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Скачать Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) & Aladdin (1992)

Опубликовано: 22 мая 2019 г. 1 344 934 просмотра

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Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) & Aladdin (1992) // Subscribe:

There are some HUGE differences between the original Aladdin and the live-action remake! The 2019 live-action version of Aladdin may be a remake, but it definitely make some changes from the original animated 1992 Aladdin. This new version of the classic Disney movie, starring Will Smith as the Genie, took a few liberties with its source material. We're here to break down the Top 10 Differences Between Aladdin (2019) and Aladdin (1992)!

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  • Rebecca - WatchMojo
    Rebecca - WatchMojo 3 місяці тому Hey everyone! I had the honor of seeing Aladdin last week, and honestly I was super nervous, but it really is a BLAST! The trailers don't do it justice: the leads are SO charming, Will Smith is a great Genie, the music is KILLER and it's just a great update all in all. Just so you know, there are spoilers in this video, so know that going in - Enjoy :)
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому It doesn't start until the 24th of may
  • Kasumi Shindo
    Kasumi Shindo 3 місяці тому Thank you for telling us. I am definitely going to see it. Now I am more excited ^^
  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 3 місяці тому Yeah, well, for me. I will just wait for this movie to come out on Netflix or on Redbox or Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 3 місяці тому @Kasumi Shindo Not me, I am just gonna have to wait for the home video release of this movie.
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @Neo-Xgray87 I personally would like to see this movie In theaters
  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 3 місяці тому @Crystal Champion That is YOUR decision. Not mine, okay?!
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @Neo-Xgray87 okay just saying
  • AnimatronicClover
    AnimatronicClover 3 місяці тому So jealous youtubers and people with connections get to see the movie before us. But that just means we get more insight. So many plusses for us. :3
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @AnimatronicClover I'm not jealous I'm a Christian and I believe in God
  • logan castleman
    logan castleman 3 місяці тому I’m really excited to see it tommorow night Rebecca
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @logan castleman that's good I wish I was going
  • logan castleman
    logan castleman 3 місяці тому Crystal Champion they have Thursday night showings for all the big movies
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) No offense, but in my opinion it's AWFUL: the costumes were horrible, and the actors poorly chosen, especially when it comes to the genie: NO ONE can match the greatnes of Robin Williams. Will Smith is good in the role of a cowboy, but... that's it. For short, in my opinión this version of the amazing clasic is absolutely PATHETIC. Actually the great clasics SHOULDN'T have a live-action remake, because no one can reach the greatnes of the original actors.
  • logan castleman
    logan castleman 3 місяці тому Alina Magda will Smith didn’t want to do the movie because of Robin because he smashed that role but he saw that he could put his own special touch on the role and I can’t wait to see it happen
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda I know what you mean I miss Robin Williams to he was such a good actor
  • TheOneOfSeven
    TheOneOfSeven 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda And here we have a person who is stuck in the Nostalgia past Sighs
  • aj pat
    aj pat 3 місяці тому The acting playing Jafar is miscast. He's the major let-down.
  • Anaph Chan
    Anaph Chan 3 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo your super lucky I have to wait for Friday ughhhhhh
  • emmalice donder
    emmalice donder 3 місяці тому @Crystal Champion it does in certain countries I watched it today lol
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @emmalice donder I live in Jacksonville FLORIDA and it doesn't start here until tomorrow
  • Juliana Ayu Yahya
    Juliana Ayu Yahya 3 місяці тому I watched it yesterday..
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @Juliana Ayu Yahya that's great I haven't seen it yet
  • erbrooks
    erbrooks 3 місяці тому I saw screening and I loved it to!
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @erbrooks that's great I really want to see it
  • Jungoguy
    Jungoguy 3 місяці тому That still doesn't convince me to go see it. I won't let nostalgia bait me!
  • Amanda Courtenay
    Amanda Courtenay 3 місяці тому I saw the movie as a prescreening and my opinion is that it's is a great nod to the frist movie with out being too on the nose. Knowing the music was rewritten by the same composer is great you could tell. And I loved that they picked the cast that way it made a huge difference the other remakes had issues with casting in my opinion. The thing I was most concerned about was the genie but loved the way Will Smith did his own flare with giving a respectful nod to Robin Williams genie. I think it is the best Disney princess remake so far and if they continue with the level of casting and music I'm impressed. The Lion King is next so hopefully it even better.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @logan castleman well... in my opinion, the "special" touch Smith put on the role of the genie is absolutely HORRIBLE. (It's just an opinion. No offense. Smith just doesn't have the same... efervescence and ease at portraying the genie as the great Robin Williams. Although the talent of Smith is undeniable, this role just doesn't suit him. He just doesn't have the same charm and humor.
  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn 3 місяці тому HAHAHA. Whats with this pinging? I swear, even MoJo must be paid by Disney.
  • Crystal Champion
    Crystal Champion 3 місяці тому @Amanda Courtenay that's good I still want to see it because Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie
  • Kasumi Shindo
    Kasumi Shindo 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda There was an Aladdin version with Robin Williams in it? I didn't know that. I will have to see that before I visit the theaters for the modern version.
  • Alina Magda
  • Kasumi Shindo
    Kasumi Shindo 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Bravo Magda, do you feel better now that you have vented your frustrations online in such a manner? I am sorry for not having known that a certain actor voiced a character in a movie that had appeared before my birth. At least try to remain civilized by providing a respectable answer, I don't have time for drama. I wish you a pleasant day.
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda holy shit... That's uncalled for. Take your anger somewhere else. She just asked a question. You clearly haven't seen the movie. And you also are very argumentative and can't handle different opinions based on the fact that you are arguing in every comment section. Why are you so combative and angry?
  • Dallin Vetuski
    Dallin Vetuski 3 місяці тому Liar!
  • Jaden Quest
    Jaden Quest 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Whoa wtf is wrong with you? Verbally attacking a person just because she is asking a question? If you can't stand people asking questions then get off the internet, kid. The only stupidity I see here is yours dang. You have been trying to start arguments throughout the comment section get a life.
  • Yudhi Sensei
    Yudhi Sensei 3 місяці тому Just seein’ in 23rd may Sorry to boring toomany dragging Will smith saves the movie And also naomi with her song ‘speechless’ The rest? Imagine High School Musicla with big budget CGI Genie? Still robin williams the best Hey..we still got genie with muscles and can do some rap :v
  • Biaani Merino
    Biaani Merino 3 місяці тому I love how you tried to sell Jazmin's song, but I hated it in the movie, it was a terrible part in an otherwise good movie.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Jaden Quest for your information I'm not a kid, so you have no right to tell me what to do. Second of all I wasn't attacking anyone verbally, YOU ARE! I didn't call anyone a kid. And Last, I haven't been starting arguments with anyone, I was just saying my opinion. I have the right to do this just as much as you do. After all, I wasn't even talking to you.
  • Tina Hayes
    Tina Hayes 3 місяці тому Still not watching it. They whitewashed Jasmine
  • brl brl
    brl brl 3 місяці тому I liked the 1992 Aladdin better Will Smith is a great actor but no one makes a better genie than Robin Williams
  • Kingof TheGalaxy
    Kingof TheGalaxy 3 місяці тому But dumb as fuck for not getting me what im requesting! Sex, Drugs n good music with pretty women!
  • Tay Jordan
    Tay Jordan 3 місяці тому Thank YOU it was amazing 👏👏👏
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda your post a day ago in ALLCAPS says otherwise. Calm the eff down. I have receipts if you delete the post.
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina MagdaYour words were "@Kasumi Shindo I WAS REFERRING TO THE FACT THAT WILLIAMS VOICED THE GENIE IN THE ORIGINAL ANIMATED VERSION!!😓 WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN??!! 😓😒 DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE SAYING SUCH STUPIDITIES!! 😠" this was your response who said, *There was an aladdin version with Robin Williams in it? I didn't know that. I will have to see that before I visit the theaters for the modern version. "
  • Vloggingby EJ
    Vloggingby EJ 3 місяці тому Omg thank u for saying spoilers in the vid! I haven’t seen it and almost got spoiled!!! So thanks
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @renewedx25 That's because I interpreted this rather... unusual question as if the person was making fun of me. I thought EVERYONE knows Williams voiced the genie in the original animated version. I didn't insult anyone or stuff like that. One can say stupidities even if he or she is not stupid, because it's all too human to make mistakes. If you took this comment as an insult (even though I wasn't even talking to you), then it's your problem. But the point is that I was surprised by the comment of this person to the point of believing it to be mockery! That was all.
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому (змінено) Alina Magda lol again. You're blaming others for your behaviors and responses.. I don't know what to say. And yes, based on the ALLCAPS and angry emoticons, one can clearly tell your tone is not of just mere shock but of anger. The only one angry and frustrated is you.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @renewedx25 I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just telling you the facts. You seem to be missing my point: it's so common sense knowledge who voiced genie in the original animated movie that I considered that person's question a mockery. By the way: could you please tell me why did you mix up in the conversation between me and that person in the first place? I don't remember having asked you anything. Stop taking everything so personally. And stop trying to change my opinion.
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda I'm not taking anything personally. And this isn't just about one conversation. It's about all the comments in this video. You are fine to have your opinion, I'm not trying to change it. I just noticed your habits and you yelling at someone for just asking a question is so unbelievably unnecessary. The way you respond to criticism is what people are getting in to you. Not your actual opinions. At any rate, I'm done with this.
  • Xiaomu Smash 14
    Xiaomu Smash 14 3 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo couldn't have said it better myself, Rebecca! I had the EXACT same feeling about it, being all nervous because someone people I knew implied that they didn't like it, but OH MY GOD! I finally got to see the movie this Sunday and I gotta say: the movie in and of itself really does the original movie justice! I was even up and dancing at the end and on the way out of the theater! This has gotta be the best remake of a Disney Classic that I have ever seen! I'm so glad I took up the offer my mom gave me to go see it with her!
  • TheOneOfSeven
    TheOneOfSeven 3 місяці тому @Tina Hayes WTF...How did they whitewash Jasmine? Naomi has an Indian mother and English father, mind you.
  • Living Light
    Living Light 3 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo your so right on about the trailer not doing it justice! I hated the trailer & honestly though I was walking into a disaster of a remake. I’m so glad we decided to go though because we are now more in love with this version of Aladdin then even the original film.
  • Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse
    Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse 3 місяці тому Wow, how much did they pay for this sponsorship? And could you possibly be more obvious? Jfc.
  • A person with no profile picture
    A person with no profile picture 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda You may not be a kid, but you sure do act like one.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @A person with no profile picture one question: WHO ASKED YOUR OPINION?!🤔😒 I know I sure didn't. So KEEP OUT OF IT!😠
  • A person with no profile picture
    A person with no profile picture 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Your reply really just proves my statement.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @A person with no profile picture you know what? I still think that NO ONE ASKED YOU, and I'm not exactly in the mood to waste my time talking to stubborn kids (to put it mildly). So just LEAVE ME ALONE!😠
  • A person with no profile picture
    A person with no profile picture 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda You're somewhat stubborn, too, you know. Judging by how cranky you are, perhaps your a sixty year old woman? I'm not gonna jump to any conclusions, but anyway, I do hope you'll act more maturely have a great day, sweet cheeks.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @A person with no profile picture just so you know... I'm not 60, but neither am I 16. I'm 30, and I'm no more stubborn or cranky than any of you who are insulting me. And you too have a nice day!
  • Muskan Limbu
    Muskan Limbu 3 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo i cmptly agree ! This movie is worth watching ! ❤️🌸
  • Galaxy moon
    Galaxy moon 3 місяці тому I LOVE SPEECHLESS But i was so scared
  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda Wtf is your problem you autistic maniac? You're all calm and defensive about your opinion and then when people start telling you off or saying THEIR opinion, you start attacking them, like what you did to A person with no pfp. Smh, you probably aren't even thirty, you're probably just some spoiled eleven year old brat that cares only for herself. And by the by, how was everyone else stubborn and cranky? Or were you just trying to make a good comeback?
  • A person with no profile picture
    A person with no profile picture 3 місяці тому @Stranger Danger I wouldn't recommend trying, nothing's gonna get through that thick skull of hers.
  • Jon Shipman
    Jon Shipman 3 місяці тому My only criticism was the last Jasmine song was... a bit out of place. I don't know, the whole "freezing time" and characters going into smoke was a little... strange. Personally, having her be carried off (while singing) to the dungeons would have fit better. Plus they could have thrown in an action sequence of her escaping the two guards. Maybe coming back to a more tortured father?
  • DisneyGirl 4life
    DisneyGirl 4life 3 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo I saw it and loved it
  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed 3 місяці тому Will you see it again with me?
  • DisneyGirl 4life
    DisneyGirl 4life 3 місяці тому Kasumi Shindo She’s talking about the cartoon from 1992.
  • DisneyGirl 4life
    DisneyGirl 4life 3 місяці тому Alina Magda Whoa calm down. Obviously she didn’t know about the cartoon. No need to get upset and yell at her
  • Regan Meade
    Regan Meade 3 місяці тому ​@Alina Magda I'm sorry you feel that way :( But if you don't mind me asking, can you explain why/ how the costumes were horrible? And what (besides Genie I'll offer my own opinion later) is wrong with the actors? I'm just curious. I love hearing about people's ideas about these remakes. Now this is my OPINION--When I go into these types of movies I go in with lower expectations and I try not to hold on to what their predecessors have done because 1.) they're remaking an animation that has was more ability to do whatever they want with the characters vs live people and 2.) that the live actions are meant to present familiar material in a different way to a completely different audience. I did it with Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and now Aladdin. (POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN IT----Just saying) For me the costumes were very Bollywood style in color for royalty and dances. Which seems to fit where Disney has Agrabah located (India). While there is evidence on the internet saying that the original story (NOT animation) took place in China but that's not something we need to discuss ha-ha. The "common" clothes were very well done to match the theme of the movie.  Do I think that Aladdin's actor was a bit flat and seemed more like speak singing? yes. Was it absolutely horrible? No, not really. It seemed to fit with this version of Aladdin. He's not as suave, in my op, as the animated. More like awkward boy next door. Take a moment to think of this JASMINE FINALLY HAS HER OWN SONG! I think from my memory (which isn't saying much tbh) is one of the only Disney Princesses that doesn't have her own song. Like her singing solo not a duet. This was amazing to me! I think it was a bit awkward with her going around turning stuff to dust in her mind. Like as she's being taken away she's singing the first part and when she was placed in the dungeon and Aladdin came back and Abu like helped her break out and bam! While she's storming the castle and being badass she's singing this song. Ahem. Sorry Got carried away. Anyways. Going onto Genie. I AGREE with you that Robin did amazing with genie for the animation. Personally I enjoyed Will's genie. He reminded me of some of my more flamboyant/yet not friends. I loved how he sang Arabian Nights at the beginning! :) Friend Like Me and Prince Ali were just as catchy. He has more of a subtle vibe. He's playing that wingman to his best friend who just doesn't know what he's doing. (Which lets be honest Aladdin really doesn't have a clue!) I loved this movie and and like i mentioned earlier I went in with lower expectations. I went and watched it as a movie. And as a movie I loved it. When comparing to the original yeah I missed a few things. I missed the improved portions of genie that Robin had I miss Jafar's Prince Ali reprise and I miss him turning into a large ass snake! But NO movie is EVER going to be PERFECT for everyone. Now the one thing that we have to keep in mind. These remakes really aren't geared to the late 20s early 30s who grew up with only the animated version like I did (27yr old rocking the Disney vibes! :D ) Yes there are some nods to the original. But this is geared towards a younger generation. Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book. I had gotten a little carried away. :/
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Regan Meade don't worry, I get a little carried away sometimes too. For one thing it's the fact that Smith doesn't have the same charm, humor and versatility as Williams (I think that cowboy is the perfect role for Smith). For another thing there also are a few MAJOR plot line changes which in my opinion... make no sense. Like... Genie gets a love interest (which is kind of weird considering that in the animated version he isn't even thinking about that, and claiming he CAN'T even make people fall in love). Then there's that thing about the giant Iago which again makes no sense (in the animated version Jafar turns into a giant snake because the genie granted him magical abilities, but Iago... doesn't). And then there's Jasmine's jewelry: they look nothing like in the animated version, and I could continue the list. But for now... let's just leave it to that. In my opinion the animated version will always be the best. It's JUST AN OPINION.
  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda This is so stupid, 1. Of course they changed the plot, if it was exactly the same as the animated version then that wouldn't be any fun now would it? 2. I believe in the animated series the genie DID get a girlfriend, also, what the heck does his "Can't make people fall in love" thing have to do with this, he meant that it can't be done by wish, but he can do it the human way, you know, dates and stuff. 3. The giant Iago (I think you're talking about the bird, I never knew his name.) is a reference to an ancient powerful bird called a Roc. 4. Why is Jasmine's jewelry change such a big thing to you? That's like saying you don't like how a character's clothing change, a little change is nice, you know, that argument is just childish. 5. I know you're probably just gonna tell me to "stay out of it" or respect you because you're pretending to be an "adult", seriously, keep your opinion to yourself it it's just gonna be like that.
  • A person with no profile picture
    A person with no profile picture 3 місяці тому @Stranger Danger I suppose those are some valid points and fun facts. She never replied. Guess she's too scared to lose to a child. If you ARE a child.
  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton 3 місяці тому you narrated this video right? also a lot of watch mojo and watch mojo uk right? There's a top ten list that I've been waiting for, for a long time now and I don't now how to suggest it but since you're here maybe you'll get this message and send it up the chain of command, there is a movie in the 1960s everyone knows about but no one has seen is doctor strange love, a cowboy rides a bomb and he went laughing to his death, and in the core Zimsky realizes he's recording something no one is ever going to hear and he starts to laugh the hardest he's laughed in his life which is no where's near the worst way to go out if you know what I mean, then in Mary Poppins the old man "Father died laughing" and in who framed roger rabbit he was killing them with comedy. I think you know what I'm getting at with this top 10 list plus honorable mentions (if you can find enough for that) Top 10 Movie Characters who Died Laughing.
  • Asashi
    Asashi 3 місяці тому Spoken like a true SJW puppet.
  • Icequeen NinjaWarrior
    Icequeen NinjaWarrior 3 місяці тому I just saw the movie and I LOVED it! Just like everything you said, it was A-MA-ZING! Except for Iago being voiced by Alan Tudnyk but not everything can have the gold medal
  • JC J
    JC J 3 місяці тому If I had a genie I would wish that Robin Williams was still alive so he could play the part of the genie. Nothing against Will but if Robin had the part think of how much stuff he could have ad-libbed.
  • 49ers1975
    49ers1975 3 місяці тому yep it was good..i enjoyed..
  • Lucinda Mobley
    Lucinda Mobley 3 місяці тому (змінено) 0:47 Actually the original Genie did get a love story in the tv series. Another Genie named Eden. The main thing that was different was that her master made the last wish that they could be together forever, so they had to wait to be with each other.
  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 3 місяці тому I thought it was a good remake (the live-action Beauty and the Beast, minus some charming exceptions, was just bad). Will Smith made Genie his own...all the actors did. And it did some very good updates of other characters. And it made Jafar just....bad. I mean...he's just a perfect flip-of-the-coin to Aladdin...he's a perfect shadow. He's darkly ambitious, true Lawful Evil, whereas Aladdin is truly Chaotic Good (willing to bend the law, but also usually for what he considers the right reasons).
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Stranger Danger don't you have anything better to do than to tease people? Who do you think you are to judge me like that without even knowing me? You seriously think you're that mature? Then start acting like it and LEAVE ME ALONE! And STOP WRITING ME NOVELS, because I don't read them!
  • Alina Magda
  • Lupus Warrior
    Lupus Warrior 3 місяці тому Jungle book was better
  • Flying Solo
    Flying Solo 3 місяці тому lol the honor of seeing a hollywood movie, what an idiot
  • Andrew Contreras
    Andrew Contreras 2 місяці тому "I was super nervous"
  • Susan Cheung
    Susan Cheung 2 місяці тому Rebecca - WatchMojo l also saw the full movie of Aladdin !🥳🥳🎥
  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 2 місяці тому @Alina Magda You don't read? No wonder you're such a moron.
  • Jacob Schmidt
    Jacob Schmidt 1 місяць тому Agreed. I have seen most of the live action remakes and this one has got to be one of my favorites. Aladdin and Jasmine were well cast and fit perfectly into their roles. Will Smith did a good enough job as the genie---not trying too hard to be Robin Williams, but adding his own style to the character. The visuals were great and the songs were pretty much on par with the original. The song "Speechless" was a fantastic addition and just blew me away. Unlike *cough* The Lion King*cough* the movie was not just a book by book film, it was a nice retelling with new additions. The dancing choreography, the handmade Dalia, the genie-Dalia dynamic, speechless, more depth to Jasmines character and the different beginning are a few things that come to mind. The main weak links would be the miscast for jafar, the change to Iago( tho this could be a good thing depending whether or not you were a fan of the original loud mouth), and the climax of the movie. Other than that, this is a movie well worth your time.
  • Cinematic Garbage
  • Rezwana Shamsi
    Rezwana Shamsi 1 місяць тому I see Aladdin too
  • Laura Kruk
    Laura Kruk 1 тиждень тому I’ve seen it 7 times! I LOVED IT EVERY TIME! I’m going to grab it on bluray, on Tuesday morning when it comes out!
  • Laura Kruk
    Laura Kruk 1 тиждень тому DisneyGirl 4life Same here! I’ve ONLY seen it seven times, and are going to get it on bluray first thing Tuesday morning before heading to work!
  • Silver Paladin of Voltron
    Silver Paladin of Voltron 3 місяці тому #1. Jafar Doesn't Become a Snake
  • Абдаллах Муслим
    Абдаллах Муслим 3 місяці тому ???because it would be too expensive???
  • urshi la
    urshi la 3 місяці тому He is already the biggest snake there lol
  • Chris Ang
    Chris Ang 3 місяці тому Абдаллах Муслим lol it’s Disney, they can afford it
  • Joseph Magaro
    Joseph Magaro 3 місяці тому It doesn’t need to be a film to film copy. They have properly executed it anyway. Newer audiences won’t notice and only hardcore fans did hehe
  • KatyN 1882
    KatyN 1882 3 місяці тому Rightt
  • Flynt Coal
    Flynt Coal 3 місяці тому Also Jafar doesn’t call Jafar doesn’t call Prince Ali Prince Aboo Boo.
  • Vessel 4 Him
    Vessel 4 Him 3 місяці тому And the best lines "Tell her the... TRUUUTH" and "Jafar Jafar he's our man if he can't do it GREAT!!!" Was not in the movie. I was hoping for the epic battle sequence between Alladin and the snake
  • Korn Flakes
    Korn Flakes 3 місяці тому He has the biggest snake though 😌
  • FLeXz Beast
    FLeXz Beast 3 місяці тому Silver Paladin of Voltron one difference people most likely didn’t notice is that in the animated the genie says brush off your Sunday salon and in the 2019 version he says Friday salon
  • Ultimasaurus YT
    Ultimasaurus YT 3 місяці тому I really waited for that scene and when the end credits came up half of me was like 🤬
  • Omedchazak613
    Omedchazak613 3 місяці тому Jafar also does not sing/mock Aladdin with "Prince Ali" song!
  • Kayla Nelson
    Kayla Nelson 3 місяці тому Jasmine doesn’t kiss jafar to destruct him and she doesn’t get put in a giant hour glass. Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie - jasmine was my favorite princess growing up, I just wish that they made jafar more evil and mean. He was too.... mellow for my tastes. I mean sure you hate him but not enough for my taste.
  • Therapist 84
    Therapist 84 3 місяці тому That's what I was highly anticipating, something told me I'd get my hopes up. Malificent didn't turn into a Dragon, another disappointment.... THANKS Disney!
  • silly_goose 777
    silly_goose 777 3 місяці тому Абдаллах Муслим THEY HAD A HUGE BUDGET Disney can afford ANYTHING but apparently they couldn’t make him a literal snake and they couldn’t make jasmines hair black
  • Joshua Odiem Torres
    Joshua Odiem Torres 3 місяці тому Jasmine didn't flirt jafar in the live action movie
  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz 3 місяці тому @urshi la have
  • Demetrius Morrison
    Demetrius Morrison 3 місяці тому My only disappointment
  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado 3 місяці тому IKR!!!! And no hourglass, then again she’s trapped in the air so kinda compromised
  • Ryan Conner
  • Brinkley Baker
    Brinkley Baker 3 місяці тому I know! So disappointing
  • Eternity
    Eternity 3 місяці тому didnt made him a big snake but made him a gigantic jenni
  • Noelle Bloemers
    Noelle Bloemers 3 місяці тому i aint no hardcore fan but i saw it and i missed it to bad, also i think the dramatic scene when jafar has genie is better in the original
  • Kelsey Young
    Kelsey Young 3 місяці тому Yea I was bummed about that
  • Kitty meow Games meow
    Kitty meow Games meow 3 місяці тому Silver Paladin of Voltron he also doesn't have his song
  • Pacmanwrecks 35
    Pacmanwrecks 35 3 місяці тому Idc
  • Linda Candy
    Linda Candy 3 місяці тому Kayla Nelson that’s a good thing jasmine was supposed to be 16 in the original movie
  • Jonathan Pasagui
    Jonathan Pasagui 3 місяці тому 2. Jasmine was not trapped on a giant hourglass
  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie 3 місяці тому That disappointed me too! I wanted to see some live action snake battle! :( lol
  • Eric Weiser
    Eric Weiser 3 місяці тому @Joshua Odiem Torres "your beard is soo...twisted" - Jasmine
  • luke morrison
    luke morrison 3 місяці тому It's a remake not a copy. Plus it would be too extra. The film had many battle/chase sequences.
  • Ana-Maria Soare
    Ana-Maria Soare 2 місяці тому @Абдаллах Муслим no, because this jafar is not that ugly and weard! Is stupid, but...
  • batfear007
    batfear007 2 місяці тому welp i'm skiping this shit now thanks
  • Christina G
    Christina G 1 місяць тому It’s because they removed that whole scene and added in the song speechless since they didn’t want to show a lot of skin and in that scene.
  • icam xxx
    icam xxx 1 місяць тому Really wish they added that in i was looking forward to it
  • shlomo meyers
    shlomo meyers 3 тижні тому Is much better without a snake beside would it be really scary in the live action or cool ?
  • Lumpy Stilskin
    Lumpy Stilskin 6 днів тому They actually changed it when iago turned into a giant bird
  • Flynt Coal
    Flynt Coal 3 місяці тому (змінено) #1: Jafar doesn’t call Prince Ali... Prince Abubu
  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 3 місяці тому Flynt Coal ikr! I was disappointed by that too and his casting. Other than that, I actually enjoyed the film. They probably thought the line wouldn't work in live action. Cowards.
  • Angel Luna
    Angel Luna 3 місяці тому OOF
  • Angel Luna
    Angel Luna 3 місяці тому I miss that clip
  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado 3 місяці тому THIS IS A CRIME!!!!!!! I wonder if they laughed on set too much to take the line seriously
  • Endlessbreyer
    Endlessbreyer 3 місяці тому Omg you’re right 😂
  • Camila R
    Camila R 3 місяці тому I think it’s time to say goodbye to prince aboo boo 😂😂
  • Samantha Micheal
    Samantha Micheal 3 місяці тому Right?!😂👏
  • Jade Baron
  • Thomas N
    Thomas N 3 місяці тому Lol that reminds me of the time I watched alidin in second grade jafar said prince aboo boo and it sounded like prince a-poo 💩 😂
  • pzi pzi
    pzi pzi 3 місяці тому bdjdjsis i waited for him to say it in the live action movie but he didnt
  • Roronoa Jolien
    Roronoa Jolien 3 місяці тому I was soooo disapointed they didn’t do that in the movie 😭
  • ellie brandrick
    ellie brandrick 3 місяці тому What about Genies line ‘Jafar Jafar he’s our man, if he can’t do it GREAT’ 🤣🤣 I was waiting for that line and it never came 😩
  • munchlaxxx
    munchlaxxx 3 місяці тому i actually waited for him to call aladdin that
  • Jasmine Diva
    Jasmine Diva 3 місяці тому I missed that part so much! loool
  • Planetary Man
    Planetary Man 3 місяці тому @Brianna Lee the film had a lot of humor, the line wouldn't feel out of place
  • Jonathan Jimenez
    Jonathan Jimenez 3 місяці тому Flynt Coal thank you finally someone feels the same
  • Draw and Sketch
    Draw and Sketch 3 місяці тому A boo boo
  • Blubeeru / Yuki - Chan
    Blubeeru / Yuki - Chan 3 місяці тому Honestly Jafar has a different Character set up than the original. The 2019 Jafar is very serious person. While 1992 He's a petty manipulative man even without his own staff.
  • Timot Series
    Timot Series 3 місяці тому #1: Live Action Jafar suck
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 3 місяці тому @Brianna Lee They could have so easily used that line, too. In fact, I almost heard "abubu" when Jafar remarked "there is something strange about this Prince Ali, because I was expecting it.
  • YouOnlyGetOneChance
    YouOnlyGetOneChance 3 місяці тому 😂
  • shlomo meyers
    shlomo meyers 3 тижні тому True
  • barca barca
  • Jmyuwel Dillion
    Jmyuwel Dillion 3 місяці тому Trueeeee
  • Jaja A
    Jaja A 3 місяці тому But if he’ll be naked, they’ll have to cancel out his nipples just like the cartoon version 😂
  • Gaming With Bubbly
    Gaming With Bubbly 3 місяці тому Can I have a 10,000 subscribers without any videos I’m actually happy that they didn’t add that
  • barca barca
    barca barca 3 місяці тому @Gaming With Bubbly we have our own opinions and I respect that.well it is still ok tho mena is still hott
  • Regey Nicole
    Regey Nicole 3 місяці тому Amen to that HAHAHAHAHA
  • Kookiejar
    Kookiejar 3 місяці тому Can I have a 10,000 subscribers without any videos I FREAKING KNOW RIGHT?!?!?
  • Susan Mehri
    Susan Mehri 3 місяці тому Can I have a 10,000 subscribers without any videos yesss
  • spacealien 26
    spacealien 26 3 місяці тому Omg yes😂
  • Hêjar Mikami
    Hêjar Mikami 2 місяці тому Mena admitted, he wanted to be naked under that vest, but it wasn't allowed to him.
  • Boxed Cracker
    Boxed Cracker 1 місяць тому barca barca I was kinda upset to.
  • Otaku Life
    Otaku Life 3 тижні тому So true.
    LALISA MANOBAN 4 дні тому Wtf you make me laugh 🤣
  • Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña 3 місяці тому Old Jafar: creepy uncle New Jafar: yes daddy
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому YES. I DON'T KNOW IF I GOT A HARDER CRUSH ON HIM OR IN ALADDIN. And honestly, I feel it's more real. Good looks always help with influencing people
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому Which is again something kitschy. Jafar is a VILLAIN. And villains ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CREEPY. So: old Jafar - good, new Jafar... NOT.
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому I don't think villains are supposed to be creepy. I feel like people fall for schemes way faster if the treachery is done by someone with good looks.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @chadebar bar I don't know what to say. Uglyness just seems to phisically set apart the villain from the good guy. If new Jafar is handsome, he would probably have more chances at winning Jasmine's heart than Aladdin were he not evil. That's not the way it's supposed to happen.
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому (змінено) U haven't seen the new movie right? If not, I won't answer because I could spoil it, but I'll tell you two things: 1. He is a great villain, and his good looks bring a air of greed to the whole deal. 2. His plans are different from the animated movie. A lot of things are, in fact.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @chadebar bar I've seen the trailer, because it hasn't actually premiered in my country yet, but from what I've seen, I have no words to describe how bad this version is, because the movie CAN'T be different from its trailer. And because A LOT of things are DIFFERENT from the original movie, it makes it seen that it's more appropriate for ADULTS than for kids.
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому I feel you, but I must say. Watch it. I hated the trailer. I felt it was very bad. I just went today (premiere in my country) because I got 2 tickets as a gift. It's a very good movie. Really good. It's the same story base of the animation, but it's a whole new story. It's a great movie and I lost a bet for it (I bet I wouldn't cry with my friend and I cried 3 times). So, here is my advice: 1. This movie is its own movie, with its own story. Do not expect the animation redone perfectly. 2. Don't get fooled from nostalgic feelings. The movie is good and the animation I still great too. One does not cancel the other 3. Some characters are actually better worked in the live action version. Jasmine, for example is far more complex and human than the animated version. The new song she sings is great and moving, and VERY EMPOWERING. Jafar itself is different too.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @chadebar bar I don't know why I still keep feeling that the original version is more appropriate for the young audience. In the end, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FOR KIDS.
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому I disagree. It's very well fitted for all publics. Not only kids, but adults too. I'm a full 25 years old and I was screaming (both crying and laughing), and the kid two rows behind me was doing the same most of the time
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @chadebar bar I don't know. The new version still doesn't make sense to me. If I had a kid, l'd rather show him the great clasic that this... cheap copy. (Just an opinion.)
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому Again. Watch it before you say anything. Just because it's not the precious animated version, doesn't mean it's any less good. If you wanna throw hate at it, at least have ground to it. Just hating it because it's different from your childhood memories is not ok, and is actually pretty childish
  • Gaia Seraphina
    Gaia Seraphina 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda No villains can also be charming and good-looking. Don't give that stupid cliche: beautiful = good, ugly = bad Or the kids would get the wrong impression and consider going with the nice-looking 20- something child-rapist
  • Lara
    Lara 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda I'm from Agrabah.. okay bad joke, I'm from Jordan (where the movie was filmed) so here it's already on the screens. I was just as sceptical as you were (since it shows a bit of my home culture, and i grew up with Disney) but i have to say that it's a must see.. you won't get disappointed. They added Arabian instruments into the background of the songs, but the songs are still the same. Mena as Aladdin did amazing with his expressionate eyes and his good acting, just as Naomi and Will Smith did. 👍🏻
  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 3 місяці тому Old Jafar was sly, cunning and crafty. New Jafar makes his first mistake by introducing himself to Aladdin right up front
  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda trailers are stupidly deceiving. If you never seen the movie, why are you calling it horrible. Everyone knows you can't go by the trailers.
  • Emerald Takora
    Emerald Takora 3 місяці тому He looked like Aladdin with a beard 🧔🏻
  • zzbb
    zzbb 3 місяці тому his acting was terrible
  • Gaia Seraphina
    Gaia Seraphina 3 місяці тому @sadlobster1 That's not a mistake. Thst's a trick to make Al trust him (hey I was the same like you bro and now I 'm rich and mighty and can help you to achieve that too). That guy knows how to sell himself.
  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 3 місяці тому @Gaia Seraphina I still think the original Jafar was much more cunning
  • Tin Tin Arts
    Tin Tin Arts 3 місяці тому I love the new aladdin (mena) (I can't spell his last name)
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 місяці тому She goes like "The villains are ugly and the good guys are pretty". Well, she never watched Hunchback of Notredame and Beauty and the Beast I guess
  • Tay Jordan
    Tay Jordan 3 місяці тому (змінено) 😂😂😂😂 and he wasn't bout that sucka lyfe 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tay Jordan
    Tay Jordan 3 місяці тому (змінено) It kills me when ppl dont even know about something but yet have all these opinions the movie was great and beautiful I'm an Aladdin fanatic matter of fact a disney fanatic at the age of 31 and I must say I was impressed involved and intrigued and definitely seeing it more and getting the Dvd
  • WeWatchTheMovies
    WeWatchTheMovies 3 місяці тому I wonder why Jafar never used his powers to hypnotize Jasmine. If it was established that her will makes her immune to his hypnosis.
  • crystal peaches
    crystal peaches 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda please watch the movie before criticizing based on nothing more than trailers. Jafar from the animated film and this Jafar are different. In this version, the characters, especially Jasmine, were given more depth.
  • Gaia Seraphina
    Gaia Seraphina 3 місяці тому (змінено) @sadlobster1 I think the old Jafar was too cliche. Who would believe a guy with such a menacing look on his face? This guy with a friendly face and smooth voice makes people trust him (Aladdin and the Sultan) and leads them into their doom. He even murders his henchman with rage on his face, just because that guy complimented him for being the 2nd mighty man in the whole realm (he hated to be nr 2). But seconds later he's calm and smiling again. What a psycho! I think Jaffars actor did well ( although the rest of the cast did even better, esp. Will Smith).
  • Gaia Seraphina
    Gaia Seraphina 3 місяці тому (змінено) @WeWatchTheMovies I have a few theories: 1.She hates him and thus cannot stand his presence more than a few seconds. 2. She is too strong-willed. Maybe his hypnosis works better on weaker minds 3. She's a woman. So Jaffar the misogynist, doesn't see her as a possible threat, only a minor nuisance, not worth his time.
  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 3 місяці тому @Gaia Seraphina Sometimes, cliches aren't a bad thing and whatever cliche the original Jafar embodies is one that I actually like
  • Comaful
    Comaful 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda how can you say you "have no words for how bad this version is" when you haven't seen the actual movie?? Get off your high horse and watch a movie first before saying it's bad or else you have no basis of judgment so sit down.
  • Alina Magda
  • Christina Vernon
    Christina Vernon 3 місяці тому 😂
  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 3 місяці тому 🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • P R
    P R 3 місяці тому OP: Creepy daughter 🙄😏
  • シIszaTsun
    シIszaTsun 3 місяці тому Trueee hhhh--
  • C's In
    C's In 3 місяці тому @Ivy Magaña And you're the reason serial killers will never run out of victims
  • Zalfa Syahira
    Zalfa Syahira 3 місяці тому LMAAAAOOOO EXACTLY
  • Danny M
    Danny M 3 місяці тому Sir Ben Kingsley should've been Jafar but I guess Disney went cheap
  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 3 місяці тому Lmaooooo yassssss
  • nVlopez
    nVlopez 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda So you're assuming that Jasmine loves someone just by their appearance? Also, I want to note that you shouldn't always judge the villains by their appearance, but much more to their motives.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @nVlopez I don't remember having said that. I said that uglyness sets the villain apart from the hero (besides motive).
  • nVlopez
    nVlopez 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda The Jasmine thing is true, you said that. And for the villain thing.. yeah, I guess everyone has their own opinions. For me, the appearance doesn't really affect that much for setting apart the villains, it's just the motives.
  • geboinzki .Iman28
    geboinzki .Iman28 3 місяці тому I'll be his slave if I got the chance 😂
  • Sanya Reza
    Sanya Reza 3 місяці тому It's harder for me, I don't know if I'm crushing harder on Aladdin, the new Jafar or Princess Jasmine.
  • Comaful
    Comaful 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda someone needs to check their anger issues.. or their level of maturity. No sane, mature person would be so mad about a movie lol.
  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine 3 місяці тому Lmaoooooo him and Alladdin were cute
  • Stuff Stuffer
    Stuff Stuffer 3 місяці тому Honestlyyyy. When he was making all that stuff happen like putting Jasmine in the air and making Iago huge and he looked real even I was like "Not gonna lie...This is kinda hot" Glad I'm not the only who thought so
  • Stuff Stuffer
    Stuff Stuffer 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Both are child appropriate. Some lines weren't said, but I wouldn't say it's an entirely different story. The genie's story-line is changed, but you'll enjoy it. Will Smith gave the positive vibe to the genie that Robin Williams wanted him to have. He did it justice. The ethnicity of Naomi Scott who played Jasmine was one of the only things I thought could be changed. The actress herself is an amazing singer and actress, But I gotta say I would have liked for them to choose an Arab woman, because I believe Naomi Scott is half Indian half white. This isn't against the actress herself who is great I just kind of noticed it. But otherwise it's amazing and totally worth seeing.
  • Ross Bauer
    Ross Bauer 3 місяці тому New Jafar Whiny hot uncle :p
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda villain supposed to be creepy? Then explain to me abt loki, killmonger, younger version of tom riddle, draco malfoy. Are they villain? Yes, exactly. Are they creepy? Nah, they're good looking as hell. You need to know that what makes a character a villain isn't their face. It's their behaviour and what inside their mind that make them a villain. There are a lot of people out there remind others to never judge a book by its cover and here you are assuming all villain should be ugly.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @chan shin I think you're missing my point😓: I said phisical appearance BESIDES motive. That means BOTH! And as I said about a DOZEN times before, IT'S JUST AN OPINION!😓 Besides, to be quite honest... I don't like the phisical appearance of any of the villains you mentioned.
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda If I understood correctly, you think that villains should have somewhat repulsive appearances besides having evil agendas, so it's easier for children to discern them from the good guys? And you deem movies that don't follow that trope inappropriate for kids? I have to disagree. Actually, I think that @chadebar bar provided very good examples of the reverse of that motive. Just look at Gaston and the Beast from "Beaty and the Beast" - they are the exact opposite of the trope in question and it's also Disney's renaissance movie, just like the original "Aladdin", for crying out loud. Does it make it not suitable for children? @chan shin has made a valid point as well, that it is their doings and overall attitude that make the villain a villain. It's much more realistic and it reflects the real world better (I'm not even going to elaborate how in real life things and people are rarely this black and white). It teaches kids that not everyone who is good looking is a good person and not every ugly person is evil. And I strongly believe that the bad guy's course of action is enough for the audience to recognise them as such and that it is the only thing they should be judged for - and not for their appearance. Also you kept insisting that this is just your opinion - I respect that, but please know that changing your view on things when subjected to some solid arguments doesn't take any merit away from you, quite the opposite in fact.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User whatever... 😒
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda "uglyness just seems to phisically set apart the villain from the good guy. If new jafar is handsome, he would probably have more chance at winning Jasmine's heart than Aladdin were he not evil." Remember? It's you who being so loud abt the looks since the start. Stop hiding behind "it's just an opinion" whenever people come at you to explain the logic bcs that's just a lame excuses. AND EXCUSE ME, we're definitely not talking abt whether you like the appearance or not, what we talking abt is the correlation between the villains and their appearance. You said villain should be creepy, I gave you not-creepy-face-villains in other movies who nailed their villain characters, and now you say you don't like their appearance? Haha, thanks for make me laugh
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda That's one eloquent response... Honestly, you're just acting like one of'em kids yourself, with all of those unnecesary emojis and inability to conceive a proper counterargument.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @chan shin maybe it's a lame excuse in the opinion of a kid like you, but to others IT'S A NORMAL FACT!😓 You CAN'T force me to think like you!😒 It's my right to have my own opinion!😒 So stop interpreting things the wrong way!😒
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User ok then: what's your argument? And you have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME! This video ISN'T about me, it's about a movie I consider kitschy compared to the great Disney animated classic. The changes in the plot line are COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. If I use emoji it's my choice. What if I stated to judge you: would you like it? Definitely NOT! So knock it off! I still think these actors didn't nail their roles, especially Smith. If that's not a good enough argument, then what is?
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Did you get confused? Perhaps you haven't really read my original comment, but why respond then? I'll make a list for you. 1. The real question is what is your argument exactly? My comment only regarded your vision of villain's portrayal based on your previous statements and why I disagreed with it. On the plus side, I utilised and extended some of the other users' points on that matter. Nothing else. I can't have made it more clear. And yet here you are, rambling about MsMojo's video, changes in a plot and actors' performances. Please stay on topic. 2. I saw some of your comments referring to you not liking the trailer and criticising the movie based solely on it. I didn't agree with that, but I didn't touch that matter in my first comment, because a few other people have already given you a piece of their minds on that and I had nothing to add. It sufficed to like their comments. Basing on what you just wrote, I assume that you have caught up by now and didn't like the film - and that's more of a justified opinion, you have a full right not to like it. But it has nothing to do with the subject of our discussion. 3. I provided counterarguments referring to your comment and I was hoping to see yours regarding mine. And yet, you responded with mere "whatever". That is not an argument. That is a dismissive expression used when drawing a blank at a loss of words. Moreover, since we were discussing your original opinion, the weight of a proof rests on your shoulders, not mine. You're the one to defend your orginal claims or admit my right, should I convince you. 4. Your most recent comment didn't contain even a single argument. It consisted purely of your opinions. A statement can't be called an argument if you don't provide facts to back up your beliefs. So no, it was not a "good enough argument". 5. It's only natural to judge other people, everyone has not only a right, but a need to do that. Maybe with an exception of an appearance (ironically enough). However, one should always take into consideration that their judgment, especially initial one, might be wrong. That's why it is so important to be open-minded, so you can change your opinions more easily, should you find yourself being in the wrong. I'll be honest, from what I've seen so far you come across as childish, you're quick to lose your temper, you overuse emojis and capslock, your style of writing and patterns of speech overall are quite immature, you have biased, unjustified opinions and you are not willing to change your mind. You seem pretty stuck-up in that particular regard. From what you said in your comments at the beginning of this thread, from the adamancy about only the specific movie tropes being aproppriate for children, I've drawn a conclusion that you might be old enough to have children or perhaps you already are a mother? Sorry, but based on your behaviour alone, you haven't really given me a reason to believe that you are a grown, mature person. Please, feel free to judge me too, if it'll make you feel better, I don't mind. Knowing what others think of you is always a valuable clue to adjust your behaviour and self-improve. Hope I adressed all of your remarks and answered your most burning questions, I'm looking forward to your response.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User think what you want, kid! You still don't understand my comment, and I'm not in the mood to explain it to you. So let's just stop this, because I'm getting bored. I have better things to do than argue with you just because you keep missing my point, and I'm tired of reading your novels.
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому (змінено) Alina Magda Put off like a candle and now you're trying to run away... again. "You still don't understand"... ...which comment exactly? I've already said, that despite you making many statements in this thread, I adressed only one of them. The villain's appearance. What point did I miss in that? Please, pray tell! "You keep missing my point". You responded to me, like what, twice? You failed to convey any argument in the first and the second is... really something else. Are you not in the mood to explain or perhaps... you cannot? You keep reaffirming my belief that you are simply incapable of participating in a discussion and creating a well-structured argument, also basing on that pathetic excuse for an exchange you had with @chan shin - they made proper & valid arguments and you... did... not. Also, I appreciate the logic (or rather lack there of) that stands beheind you calling me and @chan shin kids.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Indie-pendent User that does it! When you criticize one person judging him/her JUST BY ONE COMMENT ALONE you prove to be just STUPID! JUDGE A PERSON BY ALL THE ARGUMENTS HE OR SHE GIVES! And STOP WRITING ME NOVELS! I don't care what you have to say. Your speech is absolutely PATHETIC and lacks common sense. You're nothing more than a stupid self-important jerk with no logic and no real arguments.
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda I read all of your comments, missy and only then judged you accordingly. Other people seem to agree with me, so there might be something to it, just saying. I don't claim my arguments are particularly good, but they are arguments indeed, as opposed to the abominations you write. And you seem to care after all, since you responded quite emotionally. Did I strike a nerve? You self-conscious or something?
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Take your response to @Comaful as an example. Is this mature to you? If so, I pity you.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Indie-pendent User you haven't read all of them, because you said yourself that you were referring ONLY to the one about the villain's appearance. That's ALL you ever talk about, just like a broken record. And let me inform you that THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO PROVE THAT I'M THE ONE WHO IS RIGHT! And it's not my comments that are abominations, YOURS are! Up until now you brought NO PROOF that any of what I said was wrong. And those who agree with you are... no better than you. So stop barking nonsense like a stupid dog. Listen: I've had a really bad day, and I'm in no mood to argue with idiots like you about such minor things. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LEAVE ME ALONE!
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Indie-pendent User you're the one to be pitied! Besides, your parents seem to have forgotten to teach you good manners: if one ISN'T talking to you, then STAY OUT OF THE DISCUSSION! You still CAN'T or better said HAVEN'T proven me wrong yet. All you know is to insult me, and nothing else. And I repeat: LEAVE ME ALONE!!
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому Alina Magda Amazing! You keep coming back for more! "If one ISN'T talking to you, then STAY OUT OF THE DISCUSSION!" To your information, we have freedom of speech on the internet and anyone can engage in any argument. If it were to work your way, nobody would be able to speak out. "THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO PROVE THAT I'M RIGHT!" 1. Right about what? 2. Examples please. What kind of twisted logic is that, to assume I didn't read all your comments just because I wanted to talk with you about just one specific subject? You know why that one? Because I had arguments for that. And after all this time you failed to propose even one counterargument. Ironic. You keep saying that I missed your point, when in reality you either didn't understand "big, tough vocabulary" or got flustered because you saw just how wrong you'd been and tried to cover it up with agression and blaming others for your incompetence. You are the one who keeps missing my point. I started a discussion with you on a specific topic and you haven't referred to that even once! You keep going in circles. Talk about a broken record. Also, I see that you got inspired by my vocabulary and mannerisms, since you started repeating after me even entire sentences. I feel... honoured.
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому Alina Magda I haven't insulted you, merely summarised your behaviour. You embarassed yourself without any help. Speaking of insulting, if I recall correctly, you were the one who called me "nothing more than a stupid self-important jerk", "stupid dog", "an idiot" and diminished me in various ways without any bases to go off. That's hypocrisy, wouldn't you think? No-one has a right to be a meanie except ya, eh?
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User again boring novels... You really sound like a broken record. What an idiot!
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User if you don't stop this nonsense, I'm going to report you for bullying!!!!!
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda But you are the one bullying me, calling me names and being overall agressive.
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda I just wanted to have a civilised exchange of opinions on a certain level, but you seem completly incapable of having one. But what can you expect, when your interlocutor is so stuck-up that they won't even listen to your arguments.
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda I misinterpreted things? do you even got the point of my reply? Do you even remember what's the op of this comment talking about before you suddenly rambling about 'your opinion' and blast your anger everytime someone give you their logic? Thanks God a kid like me can think better than an adult like you :)
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @chan shinis that so? Other than teasing me you don't know how to do anything else. So? And you seriously think you're better than me... You can't be any more foolish than that! Not to mention the fact that your grammar is... well... let's just say that before teasing me you should first learn how to write.
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda yea, english isn't my first language and I'm still on my process to learn, ofc my grammar isn't perfect yet. Learning is what a kid supposed to do, right? Or should I blast my anger like what you did in this comment section? I need to make this clear. I'm not teasing you at all. You're the one who called me 'a kid' first, am I wrong if I call you 'adult'? You started the fire first, not me. And bcs it seems like you won't give any logical reason for your own opinion (when almost all of the replies here are against yours) then let me assume you're that kind of person who always judge a book by its cover but mad whenever someone judge you by your appearance. Don't try to change that, it's my own opinion :) Have a good day 😊
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому (змінено) @chan shin first of all, I called you a kid because no offense... you started this. Just look at the reply you gave me before I even called you a kid. Second of all, I wasn't judging a book by its cover, I was just stating what I think. And last but not least what's wrong with my logic? You think yours is better? I gave you a dozen arguments to support my opinion. You on the other hand gave me no arguments at all. (At least none that make sense.) All you've done until now was to say that I'm wrong without even proving it. And a great day to you too!
  • Indie-pendent User
    Indie-pendent User 3 місяці тому chan shin She's hopeless, it's not worth it. She's incapable of any form of logical thinking, admiting someone's right or creating an argument, apparently. And don't worry, your English is very good, logistically I can perfectly understand everything you wrote. You sure are far more comprehensible than her, with her repetitive, illogical, self-centered rambling. Judging by her unnatural style, incorrect use of pronouns and some weird use of tenses, I'm pretty sure, that she's not a native herself. It's just a bit more subtle. Have a fantastic day.
  • NoneOfYourBiz87
    NoneOfYourBiz87 3 місяці тому Kinda ruins it all tbh..
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Indie-pendent User oh God thanks, I feel better to know at least there's one person understands my replies 😁 Tbh I know this conversation ain't going nowhere, but movie is something that I love. I can't handle myself seeing someone easily judge a movie and the characters inside before they watch the whole movie. But yea, seems like that person doesn't even got the point of my replies so I decide to stop and ignore her (or him?). At least I know I'm not the only one 😁
  • Mona Lumanas
    Mona Lumanas 3 місяці тому @chan shin well with all these hype, how can I not watch the movie?
  • deedeelove93 forevermore
    deedeelove93 forevermore 3 місяці тому Right ! 😂😂😂😂they should have made him look really creepy lol but instead made him a evil cutie 😍😍😍😂😂😂
  • Kayla Aliya
    Kayla Aliya 3 місяці тому @chan shin when they run out of arguments, they go straight to attacking your grammar 😂😂 your English is fine fam
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Mona Lumanas Well, enjoy the movie😄
  • Mona Lumanas
    Mona Lumanas 3 місяці тому @chan shin I did, it was great.
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Kayla Aliya thanks 😄 actually I've met that kind of person for like everyday so it's kinda sad but not surprised 😁
  • chan shin
    chan shin 3 місяці тому @Mona Lumanas glad to hear that
  • Torang
    Torang 3 місяці тому We-
  • Asteroid Draws Stuff
    Asteroid Draws Stuff 3 місяці тому Idk why but I’m looking at that argument and laughing. By the way, Indie-pendent User, I loved your ‘novels’ of replies.
  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 місяці тому @chadebar bar I agree! Look at Ted Bundy! His good looks and charm definitely worked in his favor to ensnare his victims in his net.
  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda one can't win hearts with just superficial beauty. One needs a good heart and a good soul along with good looks to be able to make someone fall in love with them. One can only have casual sex with superficially beautiful people, but I don't think anyone will fall in love with them, if that's the only thing they have to offer. Plus! Princess Jasmine is a bit of a feminist and does not shy away from speaking her mind. Jafar on the other hand is a misogynist who wants women to not have a voice and just play second fiddle to men. Jasmine will never fall for someone like that, because the way to her heart is through her strong and beautiful mind.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Muhammad Ali ok, if this is your opinion, then I respect that. And I respect that you're more educated than the rest of the kids around here who think they're "mature" or just tease me around.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @Muhammad Ali besides, I specified that IF JAFAR WERE A GOOD GUY he'd have more chances of winning Jasmine's heart than Aladdin. That's what I meant when I said "were he NOT evil".
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому you ruined everything for me jesus
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda The actor playing as Jaffar in the remake did an excellent job at portraying a creepy psychopathic villain. The old Jaffar was more a cartoon-type villain... No offence but i think the new one is way better
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому @Alina Magda Also. Watch the movie before saying it's bad. Otherwise it just makes you look stupid
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 3 місяці тому @bleh listen, buddy:😒 DID I INSULT YOU?🤨 I don't think so! So an apology would be in order, otherwise two can play that game! YOU CAN'T FORCE ME TO THINK LIKE YOU! Besides, on what do you base your words? The trailer CAN'T be any different from the movie! WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO? New characters? Plot changes? WHAT?
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Alina Magda 1. The trailer does NOT show the full movie, only clips. Saying you can tell the movie is bad by the trailer is like saying you can tell a book is bad by reading several random pages out of context. The movie has a lot of funny moments that aren't in the trailer. 2. I never said you insulted me, nor did i insult you. I didn't say you ARE stupid, I said what you're saying makes you LOOK stupid as it doesn't make any sense. (the "you ruined everything for me jesus" wasn't meant to you, if that's what you were talking about, then sorry for the misunderstanding) 3. Correcting mistakes in your argument isn't "forcing you to think like me". 4. I don't think you realise how childish you sound. It's weird how you're getting upset over a strangers opinion on a movie.
  • La Bella
    La Bella 2 місяці тому Because he’s northafrican 😍😍
  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 2 місяці тому @Alina Magda I'm sorry you've been teased by so many. I don't think anyone should have to experience that because of their opinions.
  • Alina Magda
    Alina Magda 2 місяці тому @Muhammad Ali thank you for understanding me!🤗🤗
  • GoldyXx
    GoldyXx 1 місяць тому I dont really find the new Jafar attractive but you do you
  • William
    William 1 місяць тому that's a problem with the film...too young
  • minhthu vũ
    minhthu vũ 1 місяць тому i think old jafar look more evil than new one. but it's not because he is older or uglier, just because i feel new jafar's act not very good, his expression was very dull
  • 자기.
    자기. 3 тижні тому @chadebar bar everyone has different opinions, not every individual will agree they're good looking
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 тижні тому @자기. that was NOT what was debated. What it was debated is: are villains supposed to be ugly? And the Disney answer is "no".
  • 자기.
    자기. 3 тижні тому @chadebar bar there's no debate. it's just disney, FICTIONAL movies. ugly or not why even say it's a debate ? chill kid. anyone can say they're ugly, don't be offended by an opinion even yours is an opinion.
  • chadebar bar
    chadebar bar 3 тижні тому @자기. If there are two people talking about a subject, it's a debate. Worth debating or not is an opinion, and not every individual will agree with you
  • Nehir Akın
    Nehir Akın 3 місяці тому (змінено) 1992: Iago is a great comedic supporting chracter. 2019: Iago is an ordinary parrot.
  • Charles Farrier
    Charles Farrier 3 місяці тому Nehir Akın right
  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 3 місяці тому Yep. I agree, but I did like it when he turned into the giant bird.
  • Nelson Lantican
    Nelson Lantican 3 місяці тому *magical bird powers*
  • LadyMusicBug
    LadyMusicBug 3 місяці тому I think 2019 Iago is a demon bird. I thought that throughout the movie. Then he actually turned INTO a demon bird.... Thought it. Called it!
  • Juliana Ayu Yahya
    Juliana Ayu Yahya 3 місяці тому That's my main disappointment with this live action movie. They have Alan Tudyk playing Iago, such a waste of talent..
  • Wolf Archer
    Wolf Archer 3 місяці тому I appreciate this change and surprisingly not disappointed by it. 2019 Iago can still speak and has a personality, but the director wanted to make a more realistic approach which is why Iago doesn’t finish his statements in full paragraphs.
  • Wolf Archer
    Wolf Archer 3 місяці тому JASMINE HAMPTON well I heard a giant parrot is based on some middle eastern mythical creature. At least Guy Ritche is trying to follow up some middle eastern culture.
  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams 3 місяці тому (змінено) @Juliana Ayu Yahya Tell me about it. Disney can get James Earl Jones back as Mufasa in The Lion King remake, but couldn't get Gilbert Gottfried back as Iago. I'm sure he would've been interested in reprising his role
  • Ross Bauer
    Ross Bauer 3 місяці тому He does have some comedic and sadistic lines though so I wouldn't say he's an ordinary parrot plus he's the one who spots Aladdin.
  • Strong Independent Cutie
    Strong Independent Cutie 3 місяці тому (змінено) Maybe they replaced Iago's comedic supporting character role with Jasmine's maiden, to make it more realistic because parrots only repeat what they hear.
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому Nehir Akın yeah but it did seem more realistic and perfect
  • Megija Bondarenko
    Megija Bondarenko 3 місяці тому 2019 A dumb bird with stupid ways
  • Ronald Victoria
    Ronald Victoria 3 місяці тому They had to minimize that to make the film more realistic
  • Kari Kling
    Kari Kling 3 місяці тому @Wolf Archer It's a valid approach to take, but usually people don't want to see realism in movies.
  • deedeelove93 forevermore
    deedeelove93 forevermore 3 місяці тому Exactly, I was mad they didn’t let yago talk as much as he did in the cartoon version 😞
  • Wolf Archer
    Wolf Archer 3 місяці тому Kari Kling well I kinda do. The important thing is to respect other people’s opinions.
  • Derek Meade
    Derek Meade 3 місяці тому Lol people saying “realistic”. It’s a Disney movie, about flying carpets and genies. I don’t expect nor want it to be realistic.
  • Giulia.
    Giulia. 3 місяці тому Animals in this movie don't talk lol it's just because of that
  • wornoutshoes11
    wornoutshoes11 3 місяці тому @Wolf Archer "the director wanted a realistic approach" Yuuup... Alladin, magic carpet... Genie... REALISTIC APPROACH. 🤣😂😅🤭
  • TheOmegazerox
    TheOmegazerox 3 місяці тому Let's make this movie more real. It's Disney. How real does it need to be?
  • Noisy SAiL3nZer
    Noisy SAiL3nZer 3 місяці тому Ok ok ok here's the thing, disney keeps it as much as close to real life parrots don't really talk like humans do their brains are not capable to do so I understand that this is not the same thing as the original one you grew up with besides, if they really did it the SAME as the old one, it would be so weird
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому I actually like the new Argo better... Just seems more realistic
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому iago*
  • Wolf Archer
    Wolf Archer 3 місяці тому wornoutshoes11 the remake is like 10% more realistic.
  • myong2206
    myong2206 2 місяці тому this is why i think lion king L/A will live up to the original
  • rg was here
    rg was here 2 місяці тому Who holds up to a flying carpet that flew around the world in minutes in a race because he got some steroids.
  • MikleyL
    MikleyL 2 місяці тому Stuff found in the cave of wonders are magical/not realistic. But iago isn’t supposed to be beyond reality , unless jafar wants to use his sorcery on iago to make him beyond the ordinary (eg. When he became a large demon bird)
  • gbdeck200
    gbdeck200 2 місяці тому The true atrocity of the movie
  • Blake Neal
    Blake Neal 2 тижні тому Good trade-off: the new Iago was voiced by my dude, Alan Tudyk
  • Alyssa Roupas
    Alyssa Roupas 3 місяці тому “We won’t spoil too much, but genie has two kids.” Okay then
  • Violet Wynters
    Violet Wynters 3 місяці тому Alyssa Roupas ...they literally put a spoiler warning at the beginning. “Since it’s hard to delve into this without talking about spoilers, a spoiler warning is in order.” Nowhere did they say they would refrain from spoiling
  • tina bastarache
    tina bastarache 3 місяці тому read the book i got it like over a month ago really not spoilers i'm sure there be more bits in the actual movie it is i hear over 2 hrs long
  • Compucles
    Compucles 3 місяці тому @tina bastarache 122 minutes, which is only barely over the 2 hour mark. That's actually pretty short for a live action movie.
  • John O
    John O 3 місяці тому movie opens with kids let me tell you how i met your mother...... it is gonna be Legen wait for it and it and i hope you are not lactose intolerant DAIRY
  • Starscream91
    Starscream91 3 місяці тому Compucles Most live-action films are between 120-150 minutes. Wouldn’t call it short.
  • TheCrazyfighter19
    TheCrazyfighter19 3 місяці тому Really not to much of a spoiler
  • DeDe Ty
    DeDe Ty 3 місяці тому thanks for spoiling
  • Delaney Johnson
    Delaney Johnson 3 місяці тому @DeDe Ty he kinda is aloud to spoil because it’s your fault you clicked on this video.
  • Failingpepper 11
    Failingpepper 11 3 місяці тому @Compucles Haha no
  • Compucles
    Compucles 3 місяці тому ​@Starscream91 It's certainly on the shorter edge of the very scale you listed. There's certainly no reason to complain about it being too long as tina was implying.
  • Penguins622
    Penguins622 2 місяці тому Its at the DIRECT start of the movie, so not rlly a spoiler.....but in a way it is a spoiler still, but whatevs, u enjoy the movie? lol
  • abi flach
    abi flach 3 місяці тому Saw Aladdin. It was amazing. Seriously check it out
  • Shervin Nasrin
    Shervin Nasrin 3 місяці тому abi flach That is an understatement! This movie is seriously the best live-action portrayal ever made
  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine 3 місяці тому It was awesome
  • Nish2603
    Nish2603 3 місяці тому 400th like. That movie had a lot of jams
  • louisa ethan
    louisa ethan 3 місяці тому I saw aladdin 2019 twice on cinéma. I was in love wirh aladdin 92. But after thé movie. I probably love thé new jafar . Ok he is evil but not disgusting
  • Bob The Lonely Potato
    Bob The Lonely Potato 3 місяці тому Yeah saw it today
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому abi flach have he admit the new Jafar isn’t as bad as we expected. He seemed like Jafar
  • Admiral Producer
    Admiral Producer 3 місяці тому Presley Rice I know. But at least the remakes are good. I don’t get the hate on Beauty of the Beast honestly.
  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 3 місяці тому @SGSnake2X He was bad in the best possible ways. He was a cautionary tale about he Dark Side of Ambition and understanding of why the ends can not always justify the means. So well done...compared to the just horrible job they did with Gaston in that Beauty and the Beast remake, he was just so much more well thought-out.
  • Salma Jabbar
    Salma Jabbar 3 місяці тому Ikt
  • Typical Ashley
    Typical Ashley 3 тижні тому ikr it was sooo goodd!
  • Nelson Lantican
    Nelson Lantican 3 місяці тому Worst part about it... Speechless ends
  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren 3 місяці тому Oh my god! I have that song on repeat. It was so good!
  • KeiraTheKontortionist _
    KeiraTheKontortionist _ 3 місяці тому Nelson Lantican Noooo! Anything but that!
  • minhthu vũ
    minhthu vũ 1 місяць тому if u can sing better
  • Shinji Schneider
    Shinji Schneider 3 місяці тому "Jafar gets a glowup" You mean Jafar gets replaced by his emo-son.
  • HeLp_I_KpOpEd AnD_I_cAnT_gEt_Up
    HeLp_I_KpOpEd AnD_I_cAnT_gEt_Up 3 місяці тому (змінено) Shinji Schneider by his HOT emo son
  • Emma  Lowry
    Emma Lowry 3 місяці тому Sultan 1992: aren't you too old to marry jasmine Sultan 2019: Evil gorgeous man will not marry my daughter.
  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 3 місяці тому Shinji Schneider yeah, he was totally miscast in the film. Other than that, I actually liked some of the changes.
  • Shinji Schneider
    Shinji Schneider 3 місяці тому @Brianna Lee from what i heard he matches the new story. But the original is too ingrained in my heart :-)
  • Juarez M.
    Juarez M. 3 місяці тому New Jafar is terrible.. in so many ways...
  • NoneOfYourBiz87
    NoneOfYourBiz87 3 місяці тому Lol! xD
  • Ruth Oboros
    Ruth Oboros 3 місяці тому His jacked bootylicious emo son! HE IS GORGEOUS
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому No, they mean he gets replaced by someone who can portray a psycho and creepy villain.
  • T.C
    T.C 3 місяці тому It’s so ridiculous when people say “I hate how the live action remakes are the exact same as the original” and then when the movie changes go “this is nothing like the original! They don’t have *insert scene or character or actor*”
  • Beethoven’s Fidelio
    Beethoven’s Fidelio 3 місяці тому T.C True, but the question is: Do the changes make sense in the context of the story or are they unnecessary and ruin the overall film?
  • Ana Carone
    Ana Carone 3 місяці тому Thank you for speaking sense. There is no way to please people anymore gosh. It's hot and it's cold. This one somehow they made the same and different at the same time. Good job on them. Now we just need the critics to realize that.
  • Shreya Vaidya
    Shreya Vaidya 3 місяці тому OMG!! I was just thinking this when I was looking at a few reviews online! Please make up your mind!
  • MonoKabi
    MonoKabi 3 місяці тому Well, problem I see there is that they half-a$$ it. Either make it completely different in plot, with the same basic themes, or copy it as close to 100% as you can, with some costume and style differences. Don't copy most of it, but drop or add in entire scenes or plot points for little real reason.
  • Addison Hix
    Addison Hix 3 місяці тому Exactly!
  • 99keltin
    99keltin 3 місяці тому T.C uhh majority of people have always complained that the live action remakes ARENT the same as the original. This has been the same complaint since remakes of all the marvel heroes to any other adaptation. Don’t bring up small minority’s complaint to fit your own narrative.
  • Nickoji
    Nickoji 3 місяці тому Just don't remake good Disney movies at all... what's the point if it already was really good? Why don't they remake the bad ones? The animation of the original is stunningly beautiful. Also, the movie came out in 1992 which isn't that long ago...seems pointless. There are too many signs that point to Disney just wanting to make money off nostalgia....the sad thing is that a lot of movies are just remakes and reboots nowadays.
  • Slytherin Girl
    Slytherin Girl 3 місяці тому The first Aladdin movie came out on January 1,1992. I was 7 months old then. I’m 27 this August and seeing this movie felt like it came to life straight out of the cartoon. So quit being a complainer and realize that it was a great movie.
  • Jermaine Allen
    Jermaine Allen 3 місяці тому I would orefer if they were close as possible. I understand they can add scenes. But when they remove scenes or change scenes not a huge fan. The jasmine sultan thing was fine for me. But they changed some things. That I would of enjoyed to have seen
  • Roronoa Jolien
    Roronoa Jolien 3 місяці тому This is why i preffer staying true to the original and fixing little plot holes for the better, the ending to me was kinda cringy, idk i just really preffer the animated movie 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 3 місяці тому I mean they made a live action movie and made it in their own way with the same plot as the original with a twist. Some people just hate change and want an original BECAUSE its an original. Not everything can be copied to the bone because then people would complain, but don't want it changed because they will complain. I personally think that the changes were cool and original aside, I loved the new movie.
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому T.C I agree with you, it doesn’t make sense about what they think
  • Marianny Pineda
    Marianny Pineda 3 місяці тому You said it! Some people really will always have something to complain about.
  • Marlea Misoche
    Marlea Misoche 3 місяці тому The people who wants the original is different from the people who wants the opposite.. its pretty much different kind of people arguing or split up thats why you see some people who liked it and some people who hate it..
  • gbdeck200
    gbdeck200 2 місяці тому Mainly cause the live action will always do things worse because it can't be as expressionate as the original, or colorful or pan a scene in unreasonable ways So why remake it worse,and changing the story makes people mad cause they liked the original story and themes, which will be neutered by political correctness
  • Curly Fit Beauty
    Curly Fit Beauty 3 місяці тому I was totally against this movie at first. Watched it last night and my mind was totally swayed. I loved it
  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 3 місяці тому Curly Fit Beauty same. Except for the guy who played Jafar.
  • Shervin Nasrin
    Shervin Nasrin 3 місяці тому Brianna Lee the guy who played Jafar was great! He was a great actor and did a PHENOMENAL job! Especially the ending scene when he asked for his 2nd and 3rd wish!
  • Bambili Bambi
    Bambili Bambi 3 місяці тому Same here
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому Curly Fit Beauty most people were. Now it’s a very good movie
  • Swayslandjobs Swayslandjobs
    Swayslandjobs Swayslandjobs 3 місяці тому You're an idiot.
  • Sol
    Sol 3 місяці тому Same here it took me until last night to finally go see it and I loved it !
  • Beast Of Edelwood
    Beast Of Edelwood 3 місяці тому "Number 7: there's more action at the climax" You seem to forget the original had a giant snake
  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson 3 місяці тому Yeah. They didn't do to well with this video...
  • kensredemption
    kensredemption 3 місяці тому I legit forgot about that giant snake. All I remember is Jafar turning into a big mass of red mist.
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому Beast Of Edelwood well at least they gave some love to Lago and made him a giant parrot.
  • Rosi
    Rosi 2 місяці тому and JAGO feeding the sultan with crackers xD
  • Rilakkuma Abbie
    Rilakkuma Abbie 2 місяці тому SGSnake2X well Lago doesn’t even have a personality in Aladdin 2019...
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 2 місяці тому Rilakkuma Abbie well if it did then it would look weird as it’s live action so they kept it normal
  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine 3 місяці тому I love the 2019 version. Its uplifting and I love how strong Jasmine is
  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson 3 місяці тому Oh yea like real life?
  • christian xhanyou
    christian xhanyou 3 місяці тому The ugly new aladdin version real human and i like old aladdin
  • SGSnake2X
    SGSnake2X 3 місяці тому christian xhanyou he’s not that bad come n man. I can see you’re judging by his looks which is just bad from you, judge by performance and singing because that he did very well
  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson 3 місяці тому @SGSnake2X the movie is more like "Jasmine 2019". Makes Aladdin look like a joke. Too much SJW take over
  • Bikini Man
    Bikini Man 3 місяці тому @tommy aronson Jasmine is all about me, me, me. Like most women today.
  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 3 місяці тому My Flapping Cape And looks nothing like the cartoon Jasmine ! Like how do you make an SJW film but still manage to partake in colorism ? Whitewashed movie ..
  • mimi el
    mimi el 3 місяці тому She barely does anything....
    YOUNG 3KG'S 3 місяці тому That was one of the worst things about the movie
  • Bash Monkey
    Bash Monkey 2 місяці тому Usually, feminism is very ham-fisted and forced. But they did it 10/10 perfect this time. Making you really understand Jasmine's feelings and giving her solid motivations. This movie 9/10. And Jasmine's show of strength added a solid point for sure. Powerful and tastefully done. I have been listening to it since I last saw the movie. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Ayesha Farook Ahmed
    Ayesha Farook Ahmed 2 місяці тому YESSSS Nurse Drine. Princess Jasmine Perfection Naomi G Scott
  • minhthu vũ
    minhthu vũ 1 місяць тому @YOUNG 3KG'S if u are a writer. Don't say like a weak idiot, in old version she was still strong
  • Zoids Zu
    Zoids Zu 2 тижні тому (змінено) YESSSS!!! I was looking for this comment. It was so inspiring and exciting to see such a strong and intelligent princess.
  • Rhien Pascal
    Rhien Pascal 3 місяці тому um is no one going to talk about how jafar’s bird was not the funny sarcastic character we all knew and loved?
  • pale star 8
    pale star 8 3 місяці тому I think he's plain annoying in the new one and sightly stupid lol
  • Olga Snegirjova
    Olga Snegirjova 3 місяці тому Still loved Aboo in movie!😻
  • Joel Stands
    Joel Stands 3 місяці тому Of course
  • Shadowstar Prime
    Shadowstar Prime 3 місяці тому Hes a real parrot...
  • maria harina nugraheni
    maria harina nugraheni 3 місяці тому And so was Jasmine's father. He is cute but the 2019 version i didn't see his cuteness
  • Maggie Rappa
    Maggie Rappa 3 місяці тому I mean that’s harder to do with a real parrot
  • Yuridia Lopez
    Yuridia Lopez 3 місяці тому I was kinda upset ab that too but I did love the part when the bird said “byeee jafar” when the genie turned jafar into a genie 💀💀💀
  • mimi el
    mimi el 3 місяці тому It would have made the movue childish
  • SugarSweetSofia
    SugarSweetSofia 3 місяці тому maria harina nugraheni gurl the actor was 50+ years old
  • Giulia.
    Giulia. 3 місяці тому Animals in this movie don't talk lol it's just because of that
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому Nah. I didn't like the old one honestly
  • NormalIs aIllusion
    NormalIs aIllusion 3 місяці тому 1# Jafar didn’t sing the Prince Ali (Reprise)
  • LunaSol X
    LunaSol X 3 місяці тому NormalIs AIllusion I was really looking forward to see how they would do the reprise too...but it wasn’t in the live action 😔😔
    MERCHIODOS 3 місяці тому They gave that part to Jasmin 2nd solo
  • Josie MacDonald
    Josie MacDonald 3 місяці тому He doesn't get the reprise?! Ah, but that reprise is one of the best damn villain songs Disney has done!!
  • Wioletta K.
    Wioletta K. 3 місяці тому so sad😭😭😭
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 3 місяці тому @MERCHIODOS They could easily have added fact its probably still in the cutting room.
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 3 місяці тому @MERCHIODOS they could easily have left the reprise in. Who knows, it might be in an extended cut DVD or sure they did all the original songs and ended up cutting out many of them.
  • NeaBEWG
    NeaBEWG 3 місяці тому Felt robbed by that to be honest
  • Skye Sitati
    Skye Sitati 3 місяці тому Lol when they said it was a tribute to the rock I legit thought they ment Dwayne Johnson and I was like damn he that famous now gettin tributes 😂
  • Abiya M
    Abiya M 3 місяці тому ahaha me too
  • Max The Marvel
    Max The Marvel 3 місяці тому Same!
  • Alyssa Star
    Alyssa Star 3 місяці тому I thought it was about Maui, the character in Moana who turns into a giant bird, played by Dwayne Johnson?!
  • Blake K
    Blake K 3 місяці тому That is exactly what I thought too !
  • Karen Slove
    Karen Slove 3 місяці тому Same here!😂
  • luluamu
    luluamu 3 місяці тому Saaame 😆
  • I want to be Hobi's Sprite
    I want to be Hobi's Sprite 3 місяці тому i thought about it too, you don't say the rock and not think of Dwayne.
  • crystal beauty
    crystal beauty 3 місяці тому The rock was supposed to be the genie
  • Sumit Chaudhary
    Sumit Chaudhary 3 місяці тому They are refering to ROC, a giant bird, i think in chinese myths.
  • themaan
    themaan 3 місяці тому It's spelled Roc, and it's a giant bird from Arabic mythology
  • courtney
    courtney 3 місяці тому Same!
  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie 3 місяці тому Skye Sitati lol, I literally was thinking the same thing!
  • thet thu
    thet thu 3 місяці тому SPOILER ALERT!!!! . . . . . I really love that in the end they made genie a real human when he was freed. It gives the ending a bittersweet taste, like he’s not the genie we’ve known anymore since he couldn’t even perform a simple magic anymore. But it means he finally got the freedom he wanted for more than a thousand years and finally explore the world to his heart’s content, just like a normal human being. It’s one of my most favourite things about this movie. And Jasmine becoming a sultan is a pleasant surprise too.
  • Crazi47
    Crazi47 3 місяці тому He's not a real human he's still a genie with powers he just doesn't have a master anymore so he doesn't have to use his magic as much but they hint about his peers at the beginning with his kids on their little boat (im paraphrasing but he's says something like) "our little boat will be just fine" hinting if it ever breaks or is damaged he uses magic to fix it, he's a genie with a more human life, possibly him granting himself his greatest wish
  • thet thu
    thet thu 3 місяці тому Crazi47 well, that’s a different interpretation. When I watched it though, I interpreted it as genie becoming real human. And he even asked Aladdin to ask him do some magic trick, and was excited when he couldn’t do it (and it’s not about order, since even when he was a full genie, someone has to use the lamp to order him). And I think his speech on the boat is just a metaphor, like whoever difficulty they face, they will make it out just fine. Well, I strongly believe people can have different interpretations on a movie and still enjoy it! And I sure do!
  • Gaming With Bubbly
    Gaming With Bubbly 3 місяці тому Crazi47 you’re wrong.
  • Gaming With Bubbly
    Gaming With Bubbly 3 місяці тому thet thu I agree 😁
  • Belen Sakura
    Belen Sakura 3 місяці тому Thanks for spoiling tho.glad i didnt have to watch it cuz im all bout Robin williams. No hate comments please.people do have their preference
  • Akainu Sakazuki94
    Akainu Sakazuki94 3 місяці тому (змінено) The only problem in this movie. That bothers me. It's the character JAFAR. He looks so smooth and not very scared. Less charisma and no goosebumps 1992 Jafar > 2019 Jafar.
  • Sydney Masih
    Sydney Masih 3 місяці тому Akainu Sakazuki94 that was my only complaint! i absolutely loved the live action! but i still wasn’t impressed enough with jafar’s character. it wasn’t scary and played him more like a madman rather than an iconic villain
  • Jamanda
    Jamanda 3 місяці тому What bothered me even more is he didn't get to sing Prince Ali!
  • pale star 8
    pale star 8 3 місяці тому Yes I totally agree. Saw the movie today and I really disagreed with the jafar actor. He wasn't scary at all or seemed like the orginal in any way
  • Brianna Diaz
    Brianna Diaz 3 місяці тому Akainu Sakazuki94 what do u expect it’s a live action movie not a animated one it was easlier to make jafar scary in the animated one duh tbh I think this jafar is sexyier
  • Akainu Sakazuki94
    Akainu Sakazuki94 3 місяці тому @Brianna Diaz I know. He could have made some effort on his character
  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez 3 місяці тому @Akainu Sakazuki94 he did show effort. He doesn't make his own lines he has a script to follow.
  • Felicity Fox
    Felicity Fox 3 місяці тому Twisted ja'far > all other ja'far
  • edagustin
    edagustin 3 місяці тому Indeed, I wasn’t too happy with the casting of Jafar.
  • SilverFox ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    SilverFox ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 місяці тому Yes! And Iago was very different too...
  • bleh
    bleh 3 місяці тому I completely disagree old jafar was not that creepy, as he was kinda the typical cartoon villain at times
  • lampr dede
    lampr dede 3 місяці тому How true! I was thinking that too
  • Evelyn Huerta
    Evelyn Huerta 2 місяці тому I AGREE 100% font get me wrong I’m sure the guy who played him is a good actor but I felt like he wasn’t scary and creepy enough as the original one or the one in Once Upon a Time one.
  • shataysia nelson
    shataysia nelson 3 тижні тому Akainu Sakazuki94 I think the writers said somewhere that they did that on purpose to show that evil people can look nice and normal I can’t remember where it was but it makes sense all these movies that have a villain we know because they look evil and scary but you never know from a normal guy that he wants to destroy you It was a nice lesson for kids I guess
  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 3 місяці тому Here's a bit of bonus trivia: Frank Welker is the only actor to reprise his role in the remake as the voice of The Cave of Wonders
  • Loliec
    Loliec 3 місяці тому No wonder it sounds scary just like the original
  • Juliana Ayu Yahya
    Juliana Ayu Yahya 3 місяці тому Thank you.
  • Karen Slove
    Karen Slove 3 місяці тому One of my favorite parts of the movie. No wonder it sent chills down my spine (good chills) and was so scary!