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Скачать с ютуб The Tesla Cybertruck Stuff No One Is Talking About!

Опубликовано: 22 нояб. 2019 г. 16 455 просмотров

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The Tesla Cybertruck Stuff No One Is Talking About!

I went to see the new Tesla Cybertruck in person and there was a lot to see. Everyone is talking about what the truck does and has but no one is mentioning these main issues.

First look and People's Reactions: (2:16)
The reactions around me weren't to good in the beginning and some people were laughing and thought it was a joke. Soon after everyone was quiet and Elon started to speak. After about 5 minutes most viewers were actually enjoying the car and started to like it!

My first issue I saw. No Cargo Latches: (2:29)
There are no cargo latches on the sidewalls of the bay. It looked like there were places to tie down cargo on the lower walls and bottom bay but noting on that top wall where I have always tied cargo down. This is an issue if you are hauling big objects that can't be tied down from that bay.

Limited bed access: (4:02)
The design on the bed walls seems too high. When using a pickup most will stand on the rear tire and reach over the bed walls to deal with cargo. The wall inclining wall height seems so high up that someone cant reach over the side and will force users to only access from the tailgate so this is limiting access.

That under compartment isn't the best design: (5:40)
If you are hauling stuff, that compartment cannot be accessed. They cybertruck doesn't have side access to that compartment, it's only from the top. So, when you have a cargo covering this hatch, you cant get to it. Similar to the Model 3, S, and X. Rivian has that side access.

Superchargers arent in offroading areas: (6:51)
Superchargers are all over for regular highway and street driving. But, if you are off-roading in the middle of nowhere where most offroading/biking/quad is done, you can't charge for the most part. So many trucks bring gas for these off-grid situations that a lot of pickup drivers go in. This can be tough.

It is a great pickup that offers so many great features: ()
The new-look comes with a lot more. This pickup made everyone at awe when we saw what it could do and what it has to offer. The features on the cybertruck are amazing and people will realize this!


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The Tesla Cybertruck Stuff No One Is Talking About!

  • R D
    R D 4 months ago (edited) Hi, rings (EDIT: Actually it has track rails near the top edge that are not obvious to see, so you can tie things from any point, its apparently a system used in aerospace to tie cargo). High sides is not something they can fix, but keep in mind theres a Frunk in the front that could potentially be sufficient to put some gear. Gas tank, they will have solar capability as an option, you wont go long distances on solar but its an extra charging option that could be useful.
  • EVlectric
    EVlectric 4 months ago Right. Great points. That’s what this video is for just to see if things can be fixed and point them out for the better! Thanks :)
  • Chris V
    Chris V 4 months ago Also especially for small stuff there is that pull back cover which would negate a lot of the problems
  • Samba Sobon
    Samba Sobon 4 months ago Might be great post nuclear attack, and it could survive a 5psi blast wave 3 miles from ground zero.
  • MG Stevens
    MG Stevens 4 months ago Samba Sobon obviously an important Cold War feature. Still trying to see how a working Joe with a pickup, carpenter, etc., is going to take to it.