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Опубликовано: 7 авг. 2019 г. 1 395 545 просмотров

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This is the greatest polar bear force of All Time

  • PimpMyAlpaca
    PimpMyAlpaca 7 months ago Couldn't stop laughing when they were dragging him with such "respect" lmao
  • Canadian Goose
    Canadian Goose 4 months ago ahahahhaha
  • Greg Verney-Smith
    Greg Verney-Smith 4 months ago I literally cried hahaha
  • Tobiemoss
    Tobiemoss 4 months ago a respectful fractured jaw
  • Keyman
    Keyman 3 months ago #bearlivesmatter
  • noname190
    noname190 3 months ago Same
  • Alex Welch
    Alex Welch 3 months ago i laughed so fucking hard
  • Mason Long
    Mason Long 3 months ago I went into a laughing fit when that happened
  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 2 months ago PimpMyAlpaca fr 🤣🤣🤣
    FOR REAL THIS TIME 2 months ago Haven't seen him laugh so hard at something lmao
  • CHloE748
    CHloE748 2 months ago I felt really bad for the bear, but I couldn’t stop laughing anyways 😂
  • Thndr_
    Thndr_ 1 month ago me neither. That was hilarious
  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson 1 month ago Lmfao
  • Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper 3 weeks ago Same lmao
  • George Pearson
    George Pearson 1 week ago It’s like their dragging a dead corpse
  • TheExoTitan
    TheExoTitan 1 week ago It looks so depressed as well.
  • Keep The Hope Running
    Keep The Hope Running 1 day ago that part killed me
  • Red-Eyed- Ranger
    Red-Eyed- Ranger 7 months ago “This is our covert bear trap” Has sign saying “bear trap” Man once bears learn to read we’re all dead
  • Justin Mielsch
    Justin Mielsch 5 months ago Red-Eyed- Ranger a colvert pipe trap he is talking about what the trap is made of..... the idiots putting the subtitles wrong
  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 4 months ago @Justin Mielsch aren't the subtitles automatic?
  • Lord Swag Man
    Lord Swag Man 3 months ago Groovy Satan bot these ones
  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 3 months ago @Lord Swag Man yes they are. it says "auto-generated"
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 1 month ago @Groovy Satan some are, some aren't. All videos have auto generated subtitles, but sometimes, someone makes subtitles for a video. And that's what they did for the video that Charlie was watching, so no they actually aren't
  • CanadianFighter2k
    CanadianFighter2k 1 month ago CULVERT bear trap, culvert is the large pipe its made out of
  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 1 month ago @Sam GomezThen why did it say "auto-generated"?
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 1 month ago @Groovy Satan it doesn't say auto generated...
  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 1 month ago @Sam Gomez Yeah I just checked and you're right. Idk wtf I was talking about when I made those comments a month ago. I tend to watch cr1tikal videos while drunk so that might explain it.
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 1 month ago (edited) @Groovy Satan I'm guessing you checked Charlie's video and saw that it said auto-generated. But yeah, I make dumb comments even when I'm not drunk so it's all good lol.
  • Groovy Satan
    Groovy Satan 1 month ago @Sam Gomez Yeah i think that's what i did
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 1 month ago @Groovy Satan ah, makes sense then, especially if you were drunk
  • Sam van der Linden
    Sam van der Linden 7 months ago All jokes aside, this is a pretty respectable job. Guy puts himself out there to make sure no one gets harmed, and that the bears get to live.
  • Razvii
    Razvii 7 months ago Yeah but what about that cameraman? Dude's got the steel balls of a cannon
  • YouGetDestroyed
    YouGetDestroyed 7 months ago why tf do they put them in jail
  • Desiring Pleasures
    Desiring Pleasures 7 months ago Win win
  • Maddie whatever
    Maddie whatever 7 months ago (edited) @YouGetDestroyed They have to keep them away from the town and it's kinda a form of 'punishment'. Sway them into staying away. Plus I think it gives them the opportunity to check up on the bears as well.
  • Swivel Shivel
    Swivel Shivel 6 months ago YouGetDestroyed It’s a observation/deterrent type deal. They do it to check on the polar bears overall health, and the polar bears go “this is fucking ass”
  • Maddie whatever
    Maddie whatever 6 months ago @Swivel Shivel Obviously it's not nearly as bad as we think since they babe reoccurring visitors. Polar bears are really just taking the piss out of everyone
    THOTH 4 months ago @Maddie whatever the problem is, jail doesn't rehabilitate them. Bear goes in for stealing food from garbage cans, gets out a member of a gang and turned into a hardened criminal, next thing you know the bear's getting hit with a 20 year sentence for a drive by shooting. Its a sad cycle
  • flashdr1ve
    flashdr1ve 4 months ago @THOTH the bear crime rate has skyrocketed recently
  • Soy El KJ
    Soy El KJ 4 months ago A true green man
  • the person
    the person 3 months ago I'm pretty sure that the bears don't know what they are doing wrong I know I wouldn't all the bear knows is that he gets tranquilized and taken to jail it's not like the bear has a map
  • FreshPeanut
    FreshPeanut 3 months ago Just send Arthur out there, you remove the bear and you get a nice pot of stew
  • FreshPeanut
    FreshPeanut 2 months ago FreeHand Smell that? Smells like somebody who’s balls haven’t dropped yet. It’s a fresh smell, a tasty one
  • FreshPeanut
    FreshPeanut 2 months ago FreeHand Starwars is better
  • unknowning unknown
    unknowning unknown 2 months ago @FreeHand you got a kill streak on fortnite and think you are hot shit ? You are trash shit kid
  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez 1 month ago The only reason they go to towns to eat garbage is because theres not much food in their enviroment due to global warming. So when they throw him in the wild again to being hunger and he eventually will come back to town
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 1 month ago (edited) @FreeHand Yeah it is a respectable job since without him, multiple people could've probably lost their lives. Not to mention, they'd have to straight up kill any bears that got to close to civilization if they didn't have a guy who specialized in relocating them.
  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast 5 days ago hmmm respectible you say
  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 5 days ago (edited) @Burnt Toast No he actually said respectable. Lul
  • hunter knop
    hunter knop 4 months ago The bears just all chill cause he’s done this 8 times “oh you’re fixing my legs, thanks guys see, ya next time syd.”
  • JamesO19991
    JamesO19991 3 months ago Lmfao!! Dude how tf does this comment not have 5k likes?!! I’m confused
  • Sebaschan706
    Sebaschan706 2 days ago Yeah as if that was his doctor or something
  • bustdown_brandoon
    bustdown_brandoon 7 months ago (edited) 8:47 Nothing makes me feel more re-- *WHEEEEEEZE*
  • slahser
    slahser 4 months ago DP checks out
  • Jacob's HMF
    Jacob's HMF 7 months ago hear horn honking and fireworks in your small town "ah, just Sid scaring the bears again"
  • alex Debroux
    alex Debroux 7 months ago bear gets dragged across rocks by its feet Subtitles: (soft jazzy music)
  • Tripper’s Journey
    Tripper’s Journey 7 months ago 8:35 Charlie laughing so hard that he hits his head, followed with a quick “ow”.- circa 2019, colorized.
  • Eli
    Eli 7 months ago (edited) “They treat the bears with respect” drags the bear on rocks and throws him in bear jail
  • Skyler Rose
    Skyler Rose 1 month ago Just like society
  • Ryan Maitra
    Ryan Maitra 2 weeks ago They also said without food or water
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago The best thing is they done this so much the bear actually got domicile look at how used to he is when the poeple are near him he happily licks his tongue. You could pet that guy and he wouldnt hurt you of course hes coming back to the towns he knows they dont hurt him. They probably think if they get hungry and cant find anything they will get something if they go to the town. Idiots.
  • Herobyt
    Herobyt 1 week ago They dont feed them or give them water when they lock them up so there isn't a reason they would want to go back to bear jail. Idiot.
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago @Herobyt yea I'm sure they don't feed the for weeks that sounds nothing like animal cruelty.. Well I guess judging from the pulling him over the rocks nothing would surprise me. How about you don't call someone names and just give me the information you obviously know. I'm not a bear jail pro like you I only watched the video so if you know something I don't why don't you go ahead and say it.
  • Hi Goodbye
    Hi Goodbye 1 week ago MrPierreBoch “How about you don’t call people names” I’m sorry weren’t you the one who called people “idiots”.fucking hypocrites.
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 6 days ago @Hi Goodbye sorry for not making it clear. I meant the bear police.
  • Michaela M
    Michaela M 4 days ago @MrPierreBoch Can't you go read the wiki or smthn before you argue? Polar bears can fast n go without food for weeks naturally, it's not a giant deal and worth the lesson it teaches them. Not feeding them makes the town more dangerous and not worth it in their minds. And it works.
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 4 days ago @Michaela M okay cool thanks for the info. See now I know I was wrong but as I said from the start I don't know anything bout bears I just watched the video. Thank you for not beeing an asshole.
  • Astranat
    Astranat 4 days ago @MrPierreBoch found the polar bear guys
  • Yeled Lego
    Yeled Lego 7 months ago 8:31 “always treating the bear with great respect and care” You’re dragging him on the floor by tying his paws. Very respectful.
  • unknowning unknown
    unknowning unknown 2 months ago I would like to see you life a polar bear scrawny nerd and also his paws have to be untied you would shit your pants dumbass fuck boi
  • The last Roomba you’ll ever see
    The last Roomba you’ll ever see 1 month ago unknowning unknown why the hostility
  • amy heather
    amy heather 1 month ago @unknowning unknown are you Syd?
  • Ah I see
    Ah I see 1 week ago Doesn't a bear weigh like 400 kg
  • Will Bill
    Will Bill 7 months ago 8:29 This is the hardest I have ever laughed in my 14 months with Charlie
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago I almost died when I watched the first video I saw of Cooking with Kay he made. It was 2 am and I was in my bed screaming in laughter haha someone most liekly heard me and thought Im crazy ^^
  • Bren Wright
    Bren Wright 7 months ago 8:28 “Such respect” Genuine laughter is infectious🤣😂
  • TOMeightoh
    TOMeightoh 6 months ago An animal that has evolved thousands of years to have perfect camouflage in its environment to stalk prey. How do we keep track of it? i know ! lets paint a giant green square on its back! it will be fine!
  • Shinta
    Shinta 1 month ago I don't get this comment. It does work.
  • Jared Piper
    Jared Piper 4 weeks ago It means the polar bear won't be able to hunt until the paint wears off. So it will most likely starve
  • Tim Thomason
    Tim Thomason 3 days ago @Jared Piper Brutus has been in and out of bear jail for over 23 years. He hasn't starved yet.
  • Vorlock Point-zero
    Vorlock Point-zero 7 months ago The bear respecting part had me on the floor cry-laughing
  • Tripp’ an dip 1_1
    Tripp’ an dip 1_1 7 months ago That means Brutus has done 6 months in jail because he’s been caught 8 times he gets held for three weeks at a time that’s equal to 24 weeks. 24 weeks is equivalent to six months YOLO BRUTUS
  • the person
    the person 3 months ago And that is rediculous that they are wasting away bears lives like that (I'm pretty sure the bears have no idea what is happening)
  • Charleston Cooper
    Charleston Cooper 1 month ago free the homie brutus
  • amy heather
    amy heather 1 month ago Brutus do be looking like knows Syd tho
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago @the person well I bet the bears think they live there. I mean they get food there for not doing anything of course they will come back to town. Look at how chill the bear is he thinks those officers are his buddys.
  • the person
    the person 1 week ago @MrPierreBoch yeah but a polar bear should have a big area to stay not a little pen
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago @the person excuse me? I'm sure the polar bears can choose what they want by themself. They don't need your permission if they feel at home in that "pen".
  • the person
    the person 1 week ago @MrPierreBoch I don't know why you got so heated but I'm literally just saying that I'm pretty sure they would prefer to be in the wild instead of traqulised and put in bear jail constantly and I doubt they like it because it is bear jail after all.
  • the person
    the person 1 week ago @MrPierreBoch also idk if you can't tell but they aren't chosing to go in there
  • MrPierreBoch
    MrPierreBoch 1 week ago (edited) @the person they are not stupid quite the contrary actually. So I bet they know what happens when they go near the town. It's like with cats or birds you can train them to do certain things so they get food. I mean I'm no expert but I can see how a wild polar bear would see the appeal of getting food without doing anything. I'm not aggressive I tried to be funny sorry that I suck, brother.
  • lily
    lily 7 months ago i laughed immediately after reading the title cus i just imagined a police force full of polar bears
  • Quiet
    Quiet 7 months ago (edited) Most Polar Bears Are Sent To Jail For Having A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear In Their Possession......
  • pretty cool bananas
    pretty cool bananas 7 months ago (edited) polar bear being forcefully grabbed by its head and dragged by its feet subtitles: (soft electronic drumming music)
  • Dux
    Dux 7 months ago polar bear being respectfully* grabbed by his head and dragged by its feet
  • Matthias D'Avila
    Matthias D'Avila 7 months ago It was very respectful the way they dragged him across jagged rocks.
  • pretty cool bananas
    pretty cool bananas 7 months ago Dux oh you’re right my bad
  • Buccaneer
    Buccaneer 7 months ago Matthias D'Avila I'm sure peta would agree
  • Rivery Jerald
    Rivery Jerald 7 months ago @Buccaneer Peta kills animals bruh
  • Buccaneer
    Buccaneer 7 months ago Rivery Jerald Cool bruh
  • federico leonardi
    federico leonardi 7 months ago sure you can be gentle to the bear , try to convince him with a leash like a dog , lets see if he returns the gentle manners
  • AnIrishMusician
    AnIrishMusician 4 months ago Polar bear reports of people getting torn open and eaten alive* Charlie: "lol why bear eat poopy garbage?"
  • Jaedon Kuchta
    Jaedon Kuchta 3 months ago Matthias D'Avila buddy as majestic of creatures as they are polar bears are one of the few animals that will actively hunt humans for food, it’s very important to keep them and us separate in places like this if we wanna avoid dead humans and dead bears
  • Brett slegh
    Brett slegh 5 months ago “Always treating the bear with respect and care.” As they drag it over rocks while it’s to stoned to resist
  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston 7 months ago Those aren't polar bear police officers, you tricked me Charlie.