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Скачать с ютуб Minecraft: TROLL CRAFT | NO MORE LAVA [5]

Опубликовано: 23 сент. 2016 г. 2 949 237 просмотров

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Watch as SSundee heads to the volcano to get more lava with a specific goal!! But then he thinks of something evil!! When will he stop being so evil to Crainer and Jordan?!...Lol, Thanks for watching, I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

Crainers's Channel

CaptainSparklez Channel

X33N(Set up the server)

Kehaan(Set up the server)

Map mad by BlockWorks!

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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu - Such Fun
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  • X33N
    X33N 3 years ago What did you do to my volcano!?!?
  • Benet Zheng
    Benet Zheng 3 years ago it die :c
  • вєncє нσяνáтн
    вєncє нσяνáтн 3 years ago +X33N Rip in Ripperoni with da pepperoni. :'c
  • Deciperer
    Deciperer 3 years ago RIP Volcano 2016-2016 (Also Steve and Edgar)
  • Daniel Sarfraz
    Daniel Sarfraz 3 years ago stalker
  • 1
    1 3 years ago Theyll be lava under the obsidian anyway hes only trolling himself
  • Josh Howitt
    Josh Howitt 3 years ago (edited) you should turn his base into a new one XD
  • MadGames
    MadGames 3 years ago It wasn't me!! Even tho.. I love.. Cobble
  • Lewis Brain
    Lewis Brain 3 years ago #whatdidhedo
  • Tom G
    Tom G 3 years ago lol hai dood
  • Marie Schmidt
    Marie Schmidt 3 years ago he distroyed it :3
  • Remix The Idiot
    Remix The Idiot 3 years ago Ikr, i hate griefers...
  • Jelle Brandt
    Jelle Brandt 3 years ago Did you make it your self, or from the internet???
  • Choagie
    Choagie 3 years ago They had a team build the entire world
  • ibyz786 boss
    ibyz786 boss 3 years ago Lol rip lava
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
    Heinz Doofenshmirtz 3 years ago Rip volcano you will never be missed 😂
  • Quality Trash
    Quality Trash 3 years ago #RIPlava
  • Josh Howitt
    Josh Howitt 3 years ago Troll him bk
  • Bill Nye Is A Science Guy
    Bill Nye Is A Science Guy 3 years ago Why must Ian do these things
  • Rene D.
    Rene D. 3 years ago It was not even a smart idea. Sparklez and Crainer now just can go there and mine the Obsidian.
  • Quality Trash
    Quality Trash 3 years ago +Rene D. Yes... but you need a diamond (or higher) pick to mine obsidian...
  • Austin Holley
    Austin Holley 3 years ago That's what Ssundee does when it comes to trolling Z33N
  • Thu Phuong Doan
    Thu Phuong Doan 3 years ago its call troll craft for a reason X33N
  • Aleph9
    Aleph9 3 years ago Is this the real X33N
  • ibyz786 boss
    ibyz786 boss 3 years ago the world will never know if this is X33N
  • DaltonCraft Gaming, Vlogs, Game updates
    DaltonCraft Gaming, Vlogs, Game updates 3 years ago Hey guys
  • DaltonCraft Gaming, Vlogs, Game updates
    DaltonCraft Gaming, Vlogs, Game updates 3 years ago It's the real X33N
  • Judith Sadial
    Judith Sadial 3 years ago Are you the real X33N becuz i sub at you
  • flarth
    flarth 3 years ago Wow it's the real X33N, I'm a big fan ;)
  • Wrath Skies
    Wrath Skies 3 years ago XD your work is gone that must suck
  • Johnny Schladt
    Johnny Schladt 3 years ago Punish him in a vary bad way by next epesode
  • Nathan Watchz
    Nathan Watchz 3 years ago XD
  • Memmnoch342
    Memmnoch342 3 years ago lol
  • Smart Squirrel
    Smart Squirrel 3 years ago (edited) Stalker.. i mean pls dont kill memeeeeee
  • huub Swennenhuis
    huub Swennenhuis 3 years ago Are you an stalker
  • Cribby
    Cribby 3 years ago OMG X33N PEOPLE CALL THE POLICE THE STALKER IS HERE!!!!!!!🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷♦️🔷
  • markus dahle
    markus dahle 3 years ago he failed a prank
  • Carter Alan
    Carter Alan 3 years ago I hope he know sparkles has a portal
  • jermy france
    jermy france 3 years ago Guys I think he will troll ssundee or something idk
  • gO cOmmIt tOasTer bAth !!!
    gO cOmmIt tOasTer bAth !!! 3 years ago Ohhh
  • gO cOmmIt tOasTer bAth !!!
    gO cOmmIt tOasTer bAth !!! 3 years ago Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • If Burly
    If Burly 3 years ago X33N mate, well done on those clowns
  • Underscope Muzik
    Underscope Muzik 3 years ago Li
  • km1391
    km1391 3 years ago hey
  • GamxrLee XAO
    GamxrLee XAO 3 years ago but they cant break obsidian ;)
  • melrayman
    melrayman 3 years ago lol
  • MichealKaiWolf
    MichealKaiWolf 3 years ago ... oh Sh*t u mad X33N
  • MichealKaiWolf
    MichealKaiWolf 3 years ago hehe
  • Volcanic Arcane
    Volcanic Arcane 3 years ago Stalker You Hade Condom Lubber IN Your Stalker Room
  • Wwint winters
    Wwint winters 3 years ago He got rid of the lava
  • Coolr
    Coolr 3 years ago He rekt it.
  • The_Amazing_MELLon
    The_Amazing_MELLon 3 years ago LOL!!!
  • GirlTDMHerobrine
    GirlTDMHerobrine 3 years ago lol get rekt X33N
  • Jackiest PlaysGames
    Jackiest PlaysGames 3 years ago Dont be upsetti have some spaghetti
  • IcyTVGames
    IcyTVGames 3 years ago REKT XEEN
  • Forever Blessed Music
    Forever Blessed Music 3 years ago (edited) The lava was only one block deep in the volcano, it was customized that way I assume?
  • aiyun gao
    aiyun gao 3 years ago Who are you
  • Bed Head Bread
    Bed Head Bread 3 years ago yeah but now that they have obsidian they could just get some from the nether
  • Skits&Stuff
    Skits&Stuff 3 years ago Ssundee I'm your biggest fan in the world
  • SliceAdice
    SliceAdice 3 years ago Are you da real x33n
  • Xavier Villanis
    Xavier Villanis 3 years ago Karma stalker :)
  • Junior Jo-Jo's
    Junior Jo-Jo's 3 years ago that's what you get X33N
  • Sarthak Agrawal
    Sarthak Agrawal 3 years ago @MelonGaming omfg you are so stupid...
  • Spongiorno Squarevana
    Spongiorno Squarevana 3 years ago Lol
  • 4023
    4023 3 years ago Lol
  • Master PhoenixHarp
    Master PhoenixHarp 3 years ago Doesn't anyone realize that Crainer and sparkles mine the obsidian you created? Or am I just dumb?
  • golden_ I5aac
    golden_ I5aac 3 years ago ikr
  • Claire bear
    Claire bear 3 years ago the gods were unhappy and destroyed the only source of lava. THE GODS AREN'T PLEASED, SACRIFICE SSUNDEE! :p
  • SonicMaster Sword
    SonicMaster Sword 3 years ago Simply put, Ssundee is now at war. He is sabotaging the worlds resources to set Crainer and Sparklez back. It was expected to happen eventually.
  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez 3 years ago lol just a prank bro
  • Sam Lolohea
    Sam Lolohea 3 years ago Z33N bro just" let it go " and it was your fault
  • BRIGHT LT-Aqua
    BRIGHT LT-Aqua 3 years ago X33n nothing personal
  • Doom Clash
    Doom Clash 3 years ago No more Lava X33n
  • Bryan Sosa
    Bryan Sosa 3 years ago Dame someone mad
  • XplodingInsect
    XplodingInsect 3 years ago He... he erm.... bad touch
  • NRRINC Media
    NRRINC Media 3 years ago whats the mod that allows you to mine stone and get a chance of getting an ore?
  • Dumitrache Daniel
    Dumitrache Daniel 3 years ago :D
  • John The Potato
    John The Potato 3 years ago it is now ded
  • Leilani Alfonso
    Leilani Alfonso 3 years ago Hey X33N
  • Michael Dicamillo
    Michael Dicamillo 3 years ago He took a piss on it
  • Regan 123
    Regan 123 3 years ago lol
  • Pierce Melton
    Pierce Melton 3 years ago Lel
  • Heimirich
    Heimirich 3 years ago Do some I dunno, ADVANCED stalking, like...make some random sounds at random time and place :D
  • Bray Terranova
    Bray Terranova 3 years ago Lolol
  • Bray Terranova
    Bray Terranova 3 years ago But they do have one
  • Zachary Dys
    Zachary Dys 3 years ago Hi
  • George Kolta
    George Kolta 3 years ago R.I.P volcano and R.I.P X33N's time
  • EqZ Dolfix
    EqZ Dolfix 3 years ago lol
  • Joel Tubalado
    Joel Tubalado 3 years ago 100th reply
  • Kingbity
    Kingbity 3 years ago Hi X33N
  • ChunkNorris
    ChunkNorris 3 years ago He rekted it
  • War_master_9 Warmaster
    War_master_9 Warmaster 3 years ago hoi zeen
  • Simren Saini
    Simren Saini 3 years ago Haa
  • jack kipphorn
    jack kipphorn 3 years ago LOL WHAT hapened ssundee happened
  • Written Down Knowledge
    Written Down Knowledge 3 years ago Destroyed it.
  • Written Down Knowledge
    Written Down Knowledge 3 years ago Its only one block of lava.
  • Rian The Bean 69
    Rian The Bean 69 3 years ago xeen hehe ummm it was a troll hahahah
  • Mat K
    Mat K 3 years ago 😎😎 were do you live
  • Avarage Walking potato
    Avarage Walking potato 3 years ago Huh nothing...
  • TψT Meh
    TψT Meh 3 years ago lol
  • HollowPowerDuck Hero
    HollowPowerDuck Hero 3 years ago Lol
  • White
    White 3 years ago nice face
  • Danielthetiger
    Danielthetiger 3 years ago LOLOL
  • Fat B0ii
    Fat B0ii 3 years ago lmao!
  • uh oh stinky
    uh oh stinky 3 years ago Lol
  • Velvet
    Velvet 3 years ago :(
  • Wolfymustache
    Wolfymustache 3 years ago IT IS MY VOLCANO
  • James B
    James B 3 years ago XD lol
  • marianotem partelow
    marianotem partelow 3 years ago hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah
  • Kayden Sabo
    Kayden Sabo 3 years ago rip
  • Kayden Sabo
    Kayden Sabo 3 years ago Killed it
  • Corrie Arthur
    Corrie Arthur 2 years ago X33N lol
    WASTELAND_GZ 10 months ago BAMABOY 16nc X33N idiot
  • KD
    KD 8 months ago вєncє нσяνáтн ddrdededdcdfdcddcf
  • Spectacular_ Stephen
    Spectacular_ Stephen 8 months ago It got deads
  • Cruz Robertson
    Cruz Robertson 8 months ago STALKER
  • ZeDa Enderman
    ZeDa Enderman 7 months ago Wow Ssundee is burglar
  • YessirreeeIdo MEMES
    YessirreeeIdo MEMES 7 months ago X33N you need to make a new troll craft
  • Zashi Occidere
    Zashi Occidere 7 months ago X33N you have 666 likes are you curesed
  • Hamza Chahine
    Hamza Chahine 7 months ago X33N lol
  • Tortle Boi
    Tortle Boi 6 months ago He died it
  • Jill B Moore
    Jill B Moore 6 months ago He did not do anything 🤐🤫🤭
  • Hayden Brew
    Hayden Brew 6 months ago he put water all over it stocker
  • TA Riza
    TA Riza 6 months ago hi xeen
  • Sir Puggington3
    Sir Puggington3 5 months ago Stakr
  • marcos rodriguez
    marcos rodriguez 5 months ago 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 @Benet Zheng
  • Channel Zone
    Channel Zone 5 months ago Reeeeeeeeeee
  • Rp eats stuff For no reason
    Rp eats stuff For no reason 5 months ago StAllllllllkEerrr
  • jason brodie
    jason brodie 5 months ago X33N the stalker
  • All and Mighty memes
    All and Mighty memes 4 months ago Stalker
  • Goat - GMD
    Goat - GMD 4 months ago uhhh oh boi... he ded like nooooooooooooo joke xD
  • Goat - GMD
    Goat - GMD 4 months ago btw dude u kool
  • huh im here
    huh im here 4 months ago F
  • pointy nick 108
    pointy nick 108 4 months ago He outsmarted you STALKER X33N LOL
  • pointy nick 108
    pointy nick 108 4 months ago Don't hear em map made by block worlds it is saying in desc
  • Omgfuntime
    Omgfuntime 3 months ago Ssundee licked it
  • Dakota Dirden
    Dakota Dirden 3 months ago Haha!!
  • Bladers Rising
    Bladers Rising 3 months ago Found you
  • Cade Miller
    Cade Miller 2 months ago X33N make a season 2
  • SamisChickenNuggets
    SamisChickenNuggets 2 months ago Ree eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Holly Joe Weikle
    Holly Joe Weikle 2 months ago X33N hi
  • The Last Despacito Spider
    The Last Despacito Spider 1 month ago IT commited r/commitdie
  • SamisChickenNuggets
    SamisChickenNuggets 1 month ago @The Last Despacito Spider ripperoni
  • Damon Culbert
    Damon Culbert 2 weeks ago So.... x33n you didn’t LAVA his troll?
  • (PoonPoon) Chanaphat Pakpienthakolpol
    (PoonPoon) Chanaphat Pakpienthakolpol 9 months ago 2019? Anyone ;]
  • Zachary Santos
    Zachary Santos 5 months ago 2019 for life until 20020 😎
  • thunder 666
    thunder 666 5 months ago (edited) 2019 BOIii
  • Joseph Darvish
    Joseph Darvish 1 month ago 2019 boi
  • Toni-A-098
    Toni-A-098 5 months ago Best part of this episode is when ssundee jumps because of memes Yes it is the 6th time i watch this and i also am from 2019
  • lickma toe
    lickma toe 5 months ago Hello
  • Sir Narly
    Sir Narly 4 months ago I felt the same way and I’m two days away from season X
  • Ruby Tembo
    Ruby Tembo 4 months ago Same
  • Ruby Tembo
    Ruby Tembo 4 months ago 2019
  • [DFNT]GrandMaster Mex
    [DFNT]GrandMaster Mex 4 months ago Same here brotha
  • Sam007Gaymer
    Sam007Gaymer 4 months ago 69 likes
  • Cannongaming
    Cannongaming 3 months ago True
  • Kane 101
    Kane 101 3 months ago 2019 lol
  • Jurrasic Marshmallow
    Jurrasic Marshmallow 1 month ago Toni-A-098 your not the only one
  • milopop
    milopop 1 year ago RIP Steve 2016-2016 RIP Edgar 2016-2016
  • Pineapple playz
    Pineapple playz 4 months ago May you rest in piece
  • Pineapple playz
    Pineapple playz 4 months ago Those poor lifes
  • B0SSMxN305
    B0SSMxN305 3 months ago @Pineapple playz F in the chat for Edgar and steve
  • Mary Gail Montoya-Enriquez
    Mary Gail Montoya-Enriquez 3 months ago RIP EDGAR AND STRVE REST IN PRACE ☹️
  • Heidi Nutter
    Heidi Nutter 3 months ago F
  • nice bot
    nice bot 3 months ago F
  • Ryan O'Rourke
    Ryan O'Rourke 2 months ago F
  • TheFrozen Lama
    TheFrozen Lama 2 years ago Can't they get obsidian from all the lava he blocked up
  • Con
    Con 2 years ago TheFrozen Lama he doesn't have diamond gear yet so he can't mine obsidian
  • Bryson Konoto
    Bryson Konoto 1 year ago And its too far
  • Oxtailcamp22092
    Oxtailcamp22092 10 months ago stoopid
  • Mikey Reyna
    Mikey Reyna 5 months ago It’s gonna take a long time to make a pic to brake it
  • pointy nick 108
    pointy nick 108 4 months ago Yeah but no lava
  • Eddy Fire
    Eddy Fire 4 months ago TheFrozen Lama exactly they can get diamond sword and then get obsidion
  • Eddy Fire
    Eddy Fire 4 months ago And they can find sundee’s portal if they try trolling him. They’ll explore the house and go into the mine
  • Miss Rose
    Miss Rose 3 months ago Eddy Fire I’m assuming you meant pickaxe instead of sword. :/
  • Squidwords Bluemom
    Squidwords Bluemom 3 months ago 69 likes
  • Limitless Vlogs and More
    Limitless Vlogs and More 2 months ago TheFrozen Lama that’s exactly what I was thinking
  • Ryan O'Rourke
    Ryan O'Rourke 2 months ago @Limitless Vlogs and More yeye
  • Limitless Vlogs and More
    Limitless Vlogs and More 2 months ago Ryan O'Rourke pepe
  • Block Legends
    Block Legends 2 months ago Exactly, lol he done messed up. (when u don't think a prank through)
  • Dah Flossing Pineapples
    Dah Flossing Pineapples 4 weeks ago Ya Eventually
  • Smaily
    Smaily 3 years ago Can't they just mine the obsidian from vulcano?
  • CaptainLightning
    CaptainLightning 3 years ago *Volcano
  • Smaily
    Smaily 3 years ago xD ya
  • Milk Flavored Icecream
    Milk Flavored Icecream 3 years ago Ik! I was just going to say that.
  • Smaily
    Smaily 3 years ago LoL :D
  • RoadkillWaffle
    RoadkillWaffle 3 years ago Took the words out of my mouth...
  • Smaily
    Smaily 3 years ago Ya i know xD
  • Ashleigh Bashleigh
    Ashleigh Bashleigh 1 year ago Yes they will take it from the vulcono
  • LG Smurf
    LG Smurf 1 year ago Smaily volcano*
  • GPS Oyunda
    GPS Oyunda 1 year ago Smaily well they cant. Cuz that lava is only a 1-block source.
  • Mia Tonani
    Mia Tonani 1 year ago ya
  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 1 year ago Smaily ? Volcano?
  • I ScopeUrMum
    I ScopeUrMum 1 year ago No they have to go to the nether to get diamonds and they need diamonds to get obsidian so how can they get there without the diamonds they need to mine the obsidian if they don't have diamonds or lava to do what ssundee did
  • SilverDream
    SilverDream 1 year ago (edited) Nick ScopesUrMum no first of all mods more pickaxes that are stronger second they can get diamonds other way (MODS) like veinmaining
  • SilverDream
    SilverDream 1 year ago (edited) And if you mine there you can find some (overworld) (and there is no diamonds in nether they are nether diamonds)
  • BlueTree Films
    BlueTree Films 1 year ago They cant get the obsidian dudes, their pickaxes arent strong enough
  • Alex Dunne
    Alex Dunne 1 year ago Nick ScopesUrMum ssundee got diamonds from vein miner
  • PJ Poopkins
    PJ Poopkins 1 year ago Smaily it is only one thick
  • game player
    game player 1 year ago Smaily that's what I was thinking
  • Sadooka Bro
    Sadooka Bro 1 year ago Not with out a good pick axe or it will take for ever
  • Spexx
    Spexx 11 months ago I was about to post this too
  • The Forbidden Fruit
    The Forbidden Fruit 11 months ago No it's made of concrete
  • Hunter Kane-Agustin
    Hunter Kane-Agustin 11 months ago I know
  • Remus Campeanu
    Remus Campeanu 10 months ago Smaily true.
  • Leon Swoop
    Leon Swoop 10 months ago Exactly
  • wwwcheryls
    wwwcheryls 9 months ago With diamond pick and a brain
  • The Weird Doggo
    The Weird Doggo 9 months ago They would need a diamond pickaxe. Where they gunna get diamonds from?
  • FlamePepper
    FlamePepper 8 months ago @The Weird Doggo they can use tinkers construct tools to mine the obsidian
  • Al3xZz L0p3Zz
    Al3xZz L0p3Zz 8 months ago True
  • Omegaproskills YT
    Omegaproskills YT 8 months ago He can’t with that pickaxes you stupid jk lol u smart
  • Nino Dopona
    Nino Dopona 6 months ago ​@Milk Flavored Icecreamthought of that yea
  • Braeden Sands
    Braeden Sands 5 months ago Ya
  • Kaden Ramirez
    Kaden Ramirez 5 months ago i know
  • Shady
    Shady 5 months ago @wwwcheryls they can just vein mine to get the diamonds ;-;
  • SeaThat Gamer
    SeaThat Gamer 4 months ago They can get diamonds from the mines,caves,cavers
  • XxxHolly PlayzxxX
    XxxHolly PlayzxxX 1 week ago @The Weird Doggo THE GROUND
  • The Weird Doggo
    The Weird Doggo 1 week ago oh nice you found a comment from me 10 months ago. also ok
  • XxxHolly PlayzxxX
    XxxHolly PlayzxxX 1 week ago @The Weird Doggo lol
  • Luke Lantern
    Luke Lantern 3 years ago 5:14 He just jumped over it. Bloody hell. XD
  • Sungrin Han
    Sungrin Han 3 years ago Luke Lantern Agreed
  • Allyson Weber
    Allyson Weber 2 years ago Luke Lantern I know I am freaking out about it
  • Damian Morris
    Damian Morris 2 years ago Gamer Cookie Does he ever fall into it? I never found the video if so.
  • Allyson Weber
    Allyson Weber 2 years ago No, he does remodeling in his house and finds the hole.
  • GG_GAMER91
    GG_GAMER91 1 year ago Agree
  • Vamika Bhat
    Vamika Bhat 1 year ago i think he saw the video and won't fall for the trick... CAPTAIN NEEDS TO AVENGE FOR EDGAR AND STEVE!
  • Karla Hernandez
    Karla Hernandez 1 year ago Luke Lantern a
  • 11963
    11963 6 months ago Vamika Bhat your not allowed to
  • TheEpicsniper34
    TheEpicsniper34 3 months ago Luke Lantern on it
  • Noah Wattel
    Noah Wattel 1 year ago Jordan found your portal right after you made it.
  • Maxillian Mus
    Maxillian Mus 2 years ago There's obsidian where the volcano is (face palm)
  • Funny Minecrafter
    Funny Minecrafter 2 years ago I'm Ur Dad omg u r
  • BlueTree Films
    BlueTree Films 1 year ago They cant mine the obsidian
  • Oxtailcamp22092
    Oxtailcamp22092 10 months ago stoopid
  • DazedBanana
    DazedBanana 9 months ago Can they mine it with their pickaxes?
  • Roberta Smith
    Roberta Smith 5 months ago Maxillian Mus yeah that's a good point
  • Vanarp Inagnas
    Vanarp Inagnas 3 months ago alexisagamer2 they need diamond tools and it will take a long time
  • Dean_thebestone
    Dean_thebestone 2 years ago Mine the obsidian to go to the nether then get all the lava you want lel
  • Con
    Con 2 years ago Dean The Best One he can't because he didn't have diamonds to mine the obsidian
  • Oxtailcamp22092
    Oxtailcamp22092 10 months ago stoopid
  • Ahren Dayal
    Ahren Dayal 3 months ago Ya cause they have diamond tools
  • Wolfgalaxy
    Wolfgalaxy 8 months ago It's not often you see Ian get genuinely scared. This is one of the times where he does get genuinely scared.
  • Tyler ThomasPK
    Tyler ThomasPK 3 years ago 13:18 OMFG HIS REACTION WAS PRICELESS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ryan O'Rourke
    Ryan O'Rourke 2 months ago 20:33 it's even better
  • AdamDotMarcus YT
    AdamDotMarcus YT 2 years ago 6:09 lol once again of course
  • Kaylie Hankins
    Kaylie Hankins 5 months ago "when i got on earlier toda- crainer lol
  • Tejas Naik
    Tejas Naik 2 years ago he missed the pit
  • Skull Rider
    Skull Rider 2 months ago Doesn’t like crainers memes Me: Why don’t you disarm it?
  • Ashbie Snowden
    Ashbie Snowden 2 years ago Ssundee: "It's tinkling on everything!" Me: "Ummmmmm......... . . . ."
  • TheGame Expert
    TheGame Expert 3 months ago 2019 and I'm still watching this series
  • Kenan Uruz
  • D3fau1tZ
    D3fau1tZ 3 years ago 16:14 Ssundee: the nether seems kinda peaceful 2 secs later Ssundee:this is kinda scary
  • Miss Rose
    Miss Rose 3 months ago *3 Lol.
  • Taishi Ferguson
    Taishi Ferguson 2 months ago He means that he’s scared of how peaceful the nether is.
  • Taishi Ferguson
    Taishi Ferguson 2 months ago Because it’s not normal that it is that peaceful with not as much mobs