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Скачать с ютуб Mac vs. PC: The Windows 10 Edition

Опубликовано: 28 июл. 2015 г. 860 688 просмотров

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With Windows 10, the PC has more in common with the Mac than ever. WSJ’s Joanna Stern parodies those classic Mac vs. PC ads—with a surprise 2015 twist. Photo/video: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.
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  • M1n1Ch3ddar
    M1n1Ch3ddar 2 года назад Apple: Did you miss nine? 2 years later iPhone 7, IPhone 8 and then...! iPhone 10
  • Knathan Knathan
    Knathan Knathan Год назад M1n1Ch3ddar so what’s the joke?
  • Annoying guy on internet
    Annoying guy on internet Год назад 789
  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken Год назад M1n1Ch3ddar there is a reason why Apple skipped 9 but there is no reason why Microsoft skipped it
  • Mr. Box
    Mr. Box Год назад iPhone X*
  • Emery R
    Emery R Год назад But what about OSX? Windows copied apple 😂
  • Mr. Box
    Mr. Box Год назад Emery R and u copied me
  • TeddyBear Gaming
    TeddyBear Gaming Год назад Lololololololol
  • Andyboyz
    Andyboyz Год назад They skipped a year because they released the se
  • MelonPlayzYT
    MelonPlayzYT Год назад @Mr Chicken what's the reason?
  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken Год назад MelonPlayzYT 10 year anniversary
  • ಠ_ಠ爪ㄖㄖ几 卩ㄥㄖㄒㄒ乇尺
    ಠ_ಠ爪ㄖㄖ几 卩ㄥㄖㄒㄒ乇尺 Год назад M1n1Ch3ddar looooool
  • naughty_swagger
    naughty_swagger Год назад @Mr Chicken Windows skipped cus 789. Not joking that is what Microsoft said
  • Rahul Netha
    Rahul Netha Год назад hahahha true , thats called karma
    LukaNoANIMATIONS 11 месяцев назад Well actually they did iPhone 9 it called iPhone Xs
  • Jash Modi
    Jash Modi 11 месяцев назад It’s not 10 it’s x
  • words never end jr
    words never end jr 11 месяцев назад Ha ha
  • Zero Chill
    Zero Chill 11 месяцев назад Emery R Mac OS 9
  • It’s all edited
    It’s all edited 9 месяцев назад The iPhone 10 was released in 2017 the first iPhone was released in 2007
  • Liam Yang
    Liam Yang 8 месяцев назад It’s cause 7 ate 9
  • Johnathan
    Johnathan 7 месяцев назад 7 ate 9
  • Hollywood Huracan
    Hollywood Huracan 5 месяцев назад Hear a joke, Why is 7 afraid of 10? Cuz 7 ate 10 or 7 ate 9
  • Gamers Only
    Gamers Only 2 месяца назад 7 have ate 9
    APTECHTV 2 месяца назад And Then iPhone11Pro
  • Abraham Animations
    Abraham Animations 4 года назад Totally not made by Windows
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 4 года назад +Abraham Animations If I were PC, I just would have just said "Gaming", then walked away with sunglasses on and gangster music playing!
  • lukanoko sk
    lukanoko sk 3 года назад +Mr. Doctor Schultz so you never did anything else on a computer except playing games and when you are playing online games your computer can get infected with a virus.
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @lukanoko sk I was just teasing Mac's. I do think they have their own advantages, and can do some things better than PCs. Also, Mac's can get viruses too. I do mainly use my gaming PC for gaming, because gaming is a big hobby of mine. 
  • TheGertbos
    TheGertbos 3 года назад +lukanoko sk so what. Buy an antivirus software and it'll still be cheaper than a Mac. And by the way I only play online games and I've never had a virus.
  • Mladen Dekic
    Mladen Dekic 3 года назад You do realize that you can install Windows via bootcamp on mac and play games exacly like on a pc? xD
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @Mladen Dekic Yeah, but it would just be easier and cheaper to get a PC if you were going to do that.
  • Mladen Dekic
    Mladen Dekic 3 года назад Im just sayin' if you need a mac for work or smth and you want to game a bit, you dont need a gaming computer just for that 
  • Bane Vlahović
    Bane Vlahović 3 года назад +Mr. Doctor Schultz for value of macbook or sam mac os devices you can build perfect PC which can eat macbook for breakfast
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @Bane Vlahovic Yeah, that's why I side with PC when it comes to superiority. 
  • Bane Vlahović
    Bane Vlahović 3 года назад Yap
  • Rytis Liaučys
    Rytis Liaučys 3 года назад +lukanoko sk You use a MAC don't you? Because only a MAC user can be computer illiterate on such a level to assume that you can get a virus from online gaming.
  • Rytis Liaučys
    Rytis Liaučys 3 года назад +Mladen Dekic Only that MAC hardware won't be able to handle any proper game? :)
  • Mladen Dekic
    Mladen Dekic 3 года назад I played GTA V, Tomb Raider, League of Legends, MK X on my brothers Macbook Pro 2015. Now yes, the price is too high, but if you're forced to use it, its not that bad :D
  • Bane Vlahović
    Bane Vlahović 3 года назад @Mladen Dekic but its not that expiriance
  • Mladen Dekic
    Mladen Dekic 3 года назад You can hook it up to a monitor, and plug in a mouse and a keyboard ._. how's that not that expirience?
  • Bane Vlahović
    Bane Vlahović 3 года назад @Mladen Dekic hmmm maybie not soo but enough
  • Levi Varga
    Levi Varga 3 года назад +Abraham Animations Pretty sure Microsoft paid for this
  • Intellitech Studios
    Intellitech Studios 3 года назад +TheGertbos you don't need to buy antivitus. if you do light research there are plenty of free AV that work and protect better than paid. it's all a matter of prefrence. Don't forget the firewall.
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @ThatGTAFan720 Sometimes its worth not even getting one to start with. For example, if you have a gaming PC, and don't want any virus scans.
  • Bane Vlahović
    Bane Vlahović 3 года назад @Mr. Doctor Schultz yah but shitty mac cant run games well as gaming pc of my brother for same price
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @Bane Vlahović Yeah.
  • Daniel Li
    Daniel Li 3 года назад That is just dumb.
  • Beerrunner81
    Beerrunner81 3 года назад Get a PS4. I stopped gaming on the pc when PS3 came out.
  • Mr Doctor Schultz
    Mr Doctor Schultz 3 года назад @Beerrunner81 Why did you down grade?
  • Yaseen Pannu
    Yaseen Pannu 3 года назад +Beerrunner81 You give up Pc for Ps4. DFKM LOL.
  • Jacobo Ovalle
    Jacobo Ovalle 2 года назад Totally you are not a Mac fan
  • Candice Ailee
    Candice Ailee 2 года назад Sharing my experience that my windows 10 activator from site Softkeyhome(dot)com use a key, After i used is great works. Same to help you.
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    Emmanuel Goldstein Год назад Mr. Doctor Schultz not everyone is 14 years old
  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses Год назад that just makes it a bonafide desktop. (not that it's not experience cuz i use it myself cuz im forced as well)
  • Vedanti Karna
    Vedanti Karna Год назад This is from Windows point of view like for example cortana is actually pretty bad
  • PurpleHello98
    PurpleHello98 Год назад PCs aren't as well built as Macs, and Macs generally last last much longer and don't need repairs, so they can be cheaper in the long run.
  • Roblox Gaming jailbreak iPad mynew_hello
    Roblox Gaming jailbreak iPad mynew_hello Год назад Yea true
  • Niraj Thakkar
    Niraj Thakkar Год назад @lukanoko sk I have no antivirus on my computer. Still works fine.
  • Jared Chong
    Jared Chong Год назад @lukanoko sk Windows PC provide better hardware, more diverse set of software for broad range of selection. Apple computers get viruses too, did you masturbate to your photos of steve job? sheep?
  • Davis Herrera
    Davis Herrera 11 месяцев назад lukanoko sk what kind of online games are you playing? The ones advertised in porn sites or what? I’ve played online games for 10+ years and never had nor have I ever heard of anyone getting a virus from that. Or maybe you don’t know what gaming is because you use mac...
  • Stinky Sox
    Stinky Sox 9 месяцев назад *Microsoft
  • lord and savior gaben
    lord and savior gaben 2 года назад so cheesy
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад well i'm eating mac and cheese right now so ... y'know .... yeah idk where i was going with that BUT it's true
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад oh. I could've made a pun with the word "mac" but it's too late now
  • SampleCyber
    SampleCyber Год назад (изменено) oh. you could've edited but its too late now
  • Delfox
    Delfox Год назад Apple : did you miss windows 9? Yeah like iPhone 9 exist
  • billy boy
    billy boy 3 года назад you know what I like about PC I can build my own
  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 3 года назад billy boy build some more crap!
  • Zachary Peterson
    Zachary Peterson 3 года назад billy boy you can build a Mac, it's called a hackintosh
  • NocturnalLeo
    NocturnalLeo 3 года назад building a Hackintosh is too limited and sometimes you have to get parts you dont really need
  • DM251!
    DM251! 3 года назад OfficialWingBro no it isn't
  • fancykat
    fancykat 3 года назад Daragh Murray ya it is
  • NocturnalLeo
    NocturnalLeo 2 года назад ?
  • Armand Boiangiu
    Armand Boiangiu 2 года назад What about people who don't play video games?
  • NocturnalLeo
    NocturnalLeo 2 года назад get linux, it is basically free,
  • xdwilliam
    xdwilliam 2 года назад billy boy I can build a mac. Get a trash can put in your pc parts cover the trash can with a black bag (with parts under it) and then install a copy of mac os.
  • NocturnalLeo
    NocturnalLeo 2 года назад m
  • Extrasklep
    Extrasklep 2 года назад billy boy u know what is a hackintosh
  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 2 года назад I wanna see how you build a PC the same size and battery life like my Macbook Air^^
  • Arian
    Arian 2 года назад @GameAndElse well, there's a laptop called the razer blade silebt and has sooooo muuuch mooore battery life than this dead man's creation.
  • SoLongInvincible
    SoLongInvincible 2 года назад billy boy you know what I like about Mac I can build one and install hackintosh or maybe try and install hackintosh ;)
  • Norma Bradford
    Norma Bradford 2 года назад Go to google search "aakeys" to get office 2016 key.
  • Gabriel Gaplanian
    Gabriel Gaplanian 2 года назад billy boy I mean you can build a hackintosh
  • Johnster
    Johnster 2 года назад You can build a mac
  • hilman shini
    hilman shini Год назад NocturnalLeo16 i built hackintosh and the power is far far far away more than mac.
  • Shanielle
    Shanielle Год назад Why would you want to do that
  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses Год назад @white rabbit i wanna see how you buy a macbook/imac with similar power to my gaming pc without killing your wallet.
  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton Год назад Hackintosh?
  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses Год назад It's a pc not from apple that has MacOS installed on it. Check it up for more info.
  • epic gamer
    epic gamer Год назад @White Rabbit same 1.3ghz dual core. Thats hard to find on any laptop at all. Most laptops have atleast 2ghz.
  • James Isaac
    James Isaac Год назад Hackintosh?
  • TrashMutt Reviews
    TrashMutt Reviews Год назад @Armand Boiangiu get Linux or stick to Windows for more options in general
  • Sciron
    Sciron Год назад billy boy well you can build a hackintosh
  • Debojit Mandal
    Debojit Mandal Год назад @Armand Boiangiu windows does animation better then apple and it has way more softwares availability,more flexibility and also premier pro is way better and faster on PC as premiere pro is widely used compared to final cut.
  • Dev Moorthy
    Dev Moorthy 11 месяцев назад billy boy I’m making a hackintosh
  • Jinjys Bro
    Jinjys Bro 3 года назад Proudly sponsored by Microsoft.
  • macmaasi79
    macmaasi79 2 года назад I sense an Apple slave nearby...
  • Analogue Pixel
    Analogue Pixel 2 года назад wasn't the original mac vs pc thing....a mac advert
  • Wrench Breaker
    Wrench Breaker 2 года назад Probs not actually.
  • RuthlessYT
    RuthlessYT 3 года назад Problem is, Mac was never intentionally a jerk to PC. He'd usually encourage him, and show concern for his well being. :/
  • Alpacalypse
    Alpacalypse 2 года назад mac os is exclusively for macs while windows 10 can be used on any computer with the specs to run windows 10
  • Adorenu アドレーヌ
    Adorenu アドレーヌ 2 года назад the mac girl in this video represented fake ios from china..
  • Moon Productions
    Moon Productions Год назад Macs can run Windows 10 and MacOS, but not vice versa
  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester Год назад @Moon Productions Hackintosh
  • Adam Rush
    Adam Rush Год назад But this is a woman's world and women are always catty 😂
  • DonCrafts1
    DonCrafts1 Год назад Yeah, I saw it that way when watching the ads on TV.
  • Toros_1ndie
    Toros_1ndie 10 месяцев назад @Moon Productions boi
  • Jordymory3 Jordymory3
    Jordymory3 Jordymory3 4 месяца назад Alpacalypse A mac can run Windows and Linux
  • s a d
    s a d 4 месяца назад @Alpacalypse Nobody asked but cool
  • Alpacalypse
    Alpacalypse 4 месяца назад A Guy you’re kind of 2 years late and nobody asked for your comment either thats kind of the point of a comments section
  • Alpacalypse
    Alpacalypse 4 месяца назад A Guy and my comment relates to OP so its not unrelated
  • s a d
    s a d 4 месяца назад +Alpacalypse Your comment was not related to OP, like, at all.
  • jimvandamme
    jimvandamme 3 года назад You can run Linux on both a Mac and Windows PC.
  • bleuflamenco
    bleuflamenco 3 года назад And you can run OSX on a PC, and Windows on a Mac. Yes it's all the same hardware architecture, other than the BIOS.
  • JakeMini123
    JakeMini123 2 года назад DWFrozen Games So are all the previous versions lol, and it's very difficult to install it on non-apple hardware anyways.
  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 2 года назад Jake and it doesn't have good touch support.
  • yogibear2k2
    yogibear2k2 2 года назад You can run Linux on a fridge!
  • TurboElectric
    TurboElectric 2 года назад Cool
  • LANcard
    LANcard 2 года назад What's your favorite distro and version? My favorite is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • James Van Damme
    James Van Damme 2 года назад Ubuntu 17.04 MATE right now; I've run Puppy, Zorin, Kubuntu, Manjaro, OpenSuSE, Bodhi, Lubuntu.... couple more I forgot .... but I tend to come back to Mint Cinnamon for some reason. It depends what machine and if someone else is using it too.
  • BandomBeviews
    BandomBeviews Год назад You can run linux on pretty much anything
  • Infinnity
    Infinnity Год назад What’s a Linux?
  • Lt. Riku
    Lt. Riku Год назад @Infinnity A operating system 's base(kernal)
  • Coco Bird Remastered
    Coco Bird Remastered Год назад jimvandamme pff leave Linux outa this
    MCWDD 5 месяцев назад The problem with Linux is that it lacks developer support due to a low market share. If I could run all the same software that I do on a day to day basis and didn't need to do a lot from the command line, I'd probably make the switch
  • nigger bitch
    nigger bitch 4 года назад "Mac still makes better hardware than most windows PCs" AYYYYYY LMAOOOO
  • Gil Chun
    Gil Chun 4 года назад it's more like Apple has better compatibility since it's only focus on a small range of hardware.
  • nigger bitch
    nigger bitch 4 года назад @Gil Chun Windows machines have better compatibility because so many more people have them. ATM, Apple machines are more of a niche.
  • Gil Chun
    Gil Chun 4 года назад +An AngrryWalrus in terms of 3rd party software and apple software it's a lot more smooth due to the limited hardware and operating system
  • nigger bitch
    nigger bitch 4 года назад @Gil Chun Implying Mac could have as much 3rd-party software as windows
  • Joao Aguiar
    Joao Aguiar 4 года назад +An AngrryWalrus actually, having bought a Mac last year and coming from years of using windows machines, i have yet to find a computer that has a better build than the Mac. My opinion.
  • Joao Aguiar
    Joao Aguiar 4 года назад +MazExt TG when you say hardware, are you talking specs (processor, ram, hd, etc) or build quality (chassis, screen, keyboard/trackpad)? I meant build quality, i think macs are better, for the same price class
  • Maz Ext
    Maz Ext 4 года назад I meant specs, build quality is definitely way better on mac
  • Joao Aguiar
    Joao Aguiar 4 года назад @MazExt TG yeah, i have to agree on that ;)