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Скачать с ютуб Multiply A Weapon's Stats By 10

Опубликовано: 7 нояб. 2011 г. 3 467 943 просмотра

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  • SwangLiao
    SwangLiao 3 years ago Mad Milk - Enemies hit will turn into friendly Medics - Can be used to prevent forest fires
  • Hidra
    Hidra 2 years ago Only you can prevent wildfires
  • Eclipsoray Man
    Eclipsoray Man 1 year ago Smokey the bear XD
  • 1tz Bl1tz
    1tz Bl1tz 1 year ago Only scunts
  • Angry Kirby
    Angry Kirby 1 year ago Smokey aproves
  • xanolium lmao
    xanolium lmao 1 year ago and is apparently scout's cum-
  • pacman frog gamer
    pacman frog gamer 8 months ago Uhh, you misspelled "MeeM."
  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca 6 months ago - To satisfy 10 at once
  • Stefan Nikolic-Houle
    Stefan Nikolic-Houle 4 months ago Lol
  • yacinebomb -
    yacinebomb - 3 months ago xanolium lmao that means he must have beat his meat a lot, and i mean ALOT
  • Stefan Nikolic-Houle
    Stefan Nikolic-Houle 3 months ago True
  • AceSniper 338
    AceSniper 338 4 weeks ago So you can save Amazon rainforest
  • u mad bro?
    u mad bro? 2 weeks ago Let's call it post November milk
  • Gordon Roberts
    Gordon Roberts 2 days ago the counter to the dragons fury with how far it would shoot
  • Mann of Dober
    Mann of Dober 1 year ago Brass Beast: - Takes a MILLION YEARS to set up. - Any attempt at moving will physically slow down the passage of time. - A single bullet has the capacity to annihilate entire planets.
  • Kibchi Redanlae
    Kibchi Redanlae 10 months ago And yet the Soldier alone has intel that details the weapon's only weakness, but the Sniper is responsible for delaying his rendezvous with the rest of the RED team.
  • Little TVman
    Little TVman 9 months ago
  • Some Guy's Channel
    Some Guy's Channel 9 months ago This would be ×1000.
  • Pan Raptor
    Pan Raptor 9 months ago Mann of Dober So basically dragon ball
  • pacman frog gamer
    pacman frog gamer 8 months ago Aaaaaand now heavy is ultra instinct Shaggy.
  • explodoboy
    explodoboy 6 months ago That's TF2x2147483647, pal.
  • Benjamin Fuller
    Benjamin Fuller 5 months ago Very accurate
  • Raven Schihl
    Raven Schihl 4 months ago Do u mean 1000x
  • ANTIFA Supersoldier
    ANTIFA Supersoldier 2 months ago So, reverse Superhot? Somewhatcool?
  • Dr Gabe
    Dr Gabe 2 years ago The 80's used DeLoreans to go to past Today we use gloves
  • Bas Liebe
    Bas Liebe 2 years ago (edited) gloves are much cooler anyways.
  • Winged Gecko
    Winged Gecko 2 years ago Well actually, TF2 takes place in the 40s, since soldier was in world war ii and TF classic was in 1890
  • Dr Gabe
    Dr Gabe 2 years ago Monster Book .No,it is placed in june of 1968.You can see it on the calendars on the wall
  • Winged Gecko
    Winged Gecko 2 years ago k then
  • SilentNinjaGaming
    SilentNinjaGaming 9 months ago It is good day to be YESterDAY!!! :D
  • YT Gamer
    YT Gamer 8 months ago Yeah,but after 4-5 seconds you would die of blood loss,if you would like to travel today.
  • Jason Zablan
  • pacman frog gamer
    pacman frog gamer 8 months ago @Winged Gecko r/woooosh
  • SharkyMcSnarkface
    SharkyMcSnarkface 2 years ago Wait... What if we divided the weapons stats by ten?
  • Winged Gecko
    Winged Gecko 2 years ago /10 Must be a gamemode. ~volvo~ community pls add
  • T. Atkin
    T. Atkin 2 years ago How about a gamemode that reverses negative and positive stats on weapons? For example the Fists of Steel - You take 100% less damage from melee sources and 40% more damage from ranged sources Just a thought
  • thedro1d slayer03
    thedro1d slayer03 2 years ago Brass Beast: 2% more damage Gives weilder 2% damage resistance when below 50% health 5% slower spinup time Move 6% slower when spinning up.
  • Captain Carrot
    Captain Carrot 2 years ago We get stocks.
  • Pitreseycamolaviadelretomexity
    Pitreseycamolaviadelretomexity 1 year ago Angry Medic God of Medieval Mode
  • Henedsomeonions Buthenowantonions
    Henedsomeonions Buthenowantonions 1 year ago The Razorback: Blocks 0.25 of a backstab attempt.
  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca 1 year ago The negative effects would become useful
  • SrGabo :]
    SrGabo :] 1 year ago The Phlogastinator: Heals with (Critical?) Reverse Damage while incomplete MMPH Yes, it can airblast 10 times stronger It has random C R I T S
  • A balloon that drops bombs
    A balloon that drops bombs 1 year ago It would kinda feel like stock weapons
  • Cole
    Cole 1 year ago SharkyMcSnarkface times -10 is a thing.
  • BUSHy
    BUSHy 11 months ago /10 is just like using stock
  • The S - Tier
    The S - Tier 11 months ago 1000x what i want (op)
  • Long Nguyễn Thiên Bảo
    Long Nguyễn Thiên Bảo 11 months ago One Divided By Zero Robot: Not possible (KABOOM!)
  • Long Nguyễn Thiên Bảo
    Long Nguyễn Thiên Bảo 11 months ago SANDVICH WILL BE THE WORST PART FOR HEAVY! Lose about 150-300 health, YOUR DEAD!
  • TheRapping Dog
    TheRapping Dog 11 months ago * Illuminati song plays *
  • A Common Gamer
    A Common Gamer 10 months ago @T. Atkin Little did you know.... It actually became a thing
  • Adam Novák
    Adam Novák 9 months ago Don't worry -1x servers are already being hosted
  • Bubble Runner
    Bubble Runner 9 months ago You get Overwatch
  • SharkyMcSnarkface
    SharkyMcSnarkface 9 months ago Bubble Runner Oof
  • RaceBandit
    RaceBandit 8 months ago (edited) @Long Nguyễn Thiên Bảo | "DOES SCOUT WANT SANDVICH NOW?!" Goddamn it, now I can imagine Heavy spamming sandvich tosses instead of bullets.
  • Merf Merf
    Merf Merf 8 months ago Den del suk
  • Brings
    Brings 3 months ago @T. Atkin little did this 2 year old comment know, it's a community server
  • that one guy in class
    that one guy in class 2 months ago stonks
  • Fab Antonio
    Fab Antonio 1 week ago The Brass Beast Normal Minigun, but deals 5 damage
  • Shark Assassin
    Shark Assassin 2 years ago (edited) 2:40 When you try coffee for the first time
  • henry maude
    henry maude 2 years ago Shark Assassin XD
  • GalacticLlama04
    GalacticLlama04 1 year ago I LAUGHED HARDER AT THIS THAN I SHOULDVE
  • Voidrive ‣
    Voidrive ‣ 1 year ago 2:48 When I die in a speedrun
  • The Cyan Color
    The Cyan Color 1 year ago Weird, when i drink coffee i just feel like i need to sleep. Yeah. So does milk.
  • rob t
    rob t 1 year ago Portraying confirmed. ✔
  • rob t
    rob t 1 year ago More like when you try Sonic's energy drink for the first time. (.>.)
  • John Gaming
  • hatty/jinwoo pak
    hatty/jinwoo pak 1 year ago You pee alot lel
  • Assulted Caramel
    Assulted Caramel 1 year ago *bonk
  • timrascalz lopez
    timrascalz lopez 1 year ago Shark Assassin XD Ikr
  • Red Spy
    Red Spy 1 year ago Shark Assassin Actually 5:11
  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca 1 year ago Lol me XD
  • bloxyyoyo
    bloxyyoyo 1 year ago Sure didnt seem like that my first time
  • That Guy
    That Guy 11 months ago Relatable
  • Charles James
    Charles James 10 months ago Shark Assassin HOHOHOHOHOHO OOOOOOOOPD
  • Jonathan Madi
    Jonathan Madi 10 months ago Dat happened to me before
  • Wellifailed YT
    Wellifailed YT 5 months ago Woops
  • Cthulhu
  • The Official Ellis
    The Official Ellis 3 months ago 2:40 also scout and bonk atomic punch in x10
  • Blue Tubbie
    Blue Tubbie 1 week ago 2x that's how you know medic is fully charged
  • Christian Bhonn
    Christian Bhonn 2 days ago @The Cyan Color covfefe not strong enough
  • Robot409
    Robot409 2 years ago (edited) little did they know this would become a community server gamemode (300 likes wow)
    JJP 007 THE GREAT MEME WIZARD 2 years ago and known throughout the land as being 10x more creative then anything valve has done for TF2 in years...
    xEPIC JUSTICE POLICEx 2 years ago JJP 007 multiplying everything by ten isn't creative
  • Jackdaw
    Jackdaw 2 years ago xEPIC JUSTICE POLICEx Exactly.
  • Memed Matter-Spooder
    Memed Matter-Spooder 1 year ago Dude every comment section I go in there's always a guy with the same pfp
  • Grinderfoot
    Grinderfoot 1 year ago x10 dun dun okay too predictictable this is text.
  • Charlyb523
    Charlyb523 1 year ago 504
  • Phantom Xeno
    Phantom Xeno 1 year ago 530th yeet
  • Charlyb523
    Charlyb523 1 year ago @Memed Matter-Spooder well I guess I'm one of those guys :b
  • Tristan Wong
    Tristan Wong 1 year ago And now there's x1000.
  • TheNoPerson 879
    TheNoPerson 879 1 year ago Robot409 l
  • Snackerman TM
    Snackerman TM 1 year ago 600*
  • Enzo Messina
    Enzo Messina 1 year ago Not just x10 anymore. Now it's x20, x50, x100, x1000, and even, x-1
  • Traygon
    Traygon 11 months ago And x1000000
  • RED Engineer
    RED Engineer 11 months ago @xEPIC JUSTICE POLICEx woosh
    xEPIC JUSTICE POLICEx 11 months ago @RED Engineer buddy I made that comment a year ago
  • Kai R.S.
    Kai R.S. 10 months ago Memed Matter-Spooder it’s MaximilianMus’ profile pic
    NYXIC 7 months ago @xEPIC JUSTICE POLICExthat's the joke....
    xEPIC JUSTICE POLICEx 7 months ago @NYXIC r/wooooooooshhhhh idiot gotcha woosh idiot retard gotcha woosh
  • Bouamara Marouane
    Bouamara Marouane 2 months ago U nob
  • sneeky d's new channel
    sneeky d's new channel 1 month ago @Tristan Wong there's also x1,000,000 (moddage)
  • r1ftwalker
    r1ftwalker 2 years ago BONK Atomic Punch: Invulnerable for 80 seconds. "Hey look at me, I'm a distraction!"
  • Gidoiu Rafael
    Gidoiu Rafael 2 years ago i think you want to say "BONK Tsar Bomba" based on the tsar bomba
  • Many Achievables
    Many Achievables 1 year ago And one pistol shot makes you slower than a revved up brass beast heavy after the bonk's effects fade.
  • Regular Aiden Khi [Weak]
    Regular Aiden Khi [Weak] 1 year ago Useful For Saving Teammates from death.
  • africa
    africa 1 year ago 3:58 I maxed out computer volume, headset volume, and youtube volume. i almost went deaf.