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Скачать England vs New Zealand Polo Match

Опубликовано: 29 янв. 2011 г. 319 256 просмотров

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Young England vs New Zealand Colts at Ham Polo Club, London for the Toast New Zealand festival 2010.

  • LeoDZ
    LeoDZ 3 роки тому I wonder if those poneys have a slight clue about what's going on ?
  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 2 роки тому lollll
  • Megaenasty
    Megaenasty 5 місяців тому LeoDZ I was wondering that too.
  • Caspii
    Caspii 4 місяці тому ponies*
  • Matt Martinez
    Matt Martinez 4 місяці тому Horse: WHY ARE WE RUNNING IN CIRLCES??? Other horse: IDK!!!
  • Mark Kobey
    Mark Kobey 4 місяці тому @Matt Martinez They dont understand the game but they understand their interaction with the rider, and when they are succeeding.
  • vgmaster9
    vgmaster9 3 роки тому Imagine if this sport was as big as Soccer/Football, Cricket, and Rugby.
  • Odysseus
    Odysseus 3 тижні тому This is an expensive sport tho... Not many could afford it.
  • Pedro R.
    Pedro R. 3 роки тому It ain't Ralph though.
  • Lasagna
    Lasagna 2 роки тому Caprisun R kanyeee
  • visionsofpromise
    visionsofpromise 9 місяців тому Polo is just horseback hockey
  • Ghost Snek
    Ghost Snek 2 місяці тому Hockey is polo on ice
  • Takht Punial Gahkuch
    Takht Punial Gahkuch 4 дні тому Game of king & king of game --- the National Game of Gilgit Baltistan Gahkuch ( free style Polo )
  • its-leyland
    its-leyland 2 роки тому Such closed minded comments saying "it's a stupid sport and such" just because it is not mainstream and only available to a few does not make it any worse than any other sport. Don't understand how it's a fun sport? Learn and try a game then get back to me.
  • jamel noble
    jamel noble 3 роки тому is is strange that I like this sport more than basketball and im black?
  • LeoDZ
    LeoDZ 3 роки тому I feel anyone who loves horse riding and sports would be fascinated by this . it's a hell of a lifestyle it feels like .
  • adam gould
    adam gould 1 рік тому yes very strange
  • kbkesq
    kbkesq 1 рік тому Go for it!
  • dkmjr
    dkmjr 1 рік тому No so am I
  • MaybeNextTime
    MaybeNextTime 1 рік тому This is probably one of the few sports for me where I'd rather watch than play
  • Tetris Williams
    Tetris Williams 1 рік тому It's only strange if you qualify blackness with love of basketball
  • Faramund
    Faramund 11 місяців тому Who the fuck cares about your skin color? Americans are fucking obsessed with race, it's fucking disgusting.
  • Elsie Njoroge
    Elsie Njoroge 11 місяців тому I'm black too. I guess we are just different.
  • *Viki *
    *Viki * 10 місяців тому Hahaha
  • Christen Smith
    Christen Smith 9 місяців тому Tetris Williams Facts!!!
  • SaltyBeans
    SaltyBeans 8 місяців тому @Faramund calm down, it was a stereotype joke
  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely 4 місяці тому @Faramund who said anything about the US?
  • Faramund
    Faramund 4 місяці тому @Brennen AkelyI did
  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely 4 місяці тому @Faramund you're irrelevant
  • Faramund
    Faramund 4 місяці тому (змінено) @Brennen Akely no more than yourself
  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely 4 місяці тому @Faramund I love how you pull the classic 10 year old "no u"
  • Faramund
    Faramund 4 місяці тому @Brennen Akely because your comment is worthy of no more than that
  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely 4 місяці тому @Faramund or more like you can't come up with a reasonable comeback
  • Faramund
    Faramund 4 місяці тому @Brennen Akely Okay let me think... You homosexual horsefucking mongoloid! Something like that?
  • Dina Hiyari
    Dina Hiyari 4 місяці тому @Faramund I AGREE WITH YOU MAN
  • Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road.
    Focus on the road, there is nothing, but the road. 3 місяці тому Everyone cares about what America is doing, but nothing with other countries, there is some fucked up shit that goes on in other countries, but no, you want to focus on us and what we talk about, even thought there's a whole country where cannibalism is still legal, common poverty, rape is still legal, child marriage and even worse stuff. There's bigger problems that we just brush under the rug, but someone from America says there skin color, they're suddenly this racist villian. Also why do you assume he's American, only black people live in America?
  • Geoffrey Bronson
    Geoffrey Bronson 9 місяців тому Notice how they aren't hitting the horses with crops like in racing.
  • passive aggressive
    passive aggressive 5 місяців тому They’re still obliterating their faces by yanking the bit. There’s obvious discomfort, just watch the horses head
  • Azriel Yotam Shefatya
    Azriel Yotam Shefatya 4 місяці тому @passive aggressive Its not about the horse.
  • Ham Polo Club
    Ham Polo Club 6 років тому It seldom happens as all the rules in polo are specifically designed for the protection of the ponies.
  • Mar 1700
    Mar 1700 4 роки тому Great game but it ain't Ralph doe 😂😂
  • lim amrin
    lim amrin 3 роки тому
  • Москали ебаный скот, уроды
    Москали ебаный скот, уроды 3 роки тому +Marcos Martinez Why did they cut off the tails of the horses?
  • LeoDZ
    LeoDZ 3 роки тому +РОССИЯГОВНОРАЗВАЛИСЬ my guess would be so their tails wouldn't interfere in the action, like maybe come in the way of those sticks ?
  • Impulse -
    Impulse - 1 рік тому Москали ебаный скот, уроды the tails are wrapped. 😊
  • Mark
    Mark 1 рік тому Haha I saw that too
  • Grace M
    Grace M 6 років тому polo looks so difficult!
  • Zachary Dampeir
    Zachary Dampeir 3 роки тому This is the most British game u can play if you live in England and I love playing it
  • Simon Acker
    Simon Acker 3 роки тому It is originally from Pakistan.
  • Simon Acker
    Simon Acker 3 роки тому Scratch that, it has actually older Persian, Sassanian roots. The British however imported it from British-India.
  • J Luc
    J Luc 2 роки тому Zachary Dampeir I thought it was from Ancient China?
  • Xbox720 Insta
    Xbox720 Insta 1 рік тому It's fucking gay and is for stuck up cunts
  • Katie Hatton
    Katie Hatton 1 рік тому No its for snobby rich kids
  • Zacharus
    Zacharus 7 місяців тому Many countries claim to be the origin of Polo sport. Regardless of who did it first, I suppose we all can agree that the sport came from Asia.
  • Millie Critchley
    Millie Critchley 3 місяці тому It is quite popular in France there are over 400 polo clubs there
  • TheaogKera LOVE
    TheaogKera LOVE 6 років тому Wow! It goes soooo fast, and they still got full control!♥ And what cute the ponies are ♥
  • Mario Cassina
    Mario Cassina 1 місяць тому I love polo because is the everyday Joe sport, no need of big capitals, just a pure breed pony, the access to some edge funds, and this is it
  • JamesTavRule
    JamesTavRule 5 років тому Woo! ENGERLUND!! ENGERLUND!! ENGERLUND!!
  • acdonn
    acdonn 6 років тому i wonder if they are wearing polo brand
  • TheaogKera LOVE
    TheaogKera LOVE 6 років тому :O That was mean said..
  • Katie Last name
    Katie Last name 2 місяці тому Who else came here because they were confused?
  • Monroe Huband
    Monroe Huband 5 років тому amway. com/MonroeHuband
  • Shela Rasheed
    Shela Rasheed 4 місяці тому I love p polo match this is the favourite game of Gilgit Baltistan