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Скачать с ютуб Kevin Hart Explains Why Ice Cube Sounds Irish – The Graham Norton Show

Опубликовано: 22 янв. 2016 г. 14 639 594 просмотра

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Graham and Ice discuss the possibility that they could be related.

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  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man 3 роки тому It takes a VERY successful and brave comedian to make jokes about the Icecube's mom
  • BossUpWithNaeC
    BossUpWithNaeC 3 роки тому true lol i felt like cube was lowkey upset about it though
  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 3 роки тому +GetFitAsh Cube is always low key upset.
  • Archer
    Archer 3 роки тому He didn't make fun of her lol he made a joke of all black mom and gave cubes mom as an exampl
  • risainternet
    risainternet 3 роки тому They're practically besties. I think if anyone can rip on Cube's mom it's Kev Hart.
  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man 3 роки тому @risainternet Well I wouldnt I can tell you that
  • Kim Whitehead
    Kim Whitehead 5 місяців тому I think there was a lot of anger radiating off Cube here.
  • OdditiesMaybe
    OdditiesMaybe 5 місяців тому @Kim Whitehead ice cube radiates anger on the daily
  • Patricia Jankey
    Patricia Jankey 5 місяців тому Or a good friend
  • Derek Cliffe
    Derek Cliffe 5 місяців тому Kim... You're anger radar is way off
  • Kristen
    Kristen 4 місяці тому i love that you call him "the icecube." :)
  • AllUpOns13
    AllUpOns13 4 місяці тому There was anger, but not for Kevin. Graham said like 3 mildly/moderately offensive things about cube's heritage right in a row. I mean come on... "Irish stock"? You can see him flustered/confused after the Christian name thing. Luckily Kevin came in and saved an awkward moment with a well timed joke/truth about black naming.
  • cipher88101
    cipher88101 4 місяці тому @AllUpOns13 Well I don't think Graham tries to offend his guests and may have here, but I do agree that Kevin brilliantly saved the conversation.
  • yep 0
    yep 0 4 місяці тому The ice cube lol, its jus ice cube
  • Stryker87x
    Stryker87x 4 місяці тому Bye Felcia
  • LOLO REY channel
    LOLO REY channel 3 місяці тому music is life :)
  • Ok Cool
    Ok Cool 2 місяці тому THE Icecubes???
  • My Journey to Healing
    My Journey to Healing 1 місяць тому Kim, Ice Cube has the "resting thug" face lol..just like some women have that "resting b*tch" face . He can laugh, smile and go into the mean mugging in an instant. that's just how he is. He seems to have a comedic way about him. Don't let the mean mugging cool you. 🙂
  • Real Talk with Jordan
    Real Talk with Jordan 3 тижні тому Yeah true. I think the fact that they are reallly good friends helps with that too
  • eamon tallent
    eamon tallent 3 дні тому Fevos Man the ice cube 😂😂😂😂
    JREEL 3 роки тому Kevin Hart is correct though. That's why his joke was so funny because it is the truth.
  • BennoYaKnow22
    BennoYaKnow22 3 роки тому +JReel17 What you mean?
  • FortuitusVideo
    FortuitusVideo 3 роки тому +BennoYaKnow22 Poor people make poor life choices
    JREEL 3 роки тому @BennoYaKnow22 The joke about black people in general (not every black person) just picking names because it either sounds good or they heard it from somewhere. You know how people I know (black and white) that don't even know the meaning of their names?
  • Samuel Koledoye
    Samuel Koledoye 3 роки тому +FortuitusVideo What do you mean by that
  • Motorcyclemami X
    Motorcyclemami X 3 роки тому +FortuitusVideo goodbye
  • Dasaun McClinton
    Dasaun McClinton 3 роки тому +JReel17 or just making a name up
    THE DUDE 3 роки тому +BennoYaKnow22 kind of like when there's names like mercadez, diamond
  • FortuitusVideo
    FortuitusVideo 3 роки тому @itsammar1 Somewhere near Ft. Bragg, NC, there is a little black girl named Chlamydia. My step-mother, a mid-wife, told her that it was a venereal disease but it "sounded pretty." 
    THE DUDE 3 роки тому lol
  • Melaine Lynn
    Melaine Lynn 3 роки тому +JReel17 Is it? Maybe he tell people what they want to hear. Black folks do not keep a meeting and decide how to make life or behaviourial choices.
    JREEL 3 роки тому @Melaine Lynn Until you construct your sentences together and formulate your thoughts in a clearer format, I won't respond. That is simply because I don't understand what you're attempting to state.
  • Diane Madison
    Diane Madison 3 роки тому +JReel17 That was true and funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 3 роки тому Mercedes is, and has always been, a girl's name meaning "mercies", as in Maria de las mercedes or "Mary of Mercies/Our Lady of Mercy". The car is named after a girl, the daughter of Austrian automobile entrepreneur Emil Jellinek. so the car was named for a girl; people with the name are not named for the car.
  • Melaine Lynn
    Melaine Lynn 3 роки тому @JReel17 I did not expect a response to a rhetorical question nor a observation laced with irony. 
  • teddybruscie
    teddybruscie 3 роки тому +FortuitusVideo You do realize black people do this because after slavery we had no knowledge of our African culture because it was beaten out of us and when we got out Eurpean names were all we had and our employment and livlihood was based on how well we assimilated to white culture which is explains why black people started to straight or relax their hair because the more European we tried to be the better our opportunities. It wasn't until after the civil rights movement Black people tried to find different names to seperate ourselves from European standards, so through our ignorance of African culture we adopted a few African names and then tried to mix them with European names and thus developed what is now known as Ghetto names but all of that was based on a lack of information and the lack of the ability to obtain accurate information to develop our own names. So before you critique a culture make sure you sure you understand the culture first.
  • Leo Scarpoli
    Leo Scarpoli 3 роки тому +teddybruscie And white racist e-thugs today claim blacks would be more acceptable if we tried to assimilate better....try telling that to all of the blacks throughout history who have taken Christian names or the name of their slave masters if that stopped racism or lynchings for that matter. A rose by another name is still a rose.
  • Chris Crenshaw
    Chris Crenshaw 3 роки тому +Miley luv short for barbara....
  • Chris Crenshaw
    Chris Crenshaw 3 роки тому +teddybruscie Irrelevant. What happened almost two centuries years ago has no affect on the choices you make today. You make poor choices based on who you are as a person, not based on who your ancestors were way back when.
  • Ellie5621
    Ellie5621 3 роки тому +Moses young Nope don't think I will. So I'll say it again. It's ghetto, and not all black people do that.
  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 3 роки тому @Chris Crenshaw it's a name. how is it a poor choice? slavery may have ended in the 1860s, but the loss of culture lasts to this day and is just starting to be reversed. we now have greater access to our African roots. and a couple of made-up names in the meantime are a big deal to you?
  • Independent Sunset
    Independent Sunset 3 роки тому Not all black people. We who are from East Africa do not do that.
  • teddybruscie
    teddybruscie 3 роки тому @Chris Crenshaw Yes it does. You're just in denial. Why are black people still chasing European standards of beauty if that was the case?
  • Chris Crenshaw
    Chris Crenshaw 3 роки тому because its easier to blame others for your bad luck than to take responsibility yourself. thats why
  • Chris Crenshaw
    Chris Crenshaw 3 роки тому @Perma Frost idc what your name is or what you want to name your kid. my point is, your name is not by any means (or shouldnt be at least)  any representation of who you are as a person.  I also dont care what culture you wish to follow.  im saying that bad choices are a product of your actions, and yours alone.
  • Jermanos Petalos
    Jermanos Petalos 3 роки тому +FortuitusVideo what about the chinese girl named Xo or the white kid named Molly? ahahaha. poor life choices indeed.
    JREEL 3 роки тому @Ano Nimous I wouldn't see it that way, if he or she didn't have any malicious intent behind it.
  • Trajan
    Trajan 3 роки тому +Perma Frost Which African roots in particular are you referring to?
  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 3 роки тому +JReel17 Ah yes, spoken like a true scholar, or perhaps more like a pseudo-intellectual. "Construct your sentences together" doesn't make sense. "Construct your sentences" would suffice. Saying "attempting to state" instead of "trying to say" does not make you sound sophisticated or articulate. Your sentences bring to mind the sort created by young children when you hand them a thesaurus for the first time, while they are still under the impression that words are interchangeable. The word "formulate" implies conciseness and clarity. My point is, put your thesaurus away, you're not fooling anyone.
  • raiderking69
    raiderking69 3 роки тому +JReel17 I don't know about all that!  He couldn't correctly pronounce the word "façade" on the movie 'Fools gold'.  Though he tells the story fantastically.
  • Jinto117
    Jinto117 3 роки тому +JReel17 No wonder every black girl is named "Mercedes".
  • Angela Wat
    Angela Wat 3 роки тому defo
  • adebilz 4real
    adebilz 4real 3 роки тому info
  • JazGalaxy
    JazGalaxy 3 роки тому It's not just black people. It's people in general. Look at the top lists of baby names for any given year. You can immediately tell what the current events were in popular culture of that year by the names of the babies. Edward and Isabella? It's because Twilight was popular. Dawson? It's because Dawson's creek was on TV. I wouldn't be surprised if Harumbe was a huge name for 2016 babies.
    XTINAKIM 2 роки тому Kobe Bryant's mom named him because she loved the taste of kobe beef
  • Aldebaran Alazar
    Aldebaran Alazar 2 роки тому lmao
  • Jake Andersson
    Jake Andersson 2 роки тому correction, diamond
  • Jarallah
    Jarallah 2 роки тому JREEL CONCEPT Maybe. Kevin just retold the same joke told by Lisa Lampenalli -spelling, in which she says black people name their kids after things they can't afford.
    JREEL 2 роки тому @Jarallah Alghizzi Well that's not entirely true. I know a lot of black people with the typical names such as Monique, Jamal, etc.
  • Jarallah
    Jarallah 2 роки тому @JREEL CONCEPT I know it's not true :).
  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 2 роки тому FortuitusVideo Shut up you sound stupid because white people do the SAME THING with their kids names....
  • TheBluntfulTruth
    TheBluntfulTruth 2 роки тому Only like that cause we don't know our true identity
  • blindlost
    blindlost 2 роки тому JREEL CONCEPT I
  • Luke Callinan
    Luke Callinan 2 роки тому JREEL and
  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 1 рік тому +teddybruscie I need people like you to write my essays
  • ms. neurotic v
    ms. neurotic v 7 місяців тому Kobe Bryant's mom found his name on a menu.