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Скачать с ютуб CECC mulling looser public health rules for travel bubble tourists

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Health experts are asking the government to consider loosening public health regulations for travelers returning from Palau in the travel bubble. Some returnees complain that the special self-health management that they had to undergo turned out to be more strict than they thought. That, coupled with costly tour group fees could be a reason why interest in the travel bubble is falling. To resolve the issue, the Palau government has announced tourism subsidies and fee waivers to keep prices down.

People are called up one by one for a swab. They are all passengers who recently visited Palau under the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble. It''s now time for all of them to come to the hospital for a self-paid PCR test.

Lee Jung-chin
FTV reporter
It''s the fifth day since our return from Palau as the first travel group to go there. The first thing for us now is to get a PCR test.

In the first five days after returning to Taiwan, travelers are subject to a more stringent version of self-health management. They can''t go to crowded places, take public transportation or go see a doctor of their own account. Travelers were aware of the conditions before departing, but now some say that having to actually abide by the rules is rather inconvenient.

Returning traveler
I work, so every morning I have to go clock in. Then, the rest is all work from home. It''s to not be a burden on my colleagues. Of course it''s quite inconvenient.

Hung Tzu-jen
Shin Kong Wu Ho-su Memorial Hospital
For the post-travel self-health management, I think the government could consider changing it to five days of regular self-health management. Then on the last day, before the movement restrictions are lifted, require them to take a self-paid PCR test. If it comes out negative, the limits and conditions can be loosened. I think that is a direction the CECC could consider taking.

The CECC is mulling regulatory changes so that tourists can simply undergo 14 days of self-health management after returning from Palau. That''s because the current strict public health measures and the NT$60,000 to NT$70,000 travel fee may be putting off a lot of potential travelers. The second flight to Palau carried only 10 passengers.

Returning traveler
If possible, of course the travel fees could be lowered. It''d be better for everyone.

Returning traveler
I think the price is one of the issues. But I think that what most people care about is the quarantine period.

Meanwhile, the Palauan government is loosening public health rules in the island. On Thursday it announced it would lift a cap that limits flight and hotel occupancy to 70%. Travelers will also no longer have to pay a NT$500 service fee for the Traveler Verification Center. In hopes of lowering tour fees, the Palauan government has also launched subsidies of US$25 per person, so that visitors can visit attractions such as the Jellyfish Lake. Meanwhile, China Airlines has lowered the price of its flight tickets in hopes of attracting more travelers. It''s joint efforts from every direction so that the travel bubble doesn''t burst.