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Скачать с ютуб ESCAPE BALDI OBBY WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! | The Weird Side of Roblox: Baldi's Basics RP

Опубликовано: 27 нояб. 2018 г. 2 823 481 просмотр

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What's up guys, PghLFilms with another video here and TODAY!!! We are playing Baldi's Basics Obby. This obby looks fascinating because there are a lot of obstacles that you can get oofed in! Enjoy the video. :)

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Credit to AngryGal for the Many faces of Baldi:

    MCOFTHEDAY 1 year ago I found it funny when you said "theirs Huge balls i mean spheres"
  • Ricardo Estrada
    Ricardo Estrada 7 months ago 7
    OOF TIME MASTER GAMER 5 months ago Pgh: ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Im going to get eated by baldi
  • Steven universe Fan
    Steven universe Fan 1 year ago Why you say OOF HEHE HAHAH HAHAHAHAH
  • Lily-Rose Bennett
    Lily-Rose Bennett 1 year ago There is a YouTuber called Denis and he knows 360s
  • Omar Alcala
    Omar Alcala 11 months ago Do you do you girls I’m making my channel it’s called idiom feels to be PGM film I actually know I know your name but I actually love the oldies hope you had a great day Easter
  • Briana Seay
    Briana Seay 6 months ago If you sent to me oh friend request on roblox I was excepted
  • Sujey Ayala
    Sujey Ayala 9 months ago It’s not called the blue oofers
  • chloehad
    chloehad 1 month ago Dear sir please find the best think it will I need text and my family I'm going for you and my husband has family members can you get this can you get the chance I will I be back in the best think of that
  • arissa gamer killer ghaca
    arissa gamer killer ghaca 8 months ago that is play time,pincebel
  • Lori Armanovo
    Lori Armanovo 1 year ago First I played this
  • Annetmaureen Anunike
    Annetmaureen Anunike 1 month ago (edited) Pglfillm’s my brother completed night 1 2 and 3 so i want to help him but bb takes your batteries for your flash light
  • Ahmed Saber
    Ahmed Saber 7 months ago Actually what fun things done so I don’t kn
  • Briana Seay
    Briana Seay 6 months ago I have enough friends to get you on there
  • Demiena
    Demiena 2 months ago I wasted my robux when buying skip stage LOL
  • Eun Joo Kwak
    Eun Joo Kwak 1 year ago 9:28 Xd
  • Sonic, Yoshi, Steven Universe, and OK K.O. Fan529
    Sonic, Yoshi, Steven Universe, and OK K.O. Fan529 1 year ago (edited) No playing baldi obeys in the halls. 99 Seconds detention for you. Your parents will hear about this one.
  • Mariela Angulo
    Mariela Angulo 1 year ago I wish Michah Mcgonical (something like that) (mystman12) would see this!
  • nicola booth
    nicola booth 1 year ago you should try the granny obby
  • Adriana Ramsey
    Adriana Ramsey 1 year ago nicola booth fphlv
  • beate zand
    beate zand 1 year ago Can you try jailbreak is a game games in roblox
  • JJ Miles
    JJ Miles 8 months ago (edited) Can I be principal (my name is jjr8210)