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Скачать с ютуб *FIRST TIME IN HD* India's GLORIOUS WIN vs Australia @BRISBANE VB SERIES 2004

Опубликовано: 6 сент. 2018 г. 16 540 206 просмотров

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720p50fps video.

  • mukesh mukesh kumaŕ
    mukesh mukesh kumaŕ 10 months ago This yellow colour was nightmare for me in my childhood..
  • Shreenikethan V
    Shreenikethan V 10 months ago Now it's favourite in Indian IPL team You know what I am talking about.
  • Comm Entator
    Comm Entator 10 months ago True. Aussies were the strongest side back then with the likes of Gilchrist, Ponting, Lee, Hayden, Warne and Gillespie. The kind of players who weren't afraid of hurting themselves/others for the sake of winning matches!!
    ABHILEKH PUZARI 9 months ago (edited) @Shreenikethan V lol,hail blue.If you know what I mean.
  • Ashraul Ahmed
    Ashraul Ahmed 9 months ago So was mine
  • Raspal Saini
    Raspal Saini 8 months ago mukesh mukesh kumaŕ
  • Mayank Bhardwaj
    Mayank Bhardwaj 8 months ago WORLD BEST TEAM TLL DATE AUSTRALIAN..... EVERY PLAYER IS A LEGEND but never treated more than a normal players in their country.
  • Navojeet Singh
    Navojeet Singh 8 months ago @ABHILEKH PUZARI mumbai Indians😂
  • Robert Joseph
    Robert Joseph 8 months ago And both teams are the best in the world. As an Australian fan we love India, believe me Australian fans and commentators and cricket players have nothing but 100% respect for a good sportsman, but we love India! You are the #1 and have been for 8+ years, you deserve it. India, Australia, Sri-Lanka - the deadly Trio.
  • Yadvi Galaxy
    Yadvi Galaxy 5 months ago @Robert Joseph sri lanka? Seriously, brah?
  • Game Kills
    Game Kills 5 months ago me too
  • Aman Kumar Thakur
    Aman Kumar Thakur 4 months ago @Shreenikethan V no it is blue. Team India Mumbai Indians
  • Amit erp
    Amit erp 3 months ago Exactly , combination of MCgrath Nd Lee was Horrible for any Indian fan that time :)
  • Samasani Vijayasree
    Samasani Vijayasree 2 months ago Its grave yard.
  • Mojomil Ali22
    Mojomil Ali22 1 month ago @Ashraul Ahmed girl
  • Pratap S
    Pratap S 1 month ago Yes bro! Same here. Whenever India used to lose I would become upset.
  • indiafirst Bharat
    indiafirst Bharat 1 month ago Those days were golden days for every cricket fan👈now cricket has lost its charm✅
  • praveen rahul
    praveen rahul 1 month ago And the only team that was nightmare for Dem was...then INDIAN team
  • arun ajay
    arun ajay 3 weeks ago Now the yellow colour is nothing. !😂
  • Mohamed shihab
    Mohamed shihab 1 week ago Shreenikethan V wtf
  • Abinash Sahoo
    Abinash Sahoo 1 week ago @ABHILEKH PUZARI 🤣😂🤣😊
    DASHARATH SINGH 1 year ago Kaun kaun h jo 2019 me bhi Yeah Match dekh raha h?
  • Tabraj Ansaru
    Tabraj Ansaru 10 months ago Ham
  • Mohammad Zakaria
    Mohammad Zakaria 9 months ago Dekhrahahu
  • Swagata Maity
    Swagata Maity 9 months ago @Neeraj kumar dada
  • Jagdev Singh
    Jagdev Singh 9 months ago All the cricket lovers yaar....dekhengeh. One of the great wins by Indian team. Salam
  • rocking Chauhan
    rocking Chauhan 9 months ago Hahaha ..mai bhi
  • shilpa indalkar
    shilpa indalkar 9 months ago Me
  • Sooraj Thakur
    Sooraj Thakur 9 months ago DASHARATH SINGH y
  • Shekhar Verma
    Shekhar Verma 9 months ago Teri maki chut
  • Riti Singh
    Riti Singh 9 months ago @Neeraj kumar Neeraj is mc
  • Rock on
    Rock on 8 months ago Bosdike wc dekh le
    SURESH CHAND 8 months ago Suresh chand DJ songs rajasthani
    MANAS HALDER 8 months ago Me too
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago @Neeraj kumar tere ma ko chod ka RENDY ka AULAD
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago me too
  • innoxent danish
    innoxent danish 8 months ago DASHARATH SINGH from Pakistan
  • innoxent danish
    innoxent danish 8 months ago DASHARATH SINGH great match of India history I love sa chin tendulker
  • Asgar Malik
    Asgar Malik 8 months ago Kyu kya hua bhosdike
  • Almar Khan
    Almar Khan 8 months ago me on july 17
  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar 8 months ago @Riti Singh Ur mom is my mom too So Neeraj is mc is true
  • Mukul Kumar
    Mukul Kumar 8 months ago 3: 30
    SHIVAM KAMBOJ 8 months ago Mai
  • Bimal Chandra Das
    Bimal Chandra Das 8 months ago tanmoy
  • Dharminder Singh
    Dharminder Singh 8 months ago me
  • terence lopes
    terence lopes 8 months ago Dhoni 😄😁😃
  • Deep Dhiman
    Deep Dhiman 8 months ago Me
  • Ravi Sonule
    Ravi Sonule 7 months ago Maine aaj dekhi Ye khildi sahi Maine desh ke liye khelte the
  • Arunkumar Maurya
    Arunkumar Maurya 7 months ago Chutiy sala
  • Sibajee Mohanty
    Sibajee Mohanty 6 months ago me
    GHOSTRIDER 6 months ago Me
  • Posa Barai
    Posa Barai 6 months ago Ham
  • Bhoja Chavda
    Bhoja Chavda 5 months ago I am
  • Tejas Patil
    Tejas Patil 5 months ago mai dekh raha hon
  • Mayank Pandey
    Mayank Pandey 5 months ago Kyu? Naa dekhu bhosdk?
  • Loverboy Ratan
    Loverboy Ratan 4 months ago Hum
  • Manoj Soni
    Manoj Soni 4 months ago Me
  • Amit Sarkar
    Amit Sarkar 3 months ago Jab yeh match hua tha main 9 sal ka tha aur yeh match maine dekha tha black & White t.v mein....lekin 2019 mein bhi dekh raha hu...bohat aacchaa lag raha hai
  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 3 months ago Yeh to aaj lund dukh raha tha warna aaj teri baari thi
  • gagandeep singh RIAR
    gagandeep singh RIAR 2 months ago DASHARATH SINGH jan 2020
  • Nikhil Abhyankar
    Nikhil Abhyankar 2 months ago 2020 bro
  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam 2 months ago Right
  • Syed Sayyam Akhtar
    Syed Sayyam Akhtar 1 month ago 14.02.2020
  • Vinay Panday
    Vinay Panday 1 month ago Hmmmm
  • Mohd. Maaz
    Mohd. Maaz 5 days ago Mai 2020 me dekh raha hou maza agya yaar
  • Amin Ajani
    Amin Ajani 2 days ago Tera baap
  • Sarvesh Kumar
    Sarvesh Kumar 10 months ago That's why I don't watch today's cricket because because there is no Sachin no David no laxman no youvraj ...and my fav.. sauav ganguli.......
  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 8 months ago Laxman scored 4 centuries in that ODI series, I still remember.
  • buju vaidya
    buju vaidya 8 months ago Pardon me but who was david.
  • Seshu Td
    Seshu Td 8 months ago @buju vaidya it's dravid before he was unbaptized...
  • buju vaidya
    buju vaidya 8 months ago @Seshu Td hahahaha rahul dravid to robin david.
  • Baba.R
    Baba.R 8 months ago @Hardeep Singh No. He scored 4 against Aus. But not in this series
  • Kishok Rajkumar
    Kishok Rajkumar 8 months ago Life has to go on,, aging is nature,,, so they need their fitness,, then how come u expect them to play fully,,,,i think india has the best batting line up in the whole world...
  • Kshitij Salman
    Kshitij Salman 8 months ago Nobody cares.
    CHINTA PRABHU DEVA 6 months ago Sarvesh Kumar 6u
  • Kali Prasad
    Kali Prasad 4 months ago @buju vaidya and youvraj
  • aditya dutta
    aditya dutta 4 months ago BILKUL SAHI BOLE SARVESH DA
  • subhajit Gayen
    subhajit Gayen 4 months ago True
  • Deepak Chandouria
    Deepak Chandouria 3 months ago or IPL naam ki tatti bhi shuru ho gayi hai.
  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 2 months ago But I still watch for Rohit Sharma
  • Prakash Kumar
    Prakash Kumar 1 month ago Bro who is watching for laxman
  • Pankaj Anu
    Pankaj Anu 2 weeks ago Dada great
  • ishaan khurana
    ishaan khurana 2 months ago This was not team this was emotion for 90's kids..
  • Plaon Samanta
    Plaon Samanta 2 days ago Those were the days, when class can be seen more than mere hitting.
  • Hanuma K S L N
    Hanuma K S L N 3 months ago People who started watching cricket after DRS will never understand how an appeal for LBW used to scare like hell back in those days, especially against sachin...
    AMIT KUMAR PATHAK 2 months ago U are right...heart attack
  • Neil Blööm
    Neil Blööm 2 months ago U r 200% right on point mate. An appeal for LBW under 5 overs were like hell.
  • Vishal Aggarwal
    Vishal Aggarwal 1 month ago 1000% right
    MADARA UCHIHA 1 month ago haha yeah high BP
  • Himanshu Pandit
    Himanshu Pandit 3 weeks ago Ryt🙂
  • Swadeep singh Sisodiya
    Swadeep singh Sisodiya 3 days ago And it's even worse when the umpire was Steve bukner
  • Rainbow Rose Media
    Rainbow Rose Media 2 days ago And if the umpair is bukner... the end
  • Susheel badoley
    Susheel badoley 8 months ago ⭕ Jason Gillespie looks like Jesus Christ ⭕
  • Vocabulary things
    Vocabulary things 8 months ago 😂😂
  • Ankit Pandey
    Ankit Pandey 7 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Gull Khan
    Gull Khan 6 months ago You are right
  • Gurjit Singh Hundal
    Gurjit Singh Hundal 5 months ago 😄😄😄😄😄😄
  • shivam singh
    shivam singh 5 months ago 🤣🤣🤣avataar
  • Sunil Rajput
    Sunil Rajput 5 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • sam rajamani
    sam rajamani 3 months ago Ya
  • rakesh biradar
    rakesh biradar 1 month ago True said brother
  • Ela Bose
    Ela Bose 1 month ago Dont know why
  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 1 month ago 😂
  • தமிழ்ப்பித்தன்
    தமிழ்ப்பித்தன் 3 weeks ago we all say that whenever we see him in cricket, cherishing memory of me and my cousin watch cricket match at 4am in the morning
  • Strange World
    Strange World 2 weeks ago @Ankit Pandey I don't know ki isme hasne jaisa kya hai
  • Strange World
    Strange World 2 weeks ago @shivam singh it's not funny don't make fun Of Christ OK mind your language
  • रंगा शियार
    रंगा शियार 2 weeks ago 😃
  • Saddam Shaikh
    Saddam Shaikh 1 week ago 💯%
  • Badal Nganba Leichil
    Badal Nganba Leichil 1 week ago lol i think too
  • Abhijit chakraborty
    Abhijit chakraborty 1 day ago And now a days ...kane Richardson
  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 2 months ago Who is still watching in 2020?
  • Dilip Literature
    Dilip Literature 1 month ago S
  • the APC
    the APC 2 months ago Any one in 2020.. missing 90's😟
  • Dilip Literature
    Dilip Literature 1 month ago S I'm
  • abdul rasheed
    abdul rasheed 1 month ago I am also from kerala
  • 10k Subscribers without video ?
    10k Subscribers without video ? 5 months ago Who is here after Dada is going to be BCCI president!!!!!
    MINDAL YADAV JI SISWARA 5 months ago Great opportunity for saurav ganguly
  • Nizar Nizar
    Nizar Nizar 2 months ago He is waste because he burns dhoni's career
  • The Inevitable
    The Inevitable 1 month ago @Nizar Nizar he gave dhoni back to back chances when dhoni was a youngster, at that time no was else was supporting dhoni.
  • Strange World
    Strange World 2 weeks ago @The Inevitable true, Ganguly Dhoni both are legends of their respective era
  • Gandupado Podurappa
    Gandupado Podurappa 2 weeks ago @Nizar Nizar r you mad...??? don't comment wrong on Indian cricket.
    CHEKKAN CREATIONS 1 day ago Who is the best caption Dhoni like Ganguly comment
  • Asish kumar
    Asish kumar 4 months ago I used to wake up at 4:00 am just to watch Indian matches in Australia either test or one day
  • Jatinder Singh
    Jatinder Singh 6 days ago No one days in Australia began before 0545. Most were day night and began 0845. The ones in Perth began at 11 for day night matches.
  • Nithin Krishna
    Nithin Krishna 1 year ago (edited) Ganguly has got 22 centuries and out of them 18 centuries have come from outside Indian subcontinent.
  • aashish verma
    aashish verma 1 year ago 👏👏👏
  • pawan kumar
    pawan kumar 1 year ago aashish verma हेआ
  • abcd1235911
    abcd1235911 1 year ago Not 18 i think 12
    SATHISHA PUTTAMALAGAIAH 1 year ago Nithin Krishna that's daada
  • Nikhil Bittu
    Nikhil Bittu 1 year ago Dada 😍😍😍 mass
  • manpreetsingh2787
    manpreetsingh2787 10 months ago Still had lots of weakness
  • M G
    M G 10 months ago And all of them again poor teams
  • Iron Mocker
    Iron Mocker 10 months ago @M G, nah! He scored 100 against Australia at MCG. Made another century in the same series against Pakistan.
  • Akshat Dubey
    Akshat Dubey 10 months ago (edited) @M G 183 against srilanka 1999 world cup 124 toronto pakistan 1997 Toronto 2 centuries against Australia and Pak in Australia. Century in CT 2000 in Kenya against South Africa (141) century against South Africa in South Africa (127) these are of the top of my in short. Shut the fuck up
  • Akshat Dubey
    Akshat Dubey 10 months ago 183 srilanka in England 1999 100 Australia MCG 2000 144 Pakistan Adelaide 2000 141 South Africa Nairobi (champions trophy) 2000 117 New-Zealand Nairobi (champions trophy) 2000 127 South Africa Wanderers 2001 Outside Asia against top bowling attacks So the long and short of it shut the fuck up
  • abhishek kashyap
    abhishek kashyap 10 months ago So?? Still couldn't win any major ICC tournament....wins for India count is less than his personal achievement
  • rey rai
    rey rai 10 months ago @M G bhag desh drohi RAND KI AAULAD
  • rey rai
    rey rai 10 months ago @abhishek kashyapmadrchd after Gawaskers' era gangulys' captaincy given a new boost to indian cricket
  • rey rai
    rey rai 10 months ago @abhishek kashyap chutiya sala pakistani khoon lagta hai madrchd
  • mera bharat mahan
    mera bharat mahan 10 months ago @manpreetsingh2787 only short ball was his weakness
  • Malli Anumula
    Malli Anumula 9 months ago He is good player ..but many week points..opposition team found those in his end of career almost ..but he was successful team doubt in that
  • Relangi Srikanth
    Relangi Srikanth 9 months ago Also in test matches india never lost when Ganguly scored century
  • manpreetsingh2787
    manpreetsingh2787 9 months ago @mera bharat mahan also playing shots on leg side. Akram shoaib vaas zoysa exposed him many times
  • NGL Boyz
    NGL Boyz 9 months ago @abhishek kashyap icc champions trophy 2002 winner. guess you have no idea about cricket
  • Umesh Hatwaar
    Umesh Hatwaar 9 months ago Best bata man Ganguli i like it....
  • Anirban Dasgupta
    Anirban Dasgupta 9 months ago @abhishek kashyap abe randi ka aulad .2007 k bad khel dekhna start kya isliya bola.ja k tere baap ko puch ganguly kon hai
  • BS B
    BS B 9 months ago @NGL Boyz yeah i know who are wìnners both India and srilanka....
  • Koushik Majumder
    Koushik Majumder 9 months ago @abhishek kashyap He was the man who brought the unity Indian team. He spotted out precious new talents, some of them who have turned into match winners today. Ganguly’s never-say-die approach and the ability to instill confidence in the Indian team that they can perform overseas too; the credit of achieving all that goes to this man. In Short, before his era, India was a god Team ( but nobody in the world Respect them). At his time India was good and Respected by the WORLD cricket. And So Now eventually India is the STRONG & Respected Team.
  • Pranay Debnath
    Pranay Debnath 8 months ago @abhishek kashyap jaise ki dhoni 2003 ki australia ke against khelke WC le aata ??? Kbhi toh soch smjh kr bola kr ... Or 2011 team ke bhi match winning players sb ganguly ke groom kiye hue the .
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago @manpreetsingh2787 are you better than dada?
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago @Pranay Debnath right you are iye dhoni ka chamcha rasta kutta hey inko lath marke vagana chahiye
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago @manpreetsingh2787 are you KIDDING me dada have no problem to play legside short balls this is fake
  • Saumendu Dutta
    Saumendu Dutta 8 months ago @BS B I think you can only lick dhoni's ass
  • manpreetsingh2787
    manpreetsingh2787 8 months ago @Saumendu Dutta lol, thats the most stupid argument. A blind can tell he never worked on his weakness and therefore struggled after 2000 against most teams
  • manpreetsingh2787
    manpreetsingh2787 8 months ago @Saumendu Dutta hahahaha stop being blind supporter
  • vinay kranth
    vinay kranth 8 months ago What an batsmen
  • Devrup Dey
    Devrup Dey 8 months ago And he always performed in big matches and finals!
  • King NERO
    King NERO 8 months ago Lol 😂😂😂😂 most of them vs Kenya,bangladesh and Zimbabwe 😂😂😂😂
  • Subir Chakraborty
    Subir Chakraborty 8 months ago abcd1235911 it's 17 bro
  • Riya Nag
    Riya Nag 7 months ago @abhishek kashyap dhobian spot on... Dhoba out now
  • Dragon Archer
    Dragon Archer 7 months ago He was quiet slow while batting..even for the then standards which would seriously limit Indian run rate.
    PUNIT TIWARI 6 months ago @M G dude there was no poor bowling attack back then
  • Varma Pericherla
    Varma Pericherla 5 months ago that is dada
  • raunak Nahta
    raunak Nahta 4 months ago @M G point to be noted
  • raunak Nahta
    raunak Nahta 4 months ago @rey rai behen ke Lund ja Lund choos le Jakar ganguly ka
  • raunak Nahta
    raunak Nahta 4 months ago @Koushik Majumder behen ke lode jo talent laya sab waste zaheer yuvraj kisi kaam ke nahi lode
  • Sourav Khanna
    Sourav Khanna 4 months ago @raunak Nahta tu itna talented hai toh tu jakr khel le
  • Law Law
    Law Law 4 months ago he destroyed india many times by his tuk tukstrike rate sehwag-sachin pair real game changer
  • Sayantan Chowdhury
    Sayantan Chowdhury 3 months ago @King NERO how, most of his centuries are against Srilanka, Pakistan and South Africa
  • world _
    world _ 1 month ago These idiots will never understand one thing... Even weaker team had good bowling attack those times and I don't have to say anything about srilanka Pak SA and the greatest cricket team of all time early 2000s Australia.. So against all these teams he played and scored . You lazy jackasses can sit easily in your home and critize them. Face one ball of McGrath or Lee and then open your mouth assholes
  • Parkas bhai Patel
    Parkas bhai Patel 1 month ago aashish verma how are you doing today
  • arun ajay
    arun ajay 3 weeks ago Dada giri🔥🔥❤️❤️💪
  • DeadPaulWalker
    DeadPaulWalker 3 weeks ago And nkw Kohli and His team struggles to score runs outside and these morons fanboys lick Kohli's boots that He's the best, morons just know that the Bowling level right now is just nothing as compared to opd times, not flat pitch bullies become heroes.
  • Anime Banz
    Anime Banz 6 days ago He got to 16 centuries very fast, by 2000. Then he scored only 6 more until retirement 7 years later.
  • aditya bhatnagar
    aditya bhatnagar 19 hours ago @M G fuck off
  • aditya bhatnagar
    aditya bhatnagar 19 hours ago @abhishek kashyap asshole he created the winning team which dhoni cherished shut the fuck up if u don't know anything about cricket
  • aditya bhatnagar
    aditya bhatnagar 19 hours ago @manpreetsingh2787 and still has scored over 11k runs in odi and is the 3rd highest indian run scorer in odi shut the fuck up..!!
  • aditya bhatnagar
    aditya bhatnagar 19 hours ago @King NERO fuck off son of a bitch
  • aditya bhatnagar
    aditya bhatnagar 19 hours ago @Law Law fuck off son of a bitch
  • Zain Mehsud
    Zain Mehsud 1 year ago Hindustan ki cricket history mein in 4 legendary players ka naam hamesha yaad rakha jayega. (Dada.Sachin. Dravid. Laxman). Aur hindustan mein Dada jese Captain nahi asakta. Hum in legendary ko bahut miss krty hain....... 💖💖💖💖💖Love&Respect from KP Pakistan 💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Prerana Yadav
    Prerana Yadav 1 year ago Pakistan me bhi inzamam aur mohd yusuf jaise batsman nhi aa sakte,
  • malik Saqlain
    malik Saqlain 1 year ago Dhoni is better than ganguly
  • Prabir Ghosh
    Prabir Ghosh 1 year ago thnx bro............hum v latif....izaz....izamam......azhar mehmood.....shaklain mustakh ko yaad rakhte hain.....kaha gaye wo din.....!! love from BHARAT.
  • Alexander hcr2
    Alexander hcr2 8 months ago @Prerana Yadav Saeed Anwar bui
  • Akhlish Pandey
    Akhlish Pandey 5 months ago @malik Saqlain aap compare kyo krte hai
  • Gohil Hardik
    Gohil Hardik 3 months ago Bhai laxaman? 😁
  • Gohil Hardik
    Gohil Hardik 3 months ago Laxaman only test player
  • Pankaj Gholap
    Pankaj Gholap 3 months ago We are too missing Wasim, Waqar, Saqlain, Inzamam, Anwar and Yusuf.
  • Rajkumar pore
    Rajkumar pore 3 months ago @Alexander hcr2 syt
  • Shahbaz khan
    Shahbaz khan 3 months ago (edited) No one forget Wasim Akram and waquar yunis
  • चूतडीलाल चंगेजी
    चूतडीलाल चंगेजी 2 months ago Yes brother
  • satrang punjab
    satrang punjab 2 months ago Zain mehsud right hai aapki baat bro bus isme sehwag aur yuvi aur kaif aur anil kumble ka naam bhi main jod deta hoo
  • Ravish Rawat
    Ravish Rawat 2 months ago Add Virat Kohli too.
  • Samasani Vijayasree
    Samasani Vijayasree 2 months ago If chase more than 350 only sachin can do it. No other player 4r india at that time.
  • yogesh dokania
    yogesh dokania 1 month ago Love from India..May allah bless both the countries with brotherhood
  • Prakash Kumar
    Prakash Kumar 1 month ago Why u r adding laxman .. you can add yovraj
  • Kallepalli Sankar rao
    Kallepalli Sankar rao 2 days ago Bro forgot VIRENDHAR SEHWAG
  • satyam patel
    satyam patel 1 day ago Dada is the best
  • prasad bhedasgaonkar
    prasad bhedasgaonkar 8 months ago VVS LAXMAN IS born for Playing against Australia 😂
  • Kranthi Kumar
    Kranthi Kumar 1 month ago Yes your are true bro. Well said
  • Gandupado Podurappa
    Gandupado Podurappa 2 weeks ago 1000% Correct...
  • Abhi Sheki
    Abhi Sheki 1 week ago True words
  • Junior Shah
    Junior Shah 4 days ago Yes lol he is always calm against Australia
  • Rahul Machahari
    Rahul Machahari 3 months ago Who else missed Irfan pathans and Zaheer khan's bowling. 🖐
  • Traveller Of Titanic
    Traveller Of Titanic 3 months ago I am missing so much
  • Abhilash Katta
    Abhilash Katta 1 year ago miss u ganguly dadaaa from south india hyderabad
    HITMAN 8 months ago God of offside
  • Swarajit Pal
    Swarajit Pal 8 months ago Hyderabad is not in South India,it is in india
  • Adieraju sarathkrishna
    Adieraju sarathkrishna 8 months ago You said Hyderabad do not miss our vvs Laxman Anna
  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar 5 months ago @Adieraju sarathkrishna yes bro i miss vvs laxman, very very important laxman for Australian, bole toh australia ka baap tha laxman us time, i miss my childhood days
  • Cricket Lovers
    Cricket Lovers 4 months ago @Swarajit Pal HYDERABAD is in South India And south India is in india
  • Amlan Kiron Banerjee
    Amlan Kiron Banerjee 3 months ago @Swarajit Pal So where is hyderabad? In north India?
  • sam rajamani
    sam rajamani 3 months ago Mention ur son of soil vvs
  • Arjun Kumar
    Arjun Kumar 2 months ago Fraud gangully caught in match fixing
  • Ken Ding
    Ken Ding 1 month ago @Swarajit Pal Hyderabad is in South India
  • arun ajay
    arun ajay 3 weeks ago Bengal tiger 🐯
  • Rakesh Gatla
    Rakesh Gatla 5 months ago when whole world goes HEY RAM Australia be like HEY LAXMAN!!!
  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra 3 months ago 😁😁😁
  • Himanshu Pandit
    Himanshu Pandit 3 weeks ago 😀
  • Junior Shah
    Junior Shah 4 days ago Lmao 😂
  • Kishore Shanmugam
    Kishore Shanmugam 10 months ago Ganguly's six "deep off square", rare one to see!!!... Despite the pace of 140+km/hr..!!! He cleared the bigger fence!!! And even commentator says,"it was a big boundary though, even ropes inside 5 to 7 meters! Still it's a big ground, but Ganguly makes us look like a normal ground... Haahha!!" Dada's offside brilliance
  • sonu kmr
    sonu kmr 6 days ago Now i realise what class is... after legends left he game... previously i was like the way they play is normal... but watching today's play... class is limited to few players...