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Скачать с ютуб Mystery Mixture Sent to TOP SECRET LABORATORY for Evidence Testing!! (Twin POND MONSTERS Spotted)

Опубликовано: 6 сент. 2019 г. 5 038 885 просмотров

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Stephen Sharer collects pond monster water sample mixture and sends off to top secret laboratory for testing and remembers the $1 Million Unbreakable Prize money left behind in Lamborghini Safe!

Last Stephen Sharer vlog “ANIMAL CONTROL APPLIES POND MONSTER REPELLENT BARRIER!!” And the homemade defense force field was set up!! Now with the completed pond monster repellent Stephen, sister grace and brother John decided to paint the walls of the top secret bunker for some family fun. After coloring some awesome diy drawings such as fish and cat cartoons Grace spotted something mysterious down by the backyard pond. Not sure what the creature animal was Stephen and the Share The Love team went into the basement homemade laboratory to test the water sample mixture they received from their family vacation trip the Monterey California. To get even more evidence Stephen and Grace ran down to the pond to get more water sample evidence and spotted a natural plant floating in the water. Stephen wanted John to JUMP IN! The pond and play on the inflatable water park but John was too cold to jump in the water. But little did the Sharer Family know, spotted in the back was twin pond monsters hiding behind a tree! But because the Sharers did not spot the Mystery Monster they went back inside to the Laboratory and sent off the lab results to the top secret laboratory and right when they were at the fan mail box they saw an undercover agent drive by which made Stephen realize he had forgotten all about the $1Million Unbreakable Box prize money they left in the Lamborghini Sharerghini. So Stephen ran back to the Sharerghini and opened the $1Million Prize Money and decided its time to start some epic family friendly $10,000 Challenges like Carter Sharer and compete for the ultimate prize of $1 Million Dollars. So if you have any epic family challenges the Sharer Fam can do, comment your ideas and get ready for the Best $10,000 Challenges ever while we wait on the Pond Monster Laboratory Results!!

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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  • Jonathan Norman
    Jonathan Norman 6 months ago Guys the pond monster is right behind the tree right next to the pond it was like spying on you or something you guys should go check it out
  • Caine Kids
    Caine Kids 6 months ago I think the pond monster wanted the plant
  • debbie zamm
    debbie zamm 6 months ago Is. Not. A. Plant. Monster
  • noazdad03
    noazdad03 6 months ago It kind of made me jumped first I saw it
  • jaiden aand nikki roblox and more
    jaiden aand nikki roblox and more 4 days ago It might bee caater spyin on his brother to try and a See what he doesn't want
  • Sara Steig
    Sara Steig 17 hours ago Their were spray paint the wall
  • Henry Hilliard
    Henry Hilliard 3 months ago The pond monster is waiting you
  • Peyton Engel
    Peyton Engel 3 months ago Yep it is
  • Thomas Watson
    Thomas Watson 3 months ago Last one to Leave the pool
  • Shelly Alvey -Mountain Magnolia
    Shelly Alvey -Mountain Magnolia 2 months ago (edited) I saw the pond monster when you found that plant be careful!! Like if you saw it
  • Jenn kasgnoc
    Jenn kasgnoc 2 months ago I SAW IT!!! IT LOOKED LIKE MO..........MO
  • Ethan Pritchard
    Ethan Pritchard 2 months ago Same 😱😱😱
  • Teresa Abreu. De leon
    Teresa Abreu. De leon 2 months ago I saw pod monster
  • Vikram Patel
    Vikram Patel 2 months ago YES
  • Zara Bryjka
    Zara Bryjka 1 month ago Same ❤
  • Gracie McCrobie
    Gracie McCrobie 6 days ago I saw it to
  • Martina McIntyre
    Martina McIntyre 6 days ago I can see the pond monster
  • Daniel Beerens
    Daniel Beerens 5 days ago Shelly Alvey -Mountain Magnolia 5j
  • Abner Ramos
    Abner Ramos 1 day ago I saw the pond monster behide you steven
  • Mali Lyy
    Mali Lyy 7 months ago 7:26 the pond monster was behind grace he was looking at you all
  • Stelica Manaila
    Stelica Manaila 7 months ago Coches
  • Shannon Heraty
    Shannon Heraty 7 months ago You'r right
  • Sangita Rampall
    Sangita Rampall 7 months ago Yep
  • StriKerZ 1
    StriKerZ 1 7 months ago Adam Lkholf yep
  • Jack A Roo
    Jack A Roo 7 months ago I saw the pond monster
  • Racheal
    Racheal 7 months ago Lol i saw that too
    HUMAN MAN 7 months ago OMG IT THA POOND MOONSTTAAA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Can u not see it's edited
  • nogger827
    nogger827 7 months ago It’s like a human
  • Dark_WereWolf GameZ
    Dark_WereWolf GameZ 7 months ago yeah in thw white dress it is a human
  • Jenessa Dodson
    Jenessa Dodson 7 months ago The pond monster looked at you guys twice
  • Ryder L
    Ryder L 7 months ago Saw it
  • Han Mayeon
    Han Mayeon 7 months ago Adam Lkholf I juts see it omg this is creepy
  • Summer Lily Gamache
    Summer Lily Gamache 3 months ago i agreeeeeee
  • Bkh 10
    Bkh 10 3 months ago Jack A Roo '
  • Bkh 10
    Bkh 10 3 months ago Jack A Roo k
  • Gaming with Pink unicorn
    Gaming with Pink unicorn 3 days ago Mali Lyy I also saw it
  • Laina Smith
    Laina Smith 3 hours ago Yes it was
  • Eric Brabender
    Eric Brabender 2 days ago There was the pond monster behind the tree
  • Kennedy Kim
    Kennedy Kim 2 months ago The monster was watching you
  • gacha veres
    gacha veres 2 months ago It was
  • Deborah Lemmons
    Deborah Lemmons 1 month ago It was
  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones 4 hours ago The pond moster was behind y'all outside buy the bushes
  • Lilly Huter
    Lilly Huter 3 months ago By the way if you look closely you can see the pond monster
  • Jenny Evo
    Jenny Evo 3 months ago It’s silver
    POLO MARCO 3 months ago It is green
  • gacha veres
    gacha veres 2 months ago Your right
  • GamingGuy 36
    GamingGuy 36 7 months ago Stephen, Grace, and John at 7:27 you can see the pond monster behind Grace beside the tree/bush! Stay safe and Share the Love!
  • Martin Yates
    Martin Yates 7 months ago Go to like a jump plaise for a ockle cors
  • Master Ryan Storm
    Master Ryan Storm 7 months ago I saw that to
  • Zoe Meadows
    Zoe Meadows 7 months ago I know I was about to comment that
  • Margo Farrell
    Margo Farrell 7 months ago me to
  • Sophie
    Sophie 7 months ago Yes there was like a person watching you at the pond
  • Indira Athuraliyage
    Indira Athuraliyage 7 months ago i saw it
  • Jamal Mohamed
    Jamal Mohamed 7 months ago Yes
  • Frieda Shoombe
    Frieda Shoombe 7 months ago Tknjmoo Mk. 😈😯😯😯😉
  • life of gacha life and dogs meme
    life of gacha life and dogs meme 6 months ago I SAW IT LIKE IF U DID
  • life of gacha life and dogs meme
    life of gacha life and dogs meme 6 months ago @Sophie it had a mask and white clothes
  • shorifan
    shorifan 6 months ago CR7 Sophie Fortnite
  • Shaikha Darwish
    Shaikha Darwish 6 months ago I was about to comment that too omg 😮
  • Fay Ann Roberts
    Fay Ann Roberts 4 months ago I saw the pond Monster hideing at the back of the 🌲
  • Luke Brisco
    Luke Brisco 3 months ago Bush
  • roland patterson
    roland patterson 4 days ago L
  • PowerSoccerGirl15
    PowerSoccerGirl15 3 months ago I think that plant you guys found was rubar the stuff the pod monster eats like if you agree
  • Nancy Melgar
    Nancy Melgar 2 months ago Stress
  • Jonathan French
    Jonathan French 2 months ago 12345678901
  • Patricia Gerchak
    Patricia Gerchak 2 months ago Jonathan French Hey my name is Skyler Gram your do you tuber friends kids or spray paint in your ward Brooke Rockspring painting it they told me not to worry one shirt
  • Brittany Tipton
    Brittany Tipton 2 months ago Permis did my name is plain
  • Karen Carrico
    Karen Carrico 2 months ago Ro xanne6
  • Fernan Celocia
    Fernan Celocia 3 weeks ago Isi Sam ting is a manster
  • CDC Techsvc
    CDC Techsvc 3 weeks ago I saw dfct
  • zachery Chadwick
    zachery Chadwick 2 weeks ago crazy
  • Addyson Cornett
    Addyson Cornett 1 day ago I think it might be a water flour because I've heard a water flowers because the water flower looks like that or it could just be like upon lunch or but in the background I saw the Palm monster he was on 4'
  • Jaleria Lewis
    Jaleria Lewis 4 hours ago The pond monster ran past the police car when it was driving
  • Izet Izet
    Izet Izet 4 months ago 7:25 the pond monstet was behind you
  • Mason Crary
    Mason Crary 4 months ago Cherish the somebody behind you in the woods go back in the house somebody's in the Woods movie
  • Deysi Chavez
    Deysi Chavez 23 hours ago The pond monster was behind you guys when Grace picked up something at 7:25
  • Rachel Harris
    Rachel Harris 5 hours ago It’s raw fish
  • Spencer Mortensen
    Spencer Mortensen 1 week ago The pond monster looks when you were at the pond to get a water sample he the pond monster was behind you