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Опубликовано: 10 авг. 2016 г. 3 744 604 просмотра

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Watch as SSundee and Crainer head to the stadium to see who will be the best OLYMPIAN?! Or who will have the best aim to shoot the other person away from the gold medal... Lol, Thanks for watching, I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

Crainers's Channel

Siyliss (Made the lucky block art!)

Kehaan's Twitter(Who made this lucky block)

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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu - Such Fun
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  • Kehaan
    Kehaan 3 года назад Mankini, best outfit EVER :D I hope you all enjoyed the drops this week <3
  • MagicSkorpion
    MagicSkorpion 3 года назад YOUR SO MEAN
  • the pacific
    the pacific 3 года назад +MagicSkorpion dude stop.but also that is true
  • Just Gabi
    Just Gabi 3 года назад Kehaan You Know Ssundee Is Going Deaf. And Also Ily Your YouTube Channel😱
  • Marko Jaković
    Marko Jaković 3 года назад ssundee got like 7 "hello, brother" but stil good dros
  • Be A Pro
    Be A Pro 3 года назад +Glaceon YEA UFCORSE!!
  • Jonathan Peteza
    Jonathan Peteza 3 года назад OF COURSE KEEHAN!!!
  • LEO 7
    LEO 7 3 года назад They were sick, keep ssundee's hearing alive
  • Nyq
    Nyq 3 года назад Kehaan ute are my Senpai Plz don't leave me ;-;
  • Chop
    Chop 3 года назад Kehaan=life
  • Rodney Li
    Rodney Li 3 года назад Plz more rick rolls. PLZ
  • Emily Xx
    Emily Xx 3 года назад I SUBED TO YOU!!!!! KEHAAN=LIFE KEHAAN=LOVE
  • Jayson Loresca
    Jayson Loresca 3 года назад I love it! But please...Don't kill Ian with
  • Shiny beeot
    Shiny beeot 3 года назад Make a sign in the next block saying that please kehaan
  • Cringe
    Cringe 3 года назад Kehaan do a "Meme lucky block" so basically the box has a pic of ssundee in a Pepe suit and crainer on a unicycle and the sound drops can be memes
  • Philodox
    Philodox 3 года назад Make a Potato lucky block LOL
  • DrTeemo Craft
    DrTeemo Craft 3 года назад kehaan kehaan kehaan please stop make people earbleeding please
  • Cringe
    Cringe 3 года назад +Itachi Uchiha And thr could be "A potato flew around ma room"
  • shadow
    shadow 3 года назад pls dont do the rip hedphone users or super laud things pls
  • shadow
    shadow 3 года назад +Emily JubbJubb mmmmmmmm
  • Ivanka Doderovic
    Ivanka Doderovic 3 года назад our you ssundees brother or he just got that drop cause of luck
  • Alexandr Peterberg
    Alexandr Peterberg 3 года назад SSundee got a lot of the same this run. And as usually Crainer din't get RIP headphones things as much as SSundee did. Or i should say din't get it at all! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?
  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran 3 года назад yea. well i thought that was just a rope
  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran 3 года назад keep making the rip headphone plz
  • PinkRollerZ
    PinkRollerZ 3 года назад no he got a total of 9.. no joke i counted them all xD
  • Daphne Lewis June
    Daphne Lewis June 3 года назад I went to the comment section and just saw that
  • MichealPlayz
    MichealPlayz 3 года назад Guys gimme a chance by clicking on me :) I do Minecraft video :D
  • The life Of Jess
    The life Of Jess 3 года назад +Tran Nhan Tam Thanh #never
    CHEESECOOKIES 3 года назад Hello Brother...
  • Daphne Lewis June
    Daphne Lewis June 3 года назад +Jessika Durbecq what was the # for..
  • A Random Bloke
    A Random Bloke 3 года назад kehaan why you keep doing this rip headphone users
  • lancypancy
    lancypancy 3 года назад Pls Kehaan stop adding the loud noises i feel bad for Ssundee
  • DankMemer69 Meme
    DankMemer69 Meme 3 года назад Do a lucky block that is all rip head phone users drops
  • Lunar _34
    Lunar _34 3 года назад kehaan no more rup headphone
  • TrueXorcerer
  • Alex26
    Alex26 3 года назад stop with the rip headphones pls😢😢😢😢😢
  • Skull
    Skull 3 года назад Shut up
  • Alex26
    Alex26 3 года назад fu*k you 😠 i feel so bad for sundee😢
  • rando 5683
    rando 5683 3 года назад sky factory lucky block ender dragons and withers
  • Jurassic Jaw
    Jurassic Jaw 3 года назад I love the song from the first lucky block is it from guns and rose's?
  • Nafis Alam
    Nafis Alam 3 года назад +Josh Nan what
  • Export
    Export 3 года назад why doesn't he just turn the volume down for him who has there volume on max anyway when there playing he can turn it down and turn it up for us
  • DynamiteDog
    DynamiteDog 3 года назад +Jurassic Jaw I've become so numb But I can feel you there Become so much So much more than waste All I want in this All I want in you Is to be more like me And be less like you :)
  • Nafis Alam
    Nafis Alam 3 года назад +Da_Pickaxe _Gamer ?
  • DiedeCraftYT
    DiedeCraftYT 3 года назад gg Kehaan Rest In Peperoni Ssundee Ear xD
  • RoboHoloclone12
    RoboHoloclone12 3 года назад The drops were AWESOME, except please give Ssundee a break from the RIP headphones troll and focus it on MrCrainer instead pls. :)
  • Francisco jr Macapobre
    Francisco jr Macapobre 3 года назад hey Kehaan its a coachela outfit in real life i tried that at school and i cant believe i won in 1st place geez
  • dank memes
    dank memes 3 года назад plz add more earrapes >:) SSundee should not know thisssss....
  • Philip Whitten
    Philip Whitten 3 года назад I liked the Wrong number song I knew it straight away
  • death wish
    death wish 3 года назад when ssundee did the long jump crainer shot him and he went further btw good job with the lucky blocks!!
  • Flammenwerfer-Soldat Abteilung II
    Flammenwerfer-Soldat Abteilung II 3 года назад hello kehaan :D
  • Blazedude03
    Blazedude03 3 года назад Join them in a luckyblock challenge ones
  • Asa Landers-Standley
    Asa Landers-Standley 3 года назад Kehaan hi :D (i would like to see a loud "and his name is john cena... with a villager falling on ssundee or crainer)
  • Nafis Alam
    Nafis Alam 3 года назад +Asa Landers-Standley ??
  • Asa Landers-Standley
    Asa Landers-Standley 3 года назад as like a drop from a lucky block
  • Nafis Alam
    Nafis Alam 3 года назад +Asa Landers-Standley !??
  • Asa Landers-Standley
    Asa Landers-Standley 3 года назад yes im a bad person i like to see ssundee's ears bleed
  • infernal
    infernal 3 года назад yeah that outfit though
  • Chi Dinh
    Chi Dinh 3 года назад Kehaan... This is serious business.... We need more drops that involve undertale.. WE NEED SSUNDDE TO PLAY UNDERTALE
  • Weed Tosic
    Weed Tosic 3 года назад +Chara Dreemurr agreed
  • Coconuts Everywhere
    Coconuts Everywhere 3 года назад Make a rip headphone users special .
  • Stevedonk the skeleton
    Stevedonk the skeleton 3 года назад kehaan! PLZZZ DO UNDERTALE LUCKY BLOCK!
  • husky fluffers
    husky fluffers 3 года назад check out my channel i play mcpe hunger games and ctf
  • The lengendary God of conjuring
    The lengendary God of conjuring 3 года назад Senpie keehan
  • The lengendary God of conjuring
    The lengendary God of conjuring 3 года назад +The lengendary God of conjuring (srry kehaan)
  • paavis99
    paavis99 3 года назад feels good to hear those armed m-coms from battlefield
  • Skelly
    Skelly 3 года назад +edward trask ok I'll check it out if you check mine to
  • LELZz
    LELZz 3 года назад Stop Doing RIP HEADPHONE USERS DROPS
  • Anonymous12 Anonymous
    Anonymous12 Anonymous 3 года назад Kehann you should add a mankini drop or structure!
  • A person Who Comments
    A person Who Comments 3 года назад Stop doing rip headphones
  • Pedro The Unknown
    Pedro The Unknown 3 года назад 2:03 you get a deal
  • Mo
    Mo 3 года назад +Chara Dreemurr undertales irrelevant stop forcing him to play it.
  • Mo
    Mo 3 года назад +Stevedonk the skeleton no
  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr 3 года назад I'll take 666
  • NeoMine Gaming
    NeoMine Gaming 3 года назад I had to bleach my eyes after this.
  • Tactics 'n' Bacon
    Tactics 'n' Bacon 3 года назад Kehaan do you have a mod with the latest luckyblocks?
  • Choppercheevers 4
    Choppercheevers 4 3 года назад Stop with the loud stuff Kehaan
  • Timing
    Timing 3 года назад Love you kehaan!!!! :D
  • The Candela Effect
    The Candela Effect 3 года назад More rip headphones
  • The Candela Effect
    The Candela Effect 3 года назад +Timeless gamer65 ty huh?
  • Elmonsiemen
    Elmonsiemen 3 года назад You need to make a wololoo meme from age of empires 2 to this series :p
  • RazTheBaz Bengtsson
    RazTheBaz Bengtsson 3 года назад no actually its called a banana hammock
  • Koda MCL
  • Hero1001
    Hero1001 3 года назад #glowstonelife
  • awesome open world
    awesome open world 3 года назад +Vanz The Fighter YES PLEASE😄
  • ThelegoEmerald Vloger
    ThelegoEmerald Vloger 3 года назад Make a spongebob lucky block
  • EL1M Rose
    EL1M Rose 3 года назад No
  • Anoob Animates
    Anoob Animates 3 года назад Kehaan!
  • Flakey Stuf
    Flakey Stuf 3 года назад +Marinos Charalambous. im not
  • Flakey Stuf
    Flakey Stuf 3 года назад its a beauty ps tell ssundee to make another rocket league vid plz
  • PoorGaming GT
    PoorGaming GT 3 года назад Kehaan What is song named on 10:16
  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 года назад kehaan pls make a lucky block where every one is rip headphones :)
  • i play r6 jim
    i play r6 jim 3 года назад ur the best kehaan , kehaan is love, kehaan is life
  • Loading47 Error
    Loading47 Error 3 года назад Keehan!!!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE SSUNDEE'S EARS BLEED STAP IT
  • Loading47 Error
    Loading47 Error 3 года назад +Xx_n0sCoPe_FaZe_BeAr_xX NOO COBBLE IS LIFE
  • Nixube
    Nixube 3 года назад #KehaanIsLife
  • NukelEkR Power
    NukelEkR Power 3 года назад It's kean
  • Alfie Owen
  • Wolfy Claps
    Wolfy Claps 3 года назад WHAT IS IT
  • Blind Burger
    Blind Burger 3 года назад khan make a POOP lucky block please
  • Some hater
    Some hater 3 года назад +KEHAAN COBBLE =GRAY CRAP . DIRT = turds .......TNT=LIFE #ALL BLOWN UP
  • Gawafaman !
    Gawafaman ! 3 года назад Keehan you're gonna break ssundee's ears
  • Dat_Boi_Ponci 420
    Dat_Boi_Ponci 420 3 года назад LOLOLOLOL BORAT SKIN HAHAHHA
  • Dejan
    Dejan 3 года назад Make a lucky block with all ULTRA R.I.P ANY USER :3333333333333333
  • SSunde e
    SSunde e 3 года назад Nice man love it
  • The Real Emerald Rebel
    The Real Emerald Rebel 3 года назад Dude put a rage guy that smashes his computer sound
  • Ethan DRAGONZ
    Ethan DRAGONZ 3 года назад kehaan you need to make a cobblestone dirt block
  • Mason Skoglund
    Mason Skoglund 3 года назад Kehaan the drops were awesome and I also subscribed to your channel So keep up the great work Kehaan
  • Erik sundlöf
    Erik sundlöf 3 года назад No
  • Marcelo Samuel
    Marcelo Samuel 3 года назад why kehan =(
  • l i x *
    l i x * 3 года назад +James Reagan or you can not scam everyone
  • Novodrich
    Novodrich 3 года назад Imagine working out with a makini lol
  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 3 года назад Kian
  • Drago Mations
    Drago Mations 3 года назад are you the real kehaan?? (the one who made the blocks)
  • Crimson Katana
    Crimson Katana 3 года назад +Ana Hernandez kehaan* I think it's the Danish spelling
  • Layla Choi
    Layla Choi 3 года назад They were AWESOME Kehaan!
  • HaileyMayDoesStuff
    HaileyMayDoesStuff 3 года назад your awesome!
  • Jayden Garcia
    Jayden Garcia 3 года назад Stop breaking Ians ears seriously it actually hurts your ears
  • HaileyMayDoesStuff
    HaileyMayDoesStuff 3 года назад and and Btw yes we are proud of you Kehaan
  • Matthias
    Matthias 3 года назад The door sound was so real, I got really scared xD
  • TRGlow-_ prank
    TRGlow-_ prank 3 года назад I enjoyed thank u keean
  • Nigel Barrett
    Nigel Barrett 3 года назад Keehan add in John Cena with the music as loud as possible saying not sorry at all
  • Caden Mehaffie
    Caden Mehaffie 3 года назад lol ur right
  • Russo is hot
    Russo is hot 3 года назад plays teletubbies theme song JOHN CENA!!!
  • Eleegi 3FPS
    Eleegi 3FPS 3 года назад Hello Brother....
  • hot wings
    hot wings 3 года назад Why must you destroy SSundee's eardrums.
  • haves
    haves 3 года назад Lolno
  • Kyler Gossett
    Kyler Gossett 3 года назад Kehaan, can you add some songs to the lucky blocks like Live and Learn from Crush 40?
  • Daniel Hilton
    Daniel Hilton 3 года назад helaryis
  • Connor 1814V
    Connor 1814V 3 года назад #GlowstoneIsLife
  • Chase Roberts
    Chase Roberts 3 года назад As soon as I saw the wrong number song from undertale I was so happy
  • whomstvnted
    whomstvnted 3 года назад You should get Battle Against A True Hero from Undertale and play it normal volume, but when the song gets loud just blast the song. Also put a sign that says "Just Listen"
  • Icession
    Icession 3 года назад kehaan if you didnt notice that dirt has pebbles or those garys things in so if dirst has little stones thats meabs cobblestone=life amd cobblenati confirmed
  • Alfie Owen
    Alfie Owen 3 года назад lol
    MEME BOI 2 года назад Kehaan i subsibe to you
  • Choko Games
    Choko Games 2 года назад Kehaan SHOW US YOUR VOICE
  • 3vro5Gaming
    3vro5Gaming 2 года назад Kehaan train
  • Mike Ritchie
    Mike Ritchie 2 года назад 7
  • Nicole Kennedy Green
    Nicole Kennedy Green 2 года назад I AGREE
  • [cArSOn_B_ COnLeY]F_b
    [cArSOn_B_ COnLeY]F_b 2 года назад Kehaan omg love
  • singh5384
    singh5384 2 года назад Kehaan d
  • John Henry
    John Henry 2 года назад Kehaan u da moast svge prson evur
  • Sally Griffiths
    Sally Griffiths 2 года назад Kehaan COBBELSTONE IS LIFE!!! Drainer said that..... >;D
  • Gamer_J 25
    Gamer_J 25 2 года назад Kehaan gg you savage make his eares bleed more
  • Cauti0n _Trooper
    Cauti0n _Trooper 2 года назад Jason Mincher jr I don't agree I want Keenan to stop making SSundees ears bleed
  • Dang Its Nile
    Dang Its Nile 2 года назад Kehaan why aren't you verified?
  • Sairus
    Sairus 2 года назад Kehaan lol
  • five nights at pikachus
    five nights at pikachus 2 года назад you had nine of the whole hello brother thing
  • Dead night Gamer2567
    Dead night Gamer2567 2 года назад Kehaan qy
  • GalaxyButter
    GalaxyButter 2 года назад Kehaan your a beast and stop RIP headphones or SSundee will sue you
  • GalaxyButter
    GalaxyButter 2 года назад Kehaan=Death
  • Elizabeth Fox
    Elizabeth Fox 2 года назад bob
  • Ruby Shaw
    Ruby Shaw 2 года назад Kehaan keehaan don't worry about the hater I thing your great crainer is a bully😘
  • elitetrooper667
    elitetrooper667 2 года назад Kehaan you got the brother thing from star wars the clone wars when savage opres says hello to darth maul
  • King ninja kid1 Og
    King ninja kid1 Og 2 года назад 5
  • RainthegamingHQ Rainthegamer
    RainthegamingHQ Rainthegamer 2 года назад Kehaan I
  • Steph hoving
    Steph hoving 2 года назад Kehaan this makes me cringe so hard 😂😂
  • Zamir Haynes
    Zamir Haynes 2 года назад Kehaan hi
  • Gabberino
    Gabberino 2 года назад Kehaan I'm Proud of you
  • jennah ali netflix
    jennah ali netflix 2 года назад Kehaan But I love
  • Stephen Douglass
    Stephen Douglass 2 года назад Gabriel des Rober
  • Redmarvel Boy
    Redmarvel Boy 2 года назад Kehaan I
  • Bananaplays !
    Bananaplays ! 2 года назад Kehaan ummmm
  • ropoboom Davidson
    ropoboom Davidson 2 года назад cooooooool
  • Aaron Eric
    Aaron Eric 2 года назад Kehaan why are lucky blocks called lucky blocks when there not lucky?
  • ENV Zarxy Boy
    ENV Zarxy Boy 2 года назад Love you kehaan you should talk more tho
  • internallyCute Destroyer
    internallyCute Destroyer 2 года назад k
  • Raul Vidal
    Raul Vidal 2 года назад Kehaan tydtu
  • dracuze ϟ
    dracuze ϟ 2 года назад Why u make ssundees ears bleed lel
  • kathleen marler
    kathleen marler 2 года назад Kehaan yea why
  • Lance anthony Altura
    Lance anthony Altura 2 года назад Kehaan has a 100000000 of ice cream
  • xSolarTurtleplayz
    xSolarTurtleplayz 2 года назад Kehaan do more undertale in your blocks
  • ENV Zarxy Boy
    ENV Zarxy Boy 2 года назад Kehaan love you
  • Diablo Milin
    Diablo Milin 2 года назад Kehaan notice me sempie
  • Jody Cosens
    Jody Cosens 2 года назад Kehaan I
  • William Jones
    William Jones 2 года назад Nice lucky blocks kehaan btw I think ur cool rip Ian's ears
  • Nolan Sisic
    Nolan Sisic 2 года назад SSUNDEE
  • Jack Diamond
    Jack Diamond 2 года назад Kehaan btw I'm the one who likes glowstone
  • Imran Taufique
    Imran Taufique 2 года назад Kehaan I
  • Jessica Weir
    Jessica Weir 2 года назад Kehaan why Kehaan why
  • Franklyn Cui
    Franklyn Cui 2 года назад Kehaan I'm I
  • CallMeB
    CallMeB 2 года назад Mankini 4 life
  • Legend the Minecraft gaming
    Legend the Minecraft gaming 2 года назад keh
  • Majida Alkhafaji
    Majida Alkhafaji 2 года назад Kehaan UR SO MEAN TO IAN AND CRAINER
  • vinisha patel
    vinisha patel 2 года назад Kehaan L
  • vinisha patel
    vinisha patel 2 года назад Kehaan l
  • Alireza Ahmadshahi
    Alireza Ahmadshahi 2 года назад Kehaan is a but head You can see it also that means that you are the best cobblestone rules Cramer sucks at your game
  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 2 года назад Kehaan you have issues with soul sand and cobblestone ssunde will call his lawer and speak with you
  • April Robbins
    April Robbins 2 года назад Kehaan,stop tourchering SSundee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
  • April Robbins
    April Robbins 2 года назад Kehaan,stop tourchering SSundee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
  • April Robbins
    April Robbins 2 года назад kehaan stop saying your cool!!!!!!
  • Markenzie
    Markenzie 2 года назад Kehaan pls do. Murderer
  • vinisha patel
    vinisha patel 2 года назад L
  • Cristiano wallace hiu
    Cristiano wallace hiu 2 года назад Kehaan Noob
  • Cola Bellantoni
    Cola Bellantoni 2 года назад If you cool you constipated overwaited out of style loser
  • Stephany Fiset
    Stephany Fiset Год назад Kehaan I promise
  • Jason Bond
    Jason Bond Год назад Kehaan good jobs 😁😎
  • caeden 10
    caeden 10 Год назад Kehaan lugffyxdeszcjkjk Igyv
  • caeden 10
    caeden 10 Год назад Kehaan yah
  • Yuva Karanam
    Yuva Karanam Год назад Kehaan =life💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
  • Landypandy08
    Landypandy08 Год назад No more r.i.p hearing pls
  • Landypandy08
    Landypandy08 Год назад STOP R.I.P HEARING
  • Mike Pearson
    Mike Pearson Год назад Your mean say sorry to Ian for making his eardrums bleed
  • kxng kxrambit
    kxng kxrambit Год назад why undertale
  • Jennifer La
    Jennifer La Год назад Kehaan Hello..... Brother
  • EddeEdition YT
    EddeEdition YT Год назад Do you think ssundee is your brother
  • maicee Bremner
    maicee Bremner Год назад Kehaan with a willy
  • Deb N DAVE Dlobve
    Deb N DAVE Dlobve Год назад Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why you need to eat me
  • Deb N DAVE Dlobve
    Deb N DAVE Dlobve Год назад I will eat you and your family
  • maicee Bremner
    maicee Bremner Год назад Kehaan with a willy
  • Jack Doty
    Jack Doty Год назад Kehaan hi
  • Noah123 Prieto
    Noah123 Prieto Год назад yes
  • hkjychung
    hkjychung Год назад Kehaan lol so many hello brothers
  • whang od
    whang od Год назад Kehaan yes i agrees
  • jay snazzy
    jay snazzy Год назад Kehaan BRU YOU SO MEAN STOP OR I WILL SUE YOU
  • aission bassion bell
    aission bassion bell Год назад Yoer awesome
  • Terminated Channel
    Terminated Channel Год назад (изменено) Kehaan Cobble Stone = Life Soul Sand = BULLSHIT and Dirt = A Ugly Crainer and Withers = Ugly Derpy People Haha get rekt loser cuz you keep breaking my eardrums cuz i always have 2 headphones on like ssundee and who thinks ssundee needs a dont get deaf certificate kehaan stop trying to make dirt better then cobblestone IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN one more time i'll sue you hey guys dont worry ill sue him if he does it another time cuz poor ssundee all he wanted is to just open lucky blocks and he has to die every day
  • Siamese Iscariot
    Siamese Iscariot Год назад CRAWLING IN MY SKIN
  • Zealan Strait
    Zealan Strait Год назад Stop being mean to SSundee please
  • RexIsGoodAtGames
    RexIsGoodAtGames Год назад Kehaan soulsand is love
  • Grim Reaper2756
    Grim Reaper2756 Год назад kehaan do you play god of war
  • Monica Flores
    Monica Flores Год назад Kehaan plz stop you made my ears bleed
  • Micayla Gonzalez
    Micayla Gonzalez Год назад Sorry kehaan but no