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Скачать с ютуб Capsule Toy Sushi Restaurant

Опубликовано: 12 мая 2016 г. 1 045 926 просмотров

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Do you like sushi? Do you like capsule toys? At this place, the more sushi you eat, the more capsule toys you can win. Yes I'm serious you can win capsule toys for eating sushi holy shit this is amazing!

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  • Dennis Watson
    Dennis Watson 3 года назад It's brilliant. They have gamified the clean up and billing process so the customer does the work. It's also salemanship since you will most likely eat a couple more plates to get to a multiple of 5 so can try again. The chance to win also acts a reward for eating 5 plates that is programmed into peoples base psyche.
  • Offensive Username
    Offensive Username 3 года назад Not so much a person that writes "ikr".
  • lolwutdavid
    lolwutdavid 2 года назад Seriously though! I hadn't even thought about the self clean up part. So genius. Bussing tables at my sushi bar is such a bitch lol
  • IXX Resendiz
    IXX Resendiz 3 года назад "IM not leaving until I win my wife a toy.." ...I need a husband like this... Id eat all those sushi just to get one toy too!!! Its a one of kind sushi toy :D
  • iremciray이렘츠라이
    iremciray이렘츠라이 3 года назад "i wont give up untill i get my wife's toy" ....... Tears. ㅠㅠ
  • Zanfer Jui
    Zanfer Jui 2 года назад irem ciray I just want a Simon in my life 😭
  • Siddhant Ketkar
    Siddhant Ketkar 2 месяца назад His wifes toy would be a vibrator lol
  • Brittany Young
    Brittany Young 3 года назад Crazy full for 45 dollars and no chitty chatty with servers? That sounds like heaven. PLUS you got a toy.
  • Diana Nguyen
    Diana Nguyen 3 года назад watching Simon eat that much wasabi cleared my sinuses
  • julia lo
    julia lo 3 года назад LOOOOL truthhhhh
  • HeyMelani
    HeyMelani 3 года назад Ahaaahahaaah!! 😂👍🏽😂👍🏽
  • A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard
    A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard 3 года назад I hate wasabi...Here in Germany is a company who makes stuff with peanuts (peanut butter, peanuts covered in something, salte peanuts,...) called "Ültje" and I once bought an damn expensive bottle of penuts covered in wasabi-crust (Limited edition/ I think I paid 3€ also 3,36$ for it...) and I was regreting the whole day, that I bough them... xD
  • A.H
    A.H 3 года назад For a second I though this video was going to be about a restaurant that serves sushi in capsules 😂
  • A.H
    A.H 3 года назад *Thought
  • Just Ethan
    Just Ethan 3 года назад Same 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Domi Domi
    Domi Domi 3 года назад Me too xD
  • LOOΠΔ/Kay
    LOOΠΔ/Kay 3 года назад yeah me 2 xD
  • HeyMelani
    HeyMelani 3 года назад Oh! Thank Goodness I'm not alone!! 😂😂
  • Lunaticgirly
    Lunaticgirly 3 года назад Too xD
  • Muhammad Yusuf
    Muhammad Yusuf 3 года назад me too xD
  • Yasmine
    Yasmine 3 года назад +ANV SAME OMG !!!!!!!!!! LOOOOL ><
  • idraote
    idraote 3 года назад +ANV same here
  • PX Xaver
    PX Xaver 3 года назад same...
  • PinkyBear
    PinkyBear 3 года назад me too..xD
  • princess mae
    princess mae 2 года назад if you look closely, the plates look a bit like toy capsules!
  • Killzonik
    Killzonik 2 года назад Bruh. me too xD
  • qyun
    qyun 2 года назад JDH sameeee
  • Amber Ly
    Amber Ly 3 года назад You guys should have seen me and my cousins. I think there were 6 of us and we ate about 70-80 plates.
  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina 3 года назад +Amber Ly OMG did you win a lot!?? Tell me everything!
  • Amber Ly
    Amber Ly 2 года назад Simon and Martina Sorry I'm getting back to you months later. I was visiting California with my fam and my uncle decided to treat us to sushi so we decided why not go to a conveyer belt one with no capsule toy (sad) . (Might not be the best sushi but you could eat so much.) It was my two sisters and I and 3 of my cousins. My uncle said "eat as much as you want", which was a bad choice of words for him because we did. 70-80 plates worth, which costed him a bit. The servers that walked by stared at us like we were going to eat them clean. Which we could have if we brought my other cousins. But that pretty much sums it all up. Dang this is a long comment.
  • .o.O.o.
    .o.O.o. 3 месяца назад @Amber Ly but the main question did not get answered. Did you win a lot of toys?
  • seol
    seol 3 года назад "I have to win my wife a toy" I need a husband like you
  • Berenice
    Berenice 3 года назад Simon stuffing himself even though he's already full, just to win a toy for Martina ❤️ that my friend, it's true love🙌 stay lovely Simon 😌
  • juandenz2008
    juandenz2008 3 года назад Funny how quickly they became addicted and started to resemble slot machine addicts ! "Those people just got here and they already won !", "I can't leave until I win a toy", "if I just put the plates in quickly that will help me win!". Hilarious !!
  • Simon and Martina
    Simon and Martina 3 года назад Hey! Someone did Indonesian subtitles, and I can't see who it was, but thank you for making them!
  • Anisa Dhaniaprianty
    Anisa Dhaniaprianty 3 года назад Yeayyyy!
  • 🌸 さくら
    🌸 さくら 3 года назад At the 20 plates point I started being like uhhh this is not gonna happen but it actually worked すごい (^_^) 🍣🎉🎉🎉
  • Evelyn Rumainum
    Evelyn Rumainum 3 года назад yeayyyy
  • 陰陽
    陰陽 3 года назад +Simon and Martina イェーイ、あなたはおもちゃを持っています Simon.⤵ Martina ⤵ サイモン。マルティナ。
  • Cherish Adventure
    Cherish Adventure 3 года назад Hmm maybe that's the trick, the more you eat.
  • John Carraher
    John Carraher 3 года назад Woah how cool, when I go to my grandparent's house in Japan, I think we went to that exact restaurant!
  • John Carraher
    John Carraher 3 года назад we got 45 plates and 2 GACHA GACHA toys/balls
  • vick celino
    vick celino 3 года назад great !!!
  • Suryani Suryani
    Suryani Suryani 2 года назад Simon and Martina oh gosh you guys so hilarious ,...happy ,.make me smile and happy ,..
  • Raynarda Trap Music
    Raynarda Trap Music 2 года назад Simon and Martina TERIMA KASIHH!!
  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Год назад Simon and Martin
  • TabiEats
    TabiEats 3 года назад Yes we've been here twice and it's funny how addicting this is, in the end, we had to keep playing so we could win the damn toy!!!!! This was so much fun to watch. Thanks guys!
  • Iceechibi
    Iceechibi 2 года назад TabiEats omg TabiEats I love your videos!
  • Jilane Gui
    Jilane Gui 3 года назад They made sure you spend a certain amount before letting you win
  • Nai
    Nai 3 года назад "Was it worth it? No. Did I want it? Yes."
  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde 3 года назад I'm picturing how many toys they'd have to give away if a school baseball team stopped by there for either a celebratory or conciliatory dinner...and how that could motivate an otaku to sponsor a team. "I'll pay for your meal if you let me have all the toys you win. Eat as much as you want!" Hmm, I smell a webtoon concept.
  • Pandorya
    Pandorya 3 года назад Now I am so DAMN hungry ;_;. Have to visit that place when we're in Tokyo again D:!
  • 岡部知則
    岡部知則 3 года назад Pandoryaさん。また日本に遊びに来てくださいね^^
  • Janina Kühlen
    Janina Kühlen 3 года назад Pan du auch hier? :D
  • mo ji
    mo ji Год назад charickenn Great, but since she's not american that won't help at all...
  • PepeSylvia
    PepeSylvia Год назад Rebecca Dean sucks for her then
  • Stranded Orange
    Stranded Orange 3 года назад "Not gambling", sure :^)
  • Ashley Calavinister
    Ashley Calavinister 3 года назад Omg I legit felt so bad for you guy when the machine wouldn't give up a capsule toy XD knowing my husband and I...we also would had kept eating until I got a capsule toy lol no shame!
  • Kasienka Kaiju
    Kasienka Kaiju 3 года назад Sushi tip: dip the fish, not the rice. Less likely for the rice to crumble or absorb too much sauce.
  • gokuusf
    gokuusf 3 года назад Sushi tip #2 turn the sushi over so the fish is the first thing you taste on your tongue and the rice second.
  • Secret Diary of a Foodie
    Secret Diary of a Foodie 2 года назад Thank you, I was looking for this educational comment 😊
  • John Lee
    John Lee 4 месяца назад These kinds of comments got called out hard in their last video about food etiquette.
  • oauseer
    oauseer 4 месяца назад @John Lee yes!! I asked my Japanese friends where it came from after seeing that video and they had no idea. They said no one does it in their homes lmaoo
  • Zoe Fay
    Zoe Fay 1 месяц назад gokuusf game fake sushi fact
  • Tech Home
    Tech Home 1 месяц назад Kasienka Kaiju that’s exactly what I was thinking xD
  • LibertarianSamurai 自由の志士
    LibertarianSamurai 自由の志士 3 года назад Empty stomach and gambling addiction... deadly combo! K.O.!!! LOL!