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Скачать с ютуб ALL $TAR TRAP REMIX (REAL)

Опубликовано: 4 окт. 2014 г. 22 687 просмотров

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  • windows95ism
    windows95ism 5 лет назад Shrek is extremely narcissistic. I don't think anyone understands that he has a niche following and doesn't really appeal to the mainstream. He basically just fits this role of super pumped ogre that loves to hear his own voice and ideas. As long as Shrek has a swamp only fairy tale creatures will support him. Farquaad has a lot more mainstream appeal than Shrek / anyone. I can't stand Shrek at all, when he first started doing things (rescuing Fiona) and had maybe 100 fans it was okay, but the ego is really affecting him and he honestly thinks he is better than the pros in Duloc. He's like secretly super insecure too and at every point must mention how much better he is than "X".
  • rallyfan101
    rallyfan101 5 лет назад You can't even play movies, windows 95.
  • sebbu
    sebbu 5 лет назад you never shine if you dont glow
  • water drinker
    water drinker 4 года назад You dare insult me puny mortal!
  • Holder / MLW
    Holder / MLW 5 лет назад Nice job! =)
  • nive impulze
    nive impulze 5 лет назад Yours better were is it ^^
  • thepdw
    thepdw 5 лет назад Is this the real trap shit I keep hearing about?
  • YTVID Archiveteam
    YTVID Archiveteam 5 лет назад Reaches for mouse to close lube ad after closing Geek 2 Geek ad #Shrekt #OneInDaChamberInTheMouth  
  • –.–
    –.– 5 лет назад ¿damn son, where'd I find this?
  • God
    God 5 лет назад Now I know how to change my motor oil in no time at all!  Thanks Dreck.
  • u r an fegit
    u r an fegit 5 лет назад It's even better when you know that "Dreck" is German for dirt.
  • Leon
    Leon 5 лет назад It's all ogre
  • mariic2
    mariic2 3 года назад Heavy's Horrific Halloween brought me here.
  • kigconker
    kigconker 5 лет назад DAMN SON WHERE'D YOU FIND THINS!
  • Jordi Middelkoop
    Jordi Middelkoop 4 года назад It's sad that the series of films is ogre.
  • Fearsome
    Fearsome 3 года назад THIS ROCKS! i`ll put you in my favourite song lists
  • Fearsome
    Fearsome 3 года назад Heavy`s Horrific Halloween brought me here TOO!
  • elfoxy
    elfoxy 5 лет назад heye nowe youre ane alle stare
  • Funtime Spinel
    Funtime Spinel 3 года назад heavy brought me here
  • metalsnacky #me
    metalsnacky #me 3 года назад CLICKBAIT xD m9
  • Antoha0102
    Antoha0102 5 лет назад Snipars cries in the corner for forcing air horns
  • Antoha0102
    Antoha0102 5 лет назад @***** Yet he was the first one who introduced the air horn hype crap. I remember that I saw one of his CS:GO montages a while back and he put one 1 air horn in, and everyone just freaked the fuck out. Didn't understand the hype behind it at all.
  • Brick Media
    Brick Media 5 лет назад go back to /le/ddit, kid
  • Antoha0102
    Antoha0102 5 лет назад @King Spede II I don't like Reddit, Montage Parodies are dead anyway.
  • supah mo mo
    supah mo mo 5 лет назад @Antoha0102 monatge parodies are shit now, a lot of ppl have ads on their vids so ots all about self ads. i remember the start of montage parodies when they were good now theyre fucking terrible
  • AncientReality
    AncientReality 5 лет назад rip
  • Brick Media
    Brick Media 5 лет назад @AncientReality vermoordt jezelf
  • Antoha0102
    Antoha0102 5 лет назад @***** I think its more of it getting mainstream and getting massive attention. You see people like PewDiePie that notice it and you see completly random people spreading it on Facebook without knowing what the fuck it is about and just because "lol so random funny video". And those people get a new audience in that doesn't want innovations and just eats up the same jokes, samples etc that we've seen for a long time. I think the old community is slowly dying and getting replaced by the "oh lol so random funny video xD" people.
  • Tm Yok
    Tm Yok 5 лет назад Montage parodies right now are becoming extremely mainstream that actual montages they'd parodied don't even exist (that's what I think since most people search montage parody more than actual montages). I think montage parodies went to the path as YouTube poop, It's starts small, gets some popularity, gets mainstream, turns to one of the most watched, starts to die, people stop watching, people who made ytp stop and search for something else to do, then it's official that YouTube poop is dead. There will be some people who still but get little views and a very little fans. That's what I think what montage parodies' future will be.
  • Wolfram
    Wolfram 5 лет назад  But ironic montage parodies are funny. There were montage parodies before that actually had original content and memes in the video, not just pre-approved™ reddit memes for your video.
  • Nicholas Brant
    Nicholas Brant 5 лет назад @AncientReality pls go
  • rebecablacksucks
    rebecablacksucks 5 лет назад @Wolfram They stopped being funny 2 years ago. Dont know why they made a comeback.
  • rebecablacksucks
    rebecablacksucks 5 лет назад @***** They were funny for like a month then AH stopped doing it
  • Wolfram
    Wolfram 5 лет назад I look back at what donjoghurt had and it's a completely different formula from what you see now. The shit he did is what got me into it.
  • rebecablacksucks
    rebecablacksucks 5 лет назад @***** bingo
  • supah mo mo
    supah mo mo 5 лет назад @james rustle nigga go fuck yourself
    AShKA NAZI 5 лет назад I'm green, and you ?
  • dami1424 PL
    dami1424 PL 3 года назад SERIOUSLY?
  • qt anime girl
    qt anime girl 5 лет назад beautiful
  • darkalpha50
    darkalpha50 5 лет назад beautifodghdl
  • Roast Goose
    Roast Goose 5 лет назад Ayy lmao