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Don’t spend a lot of money on trendy cleaners that are sold in stores. We will show you how to clean your home using Coke. You can clean the toilet from limescale with the use if Coke. Yes, it sounds crazy but really works. Chewing gum is a real disaster if it is stuck in hair. Thankfully, you can remove it using Coke. Cover the rusted bolts with Coca for several minutes to clean them properly. You will be surprised by the result. Check out how to quickly clean burnt pan using Coke. This lifehack will change your life!
Check out surprising uses of WD-40 in this video. Did you know that you can use it clean different surfaces? WD-40 is strong enough to remove permanent marker and pencils from different surfaces and from a leather couch. Check out how to clean a wooden cutting board using lemon and salt. Don’t forget to clean it a few times a year to get rid of bacteria.
Clean your silver using foil ball. Boil a pan of water, add baking soda and put your jewelry inside. After that place foil ball inside. Voila! You can easily clean your keyboard using a slime! Check out how to make a cleaning slime.
Toothpaste is one more inexpensive cleaner that you can use to clean different items around your home, for example, an iron. Polish car headlights with toothpaste. Use toothbrush and toothpaste to quickly clean silver. Make your own cheap dish tabs, you only need 3 ingredients. They will leave your dishes clean and sparkly and will help save you time and money! Start by adding one cup of baking soda to a large bowl and after that add citric acid and vinegar. Then put them into silicone ice cube molds.

00:05 Surprising use of coke
00:34 Quick way to clean the toilet
01:09 What to do with a burnt pan?
01:47 Unexpected uses of WD-40
08:35 Homemade dish tabs

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    Dian Adams Год назад Dian Adams exposing your toothbrush to the open air in your bathroom is very very unsanitary.....I keep my toothbrush wrapped up with a washcloth and away from the open air....when you flush the toilet tiny unseen particles of water rise into the air and can stay there for as long as 10 hours.....anything you put into your mouth should be protected from these bacteria that float are unable to see them but you can imagine what kind of germs you will gather if you leave your toothbrush to collect this falling bacteria.....information from an in-service at the hospital........
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    Shivansh Chauhan Год назад 12:47 For what the poor thing had been hung?
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    Lila Stevenson Неделю назад can you imagine what Coca-Cola actually does to your insides?
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    Narinder Pal Год назад 13:33 was the best trick i have ever seen
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    kacchan's pen Год назад * wishing to have a tutorial for removing the leftovers of a double-sided glue *
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    HristosIisusEdomnul Год назад beautiful and useful! i also learned that i can clean my intestines so well with coca cola and vodka..:D joking...
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    shanco73 Год назад We drink coke when we get a stomach bug, this cleans you as well!
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    Wolfers Animations 2 года назад When they used the spray stuff it magically disappeared That's how you know it took them a while to wash out
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    Ariana Trump 2 года назад 05:20 That's so mean, cleaning off and erasing a message saying ''love you''...
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    龍大海Bickle's the Bomb! Год назад Now that I've cut soda out of my diet, I'll still need to buy some just to improve my housecleaning game.
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    Eileen Young Год назад Thank you for all the great ideas.
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    lee petley Год назад Thank you so much for sharing such awesome cleaning ideas. I will watch again because I was cleaning my bathroom and when I finished, this video was playing. lol, now I have really good ideas for better, less toxic methods. :)