect your Windows install by using Linux in. Virtual machine, this is not to protect Windows from Linux, this is to protect Windows from Windows malware because any Windows malware you click on while browsing won't affect Linux and can't escape the virtual machine to harm your Windows PC. So you would be learning about Linux by using it and protecting Windows as a bonus at the same time.
  • jwkl wjkl
    jwkl wjkl Год назад Graham Linux there are some workarounds for forced windows update, mine WONT update without my permission
  • DragoFX_
    DragoFX_ Год назад @Graham Linux oh ok thanks for the advice dude :D
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад @jwkl wjkl Once you have to get into workarounds for the average user it becomes difficult for them to handle and then Windows is no easier than Linux. The so called advantage of easy to use is then negated.
  • Cylais
    Cylais Год назад @Graham Linux what advantage does Linux have over windows 7? (I'm using Windows 7 btw).
  • Matbee
    Matbee Год назад (изменено) @Graham Linux, ehhh, just use windows subsystem for linux, you can just run linux while in windows.
  • bodar
    bodar Год назад @Cylais Support past 2020 for a start.
  • Fango
    Fango Год назад 🤭
  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll Год назад @Graham Linux I dunno man, I've literally been trying since SuSe 4 on a Pentium 200mhz mmx and yes, it did get more convenient to install and yes, it does support more hardware. But I ran it at, and I'm absolutely serious, at least 30 different computers through the years. From Suse to Ubuntu to Kubuntu, Lubuntu, mate, Mint, the lot. I even forced myself to use the one that was most stabiel (Mint, in my case) on my main laptop for half a year, a Dell E6320. not a new one, but definitely a machine that should run Linux just fine. And it didn't. It ran smoothly for a few weeks and then started stacking errors without me even changing anything. I just installed some software, worked on it a few hours a week (not even that often), and it just started giving me a hard time. I never saw any exception to this. I'm sure there's ways around it, I'm sure there's ways to fix all of the errors but since I have a perfectly fine OS that doesn't give me any errors with Windows I don't see a reason to switch. I will keep trying. Heck, I installed 18.04 last week on an HP laptop given to me by a neighbour. It came up with errors before it was even fully installed, haha.
  • souslicer
    souslicer Год назад That's a great slogan
  • Enter User Name Here.
    Enter User Name Here. Год назад (изменено) @DragoFX_ Linux is safe due to the amount of users it has. No one uses it so no one spends the time making malware and such for that OS. At least this is what I was told. Can anyone confirm or prove this wrong?
  • Min Shin Khant
    Min Shin Khant Год назад good joke!!!
  • sabbel babbel
    sabbel babbel Год назад @Graham Linux really the only advantage linux has is for ppl that are programmers/program when compared to windows. of course theres also the fact that linux isnt built by a giant company
  • Dominik Dóczi
    Dominik Dóczi Год назад @Johnny Wynn As with many things on Linux, it's as stable as you want it to be. Want bleeding-edge software in anything? Use Arch Linux. Are you fine with a few weeks older software? Then choose Debian/Linux Mint.
  • Neil Clark
    Neil Clark Год назад Omegalul well clever
  • denziiey
    denziiey Год назад @Graham Linux what windows are you running. I've never had that experience been using windows since 95!!!
  • asdf
    asdf Год назад Thanks for reminding me, haven't done so in months.
  • Graham Linux
    Graham Linux Год назад @Cylais Support for Windows 7 ends soon.
  • viriv
    viriv Год назад @Enter User Name Here.its no os and it inead has a smaller community then windows but they are in general a lot more helpfull then your aunt that uses windows to mail and watch youtube and doesnt even know what a .exe is so yes it has less users but no it isnt as "simple" as windows it does require some work but if i as a 13 year old kid knows how to run linux then you could proberly figure it out 2
    FULL BRIDG ERECTIFIER Год назад Apple got rotten, stinks
  • Enter User Name Here.
    Enter User Name Here. Год назад @viriv I've used Ubuntu to root phones. I've installed it on many old windows computers as the primary OS. Thanks for trying to help but you didn't address the question. People say Linux is more secure. My question is. Is it more secure because of security features or is it more secure simply because the community is small and time is better spent making virus's and malware for Windows and Mac?
  • viriv
    viriv Год назад @Enter User Name Here.both actually because the kernel is built so the users stays the user and the admin stays the admin (aka root) so if you download a virus it cant really do anything because it isnt root and i dont need to say y for the second thing
  • bodar
    bodar Год назад @Johnny Wynn Unstable? Are you high? What do you think all these cloud platforms and web servers run on? Web servers are 2/3 Linux, AWS runs on Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Some desktop environments may not be the most user-friendly, but stability is not an issue with Linux on supported hardware.
  • R2 Point of view
    R2 Point of view 5 месяцев назад Hi guys!!! Can someone tell me if is better an i5-8250U with 8gb RAM and 256gb SSD or an i7-4500U with 16gb RAM and 512gb SSD? Mostly for normal stuff like mail, streaming etc.. along with some video editing and fotoshop? If someone can give me some tips I'll really appreciate.. thanks!!!
  • helloguys
    helloguys Неделю назад @Graham Linux SUPER TUX 8K 120FPS
  • Jatin Rana
    Jatin Rana 3 месяца назад The guy acting like he was living in a cave for years and boom one day he step out and see a plane flying. 😂😂😂
  • a b
    a b 3 месяца назад Unbox Therapy: Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops. Also Unbox Therapy: MacBook Pro 16 Unboxing - Time To Switch Back?
  • Oky Harmoko
    Oky Harmoko 2 месяца назад 9 months later
  • James Kristoff
    James Kristoff 6 месяцев назад Everything starts with an "E"
  • Ron Clark
    Ron Clark 2 недели назад I don’t know what you guys ar talking about, my kyboard works just fin