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Скачать с ютуб Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Samat Bashenov - WSB Season 3 Finals

Опубликовано: 9 нояб. 2015 г. 142 915 просмотров

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From season 3 of World Series Boxing - Finals between the Ukraine Ottomans and Astana Arlans Kazakhstan.

(-61 kg, lightweight) Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Samat Bashenov

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  • Vladee V
    Vladee V 2 years ago Abeline Byrd was probably scoring the 10-8 vs Loma
  • Alice Villardière
    Alice Villardière 1 month ago How can it be scored 10:8 when Bashenov was knocked down, I just don't get it
  • daniyal _s01
    daniyal _s01 3 years ago Lomachenko is the Best!
  • Ростовский Феникс
    Ростовский Феникс 2 years ago (edited) Lomachenko is the Beast
  • Navek Ydeer
    Navek Ydeer 11 months ago ...,,,LOMO,,,... Brought boxing out of the grave , revived it, gave it back it's pulse ...,,,...BOXING IS ALIVE ...,,,...
  • Daniel Vazquez
    Daniel Vazquez 1 week ago That was a bs statement. Loma fought overseas, had more then 190 fights and beat every fighter he ever fought, won two gold Olympic medals. And received the Olympics award for being the best fighter in the Olympics. Given that he started at the age of 7 and took 5 years of dance makes him the one of the all time greats. All this before going pro. WOW!
  • Багор Исламов
    Багор Исламов 2 months ago Самат хороший боксёр но против такого мастера как Лома руки всегда должны быть на месте.
  • Kevin Dragonbringer
    Kevin Dragonbringer 2 years ago Bashenov grabs and holds a lot, what is up with that?
  • Jamie Bushby
    Jamie Bushby 2 years ago Kevin Dragonbringer he been watching Bernard hopkins
  • TedOfNod
    TedOfNod 2 months ago What if Dominic Cruz stepped into the ring with Loma? I’d love to see that match. Yes, Cruz isn’t a pure boxer, but with his understanding of footwork and head movement, it would certainly be interesting to see.
  • TedOfNod
    TedOfNod 2 months ago Both have unconventional styles. Both are very elusive. Both dance around their opponents while landing punches. Both have games focused heavily on footwork.
  • jesse 93
    jesse 93 1 month ago Idk just look what he did to rigondeaux someone with footwork and stuff. Loma has tougher fights with people who fight him hard.
  • Michael Colicino
    Michael Colicino 1 year ago Bashenov stepped on loma,s foot!! just sayin!!
  • Винни-Пух Таврическый
    Винни-Пух Таврическый 21 hours ago Чёт Васька какой - то ленивый вышел....🤔
  • 8trigrammer
    8trigrammer 8 months ago If rematch Bashenov would get stopped before the 8th round, or he would give up by then.
  • Daniel Vazquez
    Daniel Vazquez 1 week ago Glad to see they corrected the record on the score cards. I’d keep an eye on that judge though. Scoring a 10 for a guy who got knocked down and an 8 for the guy who knocked him down is disgraceful.
  • Tin Nguyen
    Tin Nguyen 6 months ago (edited) VASYL LOMACHENKO "NUMBER ONE" (KING'S CONER)
  • Гудзь Роман
    Гудзь Роман 2 years ago the score of first you can see how WSB is built, Kazakhstan is one of major sponsors... no comments
  • стенфорд крепп
    стенфорд крепп 11 months ago Это просто ошибка была
  • Christopher Lawson
    Christopher Lawson 11 months ago Judge 2 scored the second round with a reverse 8-10 score to counter the call that the last punch of round two was a knockdown when he figured it was a trip with Lomachenko on the guy's foot. It still gives Lomachenko a net two points that round - as it should with two judges giving him the round. The overall effect was fair.
  • Vlad Gorozhanov
    Vlad Gorozhanov 2 weeks ago Очень хороший бой, Василий тут голодный до победы)) и соперник достойный.
  • its yeshua not jesus so get over it
    its yeshua not jesus so get over it 1 year ago You can see how much better he has gotten
  • Left Hook
    Left Hook 1 year ago Wtf kind of judging? All cards should have read 50-44
  • Danny Milar
    Danny Milar 3 months ago Judge #2 is bias & blind.
  • Liu Chuang
    Liu Chuang 1 year ago Samat Bashenov knows about southpaw.
  • theRobinBrown
    theRobinBrown 5 months ago where is Kazakastan?
  • Alice Villardière
    Alice Villardière 2 months ago theRobinBrown lmao