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Скачать с ютуб MAD LAD - Sometimes the crazy strat just works - PUBG

Опубликовано: 23 нояб. 2019 г. 78 881 просмотр

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..If you pop my tire, I'll GET YOU!

Dreams - Joakim Karud

  • WackyJacky101
    WackyJacky101 4 months ago Voice sounds different because I had a cold - but we're over that now =D Hope you enjoy the game!
    GAMEZ PC 4 months ago we are here to watch your gameplay wacky 😋😍😚
  • addicted gamer
    addicted gamer 4 months ago Beryl is op gun i play alote with this gun, and this gun can stand against aggressive zombies in pubg mobile.
  • Total War Destroyer
    Total War Destroyer 4 months ago Okay.. Okay Wacky! I won't pop your tire! 😂
  • Total War Destroyer
    Total War Destroyer 4 months ago What's that SLR skin?
  • Daniel Goh
    Daniel Goh 4 months ago Will you be uploading good tarkov raids/highlights here?
  • mini francis
    mini francis 4 months ago Even tho I stopped playing PUBG I still watch your videos.
  • Soy Noob
    Soy Noob 4 months ago Have u tried new PUBG LITE mode?
  • Chris Payne
    Chris Payne 4 months ago Glad you got better colds suck
  • mini francis
    mini francis 4 months ago I have been playing PUBG from the last November and nothing much has changed ,there have been new weapons and the BRDM added but not more than that, now I currently play CS:GO which has got a lot of changes like a new operation many new Maps etc. In short I got bored
  • mini francis
    mini francis 4 months ago (edited) At least I don't play the cancer games
  • Rahul Seth
    Rahul Seth 4 months ago Hey WackyJacky, I have a question as of how you're getting those angles that shows the character in 3rd person perspective? P.S.- Don't know about the PubG PC much.
  • The ICSEhub
    The ICSEhub 4 months ago me: eating my burger, chilling doorbell: ding dong literally wacky said that at the same time: 3:22
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago Spoooopy~~
  • G3n3r4l Cr0ss
    G3n3r4l Cr0ss 4 months ago XD
  • Savak Khalid
    Savak Khalid 4 months ago (Slowly whispering) HE'S WATCHING.
  • Soef Ben
    Soef Ben 4 months ago Oh fuck off Rebecca he didn't say that
  • Come Boot Cha
    Come Boot Cha 4 months ago Wow cool story
  • Rakesh Karmakar
    Rakesh Karmakar 4 months ago I can fell the pain that VSS had experienced when wackyjacky swapped it with SLR Poor VSS
  • ItsTadahitori
    ItsTadahitori 4 months ago Same🙁
  • ic3berg21
    ic3berg21 4 months ago The ending is a pure example of how battle royale works.
  • subtle
    subtle 4 months ago I don't get it
  • AlphaAL15
    AlphaAL15 4 months ago @subtle The enemy to the right that was shooting him was snipe, after that the sniper start another gunfight with someone close to him but end up dying to the circle. The other player that survived the gunfight was injured but whacky manage to see him from afar and kill him to end the game. Wacky was saved by the sniper because if that sniper dont kill that person to the right it would end up killing wacky that's Pubg in a nutshell!!
  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 4 months ago @AlphaAL15 but if this was a pro game any one could have been the no. 1 in that game. In pro league win gave you 10 points, but second position gave you 6 points. Only 4 less points, which could easily be covered with 4 more kills, cuz 1 kill = 1 point. Beside, that player wasn't smart enough to find the better position in the circle. PUBG is not just aim oriented games like csgo, fortnite, overwatch, in this game you need to under the enemy, what gun he's using, where is he and how will he move to next circle, how many enemies are around you and how will you move into circle without being caught in open, is there any enemy in the compound that you want to crash, how will you crash it, should you choose to shot an enemy in the open to get a kill and thus gave up your position is it worth it, etc there are a lot of fucking things in play in PUBG.
  • AlphaAL15
    AlphaAL15 4 months ago @Lucifer Nobody here ask about the Pro league or how the Pro Player plays, you are talking about points, kills, positioning, IQ. You are talking like the only people who manage to do that is the Pro Players but a casual player doesn't? If you like that munch the pro players goo and watch the Pro League them 🤣✌🏻
  • Marko Pranjic
    Marko Pranjic 4 months ago @Lucifer I agree with you, PUBG is not mindless shooter you need to get far more tactical i those last circles. That sniper was in the safe zone but chose a pretty weak spot so he left himself totally exposed to other sniper while shooting Wacky. You can expose yourself to more than one side in that late game in solos. Guy that jacky killed in the was his mistake and 3rd guy that they started shooting outside of the safe zone, bad tactical approach.
  • Steel007
    Steel007 4 months ago @AlphaAL15 no, player who came second was the one who saved wacky by headshotting SLR sniper with Kar98k, then some other guy who was shooting second guy, just died to the circle. Kar98k saved wacky, kar98k circle was saved by circle from some other guy . Then wacky killed kar98k guy while he was running.
  • Omkar pandit
    Omkar pandit 4 months ago The intro music is a copyrighted material according to youtube. Many channels are getting copyright strikes because of it. Just a little warning.
  • Total War Destroyer
    Total War Destroyer 4 months ago YouTube is dying.
  • Ashton Casedy
    Ashton Casedy 4 months ago @Total War Destroyer it is already shindeiru
  • Jzihel:v
    Jzihel:v 4 months ago Name?
  • Syafiq Zulkefly
    Syafiq Zulkefly 4 months ago Just cite whatever you use, it would be fine. Ez pz
  • Omkar pandit
    Omkar pandit 4 months ago @Syafiq Zulkefly this music was in the Youtube's Royalty Free music library. They silently removed it and are striking channels now.
  • Syafiq Zulkefly
    Syafiq Zulkefly 4 months ago @Omkar pandit From what I learned while the song is indeed copyright free with the consent of the creator but the song itself use a sample from another song which is own by Sony that's why they get the strike :/ Good thing you did here for our beloved pubg analyst bro. May the crates bless you 🎁
    UNPROFESSIONAL 4 months ago potato wars begin at 06:22 ish haha. we all whiff sometimes
  • saw141
    saw141 4 months ago True but he was also riding a vehicle going downhill with an 8x DMR.
  • ElPeneTraitor
    ElPeneTraitor 4 months ago 3:23 Just ripped a fart. How did you do that?
  • Vtec Noob
    Vtec Noob 4 months ago ElPeneTraitor tf u talkn about
  • Philo
    Philo 4 months ago Vtec Noob I have no idea
  • Rice
    Rice 4 months ago he's farting and wacky said "oh i heard that"
  • Eddie Lamar
    Eddie Lamar 4 months ago this guy with more drive by kills in 1 game than I have had in over 400 hours of PUBG... insane
  • AbhiShek VijayaKumar SherLy
    AbhiShek VijayaKumar SherLy 4 months ago Beryl With Choco Skin❤️
  • Jared Pi-Trick
    Jared Pi-Trick 4 months ago that ending needs a cinematic replay
  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes 4 months ago (edited) Holy crap the bitrate on this video is so damn high it looks beautiful!
  • The Auld Gamer
    The Auld Gamer 4 months ago Another awesome video. Love the cinematics as you drive away from loot or to vehicles etc. Nice touch WJ!
  • AndriuxD
    AndriuxD 4 months ago "CzapkaDrobnych" POLAND STRONK ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
  • TallahassZ Remington
    TallahassZ Remington 4 months ago sick flick at the intro, bud
  • Harsh Shobhane
    Harsh Shobhane 4 months ago Plz give me the download link of "wayy hayy hayy" 🥺
  • Jason Revoledo
    Jason Revoledo 4 months ago Love the videos Jacky! Keep it up ✊🏻🔥
  • Horair Khan
    Horair Khan 4 months ago Music at ending?
    SEAN KNOCKS 4 months ago Jack, you're a beast. I love your decision making and awareness of situations. GG's my dude!
  • John Teale
    John Teale 4 months ago "Thank God, it wasn't Shroud..." Best line.
    ABO YASER 4 months ago 7:55 My thoughts exactly, my cold isn't gone even though it's been over a week -_-
  • Phillip Yam
    Phillip Yam 4 months ago Mine is I think 2 weeks