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こんなSixTONES見たことない!? SixTONES史上最高の笑顔が弾ける!


8thシングル「Good Luck!/ふたり」
2022.11.2 Release
「Good Luck!」:ジェシー主演 テレビ朝日系 金曜ナイトドラマ「最初はパー」主題歌

#SixTONES_GoodLuck #GoodLuck #SixTONES

Never been seen SixTONES?! SixTONES showering smiles to their extent!

This is a song to those who are working on their dreams to come true, with a message of even if you fail, even if you look uncool, just be yourself, smile and give it all you got!

8th Single 「Good Luck!/Futari」
2022.11.2 Release
「Good Luck!」:Jesse lead role TV Asahi Friday Night Drama「Saisho wa pa」 theme song

#SixTONES_GoodLuck #GoodLuck #SixTONES

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