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Скачать с ютуб Emotional Moments Of Cricket History | Cricket Moments That Will Make You Cry

Опубликовано: 23 окт. 2018 г. 30 348 677 просмотров

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Helly everyone. Cricket is known as a gentlemen's game and it surely makes sense especially when you see such clips as we have compiled for you in this video. We have collected some of the most amazing and emotional moments of Cricket history for you and we hope that you will like these emotional cricket moments. Also, we know that these Cricket Moments That Will Make You Cry and you will share them with your friends as well.

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  • Rehan rahman Ansari
    Rehan rahman Ansari 8 months ago Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰 Bharat mata ki jaye 🇮🇳
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    __ GABROO __ 7375 3 months ago Rehan rahman Ansari selute veer
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    Praveen Patel 3 months ago I salute you're thinking bro,,jai hind
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    Sapna Thakur 3 months ago People should learn from u very rare gesture brother
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    Narayan Palde 3 months ago भाई तूने तो दिल जित लिया यार तेरे जैसे सोच रखणे वाले लोग हो तो वॉर कभी होगा ही नहीं
  • Krish M
    Krish M 2 months ago Without hatred, military, bombs, war both countries will flourish.
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    vinay Balke 2 months ago Jai pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰jai hind🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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    Ajay Sheoran 2 months ago Grate bro kas sab ke soach tumari jaise hoti
  • atul kumar singh
    atul kumar singh 2 months ago (edited) Bhai what else I say... ❤️❤️ Itni choti si line me itni gehri baat keh Di. Ladhne wale ladhte rahenge.. dil jeet liya rehan.. I salute you bro.. now I can say we Indians and Pakistanis share the same culture , emotions and feelings irrespective of religion we are still bound together.... Love you bro 😌
  • Anything Gill
    Anything Gill 2 months ago Everyone appreciate u but India media nd modi bakat iam sure not understand your cmnt meaning
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    aila adil 1 week ago Bhai kia baat kr di aap ne
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    Ibraheem yusuf zai 8 months ago Who else knows thumbnail was fake and still watched the video.
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    shikha chadghal 8 months ago U r from pakistan ?
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    santhosh R S 8 months ago 100% fake
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    Swap Gaming 8 months ago @shikha chadghal Thumbnail maker Pakistan ka lag raham
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    Inter-Services Intelligence 8 months ago Haan virat ki jagah woh real Mei Babar Azam hai
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    Parth Patel 8 months ago Someone please tell about background music.. Which one is?
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    Abha Shrivastava 7 months ago 26million
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    Thanos • 7 months ago Thumbnail is fake even I can make many fake thumbnail better then this
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    Arjun Nani 4 months ago Please report this videos friends
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  • Farhad Ullah
    Farhad Ullah 8 months ago Red salute to Musharafe Murtaza when his fan came to him for hand shake. Moreover, he protected his fan from security guard in the ground. I pay glowing tribute to young Australian crickter which was died amid cricket match. Besides it, all moments were glamorous and fantastic. similarly, love and respect to all crickters of the world. Last but not least, i have an earnest request to all cricket fans to break the shackles of bigotry for players; we need to promote brotherhood, love, respect and reality. Thanks admin , its your magnanimity of heart and mind to display blend pictures of cricket.
  • Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • sameer chauhan
    sameer chauhan 8 months ago (edited) Best moment is when VIRAT KOHLI😍 gifted his favourite bat to Mohd. Amir .. 😘🤗... cricket teams r different but emotions r same .❣
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    Aatif Khan 8 months ago Love you from pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤❤❤
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    Sagar Vaghasiya 4 months ago @Aatif Khan bhikhari KO kuch to dia .thank god
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    ibad irfan 1 week ago @Sagar Vaghasiya ase he kuch logo ke wafa se pora India badnam ha
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    eshita Bhattacharjee 8 months ago I came here after India lost today. heart is crying
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    SUBHASH Ajgaonkar 8 months ago Me too man india lose today
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    Nisha tanwar 8 months ago am also here
    S AHMED 8 months ago It’s a natural feeling when your country loses but don’t forget the way they played all over the World Cup congratulations and good wishes from Pakistan
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    Manvi Dimri 8 months ago @S AHMED you are right
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    SS Artist 8 months ago Pakistan k sath jo kia jesi karni wesi bharni...
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    Komal 8 months ago @SS Artist please don't be' so rude It's just a game
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    imran ahmad 8 months ago NZ sirf baarish ki wajah se jeeta
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    Anikesh Dhakad 8 months ago Same here😥
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    Sana Shah 8 months ago Team india is the best respect and love from Pakistan cricket ka maza ata hae India ko khailta daikh kar
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    ÑéEt RáThî 8 months ago Same here 😥😢😑
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    Gaming Striker 8 months ago @SS Artist pak mein agar dam hota toh pehle hi Jeetjati ,dursri team pe depend na hoti
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    SS Artist 8 months ago @Gaming Striker india jaan bojh ke hara tha wo
  • SS Artist
    SS Artist 8 months ago @Gaming Striker looser india
  • Gaming Striker
    Gaming Striker 8 months ago @SS Artist Pakistan is true looser Agar jaan bojh kar hara toh bhi kya pakistan toh koi match jeet nahi sukta Bas India par nirbar ho jata hai Loser pakistan
    ALL IN ONE JAY & VEDANT 8 months ago India are the world's best one day international team. Not for two day international's
  • Aisha Raima
    Aisha Raima 8 months ago 😂😂you guys thought india will win😅so sad😆😆
  • Aisha Raima
    Aisha Raima 8 months ago @imran ahmad😅😅bahane mat maro
  • Aisha Raima
    Aisha Raima 8 months ago @ALL IN ONE JAY & VEDANT 😅😅poor excuses.
  • imran ahmad
    imran ahmad 8 months ago @Aisha Raima banana nahi reality hai baarish ki wajah se bahut kuch hota hai aur waise bhi NZ vs INDIA total match ka record dekh
  • imran ahmad
    imran ahmad 8 months ago @Aisha Raima sorry spelling mistake for "bahana"
  • Gaming Striker
    Gaming Striker 8 months ago @Aisha Raima atleast way better than pakistan
  • prince john
    prince john 8 months ago @S AHMED thank you thank you thank you
  • Tehzeeb Ak
    Tehzeeb Ak 8 months ago Its okay it doesn’t matter at least they where in the semifinals love from Pakistan
  • Mishalmalik Mishalmalik
    Mishalmalik Mishalmalik 8 months ago Yess india lost it oh god mubarak hooo muslim community india did willing looses from eng and so this come back to india laanat hoo india # free khasmir
  • Usama Khan
    Usama Khan 8 months ago Moqa moqa no problem
  • Muhammad Talha
    Muhammad Talha 8 months ago Mitra Bhattacharjee Acha Howa jo India 🇮🇳 Jae’s Pakistan 🇵🇰 ko nikala tha na sab se phele India 🇮🇳 hi nikla I am feeling so happy 😁 hahaha🤣🤣😂😘 Rona a gya😭😭 ab pata chala jab Pakistanion ki umidain Torin thi india na tab pakistanion ka hal bhi kuch aisa tha😭😭👎
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    Abdul Ghafar 8 months ago Wwe
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    Divyam Tripathi 6 months ago @SS Artist haan bee Pakistani mulle🖕🖕
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    abhishek singh 6 months ago @SS Artist Nahi bhaijaan pakistan ka sharap nahi pada wo log ka sharap kya padega wo log ke khud kuran me likha hain ki apne bete ko bali do naa ki kisi jaanwar ka ya to allah jhutha hain ya ye log
  • Muhammad Abid Ali
    Muhammad Abid Ali 6 months ago Stupid women
  • Muhammad Abid Ali
    Muhammad Abid Ali 6 months ago Yes bro
  • Muhammad Abid Ali
    Muhammad Abid Ali 6 months ago @imran ahmad nz had power to win
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    PUBG Gaming 5 months ago eshita Bhattacharjee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Numan Hamayun 5 months ago Sis against?😔😔😔
  • Numan Hamayun
    Numan Hamayun 5 months ago @SS Artist 😁u r ri8 bro
  • Gayeb Khan
    Gayeb Khan 8 months ago Wahab Riaz was crying for his Father who passed away recently before witnessing him Winning the PSL final, he dedicated his win to his late father.
  • Inayat khan
    Inayat khan 8 months ago WOW
  • Umar Sattar
    Umar Sattar 8 months ago Thankyou for the explanation
  • Gayeb Khan
    Gayeb Khan 8 months ago You are welcome
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    Kiran 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Abd Malik
    Abd Malik 3 months ago @Kiran that's not funny
  • Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago @Abd Malik to me it's funny what the fuck is bother you 😂😂😂😅😅😊🖕🖕🖕🖕
  • Abd Malik
    Abd Malik 3 months ago @Kiran To you someone's father Dying is funny is it?
  • Kumar Swamyp
    Kumar Swamyp 11 months ago Most sad thing is ABD never got a farewell ... They beautiful said ... He came .. He conquered... And he silently left .. Lots of love for ABD ❤❤❤
  • Smruti Ranjan
    Smruti Ranjan 10 months ago Yaar I still miss him.... I am incomplete without him... Such a great soul he is... He is the reason of my happiness
  • Kumar Swamyp
    Kumar Swamyp 10 months ago @Smruti Ranjan Not only you ... cricket also miss him ..big tnx to ipl for keeping us happy with his batting ...
  • Kumar P
    Kumar P 10 months ago Even for our legends doesn't had fairwell
  • Mina Pradhan
    Mina Pradhan 10 months ago True
  • Bhavya Forever
    Bhavya Forever 10 months ago He'll surely have in IPL........ he's a legend
  • shaik subhan
    shaik subhan 10 months ago ..
  • Amana Ch.
    Amana Ch. 9 months ago R
  • sanjay singh
    sanjay singh 9 months ago Who is abd
  • ubaid chunk
    ubaid chunk 9 months ago @sanjay singh 🙄 A B Devillers
  • Hi Tech Generation
    Hi Tech Generation 9 months ago Ya bro😣😣😣
  • Mazhar Sahil
    Mazhar Sahil 9 months ago mahinder Singh dhoni best camtan in the world after great imran khan
  • Rubia Ambreen
    Rubia Ambreen 9 months ago Yaaaa Absolutely Right 😎 BRO
  • captian jack sparrow
    captian jack sparrow 4 months ago He has more fans in India than in his country ❤️❤️love u abd
  • Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago 😫😫😭😭😭
  • swati singh
    swati singh 8 months ago Virendra sahwag could have smiled atleast for the bouquet
    SHITANSHU JHA 5 months ago He replied that give it to another
    SHITANSHU JHA 5 months ago So I didn't like viru for this thing
  • Saifullah Soomro
    Saifullah Soomro 4 months ago O
  • srini vasan
    srini vasan 3 months ago Yes... So nice fan. He left smiling
  • Cheeky Mouse Gaming
    Cheeky Mouse Gaming 3 months ago Yes noticed .hath he mila leta bechry s
  • Sapna Thakur
    Sapna Thakur 3 months ago @Cheeky Mouse Gaming very true
  • Akash Paul
    Akash Paul 8 months ago Have respect for Mortaza, from 🇮🇳,,
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 9 months ago A lot of respect for Bangladesh captain Kohli is a great player he has A lot of fans in Pakistan
  • Vijayender Singh
    Vijayender Singh 8 months ago Thankyou
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 8 months ago @Vijayender Singh ♥
  • Isbat Ul Kareem
    Isbat Ul Kareem 8 months ago thnk u to my pakistani brother.. i love u frm bangaladesh.. i knw many bd ppl see this even though thy dnt rply u bcoz of racism n hatred twrds pakistan...wht can i do ?? bangali nature😝 thy cant forget the past...mannerless ppl
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 8 months ago @Isbat Ul Kareem Welcome brother i love you too and love my Bangladeshi friends actually in my opinion due to lack of interaction between our nations creat misunderstanding i have many Bangladeshi friends and i do support freedom and independence of Bangladesh 🇧🇩 my Bangladeshi friends are so good due to interaction with them we have solved many issues but the main problem from both sides is that we are not ready to listen each other that incident happened before my birth it was not fault of our young generation so we must learn from our mistakes and need to move forward for our bright future
  • selim reza
    selim reza 8 months ago seriously kohli is in India not Bangladesh
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 8 months ago @selim reza Bro i know
  • selim reza
    selim reza 8 months ago @muhmmad imran then why did you say virat is in Bangladeshi??
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 8 months ago @selim reza sorry bro its typing mistake first I admired Bangladeshi captain then I admired kohli
  • shikha chadghal
    shikha chadghal 8 months ago Thankss
    SIDDHESH CREATIONS 8 months ago Kohli is indian captain first learn English illiterate
  • muhmmad imran
    muhmmad imran 6 months ago @SIDDHESH CREATIONS Thanks for complement
  • Kiran
    Kiran 3 months ago Thts the power of king kohli😎💪
  • Akash khan
    Akash khan 3 months ago Thank u brother imran
  • Ahtsham Raja !!
    Ahtsham Raja !! 9 months ago sachinn is the best cricketer and also thee best Person of the world with such a great character 😍😘i love sachi .. love from pakistan😍😍😍😍May Allah bless you longg lifee
  • Zaheen Tasfia
    Zaheen Tasfia 8 months ago Sehwag didn't even care when his fan brought flowers for him . uncouth
  • Yash Gaikwad
    Yash Gaikwad 8 months ago Yea that what i notice. Pakistani players were nice tho.
  • Pooja Devi
    Pooja Devi 8 months ago Nice comment
  • Vamsi Lanka
    Vamsi Lanka 8 months ago He asked fan to stay near dressing room and after his wicket he met him lol when you don't know this keep calm
  • Alok Dutta
    Alok Dutta 8 months ago Absolutely right! He should have grabbed the flowers in one hand and the bat in other and played, right?
  • why's everything dark?
    why's everything dark? 8 months ago @Alok Dutta match was over I guess
  • Parvez warsi
    Parvez warsi 8 months ago Safety reasons Virender Sahawag didn't take Flowers This Is right
  • Tanvir Kaur
    Tanvir Kaur 8 months ago No offense, that's such a typical thing someone would say against india. Jealousy gets the better of some people
  • Palwasha Naeem
    Palwasha Naeem 8 months ago exactly and mashrafe hug his fan
  • Pranav Sai
    Pranav Sai 8 months ago Parvez warsi yes Rajiv Gandhi incident
  • iqoo khurshid
    iqoo khurshid 8 months ago MN
  • Sharmin Ferdous Toma
    Sharmin Ferdous Toma 8 months ago That's not the place to give anyone flower It's filed
  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 8 months ago Kaisa chutiya hai be ..woh agar flower le leta toh batting ek haath SE karta.century banai hai inning khatam nhi Hui hai .kab dimaag ka use karogey mullo.
  • Tips With Fouzia
    Tips With Fouzia 8 months ago Sahi kaha
  • Tips With Fouzia
    Tips With Fouzia 8 months ago @Yash Gaikwad g
  • Arzoo Arzoo
    Arzoo Arzoo 8 months ago @Alok Dutta whats about murtaza?
  • Faizfx Faizaman
    Faizfx Faizaman 8 months ago @Parvez warsi bus kro jhooti side leni
  • WàřŕįöŘ 9 9
    WàřŕįöŘ 9 9 8 months ago Bcz he couldn't keep that flowers with him while batting
  • MrDeeporaj
    MrDeeporaj 8 months ago thats why pakistanis are considered to be the most intelligent pakistan
  • SHIHAB Al Nayeem
    SHIHAB Al Nayeem 4 months ago But Bangladeshi players always love their fan.
  • bhavana ayyankala
    bhavana ayyankala 3 months ago It's the mid of the match and he told to wait he cannot start conversation there bcoz there are lot more runs to go
  • mahima saroj
    mahima saroj 3 months ago @Parvez warsi actually right
  • The destroyer venom
    The destroyer venom 2 months ago If u don't know the reality pls don't comment
  • Afia Akram
    Afia Akram 8 months ago (edited) Virder sawag s behaviour with his fan was......💔😑😕
  • løvêly kìrâñ
    løvêly kìrâñ 3 months ago @arslaan khan 😆😆😆😆
  • Simmi malhi
    Simmi malhi 3 months ago Rytt
  • Manja M
    Manja M 4 months ago Hughes die is full emotion for all cricketers in the word
  • Anirudha Khuntia
    Anirudha Khuntia 4 months ago (edited) I was getting constantly goosebumps while watch the video.
  • Anu Shri
    Anu Shri 10 months ago ABD he is not an Indian but every Indian loves him💖💖
  • Farhan
    Farhan 10 months ago who is abd?
  • Anu Shri
    Anu Shri 10 months ago @Farhan AB de Villiers
  • Payaswini Dodduvayal
    Payaswini Dodduvayal 10 months ago ABD😍😍😍
  • Simply Excellence
    Simply Excellence 10 months ago (edited) @Farhan alien-abd
  • Rejani Sukesh
    Rejani Sukesh 10 months ago @Farhan why are you living
  • Akashe Kumar
    Akashe Kumar 10 months ago Jahan Ka pyar wahn yar
  • bleeding paradise
    bleeding paradise 10 months ago buddy not only india, all cricket fans all over the word love him 🥰🥰
  • manikanta polaki
    manikanta polaki 10 months ago not only indians but the world loves him...*
  • Anmol preet Singh Anmol
    Anmol preet Singh Anmol 10 months ago Super man Abd
  • Arif Naz
    Arif Naz 10 months ago Bo's every Pakistani also love him
  • Al Amin
    Al Amin 10 months ago He is my febourite cricketer
  • Aniket __
    Aniket __ 10 months ago ❤ Abd
  • aliaon haider
    aliaon haider 10 months ago bro every cricket fan LOVES ABD. whole PAKISTAN loves him.
  • Mahesh Bharti
    Mahesh Bharti 10 months ago Ya that's true really
  • Sadia Samha
    Sadia Samha 10 months ago Me to But I'm from Bangladesh
  • Pak Army
    Pak Army 9 months ago Not just Indians...everyone loves him
  • Abhishek Thakur
    Abhishek Thakur 9 months ago Send link to download this theme
  • kishan
    kishan 9 months ago RCB❤️❤️
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Farhan Google PR search maar le Bihari 😠 Pta chal jaega kon hai Ab de💪💪💪
  • KANE NIGHt of destruction
    KANE NIGHt of destruction 9 months ago @Farhan y fuck you don't know abd. He is great çricket batsman of South Africa my favorite 😍😘😘😘😘😘
  • meena puri
    meena puri 9 months ago Tnajh
  • Aman Sekhon
    Aman Sekhon 9 months ago @Farhan DVD urticaria o it dv
  • tanishq Kushwaha
    tanishq Kushwaha 9 months ago Yes bro
  • Shubham mishra
    Shubham mishra 9 months ago @Farhan teri maa ki chut
  • Farhan
    Farhan 9 months ago @KANE NIGHt of destruction Yea i know a guy name like that. a guy who dumped national team for IPL money. Great cricketer? a guy who caused South african to fall lowest rank of CWC.
  • Narasimha Murthi
    Narasimha Murthi 9 months ago Anu Shri we miss u ab de
  • Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale
    Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale 9 months ago (edited) @Rahul Mehra har cheez ko Bihari se mat jor chutiyen....jitna sportsmen ka nam mujhe pta hain utna teri puri family lo nhi aata hoga.....and he is not totally wrong too I like devilliers too for his batting but on the other side he did dump his national team for a little money....truth is bitter and racist people's like you should not even exist....and I am a Bihari too so what English should be shit? right?!
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Farhan Bihari 😂😂😂Mualla BC Sarfraaz ki olaad hai tu hahahahha
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago (edited) @Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale Garib clash Of clan terko bola kya hai mene ? Btaega Me to 1 Muslim ko replay de RHA tha Jisne likha tha kon hai Ab ? Us gandu ko bta RHA tha Ab de baap hai Father Of Cricket Legends me Gina jata hai ab Jisne Change kr diya logo ki soch ko Uske jesa koi Nhi Rhi baat Family ki Jitni Teri to mera muh mt khulwa bin baat chep
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale Bihari ki wjh se LD RHA hai kya mujse ? Ab me kuch Nhi kr skta tu bihari hai to 😂😂😂 Tum logo ne khud Naam kharab krwaya hai Bihariyo ka English bol k kya kr lega BC Galiya to Hindustani hi Achi hoti hai English ki galiyo me dum naa hai 😃
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale Kya kiya hai bihariyo ne Aj k time PR ? Aj k waqt me IAS hai Sarkari nokriyo k pichey bhaag rhy hai bihari. Tum maante ho IAS bdiya hai PR IAS bnne se Country ko koi Fayda Nhi kyo ki Jo bhi IAS hai Bihar k WO India se hi paisa kma k India me hi use kr rhy hai Agar Desh k lie Economy me bdhotri krna chahte ho to Foreign Currency laao India me Jo Punjab ne boht kiya hai Punjab k logo ne Qutar , kuwiat , New Zeeland , Canada jesi Jgho PR bs kr Videshi mudra ko Bahri Desh se kma kr Apne swdesh me use kiya hai Jo Country US. Dollars Reserve me Pichley 40 years se contribute kr rhy hai Tumko English Aati hai tuti Futi To muje History , Economics , Political Issue, Mahabharata , Morya Empire , Gupta Empire (Gold Eara Of india) Etc ki knowledge Tumhare Se kaie guna zada hai
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Vikrant clash of clans and clash royale bihari PD likh kr IAS bnte hai En IAS se Acha YouTube channel chalane wale log hote hai Kyo ki YouTube se Jo paisa milta hai WO Apko Google adsence deta hai Aur WO paisa Country k bahr se Aata hai 100% Country ki Economy ko Push krta hai Paisa bahr se Aaya aur Paise ka use hmari country me hua IAS <you tuber Youtuber better then bihari IAS Kuch smjha Ya Angrez ka Pilla hai ? Ya dimaag Nhi hai
  • N.M Savanur
    N.M Savanur 9 months ago Same here he is my favrt😘😘🇮🇳🇮🇳
  • Doctor Gastronaut
    Doctor Gastronaut 9 months ago He's one of my favorites. Will always be. 😍
  • Doctor Gastronaut
    Doctor Gastronaut 9 months ago @Rahul Mehra You called the other guy Bihari because you thought he was ignorant. Similarly, lots of people outside India consider Indians to be poor, backward and ignorant. Will you accept that? No. Its a stereotype. Not every Indian is ignorant or poor and as a country we are progressing. Similar is the case for Bihar, I request you to kindly not propagate stereotypes. Because blindly propagating stereotypes is being definitely more ignorant.
  • Sayeed Rahman
    Sayeed Rahman 9 months ago Anu Shri ...pls don’t take players by country, they are equally loved by all, as Bangladeshi loves all Indian Greats...
  • vasi nathan
    vasi nathan 9 months ago I do agree with this HE IS A GEM
  • adepu prashanth
    adepu prashanth 9 months ago Not only Indian , everyone who knows cricket
  • Pravin V
    Pravin V 9 months ago I am Also Sissy And God is Living with Us By His Presence.
  • Satish Kondeti
    Satish Kondeti 9 months ago IAM indian l love abd I am big fan off u
  • omar khan
    omar khan 9 months ago Yeh! its true bro
  • Goldvine Movies
    Goldvine Movies 9 months ago Yes u right
  • Nuzhat Zaki
    Nuzhat Zaki 9 months ago Even Pakistanis are fans of him
  • Antony Pradeep
    Antony Pradeep 9 months ago Yes I'm Big Fan of Mr. 360 ABD
  • Muhammad Sadeeq
    Muhammad Sadeeq 9 months ago India can't have a player like ABD
  • Gul mirza
    Gul mirza 9 months ago And Pakistani tooo
  • sayed uvais
    sayed uvais 9 months ago Great sprite
  • Rahul Mehra
    Rahul Mehra 9 months ago @Doctor Gastronaut Aare kehna kaa chahte ho😂😂😂
  • gourav sharma
    gourav sharma 9 months ago also ꫰ dell stain
    FIRDAUS SHEIKH 8 months ago Whoes abd
  • Abhilash Deshpande
    Abhilash Deshpande 8 months ago Really 😍😍😍
  • Saidur Rahman
    Saidur Rahman 8 months ago The individual who loves cricket, he loves AB de Villiers
  • Freddie Mercury Bulsara
    Freddie Mercury Bulsara 8 months ago I'm an Indian get the fuk out
  • Smile is Lyf
    Smile is Lyf 8 months ago Same
  • Ishurious
    Ishurious 8 months ago The Whole World loves him
    SATISH SALIL 8 months ago @Farhan Xs
  • Thandu Naveen Kumar
    Thandu Naveen Kumar 6 months ago Bro I hit a like 3k likes in your comment
  • Md Zulfakar
    Md Zulfakar 5 months ago Because he was the best player of any game
  • Manju Prajval
    Manju Prajval 5 months ago I'm too bro 😍😄
  • DK 06
    DK 06 5 months ago Yes
  • DK 06
    DK 06 5 months ago @Farhan tera baap
  • Jeya Jeya
    Jeya Jeya 4 months ago Sssssssss
  • Future Time
    Future Time 4 months ago @Farhan ab saale cricket nhi dekhta kya ??
  • Reza Ahmed
    Reza Ahmed 3 months ago also bd people love him
  • Super Insaan
    Super Insaan 3 months ago Àb devillers
  • dhoni bharat
    dhoni bharat 3 months ago @Farhan ab devillers
  • Mohdv Imran
    Mohdv Imran 3 months ago Abd is the best
  • Abd Malik
    Abd Malik 3 months ago I'm Pakistani and I love him too
  • Abd Malik
    Abd Malik 3 months ago I'm Pakistani and I love him as well
  • Aditya raj
    Aditya raj 3 months ago @Farhan koun ho tum kaha se aate ho tom
  • parshuram panda
    parshuram panda 3 months ago I love you abd and abd fan god bless you
  • Praveen Patel
    Praveen Patel 3 months ago Right
  • Huligeshi HRG
    Huligeshi HRG 3 months ago Rcb player
  • manas patil
    manas patil 4 months ago Thats why we called Sir Sachin Tendulkar as the god of cricket 🔥🔥🇮🇳
  • abhEdits
    abhEdits 8 months ago This is a Gentlemen's game, And Gentlemen do Cry.