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Скачать с ютуб WE ARE BACK! | Tank Wars (Shellshock Live)

Опубликовано: 10 нояб. 2016 г. 63 651 просмотр

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  • zFlur-ReplayZz
    zFlur-ReplayZz 3 years ago Is he at the Sidemen house already?
  • Jenna Shultz
    Jenna Shultz 3 years ago Murtaza Kiyani yep
  • Mcs gaming
    Mcs gaming 3 years ago Bring back risk that was a great idea and I enjoyed the game
  • Jas
    Jas 3 years ago bring it back with simon and JJ will be funny or Josh he'll do :l
  • St0rmXD
    St0rmXD 3 years ago YEAH I LOVE THAT GAME
  • Shini Sharpedo
    Shini Sharpedo 3 years ago Mcs gaming with noooch
  • abby Oxley
    abby Oxley 3 years ago StormXD - Comments
  • Jack York
    Jack York 3 years ago Make a video with Simon and some other sidemen
  • Will Crofts
    Will Crofts 3 years ago I missed alot .... where is lachy?
  • Ifti Hussain
    Ifti Hussain 3 years ago Mynamejeff sidemen house
  • Will Crofts
    Will Crofts 3 years ago Ifti Hussian Oh ty
  • john
    john 3 years ago Ifti Hussain why is he there?
  • Hayder Ali
    Hayder Ali 3 years ago joanne the scammer For the upload event
  • aaron stevenson
    aaron stevenson 3 years ago Mynamejeff probably somewhere on earth, YouTube, sidemen house, what context and how specific do you need this answer? And also do you mind me being a smartass?
  • Harry Stickells
    Harry Stickells 3 years ago Is lachlan at the sidemen house?
  • Jenna Shultz
    Jenna Shultz 3 years ago Harry Stickells yes
  • Lucidity
    Lucidity 3 years ago Harry Stickells look at the main
  • xQueen Noble
    xQueen Noble 3 years ago His hair is adorable.
  • Adam henning
    Adam henning 3 years ago When lachlan hasn't done 2 mil special
  • ihatecats #dognation
    ihatecats #dognation 3 years ago Nightmoonsilly : - :
  • Adam Yang
    Adam Yang 3 years ago Nightmoonsilly
  • Dervis Baradan
    Dervis Baradan 3 years ago Nightmoonsilly when you realize you are on the wrong channel
  • Des
    Des 3 years ago I can't watch this but Lachlan's hair looks amazing in this video bye
  • Noelia Arias
    Noelia Arias 3 years ago Desiree Cardero it looks like there is a mini bear on there
  • Noelia Arias
    Noelia Arias 3 years ago (edited) pretty much a cub on there (baby bear) im not a fan of the hair boi
  • FR0STB1T3 -Minecraft Gaming and Other Fun Games
    FR0STB1T3 -Minecraft Gaming and Other Fun Games 3 years ago last time I was this early Lachlan was still doing a draw my life
  • Jenna Shultz
    Jenna Shultz 3 years ago When Lachlan mentioned playing risk I screamed I loved those videos so much
  • SBC Solutions
    SBC Solutions 3 years ago Jenna Shultz innit
  • Middak
    Middak 3 years ago Jenna Shultz Saaaame
  • St0rmXD
    St0rmXD 3 years ago Risk is Life
  • Faith Marie
    Faith Marie 3 years ago ffs lachlan I have to take a final in 20 minutes
  • Sam B
    Sam B 3 years ago Your hairs looking cool today!!
  • Cearzy
    Cearzy 3 years ago Wheres factions?...
  • Ellise O'Neill
    Ellise O'Neill 3 years ago Lachlan deserves more subs! like if u agree.
  • Lukesbricks16
    Lukesbricks16 3 years ago He has 3 mil combined...
  • Johnny Goater
    Johnny Goater 3 years ago Can u do challenges with the sidemen
  • dragonvic Georgas
    dragonvic Georgas 3 years ago the 19 min mark you said "geting some d's "really m8 you setting yourself up for the comments
  • Cheesle2
    Cheesle2 3 years ago I love watching new guys <3. there reactions to op weps a cute ;3.
  • Andrew Ternet
    Andrew Ternet 3 years ago When you've been watching JeromeAce and you look at Lachlan....
  • gamerguy101
    gamerguy101 3 years ago When they were talking about the wall I was waiting for the donald trump joke but then I remembered, they're not from America XD
  • Whitewolf26
    Whitewolf26 3 years ago He is actually so cute and that hair is amazing XD