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Скачать с ютуб 10 Awesome Personal Aircraft | Gyrocopter (Top Picks)

Опубликовано: 11 сент. 2018 г. 882 662 просмотра

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Когда мы думаем о самолете, гирокоптер редко приходит на ум. Летающая машина, как правило, заставляет нас рассматривать самолет или вертолет. Поэтому мы подумали, что сейчас самое время поговорить о каком-то другом самолете, называемом гироскопом или вертолетом.

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Gyrocopter & Rotorcraft

# 10 07-Скорпион
# 9 Sportcopter II
# 8 Дух
# 7 J-Ro
# 6 MTOnautic
# 5 Тайфун
# 4 10-Затмение
# 3 Кавалон
# 2 Молния
# 1 Джокер Тайгер G7

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  • Minds Eye Design
    Minds Eye Design 1 year ago Thanks for watching everyone! 😍 Playlists! 👈 Connect 💡 Subscribe! 🔔 Explore 🌎
  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 1 year ago He now has TWO and I still have not been in one lol
  • Ikaro x8
    Ikaro x8 1 year ago Cuanto cuestan
  • MRrwmac
    MRrwmac 8 months ago Could you please do a video presentation on small personal “helicopters” kit and/or manufactured?
  • Rob Lloyd
    Rob Lloyd 1 year ago Just wish the UK had a more relaxed atitude to gyrocopters.
  • 577 Jersey Customs Adventures
    577 Jersey Customs Adventures 1 year ago Get a paramotor.
  • David P
    David P 1 year ago Get a better government.
  • David Cisneros
    David Cisneros 1 year ago The 10Eclipse is my favorite. I am seriously interested. I am emailing them tonight for more information on where an example might be found near me, and for a specification brosure. Thanks for this excellent quality video!!!!
  • joanf1f1
    joanf1f1 1 year ago David Cisneros david mejor mirate los magni son mas seguros y fiables
  • B Perry
    B Perry 1 year ago Taifun #5 for its power, side by side seating, cabin layout and range of 480 miles gets my vote. The cost is also very reasonable.
  • Matias Alarcon
    Matias Alarcon 3 months ago B Perry how much ?
  • Marc B
    Marc B 2 months ago How much is the taifun
  • Tom Burish
    Tom Burish 3 weeks ago @Marc B about $85,000
  • magic wand
    magic wand 1 year ago All of em are beautiful work of art...and Cathy girl at the nd is another beautiful work of nature ...i will dly in any of these wt Cathy any day
  • phil leigh
    phil leigh 1 year ago I like Number 2. way beyond my ability cost wise but would love to have one
  • Allan Ringel
    Allan Ringel 1 year ago Good job I would love almost anyone of these.
  • .
    . 1 year ago #5 taifun my pick, I am thinking of travelling in helicopter for short distances too cause of the insane city traffic and driver's but the large rotor diameters are a problem cause they can't hit nearby objects in congested areas I think the multiple blades(>2) with shorter diameter can be better for such situations.
  • AnonaMousetookmaname
    AnonaMousetookmaname 1 year ago These re not helicopters.  Some however can be equipped with collective control which allows for vertical take off.  Landing a helicopter in a congested area is generally considered illegal, due to noise restrictions and proximity to people.
  • Sasi Mk
    Sasi Mk 1 year ago @AnonaMousetookmaname xxx
  • Scott Huffman
    Scott Huffman 1 year ago I would get the # 5 one also if I was really going to get one of those.😀
  • RocKITEman _ 2001
    RocKITEman _ 2001 1 year ago (edited) I just want to FLY in an AUTOGYRO!!!
  • m9078jk3
    m9078jk3 1 year ago As long as you can install gun and rocket pods and deployable aerial mines on them I approve.
  • mikunan
    mikunan 1 year ago (edited) Great presentation of the available gyros. It is too hard to decide for me ,my favorite. I was not aware that the gyrocopter became this refined. Thanks
  • Piotr Surowiec
    Piotr Surowiec 6 months ago Lightning is my favorite!
  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams 1 year ago I love them all!!!
  • Del Jenik
    Del Jenik 6 months ago Hey he didn't mention anything about any magni gyros, I just recently went up in a magni gyro M16.I believe that in itself might need a honorable mention considering it's a tandem open cockpit gyrocopter
  • Manuel Abreu
    Manuel Abreu 8 months ago I watch this awesome video. Makes my life .just say if win the lottery I'm flying high
  • Darryl Sheenan
    Darryl Sheenan 1 year ago Number three for me brilliant bug and cheap as chips, pretty nice eh Bro.
  • Victor Sturdivant
    Victor Sturdivant 11 months ago Wow. Love them all.
  • Everything Outdoors MN
    Everything Outdoors MN 1 year ago That one that has the floats
  • D Shepherd
    D Shepherd 1 year ago Everything Outdoors MN pontoons
  • Steeyuv
    Steeyuv 1 year ago No Calidus and an imaginary winner?
  • Light Dancing
    Light Dancing 9 months ago I love them all, but my decision about which one to purchase is still UP IN THE AIR.