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Скачать с ютуб 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.

Опубликовано: 12 июн. 2012 г. 11 475 953 просмотра

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Started out as just a collection of snaps as I stripped down an engine bought off ebay. (To replace my old engine, which had suffered catastrophic failure). The snaps were so that I remembered how everything went, so I could put it back together again.

Then I realised it'd be quite cool to make it an animation. found some suitable music, rekindled my ancient knowledge of Premiere, storyboarded it, shot it as I worked on the engine (my poor DSLR got covered in engine oil), this was the result.

The music is "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" from Edvard Griegs "Peer Gynt Suite"
I own a suitable license for this piece of music, supplied by Chris Worth Productions

  • Elliott F
    Elliott F 3 года назад This is what YouTube was made for..
  • KeptenLuke
    KeptenLuke 3 года назад And there you go, some videos are still left!
  • I am not mad
    I am not mad 2 года назад no
  • light
    light 2 года назад Actually youtube was made for dating, as the first intent of youtube was a dating site
  • KeptenLuke
    KeptenLuke 2 года назад hehe, thought you were lying XD That makes no sense "Karim said the inspiration for YouTube first came from Janet Jackson's role in the 2004 Super Bowl incident, when her breast was exposed during her performance, and later from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Karim could not easily find video clips of either event online, which led to the idea of a video sharing site.[7] Hurley and Chen said that the original idea for YouTube was a video version of an online dating service, and had been influenced by the website Hot or Not.[6][8]"
  • James M
    James M 2 года назад Exactly, not FUCKING clickbait vlogs, make up tutorials and 360 no-scopes. Google runied Youtube.
  • TheBikemaster94
    TheBikemaster94 2 года назад KeptenLuke I thought it was 69😅
  • Don Rutter
    Don Rutter 2 года назад This is a cool video.
  • Evandro Carlo Ciaccia
    Evandro Carlo Ciaccia 2 года назад Elliott F non i
  • kroloxo
    kroloxo 2 года назад Elliott F Ooh yes ! 😀
  • Ole The Viking
    Ole The Viking 2 года назад (изменено) lol what do yeh expect XD Google ruins everything.
  • AdamDerbent
    AdamDerbent 2 года назад What kinde of engine?
  • MadCowGoMoo
    MadCowGoMoo 2 года назад Elliott F Too right, definitely not for some 17yr old to upload 8 videos a day breaking down one 2 minute teaser trailer for a new computer game.
  • bigstackD Casting
    bigstackD Casting 2 года назад MadCowGoMoo too true my friend I'm sick of people up loading 20-30 second clips that lack decent content🙄. I would feel embarrassed to upload something that didn't have half interesting content on my channel. Having said that my uploads are for a pretty small community but they all love it so I can't complain 👍🏻
  • BOB White
    BOB White 2 года назад Jordan Butler spitfire?? I though those had like V12 packerd in em??
  • noppe Brokate
    noppe Brokate 2 года назад Elliott F o
  • skygorider
    skygorider 2 года назад (изменено) Rolls Royce 23litre Merlin engines. They were V12 Packard made some under licence
  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 2 года назад BOB White, No V12s in the Spitfires. From the factory, they came with 1.5 litre in line 4s. Performance was rather anemic even with twin SU side draft carbs - ask me how I know. The GT fastback models had 2.5 litre in line 6s and performance was acceptable for the day. The V12s produced by British Leyland mostly went into the E-Type Jaguars. You were just kidding, right?
  • mechanical king
    mechanical king 2 года назад He makes one video and it gets 10 million views
  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses 2 года назад The dreaded "where did those extra parts come from" picture made me laugh.
  • skippygirl959
    skippygirl959 2 года назад Its weight reduction!
  • gokartbuyer
    gokartbuyer 2 года назад We've all been there done that
  • aserta
    aserta 2 года назад I took apart my 1980's BMW engine. I still don't know to this day, 7 years later, where 3 bolts come from. So far, the engine works just fine.
  • Conan O'Brien
    Conan O'Brien 2 года назад It's the cliffhanger for the next season of the walking dead
  • Medic83
    Medic83 2 года назад We call those "bush bolts". Once you're done, find a bush and toss em. Lol
  • Medic83
    Medic83 2 года назад The thing he doesn't know is that snap ring is from one of his Pistons. Lol
  • Christopher Franklin
    Christopher Franklin 2 года назад Lol
  • King Tin
    King Tin 2 года назад Its extra part you don't need it
  • Akram Jerab
    Akram Jerab Год назад Do you practice this method in the OR as well?
  • Ben Frazier
    Ben Frazier Год назад Me and my dad tore apart an engine for an old jeep Willy's it an fine (for a 1954 never torn apart engine). When we took the oilpan off, we found a bolt in the inch of sludge that was in the bottom on the opposite side of a baffle plate the the bolt couldnt have past through. We never found a place that a bolt was missing the whole teardown or when we put it back together so we still have no idea where that bolt came from unless it was there from the factory or if they ever took the oil pan off (very doubtful that they ever did with the gasket that was there)
  • 🙋🏼‍♂️
    🙋🏼‍♂️ 8 месяцев назад More like "Where they went to".
  • Ikolp Gnari
    Ikolp Gnari 2 года назад Who has watched this video more than once and is still amazed everytime?
  • Yo ming
    Yo ming Год назад this is the 11th time and i'm still very amazed
  • Airgun Evolution
    Airgun Evolution 2 года назад This is amazing
  • Bruce Hart
    Bruce Hart Год назад Airgun Evolution brilliant and patient with a very clever ending
  • Steel Worker
    Steel Worker 2 года назад Imagine if it was an 8 cylinder LOL
  • Pooja Kulkarni
    Pooja Kulkarni 2 года назад Steel Worker how about a w16 ?
  • MetalHalide400W
    MetalHalide400W 2 года назад Lol would be 2 years to finish it...
  • Гаврило Принцип
    Гаврило Принцип 2 года назад 22 months and 6000 pictures and even more coffee? lol
  • Curious Betsy vlogs
    Curious Betsy vlogs Год назад V8s aren’t that much of a pain but I can’t imagine an in-line 6,8 or v10 or v12 that’ll give me nightmares
  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay 3 года назад You are an absolute wizard.
  • HostileLemons
    HostileLemons 3 года назад I love the ending, a bit like the iron giant!
  • Aakkarin
    Aakkarin 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay it is so well made :O well donnneee!!!
  • Sergeant Shultz
    Sergeant Shultz 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay It's amazing that we have these complex pieces of art that get us around everyday. Sometimes I forget the compilation of knowledge that goes into making our lives so blessed.
  • Steven Vang
    Steven Vang 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay what??!!! it's smarter everday!! I love your videos.😃
  • Andrew Floats
    Andrew Floats 3 года назад You're a wizard Harry.
  • TheGamingHour@11
    [email protected] 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay it's really not that hard all it takes is a wire wheel some know how and a lot of carb cleaner
  • Andrew Aldridge
    Andrew Aldridge 3 года назад [email protected] he's not just talking about the rebuild, probably more over the effort in making this video.
  • Lee Hiles
    Lee Hiles 3 года назад Obvious fake. I played In the Hall of the Mountain King to my car's engine and it did not rebuild itself.
  • Dave e
    Dave e 3 года назад Pretty cool stuff..
  • Ethan Gindy
    Ethan Gindy 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay you should do a video on this!!
  • ViralGrenade
    ViralGrenade 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay the fact that your comment exists here and I follow your channel means that the world is much smaller than I imagined. Also, id very much love to come visit you in Alabama...
  • Loki
    Loki 3 года назад ViralGrenade no it means you got targeted by googles algorithm.
  • Timothy Mason
    Timothy Mason 3 года назад SmarterEveryDay I don't watch him but I know who he is so your point might be true but I don't think so
  • byte01010101me
    byte01010101me 3 года назад Lee Hiles maybe your cars engine prefers different Heavy Metal
  • Leo
    Leo 3 года назад +Lee Hiles No this is so fake, that is not an engine, that is obviously a potato
  • William Lewis
    William Lewis 3 года назад Well fancy seeing you here!
  • My2CentsWorth1
    My2CentsWorth1 3 года назад Clicked on a random video on my front page and imagine my surprise when I see Dustin in the comments. YouTube is a smaller place than it seems sometimes.
  • Tydud3
    Tydud3 3 года назад yoooooooooo
  • Germano Cavalcanti
    Germano Cavalcanti 3 года назад Said Destin with property!
  • NarendraAIM
    NarendraAIM 3 года назад Hi Destin :3 I don't expect you to watch this :v
  • FrostByte
    FrostByte 3 года назад When you're strolling around and realize you run across something one of your favorite YouTubers had also watched. Also Hey Destin! Love your videos! Keep up the good work!
  • Mateusz R.
    Mateusz R. 2 года назад SmarterEveryDay I love your channels omg how OMG!!!! How how I found you on youtube in comments OMG! What an mindblow you are awesome!
  • Aryan .D
    Aryan .D 2 года назад SmarterEveryDa can anyone tell me what is this 🙄
  • John Bova
    John Bova 2 года назад COOL!!
  • Acturian Lessions
    Acturian Lessions 2 года назад SmarterEveryDay This is amazing!
  • Fat Bogan
    Fat Bogan 2 года назад I’m bringing it back -darth vader
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    Βασίλης Δαδαμόγιας 2 года назад SmarterEveryDay love this kind of content
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    George Vasilopoulos 2 года назад SmarterEveryDay hello
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    Ethan Shohet 2 года назад Harry
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    Jared Alexander 5 месяцев назад You should make a video on internal combustion engines
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    Fynn on Bard 2 года назад I thought youre gonna build a coffee machine out of that 🤔
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    jack meHoff 2 года назад Fynn supports! I thought he was going to build ironman out of that
  • Ulrik Brun
    Ulrik Brun 2 года назад those my summer car graphics looks really good
  • Jesus Saved Me
    Jesus Saved Me 2 года назад Fynn supports! 😂😂😂😂
  • Da Kat
    Da Kat Год назад Tony Stark! Made this in a cave! With a box of scraps!
  • Riley McCord
    Riley McCord 2 года назад Somebody is using your footage for their benefit without giving you any credit.
  • Riley McCord
    Riley McCord 2 года назад The channel is car restoration
  • ezequiel alejandro
    ezequiel alejandro Год назад Riley McCord can you send the link ?
  • chase gun
    chase gun Год назад
  • Email
    Email Год назад What a dirty rats ...
  • Филип Бубања
    Филип Бубања 1 месяц назад @Email its removed 🙂
  • MuddySlime99
    MuddySlime99 Год назад People don't understand how much work this actually is
  • UltraSuperDuperFreak
    UltraSuperDuperFreak Год назад i do ,, 11 month ....pretty sure any that can read understands it :P
  • MuddySlime99
    MuddySlime99 Год назад UltraSuperDuperFreak shit you right..
  • Digger D
    Digger D Год назад I do but it's been years. Still 11 months is huge but then he must not have been in a hurry (ie: not a priority). I noticed the valves had been done as well as the valve seats but it looked like the same old rings and cylinders. I would have at least honed the cylinders and used new rings or even better get the cylinders turned and new oversized rings. Then you almost have a new engine ;) (bearings aside). Still a nice job and it worked out for him.
  • Curious Betsy vlogs
    Curious Betsy vlogs Год назад Takes about 3 months to take a motor out, so the top end and put it back in so I’d say if you’re really on your feet 6-8 months shouldn’t be unachievable Although I was doing a small block Chevy and it’s not exactly like you can run into problems with parts and building.
  • jeffrey marshall
    jeffrey marshall Год назад That's is so true. EVERYTIME I work on something when I'm finished even after double checking every step. There is a bolt, screw, nut, washer of some kind left over just looking at me like I'm the idiot. Good tear down and awesome video!
  • Kai Castellanos
    Kai Castellanos Год назад The fact you actually did a stop motion on an engine is amazig
  • john90430
    john90430 2 года назад I thought that was a Triumph engine. Then the car it was going into confirmed my guess. Cool video!
  • BrandonCroyforJesus 8
    BrandonCroyforJesus 8 Год назад john90430 it was a triumph engine?
  • BrandonCroyforJesus 8
    BrandonCroyforJesus 8 Год назад I suppose it was the 1500 spitfire ?
  • oCeAn MaN
    oCeAn MaN 2 года назад IKEA be like: call us if you have any trouble
  • FriscoBoater's Garage
    FriscoBoater's Garage Год назад Still one of the best videos on youtube
  • Piano Tutorials
    Piano Tutorials 3 года назад There are ALWAYS some parts left...
  • bob builder
    bob builder 3 года назад it's not a nice feeling having bits left over :)
  • Piano Tutorials
    Piano Tutorials 3 года назад bob builder Yeah, feels kind of weird. They were there for a reason lol
  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 3 года назад this made me laugh thanks haha
  • JRad
    JRad 3 года назад If you have parts left and it works, it means that you upgraded the design.
  • bartolooooo
    bartolooooo 3 года назад weight reduction m8
  • Hitler's Pussy
    Hitler's Pussy 3 года назад +Atristiel Well said lol.
  • WildWonkyWizard
    WildWonkyWizard 3 года назад FACT: The "brother-in-law effect" accounts for three percent of the weight of a modern American-made fighter jet due to the increase in fasteners. * Footnote: The brother-in-law effect is explained as the nepotism and kickbacks that occur when contractor A creates a part requiring fasteners, and specs the part for additional fasteners from contractor B who is either related or "fishing buddies."
  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 года назад WildWonkyWizard interesting perspective.
  • John Richardson
    John Richardson 2 года назад WildWonkyWizard lol that's amazing. 3% is massive when it comes to engineering aircraft
  • Ulrik Brun
    Ulrik Brun 2 года назад (изменено) everytime i work on something i always forget a few screws now is a few years i got so many screws that i dont have to go to store anymore...
  • Donald Pump
    Donald Pump 2 года назад If you take something apart and rebuild it and you do not have spare parts left over, did you even take it apart? 🤔
  • Ulrik Brun
    Ulrik Brun 2 года назад if i forget a few screws or i disambled something and the screws are gone they end up in the trash and example was when i took apart an alternator i couldnt find the fanbelt so both ended up in the trash and i bought new alternator and fanbelt they where anyway both destroyed pretty well however losing parts is not a good idea
  • Ruben Vasquez
    Ruben Vasquez 2 года назад Especially when it’s a bolts that goes in the inside of the engine!!! ahhhhhhh 😂
  • Buck Bundy
    Buck Bundy 2 года назад That just means you engineered it better.
  • Bantamdude Rodriguez
    Bantamdude Rodriguez 2 года назад Does the engine feel a little lighter going in?😕
  • alfonzo
    alfonzo Год назад if you disassemble and reassemble it enough times, you get enough extra parts to build another engine.
  • Murmundone
    Murmundone Год назад Wow. That is just pure wisdom. I'll quote this.
  • Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!
    Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!! Год назад once i forgot a cloth in the crank case anyways, i know that feeling, do you figure the "FUUUUUUUU" meme?
  • Mh poe
    Mh poe Год назад I wonder if Airplane mechanics have parts left over?
  • Pyro Glyphics
    Pyro Glyphics Год назад Ever heard of angels share in whisky?......... so this is it in the world of mechanics.........
  • Erwinjitsu _
    Erwinjitsu _ Год назад Piano Tutorials The times when I had my own moped and had to tare the engine apart.. I remember how everytime there were some leftover parts. But hey, at least it didn't weight too much afterwards!
  • Shane Crawford
    Shane Crawford Год назад That’s was fantastic, gives me inspiration to have a go myself.
  • The Ginger Power Ranger
    The Ginger Power Ranger 2 года назад The leftover bits having a life of their own was a great touch Well done
  • Mark Julius
    Mark Julius 2 года назад When I saw those bolts laying on the ground at the end, I thought "oh no! Shit!" Been there, done that. A horrible feeling! LOL
  • Niccolò Lorenzetti 254
    Niccolò Lorenzetti 254 2 года назад "When the internet is good"
  • Starshot
    Starshot Год назад Well worth the time and coffee. This video is awesome
  • Gabriel JC
    Gabriel JC 2 года назад I like how the engine dissasemble itself
  • Alvian D
    Alvian D 2 года назад Café Bugado don't you see john cena
  • Tim Danby
    Tim Danby 2 года назад Café Bugado So when the Wife says"to get to work on something,it won't do it by itself",show her this video and then go back to the ballgame and your beer.
  • Sergio Ferreira
    Sergio Ferreira 2 года назад hopefully that doesnt happen on the highway ;) +Café Bugado
  • bonkey dollocks
    bonkey dollocks 2 года назад Café Bugado that's the point
  • Grizz83
    Grizz83 2 года назад Given enough time, all engines will do that.
  • flying fast
    flying fast 2 года назад he cuts all the slide pictures out of him doing it and only leaves the slide pictures in of the parts from one point the next Point installed between points all those pictures he deleted
  • David Gruen
    David Gruen 2 года назад This pushrod engine is very simple, we rebuilt it within a week (intro).
  • Jeff Klaubo
    Jeff Klaubo 2 года назад it was actually ninjas
  • Kauê Kairony
    Kauê Kairony 2 года назад Café Bugado Olha olha mas se não é um br
  • Kauê Kairony
    Kauê Kairony 2 года назад Café Bugado Mas pode ser um pt também quem sabe
  • Dave Wolf
    Dave Wolf 2 года назад Café Bugado usually people use nitrous
  • sgb47
    sgb47 Год назад brian stuart wait he does?!? I thought it was a magic engine!
  • Payton Phillips
    Payton Phillips Год назад If only they all did this
  • Andrew T.
    Andrew T. Год назад Only trouble is that some engines disassemble themselves without you asking them to.