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Скачать с ютуб Ep.1 Sweet Potato Betta Tank SETUP - No filter, No CO2, NO ferts 4.5 Gallon Nano Aquarium

Опубликовано: 17 нояб. 2018 г. 1 179 383 просмотра

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This is my attempt at a sweet potato betta tank. The aquarium is custom made at a local shop. It’s made of low iron 5mm thick glass. I wanted a low height aquarium b/c bettas don’t really care for a deep aquarium. Also, it kinda looks neat.

The sweet potato is one of those plants that can have roots water logged and won’t rot. Also, it should grow pretty fast and the roots should provide plenty of 'filtration' for the betta. The giant duckweed and the hornwort should assist with water quality, too. I’m hoping the betta will use the hornwort as his bed. I’m not sure how this will turn out.

How I made the auto top off:

My flowerhorn Pollock is doing fine. He’s the same o’ same o’ LOL. Still eating like a hog. I should do a proper update in the near future, but I’m not a full time youtuber, and time is a rare commodity these days. I’ll do one in the near future.

Drilling a hole in the glass is not that easy. I practiced on spare glass many times before attempting it on the low iron glass lid. I watched bunch of youtube videos on how to do it.

B/c this is not Walstad method tank, I'll be adding tiny bits of TetraMin Flakes every day so that it'll act as food for the bacteria and will get broken down and eventually will feed the plants.

15pcs diamond hole saw
Magnetic thermometer
Mini Algae scrubber
Aquarium lid clips (gotta know the thickness or your aquarium)
seiryu stone
Inline Switch (I use them for pumps and heaters during water changes)
2~3mm gravel 20lb bag
2~3mm gravel 5lb bag
Desk lamp (I used the clamps to mount it)
TetraMin Flakes

LG V10

Goldberg Variations, BWV. 988 - Variation 1,2 played by Shelley Katz

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    Benjamin Miller Год назад I'm guessing it's to pull nitrates out of the water. Similar to an aquaponics setup.
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    Troy J Barrett Год назад And root plants often release nitrogen which is great for plants
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    thiago spitfire Год назад Please, please consider making a test with Mint plants, we call them "Hortelã" in Brazil, and all of my fishes love it man Thank you for a new post, keep this up
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    Matheus Souza Год назад (изменено) I’ll ask in English to contribute to non-Portuguese speakers: How do you germinate the seeds? You plant them in soil first and then switch?
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    thiago spitfire Год назад @Matheus Souza Mint is a very cool plant, it germinate through a healty root, making a few stems that could grow. Usually in small aquariums, i tend to weave three or four roots of mint plant so they can grow together, and i grow them with roots inside of the water and stems outside, if you have some nursery for baby fishes it fits perfectly inside so it could grow and protect the new stems from bigger fishes.. Hortelã é uma planta muito legal, ela germina através de raízes saudáveis, gerando um ou vários caules. geralmente em aquários menores, eu costumo trançar algumas raízes juntas, para que elas se sustentem. As raízes dentro d'agua, e os caules pra fora. Se você tiver algum recipiente berçario dentro do aquário, encaixa perfeito pois protege os caules novos dos peixes os comerem
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