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Опубликовано: 15 мая 2019 г. 182 696 просмотров

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The 2019 iMac, particularly the 21.5 inch 4K retina model is a surprisingly great value. Just don't buy the base model! Thanks to VARIDESK for sponsoring this video! • Learn more about VARIDESK by visiting

My review of the new 21.5" iMac comparing the quad-core i3/555X model vs the six-core i5/560X. Enjoy!

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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 4 місяці тому if you're looking to buy a new 🖥 here's the one you should buy!
  • Zoel Amp
    Zoel Amp 4 місяці тому Which one?
  • Alexander Baracskai
    Alexander Baracskai 4 місяці тому Can you help convince my (I’m an IT at a University) purchasing department not to buy these?
  • JTL
    JTL 4 місяці тому ?
  • 999CATZ
    999CATZ 4 місяці тому nah my current imac works fine... has apple ever gonna shrink that bezel..?
  • Lord Knight
    Lord Knight 4 місяці тому Hi. While the cpu selection is straight forward, but is it a better deal to upgrade from rx to vega?
  • sam witty
    sam witty 4 місяці тому Fuck you! I gonna buy 5 and destroy 3 and shove one up your ass and use the last one in my study room.
  • Jose Santana
    Jose Santana 4 місяці тому A 5400 RPM hard drive should be banned for life. That's unacceptable in today's standards.
  • makasete30
    makasete30 4 місяці тому Very true. Apple should hang their heads in shame.
  • M T
    M T 4 місяці тому (змінено) Shows where they're at in the tech race!
  • Charles Zhu
    Charles Zhu 4 місяці тому Its acceptable below 650 usd or less. Even my 1000 usd laptop equip with HDD and SSD.
  • davix 2301
    davix 2301 4 місяці тому @Charles Zhu my school's acer AIO that cost about 650 euros have double 256 ssds, they go at about 420MB/S.
  • Charles Zhu
    Charles Zhu 4 місяці тому @davix 2301 yup, AIO that cost around 650 Euro, should be equipped with SSD, since its not portable and such. For notebook, its different story since it was portable.
  • Baby Magnum
    Baby Magnum 4 місяці тому M T Apple is the same one who includes 4TB SSD in the iMac Pros. Shows where it is at in the tech race I guess.
  • zhang zhengchi
    zhang zhengchi 4 місяці тому 5400rpm drives are perfectly fine for a second drive, as they last longer and use less power than the 7200rpm ones. Need SSD for main drive for sure.
  • wildkoala
    wildkoala 4 місяці тому @makasete30 hang there heads in a Window
  • Ghani Abdul
    Ghani Abdul 3 місяці тому Bro it's apple.. we all need to collectively manage our expectations better😂
  • Santarpan Roy
    Santarpan Roy 3 місяці тому I use it for last 5 yrs 😂
  • Blackapino The Apple Guy
    Blackapino The Apple Guy 2 тижні тому I'm all for not having those idiotic SATA Drive either, but you also have to remember that people (consumers) may not want to spend $1449 on a desktop or $1299 on a Mac even if you tell them an SSD is a better drive. So people are gonna buy what they can Afford, if the base model is all they can afford I don't see why Apple shouldn't continue to make them. That's like saying people should only be driving eco-cars or Hybrids and Ban everything else. So I don't see an issue, you explain it, if they can't afford it, show them something else they can afford in a PC with an SSD under those prices. Just let it be. I love my 4K retina iMac and the only thing i need to Do, is Add 8GB more for Memory.
  • Sylwester Sawicki
    Sylwester Sawicki 4 місяці тому (змінено) iMacs just need a big refresh, the bezzels are not on point! Hopefully not with Butterfly Keyboards :{
  • Alio Mar
    Alio Mar 4 місяці тому SYLWESTER SAWICKI Those bezels are very useful when editing videos, photos or designing... without those the screen can submerge into environment which is very distracting and eye constraining.
  • A B
    A B 4 місяці тому Alio Mar i hope this is sarcasm
  • A A
    A A 4 місяці тому A B Its actually true. There are Harvard studies proving this.
  • Jerry Ge
    Jerry Ge 4 місяці тому @Alio Mar Hahahahah what about developers/coders? Mac is not only for editors/designers ...
  • R U
    R U 4 місяці тому @Alio Mar the chin defo needs to go, contrasted colour and huge, takes you out of any sort of immersion
  • michael p
    michael p 4 місяці тому Yea. And Logitech for peripherals that last
  • Mykola Dekhtiarenko
    Mykola Dekhtiarenko 4 місяці тому It’s still looks gorgeous and it’s freaking powerful right now.
  • Bartłomiej Komarnicki
    Bartłomiej Komarnicki 4 місяці тому Which all-in-one has smaller bezels? And what tf is wrong with you, why A COMPUTER should have smaller bezels
  • Gonçalo Costa
    Gonçalo Costa 4 місяці тому @Alio Mar not only that, but they are great to stick post-its on. there is no need to go bezel-less on a desktop.
  • alliejr
    alliejr 4 місяці тому Yeah, because the all-in-one PC options are many and much better looking :-/
  • Reuben Flores
    Reuben Flores 3 місяці тому People defending bezels are just fanboys feeling the need to defend every aspect of their brand. No, most people do not need those thick bezels. Have you seen the trend in external computer monitors, laptops, and cell phones? Less bezels. Sure maybe some people might find the bezel useful but I think most don't care about the bezels getting smaller.The current iMac design is nice but also looks outdated. At the very least the current bezels should be reduced by at least half.
  • CookehMonstashe
    CookehMonstashe 4 місяці тому Anyone else like the chin? It's a perfect place for sticky notes
  • Don Jacobs
    Don Jacobs 3 місяці тому The chin is a big part of the signature imac look. Maybe they could add some functionality to it and keep it. Or even just ditch the black bezel and an optional glowing apple logo and it would look great.
  • CookehMonstashe
    CookehMonstashe 3 місяці тому @Don Jacobs yeah, maybe also grills for the speakers so they fire directly a you rather than down
  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today 4 місяці тому JoMo out here with lighting looking like he's about to film a music video 🔥
  • Dapper Dop
    Dapper Dop 4 місяці тому They went with a traditional hard drive??? They definitely don’t get a pass for that. Dats Doo Doo 💩
  • Clive Green
    Clive Green 4 місяці тому Yes. plus one.
  • The Tech Loop
    The Tech Loop 4 місяці тому Fusion drive 2019, $1500.. nope.
  • Jazzzai
    Jazzzai 5 днів тому Lol true that. No thanks!
  • John R_
    John R_ 2 місяці тому 'jony ive its time for an update' well
  • Cadenza
    Cadenza 4 місяці тому (змінено) Hey Jon, just a heads up your sponsored link in the description of this video is unclickable Edit: it's fixed now
  • NoHomework16
    NoHomework16 4 місяці тому Fuck is wrong with you
  • Lücky Chärm
    Lücky Chärm 4 місяці тому NoHomework16 is fuck wrong you with
  • Rohan Biker
    Rohan Biker 4 місяці тому @NoHomework16 hi where are you from?
  • Julia Paolella
    Julia Paolella 4 місяці тому Rohan Sanjith hi welcome to chili’s
  • Joseph Becerra
    Joseph Becerra 4 місяці тому Thanks for making this video! I'm looking to buy an iMac and this cleared up a lot of my questions!!
  • extensionsorbit
    extensionsorbit 3 дні тому "Let me know by dropping a like"
  • Anees Geek
    Anees Geek 4 місяці тому Its been 1 yr since I bought iMac 🖥
  • Zotac 101
    Zotac 101 1 місяць тому "So jony IVE time for a update " - 3:42 literally 2 months after the review - Jony left apple (thats how jony is............)
  • Likando Mukosayi
    Likando Mukosayi 4 місяці тому Hey Jonathan, your channel is for sure my favourite YouTube channel .. your videos just keep getting better and better it's insane.. Been a TLD die hard for the longest time .. Just showing some appreciation all the way from Zambia (you probably don't know where that is)
  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison 4 місяці тому Appreciate ya man!
  • Jacob Frank
    Jacob Frank 2 місяці тому How the i5 is able to keep up with the i9 in the MacBook pro is beyond me. I'm looking at an iMac and was thinking that for some Final Cut and more intensive programs I'd need to go all out, but clearly all I need is the i5 and the 560X
  • Tracy Daniel Davis
    Tracy Daniel Davis 4 місяці тому I just spent $3400 on a new iMac and I was so scared you were talking about my 27" model!
  • RELkay
    RELkay 4 місяці тому Shweet video friend! Transformers desk 🔥🔥🔥
  • CNMTCFilms
    CNMTCFilms 4 місяці тому I'm wondering if how it compares to a 2017 baseline MacBookPro 13"🤔😉
    CEKROM 2 місяці тому SSD are not expensive anymore, but Apple has a other option on this topic =D
  • Vidox Studio
    Vidox Studio 4 місяці тому Your a legend brother. Thanks you inspired me start a channel and now it’s growing so fast. Stay blessed.