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Скачать с ютуб ClownTube Slide - Adding clownfish to an anemone with a big clear pipe

Опубликовано: 1 мар. 2015 г. 1 936 845 просмотров

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Trying to add clownfish to a specific anemone can be wishful thinking, but thanks to a friend of mine I was able to apply a suggestion that worked beautifully. The original concept involved PVC pipe and a large pitcher of water, but I thought it would be nicer to see the fish swim down into their new home through an acrylic tube I had on hand.

Music by:
"Local Forecast" Kevin MacLeod (
"Firebrand" Kevin MacLeod (
"River Valley Breakdown" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 3 years ago Here's a quick picture of most of the clownfish yesterday.
  • Sierra Davis
    Sierra Davis 2 years ago melevsreef awwwww
  • Da Blah
    Da Blah 2 years ago melevsreef why not just put fish in pitcher then poor them in
  • Zeljko Trifunovic
    Zeljko Trifunovic 1 year ago +Tony Blah gotta fill up the time gap
  • Stephan Klase
    Stephan Klase 1 year ago did any get eaten
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 1 year ago No, all 11 are still doing well as of this week, 3.5 years later.
  • SantaMonicaHelp Assistant
    SantaMonicaHelp Assistant 11 months ago Will other fish eat the clownfish baby? - Chuan
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 11 months ago @SantaMonicaHelp Assistant No, they don't eat them. :)
  • anoja31
    anoja31 10 months ago Aww ;-;
  • Khalid 2007
    Khalid 2007 8 months ago melevsreef how much did that tank cost
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 8 months ago @Khalid 2007 At least $47 per gallon
  • Khalid 2007
    Khalid 2007 8 months ago (edited) melevsreef how many gallons are in that tank
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 6 months ago @Khalid 2007 400g aquarium
  • Sophie Johnston
    Sophie Johnston 1 year ago Why am I watching this at 2 am I don’t even own fish
  • Umar Muhammad
    Umar Muhammad 8 months ago Sophie Johnston hahah ri8, same thing happened to me :)
  • Narsiah Narsiah
    Narsiah Narsiah 8 months ago You should have reeftank buddy, someday~
  • Da Ad
    Da Ad 7 months ago Bizarre it 0210am and I’m watching it as well. Only difference is I do own fish.
  • ❤️Lisa Chavez❤️
    ❤️Lisa Chavez❤️ 6 months ago Me at 11:11 am lmfao and dont own any fish myself lmfao
  • Mely Valencia
    Mely Valencia 6 months ago 3:16 am lol
  • Ohio Houston
    Ohio Houston 6 months ago It's exactly 2am on the dot here!
  • Rebekah Feliciano
    Rebekah Feliciano 6 months ago It's 2:20am omgg
  • Leo Mendoza
    Leo Mendoza 6 months ago Bruh same it’s 2:27 am here oof
  • kayla Love
    kayla Love 6 months ago Same. Its literally 2:33am and I have no tank or interest in getting one💀
  • Nick Casem
    Nick Casem 5 months ago Hahahahahah
  • Madwrestler 145
    Madwrestler 145 5 months ago You think the dude is sexy
  • Jewk
    Jewk 5 months ago Sophie Johnston 666 th like i win
  • Elisa Sanchez
    Elisa Sanchez 5 months ago 6 am lol
  • HAIU
    HAIU 5 months ago Man, i'm watching this at 2 am too!
  • R M
    R M 5 months ago Go to sleep kid before I tell ur mum
  • Zadane RR
    Zadane RR 5 months ago (edited) 5:46 for me
  • JConanan Pico Vlog
    JConanan Pico Vlog 3 months ago its a sign friend that you have to own one :)
  • Anna Sullivan
    Anna Sullivan 2 months ago 4:30am
  • Brandon Steele
    Brandon Steele 2 months ago 245
  • Richard Nation
    Richard Nation 3 weeks ago 2:57 haha.,.funnything. didnt own fish until 1 week ago. I rescued a beta from a friend that I fish sat for! haha. He was in a tinybowl! I went an got a 5 gallon setup for him and now I am a fishlover! I cant get enough! I am looking at tanks to get now in two more rooms! Man, these beautiful vibrant saltwater fish are beautiful but for a beginner that owns a single gaba for only a week, not a god Idea! haha
  • King
    King 2 years ago Too much trouble, downloaded live wallpaper instead
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 2 years ago King lol!!
  • April M.
    April M. 1 year ago 😂
  • Manh Ly
    Manh Ly 9 months ago Good choice 😊👌
  • I love being happy
    I love being happy 5 months ago Ikr xX
  • Raymond Perrelli
    Raymond Perrelli 1 year ago They won’t even know they’ve left the ocean, it’s nice to see fish being given natural conditions in captivity.
  • Sam Balsillie
    Sam Balsillie 1 year ago Raymond Perrelli they were probably bred in captivity
  • Toilet shark
    Toilet shark 7 months ago I mean, we give the things in out tanks better care than actual oceans
  • Eve F
    Eve F 6 months ago Yeah okay buddy
  • FlightEvolution
    FlightEvolution 5 months ago @Eve F They're exponentially safer in this tank than in the open ocean
  • Nightmare Strawberry Chic
    Nightmare Strawberry Chic 5 months ago They have no predators
  • LudoLudicrous
    LudoLudicrous 3 months ago @Nightmare Strawberry Chic the other big fish in the tank are there predators, they will eat them if they want
  • Shiahian
    Shiahian 3 months ago Thats the least people should do after taking them to be captive in your own home. I wish everyone could be more respectful like this to our little sea creature friends!
  • Sloth Show
    Sloth Show 2 months ago LudoLudicrous no u
  • i say btYES
    i say btYES 2 years ago "they were on sale for $5 each and how could I not say get me 11?" I CRIED
  • I love being happy
    I love being happy 5 months ago They're cheap 🤔
  • Mop Maria
    Mop Maria 5 months ago 5×11=55 $ Pretty good price....
  • Mai Irynna
    Mai Irynna 1 year ago the music that he used when the clownfish was going down the tube made me laugh so hard. anyways, what am I doing watching this at 3am? 😂 I feel half dead
  • ivan baires
    ivan baires 5 months ago Meth its a hell of a drug
  • Rob Crawford
    Rob Crawford 2 months ago Yeah? why so funny?
  • V S
    V S 2 years ago The background music suggest , we are about to sacrifice the clown fist to forest God :P
  • E S
    E S 9 months ago 🤣😂🤣😂 SOOOO UNDERRATED
  • Latina K
    Latina K 6 months ago 🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    B CLARK 6 months ago Don't have any fish. Will still watch them slide down a tube for 8+ minutes 😂
  • Apex 72
    Apex 72 2 years ago Last little guy was like "nah bro, I'm finally alone" haha
  • Bigsauce Jr.
    Bigsauce Jr. 3 years ago Your tank is honestly taking my breath away you did such a good job keep it up!
  • ann53090
    ann53090 4 years ago Wow that Tang isnt a "fish" anymore, ITS A WHALE!
  • Aquakeeper 22
    Aquakeeper 22 2 years ago ann53090 no it's not. Tangs aren't mammals so aren't related at all to whales so how could the tang turn into a whale?
  • Fz ·
    Fz · 2 years ago Aquakeeper 22 its called a joke
  • sammxncrieff
    sammxncrieff 2 years ago Was talking about the size of the fish
  • ag.floats XR
    ag.floats XR 2 years ago Aquakeeper 22 Wow how you let an obvious joke blow that far over your head is beyond me 😂
  • TBBT
    TBBT 2 years ago Aquakeeper 22 You must be a joy at parties
  • Steven
    Steven 1 year ago Aquakeeper 22 no I think it did actually morph into a whale....pretty sure there is a blow hole forming in the center of it's back. So either Dolphin of going with whale.
  • • うさ •
    • うさ • 1 year ago Aquakeeper 22 you don't say?
  • Lord Lobov
    Lord Lobov 1 year ago Aquakeeper 22 idiot
  • Irish Clan
    Irish Clan 1 year ago Aquakeeper 22, look up the definition of "metaphor."
  • Anonym way !!
    Anonym way !! 1 year ago r/wooosh
  • How To Fazer
    How To Fazer 11 months ago @Aquakeeper 22 ugh fuck off i feel like punching you
  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 7 months ago Aquakeeper 22 r/wooosh
  • Wubber Ducky
    Wubber Ducky 2 months ago AquaKeeper 22 it's because its size sorry we use metaphors.
  • Wubber Ducky
    Wubber Ducky 2 months ago Yeah Aqua keeper 22 boooooo!
  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 2 years ago 7:40 portal into the 5th dimension opens up on anemone.
  • shizukagozen777
    shizukagozen777 2 years ago Justin Case Lol
  • anoja31
    anoja31 10 months ago Lol ;-;
  • America Taylor
    America Taylor 1 year ago Acrylic introduction tube MORE LIKE FISH S L I D E
  • Cringe //me
    Cringe //me 2 years ago (edited) goes to circus picks up a clown tosses into work cubicle
  • Edward
    Edward 2 years ago (edited) did you use the tube for the music as well? added to the suspense!
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 2 years ago LOL!
  • FishAntsPlantsAndDave
    FishAntsPlantsAndDave 3 years ago crazy how the first time you pronounce anemone correctly and the other times you botch it
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 3 years ago +FishAntsPlantsAndDave It comes down to thinking faster than I'm speaking, I think. I completely agree. lol
  • Hope Anderson
    Hope Anderson 2 months ago Okay but did you hear how he said "schooling" :''''''')
  • King Neptune
    King Neptune 2 weeks ago @Hope Anderson shoaling not schooling. two different words.
  • Thomas Monger
    Thomas Monger 4 years ago 1:49 Oops broke that coral
  • Dinesh Raj Methuku
    Dinesh Raj Methuku 3 years ago +Thomas It's fragging time!
  • Adam Golden
    Adam Golden 3 years ago It was a dead birdsnest.
  • Kyla Tolbert
    Kyla Tolbert 1 year ago SWIM DOWN!!
  • melevsreef
    melevsreef 1 year ago lol - sounds like you are quoting Finding Nemo. ;)
  • Noi Noi
    Noi Noi 6 months ago Me: Hmm what to watch. Myself: This one. Me: Why Myself: Fish Me: I'm not a fish person but okay
  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 6 months ago Noi Noi what a clown
  • Carolina Alberto
    Carolina Alberto 5 months ago “They were on sale- And how could I not say GIVE ME ELEVEN” That’s a mood 😂