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Скачать с ютуб HW News - Rumored 65W TDP Ryzen 3000 w/ 12 Cores, Intel 14nm Shortage, iCUE Fix

Опубликовано: 29 сент. 2019 г. 108 159 просмотров

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Hardware news this week debuts with another AMD Ryzen leak to GamersNexus, mostly pointing toward an alleged 12C with a 65W TDP.
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Show notes:

Topics for the week include the following:

- GN has received the foil/polygon shirts and is shipping them to customers now! Chalkboard was also restocked (last run) and Blueprint was restocked (ongoing).
- AMD's upcoming Ryzen 65W TDP CPUs could be 12-core parts, according to AMD documents received by GamersNexus
- Intel is staring down the barrel of another 14nm shortage, according to Digitimes
- China has entered the DRAM market, aiming to compete with the likes of Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron
- Corsair's iCUE updates may have resolved the gameplay issues previously discussed
- AMD is positioned to take up to 10% server marketshare by end of 2020
- Intel's 9900KS price rumors
- AMD B550 chipset, RX 5300 XT, and NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super rumors

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Host, Additional Research: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus 6 months ago (edited) Show notes: If you haven't yet, you definitely need to watch our review of the RX 580 CUTE PET video card:
  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker 6 months ago I want one lol
  • CAfakmykak
    CAfakmykak 6 months ago There are already R9 3900 scores posted up on HWBot
  • DeepFriedLettuce
    DeepFriedLettuce 6 months ago Watched the review and bought the card. No regrets
  • Technicolor Dojo
    Technicolor Dojo 6 months ago WangWang 2020.
  • Chris Tenorio
    Chris Tenorio 6 months ago What if Nvidia makes an gtx-1666 card for red devil?
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 6 months ago Intel, why even make the 9900KS? You could keep making 9900Ks and still be the desktop gaming king. I guess you will make more money by selling them at a higher price.
  • Zsolt Szegedi
    Zsolt Szegedi 6 months ago Snowflake alert!
  • John Chrysostom Rev 3:9
    John Chrysostom Rev 3:9 6 months ago no gheytard review thanks
  • OldTimerGaming
    OldTimerGaming 6 months ago @I agree with you and, That is not proof of anything, it is about marketing and mindshare. INTEL has been in the lead for so long that AMD had been regulated to the extremely low end. Look how long it is taking AMD to get back into the server market, but according to your way of thinking, AMD does not make low power server chips. It will take companies a long time to invest into AMD laptops again.
  • DigBipper188
    DigBipper188 6 months ago Intel 2011: AMD Can't meet market demand for 32nm shipments Intel 2019: We can't meet market demand for 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ shipments Oh how the tables turn...
  • Southeastern777
    Southeastern777 6 months ago Their product is sold before they can produce it. Billions of dollars in sales. $$$
  • Kibito Akuya
    Kibito Akuya 6 months ago @Southeastern777 yeah but when you know why its pretty bad because It tells you what the coming future is, the opposite
  • Southeastern777
    Southeastern777 6 months ago @Kibito Akuya ..An American company which contributes well to capitalism. It's a 'win'. Also, anyone who thinks Intel is going under any time soon is mistaken.
  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 6 months ago DigBipper188 AMD can't supply for the demand either. Turn the table over. It really doesn't matter how many +++ it has. It works.
  • STR33TSofJUST1C3
    STR33TSofJUST1C3 6 months ago @wysetech2000 The reason why it's a bigger shame for Intel is because they have their own fabs. AMD outsources fabrication, Intel uses their own plants. So if Intel can't produce enough in their own plants, which they have total control over, it's a bigger issue.
  • Toffsen100
    Toffsen100 6 months ago @Southeastern777 that Is true. But those billions and billions of sales are accounted for In the yearly revenue. If you want to grow as a company you need to make more. And a chip that they can't sell because of shortage is still money lost in the end, which doesn't make investors happy, as they want to see growth. So even though they are still selling out and make profit, they could be making more profit if they would just keep up with demand that is proven to be there and fix their darn production, which they obviously don't.
  • Southeastern777
    Southeastern777 6 months ago @Toffsen100 ..They'll have more than enough. Lol They're currently increasing fabs in Ireland, the U.S. & Israel over the next 3yrs.They're moving into storage more, as well.
  • Wyatt Roncin
    Wyatt Roncin 6 months ago @Southeastern777 in the next 3 years. That's years, not months. They also don't have scaled 10nm production going, despite that supposedly happening years ago. They also need to make their rendition of 7nm or smaller, which will also need fab space. So Intel has one node it needs more fab space to keep up with demand on, another node that doesn't have any fab space dedicated currently, but will need lots of space once it get rolling, and probably in the same 3-4 year span as new fans being built they'll also announce another node that will also need fab space. Will Intel go under from this? God no. They're not have a shortage in demand, and the production shortage isn't massive enough to be crippling. But they do need to address it, otherwise it could hurt them long term.
  • Southeastern777
    Southeastern777 6 months ago @Wyatt Roncin ..Intel's "mature node" is currently earning them over 9 times the cash flow of AMD, who is still under considerable debt. As a vital DoD contractor, they are guaranteed financial support, as well. AMD's so-called '7nm', (chiplet only. I/O/ is 12nm, at best), is technically as much an exaggeration as car's "claimed horsepower ratings" of the 1970's. Lol True transistor density & pitch won't change until any of the fabs begins utilizing EUV fully and in earnest.
  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 6 months ago TBH, Intel has done a lot with 14nm. I don't think they can keep up with AMD tho until they both get down to like 3nm.
  • DigBipper188
    DigBipper188 6 months ago ​@David Mitchell It depends entirely on process nodes but Intel could probably be competitive node for node if they could just get their sub 10nm processes to yield. Whether or not they can get the 80-90+% yields AMD gets on 12nm and 7nm FinFET would depend on how efficiently they can scale their architecture and how many dies per wafer they can successfuly make use of. The latter is something AMD has become somewhat of a master with due to how insanely scalable Zen 3000 is... Bad CCX in an 8-core die? make it a 4 core! only a couple bad cores in a CCX? Make it a 6 core by disabling the bad pair!
  • Arno nümuss
    Arno nümuss 3 months ago Actually Intel payed OEMs to not sell AMD in 2011 and AMD sat on a huge stock. AMD even tried to give a million units to Dell for free.
  • rspanther
    rspanther 6 months ago The perfect card for a Hello Kitty build.
  • KCS
    KCS 6 months ago I think u need to custom paint the shroud for a true hello kitty build
  • NemisizZ
    NemisizZ 6 months ago More like Hello Snowflake build :P
  • Risky Ramadani
    Risky Ramadani 6 months ago @a a but... Snowflake is the name of steve's cat....
  • justAguyDs
    justAguyDs 6 months ago @Risky Ramadani omg really? das so cute x.x
  • Risky Ramadani
    Risky Ramadani 6 months ago @a a yw man,glad to help
  • EvilCerealBoX
    EvilCerealBoX 6 months ago Sounds like someone needs to watch more gamersnexus.
  • EvilCerealBoX
    EvilCerealBoX 6 months ago @a a k
  • Omne Obstat
    Omne Obstat 6 months ago ill rock a hello kitty build for sure
  • Smash-ter
    Smash-ter 6 months ago It's better for a D.Va color scheme
  • DigBipper188
    DigBipper188 6 months ago Or pretty much any cutesy girly system build... I could absolutely see it being a perfect centrepiece for a pink and bluehardline water cooled build. Perfect for that girly-girl relative that really wants a gaming PC for christmas but can't stand the industrial look of 95% of the hardware market.
  • himynameistim
    himynameistim 6 months ago Herro Kittee
  • Science!
    Science! 6 months ago (edited) This statement is going to irk Hello Kitty fans. Cheapo knockoff Hello Kitty.
  • DonComputer
    DonComputer 6 months ago Intel having 14nm supply shortage? No problem. I have some spare 14nm intel chips at home from several years ago.
  • Seleendria
    Seleendria 6 months ago I hope that GPU is to test the waters for more unique and goofy designs to come! Give us less Transformers and more wackiness! Something to use the vertical mounts to show off!
  • Charles Hollingsworth
    Charles Hollingsworth 6 months ago THIS!
  • Zeriel
    Zeriel 6 months ago I want a card shroud shaped like discord's :pensive:
  • Tomahawk H.
    Tomahawk H. 6 months ago However, an actual transformers themed video card would be kinda cool
  • wing0zero
    wing0zero 6 months ago @Tomahawk H. That was my thought exactly. 🤖
  • shane eslick
    shane eslick 6 months ago What about a Dinosaur Edition Titan RTX 🦖
  • Gaz
    Gaz 6 months ago I'm a sucker for those gaudy-ass pc parts. Takes me back to pc building in the 2000s. Over the top art on gpus, different colour pcbs and power cables.
  • Itachi Tech Talk
    Itachi Tech Talk 6 months ago damn you are beautiful.
  • Science!
    Science! 6 months ago Used to be more common...
  • TheVeilsCurse
    TheVeilsCurse 6 months ago Hopefully that’s the case! I’d like to see some more “fun” designs.
  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 6 months ago intel: Were short on supply. Also intel: Were releasing 2 new chips.
  • JonesLaw
    JonesLaw 6 months ago That card just screams "PC Master Race" with it.
  • Christian Ivarsson
    Christian Ivarsson 6 months ago You kept the box for the card. Awesome! :D
  • Random Some Guy
    Random Some Guy 6 months ago You don't keep the box? Disgusting
  • Christian Ivarsson
    Christian Ivarsson 6 months ago @Random Some Guy Only if it's cool. Not the least interested in a bland box with marketing wank qll over it :p
  • Just A Hologram
    Just A Hologram 6 months ago I hope we get licensed low to mid range cards with other themes, I'd buy an entire set of Transformers components
  • Wyatt Roncin
    Wyatt Roncin 6 months ago Just buy normal gaming cards and slap a ford logo on the build. Zero difference.
  • Karol Grudziński
    Karol Grudziński 6 months ago You can unmount and paint a backplate by yourself or maybe one of your friends has some kind of a talent and can do it for you.
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 6 months ago All this news is interesting, sure...but what we really want is leaks of future Yeston CUTE PET graphics cards.
  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 6 months ago its sooo freaking great to see AMD back in action!
  • Wrex
    Wrex 6 months ago (edited) After realizing that I forgot to buy an extra case fan, I remembered that my Ryzen 5 3600 came with a wraith cooler inside the box. I unscrewed the fan from the cooler, installed it inside my case, and Boom! a free 92mm intake fan.
  • Zoomzabba
    Zoomzabba 6 months ago DIY ethics are punk. Rock on.
  • Groundbreak Studios
    Groundbreak Studios 6 months ago I installed mine (with heat synch) on to the top of my 5700xt and now it runs at 57c under load instead of 84. Lol
  • DerMannInDerWand
    DerMannInDerWand 6 months ago @Groundbreak Studios Do you have a pic of that? I bet it looks at the same time amazing and incredibly janky
  • taylon judd
    taylon judd 6 months ago @DerMannInDerWand i wanna see a pic too
  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman 6 months ago Intel: Makes the news GN: (frothing at the mouth, breathiing heavily) RUN THE SPINNING SILICON FOOTAGE
  • vorads
    vorads 6 months ago But are they foaming at the mouth to fall over backwards or falling over backwards to foam at the mouth?
  • no name
    no name 6 months ago footage of AMD chip production during intel news :D
  • ASAWProductions
    ASAWProductions 6 months ago Hope that cards gets the honor of ending up in the background! Loved your realistic analysis of it in the market too, not the best but certainly different!
  • Kian J
    Kian J 6 months ago Couldn't agree more, the "gamer" thing is getting old.
  • Science!
    Science! 6 months ago Just what I want, The People's Republic of China being in charge of my memory's security....
  • Luffy
    Luffy 6 months ago just don't buy cheap shit
  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech 6 months ago Intel translation: We were having supply issues, We still are.
  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 6 months ago Toms Tech AMD: We are having supply issues with the 3900x and the 3950x and possibly boost issues the 3950x Since we don't have any control over the foundry we use, who knows when we can supply the demand. It works both ways!
  • Science!
    Science! 6 months ago Still making $$$$$ hand over fist.
  • mr. meatspin
    mr. meatspin 6 months ago amd is having supply issues as well, so meh.
  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 6 months ago The YESton cute pet RX 580 got my yes for a cute build
  • Chandler Reynolds
    Chandler Reynolds 6 months ago Can't wait for some spyware RAM
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 6 months ago (edited) The box for that China card homg ♥️ Also, Intel's whole walltext statement could have just been boiled down to "We're working on it, cool your jets"
  • michael woods
    michael woods 6 months ago Tell me about it.
  • JonesLaw
    JonesLaw 6 months ago GN has actually uploaded a 16-min review of that card before they uploaded this one. You can already check it out now :D
  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli 6 months ago Your user pic is hilarious 😂
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 6 months ago @Advocatus Diaboli 'I could have been a Yeston Cute Pet but you kept shooting'