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Скачать с ютуб THE GOLF CHALLENGE! | Golf with Friends!

Опубликовано: 24 июл. 2016 г. 311 649 просмотров

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Another episode of Golf with Friends! We do the golf challenge!
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  • Afolarin M
    Afolarin M 3 years ago Imagine if the punishment was swearing on their kid friendly channel that would be FUNNY af
  • Harry Warner
    Harry Warner 3 years ago Anyone notice how Lachlan always turns around and does his hair in his videos?
  • Cave
    Cave 3 years ago video starts at 0:00, thank me later
  • Nortch
    Nortch 3 years ago Thanks could have been waiting ages until it started
  • Maria Parker-Rauw
    Maria Parker-Rauw 3 years ago Omg tysm you're a life-saver
  • PakmanGames
    PakmanGames 3 years ago I thought it started at 32:10 thank you for that dude
  • Cave
    Cave 3 years ago no problem, it was hard to figure out for myself too
  • Kennedy Anne
    Kennedy Anne 3 years ago Thank you for telling me. Your help is much appreciated.
  • xander kibbee
    xander kibbee 3 years ago very original not
  • kevinnovo 219
    kevinnovo 219 3 years ago ugh, i needed this comment 4 minutes ago lol
  • Sheriden Tuazon
    Sheriden Tuazon 3 years ago Thanks it took me about 3 hours
  • IC Cr8tr ッ
    IC Cr8tr ッ 3 years ago Derpachu you are teh realist
  • Cave
    Cave 3 years ago no problem all, i know the feels of searching
  • Zillamon Animu
    Zillamon Animu 3 years ago you're a liar >:( it starts at 1:10:20
  • Jelly 2.0
    Jelly 2.0 1 year ago Your dumb
  • Broski1015
    Broski1015 1 year ago Rilly? Didn’t know
  • Jon M
    Jon M 1 year ago Wow I did not know when the video started, thank you
  • Emac1
    Emac1 2 months ago Cave thank you so much
  • Glubmaster
    Glubmaster 3 years ago Mistake in the title... Supposed to be golf with friends, and rob.
  • Grim Reapz
    Grim Reapz 3 years ago Fuck off hater.
  • Catalysis
    Catalysis 3 years ago card against humanity reference?
  • Zillamon Animu
    Zillamon Animu 3 years ago then it would just be golf with friend. and Rob.
  • damianking226
    damianking226 3 years ago friend, and rob
  • smuffin
    smuffin 3 years ago hey if you like golf with friends check out my channel i have edited a funny gameplay of this game.let me know in the comments what you think of the video.thanks
  • Kirsten Reck
    Kirsten Reck 3 years ago Lachlan, love the videos! (All of them) But where is draw my life, don't pull a Preston! 😂😋❤️
  • Alpha Fujihara
    Alpha Fujihara 3 years ago he's doing worst then a preston he's quiting before epidode 1
  • Y2Ashlee
    Y2Ashlee 3 years ago "I got Pokemon to catch!" Get's up and leaves
  • Matthew Wesley
    Matthew Wesley 3 years ago Banter
  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 3 years ago Pokemon go?
  • Simpsons watcher
    Simpsons watcher 3 years ago +Alex Stefan yeah that's what Lachlan meant
  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 3 years ago huh?
  • Simpsons watcher
    Simpsons watcher 3 years ago +Alex Stefan omg your. Prop hole pick moves 👌😵😀
  • sTaTic SeiZuRe
    sTaTic SeiZuRe 3 years ago Lola. gets up and LEAVES. Because leaf appear when there is a Pokémon nearby in Pokémon go
  • Y2Ashlee
    Y2Ashlee 3 years ago yep you got it :P
  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 3 years ago :D
  • Savannah
    Savannah 3 years ago Hey Lachlan 😘 I love your shell shock and golf with friends please post more!❤️
  • Nortch
    Nortch 3 years ago They're also my favourite 2 series Lachlan does on this channel
  • Link Joker
    Link Joker 3 years ago same
  • Shiny Lycanroc
    Shiny Lycanroc 3 years ago Me too
  • Platinum_ Crafter
    Platinum_ Crafter 3 years ago He shout only post this and ark then when arks ends post this and shell shock
  • Kei-Fu Low
    Kei-Fu Low 3 years ago thing is golf with friends is where he knows his angles
  • Austin vasquez
    Austin vasquez 2 years ago Savannah I
  • Xstar7
    Xstar7 3 years ago That roast at the beginning burnt my marshmellow..
  • Ethan Robinson
    Ethan Robinson 3 years ago draw my life? cmon man plz it's felt like 10848105 years
  • Javonte Banes
    Javonte Banes 3 years ago true m8
  • Ksack The Haystack
    Ksack The Haystack 3 years ago yeah
  • soham
    soham 3 years ago You have to draw it all, then record the audio for it all and edit, it takes a whiel
  • Raven Gaming
    Raven Gaming 3 years ago not a month
  • Danny Murphy
    Danny Murphy 6 months ago My mum walks in John-geez I’m having grandpa orgasimes today Mum- are you watching porn Me-I’m twelve of corse
  • Yew The Rainwing
    Yew The Rainwing 3 years ago i can relate lachlan's second channel to miniminter's second channel
  • Nicolaas Venter
    Nicolaas Venter 3 years ago It feels so much better that he's actually swearing :/ felt so forced on his main channel
  • 567321puppylover
    567321puppylover 3 years ago Thank you so much for posting this, I literally woke up crying because of a nightmare (I have a fear of dying) and I was shaking uncontrollably but as soon as I was watching the video, I was crying in laughter. So thank you.
  • keeshayip
    keeshayip 3 years ago so you continued crying anyway
  • 567321puppylover
    567321puppylover 3 years ago +Keesha Cumberbatch Yeah, but it was from laughter.
  • keeshayip
    keeshayip 3 years ago @567321puppylover haha i do that too sometimes heh
  • Eremiic
    Eremiic 3 years ago +567321puppylover nice attention hor
  • josh
    josh 3 years ago +Eremiic your spelling gets my attention more than Keesha's comment, so fuck off :)
  • keeshayip
    keeshayip 3 years ago @Josh Daniels AYYY
  • josh
    josh 3 years ago +Keesha Cumberbatch :d
  • JLB_ LIT
    JLB_ LIT 3 years ago 567321puppylover me to i have that fear
    CRAIGBRICKS 2 years ago fuck up
  • sky
    sky 3 years ago this is my favorite game to watch sooooo much bants :)
  • Lukesbricks16
    Lukesbricks16 3 years ago Please don't hate but are u gonna do stranded deep again Lachy??
  • Eric Marten
    Eric Marten 3 years ago I like how he said to himself, " Oh, nice work lachy." 😂😂
  • Blake Hill
    Blake Hill 3 years ago This video was hilarious and made my day. Keep up the good work.
  • Kaleb Benton
    Kaleb Benton 3 years ago RIP pack 2016 "They were amazing until they split and never came back together,"
  • Ryandust productions
    Ryandust productions 3 years ago 18:05 who actually searched up that website
  • DonutKillr9000
    DonutKillr9000 3 years ago Lachlan, can I play some golf with u?