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Опубликовано: 5 мар. 2012 г. 1 519 212 просмотров

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Take a look at the legendary career of Erik Morales.

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Erik Morales: Greatest Hits (HBO Boxing)

  • MrSnapy1
    MrSnapy1 5 years ago Mexico is gods gift to boxing.........
  • diego Flores
    diego Flores 2 years ago Absolutely
  • Frankie Gonzalez
    Frankie Gonzalez 2 years ago That's a perfect description for a Country's renowned Pride of Boxing as a means for advancement of one's own destiny,as well as a unifying sport at times.Mexico indeed has produced many Fighters, Brawlers, Technical Masters, Inspiring individuals, timeless Characters, Eternal Hall of Famers... Mexican Boxers, for the most part, get in the ring to Fight!!! To Show their skills,test their grit, give their best, imposing their strengths, trying different tactical skills to set the pace,all to win unequivocally,but humble,if and only if,they are defeated outright and unequivocally,no biased scores, no taint or suspicious decisions by interested judges.... The World knows,A Mexican Boxer, The Elites,Will Put on A Fight, round per round,He will win or lose by taking risks to force an opponent to fight for the honor in one's self as a boxer, for Country, For the People!! Not for 3 judges.
  • Edgar Valencia
    Edgar Valencia 2 years ago Maybe that's why he made us bad at soccer 😢
  • IBTG
    IBTG 2 years ago Edgar Valencia do you mean the United States? 😂
  • rovin delacruz
    rovin delacruz 2 years ago What about pacman?
  • El Rompe Culos
    El Rompe Culos 1 year ago rovin delacruz He was destroyed by Morales once, and by Marquez 3 out of 4 times he fought
  • jaden telebrico
    jaden telebrico 1 year ago @rovin delacruz nightmare to the mexicans
  • Random Uptop
    Random Uptop 1 year ago @El Rompe Culos lol Pacquiao beat both Morales & Marquez twice plust still a champion right now... Pacquiao is the best in boxing.
  • El Rompe Culos
    El Rompe Culos 1 year ago (edited) @Random Uptop Márquez beat Pacquiao 3 times and Morales 1. Anyway Marquez was always better than Pac, he Knocked out cold pacman Watch your "idol" hahaha stupid pactard. Marquez is older than Pacquiao, thats why he is retired. But he was always better than Pacquiao, Morales was better and Even Canelo is better. Phillipines have another boxer like Pacquiao? I don't think so...
  • Random Uptop
    Random Uptop 1 year ago @El Rompe Culos lol false, Pacquiao beat Marquez 3 times plus Marquez lost to Bradley but Pacquiao beat Bradley 3 times... Pacquiao is the best in boxing.
  • Angel Guadarrama
    Angel Guadarrama 1 year ago Amen
  • Durk Banks
    Durk Banks 1 year ago Black boxers no disrespect love my fellow Mexican people
  • Mstrift Namikaze
    Mstrift Namikaze 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Kevin Balmores
    Kevin Balmores 1 year ago @Edgar Valencia bad in soccer? I guess mexico also win football in tje olympics?
  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 1 year ago @Random Uptop Pacquiao is the best in boxing? How? He got schooled by Mayweather 🤔
  • Random Uptop
    Random Uptop 1 year ago (edited) @Justin Seagull lol false, the world saw that Pac did beat Floyd... yeah Pac is the best.
  • FuckingHateTwilight
    FuckingHateTwilight 11 months ago @Kevin Balmores They are mediocre at best when it comes to soccer, they can compete against low level competition, but lose where it matters the most and have been Round of 16 chokers for 7 consecutive times.
  • KawiRocket 88
    KawiRocket 88 11 months ago I know right 👍
  • Darwin D
    Darwin D 10 months ago Pacman is gods gift to mexico✌️
  • KawiRocket 88
    KawiRocket 88 10 months ago @Darwin D Right!! He was a badass no question!
  • Billy Perez
    Billy Perez 9 months ago jaden telebrico and that's why he got slept
  • round105
    round105 9 months ago (edited) Some delusional has to bring pacquiao because they don't know any other fighters. Jesus not even part of the comment and some pacroid fan says, "oh pacquiao is beaten all and pacquiao is this and pacquiao is that" jesus put it to rest
  • KawiRocket 88
    KawiRocket 88 9 months ago @round105 You are correct!
  • Ryan Rey
    Ryan Rey 8 months ago @El Rompe Culos ok but how about those 2 matches after that fight? he can't even stand up to the 10th round,
  • Esi Boiii
  • Hanamichi Sakuragi Gaming
    Hanamichi Sakuragi Gaming 8 months ago Manny pacman pacquiao is goat
  • aira Cruz
    aira Cruz 8 months ago Yeah and philippine boxer is a slayer of so called mexico gods gift to boxing!!
  • Bernardo Carpio
    Bernardo Carpio 7 months ago REALLY.??
  • Bernardo Carpio
    Bernardo Carpio 7 months ago @Billy Perez and thats why they need Angel Heredia's formula.!!
  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 7 months ago (edited) @Darwin D that's a lame statement..... plus, Morales was battle shot by the time he fought Pac. So don't get too excited.
  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 7 months ago ​@Random Uptop i like Pacquiao, but there was debates on his wins over Marquez & he got knocked the fuck out.... and a worn out battle shot Morales beat him, so don't get excited
  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 7 months ago @round105 this has nothing to do with Pacquiao nor is it insulting him.... i like Pacquiao, but there was debates on his wins over Marquez & he got knocked the fuck out.... and a worn out battle shot Morales beat him so not much to brag about.
  • jomai2040
    jomai2040 7 months ago Agreed. Mexico is awesome!
  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 7 months ago (edited) @Justin Seagull how the hell did he get schooled when he landed the better shots in the fight.?? stop talking out of your asshole & spreading rumors. Floyd fights like a faggot.
  • Luis E Sebastiani
    Luis E Sebastiani 7 months ago @aira Cruz till he got almost killed by Marquez literally.
  • Anthrax YT
    Anthrax YT 6 months ago @El Rompe Culos Marquez only got 1 win by ko but no tittle. Pacquiao beat marquez 2 times with tittles so pac>marquez
  • Anthrax YT
    Anthrax YT 6 months ago @Luis E Sebastiani marquez fought 4 times with manny and he memorized the fighting style of manny and he is a legendary counter puncher but he only got 1 win lol Pac>marquez
  • Luis E Sebastiani
    Luis E Sebastiani 6 months ago @Anthrax YT No question about it, pac man is a excellent boxer.In boxing there is a saying, " Inside the ring we have opponents not enemies.
  • El Rompe Culos
    El Rompe Culos 6 months ago (edited) @Anthrax YT Pacquiao robbed Márquez two times, everybody in the comments of those fights said that, Pacquiao never defeat Marquez. Márquez is his father
  • Anthrax YT
    Anthrax YT 6 months ago @El Rompe Culos Robbed your ass 😂 Manny has a greater legacy than marquez and people know that.
  • Simba Simba
    Simba Simba 6 months ago @Random Uptop u mean only fanboys not the world.
  • Random Uptop
    Random Uptop 6 months ago (edited) @Simba Simba lol even your countryman they saw Pacquiao beat Floyd... LMAO
  • 2 Guns
    2 Guns 5 months ago aira Cruz Pac-Man is the only thing the Philippines has Mexico had and has great fighters If it wasn’t for manny the Philippines wouldn’t even be known in boxing like the chinese
  • Aldo Htownsouth
    Aldo Htownsouth 1 month ago I like that
  • Aldo Htownsouth
    Aldo Htownsouth 1 month ago @Random Uptop then got KO by marquez
  • Aldo Htownsouth
    Aldo Htownsouth 1 month ago @Darwin D he sure is without that famous KO from Marquez
  • Random Uptop
    Random Uptop 1 month ago @Aldo Htownsouth yeah then Bradley schooled Marquez but Pacquiao beat Bradley
  • Ricardo Saenz
    Ricardo Saenz 1 month ago @Esi Boiii marquez was 40 yrs old when he send pacman out of this galaxy in the 6th round of their 4 fight,remember? Jaja
  • Frank Haymer
    Frank Haymer 1 week ago MrSnapy1 bull shit all they are good for is jumping fences
  • ObieG93
    ObieG93 5 years ago The first man to defeat Manny Pacquiao in American soil.
  • Anil Balk
    Anil Balk 1 year ago ObieG93 is it really THAT big of a feat? Not like that is Pacs only loss, or as if Pac hadn’t been beaten before
  • lone beast
    lone beast 1 year ago Ghosts OfPasts they dont beat pac that easy hmm so i think its special that he got beaten by him for the first time
  • German Ramos
    German Ramos 1 year ago Ghosts OfPasts considering that Erik defeated a prime and strong manny Pacquiao. A Manny that was feared among his peers
  • Renz Irish Garcia
    Renz Irish Garcia 10 months ago He makes Manny Pacquiao a better fighter. During their first fight the right hand of Manny is not that good and he fights like a brawler unlike the next 2 fights.
  • Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe 8 months ago Marquez beat manny in all thier fights
  • Jemrie Villas
    Jemrie Villas 8 months ago @Tiger Stripe stupid
  • Renz Irish Garcia
    Renz Irish Garcia 8 months ago @Tiger Stripe are you on drugs? Pacquiao should've won the 1st fight. One of the judges scored the first round 10-7 when it should be 10-6 because of 3 KO. 2nd fight Manny won because of the knockdown.
  • Manny'sboy no
    Manny'sboy no 8 months ago @Tiger Stripe what a joke... He won all those 4 fights.. If He wasn't KO'ed he could've won that.. But Marquez KO'ed him.. So yeah
  • Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe 8 months ago Marquez won all thier 4 fights he was robbed u pac fans scream robbery when he fought floyd but floyd made him look like a weak Filipino pussy and schooled him Marquez and pac fights were much closer then pac Mayweather marquez won but he didnt get the decision. I'm glad Marquez got the last laugh as he knocked him out cold and sent him to jesus christ
  • Renz Irish Garcia
    Renz Irish Garcia 8 months ago @Tiger Stripe yeah and he killed a lot of pussy mexicans before being koed. Want me to enumerate them? Nevermind. And he did that on your home soil btw. And you are paying him via ppv to watch those boxers getting destroyed by pacman. Only marquez can ko him. Hats off to marquez
  • Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe 8 months ago @Renz Irish Garcia Marquez koed him floyd schooled him and Jeff horn beat him too haha
  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi 8 months ago @Tiger Stripe yeah i can tell ur a hater. Pacquiao won most of those if not all of those. He was even beating him on the 4th fight but got knocked out
  • Xavier Vasquez
    Xavier Vasquez 8 months ago (edited) @Tiger Stripe I dont know if why you showing hate for Pacquiao. What i see is you're Jealous of Pacuiao or you're in Drugs
  • SBK 510
    SBK 510 7 months ago @Tiger Stripe hahahaha ow dear what a hater, what you know about boxing? even boxing experts didn't said that only you... ow where are you now? oww, Marquez ia strong when drinking his own piss and having delay puberty with all his acne in the body
  • Tiger Stripe
    Tiger Stripe 7 months ago @SBK 510 speak English please
  • SBK 510
    SBK 510 7 months ago @Tiger Stripe Speak with concrete basis idiot
  • Josiah Paz
    Josiah Paz 7 months ago He loss before he was only a kid this was when pac was going through his prime which was impressive
    JAVIER CARRILLO 7 months ago Uchiha Itachi: your on drugs. Experts and boxers even said Marquez should have won the 1st and 3rd fight, 2nd fight was close could have gone either way. You act like Manny best the fuck out of him when they were all close fights
    JAVIER CARRILLO 7 months ago Renz Irish Garcia you don’t win a fight because you knocked a fighter down. That is a stupid comment... Manny is a great fighter, the only one from the Philippines 🇵🇭. You don’t have anyone else. Mexico 🇲🇽 has so many great fighters and champions at this time. Mexico has had over 200 champions since boxing started and we are still going strong and that’s not including all the Mexican-American champs we’ve had and still have. Who are you going to cheer for once Manny retires. You are all some fake boxing fans that don’t know shit about the sport. A lot of you guys Just started watching it because of Manny.
  • Daniel Pendleton
    Daniel Pendleton 6 months ago @German Ramos was actually before Manny's prime
  • Dickus Biggus
    Dickus Biggus 5 months ago @Tiger Stripe because marcroid using PED. look what happen when he fought bradley without ped he look like an idiot, asshole mf!!! hahaha
  • Jeremiah Cuarteros
    Jeremiah Cuarteros 2 months ago We owe it to morales for improving pacman. Unlike mayweather morales schooled pacman with conviction and clear dominance. He made pacman more defensive and careful. Which made pacman even more dangerous
  • Partyhobber
    Partyhobber 2 months ago Tiger Stripe good job for putting “filipino pussy” you fucking nonce
  • Partyhobber
    Partyhobber 2 months ago Tiger Stripe dis nigga is only putting fights he lost in😂 this niggas a joke
  • Ems
    Ems 3 years ago Eric morales will not be forgotten in like forever. message from the philippines.
  • Art of Mexican style boxing.
    Art of Mexican style boxing. 3 years ago Same Pacman. He's a legend. Regards from a mexican.
  • Erik Chavez
    Erik Chavez 3 years ago Ems i think if morales would've been "fresher" for the pac trilogy, he would've beat pac 3 times. when morales (or anyone else) attacks pac, pac retreats. Barrera wouldn't retreat and that's what got him wins over morales. i honestly think pac started taking something after that loss. pac did some incredible things after that. then all the sudden the ko's vanished.
  • Ems
    Ems 3 years ago Erik Chavez Non-Sense.
  • Norman Samijon
    Norman Samijon 2 years ago +Erik Chavez but Pac demolishing bigger and stronger opponents in his next years after that. that is not the prime Pac who Morales fought
  • Ernesto Joseph Baz
    Ernesto Joseph Baz 1 year ago Viva Mexico. Viva Pilipinas
  • ch1ngons1mon
    ch1ngons1mon 1 year ago Fuck the Philippines
  • Donnie Buenaventura
    Donnie Buenaventura 1 year ago ☝🏼 ooh internet tough guy. He’ll knock you by typing
  • Raul Garcia
    Raul Garcia 1 year ago ch1ngons1mon what was that for?!!
  • Bittah Samurai Productions TM
    Bittah Samurai Productions TM 1 year ago Raul Garcia He wants to be a dick
  • Gerard Francis Furto
    Gerard Francis Furto 1 year ago Raul Garcia He’s a hardcore Pac hater. He’s all over the place actually.
  • Neil Gonzales
    Neil Gonzales 1 year ago @Erik Chavez ko's vanished because pacquiao stepped in a bigger weight division and not his natural weight class
  • Erik Chavez
    Erik Chavez 1 year ago @Ems so do you think Marquez was cheating when he ko'd pac?
  • Erik Chavez
    Erik Chavez 1 year ago @Neil Gonzales and how was he able to do what others cant even attemp? Running up weight classes like it was nothing. Then everything changed in 09 when he was scared of needles. But after the may fight he wanted an immediate rematch, must've got over his fear. I just call it like i see it. I also think Marquez was on some illegal stuff when he ko'd pac.
  • Erik Chavez
    Erik Chavez 1 year ago @Neil Gonzales also his chin got mysteriously better. He got ko'd by a tiny guy but years later his chin was able to take on some punches from bigger guys with big power.
  • Sergio Renato Reyes
    Sergio Renato Reyes 8 months ago @Erik Chavez Freddie started training pacquiao's right hand after he lost to Morales, clearly being a left-handed only fighter wasn't enough for Manny to become an all-time great. Lmao Manny wasn't knocked out a lot before coming to the states - only twice; one knockout coming from a fellow countrymen due to a body shot (that's not a chin, obviously). His KO power disappeared in 147 as obviously heavier fighters like Cotto and Margarito were accustomed to more powerful punches from bigger guys. Pacman primarily overwhelmed opponents with speed which he is naturally gifted of and not power - that was secondary.
  • jomai2040
    jomai2040 7 months ago El Terrible! Such an awesome boxer!
  • What's New Tv
    What's New Tv 5 months ago @Erik Chavez naahhh your wrong
  • Joe Trout
    Joe Trout 4 months ago (edited) Erik Chavez no pendejo its called boxing! Marquez was not on anything! Look at Chavez, he did it for years fighting southpaws would step on their front foot and get them off balance. Marquez did it by accident caught a off balance opened manny and there came the ko punch! Manny was probably on his way to a ko up to that point.
  • Pedro Josias Mayo Torres
    Pedro Josias Mayo Torres 3 months ago These comments started well. Then someone starts the "if ____" and then everythinh goes to hell
  • scarface 38
    scarface 38 1 month ago @Erik Chavez quit listening to lies from floyd he failed 3 drug tests and vampire blood facials same as epo and illegal iv floyd is the real cheater pac never failed a test or anything floyd lied to everyone and never told people about his drug use do your homework and quit repeating lies
  • R-Shean
    R-Shean 1 week ago @ch1ngons1mon fuck your country bro
  • Raffy Hawk
    Raffy Hawk 3 years ago Morales is a true warrior! Wish i could meet him in person. You got a lot of fans here in the philippines El terrible!
  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez 1 year ago Filipinos mexicans the best
  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 11 months ago That’s so cool man. Respect ✊🏽
  • Jose Manuel
    Jose Manuel 7 months ago Raffy Hawk he is very humble like Pac-Man ,I love both of them,I’m group on Tijuana
  • Lone Cyclist
    Lone Cyclist 7 months ago I remember pacquiao and morales Beer commercial together on the philippines good times
    GYPSY KING FURY 6 months ago that's awesome. paq has a ton of fans in Mexico.
  • ABaro Short
    ABaro Short 3 months ago He eats mariscos @ my cousins vendor cart outside of a local Tijuana gym. He's training munguia now so he's there every other day. Same gym margarito calls home. I can't remember the name but if I do I'll reply. He doesn't care. He's a truly humble dude
  • Musashi Miyamoto
    Musashi Miyamoto 5 years ago this is the true mexican warrior, he never ducks anyone.. seriouly, look how maidana and garcia get troubled fighting the old Morales haha
  • job bailon
    job bailon 6 months ago And Pacquiao
  • Шакарян Сергей
    Шакарян Сергей 4 years ago Mexican boxers, they fight like lions, without fear or pity, nice to look at, but on the other hand, I feel sorry for them, because they sacrifice their health for the public wanting blood. Sorry for my English:)
  • -NoOutSiders-
    -NoOutSiders- 4 years ago yea that's a problem they risk their health to much just to satisfy the public but I guess it's all part of the game brotha
  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade 4 years ago +Шакарян Сергей hard lives produce hard men, Mexico is full of them and has produced some of the finest fighters in history
  • Bushido
    Bushido 4 years ago +Chris Wade I agree, Mexicans and Filipinos are known for that. That produces outcomes like what we know today.
  • Bushido
    Bushido 4 years ago @juan g lol it's the other way round. 200,000 mexicans have filipino blood from filipino workers that went to mexico in the spanish revolution
  • Mario Alvarez
    Mario Alvarez 4 years ago Eastern europe from wher3?? ?
  • Bushido
    Bushido 4 years ago @juan g U just deleted my comment lol? too hard to understand the truth?
  • ForzaAquila
    ForzaAquila 3 years ago +juan g what? how does your logic work?
  • Ezekiel Manzano
    Ezekiel Manzano 3 years ago +Шакарян Сергей they want it man, i know it feels bad looking at them fighting each other. They like it, they are born to be a boxers. i want to be a boxer also, but i got other options.
  • mmmodafoca
    mmmodafoca 3 years ago well in all honesty, every fighter sacrifices their health for the glory of success, not so much the publics perverted need for "wanting blood",
  • Art of Mexican style boxing.
    Art of Mexican style boxing. 3 years ago Russian fighters are warriors as well.
  • Jacob Ramsey
    Jacob Ramsey 3 years ago Шакарян Сергей well fucking said
  • D.M A.K.
    D.M A.K. 2 years ago great mexicans boxer
  • Alberto Martinez
    Alberto Martinez 2 years ago how many mexican fighters do you know of that later have problems with speech or brain damage? mexicans have great chins and are very durable. shit, mayweather has more problems than all retired mexican fighters combined
  • Fernando Pinto
    Fernando Pinto 2 years ago They become immortal in the hearts and memories of fans like me.
  • cahaps
    cahaps 1 year ago Шакарян Сергей true Aztec warriors
  • Gerry Buckets
    Gerry Buckets 1 year ago Thats why boxers are modern gladiators
  • Gerry Buckets
    Gerry Buckets 1 year ago They’re not just doing it for public, they enjoy a brawl
  • Open Case
    Open Case 1 year ago Alberto Martinez You’re absolutely right lol fucking Julio César Chávez speaks more clearly than Floyd Mayweather 😂 and James Toney and Whitaker, both defensive masters, are no longer comprehensible
  • Efrain Gonzalez
    Efrain Gonzalez 1 year ago @Bushido Filipino bitches love Mexicans here in Chicago
  • Nathaniel Fiel
    Nathaniel Fiel 1 year ago Unlike Gayweather.😂😂
  • sorino lucas
    sorino lucas 1 year ago Шакарян Сергей a
  • Alejandro Aparicio
    Alejandro Aparicio 1 year ago These are today's gladiators.
  • B B
    B B 1 year ago @Open Case I agree but I can't understand it. For me Floyd has no damage but James Tony and Pernel Witiker seem to which makes no sense. Why can someone get away with being in wars and others get brain damage from a few shots is a mystery to me.
  • loveboxing lucky17
    loveboxing lucky17 1 year ago Fernando Pinto same here and i am an amateur boxer from holland .
  • Alejandro Aparicio
    Alejandro Aparicio 1 year ago @B B mayweather ran around the ring for all his career. No comparison to mexicans.
  • Luis Castro
    Luis Castro 1 year ago @-NoOutSiders- wrong ali ended up brain damaged i havent seena Mexican pro end up so bad as a African American fighter 🤷‍♂️
  • Open Case
    Open Case 11 months ago (edited) Adam Brush I don’t understand either. I had two theories though. 1. brain chemistry differences between individuals (similar to how some people are just genetically prone to cancer, diabetes, etc) and 2. Some Mexican boxers have a better defense than it might appear initially. If you watch Chavez fight and watch carefully you’ll see he wasn’t actually a simple come forward brawler. The man had good waist and head movement and seemed to move with punches pretty well. So while he did get hit it seems to me like he was pretty good at diminishing the effects of those punches. Canelo is even better at this. He rolls his head with punches when they manage to connect.
  • M.A.B
    M.A.B 10 months ago That's why its called professional boxing.
  • Simba Simba
    Simba Simba 6 months ago @Alejandro Aparicio u don't know shit about Mayweathers career. Emotional hater
  • Aldo Htownsouth
    Aldo Htownsouth 1 month ago @Bushido we dont have any of that shitty blood in us
    ICURMT 3 years ago Mexican Boxers= Warriors with heart.
  • BestInTheWorld 92
    BestInTheWorld 92 3 years ago Manny Pacquiao Thanks Manny Appreciate the Comment
  • Peter Buller
    Peter Buller 4 months ago mexican boxers = zero defense and taking shots like an idiot
  • Tristan Daniel
    Tristan Daniel 3 months ago Peter Buller salvador sanchez, finito lopez, miguel canto, a few examples of mexican fighters that show the real mexican style, check their highlights you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about
  • Alex Raul Santos Lozada
    Alex Raul Santos Lozada 3 months ago Respetos desde PR los mejores guerreros del boxeo son los boxeadores mejicanos tremendos guerreros👍🏾
  • Peter Buller
    Peter Buller 3 months ago @Tristan Daniel stfu this bullshit mexican style is just mexicans walking forward and taking shots like a retard. but boxing fans will criticize the cubans saying that they are runners and are boring when they totally outclass their competition
  • Ace Angel
    Ace Angel 3 months ago Peter Buller u mad ? Mexican winning boxeo
  • David sam
    David sam 1 month ago @Peter Buller like Man puto .you dont know boxin i probably beat you at distance and tactical punches .you fucking loser
  • B-Rai87
    B-Rai87 4 years ago Marquez vs Morales .. the greatest fight that never happened..
  • Andy Michael Madrona
    Andy Michael Madrona 9 months ago B-Rai87 he’s going to need a lot of his own piss to beat Morales.
  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 9 months ago The prince Vs Morales would have been fun at the press conferences all the way to the end of the fight.
  • Ceejay
    Ceejay 8 months ago @Andy Michael Madrona lol is it bc Marquez drunk is own piss before?? 😂
  • Alexander Coca
    Alexander Coca 8 months ago @Andy Michael Madrona lol dream on bro, morales would have not beat marquez
  • Andy Michael Madrona
    Andy Michael Madrona 8 months ago Alexander Coca well, that’s all i could do, and so will you, because it never happened. Lol the fact that it took Marquez 4 chances to beat Pac, and in comparison to Morales first time. Idk man. I just don’t know, people lie, but numbers don’t.
  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres 8 months ago @Andy Michael Madrona and those numbers show Morales 2-1 vs paquiao but really painful losses and 3-1 vs Marquez but very close fights and a KO victory.!! How many fighters can say they KOd prime paquiao.?? I think a Morales vs Marquez fight would have been a very close , action packed decision
  • Andy Michael Madrona
    Andy Michael Madrona 8 months ago Pablo Torres you guys love mentioning his lucky ass k.o. AGAIN! This guy had 4 chances to improve his technique against Pac! 4 times! Who else can say they’ve had that? Come on man! Wake up! Lmao you enjoy that k.o. But that piss drinking Marquez is retired! They all are! Pac is the only one pushing way off his prime. If that doesn’t tell you the difference, then you are blind or in denial. We’re done here.
  • IchaL 01
    IchaL 01 8 months ago @Pablo Torres in the 4th fight against marquez pacman already past his prime tbh.. but still, style make fight and marquez's style is really the worst for pacman.. the first 3 fights really close and could went either way..
  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres 8 months ago @IchaL 01 How was Manny past his prime.!!!!! That's about when he gave some of his best performances.! Against Bradley , Mosley , and his best was yet to come !! He did ko Mathysse much later.!! Only because the way he loss against Marquez you say this..?!!! He was giving a hell of a fight,..only Marquez saw his chance and took it...but is unfair to Manny to say that for his ONLY dramatic loss..!! He was actually faster and stronger than ever.!! But to Marquez that fight meant everything it defined his career unlike Manny's who Is a much bigger figure in boxing to this day .!! Now he's past his prime and still outclassing lesser champions.!
  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres 8 months ago @Andy Michael Madrona chill dude wow..!! I love Manny as much as the next boxing fan,. But in that case they had the same 4 chances at eachother !! However tho ,I do believe , Manny was more significant to Marquez's career than the other way around, and yes his accomplishments are hard to match for any other boxing super-star , but you have to recognize Marquez forced Manny to use his speed , technique,and heart ,like no one else.! Don't hate , any of their awesome fights could've gone either way , even in the 4th an stoppage was very likely , but it was Marquez night
  • Andy Michael Madrona
    Andy Michael Madrona 8 months ago Pablo Torres what?! You chill! You sound like Nonito Doniare. Going for Thurman before the fight then after the fight says “I’m not surprised manny won” fuck out of here. I don’t have to recognize anything you say. You love drinking piss? That’s on you.
  • Your nalgas are Mine
    Your nalgas are Mine 7 months ago Andy Michael Madrona you stupid as hell talking shit about Marquez. He got robbed against Pacquioa in at least two of those fights. Pacquioa dropped him 3 times in the first round and still came back to win every single round after that. That was a robbery so were the other rematches.
  • Anthrax YT
    Anthrax YT 6 months ago @Your nalgas are Mine manny wants a rematch with marquez but marquez refuse because he is scared and he knows that was only a lucky punch
  • Z Cross
    Z Cross 2 years ago Prime Morales would probably destroy Maidana
    OMAR VALDEZ 1 year ago Prime Morales would beat Maidana. Old Morales gave it to him until the end. Now imagine what the younger Morales would have done.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Minimalist
    Obsessive-Compulsive Minimalist 8 months ago Imagine if he fights with both eyes open
  • Louie Miñoza
    Louie Miñoza 3 years ago Erik Morales is a legend. He is a better fighter than Mayweather. Mayweather doesnt stand a chance to this guy. He has a warrior heart. Philippines has great respect for him and viewed as a legend.
  • ebu touy
    ebu touy 5 years ago 61 fights 52 wins -9 loss  36 K.O and "BOXING FANS" praising FLOYD MAYWEATHER 47-0 running around the ring
  • Uriel Zinn
    Uriel Zinn 5 years ago Boxing fans like boxing. Ignorants like you and many others like brawls and street fights (street fights belong to the streets). If you were a boxer, you would know that brawling is the easiest thing to do, and you do it when the other things don't work or if you don't have the fundamentals. Pacquiao has learn those things in the process.
  • jjays otag
    jjays otag 5 years ago @Uriel Zinn wtf are you talking about, boxing wise morales is one of the best. but he can also brawl. the highlights here are just him brawling but trust me he was one of the best boxer form, punches, jab, chin etc