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Скачать с ютуб Star Wars - Death of Anakin | Sad Jedi Temple March Piano

Опубликовано: 9 июн. 2017 г. 1 784 952 просмотра

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A sad piano version of the Jedi Temple march with bits of The force theme and Duel of The Fates makes an appearance too.

I am not the artist of the artwork


  • Lucas King
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 2 years ago It's possible to download it without buying it do you mean?
  • Lucas King
    Lucas King 2 years ago I know.
  • Joseph Bryan
    Joseph Bryan 1 year ago LOL I don't even have a iphone wait... Why am I still here!
  • Arnold Tabor
    Arnold Tabor 1 year ago @Lucas King is it on Google play music ?
  • Olivia Ashley
    Olivia Ashley 2 months ago @Lucas King Wow... love this so much. So emotional and beautiful... this is true art. 😘 Is there sheet music available? I can't seem to find it here...
  • Kami
    Kami 1 year ago Once a slave as a child, freed by the force.... And later a slave of the force, freed by his child....
  • Elven-Magic -Rules
    Elven-Magic -Rules 1 year ago Kami13 Oh snap
  • Lima November-12
    Lima November-12 1 year ago Dude that’s the realest shit
  • wolfmanAl
    wolfmanAl 1 year ago Thats the poetry George Lucas loves so much.
  • Devil of Wrath
    Devil of Wrath 1 year ago God damn that hits like a truck.
  • scorptarget
    scorptarget 1 year ago Perfectly stated
  • nice garry
    nice garry 1 year ago This is it chief
  • Stephen Graham
    Stephen Graham 1 year ago That... that's kriffing DEEP.
  • II-TH13F-II Psn
    II-TH13F-II Psn 1 year ago Holy shit!...
  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 1 year ago oof
  • dark light
    dark light 1 year ago Its ironic true irony
  • Mark Karx
    Mark Karx 1 year ago That parallelism tho
  • Mandatory Fruit
    Mandatory Fruit 1 year ago Damn.
  • Undank Memer
    Undank Memer 1 year ago WHAM that's the sound of that metaphorical truck hitting me
  • Nate Packard
    Nate Packard 1 year ago Underated comment.
  • Thomas Vatz
    Thomas Vatz 1 year ago Don't read this high
  • Nikolai P. Culp
    Nikolai P. Culp 1 year ago Wow. The truth level is 100,000,000 out of 10
  • Praveen Loganathan
    Praveen Loganathan 11 months ago it is the basic truth of all stories. It all ends where it all begins. Even with Luke's character. It begun with the rise of two suns and ends with its dawn. Except in his case it ends with water.
  • Wibble
    Wibble 11 months ago Jar Jar is the key to all this
    ILYA LEBEDEV 10 months ago Perfection...
  • ShaggsWithADew
    ShaggsWithADew 9 months ago Best comment Kami!
  • Gherman Beniamin
    Gherman Beniamin 9 months ago Perfectly balanced... Like all things should be
  • Poet of Ages
    Poet of Ages 8 months ago A child of destiny, shackled by love and loyalty. Tempered by an Angel, yet tormented by the passion he may never know again.
  • MileHighPalma
    MileHighPalma 8 months ago Woah
  • Draey
    Draey 8 months ago Really well fucking said man!
  • Igor Silveira De Melo
    Igor Silveira De Melo 8 months ago This is so... Sad and true...
  • Stian Berg
    Stian Berg 7 months ago dude... I never thought about that
  • brewmasterbarr
    brewmasterbarr 6 months ago The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
  • henksuli
    henksuli 6 months ago Oh shit that's deep
  • Jim Venanzio
    Jim Venanzio 6 months ago that would be a good thug-life tattoo for a retired Sith turned Grey Jedi bouncer at a cantina on Tattoine. It gets more real when you think about the Chain he wore around Vader's throat, many times compared to the style of necklace popular in New Jersey--Chain-link necklaces were in fashion over there.
  • The Crusader
    The Crusader 4 months ago Gherman Beniamin this day extracts a heavy toll
  • Emerald
    Emerald 3 months ago Ironic
  • Peetz
    Peetz 2 months ago ..."Ironic"...
  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams 2 months ago i just got hit harder then how course and rough sand hits Anakin
  • TheFunny Killer
    TheFunny Killer 2 months ago Dobrze gada, polać mu!
  • Kristen Dokken
    Kristen Dokken 2 months ago Love 💜💙💛💋💔💔💔
  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 1 month ago Kami No, stop this. That’s too wise, stop that!
  • The Unintentional Wild Card
  • A Depressed Nugget
    A Depressed Nugget 1 month ago FUCK! 😭
  • Anti 1 Training
    Anti 1 Training 1 month ago Daaaaang 😁💔
  • Bilal Kafkan Mammeri
    Bilal Kafkan Mammeri 1 month ago OMG OMG OMG
  • FrosTy theNoob
    FrosTy theNoob 3 weeks ago Shit man...
  • Kamil Biało
    Kamil Biało 3 weeks ago (edited) Force.. is like fate.. evil
  • Slytherin Son
    Slytherin Son 1 week ago Kami amen
  • justin miller
    justin miller 1 week ago (edited) Kami I have liberal friends that are only there to find out more about their stupid point of view and it gets really bad. Like liberals talking about committing genocide on conservatives. Morally repugnant shit like that. We aren’t going in a good direction with this childishness that the left influences and Vader reminds me of one of my good friends.
  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 1 week ago shut up
  • _Remiix ConMan
    _Remiix ConMan 20 hours ago Omg, that is the best quote I’ve ever heard
  • Mankind - Redefined
    Mankind - Redefined 2 years ago "I will come back and free you, Mom." "I wasn't strong enough to save you, mom, I wasn't strong enough. But I promise, I won't fail again." "This is the best moment of my life." (Padme admitting her pregnancy) "You turned her against me!" "I...I couldn't have...she was alive, I felt it!" "I have... a son. He will be mine. It will all be mine" "No, I am your father." "That name no longer has any meaning for me." "It is...too late for me, son." "Nothing can stop that now. You were right, Luke, you were right about me. Tell your sister... were right." Darth Vader died, only moments before Palpatine. Only Anakin Skywalker remained, to become one with the force.
  • Joule G
    Joule G 2 years ago Dont hit me with them feels
  • Young Skywalker
    Young Skywalker 2 years ago Mankind - Redefined i'm not crying who's crying (crying a lot)
  • Xadiel Ruiz
    Xadiel Ruiz 2 years ago Mankind - Redefined you make me cry thank you😢
  • Caner Yurtbay
    Caner Yurtbay 2 years ago ninjas cutting onions '^'
  • Aakash Jagad
    Aakash Jagad 2 years ago I like that you put the quote from Darth Vader comic.
  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon 2 years ago Oh man... the feels. Alright, who is cutting onions?! STOP!
  • Un nombre, Nada mas
    Un nombre, Nada mas 2 years ago Mankind - Redefined When you realizes the ammount of loses that anakin did suffer...fuck.
  • Alexis RZ
    Alexis RZ 2 years ago I'm crying right now. Little Bastard.
  • Chin Chin Targaryen
    Chin Chin Targaryen 2 years ago That moment when you realise that the happiest Anakin ever was was probably when he was a slave boy on Tatooine and that brief moment Padme was admitting her pregnancy... The tradigy behind that: Its very common in todays society sadly. :(
  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 2 years ago Mankind - Redefined “I hate sand”
  • Scavineer
    Scavineer 2 years ago wow thats good
  • OmegaMapDesign
    OmegaMapDesign 2 years ago Assumed you meant "Darth Vader died, and only moments before, Palpatine died too." 'Cause Sheev definitely dies before Anakin.
  • Frname
    Frname 2 years ago OmegaMapDesign: No. Read it again.
  • Tojnam Complex
    Tojnam Complex 2 years ago (edited) The prophecy was true, he was the one who brought balance to the force when he killed the Sith Lord
  • WPP
    WPP 2 years ago 😢
  • The Aegis
    The Aegis 2 years ago wow......
  • Victor Mancera
    Victor Mancera 1 year ago Right in the feelings :(
  • Sean Solo
    Sean Solo 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined making me Cry and shit fuck you 😢
  • Quack_ Attack12
    Quack_ Attack12 1 year ago OmegaMapDesign no, when he threw Palpatine to his death, Anakin had taken over, Darth Vader was no more
  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 1 year ago Best tragic story ever
  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined Cry He.... Was The Best... All Hail Darth Vader!
  • Nel Wasage
    Nel Wasage 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined dammit...
  • Uygar Alp Tekin
    Uygar Alp Tekin 1 year ago These are not tears they are water
  • Speed the Speed
    Speed the Speed 1 year ago You hit me hard that emotional string of quotes, bravo.
  • AliVe
    AliVe 1 year ago "I HATE YOU"
  • Donyae W
    Donyae W 1 year ago Don't you mean moments after Palpatine.
  • 김준이
    김준이 1 year ago Wow! you can make a novel of Star Wars including this parts!
  • owen parris
    owen parris 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined Beautiful
  • Elias Abdallah
    Elias Abdallah 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined 😪
  • Brapp_Attack
    Brapp_Attack 1 year ago wow...who started cutting up onions?
  • Elisabeta Luca
    Elisabeta Luca 1 year ago (edited) Right in the feels..😢 Anakin suffered more than all...loss after loss...I'm crying 😢
  • Michael Nava
    Michael Nava 1 year ago 😭😖
  • Jordan Roth
    Jordan Roth 1 year ago Two in the chamber?
  • MrLethalShots
    MrLethalShots 1 year ago N O W T H I S I S P O D R A C I N G
  • Sargon Richtofen
    Sargon Richtofen 1 year ago That's really heartwarming, but you forgot one important quote "I don't like sand, it's coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere"
  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 1 year ago "I have... a son. He will be mine. It will all be mine" -- Can you tell me where this is from? I don't remember it in any film and I haven't read any literature except for things after the original trilogy...
  • Lost Vayne21
    Lost Vayne21 1 year ago My heart 😢
  • AxerMC _
    AxerMC _ 1 year ago "It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!"
  • Ph4NT0m D3fau1T
    Ph4NT0m D3fau1T 1 year ago you are right
  • Gotham Savior
    Gotham Savior 1 year ago To everyone in the comments that is saying that Vader died after Palpatine you clearly know nothing about Anakin/Vader. They are separate from each other. They show this in the comics and you can figure it out pretty easily just by watching the movies unless you’re dumb. Vader was technically born on Mustafar and Anakin died in that same moment. This was awesomely shown in the Marvel Vader comics. Anakin was reborn when he saved his son and killed Palpatine. At this very moment Vader died for good. Anakin was the chosen one as the prophecy foretold. He killed the Sith and brought balance to the force. Anakin then “died” after he saw his son with his own eyes for the first time. This was after Vader died for good and Palpatine died also. Also I put quotations around the word died because Anakin lived on as a force ghost.
  • Making fun of you Show
    Making fun of you Show 1 year ago I read it like obj and anakin are talking to each other.
  • Kawsbone
    Kawsbone 1 year ago Daniel Smith it is from the canon darth vader comics
  • McRib124
    McRib124 1 year ago Hi institute
  • Kingslayer1203
    Kingslayer1203 1 year ago Damn this hit hard. I fucking love star wars and its story. All of it. Anakin is by far my fave character ever.
  • Stephen Graham
    Stephen Graham 1 year ago And I'm kriffing crying now.
  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 1 year ago “He will be mine... it will all be mine” glass on star destroyer cracks machines collapsing in on themselves
  • Stigs Aussie Cousin
    Stigs Aussie Cousin 1 year ago Lying on the floor after killing windu “what have I done, what have I done”
  • crlsprz11
    crlsprz11 1 year ago well, everything so melancholic, so sad... but I think we're forgetting a little tiny small detail: he also was a motherfucking child murderer with no regrets haha
  • Craig Denton
    Craig Denton 1 year ago man.. that was deep brah.
  • ug reyo FOG
    ug reyo FOG 1 year ago Why dont you make a video on it
    JKIUYHB2 1 year ago @OmegaMapDesign No, he said it like that because Anakin was his good side and Darth Vader was his bad side.
    JKIUYHB2 1 year ago @Donyae W No, he said it like that because Anakin was his good side and Darth Vader was his bad side.
  • Donyae W
    Donyae W 1 year ago (edited) @JKIUYHB2 I know, I just said it to annoy people. No hard feelings.
    JKIUYHB2 1 year ago @Donyae W Oh. Sorry.
  • Donyae W
    Donyae W 1 year ago @JKIUYHB2 it's fine
  • TastyBurger122
    TastyBurger122 1 year ago Beautiful. Also, go Institute
  • Kai The Wolf
    Kai The Wolf 1 year ago Mankind - Redefined who knew the institute could make a sad comment
  • Nikolai P. Culp
    Nikolai P. Culp 1 year ago IM NOT CRYING ITS THE FREAKIN ONIONS
  • Jake sheldon
    Jake sheldon 11 months ago *anakin to ahsoka*i know how it feels, wanting to walk away from the Jedi order. Ahsoka: I know
  • TinyViking
    TinyViking 10 months ago *this is the happiest moment of my life
  • Dustin Sontag
    Dustin Sontag 10 months ago @Donyae W no it was anikan that died after
  • Donyae W
    Donyae W 10 months ago @Dustin Sontag Did you even read my other comments
  • Dustin Sontag
    Dustin Sontag 10 months ago @Donyae W no my b lol
  • Donyae W
    Donyae W 10 months ago @Dustin Sontag It's fine
  • Elijah Spangler
    Elijah Spangler 10 months ago view 66 comments...... JOE SMELLS SOME YOUNGLINGS
  • Emperor Karl
    Emperor Karl 10 months ago (edited) The institute will destroy the mutants.
  • Gwendal Gwen
    Gwendal Gwen 10 months ago IM FUCKING CRYING OMG
  • Liam Barberian
    Liam Barberian 10 months ago Bruh simply a magnificent piece of art my friend
  • cc kk
    cc kk 10 months ago Obi-wan once thought as you do
  • Mundology
    Mundology 9 months ago 😭😭😭😭😭😭why you do this to me
  • Neo Salvatore
    Neo Salvatore 9 months ago Mankind - Redefined how how
  • Marios
    Marios 9 months ago That's just so beautiful man
  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 8 months ago Legend has it Palpatine is still falling to this day. When his wrath surges, lightening strikes even earth in hopes to kill something.
  • MileHighPalma
    MileHighPalma 8 months ago Woah
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 8 months ago Thanks for bringing back painful memories,now I am crying
  • Toa Ninjis
    Toa Ninjis 7 months ago AND NOW PALPATINE IS BACK
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 7 months ago @Toa Ninjis I'm Freaking Hyped!!!!
  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 7 months ago @Anakin Skywalker Why are you hyped? They ruined Vaders sacrifice. Fuck Disney they ruined everything, the fact that KOTOR is not canon says a lot.
  • Petar Kitic
    Petar Kitic 6 months ago (edited) Darth Vader said ,, No Luke, i am your father''
  • Rey Vázquez
    Rey Vázquez 6 months ago And then Disney Appears...
  • JakeySnakey ‘
    JakeySnakey ‘ 4 months ago Bro I read the last line as the tune ended. That hits like a truck btw!
  • Max Taylor
    Max Taylor 1 month ago And disney are gonna screw it all up with Palpatine returning....
  • Praveen Loganathan
    Praveen Loganathan 1 month ago Reading it with the voices of anakin and vader through the lines actually made me realise how much he had to suffer for the sake of the galaxy and the force. And the last part I read it with Luke's. Vader is the only villain who could endure all the suffering till the very end
  • deviosfrog cvb
    deviosfrog cvb 3 weeks ago He fulfilled the prophecy he destroyed all the sith including literally
  • Literally The Moon
    Literally The Moon 2 weeks ago Ayy sike palpatine back
  • peppulinos
    peppulinos 2 weeks ago someone needs to get a life
  • deviosfrog cvb
    deviosfrog cvb 2 weeks ago @peppulinos ya you
  • Trey Roland
    Trey Roland 2 weeks ago 2 years later.... bruh turns out our boy pap isnt dead afterall
    SHOTGUN EM DOWN 2 years ago Tell me...Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Vader?
  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura 1 year ago Kylo Ren I Throught Not. Is Not A Story The Sith Would Tell You.
  • Manuel Amaya
    Manuel Amaya 1 year ago Rin Okumura It a Sith Legend....