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Скачать с ютуб Would a Futurama Sized Ice Cube Stop Global Warming? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Опубликовано: 18 авг. 2016 г. 696 755 просмотров

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Good news everyone! Global warming is a real thing, ok so not really good news. Futurama had their own solution for it, but would that really work? Kyle heats up some science on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab 3 years ago You know that "atomic winter" that scientists keep warning about if we get into a nuclear war? Yeah so...
  • Marley G
    Marley G 3 years ago hey Cody
  • MidwestDevoPunk
    MidwestDevoPunk 3 years ago HI CODY
  • Jebus Gaming
    Jebus Gaming 3 years ago Ayyy it's Cody
    MASON MITCHELL 3 years ago yeah.. that's not good news everyone.
  • ales94x
    ales94x 3 years ago Hi Cody. Could non nuclear explosion have the same efect? What about manmade vulcanic eruption and vulcanic winter?
  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab 3 years ago Yes! Actually the simulations where based on the fire storm caused by a nuke not necessarily the nuke itself.
  • Alexander Westphal
    Alexander Westphal 3 years ago there wont be an atomic winter. sea level will rise 20 or 30 feet before that
  • dumbass
    dumbass 3 years ago this will cool the earth. yes people will die due to radiation and nuclear c fall out 1 billion people will die of starvation after 4-6 months since we won't be able to grow food due to the temperature decrease the nuclear particles blocking the sun get heat up a lot releasing so e gas in the upper atmosphere destroying ozone layer leading to huge radiation from the sun killing us
  • JUGO49
    JUGO49 3 years ago Arent those models that were used to predict nuclear winter way outdated and overblown? a more realistic prediction would not have a nuclear exchange anywhere near big enough to create a worldwide nuclear winter. Localized winters? probably yes. Plus the radiation plumes and all that.
  • Katiyildora Killer
    Katiyildora Killer 2 years ago Lol I see what your saying.
  • Michael Fixedsys
    Michael Fixedsys 2 years ago Fry:boy I'm sure glad Global warming didn't happen! Leela:it did, but it was canceled out by nuclear winter
  • Nathan Dehnel
    Nathan Dehnel 2 years ago I like your style.
  • Politicaldonkey gaming
    Politicaldonkey gaming 2 years ago This heat makes you wish for a nuclear winter
  • Big Lumpy Beetle
    Big Lumpy Beetle 2 years ago Actually an atomic winter would be quite an effective solution to the problem! I would get rid of the humans, and the dust could cool down the planet!
  • Nedi Sawego Yogya
    Nedi Sawego Yogya 2 years ago Cody'sLab wah Cody is here
  • Aokis
    Aokis 1 year ago genius that will solve everything
  • Paranormal Stick
    Paranormal Stick 1 year ago YOU ARE RIGHT! NUKE BUTTOOOOONS
  • Foop
    Foop 3 years ago How does this guy write backwards
  • Don Merrigan
    Don Merrigan 3 years ago he doesn't. the film it with him writing normally which would look backwards to us then flip it.
  • 2006jakebob
    2006jakebob 3 years ago +Don Merrigan Awe this whole time I thought he was left handed
  • Jason
    Jason 3 years ago I think if anyone tried writing with their left hand while also writing backwards while also talking about scientific principles their freaking head would spontaneously explode. So yes there is a trick to it, I would imagine.
  • 2006jakebob
    2006jakebob 3 years ago +Jason This IS Kyle Hill you're talking about
  • Mason S
    Mason S 3 years ago +Jason how does using the left.hand change anything?
  • Brennen etc
    Brennen etc 3 years ago they flip the image
  • Victorian Ravenwolf
    Victorian Ravenwolf 2 years ago Satan. Thats how.
  • Johnny Fletcher
    Johnny Fletcher 2 years ago I don’t know, but it’s amazing.
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago Jason - that's what killed Leonardo - his head exploded from writing backwards about science with his left hand - in code!
  • danyCD17
    danyCD17 3 years ago Just drop pluto into an ocean
  • Random Made
    Random Made 3 years ago to big
  • di99utpe
    di99utpe 3 years ago +Random Made, But it would end the argument whether it's a planet or not!
  • danyCD17
    danyCD17 3 years ago @di99utpe sure
  • Boomstick
    Boomstick 3 years ago yeah thall turn the mantle into molten rock and evaporate the oceans, even if it was falling at 9.8 m/s
  • Matthew Dures
    Matthew Dures 3 years ago Why not use loads of liquid nitrogen?
    I LOVE YOU 3 years ago Matthew Dures We need it for science experiments
  • Brendan
    Brendan 2 years ago danyCD17 why?
  • warlord 2080
    warlord 2080 2 years ago So much devastation to do that.
  • Jacy
    Jacy 1 year ago (edited) danyCD17 one thing comes to mind..... What ships does planet Earth and all the industrial countries have to basically Define Pluto's gravity and the sun's powerful gravity and Earth's powerful gravity and Jupiter's gravity and the fact that it's going to be very challenging hauling such a massively huge dwarf planet that humankind has no Ingenuity or income or funding or capital or resources to even make a ship capable of pulling and Hauling that to Earth............................😐
  • Morphologis
    Morphologis 3 years ago Human beings are a reactionary species, we often only take action when we find direct evidence that we can see and experience ourselves. Nobody will do anything until we actually see wide spread 500 year floods, consecutive warmer than average years, and unusually powerful storms. Oh... wait.....
  • Justin Moss
    Justin Moss 3 years ago fancy seeing you here morphy
  • Morphologis
    Morphologis 3 years ago hahaha, and you as well. It would seem the SE DOES attract an intelligent community :P.
  • Justin Moss
    Justin Moss 3 years ago I guess so lol
  • ps3 wolvrine14
    ps3 wolvrine14 3 years ago +Morphologis hello there, did you come for the hypnotoad? glory to the hypnotoad, all hail hypnotoad.
  • ps3 wolvrine14
    ps3 wolvrine14 3 years ago +Morphologis but yah it sicks that people don't really do anything about this stuff. switching to using lots of solar and wind energy, places with no land but lots of sun would do great with solar power, and some places are producing better and more efficient solar panels, if every house built added solar power systems we could reduce out usage of fossil fuels (one of the biggest causes of pollution is our power generation methods) transportation wise we could start taking old junked cars and reconstitute the parts for use in more electric/hybrid vehicles. old planes are being left to rust. some places take garage and burn it to such a point that they burn the ash out of the smoke to lessen pollution while still getting rid of the trash. also yes creative and smart people gather here lol.
  • Omamba
    Omamba 3 years ago Is that a bad thing? We could go the other way, panic, and come up with a solution that actually makes it worse. Like in the movie Snowpiercer.
  • Morphologis
    Morphologis 3 years ago It is definitely a bad thing. At the current rate of sea level rise due to polar icecap melt, most coastal cities will be under 4ft of water by 2050, 7ft by 2100. Currently, there are 2.6 million homes just in the US alone that fall in the 0-4ft range of sea level rise. This would effectively displace up to 5 million people. If you think the paltry amount of refugees flowing out of the middle east is bad, multiply that ten fold, 20 fold even, on a global scale. Our economies currently could not handle such a massive displacement in population, which is why we must begin preparations now. Worst of all, we've already passed 1.5C of change, meaning that all we can do now is mitigate change unless there is drastic changes globally to emissions. Long story short, if you are a millennial like me, we and our kids are screwed pretty bad. Most of the people in power won't live to see the consequences of their actions, and that's why change is so difficult.
  • ps3 wolvrine14
    ps3 wolvrine14 3 years ago +Morphologis yah ik. we are stuck suffering, in worse ways then people before us suffered for the stupidity of people that never got to see the damage they did. tho if action was taken now alot of these issues would be held back until hopefully technology can be made to stop it all together. mainly our trash and fossil fuel issues need fixed. what are the old farts in government worried about? making sure they kill 100's of people in the desert on the other side of the world, none of them care about actually fixing the world.
  • Jamie Causon
    Jamie Causon 3 years ago +Morphologis I guess you could say humans react towards issues the same way a kid may react to homework. We leave dealing with issues until the last minute, risking the issue becoming irreversible, even though we have evidence. When a kid tries to complete their homework on the bus to school it does not end well most of the time. I don't know why society thinks ignoring climate change will end up being ok for us. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Why do people ignore it! I just don't understand.
  • Laughingpug
    Laughingpug 3 years ago Oh we're on the verge of losing a large chunk of America to sea level rise right now it wont take much too put Louisiana under water hell much of it is underwater right now. much of Louisiana is already under sea level New Orleans is under sea level by 8 feet.
  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez 3 years ago Well i live in the tropics and fucking hell we can feel it...We have an average temperature of over 90 degrees fahrenheit(32 degrees to anyone outside of the Americas) every single day and it wasn't even close to this a couple of years ago we only got this temperatures in summer back then now it is all year long and on summer we average at 100 degrees fahrenheit(38 Celsius) which is totally insane especially in the driest months of summer.
  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 3 years ago Brian Rodriguez That's because it's hotter than during the holocene climate optimum. Humans aren't adapted to anything warmer. It's going to get so much worse in the tropics.
  • redstone craft guy
    redstone craft guy 3 years ago Water vapor is the true cause of this, water vapor trap more heat than co2 can, NOT JUST THAT, there're 60 times more water vapor than co2 in the atomsphere. When you do the math, because there're more water vapor than co2, co2 only does 10% of global warming while water vapor does the other 90%
  • Nysos
    Nysos 3 years ago Ever heard of perspiration? It doesn't build up in the atmosphere like co2 does.
  • Shawn Scientifica
    Shawn Scientifica 3 years ago redstone craft guy OK, what are you trying to say? be careful, you're on the edge of saying something so insanely incorrect that I can't see you salvaging your dignity after you say it. Let me just say that there is a difference between Greenhouse effect, which we need to survive, and global warming.
  • redstone craft guy
    redstone craft guy 3 years ago @Shawn Scientifica 60% not 90% 40% not 10%
  • Victordanie
    Victordanie 3 years ago (edited) It's funny how i wrote the exact same thing you said here but when i was 10 years old I'm 13
  • Brendan
    Brendan 2 years ago Victor Daniel Gules da Costa and now your 11?
  • KainaX122
    KainaX122 2 years ago Morphologis climate change doesn't affect storms
  • King Austicious
    King Austicious 2 years ago KainaX122 how does climate change not affect storms?
  • Awkward
    Awkward 2 years ago Sorry, what? How the heck did you figure that?? On what basis does climate change NOT affect storms?
  • TheEventHorizon
    TheEventHorizon 2 years ago Morphologis Omg. Why are you here
  • AmericanBerean
    AmericanBerean 2 years ago Oh wait... climate change as you perceive it isn't really happening... the data are fudged, for political/power/money reasons....
  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 2 years ago The problem is not us. Our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are a drop in the bucket. The problem is corporations and their factories that are producing so much emission, but they are refusing to change.
  • AmericanBerean
    AmericanBerean 2 years ago Barry, Not even all those "corporations and their factories" put out enough emmissions to change the climate. After all, one major volcano eruption (ie Mt St Hellens, or Mt Pinatubo) puts out more emmissions than all mankind in the industrial age.
  • Ralin
    Ralin 2 years ago Morphologis Cute statement bro, while you're sitting here on YouTube complaining about other people not doing anything.
  • Yin Yang gaming
    Yin Yang gaming 2 years ago Morphologis humans only care about it until it's to late same thing here with global warming
  • MrFreeman012
    MrFreeman012 2 years ago 500 year floods? The fuck are you talking about?
  • MrFreeman012
    MrFreeman012 2 years ago ps3 wolvrine14 Is solar power actually good yet, though?
  • MrFreeman012
    MrFreeman012 2 years ago (edited) Morphologis isn't it the glaciers that would supposedly do that? Idk if enough glacier water exists to cause all that flooding. The ice caps melting would only raise the sea level by a negligible amount due to... more than 90% of the ice caps already fucking being underwater... Sorry to be so snarky. If the globe warms on average, I doubt our coastal cities will be harmed all that much and, seriously, fuck 'em. Just evacuate 'em and then we can deal with whatever happens to the weather.
  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 years ago (edited) Morpholgis Displace 5 million people a mater of what? A mile? Over the course of 40 years? I think they'll manage. Don't you think you guys are overstating the problem just a teeny bit?
  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 2 years ago we don't even understand that topic. The Ozone hole has almost disappeared..... and we aren't sure why. It definitely went against our predictions... current predictions regarding climate change predict that's is actually getting colder around 2020 for about 1C, because of natural fluctuations in the past (which were way bigger than the increase since the industrial revolution).... If you don't understand something completely theoretically, and you don't experience something in real life..... then it would be retarded to do something about it to be honest... Also, what people forget, when it comes to rising sea levels, poles melting and shit (only the north pole anyway, south pole is getting colder... but somehow everybody speaks about the poleS) is that more water is to vaporize too, resulting in more rain around the equator. For example in the sahara. That area wasn't always a desert. Around 1000 years ago, we already were at this doomsday state of global warmth.... England was a great place to grow wine, you could grow crops in the sahara.... and spoiler alert, the world didn't end.
  • Berial92
    Berial92 2 years ago invalidated your own theory in the same sentence. nice
  • Levi Skardsen
    Levi Skardsen 2 years ago That's not what reactionary means. Reactive is the word you're looking for.
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago Laughingpug if FL and LA were underwater at least some of the politicians causing the problem wouldn't have a base from which to be elected
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago redstone craft guy that math ignores all the other greenhouse gasses, like methane, which is more efficient at trapping heat than CO2. Is that maybe your math? Increased water vapor in the atmosphere would also result from an increase in overall temperature since more water would evaporate faster.
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago MrFreeman012 500 year floods means flooding so severe it exceeds what has been seen in the last 500 years. It's common terminology to refer to 50, 100, 500 year floods for example.
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago Max Mustermann none of those things are correct. The Sahara desert formed a lot longer ago than 1000 years and ozone depletion was directly mitigated by changes in the gasses we emitted for instance. The things you describe may be mysteries to you, but that is because you get your "facts" from people with a vested interest in keeping it that way instead of stepping outside your bubble and reading something real.
  • Agent J
    Agent J 1 year ago Morphologis ...well, respect for irrational beliefs, fears and suspicion has an inevitable consequence. Follow the results not the arguments you enjoy.
  • luis felipe Wellenkamp
    luis felipe Wellenkamp 1 year ago If you consider the first law of thermodynamics, the ice cube wouldn't resolve anything, because it says that all energy is conserved in a isolate system (like earth). If you make a lot of ice using refrigerators, the heat of the water (that is now ice), will be transfered to the atmosphere. So the ocean will get cooler at the cost of the atmosphere getting hotter. The ice cube solution would only work if it came from somewhere else, not earth.
  • Agent J
    Agent J 1 year ago luis felipe Wellenkamp you're an idiot if you believe the Earth is in an isolated system. Everything exists based on that being false. The sun alone proves you wrong.
  • M Eff
    M Eff 7 months ago I think it hast to do with the "short" lifespan of human.
  • the cheesy alligator
    the cheesy alligator 3 years ago the thing is, the people in charge aren't smarter than you.
  • Kevin Miedema
    Kevin Miedema 2 years ago that is not how you win elections these days
  • vctjkhme
    vctjkhme 2 years ago nor are climate scientists, in most cases, that notably smart. the average phd iq is like 123.
  • rareswag
    rareswag 2 years ago yeah kyle, get on it! xD
  • Ben Merrill
    Ben Merrill 2 years ago They’ll be dead before the planet starts getting bad enough to worry, so they don’t care what happens to us, as long as they don’t see it and get rich during the process. So essentially, their argument is “Fuck the planet and the younger generations, I’m getting paid to denounce facts.”
  • rifter rifter
    rifter rifter 2 years ago That's why they said it was "our handsomest politicians" in the video in question :D
  • Cory Zilligen
    Cory Zilligen 1 year ago leat utube: An IQ of 123 is, by definition, among the highest ~6.25% of the population. How is that not "notably smart"?
  • Christopher Twix
    Christopher Twix 3 years ago The Earth ain't gonna be affected by the heat, but we are, the Earth will be fine
  • Kevin Miedema
    Kevin Miedema 2 years ago earth is just a lump of silicon and metal, it doesn't care. life on it will care though, and our nice modern society will too.
  • Francesco Nesi
    Francesco Nesi 1 year ago "We"? It depends on who and why. If Climate Change only meant sea level rising (I don't know if it does.) I would be fine with it. Melting all the ice on the planet would bring the sea hundred meters away from my house.
  • Nick Malachai
    Nick Malachai 9 months ago @Francesco Nesi sea levels rising would displace the vast majority of humans in the world, including most major cities, like 90% of Australia, and massive numbers of animals everywhere. It's not just that climate change overall is bad, it's that every aspect of it is pretty threatening to us as a species, as well as it generally being in poor taste to be the cause of a mass extinction event.
  • fendelphi
    fendelphi 7 months ago @Nick Malachai Indeed. The tides will be effected by an increase in sea level. If the average sea level is increased by 1 meter, it could mean a 4-5 meter change in actual sea level due to tides. And that is when the weather is calm. In a storm, the water level could increase with 10s of meters locally. Every coastal region would be unsustainable due to constant material damage.
  • Adam Shepherd
    Adam Shepherd 2 months ago Fine like Venus
  • Derek Skarb
    Derek Skarb 3 years ago Alright maggots, get makin' that ice.
  • adir mugrabi
    adir mugrabi 3 years ago first we need to find out how to cool something down without warming something else. so far, we can't
  • F. G. E.
    F. G. E. 3 years ago Laser cooling. But only a small portion of cooling because it can only cause a few particle to cool at a time. Btw more heat is crated from the electricity.
  • fgreger
    fgreger 3 years ago (edited) You are talking like we don't ever wan't to heat something up. Which simply is not the case. The real problem is like always just the distribution. Because as mentioned heat is a form of energie, and we have a lot of uses for those.
  • Not Your Average Nothing
    Not Your Average Nothing 3 years ago (edited) Or, we just need to make more ozone.
  • Dreckbob Bratpfanne
    Dreckbob Bratpfanne 2 years ago We can with the Seaberg effect which turns heat into electricity... But i guess this won't do much on these scales.
  • Tskrian
    Tskrian 3 years ago I dont think there are many people smarter than you, (or at least your writers) Science Thor.
  • Jennirn2005
    Jennirn2005 3 years ago Sadly, with about 40% of the US believing climate change is "made up" I doubt the US will be much help in finding a solution. Depressing