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Скачать с ютуб Extreme Bedroom Makeover Part 1 | Home Renovation 2018

Опубликовано: 23 апр. 2018 г. 666 634 просмотра

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Hi, I'm Hermione and I love making DIY projects that are budget friendly and add a pop of colour to your life! Check out my videos to see more DIYs, hacks, lifestyle tips, motivational videos and more

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  • Hannah Rash
    Hannah Rash 1 year ago Found your channel about a month ago and have loved every video I’ve watched so far - you’re so creative and your personality and attitude are a breath of fresh air!
  • Hermione Chantal
    Hermione Chantal 1 year ago Thank you so much, this is such a lovely comment, it's put a big smile on my face! 💖😀
  • Shibina Anzar
    Shibina Anzar 1 year ago ask a
  • Dawnallsun
    Dawnallsun 1 year ago I love the headboard AND that mattress!
  • Raf Kitchen
    Raf Kitchen 9 months ago Do you like to cook
  • Amanda Bradley
    Amanda Bradley 1 year ago Looks gorgeous
  • tabeazoe
    tabeazoe 1 year ago also: wood “works” it gets longer or shorter depending on the temperature, the tiles don’t.
  • Esther den Ouden
    Esther den Ouden 1 year ago BEAUTIFUL. You really worked hard at. I am excited for you. Thanks for sharing.
  • Hermione Chantal
    Hermione Chantal 1 year ago Thank you for the lovely comment Esther! 😊
  • kiara227
    kiara227 1 year ago i love your room! i might be moving soon so this is definitely inspiring!
  • Hermione Chantal
    Hermione Chantal 1 year ago Good luck with the move! 😊
  • Mackenzie Occhipinti
    Mackenzie Occhipinti 1 year ago Yay so excited that you posted ❤ love this channel 😊
  • jjohannaolsson
    jjohannaolsson 1 year ago This looks incredible 😍 what is the name of the ikea rug you got? Been looking for something like that for the longest time 🙈
  • Hermione Chantal
    Hermione Chantal 1 year ago Thank you 💖 I believe it's the Ibsker rug, its SOOOO soft I highly recommend it as an investment piece 😍
  • jjohannaolsson
    jjohannaolsson 1 year ago Hermione Chantal thank you so much, I will definitely be looking into that one! ✨ Can’t wait to see the second part of your bedroom makeover (and the rest of the house!) 😍
  • Duchesse de Berne
    Duchesse de Berne 1 year ago Love this carpet, but sadly Ikea does not sell it in my country 😭 I did not know Ikea had different articles for different countries!
  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 1 year ago Yessss! It looks so amazing -especially from where it started! Can’t wait to see more!
  • Lexie Lou
    Lexie Lou 1 year ago The room is so beautiful! Just wondering, is your boyfriend a Southerner (USA)?
  • Vanessa Mallia
    Vanessa Mallia 1 year ago Sounds like Western NC, East TN, Kentucky orrrr... maybe North Georgia?
  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 1 year ago This was wonderful! I'm currently in the planning stages of remodeling my sister's room, so this is really helpful! Can't wait for part 2!
  • Katka Hazdrová
    Katka Hazdrová 1 year ago I think the room is too stuffed. Get rid of some furniture in front of the bed :)
  • WatermelonJuice
    WatermelonJuice 1 year ago I like the compination of colors. I believe wardrobe's color is not right for that spot. Also two drawers (one next to the other), is too much.
  • Stephannie Martinez
    Stephannie Martinez 1 year ago That looks amazing! I wish we had good stores where I live so I could style my studio. But that bed doesn’t look king... mine looks bigger and its queen.
  • Carrie
    Carrie 1 year ago I've recently came across your channel and I'm in love with it! 💜
  • Smera Shahanas
    Smera Shahanas 1 year ago Amazing makeover . Loved every detailing you’ve given. I would’ve given a bay window seat for that beautiful window.
  • Lucie Enstad
    Lucie Enstad 1 year ago finally early!
  • mili' Z
    mili' Z 1 year ago i love how it's turning out ps: i threw out my notebook when i saw the notification #notificationsquad
  • Hermione Chantal
    Hermione Chantal 1 year ago YAS notification squad!! 🎉 (I hope no notebooks were harmed during the watching of this video 😂)
  • mili' Z
    mili' Z 1 year ago it ok it was saved by my mum hh
  • HeyyBrey
    HeyyBrey 1 year ago I’m so glad I found you! Your style and taste is so cute!! I loooove everything you put out!
  • Victoria Gillerlain
    Victoria Gillerlain 1 year ago I love this so much! It looks wonderful. However, there is no way that mattress is a standard king size.
  • Teaspoon
    Teaspoon 1 year ago I got the notification of this vid at school and I was so excited to get home to see it.