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Скачать с ютуб People Use Flip Phones For A Week

Опубликовано: 13 сент. 2017 г. 2 685 028 просмотров

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Who else misses dramatically closing flip phones?

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Flip cell phone on a white background
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Retro memphis seamless pattern. 80-90s fashion style
Artrise/Getty Images

  • Maddie Doyle
    Maddie Doyle 2 years ago The feeling of shutting a flip phone is irreplaceable, a feeling you don't get with a smartphone
  • YoshiNguyen
    YoshiNguyen 2 years ago Simple Sims ikr 😂
  • Adriana Saldana
    Adriana Saldana 2 years ago Yes on point 1000%
  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger 2 years ago Simple Sims unless you snap your smartphone in half and do it that way :D
  • Crystal Doggo
    Crystal Doggo 2 years ago YASSSSSSSSSSSSS
  • Snoot
    Snoot 2 years ago Simple Sims it was like the cell equivalent of slamming a phone down angry 😂😂😂
  • Snow Anaya
    Snow Anaya 2 years ago Shutting a flip phone means you are not to be fucked with. It gave so much power to a back and for phone call fight. The dramatic close flip was real.
  • Ariel Dennis
    Ariel Dennis 2 years ago Simple Sims I mean you can lol just throw your phone at a wall and you'll get a horrible yet satisfyingly crack and snap noise
  • Frank Wave
    Frank Wave 2 years ago Simple Sims yeah back in the day, shutting a flip phone made you feel cool.
  • Blessa
    Blessa 2 years ago Frank Wave applewatch too
  • мүsкιмαlvα
    мүsкιмαlvα 2 years ago true....
  • Zoey Desmond
    Zoey Desmond 2 years ago Simple Sims mhm
  • TuomioK
    TuomioK 2 years ago Actually I kinda feel the same while flipping the phone cover shut. But I never owned a flip phone... I have handled them though. I was oldfashioned even at the time of flip phones! I had a regular one :(
  • Possessy
    Possessy 2 years ago Simple Sims unless yo- I can't say someone will steal my idea
  • Maddie Doyle
    Maddie Doyle 2 years ago Possessy I'm interested now
  • Possessy
    Possessy 2 years ago Simple Sims no
  • Ben S.
    Ben S. 2 years ago just slam ur phone on the table. they have features that let u hang up if u flip it over onto the screen. c:
  • RedK5
    RedK5 1 year ago Simple Sims really😒
  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 11 months ago (edited) Try slaming an landline old landline phone down, the satisfaction☎❗ Yes you can break an old landline phone by slamming it down. I did once so I had to go and get a new receiver. Not that expensive though. I sound ancient but I am just 44.
  • Fooodddiieee But salad ain't food
    Fooodddiieee But salad ain't food 9 months ago New foldable Samsung phone coming out
  • Beto Cheeto
    Beto Cheeto 8 months ago Samsung: galaxy fold
  • Alex Nator
    Alex Nator 7 months ago Samsung galaxy fold and huawei mate x
  • Jason Guevara
    Jason Guevara 7 months ago (edited) Flip phones are back, A.K.A foldable smart phones in 2019 like the glaxy fold
  • TheProG4merPlayz
    TheProG4merPlayz 6 months ago ZTE cymbal t Look it up
  • Fajar Setiawan
    Fajar Setiawan 5 months ago It's a dramatic high point of a flip phone
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 5 months ago Galaxy fold exists now dude..
  • Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη
    Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη 5 months ago @Uchiha Avenger or unless you have the Samsung galaxy fold or the Huawei mate x
  • TrishB10
    TrishB10 1 month ago Samsung Galaxy folder 2 says hello.
  • Salimkhan Hvcd
    Salimkhan Hvcd 3 weeks ago True
  • Kim il Sung manse!
    Kim il Sung manse! 2 weeks ago galaxy fold has joined the chat
  • kitty gamerxxx
    kitty gamerxxx 1 week ago looks at Samsung fold yeah sure
  • Jay
    Jay 6 days ago Now razor have a flip smartphone
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago Maddie Doyle yes
  • Adam O.
    Adam O. 1 year ago The people in this video are the exact kind that I would never like to meet, talk to, or associate with.
  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing 1 year ago Fact.
  • Kevin st
    Kevin st 1 year ago Same
  • IceBetweenEyeliner
    IceBetweenEyeliner 1 year ago I never understood phone addiction either lmao
  • Zero Entropy
    Zero Entropy 1 year ago Let's all start a cult ( : but for real I'm half serious.
  • ZorroNegro 22
    ZorroNegro 22 1 year ago You and me both pal, you and me both but why does it feel like the world is now full of these kind of people right?
  • Quiltface
    Quiltface 1 year ago im going to sound old but they are at that age when they dont know they arent interesting... give it 10 years they will realize they are boring and always were.
  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 1 year ago Same
  • Pr!nce
    Pr!nce 1 year ago Exactly my thinking. Haha. Cheers.
  • Xiao
    Xiao 11 months ago agreed. they seem very superficial and dramatic
  • Vixonus
    Vixonus 11 months ago Preference but I wouldn’t judge this people based of a video,
  • Mary Snider
    Mary Snider 11 months ago They just sound both really addicted and kind of spoiled at the same time. I wouldn't be that whiny about it, my first few phones were flip phones so I've done it before I could do it again.
  • Bo bo
    Bo bo 11 months ago Unfortunately my brother is like this except meaner...
  • Eric Honold
    Eric Honold 10 months ago Yep.
  • kilm.
    kilm. 10 months ago aka, the majority of people and even more teenagers
  • sa KEN ka
    sa KEN ka 10 months ago Same here
  • Alexhead Spaulding
    Alexhead Spaulding 9 months ago You bet
  • Greystrife13
    Greystrife13 9 months ago I agree with you mate....
  • David Palacios
    David Palacios 9 months ago Specially the guy!!!!
  • angryape
    angryape 8 months ago @Nick Soccer npc's.
  • savagekings li
    savagekings li 7 months ago Adam O. Same
  • Jazz Jazz
    Jazz Jazz 7 months ago Like yourself lol... If you truly don't like those type of ppl.. Then why are you doing what they're doing.
  • Jason Guevara
    Jason Guevara 7 months ago @IceBetweenEyeliner its not even an adiction so i dont know why you say it is an addiction, phones are a really important thing in our lives and make life so much easier thats why people love their phones, they do so much for us and make life less stressful.
  • Jim dela Cruz Vera
    Jim dela Cruz Vera 7 months ago they are obviously never had flip phones
  • Molly Fowles
    Molly Fowles 6 months ago yah, srsly, "INSTAGRAM! OMG! I'M SO ADDICTED! WHAT!? MY PHONE HAS TO WAKE ME UP!!!" what a freakin baby. im getting a flip phone and it's 2019 and im GLAD because of the satisfying -ness! >:)
  • piggie mcwankfist
    piggie mcwankfist 6 months ago And ys that
  • B F
    B F 6 months ago Oh eff me! I’d be able to use the ancient flip phones for weeks, but there’s no way I’d mingle with these poor miserable people on this video. No, thank you very much!
  • B F
    B F 6 months ago Adam O. I would never, ever want anything to do with any of these people in the video, FFS! OMG! No, thank goodness! Putting me in the same room with them for an hour would probably make me want to jump off a building 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • wild wanderer
    wild wanderer 6 months ago yeah I agree. I'm a teenager and it's mildly concerning as fully functioning adults how these people seem more attached to their phones than my friends.
  • Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη
    Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη 6 months ago Same
  • GhostlyKreit
    GhostlyKreit 5 months ago The asian girl seems cool
  • Maryel Fernandez
    Maryel Fernandez 5 months ago Why? Because he's fat, she's asian and she's muslim.
  • Aceis ALPHA
    Aceis ALPHA 5 months ago Yall being way to dramatic bruh, yall really acting like you dont her bored without a phone or something smh🤨
  • TajTaj
    TajTaj 5 months ago Samee
  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S 5 months ago "I'm better than people who like their phones" okay
  • Dave Xander Villapaz
    Dave Xander Villapaz 4 months ago Adam O. Same
  • Aether
    Aether 3 months ago Indeed
  • Joel Taylor ❶
    Joel Taylor ❶ 2 months ago Spot on, same.
  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 2 months ago @Mary Snider Give me a LG chocolate phone in a heartbeat I'll be back to it.
  • togekiss bliss
    togekiss bliss 2 months ago Why? Are you so pathetic that you cant last a week without or even a day without your smartphone or social media? Awe you poor pathetic excuse of a person
  • ..
    .. 2 months ago @B F why? Bc theyre interested in socializing? Lmaoo
  • ..
    .. 2 months ago @togekiss bliss you couldnt either. Youre on youtube
  • Elysion B
    Elysion B 1 month ago True words my man.
  • geometric art
    geometric art 1 month ago I think we as a society need to have an international no-technology(including TV) day. And everyone who actually can complete the challenge gets $50 from the government.
  • Alexander Leblanc
    Alexander Leblanc 1 month ago Fat people, Muslims and blacks? Geez man get some help!
  • Isaiah Silverstein
    Isaiah Silverstein 1 month ago @Alexander Leblanc When you put it that way, it sounds like he's helping himself.
  • Creed
    Creed 1 month ago Yes, where do they even find these people?
  • TrishB10
    TrishB10 1 month ago Same man, I'm addicted to my smartphone too, but I definitely wouldn't lose my will to live without it, like these 'people' did.
  • Silver Man
    Silver Man 1 month ago Same. God they're awful
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago Adam O. Right
  • taho
    taho 1 year ago im embarrassed for them and anyone who thinks this kind of behavior is normal
    RASILA X 9 months ago dude. IKR.
  • Dovydas Levanavicius
    Dovydas Levanavicius 6 months ago what behavior?
  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 6 months ago You shouldn't worry about what others think you live your life ppl don't run your life
  • Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη
    Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη 6 months ago I know
  • I am watching you ಠ_ಠ
    I am watching you ಠ_ಠ 5 months ago Oh so I should be embarrassed.....
  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 5 months ago (edited) @I am watching you ಠ_ಠ arabics and jews use these phones mostly Jews and they don't care about anyone cause all this think about is that brainwash religion you give a flip phone to a homeless that's like gold to them you can't follow or think what others say or think you live your life
  • Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη
    Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη 5 months ago @I am watching you ಠ_ಠ army!😂
  • Rove Plant Eater
    Rove Plant Eater 5 months ago Their behavior is both that of a narcissist and an addict.
  • Serena Foxx
    Serena Foxx 5 months ago Oh so like pretty much everyone in this day and age, myself included XD
  • Josh Shechter
    Josh Shechter 4 months ago You mean the behavior of using flip phones?
  • Herus
    Herus 3 days ago its new york so didnt expect much, everybody uses iphones
  • why
    why 1 year ago I would never talk to these people
  • Nebojsa Zivkovic
    Nebojsa Zivkovic 8 months ago To buzzfeed company?
  • Carmen Mata
    Carmen Mata 7 months ago Why
  • Kuro Visuals
    Kuro Visuals 6 months ago Carmen Mata anyone who can’t last without an iPhone probably has nothing substantial or interesting to talk about there the type of people who are too connected to the web and feel disconnection from that interface like getting out of bed like it’s impossible people like that are unbearable to be around because if you can’t last without your iPhone god knows your gonna be f*cked when life starts throwing real problems at you
  • dridar35
    dridar35 6 months ago I agree with everything that was said in this commentary
  • Ww2/racing/history/games Jayden
    Ww2/racing/history/games Jayden 3 months ago Yeah honestly i agree
  • Nut sack Peanut butter
    Nut sack Peanut butter 3 months ago Why
  • ioan moscu
    ioan moscu 3 months ago That is really offensive because I do have a flip phone that I use cause I can’t get a regular phone so keep your opinions to yourself
  • LewisMorrey
    LewisMorrey 2 months ago Bruh what’s this world come too people not liking each other not because of personality but over material objects 💀
  • ioan moscu
    ioan moscu 2 months ago Exactly like it you don't have vans ur not on trend seriously
  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 2 months ago @Kuro Visuals Not to mention the short attention spans & snappy attitudes. These phones start twisting young kids brains. I had to check my kids several times on how they talk to their mom. These phones CHANGE kids attitudes and think they know all the answers because they watched YouTube videos.
  • SSF Mason
    SSF Mason 1 month ago @Rxonmymind good sir just end the cycle. Life is meaningless and void of hope. Grab the little bastard by the ankle and throw them against a wall repeadily until noises stop escaping them. Or you are just holding a stump. Seriously.. You'd save them a life time of emotional stress and misery. The small chuckles in life do not make up for its lack of value. Especially when you have to search 4 those laughs.
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago why totally agree
  • Veiiorra
    Veiiorra 1 year ago Pornhub on flip phone is a nightmare
  • GhostlyKreit
    GhostlyKreit 1 year ago Megumin yep i prefer xvideos
  • Canadianbutt 275
    Canadianbutt 275 1 year ago experience
  • T R
    T R 1 year ago ThatSlave Gt same the pornhub is broken on phones for some reason so now i have to use XVIDEOS
  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet 1 year ago Why do people watch porn on their phones? Isn't it a better experience on larger screens, like laptops and desktops? That's how I watch porn.
  • T R
    T R 1 year ago Midnight Sonnet It is better experience on desktop or laptop but phones or tablets are better at portability and you can quickly turn it off or hide. And i prefer holding my phone or tablet in hand.
  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 1 year ago Megumin well, I don't watch porn. Nothing wrong with watching it though. I suppose its human nature
  • Tamim Azizi
    Tamim Azizi 1 year ago how old are you guys to be watching porn?
  • T R
    T R 1 year ago Slime Lover I'm 17 in this year's june will be 18
  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 1 year ago What do you so great about porn? (nothing wrong with it)
  • Markus Ruiz
    Markus Ruiz 1 year ago What about brazzers
    Code AUS-COWBOYS 1 year ago 12 Jk lol
  • _lexie _marie_
    _lexie _marie_ 1 year ago Ew
  • What Is Sleep?
    What Is Sleep? 1 year ago stranger things Me too, dude. Me too.
  • Christopher Liu
    Christopher Liu 1 year ago ikr that's why flip phones a primitive
  • GΘldΞπ JΔguΔΓ
    GΘldΞπ JΔguΔΓ 1 year ago why would she share that?
  • Lilitu
    Lilitu 1 year ago Midnight Sonnet I need to go when the mood strikes. My cell is always on me(more or less). I need to log into my laptop and search for porn, which usually will hinder my libido. Though sometimes I'll use the cellphone while logging onto the laptop haha
  • FortniteCenterGaming _
    FortniteCenterGaming _ 1 year ago Shiiro omg I wanna kill myself now thanks NO PORNHUB FOR 1 week NOOOOOO
  • leeeastwood
    leeeastwood 1 year ago h.j.t, no, it's sex. nothing to do with nature!!!
  • Ayana Chan
    Ayana Chan 1 year ago Shiiro What is so amazing about Porn anyways? In my opinion I find it kind of disgusting that people do that for a living, it shouldn't even be a job that someone takes interest in, and I'd really like to know the reason people take the job anyways.
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago ThatSlave Gt I prefer videosx
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago Midnight Sonnet don't watch porn at all
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago Midnight Sonnet FBI open up
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago Jack Attack well not exactly
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago Tomas Gaming quit before you get addicted
  • John Mcclane
    John Mcclane 1 year ago Ayana - Chan true addiction can come
  • MUI Goku
    MUI Goku 1 year ago Guys I don't watch porn I am having sex with real girls
  • Hannah Gaines
    Hannah Gaines 1 year ago why did she not just use her laptop or something? lol
  • kenia Bermeo
    kenia Bermeo 1 year ago @GhostlyKreit Brazzers
  • dashing blue epic
    dashing blue epic 1 year ago You are sick,don't watch dat it is dirty and discusting
  • Hannah Gaines
    Hannah Gaines 1 year ago Hail yes preach
  • Mari Kurokawa
    Mari Kurokawa 1 year ago i used to watch porn on my DSi, couldnt even run any videos so i resorted to watching minute-long gifs and just nudes
  • Denizo italano
    Denizo italano 1 year ago try that on a smartphone the fbi will instantly burst in rainbow six style
  • earthtoaisha
    earthtoaisha 11 months ago i’m gonna shoot myself after reading this thread
  • Denizo italano
    Denizo italano 11 months ago @earthtoaisha good luck
  • Chris Roseberry
    Chris Roseberry 10 months ago Ayana-Chan lie to me and tell me you dont watch Hentai
  • ALBreezyx68
    ALBreezyx68 10 months ago Niiiiiccceee! Porn on flip phones by the time you finish it's time to go to work LOL that's sexy a woman watching prnhub LMAO
  • irina korolkova
    irina korolkova 6 months ago Wtf
  • Godly industries
    Godly industries 5 months ago @Midnight Sonnet privacy on the go
  • Godly industries
    Godly industries 5 months ago @Tamim Azizi I been watching it since I was 14 I'm 16
  • Godly industries
    Godly industries 5 months ago @leeeastwood no sex is human nature u have sex to make babies dummy
  • Godly industries
    Godly industries 5 months ago @Ayana Chan idk why people take the job but it's interesting because people like watching the pleasure at least I do I like to bust a nut
  • Godly industries
    Godly industries 5 months ago @MUI Goku good for u my dude but sex isn't everything can't have sex just for your pleasure
  • Josh Shechter
    Josh Shechter 4 months ago It is.
  • Josh Shechter
    Josh Shechter 4 months ago @GΘldΞπ JΔguΔΓ as a joke.
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago Midnight Sonnet why do you watch it!!!
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago WHY DO PPL WATCH THIS BAD STUFF!?
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago Tomas Gaming that’s just bad...
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago Jack Attack but why though!!!
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago Tamim games ikr
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago FortniteCenterGaming _ this is just sick,,
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago MUI Goku ewww
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago Mari Kurokawa this is disgusting
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago aishhwithluv I don’t want to shoot myself but I feel kinda the same
  • Felipe
    Felipe 3 months ago ALBreezyx68 ew
  • Joel Taylor ❶
    Joel Taylor ❶ 2 months ago Why would you want to watch complete strangers have fake sex anyway?!
  • TrishB10
    TrishB10 2 months ago Why? It's actually very convenient. You can just flip your phone off as soon as someone starts sneaking on you !
  • Felipe
    Felipe 2 months ago Aggregor but that is disgusting
  • Osman Yousif
    Osman Yousif 1 month ago @GhostlyKreit, xvideos is weak. Spankbang is where it's at.
  • Osman Yousif
    Osman Yousif 1 month ago @T R , xvideos is weak. Spankbang is where the experience is at.
  • Osman Yousif
    Osman Yousif 1 month ago @Markus Ruiz , brazzers is weak like xvideos. Spankbang is where it's all at.
  • Galaxy Gamers
    Galaxy Gamers 3 days ago that’s bad
  • Joseph Parent
    Joseph Parent 1 day ago You guys watch porn?
    SWISIDNIAK 2 years ago "it's hindering my work because I can't check my email" is sitting at a desktop computer
  • CarlitosWay277
    CarlitosWay277 2 years ago yeah, Ha Ha!
  • Hunter Dentoyenkesh
    Hunter Dentoyenkesh 2 years ago two factor for most emails i've used (aol, yahoo, gmail, and outlook) all send texts with the verification code, so that's not the issue, the issue was probably him being to attached to having internet everywhere
  • Sima Kaur
    Sima Kaur 2 years ago The same thing happened with the guy pulling out a map when he had a laptop in the room with him!
  • fuzzlenutberry
    fuzzlenutberry 2 years ago Bruni they have an app on feature phones(flip phones) for 2 factor authentication called totpme
  • Joseph Hicklin
    Joseph Hicklin 2 years ago He was mentioning Slack, which means he probably missed a time-sensitive message that the sender thought he would immedietely see.
  • Mercedes
    Mercedes 1 year ago 😂😂😂
  • Becky Dean
    Becky Dean 1 year ago Okay all, it is b/c they weren't suppose to use another device if it was available or not! Did ya here girl ask if it was okay to use another's for gps? The point of the whole event was only flip phone.
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago SWISIDNIAK was thinking the same thing
  • christian yates
    christian yates 1 year ago people dont envy your life. they like your posts, so you'll like theirs. its an endless loop of narcissism.
  • Laney McNamara
    Laney McNamara 6 months ago SAY IT LOUDER👏
  • Amanda
    Amanda 4 months ago Exactly.
  • Roxanne MCV
    Roxanne MCV 2 months ago On point
  • linh hoang
    linh hoang 1 year ago “I read a couple of books” shows pusheen cat book
  • Jimin -ssi
    Jimin -ssi 9 months ago I am Jungshook jungshook
  • ForbidenProdigy
    ForbidenProdigy 6 months ago no no he read "Parts of a couple different books." Didn't even finish one lol
  • Sammie R.
    Sammie R. 5 months ago Armyyy 💜💜
  • Lps LemonBreeze
    Lps LemonBreeze 3 days ago Ewww! Bts ruins everything
  • Patrick Chiu
    Patrick Chiu 1 year ago they look like they are in their 20s so they must have been through the flip phone era but they act like they have never even seen it before....? flip phone is definitely best high school memory!
  • Teeny_African
    Teeny_African 11 months ago Patrick Chiu 90s babies will remember those but majority of us 00s babies grew up with Smartphones,Tablets,Computers are whole life so basically they became lazy
  • Clive Chiam
    Clive Chiam 7 months ago Right?? Like I don't exactly remember how to text on a flip phone but I'm sure it'll all come back if I had to use one
  • MynxLynx
    MynxLynx 7 months ago I was born in 2008, I remember the flip phone era. Only in 2009-2011 I remember my parents using flip phones. I even know how to use one. Millennials lol
  • Agnes Nevermind
    Agnes Nevermind 6 months ago (edited) @Teeny_African When I was young I used a phone. It wasn't a flip phone ot looked more like a brick and it had a small screen it was hell to type with. I'm a 00s baby and I was using something similar to a flip phone. I was born on 2004.
  • CadMan Cryzta
    CadMan Cryzta 3 months ago @MynxLynx bruhhh you were born in 2008 wtfff
  • happy face
    happy face 3 months ago I had a flip phone and i was born in 2001. I am actually considering getting another one. They are so good at durability and being simple to use
  • Andrew Kang
    Andrew Kang 1 week ago I was born in the 90's and my first phone was a flip-phone. Def the flip-phone era was a much simpler time. There was no snapchat, instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Nijario
    Nijario 4 days ago @CadMan Cryzta not everyone lives in first world country
  • Gunknees Amaara
    Gunknees Amaara 4 days ago @Teeny_African ah yes. Using a phone makes you lazy
  • Daniella Moreno
    Daniella Moreno 3 days ago I miss Blackberries.
  • Jesé
    Jesé 1 year ago Can't believe how people got adiccted to smartphones. Back in the 2000's people only wanted phones with a decent camera and some space for music, those were simple times.
  • cringy dead channel
    cringy dead channel 5 months ago I have a Motorola x4, but guess what? I'm planning on hopefully switching to a water resistant slightly touchscreen Japanese flip phone with a stylus, I don't even need this phone because all it does is help worsen my internet addiction.
  • Kelsye Jordan
    Kelsye Jordan 2 years ago Flip phones are the best phones for calling ever. That feeling of slaming the phone is amazing.😃
  • lil' shit
    lil' shit 2 years ago ahem...Nokia... Ahem
  • TheCrippledNinja
    TheCrippledNinja 2 years ago Kelsye Jordan AMEN
  • Happy TX
    Happy TX 2 years ago I have a non smartphone, no Facebook, Instagram etc. I do have a tablet & a YouTube account. I'm happy & never bored. Thanks
  • Lily Meilleur
    Lily Meilleur 2 years ago Happy TX same
  • Happy TX
    Happy TX 2 years ago There is something to said about being inaccessible.  I tell my single girl friends don't be easy men like to hunt. To be unavailable means that you deliberately avoid exhausting yourself & others. It means that you are not hungry & desperate. Thanks
  • iam Meme
    iam Meme 7 months ago Especially when you mad😂😂😂😂
  • SSF Mason
    SSF Mason 1 month ago I am thinking of upgrading to flip phone
  • Salimkhan Hvcd
    Salimkhan Hvcd 3 weeks ago Love that feeling
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago Kelsye Jordan YES IT IS
  • Nanthco
    Nanthco 1 year ago This is truly painful to watch it makes the most recent generations look like compleat idiots, this is the reason the youth of the world have such a bad reputation. I'm not one to leave comets on videos but I truly cannot stand big YouTube production channels pumping out content like this that has such an extreme dearth of creativity.
  • Gurprem Singh
    Gurprem Singh 8 months ago *nods in approval
  • Noah Toxiclaga
    Noah Toxiclaga 7 months ago "compleat idiots"
  • Agnes Nevermind
    Agnes Nevermind 6 months ago " comets"
  • Agnes Nevermind
    Agnes Nevermind 6 months ago "Dearth"
  • Awesome computers
    Awesome computers 5 months ago @Noah Toxiclaga I'm not an idiot, the only form of social media I use is YouTube and most of the stuff I watch is about technology because I am an actual computer geek that knows how to fix electronics the history of technology, how the processor in a computer works, kind of, I do not know everything in quantum physics so I can't know everything about how cpus and their architectures work, I also use the internet as a whole to learn science and history post ww1 because that stuff is interesting with the occasional look at a cat meme or technology meme, and I am gen z, hopefully you do not think every one who is a younger generation than you is a complete idiot devoid of creativity because there are a few out there who are not just social butterflies.....
  • Noah Toxiclaga
    Noah Toxiclaga 4 months ago @Awesome computers ok if this is a joke then r/woosh me because i literally have no idea what youre talking about
  • Axel Persson
    Axel Persson 2 months ago These are millennials, not our most recent generation lmao.
  • Moerochi
    Moerochi 1 week ago Agree bro. Im youth generation and have been through it but these peoples are kudet asF
  • James The Not Much
    James The Not Much 1 week ago ok boomer
  • Bryn Jackson
    Bryn Jackson 1 year ago I actually wouldn't mind a modern version of a flip phone tbh. A normal smartphone, with the larger screen size and touch screen and everything, but the flip part could be basically like a built-in case or screen cover/protector; it could function as the lock/unlock screen, pickup/hangup calls, maybe have a little clip sorta thing so you could chuck your ID and credit card in it... That'd be awesome! I mean, people already get those phone case wallets that effectively turn their phones into flip phones anyway - It'd just be cool to have a modern tech version where it's already part of the phone has some real in-phone functionality as well as not taking up extra space like the cases do! I'm thinking with the screen on the lower section of the flip, where the physical keys were on old flip phones, and the top section be either small storage or a screen protector or a power bank or something like that. Hell yeah. Someone get on this!
  • big/ uzi horizontal
    big/ uzi horizontal 1 year ago The fact that you said this proves I'm not the only crazy one.
  • Mark A###
    Mark A### 1 year ago LG ice cream smart. Android flip phone:
  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee 1 year ago Have a look at KaiOS
  • retro tech
    retro tech 1 year ago Really long coment 😐😐
  • Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget 1 year ago Well Samsung has a modern touch screen flip phone and its really good its like a 2017 version
  • Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget 1 year ago @Mark A### nah dude Samsung Fder 2 is better
  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 1 year ago @Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget they do?
  • Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget 1 year ago @Trinity Livingston yeah its actually really nice
  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 1 year ago @Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget cool
  • Kitsune Baka
    Kitsune Baka 10 months ago Having portable internet for an internet addict is like giving a heroin addict a needle that never empties.
  • Mr Cr
    Mr Cr 7 months ago The new razor flip smart phone. Look it up. It’s actually really nice.
  • Blaster Games
    Blaster Games 7 months ago Samsung Foder 2?
  • Arelia Snow
    Arelia Snow 5 months ago This has been made its called a samsung fold
  • Monica Bao
    Monica Bao 5 months ago try the lg ice cream smart
    RAJAT PORWAL 2 months ago check out new nokia 2720
  • Victor Sosa
    Victor Sosa 1 month ago There’s the Alcatel Go Flip 3 coming to the US so yeah
  • Silver Man
    Silver Man 1 month ago Check out Japanese flip phones like the Sharp 601SH. Android and a flip phone and the design is so sleek. I got it recently and my smartphone is collecting dust now
  • UniversalComix
    UniversalComix 6 days ago My guy predicted the new Motorola razr
  • Herus
    Herus 3 days ago did anyone mention Moto Razer yet ?
  • Consig1iere
    Consig1iere 1 year ago The saddest generation ever. I don't think people who were living through the great depression were this sad of a life.
  • xspringrose
    xspringrose 1 year ago Agreed.
  • Dmn8719
    Dmn8719 11 months ago Let’s have some perspective here. My grandparents lived through the Great Depression as children. Their parents struggled every day just to find enough food to feed the family. It had such a profound psychological impact that until the day they died, they salvaged every food item they possibly could, even when it was questionable at best, and despite the fact that they had more than enough resources to go to the grocery store to purchase fresh food. Living through the Depression sounded like hell. Smartphone addiction sounds more like a social nuisance. Not comparable.
  • Dmn8719
    Dmn8719 11 months ago didora didi idiot.
  • cream
    cream 8 months ago I'm growing up with an iPhone but since my grandma has a phone like there's I kinda know how to use it but they grew up with these phone types I'm surprised at how they had no idea what to do
  • Alexia Ledoux
    Alexia Ledoux 8 months ago Consig1iere that’s such a generalization
  • Agnes Nevermind
    Agnes Nevermind 6 months ago I was born during the flip phone era aka 90 - 00. These people are idiots using these phones is easy, except typing.
  • Jean Valdes
    Jean Valdes 6 months ago (edited) I wonder how will they all act when some left-wing commie comes and takes their phone. The Liberal Generations. Zombie Hippies
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 2 months ago Jean Valdes I will chase after them because that’s my phone.
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 2 months ago Agnes Nevermind Iphones are the best.
  • Stef
    Stef 4 days ago Consig1iere agreed
  • Ashley Schroeder
    Ashley Schroeder 1 year ago Omg I use to love my flip phone. Plus I am a little surprised that they didn't know how to use them. How old are they? If y'all tell me they are between 25 and 35, I will cry B.S.
  • Gabriele Grudzjnskaite
    Gabriele Grudzjnskaite 10 months ago Bruh I knew how to use a fliphone when I was like 6
  • Qatrunnada Hanifah
    Qatrunnada Hanifah 10 months ago Maybe their first was candybar. I don't know, but I think it little bit different. I used both flip and candybar and both easy to use.
  • Louis Subearth
    Louis Subearth 9 months ago Flip phones and candybars had similar user experiences, they should theoretically know how to use them.
  • Interesting Stuff
    Interesting Stuff 9 months ago I am 17 and know how to use a flip phone and am thinking about switching back
  • Abigail McMurdie
    Abigail McMurdie 5 months ago Literally, you can go on the internet and access social media sites as well, granted it’s not the same as on an iPhone or Samsung touchscreen phone but I actually really miss my flip phone
  • JB3LL89
    JB3LL89 1 year ago I use a flip phone for work and they actually are more reliable than the smart phones, not to mention the battery lasts WAY longer
  • Joshua Webster
    Joshua Webster 4 months ago I was saying the same thing myself and said well ill be damn!!! Weve been buying iphones and samsung smartphones and forgot about using a flip phone and say what the hell was i thinking?!
  • nobody nowhere
    nobody nowhere 2 months ago nice to see fellow dealers
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 2 months ago Joshua Webster What’s wrong with a iPhone.
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 2 months ago JB3LL89 I agree but I think if you know how to use a smartphone correctly, your good.
  • Joshua Webster
    Joshua Webster 2 months ago Nothing is wrong with a iphone. The battery is cut short on an iphone or a Samsung smartphone but the flip phone have a longer battery plus more talk time than a smartphone
  • ryder nigga
    ryder nigga 2 months ago JB3LL89 and you can call your plug without the fbi listening
  • Sebastian Grimaldo
    Sebastian Grimaldo 1 month ago Smartphones are a waste of time
  • IIPixel
    IIPixel 5 months ago Mom of fat dude: "Good luck, millenial." I've never laughed so hard in my life...
  • Miss Nez
    Miss Nez 1 year ago how old are they. I'm not 25 yet, but flip phones were famous back then.
  • Holly Shue
    Holly Shue 1 month ago Miss Nez I’m 28 and I had Razr. I loved it!
  • Nombre eigth
    Nombre eigth 1 month ago my first phone was a brick nokia
  • Sebastian Grimaldo
    Sebastian Grimaldo 1 month ago Smartphones are a waste
  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar 1 year ago Poor kids.... live life guys... dont live within social media and phones...thats not life all about
  • Awesome computers
    Awesome computers 5 months ago I don't use social media, just YouTube about technology and tons of video games and more tinkering with electronics.
  • TheEggamer
    TheEggamer 4 months ago @Awesome computers mhm more like cussing on fortnite like a 9 year old
  • Awesome computers
    Awesome computers 4 months ago (edited) @TheEggamer most people do not even cuss and play fortnite like a 9 year old including me, anyway who plays fortnite, play world of warships or csgo, battlefield 4, gta v, farcry 5, etc. Also YouTube is a great place to learn about science and technology with channels like seeker, scishow, etc and for tech there's bitwit ltt eev blog Paul's hardware science studio kristofer yee techlinked randomgamininhd budget builds official and many more tech tuners, now for history there's mark Felton productions, history that deserves to be remembered and more for history and especially ww1 ww2 and cold war history topping YouTube off with some star wars star trek and stargate lore...
  • TheFourthWinchester
    TheFourthWinchester 1 week ago There were no kids there.
  • danielisntreal
    danielisntreal 2 years ago I actually like flip phones. Sure smart phones have more functions but flip phones get to the point and are definitely nostalgic.
  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 2 years ago Yes
  • 7ate9
    7ate9 2 years ago and Adele uses a flip phone in "Hello"
  • Mark M
    Mark M 2 years ago You can text while driving on a flip phone safely if you memorize the keyboard layout.
  • Lily Meilleur
    Lily Meilleur 2 years ago They are really great! I don't want a smartphone
  • jada alexander
    jada alexander 2 years ago Mark M On a iPhone you don’t even have to memorize because here’s a microphone :)
  • fuzzlenutberry
    fuzzlenutberry 2 years ago There is actually a decent amount of functionally to feature phones (flip phones), they could have installed a older version of Google Maps that has gps, Albite Reader for e-books, and even a gameboy emulator called MeBoy.
  • Stormsmustfade
    Stormsmustfade 2 years ago danielisntreal I
  • StonerAmongstUs
    StonerAmongstUs 2 years ago For making calls flip phones were the best without a doubt. But now are obsolete as nobody makes calls anymore.
  • Straight Up
    Straight Up 1 year ago Then get one
  • Cris.
    Cris. 1 year ago I feel like I work for FBI when I open it not sure why
  • Sebastian Grimaldo
    Sebastian Grimaldo 1 month ago (edited) Yes calls &texts thats what phones were originally made for